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Neighbors Part 2


Jennifer sat at her desk daydreaming, just going through
the motions of actually working. She looked at her watch
and saw that it was 4:30, almost time to go. She couldn’t
wait. She was so intent on daydreaming that the ringing
of the phone startled her.
“Hello, Jennifer speaking” she said.
“Hey Jen, this is Lucy. What’s up?”
Hearing her voice instantly brought back to mind the morning
not too long ago that Lucy and her boyfriend Mike had an incredible
session of sex; sex she had never even dreamed about.
“Hi Lucy, oh, nothing’s up. I’m just bored as shit!”
“What are you doing after work? I’ve got an idea.”
“Nothing really, why?” She was interested to hear what
her friend had in mind.
“Well, to be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about
our fun time the other morning. Actually, and I hope this
doesn’t bother you, but I’ve been thinking about you.”
This is what Jennifer wanted to hear! She didn’t feel the
least bit guilty about getting it on with Lucy. As a matter
of fact she was thinking of calling her but was having trouble
getting up the nerve.
“Well you’ve been on my mind too” Jennifer said excitedly.
“What do you have in mind?”
“You know down on East Boulevard where the video store
used to be? Well it’s now a sex shop. One of the girls here
in the office was talking about it and she said they have
everything. It’s real clean and there are even women who
work there so you don’t feel too uncomfortable. I thought
we could go down and check it out.”
Jennifer was wide awake now! “Sure, what the hell” she
said. “We may find something we like! Can you pick me up?
I took the bus in to work today.
“No problem, I’ll be by about 5:30.”

They were both somewhat nervous as they opened the door.
It was actually a nice looking store that looked nothing
like what you would consider a typical sex shop. It had a
little class to it. They both looked around to see that it
was actually a lot bigger on the inside than you would imagine
“Wow!” said Lucy, “look at this place.” Both woman were
getting over their nervousness very quickly as their eyes
surveyed all of the items on display.
“Yeah, they’ve got everything here! Porno, toys, underwear,
everything! Look, they even have booths in the back where
you can watch movies!”, Jennifer exclaimed.
Their momentary excitement was broken by a woman’s voice
which said “Welcome to Tiffany’s. Can I show you something
in particular or are you just browsing?”
The woman was very attractive but older than the two woman;
probably in her late forties.
“We’re just browsing now but I’m sure we’ll want something
before we leave!” said Lucy.
“Take your time and let me know if there’s anything I can
help you with” she said.
The women split up, heading to different sections of the
store. Jennifer looked at all of the sexy underwear that
was on display. She had never seen such a selection! It put
Victoria’s Secret to shame. See through panties, crotchless
panties, teddies, all sorts of flimsy garments. She felt
a warm feeling in her crotch. She looked over to see Lucy
looking at the sex toys.
Lucy looked almost in disbelief at all of the items in front
of her. She saw dildoes and vibrators of all sizes, colors
and textures. She made sure that she handled every one she
could. Some felt just like a real cock. There were ass dildoes,
ass eggs, all types of lubricants and love oils, cock rings,
blow up dolls and even artificial pussies. She was also
getting a moist crotch.
Jennifer moved into the video section and looked at all
of the various videos; two men on one woman, gang bangs,
orgies, girl on girl, black men doing white women, amateurs,
“Hey Lucy” she said in a loud whisper, “come over here.”
Lucy came toward Jennifer who was now walking toward the
rear of the store.
“Look, booths where you can watch movies. A quarter for
each minute and a half. Got any quarters?”
Both women went through their purses and came up with about
15 quarters.
“Let’s have a look at one” said Jennifer as she made her
way into one of the booths. Lucy followed.
The booth was small with about a 13 inch screen and a seat
that could barely hold the two women.
“You can select any one of five movies. Let’s try this one”
Jennifer said as she selected number one and deposited
a quarter.
The movie came on. It had already started and it brought
them to a scene where a young girl was sucking the cock of
a black man. She was really sucking hard and taking it deep.
In the background you could see a white man fucking a black
girl doggy style. The action focus on the cock sucking at
the moment.
“Wow, what a huge cock” Lucy whispered. “And she’s getting
it all in her mouth! She’s not new at this!”
They watched intently and suddenly the movie stopped.
