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Negril Escape


As soon as the plane door opened and I felt that blast of hot
humid air I knew I was home. My home away from home Jamaica
the tropical paradise I had come to love many years ago.
Only this trip was something very different because it
was only me and my pet Stephen. I was really looking forward
to showing my favorite piece of ass around my favorite Caribbean
island. Through customs and immigration in record time
since the Montego Bay Sangster International Airport
remodel then off to meet our driver we went for the hour and
a half drive to Negril. I had my tour guide buddy David pick
us up at the airport and the first stop was at the closest
jerk shack for some chicken. I had to get Stephen his first
taste of authentic Jamaican jerk and a Red Stripe beer.

We finished our delicious jerk chicken then finished the
beautiful drive along the coast with the most spectacular
views of the turquoise Jamaican sea to the beach town of
Negril . Arriving at my favorite little boutique resort
on seven mile beach Idle Awhile, Natefa who had given me
a tour of the property years ago got us checked into our beach
view suite. I was so excited to take my sweet sexy bitch boi
all around Negril and show him the sights but since we arrived
a bit late in the afternoon getting settled in and relaxing
on the beach was in order till it was time to head to the special
dinner I had planned.

Natefa had made dinner reservations for me at the Caves
Resort restaurant on the west end cliffs. The resort and
restaurant was literally built right into the side of the
Negril cliffs at the west end of seven mile beach and has
an atmosphere not to be matched in the romance department.
After stowing our luggage and putting on our bathing suits
we stepped right off our patio onto the beautiful white
sand beach. Stephen set us up under a big palm tree while
I headed to the bar for some drinks Jamaican Delights of
course to celebrate our arrival in paradise.

We had a lovely but short afternoon playing in the calm Jamaican
sea and relaxing on the beach drinking our rum drinks and
listening to the Mento bands playing calypso cruising
the beach. This Jamaican tropical paradise was just inebriating
but watching my sexy stud playing in the ocean was even more
so. The way his body glistened with droplets of water as
he exited the surf accentuating every muscle in his well
sculpted body took my breath away. His wet board shorts
clinging to his fine sexy ass drove me a little bit wild.
I caught him getting an eyeful of my big tits that were displayed
nicely in my skimpy bikini top once or twice when he didn’t
think I noticed too. It was getting late so time to think
about going to dinner. I sent Stephen off with David our
driver to the grocery with a list of supplies that consisted
of basic sundries, some rum and a little special request.

I handed David the list with some money in an envelope and
said “Round all this up and make sure they charge him right
and don’t rip him off and there will be a good tip in it for

Off Stephen went with David to the Hi-Lo grocery in the Sunshine
shopping center in town and off I went to the room to get ready
for dinner. After a nice hot shower and pampering myself
with all my creams, lotions and a little perfume I got dressed
for dinner. Some hot lingerie is always a must so I started
rooting through my suit case. Here we go a sexy sheer black
thong with cream colored lace trim and bows with a matching
bra would be perfect. Then a sexy little black mini sun dress
with a plunging V neckline to show off some cleavage and
short enough to show off some leg. A pretty shell necklace
and a little pair of flat black sandals and my outfit was
complete. All dressed I sat on the veranda sipping a drink
and here comes David and Stephen.

“Did you get everything on the list?” I asked David.

“Yes Ma’am and I think you will be pleased with your
special request” he replied as he sat the groceries down
on the table and then produced a brown plastic bag from his

I kissed Stephen and said “Go take a shower and get dressed
for dinner your draw string linen beach pants and a tropical
shirt will be fine for tonight babe.”

With Stephen taking a shower it was time to get down to business
with David.

“So what have you rounded up for me buddy?” I said with
a sparkle in my eye.

“My Lady I was in luck tonight and the best purple skunk
was available. Here is the amount you requested and some
papers, a lighter and a grinder I picked up as well total
$150 as we discussed” David relayed.

“Perfect! You never fail me buddy” I said as he pulled
out a big stick of the best looking and smelling purple skunk
weed I’d seen in forever.

