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Naughty nights at Summer Camp


The camp was built in the fifties as a retreat for some companies
executives and then changed hands several times before
the local businessmen's association purchased it.
It is located on a tranquil country setting surrounded
by over a hundred acres of stunning, natural beauty. The
nine cabins and main hall were refurbished and maintained
almost making the entire location, look like a picture
post card.

I became aware of the campground when I was sponsored by
a local businessmen to join the association. In fact the
vice president of our local bank was not only my sponsor
but Jeff was the one who took me to the campground to show
it to me the first time. I remember walking around on a warm
spring afternoon as Jeff pointed out all the features that
were there for members to enjoy with their families.

It was almost as if it was too good to be true as I marveled
at the setting, the buildings and how secluded it felt even
though it was only a few miles from town. It felt like it could
have been a thousand miles in the middle of nowhere. And
as Jeff kept talking about the advantages of being in the
businessmen's association, my mind imagined how
Rita and our kids would simply love this place.

Of course Jeff pointed out to me as well that as a new member,
Rita and I would not be given priority when it came to making
reservations. "Its usually booked almost all summer
long and the only real chance you would have to getting a
cabin is if someone cancels out, " Jeff explained.
I told him I understood but simply couldn't get over
how ideal of location it was and how nice it would be to have
the chance of spending some time here with my wife and kids.

I had known for some time that almost all the influential
businessmen in town were in the club and it would certainly
help my business to be involved with them. Jeff drove me
back to town and said he would call me in a few days to see if
I wanted to join or not. I remember sitting in his car thinking
I wouldn't even have this chance if it were it not for
my wife. Rita kept the books for our small company besides
working in the barber shop part time and I might add she did
quite well. In fact she was the one who met Jeff first while
making my company bank deposits.

My wife was a outgoing as well as could be a hot tempered Irish
girl who seemed to draw people to her without even trying.
The word had spread quickly that this cute petite woman
was cutting men's' hair and within a month, the
line was out the door.

But I knew the real Rita and knew how much she was rooted in
family and her personal values. In fact a lot of the time
when she was at the barber shop, it was all just an act. The
public image she created was vastly different than the
Catholic girl she truly was.

Rita and I were in our late twenties when I opened my business
and had managed to make it grow as well as start our family
at the same time. We had a small but comfortable home on a
quiet street but often talked about someday making it big
and living in one of the homes built in the hills to the west
of town. But that would take time so maybe joining the businessmen's
club might speed it up.

So one day while Rita was the barber shop, Jeff stopped by
to get a haircut and before he left, my wife had taken an application
for me to join the businessmen's association. Together
after dinner, my wife and I sat down to fill it out and ran
across a few oddly worded questions. One in particular
concerned Nationality. Rita had become an American through
and through even though she came to this country when she
was six or seven years old, with her parents and still had
a little of the old world culture left in her.

Her hair wasn't red nor was it brown either. I guess
it was somewhere in between but her green eyes is what attracted
me to begin with. So when we were finished filling out my
application and putting the kids to bed, Rita and I snuggled
on the sofa to watch the evening news. But like I always said
my wife can be a fireball and it didn't take long before
her hand happened to land on my crotch.

"OK what does this mean?"I asked half chuckling
as Rita moved her hand a few times and began to wake up my cock.
"Nothing at all , " she claimed as she continued
rubbing my crotch as my dick continued to harden . But she
had my full attention and we both knew it.

"It looks like you might want to plow a few rows in my
pasture tonight, " Rita said still giggling under
her breath. I had had enough and picked up my petite frisky
wife, clicked off the TV and carried her off to our bedroom.
When my wife and I join our bodies together it is always the
most personal intense time we ever share as a couple. I always
remember to show her the respect she demands of me even after
I am inside of her body and enjoying the pleasure she shares
with me.