Jennifer inserted another quarter and it picked up where
it left off. Now the action switched to the other couple
that was fucking. The camera angle showed his cock sliding
in and out of the black girl’s pussy and his balls were slapping
on her ass. In and out, in and out, He fucked her harder and
harder. Then the time ran out again.
The girls looked at each other and smiled. They were seated
on a seat that could barely hold the both of them. As Jennifer
went to insert another quarter, Lucy said “let’s watch
some girl on girl action, number four.”
Jennifer selected movie number four and inserted the
quarter. The movie appeared on the screen showing two very
beautiful young girls sitting on a couch kissing very deeply.
One of the girls had no top and the other girl was massaging
her breasts. They broke the kiss and the girl that had her
top on removed it. Both girls then began to rub each other’s
breasts. One of the girls buried her head in the other girl’s
breasts and began to suck them,
The girls couldn’t take their eyes off of the screen. As
the movie ended, Jennifer would instantly insert another
quarter. Just after she inserted the fourth quarter, she
felt Lucy’s hand slip up her dress. Without hesitation
she opened her legs as much as she could in their tight quarters.
Lucy’s finger began to stroke her panty covered crotch
which was by now very wet.
Jennifer wanted to return the favor but saw that Lucy was
wearing pants. No matter, though. With a swift move she
unbuttoned the pants, lowered the zipper slightly, inserted
her hand under the waistband of her panties and immediately
began to massage her clitoris. Lucy returned the favor
by slipping her finger behind Jennifer’s panties into
her pussy. Both girls settled in their cramped booth to
watch the action.
On the screen, both girls were now naked and one girl was
eating the other’s pussy. The camera focused in close to
see her tongue darting in and out, up and down. The camera
angle then changed to show the two girls from behind the
girl that was eating pussy. Jennifer and Lucy saw the girl’s
ass and pussy. What a beautiful sight each thought. They
continued to work each other as Jennifer inserted another
quarter each minute and a half.
Meanwhile outside in the store, the woman clerk was walking
the floor. There were no more customers and she thought
it may be a good idea to close early. As she approached the
back of the store where the movie booths were located, she
heard some rustling in one of the booths. Were both girls
in there? She walked up to the booth and pressed her ear against
the door. She heard that the two girls were in there but couldn’t
hear what they were doing. Curiosity finally got the best
of her and she opened the door.
As the door opened, both girls had a look of a deer caught
in the headlights of a car. There they sat with two girls
going at it on the screen while their hands were in each other’s
“Oh God, I’m sorry” the clerk said, obviously enjoying
the sight in front of her. “You look like you’re having fun,
I’ll leave you alone.”
She closed the door and walked away. Shortly afterwards
the two girls came out quickly adjusting their clothes,
looking quite embarrassed.
The clerk immediately recognized their embarrassment
and said “Don’t worry, I see it all the time. You’d be surprised
how many girls come in here and you’d be surprised how many
do exactly what you were doing. Hey, I spend time in there
myself after the store closes.”
This seemed to relax the girls. “We really like your store.
We’ve never been in one quite like it and I guess we’re like
two kids in a candy store. There’s so much to see and so much
we want!”
“Thank you” said the clerk. “My name is Amy and I’m part
owner. We’ve been doing really well but today it’s slow
so I was thinking of closing early. Take your time though,
I’m in no big hurry.”
Lucy said “There’s a few thing’s I’m interested in in your
‘toy’ section but I don’t know what to get. Any suggestions?
Jennifer chimed in “I saw a little outfit that I’ve got
to have!”
Amy offered a suggestion. “Listen, I got started in this
business from doing in-house ‘fucker-ware’ parties.
You know, where a group of women get together and I show them
love oils and vibrators and sexy underwear. What if I drop
by one of your house’s with a few samples. I can explain how
their used and you can decide for yourselves.
“Sounds like a plan” said Lucy. “Make it at my house”
“No problem. I want to pick up something I saw over there
before we go” said Jennifer pointing to the lingerie.
“OK, leave me you address and give me a few minutes to close
up and put a few things together” said Amy.
Lucy dropped Jennifer off at her house so she could feed
her cat. “Don’t be late” Lucy said knowing full well that
she wouldn’t waste a minute.

Amy and Jennifer arrived at Lucy’s condo simultaneously.