I gave David a $40 tip and told him to come back to drive us
to the Caves in one hour. Sitting on the veranda I continued
to sip my drink and grind up some buds to roll up into splifs.
I like to roll my whole stash up so I can ration it out for the
whole stay that way I’m not spending too much money on
ganja. No sooner than I had finished rolling my pile of joints
then Stephen is all ready to go. It always amazes me how fast
a man can get ready to go out on the town when I need at least
forty five minutes to take care of hair, makeup, clothes,
moisturizers etc. etc. I pick up a splif place it in my mouth
light it and take a drag of the sweetest smoke ever.

Stephen looks at me in wonder and says “I didn’t know
you smoked?”

“I don’t not tobacco anyway. Here try this and just
take a very small toke or you’ll cough your ass off this
is some strong stuff” I told him.

He looked unsure about my offer but took the splif anyway
and took a little drag from it. Coughed a little but was soon
appreciating the sweet pungent taste of the best ganja
in the world and started bogarting that joint.

“Give me that!” I snapped at him as I didn’t want to
spend the evening with a stud stoned out of his mind!

Stephen handed over the splif and sat next to me on the veranda
couch while I finished my sweet smoke and we watched the
beautiful sunset coloring the sky in rich majestic tones.
Splif in one hand and Stephen’s thigh in my other I began
caressing that flesh through his thin linen pants and was
getting a little reaction. I grabbed his hand and pulled
him into the suite. Over to the bed I led him and I sat down
at the end of the bed. Looking up at my handsome hunk my hand
went straight for the growing cock in his pants. He let out
a little sigh as I loosened the drawstring to his pants then
pulled them down to the tops of his thighs. Mmmm no underwear
he’s going commando and his pretty cock was right in my

“I think I need a little appetizer before dinner” I
said with an evil grin.

I wrapped my lips around the gorges mushroom shaped head
and stroked the shaft of his hard cock. Massaging his balls
with my other hand I could feel how heavy they were and knew
my appetizer was going to be a big one. I also knew my sweet
bitch boi wanted his hot ass fucked so badly but not enough
time for that before dinner so that would have to wait. Of
course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be a nasty little
tease so as I licked and sucked his straining member the
fingers that were massaging his balls slowly moved behind
them rubbing and playing with his ass crack and grazing
his tight horny little hole every so often. Every time my
fingers just barely brushed his ass hole he shivered with
excitement. Slowly I was sucking him deeper and deeper
until I was deep throating that pretty cock and it twitched
with every pass over that tight hole. Just when the soft
moaning started I shoved my finger straight up his ass and
his cock exploded in my mouth. The more it exploded the more
I drove my index finger home feeling his sphincter clench
around my finger with his ass and cock throbbing in a prolonged
orgasm. Feeling every last little spasm of his cock in my
mouth I gently sucked him dry and withdrew his deflating
dick from my mouth and pulled my finger out of his ass. Standing
up I lean in for a deep passionate kiss. How lovely it is to
have my bitch moaning into my mouth as he tastes his own seed
on my tongue.

Off to the bathroom for a little clean up and wipe my pussy
down as my thong was about to be soaked from that hot blow
job I had just performed. I called David and told him we were
ready to go to dinner and meet us in the lobby. Hand in hand
we met our driver and we were whisked away down Norman Manly
Boulevard to the beach road going to the cliffs a short 10
minute drive. In the back of the taxi I could not keep my hands
off my sexy pet. I had to be touching him in some way all the
time like if my hands were not on him I might die or something.
Arriving at the Caves we were greeted and taken to the restaurant
and seated at our private table in a little alcove. The atmosphere
was surreal as you were actually in a cave in the side of a
cliff. There were candles tucked into all the crevices
in the walls making the room and our bodies glow being bathed
in the soft amber light. Sitting close to my man I took the
liberty of ordering dinner as I was much more familiar with
Jamaican food. A few Jamaican delicacies to temp the pallet
like shrimp coconut rundown, fried green banana, rice
and pigeon peas and a steak a good filet just in case Stephen
wasn’t fond of all my Jamaican delights and a bottle of
wine. We drank our wine and ate the delicious dinner while
looking out and listening to the waves crashing on the rocks
below. Romance was thick in the air and I did not want this
moment to end.