Her hips are wide enough to support my frame yet her hairy
pussy is what really handles my tool flawlessly. It always
feels to both of us like we fit together the way a married
couple should fit together. And I always move slowly at
first and love watching her eyes sparkle while we begin
to consume each other. "My pasture really needed
plowing tonight, " Rita said softly once I got going.
Her orgasms are always intense and so are mine. And the moment
my seeds are planted, I always kiss my wife tenderly as my
way of thanking her.

Two weeks passed before Jeff stopped by my shop one morning
and told me I had been accepted into the businessmen's
association. "Everyone is so impressed with you
and Rita that they couldn't say no, " Jeff said
while shaking my hand. And then he invited me to bring Rita
and our two kids for a summer cook out at the camp site the
following Saturday. "It's just a daytime family
event we have each year, " he said.

The moment my got wife out and had her first look at the campground
she was even more amazed than I had been. Rita wore a shorts
and a top since this was supposed to be a casual picnic outside
but I still thought she looked great. Everyone there welcomed
us as the new members and made us feel right at home.

My wife chatted with the other wives, our kids played with
the other little kids and I spent most of my time talking
with the other members. In fact it was Jeff who introduced
me to the president whom I had never met before. He seemed
like a very nice older man in his sixties who had been very
successful in life.

I got the sense that he was maybe way more important than
anyone else so I made sure I also introduced my wife to him
before we left. Although Rita can sometimes say something
wrong, my wife sensed how important he was and acted perfectly
in front of him.

Two days later I received a call from one of the other members
asking me to bid on a remodeling job he was planning at his
home. In fact after the picnic I received three calls in
total asking me for bids.

It was as if someone light the match and my business just
began to take off. Within a few weeks I was so busy I was leaving
the house before my family woke up and getting home well
after dark. But Rita always waited up for me no matter how
late it was and had my dinner still warm in the oven. And then
one night around nine I was eating at our table when she casually
mentioned to me she had spent the afternoon at the campground
with two of the other wives so they could show her around.

"Were you as impressed as I was?"I asked her
while eating. "Oh heaven for sure. I could live there
if they would be so kind as to let me, " Rita said using
more of her Irish accent than she normally did. I chuckled
and told her to knock it off as she began to giggle across
from me. "You don't like my accent. I remember
a time when if I talked dirty to you using it, it really turned
you on, " My wife said being the smart ass she can be

She let me finish eating and cleaned up my plate before she
turned and shocked me when she said we had one of the cabins
for the upcoming weekend, if we wanted it. "Did someone
cancel out?"I asked, remembering Jeff had said as
a new member it would be impossible to get a cabin our first
year. My wife said apparently someone had canceled and
it was offered to us first.

We arrived on Friday late afternoon very excited and were
shown a cute two bedroom cabin near the center of the grounds.
"This is simply beautiful, " Rita said the
moment my wife's laid her eyes on the interior. We helped
the kids get settled in their room before we headed out as
family to explore the grounds. It almost felt like we were
on a different planet with such a quiet peaceful atmosphere.

Rita and I held hands and watched our small children running
around like two crazy little people who had just been turned
loose. And as if we didn't need more good fortune, Jeff
and his family were there at the same time. Jeff's wife,
Pam was an attractive woman in her late thirties and was
just as friendly to my wife as Jeff had been to me. When we
asked about their kids Pam explained that their children
were teenagers and no longer wanted to spent any time at
the campgrounds.

The rest of what was left of the afternoon passed and it was
just after we started to get or kids into their beds that
Jeff knocked on our cabin door. Rita answered it while I
was reading our children their bedtime story. "I
want to show you where the pond is so your kids can swim tomorrow, "
Jeff said to my wife. Again he had been such a good friend
so I told Rita to go with him and I would stay behind and watch
the kids.

"I'll have her back here in five minutes, "
Jeff told me as he and Rita walked out of our cute cabin. When
my wife walked back in a few minutes later it looked like
she had seen a ghost. Jumping to my feet I asked her if she
was alright. "Lets go talk outside on the porch, "
My wife said softly not to disturb our kids who were in bed
but not sleeping yet.