Lucy showed them to her family room.
“Well, let’s get started” said Amy. “Why don’t you two sit
on the couch and I’ll run through what I brought.”
The girls immediately obliged.
“OK, let’s start with the good stuff!” She zipped open her
bag, rummaged around a little bit and pulled out three vibrators.
“Depending on which size you want, these little beauties
are a must to any girl’s collection. They come in 6, 9 and
12 inches and have batteries included.” She turned on the
six inch vibrator and handed it to Lucy.
“You’ve already got this size, Jenn” Lucy smirked, remembering
how it was so effectively used on her the previous weekend.
Lucy continued showing them various sizes and colors of
dildoes. They passed each one around, stroking them and
sucking on them, laughing all of the time.
“This stuff is your best friend if you really want to get
into it” Amy said, producing a large bottle of strawberry
flavored and scented lubricant. “This stuff will allow
you to go for hours with little irritation.”
They were most intrigued by the vibrating egg that can be
inserted in the ass as well as strings of balls that are also
inserted in the ass.
“They will make you hit the roof if they’re removed just
as you’re starting to cum” said Amy.
With all of the wares set on the floor in front of them, the
two girls had a tough choice. Before they could choose,
however, Lucy said “There’s one more thing I want to show
you. I always end my shows like this, it seems to generate
a lot of business.”
She stepped back and began to untuck her blouse from her
skirt. She undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it.
She then turned to right, unzipped her skirt and let it fall
to the floor. She kicked it to the side, looked up at the two
girls and said “What do you think?”
The girls didn’t know what to say. In front of them was perhaps
the most beautiful woman’s body they had ever seen. Amy
was very attractive but the clothes she was wearing hid
an incredibly beautiful body.
She stood wearing a black lace garter belt with matching
stockings, black thong panties that were see through in
the front and a black almost see through bra that barely
covered her large, perfectly round breasts.
“Wow!” both girls stammered in unison.
“You are beautiful! No wonder you sell so much of that stuff!”
said Jennifer.
“The real beauty of this outfit is the material it’s made
of. It looks like lace but feels softer than silk” said Lucy.
“I know what you mean about the feel” said Jennifer. “I fell
in love with it in the store and that’s what I bought. Actually,
I changed into it before I came over.”
“By all means, let’s see how you look” said Amy.
Jennifer didn’t even hesitate to get up and begin removing
her clothes. Amy and Lucy looked on intently. She quickly
removed her blouse and skirt and stood there waiting for
the review. She didn’t have the body that Lucy had but she
kept herself in pretty good shape so she had nothing to be
ashamed about.
Her outfit consisted of a white garter belt and matching
stockings, high cut panties that had no elastic around
the legs and matching bra that showed off her breasts very
“Very nice, very nice” said Amy. Very, very nice. She walked
over to Jennifer and got a much closer look. Both of the partially
undressed women now turned their attention to Lucy.
“Well, I guess it’s my turn, huh?” said Lucy. “Actually
I changed when I got home, too. I never expected this, though!
You both look so beautiful!”
With that she got up to undress. The two partially dressed
girls took seats on the sofa to watch. Lucy peeled off her
top revealing a light lavender bra. She unzipped and lowered
her pants revealing a pair of French cut lavender panties.
She didn’t have large breasts and she didn’t have the perfectly
flat stomach that Amy had but in her outfit she looked very
Amy thought to herself, ‘wow, these girls are wonderful.
Simple, attractive, not model types but very natural.
And they were ready!!’
Amy and Jennifer stood up and walked toward Lucy. Amy spoke
“You are both so beautiful! I mean it. Let me show you something
about Jennifer’s outfit.”
She walked behind Jennifer and said “The first thing you
obviously notice is the softness of the material.” With
this she reached around Jennifer and placed her hands on
her breasts and began to rub them through the material.
Jennifer loved being touched like this.
“Feel what I mean” she said to Lucy who took her place behind
Lucy rubbed her breasts the same way the Amy had only a little
longer and a lot more deliberately. Damn, this is incredible
material; so soft!
“Now the beauty of the bra is it’s quick release feature.