As we were finishing the wine and nibbling on some sweet
sop fruit for dessert I felt a hand squeeze my thigh and roam
down to the hem of my short little dress. Then that hand found
its way up my dress massaging my inner thigh as it went. I
looked into Stephen eyes and instead of that boyish grin
I had become accustomed to there was a burning lust. His
pupils were dilated, maybe from the low candle light in
the room or maybe the weed we had smoked earlier or just maybe
he was on fire for me just as much as I was on fire for him. I
sat on the curved bench seat to our table that was carved
right out of the cave wall moving so I was directly in front
of him facing away and laid back onto his chest letting my
body go limp. With his strong arms wrapped around me and
our cheeks side by side he hiked the skirt of my dress up and
massaged my hot pussypulling the thong aside to access
my wanting sex. I exhaled a long sigh at the wonderful sensations
traveling through my body. The feel of his chest on my back,
his breath on my neck, his hands holding and massaging my
most private areas all culminated in a state of total bliss.
With one hand pinching a nipple he took the finger of the
other and entered my hot wet hole. Alternating between
flicking my clit and tickling my g spot my legs soon started
to tremble. As I leaned my head back and he leaned his forward
our lips met in smoldering kiss. As his soft warm tongue
entered my mouth he drove his fingers deep into me and held
me tight as waves of pleasure over took my body. Coming down
from my orgasm he kissed my neck and I grasped the wrist of
the hand he had been pleasuring me with and brought it up
to my mouth. Turning around and looking at him I licked each
finger clean of all my sweet juices while he eyes seemed
to get lost in wonder at what he was seeing. All too soon the
dessert and wine were finished and we were feeling the effects
of our long day of travel. Back with David to Idle Awhile
for good nights sleep.

“Pick us up at 9:00pm tomorrow for clubbing time. I think
we’ll check out the Jungle they are having a dance hall
club party and any place else you recommend” I said to
David and wished him a good night.

Stephen and I were both so tired we stripped off our clothes
him eying my lingerie as I peeled off each piece of clothing.
We fell into the king sized bed, curled up together and passed
out from all the travel, sun and alcohol we had consumed.
Listening to the song of the tree frogs chirping we drifted
off into a deep sleep. Awaking to the sounds of a little singing
black bird out on the veranda steeling a piece of muffin
off our breakfast tray I noticed the time. It was ten am we
had slept in quite late. I lay in that big bed watching his
chest rise and fall with each breath. My mind was wandering
through all the fantasies I had of him and which ones I would
choose to make come true on this trip. I reached over to the
bedside table and grabbed a joint and the lighter.

As I took my first drag of sweet smoke his eyes opened, he
looked at me and said “Starting a little early aren’t

“Hair of the dog that bit you baby, good cure for a mild
hangover” I replied with a smile.

I brought the breakfast tray in from the veranda and we relaxed
having breakfast in bed talking about all the wild things
we had done together up until that point. After a fun session
of applying sunscreen all over each we set up out on the beach
under our usual palm tree. We lazed on the beach and played
in the ocean all day. There was no need to go anywhere with
the hotels bar and restaurant Chill Awhile right there
and the vendors walking the beach would happen along with
a variety of goodies. Mangos, bananas, patties, bun and
cheese all types of Jamaican treats. We relaxed and let
all the delights come to us till it was time to get ready for
dinner. I had Natefa arrange a private dinner on the beach
by the hotels chef. We took our showers and got ready for
the evening.

“It’s going to be hot and crowded where we are going
later tonight so just wear something casual and cool like
shorts and sandals” I told Stephen.

I already had my outfit in mind a little white tee shirt,
v neck trimmed in lace and a colorful sarong wrap skirt.
We goofed off in the room smoking some weed and teasing each
other relentlessly always building that sexual tension
until they came and got us for dinner just before the sunset.
I saw a server walk up on our veranda and we greeted him at
the door. He escorted us to our private beach dinner. The
hotel had set up the cutest little table a few yards from
the waters edge for our special dinning experience. It
was dressed in white linens and full china and crystal service
wear with a beautiful orchid in a vase. Luminary candles
sat all around the little table in the sand. Our waiter poured
sparkling wine as we gazed at the orange orb sinking into
the sea and watched the daytime slip away with the setting
sun. As the colors in the sky began to fade and the melody
of the tree frogs began to kick in our dinner was served.
I had prearranged a five course menu of pumpkin soup, spring
greens salad, conch fritters, grilled lobster with garlic
butter and root vegetables and mango cheesecake for dessert.
The dinner was professionally served course by course
in the slow European style of dinning I love. The food was
delicious but my company was even more delicious. Everything
my eyes saw, the sea lapping at our feet, the palm trees swaying
in the light breeze, the luminary candles glowing in the
sand and this gorges man sitting with me was just beautiful.
After two hours of being methodically charmed and stuffed
by our waiter Richard we waddled back to the room for a brief
respite before heading out clubbing for the evening.