Immediately I sensed something was wrong because right
from the start Rita was using her Irish accent a lot. "We
took that path right there, " she said as she pointed
to our right. "And the pond is just a little ways down
the path but when we got there, oh my Lordly, you can't
believe what these eyes have seen, " She said.

I asked my wife what she saw and she took a deep breath before
she whispered to me, " Pam and two other women were
down there without a stitch of clothes on." I must
have looked as shocked as she was so she leaned close to me
and whispered in my ear, " And there were a half a dozen
men watching them."

"Was it dark? I mean did the women know the men were
there?"I asked figuring this had to be some kind of
mistake. "Not that dark. You could see enough and
so could all the men, " Rita said before she covered
her mouth in horror. I sat back and simply couldn't
imagine three of the wives were totally naked at the pond
if front of a bunch of men.

"Go look for yourself. Jeff said to send you down there
next, " She said. I still doubted my wife even though
I had no reason to and stood up looking at her for a moment
making sure this was not another one of her jokes. "These
eyes are not lying, " Rita said before I headed for
the path. It was less than a hundred steps before I reached
a group of men including Jeff and stopped.

"You made it buddy, " Jeff said patting me on
my back as I looked at the pond and saw Pam and two other women
standing waist high in the water. And their breasts were
just hanging in plain view on their chests in front of the
group of men. "They look nice, don't they?"
Jeff asked softly. Before I could even answer his wife,
Pam spotted me and waved at me, causing her tits to bounce
up and down.

And Pam indeed had large breasts as I stared at them without
speaking. "What is going on?"I asked Jeff softly.
"Oh most nights a few of the wives come down here to
cool off, " he said as if it was no big deal. "Your
joking right?" I asked. Jeff explained it was just
a ritual some of the club members shared on summer evenings.
I stood next to him staring at the three naked ladies in the
water before one of them began to walk towards the shore
where the group of men were standing.

She was an older woman in her forties would have been my guess
as I watched her as her dark patch of hair appeared next.
"Her name is Shirley and she is married to Aaron, the
president, " Jeff said as the woman continued to
walk and continued to expose her entire body to all of us.

As it turned out Shirley walked right past me totally naked
to get a drink from her water bottle. In fact she was only
a few feet from me and I could see all of her as I began to tingle
like any man would tingle in that situation. Her hips were
mature and wide and the dark patch of hair between her legs
was impossible for me to ignore. Being so close to a woman
I didn't know and seeing her totally exposed was rattling
me like nothing I ever experienced before.

I left as soon as Shirley walked back in the pond to chat with
the other ladies. I had this strange sense something more
was going on here at the campsite but I didn't know what
it was. I know I should have been offended but my sexual curiosity
had me wanting to find out more.

My wife and I snuggled in our bed a few minutes later and as
soon as I touched her, I sensed Rita was as aroused as I was.
We were both good moral people yet we had been tempted even
if we both knew it was wrong. My wife was more aggressive
and in more of a hurry than usual and slipped her panties
off within seconds after our first kiss. Clearly my sexy
wife needed to be fucked and was not hiding it from me.

The next morning was a wonderful sun rise and Rita and I both
noticed how everything was back to normal at the campsite.
I ran into Pam at the main hall and she acted as if I hadn't
seen her naked the night before. Yet in my mind I could still
see her big tits bouncing up and down when she waved at me
from the water. We didn't get another weekend at the
camp and nothing else crazy happened.

The summer came to a close and Rita and I continued to enjoy
a robust sex life at home as well as watching our savings
account grow from all the work I was now getting. But when
I got a call from Aaron asking me to bid on a project at his
home, things began to become more complicated. I arrived
on time and was greeted by Shirley and not her husband even
though he had been the one I had talked to.

She was pleasant enough and greeted me like she had never
seen me before when I knew her. She had walked within two
feet of me naked at the pond a few months earlier. Of course
I didn't bring that incident and followed her up the
stairs and into their master bedroom where she wanted her
closet redesigned and rebuilt.