Excuse me while I show you” said Amy as she took Lucy’s place
behind Jennifer. She reached around her from behind, placed
her fingers at the bottom, middle part of the bra and released
it. Jennifer’s breast sprang out, nipples hard. Amy didn’t
immediately remove her hands from the now exposed breasts
but played with them for a few seconds.
“Mind if I see how yours works?” Jennifer asked Amy. “You
seem to have the same type of release”
“Please do” said Amy as she felt Jennifer’s hands cup her
breasts from behind. Jennifer rubbed the material the
same as Amy had.
“This is really soft, really soft” Jennifer said as she
too released the front of Amy’s bra. She instantly had more
than a handful of breasts.
“They’re so big, so beautiful!” Lucy exclaimed watching
the entire scene. “I don’t have a front release so I’ll just
remove mine myself the old fashioned way!” She reached
behind her, undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Now
all three girls looked at each other’s breasts. At the same
time they stepped toward each other and began massaging
each other.
Lucy couldn’t stand it any more! She pulled Jennifer close
to her, placed her lips on Jennifer’s and inserted her tongue
deep into her mouth. Jennifer followed suit and soon both
girls were in an embrace that wouldn’t be broken soon. Their
breasts rubbed each other’s and they grinded their pussies
together. Neither of them had much experience with girls
but they were just doing what came natural.
Amy stepped back to watch the show. She sat on the couch and
instinctively her hand found it’s way to her pussy. She
started rubbing it through her now wet panties.
The two girls were really getting into it. Lucy broke away
from Jennifer’s lips and proceeded to suck her breasts.
She licked them forming large circles with her tongue.
She used a lot of saliva, keeping them nice and wet.
Lucy wasn’t finished but she knew she had to do something
first. She stopped licking Jennifer’s breasts, gave her
a smile and a quick kiss on the lips and turned toward Amy.
“Get up for a second” she instructed Jennifer. Jennifer
did what she asked and Lucy proceeded to remove the sofa
cushions which revealed a sofa bed. She pulled it out and
proudly proclaimed “now we have a playpen!”
Amy looked at the two girls and said “I have a favor to ask.
I want you to fulfill a fantasy of mine.”
The girls looked at each other and in so many words said ‘what
the hell’.
“This is strange, though. You must be much more experienced
than we are at this sort of thing and you think that we can
fulfill your fantasy?” said Lucy. “Let’s do it!”
“OK, what I’d like you to do is to get on the bed and get on all
fours next to each other.” The girls did what she said. “Turn
around and look at me, now.”
With the girls watching she turned around revealing her
ass with the thong going up the crack. She very slowly and
deliberately removed the thin strip of material from her
ass and lowered the waistband to just below her now fully
exposed ass. She then turned around and just as slowly lowered
the panties exposing her pussy. She looked up to see the
girl’s reaction. They were staring intently at her every
move. She lowered the thong to the floor and she was naked
except for the garter belt and stockings. She walked over
and got the bottle of lubricant and then she knelt at the
edge of the bed behind the girls.
She looked incredible, Jennifer thought. Her pussy hair
was jet black and it made her look sexy as hell.
Amy then put a tiny bit of the oil on her finger and then asked
the girls to both lower their panties so she could see their
asses. As the lowered them she touched her own pussy with
the oil which caused her to shudder in pleasure. She stared
ahead at the two gorgeous asses in front of her.
“Now spread your cheeks so I can see your assholes” she instructed
which they both did without hesitation.
Still on her knees, she moved closer to their asses. She
held the oil at the top of Jennifer’s ass and let a few drops
out which found their way down her ass and her asshole. She
watched as the oil moved past her asshole and to the bottom
of her pussy. She did the same to Lucy. She put the bottle
down and with the index finger on each hand she gently moved
up and down their asses, pausing to insert her finger slightly
into their asses. She would occasionally allow her fingers
to find their way into their pussies.
Both girls continued to watch Amy fingering their asses.
She had a very gentle touch, a touch that was really turning
them on.
Amy removed her finger and backed away.
“Now I want you to take off your panties and sit on the bed
with your legs spread” she said
The girls quickly shed their panties and spread their legs
in front of her. She then took the oil and squirted a few drops
on each of their wet pussies. She watched it move from their
clits to the bottom of their pussies. She did the same with
her fingers that she had done to their asses; up and down,
up and down she gently moved her finger barely penetrating
their pussy lips. Both girls said nothing. They were very,
very excited.