Snapping awake to a knock on the veranda door there was David
ready to take us out clubbing. With a stretch and a yawn we
got up grabbed some money out of the room safe and a splif
or two and off to the Jungle night club we went. It was dance
hall club party tonight and the place was crowded early
with all the guests of the all inclusive resorts that lined
seven mile beach. The dance hall music was blasting we danced
to T.O.K., Sean Paul, Elephant man and all the favorites.
With all the tourists there from the surrounding resorts
all the old standards were pumped out by the D.J. and we all
laughed to the Big Bamboo song and danced the Dollar dance
as well as some newer dances like Swit it Weah by Beanie man
and we ended up on the dance floor in a crowd of tourists dancing
and sweating our asses off. I grabbed Stephen by the arm
and pulled him off the dance floor leading him outside where
David was patiently waiting for us.

“Too many tourists in there David how about we go somewhere
with some good local reggae?” I asked.

“Alfred’s on the beach it is then they have live music
and you can dance right in the sand if you want” was David’s

Alfred’s was a much more local scene with more traditional
reggae being played like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh by a live
band rather than a D.J. I sat David at the bar with a beer got
two cocktails for Stephen and I then off to the dance floor
we went. Grinding and ass shaking in true Jamaican style
we danced and danced the night away. Stephen managed to
find the entrance to my sarong skirt and his hands started
exploring finding out it was my turn to go commando! We danced
groping each other his hands in my sarong and my hands down
his shorts squeezing that sexy ass. I noticed a young hot
Jamaican boy eying Stephen and I from across the dance floor.

I yelled in Stephen’s ear over the loud music “What
do you think of that?”

All I got in return was a big smile so I looked right at our
young voyeur and waved him over. With the beat of the music
the dirty dancing began taking turns sandwiching one of
us between the other two. First me in the middle of my hot
bitch stud and this sexy six foot tall Jamaican boy with
an incredible body. Then Stephen in the middle pelvises
grinding and humping each other on the dance floor then
our new friend as Stephen and I ran our hands all over this
young hot Jamaican specimen. The smell of booze and sweat
filled the air with an occasional whiff of ganja floating
by. After the round of fast songs were over we went outside
to the beach bar to cool off a bit and stopped along the way
to tell David we would be needing the car in about twenty

“Hi my name is Bunny and this is Stephen nice to meet you”
I said as I offered my hand to this stunning young man.

His ebony skin was the color of coal and glistened as perspiration
dripped from his well defined muscular frame.

He shook both my and Stephens hand and said “Hey I be Philroy
ya keepin’ it irie?”

“You know it, Philroy how did you get such a spectacular
body?” I asked as my eyes roamed all over this beautiful
boys physic.

“I’m a west end cliff diver it comes with the job”
he told us.

I had seen the cliff divers on previous trips and they were
all in unbelievable physical condition. Just then a round
of slow songs started playing with Bob Marley’s No Woman
No Cry leading the way.

“Philroy we’re staying at Idle Awhile would you like
to come back to our room and party after I have a few slow dances
with my stud here?” I inquired.

“Ya mon me be needen’ to kick back” he said with a grin.

With our arms wrapped around each other bodies melting
together Stephen and I swayed to the mellow tempo of the
music then the band started playing one of my favorite songs
Angle by Shaggy. All the sensations we were experiencing
were like a surreal state of heaven the ocean lapping up
on the beach a few steps away and the rhythm of the music with
our minds hazy from the rum and ganja we were floating on
a cloud. The song ended and I took Stephens hand collected
Philroy from the bar and off to meet David in the parking
lot we went to go back to the room.

“Thanks for all the great service David. Pick us up tomorrow
at eight pm please” I said as we headed for the room.

Entering the room I made a some cocktails and lit up a joint.
We sat around on the veranda chatting, smoking and drinking
getting more relaxed and uninhibited as the time went on.

“I’m getting really hot let’s go inside in the air
conditioning” I told the boys.

I began stripping off my clothes one piece at a time and Stephen
followed suit as Philroys facial expression went from
surprise to intrigue.

“Philroy Stephen is bi sexual and I am just plain horny
all the time so how would you like to be our sex toy tonight?”
I asked him in a matter of fact sort of way.

Philroy looked excited and just a little bit scared when
I asked him “How old are you anyway don’t want to be taking
advantage of any jail bate?”

“Nineteen years old Ma’am” he responded.

I walked over to him gave him a good hard smack on the ass and
said “Perfect so why don’t you get naked for me and lets
see what you have.”

I had only ever been with one black man who was above average
and you know that old saying about them all being hung like
horses so I was curious what this young black prince had
in his pants. He peeled off his tee shirt and shorts and I
could see the big bulge growing in his briefs. Then he slid
his briefs off and the snake sprang out and came to life.
It was dark as could be even darker then his skin. I would
not say he was of porn star proportions but certainly very
above average looking to me just less than ten inches fully
hard with a respectable girth and big knob of a head already
leaking a little lubricant. I thought Stephen’s eyes
would pop out of his head seeing that big black monster.
I took Philroy over to the bed and pushed him down on it and
grabbed a fist full of Stephens hair and pulled his face
right down so he was face to face with that big black cock.

“Suck on this baby I know you want to I have to use the restroom,
I will be right back” I told Stephen then went in to the
bathroom and left my little bitch to his feast.

I could hear slurping sounds and groans coming from Philroy
so I knew my expert little cock sucker was at work. In the
bathroom I put on my eight inch ribbed strap on and grabbed
a bottle of lube and my little digital camera. As soon as
I saw Philroys huge black cock I knew Stephen would want
it right up his ass after his mouth had its fill of it but that
huge thing would destroy him and I was not going to have my
bitch in pain the rest of our trip as I had more plans for his
sexy ass. I would have to loosen him up with my strap on first
before I could let that big black anaconda take him. Walking
out of the bathroom Stephen was so involved enjoying his
new lollipop he did not notice me at all but Philroys eyes
grew very wide at the site of the fake cock dangling between
my legs where he would normally see a pussy.

“Don’t worry this is not for you” I told him with a
little giggle and I pulled Stephens hips up so he was on all
fours on the bed still sucking Philroys cock like his life
depended on it.

He didn’t miss a beat no matter how I moved him. The contrast
between Stephens pale white skin slightly pink from the
Jamaican sun and Philroys jet black skin was almost shocking
to the eyes. I set my camera for close up shots and took pictures
of the jet black big cock with my creamy white skinned little
bitch’s mouth devouring it from all angles. Then I lubed
up my cock and Stephens’s ass placed the head of my cock
at his tight little rose bud and with one thrust popped the
whole thing straight up his ass. He moaned on the big black
cock he was sucking as I grabbed his hips and began pumping
my strap on in and out of his sexy tight ass. Seeing my sexy
bitch boi’s white mouth all over that big black cock was
so hot my pussy was dripping juice down my legs.

Philroy was looking like he might cum soon and that was not
in my plan so I grabbed Stephens hair and pulled him off that
big cock and said “Don’t let him cum I have plans for
that cock”

Stephen went about licking his balls but left his cock alone
for the time being while I opened up that tight horny ass
of his. After a good amount slamming his hot ass I withdrew
and checked his tight hole with my fingers. One, two then
three fingers in his ass. Still a little tight so I shoved
in four stretching that ass as far as I could. I looked at
Philroy and motioned him over.

“Put a condom on they are in the bedside table drawer”
I instructed him.

As Philroy approached Stephen turned his head back looking
at me and said “Do you think I can take that thing Mistress?”

“Oh you will my little bitch and you will love it” I snickered.

“Philroy you be careful not to hurt my boi and go slow now”
I said.