“Now” said Amy, “get back on all fours.” The girls reassumed
their previous positions,
Amy reached into her bag and produced two somewhat thin,
short dildoes. They were no more than five inches long,
were powder blue and were very flexible. One by one she inserted
them about half way into each of the girl’s assholes.
“Fuck your assholes” Amy instructed. “Slide them in and
The girls both reached around and began to slide them in
and out.
Amy looked at the scene in front of her. She loved looking
at girls from the rear where their ass and pussy were in full
view. One girl completely naked, the other naked except
for the garter belt and stockings. Beautiful. Beautiful.
She inserted her finger into her pussy and began to finger
fuck herself as she watched the girl’s fucking their asses.
“I love the way you look! I love looking at your asses! Fuck
yourself, fuck yourself!” she panted as she continued
to play with herself. “I want to cum watching you fuck yourselves!
Stick them in as far as you can!
The girls continued to work themselves at the same time
watched Amy furiously working her pussy. What a weird fantasy
but a strangely erotic one. No one was complaining.
Amy was now rubbing and slapping her clit getting close
to orgasm. “Oh God you look beautiful! Fuck yourselves!
Fuck yourselves! Make me cum!! I love watching you!! Make
me cummmm….. ohhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh!!!
God, yes, yes!! Yes!!”
Both girls soaked in all the action behind them. This was
great. “Cum baby, cum!! Cum all over yourself” Jennifer
instinctively said to Amy.
“I am! I am!! Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Amy finally crumbled into a ball at the foot of the bed and
the girls stopped fucking themselves, removed the dildoes
and sat watching Amy try to recover.
After about a minute Amy caught her breath.
“Thank you both so much for letting me do that. I can’t tell
you how much that turns me on!”
“Oh, I think we figured that out” smirked Lucy. What was
next she thought.
Amy crawled in between the two girls looked at them both
and they all smiled. At the same time Amy rolled to her right
and began to kiss Lucy, softly and sensually at first then
hard and long. Her tongue moved deep into her mouth. Lucy
responded the same way. Jennifer moved against Amy’s back
and began to grind her pussy on Amy’s ass.
Amy broke the kiss long enough to run her tongue from her
lips down her chin, down her neck, over her chest until it
reached one of her breasts. She swirled her tongue around
and around, pausing to gently place the entire nipple in
her mouth. She put some saliva on two of her fingers and moved
them to the other breast so she could work them both at the
same time. Meanwhile Jennifer had taken to playing with
Amy’s ass.
Amy continued sucking and licking Lucy’s breasts. “Does
that feel good?” she asked.
“Oh yes, it feels wonderful, wonderful!” Lucy moaned.
She then removed her mouth from Lucy’s breasts and looked
behind her into Jennifer’s eyes. She saw that she was intently
playing with her ass. Jennifer looked into her eyes and
said “I love your ass! I love it like you love mine!”
“There will be plenty of time for us but right now I’ve got
something for your friend.”
With that she spread Lucy’s legs wide apart, climbed in
between them and positioned her face directly in front
of her pussy. She looked up at Lucy and said “Ooooooo I love
your pussy! Would you like me so lick it? Can I stick my tongue
deep inside it? I want to make you feel soooo good!”
“Yes, oh yes! Yes! Please suck my pussy! Suck my pussy!”
Lucy moaned.
Amy went to work. She started by burying her face in her mound
of pubic hair. She loved girls with a lot of pubic hair. Many
of the women she had been with recently had either partially
or fully shaved their pussies. Amy liked the natural look.
With her face buried in the mound she stuck out her tongue
and slowly moved it down over the outer lips of Lucy’s soaking
wet pussy. She purposely avoided the clit. Time for that
“I love the smell of you” said Amy. “Does this feel good?
Do you want more?” Amy teased.
“Yes, oh yes, yes!!” was the reply
She went back to work tracing the outer lips and stopping
every once in a while to insert her tongue into her pussy.
She teased her clit by flicking her tongue over it every
so often. Lucy was going crazy with anticipation.
“Please suck it, suck it hard!! Please!!” she pleaded.
Not wanting to torture her any more she placed her entire
mouth over her clit and began to suck and suck and lick. She
loved eating pussy and heard the desired result in Lucy’s
moaning which grew louder every second.
Meanwhile Jennifer was watching her girlfriend with Amy’s
face buried between her legs. She looked at Lucy’s face
and saw that she was in another world. At one point Lucy looked
over towards Jennifer and smiled.
In between her moaning and panting she said “Jenn, come
closer, I want to feel your tits.”
Jennifer moved closer to her friend who reached over and
began rubbing her breasts. She looked into Jennifer’s
eyes as she continued rubbing, realizing just how pretty
she really was. Her breasts were so perfectly shaped that
she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She wanted her friend
to feel as good as she was at that moment.
“I want to suck your pussy!! Please let me suck it. Sit on
my face. I want to feel your wet pussy in my mouth!!” said
Hearing this, Amy removed her mouth from Lucy’s pussy and
slid her towards the end of the bed.
“There, that should make it easier for both of you” she said
as she went back to licking and sucking.
Jennifer stood up on her knees and lifted one of them over
Lucy’s head to a position where her pussy was directly over
Lucy’s face. She lowered herself slightly until she felt
her warm tongue begin to glide along her lips. She moved
a little closer, not wanting to smother her yet close enough
so she had full access to her tongue.
She began to lick and suck for all it was worth. Amy continued
eating Lucy’s pussy. Amy looked up for a second to see Jennifer’s
beautiful ass and her pussy grinding on Lucy’s face.
The two girls were in ecstasy! They moaned and groaned in
pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, oh God, oh God” could
be heard in varying degrees of volume from the two girls;
more so from Jennifer since her pussy was in Lucy’s face.
Amy again slowed down her sucking to look at the scene in
front of her. Lovely, absolutely lovely she thought to
herself as she watched Jennifer’s ass moving in a rhythmic
motion on Lucy’s face. She also had an idea on how to make
this already hot scene even hotter.
She removed her lips from Lucy’s pussy, got up and looked
in her ‘bag of tricks’. She produced a nine inch rubber dildo
that was flesh colored and had a soft texture. It was as close
as you could get to a hard cock. It was not only long but it
was thick , too.
She took it to the bed and covered it with a generous amount
of love lubricant. She then placed it on the outer lips of
Lucy’s pussy and move it up and down and slowly began to insert
Lucy almost hadn’t noticed that her pussy was being sucked
because she was so into the pussy that was just above her.
As Amy began to insert the rubber cock, she stopped licking
for a second to try and figure out what the new sensation
was in her crotch.
Amy saw that this was going to be a tight fit because of it’s
thickness so she went slow. She inserted it about an inch
then almost withdrew it; then about two inches then three
until her pussy had swallowed about six inches.
As the cock slowly entered her pussy, Lucy knew what was
happening. What a full feeling! What a wonderful feeling!
She felt it as it completely filled her. She had never had
anything this wide in her. My God it felt good!
Jennifer immediately noticed that Lucy was no longer paying
attention to her and turned around to see Amy inserting
the huge dildo.
“Wow!” said Jennifer. “Have you got one of those for me,
“Sure have” said Amy. “Plus I have another treat just for
Amy left the cock in Lucy’s pussy and got up to get Jennifer’s
treats. Lucy instinctively reached for the end of the cock
and began to do herself.
Meanwhile, Jennifer had moved off of Lucy’s face and lay
on the bed, legs spread, awaiting her turn.
Amy placed the love lubricant on the cock. She also produced
a small egg-like metal ball that had a long wire attached
to it which she also covered with lubricant. Jennifer eager
anticipated what she was about to experience.
“Lift your legs in the air” Amy instructed. Jennifer did
what she asked.
Amy pushed her legs back as far as they could go, exposing
her asshole. She inserted the egg into her ass. It was a tight
fit at first but it finally slipped in easily. Amy lowered
her legs. At the end of the wire was a switch.
She looked at Jennifer and said “you’ll like this!” She
lowered Jennifer’s legs.
She turn the switch on and looked at Jennifer’s face.
Jennifer had never felt anything like this. She felt a strange
vibrating sensation that was actually pretty strong.
But she could also feel her pussy begin to tingle. Would
this make her cum without trying?
“Oooooo, I like! I like!” she gulped. “What a feeling!”