I climbed up on the bed and sat directly in front of Stephen
I wanted to see every expression on his face as Philroy fed
that big black cock up his willing ass and get pictures of
all of it. He gasped and winced as the head went in and I held
his face with one hand keeping intense eye contact with
him and snapped pictures with the other. Slowly inch by
inch the big black monster went all the way in and I kissed
my impaled little bitch boi. As Philroy pummeled his sexy
ass his face was buried in my big round tits hungrily sucking
on my nipples like a starving newborn. I started cumming
just from my view and Stephen accosting my nipples with
his teeth. In the middle of a hard multiple orgasm I reached
down grasping Stephen’s engorged cock and started jerking
him off while he was being fucked by our hot new playmate.
As soon as Stephen started shooting rope after rope of hot
sticky cum I knew his sphincter was squeezing that giant
cock in his ass and Philroy was not going to last much longer.
With a trio of labored breathing and moans culminating
in a few screams Philroys whole body stiffened and vibrated
as he shot his load. We all stay motionless for a few minutes
coming down from our exertion till Philroys cock softened
and slipped out of Stephen's ass. I removed the condom
from Philroys big black cock and told him to go rinse off
in the shower because I was not done with him yet. All cleaned
up our guest came out of the bathroom and I called him over
to the bed where we were sitting. I must have had a lascivious
look on my face as I swear that boys cock was growing with
each step he took in my direction. Ah nineteen year olds
short recovery time!

I put a new condom on his almost totally hard cock and sucked
it to full hardness then looked at Stephen and said “I’m
going to have this young stud muffin fuck me with his big
black cock you lick his balls for a bit them come back to me.”

“Philroy mount me like the stallion you are and fuck my
hot pussy good baby!” were my instructions.

As that young athletic Jamaican stallion fed his big hard
dick into my wet tight little pussy I thought I was being
stretched to the maximum. I probably had not had a cock of
this size in twenty five years but I was ready for it. My pussy
clenched that black snake so tightly I knew this was going
to go fast this young man was not going to be able to hold out
for to very long. As Philroy developed a rhythm I called
for Stephen.

“Give me your pretty cock my pet and take some pictures
with the camera” I said in a husky lust filled voice.

Standing at the head of the bed Stephen offered his beautiful
hard cock to my hungry mouth. I tasted the salt of his sweat
and felt the soft skin of his head and shaft pass over my lips
at the same time feeling my pussy being invaded and stretched
by Philroy’s pounding huge cock. The contrast between
my skin and Philroys was even more extreme me being of complete
British heritage I’m white as rice and this sight caused
a flush to travel through my body creating a burning heat
throwing me into a giant orgasm. Moaning on Stephens cock
from my big orgasm made him shoot his load down my throat
and I sucked up every sweet drop loving the way his cock felt
pulsing in my mouth. On the next withdraw my convulsing
pussy shot Philroy’s cock right out with a big squirt
of hot girl cum to the clicking sound of the camera. He slammed
that cock into me to the hilt and lost his nut in a powerful
release. After resting in a heap on the bed for a bit I got
up kissed Philroy gave him $50 for being such a good lover
boy and told him to have a good night and had the front desk
call a taxi for him. Stephen and I took a relaxing shower
giving each other a little soapy massage and collapsed
in the bed for a much needed nights sleep.

After another morning of sleeping in late, breakfast in
bed then lounging and cruising the beach all day I had a little
surprise planned. Tonight was the fantasy party at Hedo
II and I had purchased some evening resort passes and some
special outfits just for the occasion. We seemed to quickly
develop a little vacation routine and after a day on the
beach we retired to the room to get ready for dinner and relax
with drinks and a smoke before being picked up by David.
We dressed for dinner in nice casual tropical resort wear
and I took our fantasy costumes in a tote bag. We had reservations
at Pastafari Hedo’s Italian Jamaican restaurant for
dinner. David dropped us off at the resort with instructions
that we would call for a pick-up and if he did not hear from
us by three am no worries we’d grab a taxi. Dinner was very
nice the typical fair for an all inclusive resort. Being
a travel agent I had been to many of the all inclusive resorts
on Jamaican and a few other Caribbean islands. After dinner
we spent a little time hot tubing and skinny dipping in the
pool on the nude side of the resort awaiting time for the
fantasy party to begin. It was nice to not need a bathing
suit I always was a part time nudist.