Amy turned it off and preceded to insert the dildo into Jennifer’s
pussy the same way she had inserted it into Lucy’s. It was
a real snug fit. Amy began to slowly fuck Jennifer and looked
over at Lucy doing herself.
“Let me do that, sweetie, enjoy yourself!” Amy said as she
took over for Lucy. Now she was fucking both girls. She pushed
in and out, in and out. She was slowly inserting them deeper
and deeper. She didn’t want to hurt either girl by going
too fast, too deep. Damn, she thought, they’re taking the
whole thing! She then began to fuck them a little faster.
She would withdraw almost the entire dildo before reinserting
it. Both girl’s pussy’s were oozing with a combination
of love juice and lubricant. Both girl’s moans of pleasure
kept getting louder. This really turned Amy on!
Amy thought it was time to give Jennifer a treat so she switched
on the egg that was deep inside of her ass.
“Oooooooooooooooooh, ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Jennifer almost screamed as the vibration in her ass intensified
the feeling she was getting from the dildo working it’s
way in and out of her. “Oh my Gooooooood!! My God!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
Her moaning was really turning Amy on and Lucy looked up
to see what was going on with her friend. For the first time
she noticed the wire coming out of Jennifer’s ass and how
much pleasure it was giving her. Ad Amy was really working
her with the dildo.
“My God, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!!! Now!! Yesssss!
Yesssss! Oh God, oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming,
I’m cumming!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Amy left the dildo deep inside Jennifer and took her hand
off it. Man, did she ever cum! She turned to Lucy to concentrate
on her.
Lucy was really enjoying being fucked by the huge dildo
but still asked Amy “do you have any treats for me?”
“I think I have something up my sleeve. Here, keep fucking
yourself and I’ll be right back.”
She got off the bed, walked to her bag and pulled out a string
of beads. They were actually the size of gumballs, ten of
them about an inch apart. She climbed back up on the bed.
“You’ll have to stop fucking yourself for a second” she
joked to Lucy. “Leave it in but lift your legs back over your
head.” Lucy did what she asked.
Amy covered the beads with lubricant and began to insert
them one at a time into Lucy’s ass. They went in fairly easily
though the ninth and tenth were a bit of a struggle. At the
end of the last bead was a long cord which now stuck out of
her ass.
“OK, now stay in that position and start to fuck yourself”
Amy instructed.
Lucy began to plunge the dildo in and out again and in a minute
or so she was feeling the intense pleasure that she had been
feeling previously. She felt so full, so good, with her
ass and pussy very, very full.
“I’ll help you” said Amy as she reached to the top of Lucy’s
pussy and began to pay with her clit.
The cumulative effect of the dildo, the beads and Amy playing
with her clit made Lucy almost scream with delight, similar
to the sound’s that Jennifer made when Amy switched on the
ass vibrator.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh!!! God,
yes, yes!!!” Lucy moaned.
This action went on for about another minute when Amy said
“You’ve got to let me know when you’re going to cum!”
“Ohhh, it’s soon, it’s sooooon! Oh God, Oh God, yes! Yes!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes! I’m going to cum!! Yes!! Yes!! Oh God,
I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!!”
With this Amy began to slowly remove the balls one at a time
from her ass. Plop, plop, plop was the sound that each one
made as they were slowly but steadily removed. With each
one that was removed, Lucy felt an intense rush of pleasure
that she had never, ever experienced before. She almost
blacked out.
“Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”
Lucy loudly groaned as the last ball left her ass. Exhausted,
she dropped her legs and lay on the bed still shaking from
her unbelievable orgasm.
Jennifer had recovered and had been watching the whole
scene. It made her feel horny again!
“Amy” said Jennifer, looking at Lucy still shaking with
pleasure, “you are unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable!
I can’t believe what I’ve felt!”
“What we’ve felt, you mean” gasped Lucy in a barely audible
“How can we ever repay you! Jennifer asked.
“Well, you’ve both already fulfilled one of my fantasies
and you could fulfill another one of my fantasies, if you
don’t mind”
“Anything, anything you want!”
Amy got off the bed, reached into her bag and took out what
appeared to a set of straps. She walked back to the bed, sat
down and placed it on the bed.
“Do you girl’s know what this is?” she asked.