After socializing at the bar with the resorts guests long
enough to dry off it was time for the party. I retrieved our
costumes from my tote bag and began to dress my sexy bitch
boi. A nice little pair of tight pvc vinyl shorts that shows
his bulge and his sexy ass off and a studded leather collar
with a bid D ring in the front.

I placed that collar around his neck buckled it then looked
into his shinning brown eyes and told him in my sexiest voice
“We are going to make a few fantasies come true tonight

Next was my slutty little attire a pvc vinyl baby doll with
under wire cups to make my big tits stand out with a matching
thong strap on with a nice fake cock and balls lastly a rhinestone
choker around my neck.

Once again I looked into my submissive man’s eyes as I
clipped a chain leash to the D ring of his collar and said
“Time to show you off baby.”

Entering Hedo’s club house on the nude side of the resort
where the Fantasy Party was held we saw every theme you could
imagine. There were people that looked like they were dressed
up for a sexy Halloween in Doctors and slutty nurse costumes,
Police Officers, Maids, Schoolgirls and Head Masters,
Hef and a Playmate and every type of naughty lingerie you
could think of down to being just plain naked with a little
body paint. We were the only ones with a Dominance and Submission
theme and had all eyes on us as we entered the club house me
proudly leading my pet on his chain. Up to the bar went, sat
down and ordered some drinks. The evening started out tame
enough with everyone drinking and dancing to the D.J.’s
dance tunes. I couldn’t help but every so often yanking
that chain leash and pulling Stephen in for a kiss, a nibble
on an ear lobe, suck on his neck or lean down and bit one of
his nipples. I just love teasing the hell out of him.

At midnight the Hedo entertainment crew began the fun and
games, sexy competitions with the winners receiving bottles
of rum. A little battle of the sex’s competition first
with silly little games like which sex can make a bed faster,
set a table faster etc. Then a little scavenger hunt looking
for things like a napkin ring, vibrator, match book, condom
etc. Many bottles of rum were awarded for the best costumes
and we won the best Kinky costume category. The evening’s
games ended with the Meg Ryan Invitational like in the movie
When Harry Met Sally who could have the best fake orgasm.
Listening to all the fake orgasms got the horny folks a little
riled up so we all headed over to the huge clover leaf hot
tub. The crowd consisted of about ten couples and a handful
of single guys and gals. We wandered over after we finished
our drinks at the bar to find a nice little hot tub party going
on people making out and groping all over. Stephen and I
grabbed some towels and set up on some lounges in front to
the hot tub.

I casually took some lube and my camera out of my tote bag,
jerked the chain leash, looked at Stephen and said “You
ass is mine right now hop up on that lounge and get it in the

Then I slathered lube on my fake cock and on my bitch boi’s
ass that had assumed the ordered position with lightening
speed and handed the camera to a spectator to snap a few pictures.
No sooner then I pulled that chain back again and entered
his tight ass with my cock did the cat calls start and the
crowd was enjoying participating in the action.

“Give it to him, fuck that sissy bitch!!!” came from
some little shrimpy fellow and I almost bust out laughing
as Stephen could have squashed that guy with one hand tied
behind his back.

I could hear couples whispering to each other one woman
saying to her big muscular husband “God that’s hot
I have to do that to you sometime” as her husband grinned.

I reached down and got a hold of Stephen’s collar and pulled
him back to me so I could bite his neck and pinch a nipple while
I fucked that sexy ass and he let out a little squeal of pain
as my thumb and index finger assaulted his nipple and my
teeth sunk into his neck hard enough for him to know it but
not hard enough to break the skin. Then I pulled him off the
lounge and laid down on it. My cock sticking straight up
out of my lap I jerked the chain leash and pulled my sexy sub
over to me.

“Straddle me and sit on this facing me so I can play with
your cock and watch your pretty face baby” I told him.

As Stephen impaled himself on my cock grasping my shoulders
to steady himself as I pumped his cock, pulled on his balls
and kept intense eye contact with him. Fucking his sexy
ass was such a huge turn on to me it made me cum every time just
from listening to him moan and the movement of the strap
on harness against my pussy. I loved watching him ride that
thing he was my own little playground and I played with all
the rides. My hands traveled all over him from that cock
and balls all over his firm abdomen and chest pinching and
twisting his nipples then back to his cock as he pumped up
and down.

I felt his cock start twitching in my hand and I pulled his
face to mine by his collar with my other hand and said “I’m
keeping you forever” and forcefully kissed him as his
cock exploded in my hand and the peanut gallery erupted
in bellows of hollers and cheers. I held my trembling sweet
bitch boi perched on my cock till his orgasm subsided then
we got up and took a bow to our audience who applauded loudly.

“Lets go to the beach babe” I said to Stephen as I unbuckled
and removed his collar, removed my strap on, retrieved
the camera and took him by the hand leading the way.

It was a clear night with the stars sparkling and half of
a moon shinning brightly as we rinsed off in the beach showers
with the water droplets on our bodies shinning like diamonds
in the moonlight. We dried off then lay relaxing on one of
the beach beds. They actually had big four poster style
bamboo lounge beds right on the beach. Laying arms around
each other, bodies intertwined, watching the sky and listening
to the water lap up on the shore with the faint sound music
and the partiers with singing tree frogs lingering in the
background made for a magical atmosphere.

Our hands wandered all over each other. My fingers followed
every curve of his muscular body as he did the same to my soft
skin. The texture, every little imperfection and fold
of skin we had to discover all of each other. We were synchronized
in our movements caressing so tenderly. I just wanted to
burn this moment in time in my memory forever. His hands
ran up my back sending chills down my spine. I listened to
every breath he took hearing him react to my touch. Soft
sighs were coming from both our lips as we were enveloped
in our desire for each other. Every tactile sensation made
us tremble. Kissing my neck and down my chest to gently massaging
my round breasts his lips brushed over and teased my hard
nipples. We continued to hold each other our lips meeting
passionately and now our hands roaming lower and lower.
The heat and excitement was building to an unbearable point.
His hand caressed me so slow and gentle with the lightest
touch he stroked the hot mound of flesh between my legs only
making contact with the surface. As I moved my hips forward
to meet his touch he ever so gently parted my sweet pussy
lips and softly stroked their length slowly going deeper
and deeper. When his fingers found my clit I just exploded.
Shaking and clinging to my sexy man the orgasm raked through
my body and my hot kisses showed him my appreciation. I reached
for his cock and felt it growing to full erection in my hand.

With one hand on my face and one hand pushing my hip Stephen
gently pushed me on my side and spooned up behind me whispering
in my ear I could feel his breath on my neck as he said “It
is my turn to take you now my Mistress.”

I arched my back pressing my ass and pussy into his crotch
as he guided his hard cock into my hot moist tunnel. Developing
a steady rhythm slow and sensual long strokes building
up into deep strong thrusts my pussy was fluttering with
light mild orgasms. Wrapping his arms around me pulling
me in he massaged my breast and kissed my neck while whispering
little notions in my ear.

“Mistress you own me, I am yours always” he said in his
smooth sweet voice as my pussy clenched and contracted
on his cock in a fit of lustful delight as it pumped all his
hot spunk into my depths.

We lay like that in the afterglow of our passionate encounter
melting into each other till I noticed the time.

“It’s 2:30 if we head for the front desk right now we
can still catch David and have him pick us up” I softly
said to my lover.

“Yes let’s do that we need a good night’s sleep before
leaving tomorrow” was his tired reply.

Riding to Idle Awhile in the back of David’s town car we
snuggled up reflecting on our time together and reviewing
all the pictures on my digital camera of all our kinky escapades
and thought if we ever put these pictures on a pay for view
web site we would make a bloody fortune. Back in the room
we fell into bed and drifted off into a sound deep as soon
as our heads hit the pillows. The next morning we had just
enough time to sleep in a bit, have our last breakfast in
bed and take a dip in the ocean before David was due to take
us back to the airport at noon. David picked us up at noon,
I settled up with him and the drive to the airport up the coastal
highway began. Sitting together as close as we could get
on the ride to the airport watching the beautiful colors
of the Jamaican sea a sad satisfaction was setting in. Sadness
of all that we were leaving behind. The new friends and tropical
paradise we would miss. But the satisfaction of having
stolen a little time away together and making a few dreams
come true with our biggest fantasy, each other.

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Very good story, but you could have left out some of the superfluous
descriptions of the scenery, locations, restaurants,
etc. It took the "zing" out of reading it.