Lucy was just about fully recovered. Both girls looked
at it, looked at each other and then shook their heads. They
had no idea what it was.
Amy then took one of the dildoes and proceeded to affix it
to the straps.
“It’s a strap on!” Lucy exclaimed. “A strap on dildo! I’ve
heard of them but never saw one! So that’s what they look
Both girls took turns handling the new toy.
“You see the little protrusion on the inside behind the
dildo?” she asked. “It’s a clit stimulator so the person
doing the fucking can enjoy it just as much. Here’s my fantasy.
I want one of you to fuck me in the pussy with the strap on while
you’re fucking my ass at the same time. Meanwhile I want
to eat the other one’s pussy>”
The girls had a tough choice to make. Jennifer decided that
she wanted to use the strap on. “As long as I get to use it later!”
Lucy laughed. She would have to settle for getting her pussy
eaten. Not bad, not bad!
Amy told Jennifer to stand and she placed her legs through
each opening. She then buckled it in the back. She walked
around to the front and adjusted the dildo so it was directly
over her pussy and that the clit stimulator was in place.
“How’s that?” Amy asked.
“Wonderful, wonderful. It’s turning me on just looking
at it!”
Amy and Lucy gazed at the girl that now had a nine inch cock.
What a turn on! Lucy couldn’t help herself and got down on
her knees in front of Jennifer and began to suck the cock
as if she were a man. She sucked and sucked! The other two
girls were getting really turned on!
“Enough, enough!” Jennifer scolded. “I have a job to do!”
Lucy stopped sucking and stood up. She stepped aside and
Jennifer and Amy embraced and kissed each very long and
hard. The cock found it’s way between Amy’s legs.
They then got into position. First Lucy slid on to the bed
and opened her legs wide. Amy then got on all fours and moved
her mouth towards the awaiting pussy. Her ass and pussy
were fully exposed to Jennifer who climbed on the bed armed
with the lubricant and one of the powder blue ass dildoes.
She placed some lubricant on the cock and began to massage
it as if she were a guy massaging his cock to jerk off. So this
is what it felt like to be a guy! She then placed a little lubricant
on the ass dildo.
Meanwhile Amy wasted no time and began to lick Lucy’s pussy.
She then felt the cock behind her being rubbed up and down
the length of her pussy and slowly entering. Jennifer obviously
had learned from Amy since she inserted it slowly and deliberately.
She then felt her ass being penetrated.
Jennifer moved as close to Amy’s ass as she could and began
to fuck her pussy with the dildo. She left the ass dildo in
place for now. She wanted to concentrate on fucking her
right. In and out, in and out at a slow but steady rhythm.

Amy wished she had a picture of what was going on behind her.
The picture she had in her mind turned her on. She didn’t
even realize that she was eating Lucy’s pussy what with
what was swimming around in her mind and the pounding she
was taking from behind.
Lucy was very much aware that her pussy was getting a lot
of attention. Amy licked and sucked. It was hard to believe
that she had an orgasm only a few minutes ago and was headed
toward another one very quickly.
Jennifer now knew how very well the clit stimulator worked.
The harder she fucked, the more stimulation it gave. She
grabbed on to Amy’s ass and held it tight as she slammed the
entire nine inches into her. She was now in love with Amy’s
ass! She watched it gyrating in front of her and she began
to slap it; not hard but kind of love spanks.
Amy was well on her way! When she felt Jennifer slapping
her ass she momentarily stopped eating Lucy and moaned
“Oh yes, slap my ass! A little harder! Yes that’s it, that’s
it!! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole
fuck meeeee!” She then buried her head even deeper into
When both girl’s heard Amy asking to be fucked they almost
came on the spot. What a turn on it was to hear another woman
ask to be fucked.
Amazingly Jennifer came first. As she came her thrusting
became so intense that it had a ripple effect; the cock inside
Amy was doing it’s job as she began to spastically jerk and
finally cum. Lucy felt Amy suck even harder as she came and
the shrieking and moaning that was coming out of both girl’s
mouth’s turned her on so much that she came shortly afterwards.
The three of them lay in a pile of twisted, exhausted flesh
and the heavy breathing and panting began to slowly subside.
Lucy looked at Jennifer and said “We had better lock the
door so she doesn’t leave! We’ve got a lot more to learn!”

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