Shirley had what looked like a million pairs of heels and
more outfits than my wife would own in a lifetime. I didn't
feel totally comfortable being with her in her bedroom
but I tried my best to act professional. I did my best to focus
on her project and not on her body which still remained burnt
into my memory.

But Shirley caught me looking at the front of her blouse
for a second and backed up pretending to be shocked and insulted.
"What in the world are you looking at?" she said
as if she was suddenly filled with horror. I was at a loss
for words and didn't reply at all as I felt my face turning
red . I thought for a second about just walking out without
even answering her since there was no good explanation
other than the truth.

Seconds later, without warning Shirley began to laugh
before told me she was just teasing with me. "You should
have seen the look on your face, " She said as she continued
laughing even harder. I just stood there feeling numb from
the joke she had just played on me. I was still a man and having
seen the woman's naked body did affect me a great deal,
even if I had wished that it hadn't.

When she calmed down a little, Shirley told me that she remembered
the look I had in my eyes at the pond that night when she walked
past me. "I like men who enjoy seeing me naked, "
She said as she patted my arm trying to make me feel better.
I admitted to Shirley I still remembered how she looked
but also apologized at the same time for being so honest.

"Work up your numbers and bring us an estimate next
week. I want the entire closet redesigned and I would also
like to see your drawings so I can figure out if it will work
for me, " Shirley said. I left a few minutes later
totally shaken by the experience. I thought about telling
Rita what happened but decided it might cause a problem
so I didn't.

I began the job a month later and began to spend a lot of time
around Shirley who supervised the project constantly.
Most of it went smoothly but a few things Shirley decided
she didn't like after I had built them and made me start
all over adding to the cost as well as the time it was going
to take.

Three weeks later her closet was finished and Shirley seemed
more than pleased with my work. And that is when she began
to talk more about the campsite and began asking me if Rita
and I would enjoy becoming more involved in their special
group as well as spend more time at the campground.

"We have a special circle of four couples that you
and your wife might like to become part of, " She said
smiling at me as if there was more than she was saying. "But
before I get into that, please help me carry all my clothes
and shoes back into my new closet and help me put everything
away, " Shirley said as she grabbed some shoes and
went into her new closet.

I began to carry arms full's of shoes to her and then
all of her dresses, skirts, slacks, sweater, etc. I looked
down on the bed and all that was left were her bras and panties
which I didn't feel right about touching. So when Shirley
called out for me to bring more of her things I didn't
respond. She waited a few more seconds before she called
out from her closet, "Just bring them in here and don't
be embarrassed."

So I grabbed a bunch of the woman's personal things
and carried them into her closet. Shirley was waiting by
the drawers I had built for them and asked me if had a favorite
color I liked my wife to wear on special occasions. She took
her time taking one bra or one pair of her panties at a time
from my hands and carefully placing them in a drawer.

"Rita looks good in black" I said softly. "Oh
I love it. The naughty type, " She said giggling as
I held her personal items for her. Shirley reached back
into one of her drawers, and held up a black lacy bra in front
of me before she asked, "Like this one"? I felt
my face turning red again before Shirley told me turn around
with my back to her and she would then put on the black lacy
bra and model it for me.

I literally trembled as I turned around knowing this was
wrong but not being a strong enough man to just leave. Shirley's
perfume and the open way she had talked to me about sex had
been working on me for the past three weeks.

"This is one of my favorite one's too, "
Shirley said behind me before she told I could turn around
and look at her wearing her lacy black bra. I was shaking
inside as I slowly turned and felt my heart skip a few beats.
My eyes stared directly at her large breasts hanging in
a lacy black bra. "How does it look?" She asked
modeling her bra for me in her new closet. Before I could
even answer Shirley then asked me if I thought my wife might
enjoy modeling her bras and panties for other men too.

"I don't think so, " I told her but Shirley
just laughed and told me I didn't know much about women.
"Do you want me to model a different color for you next?"
she asked. By then my heart was in my throat and my cock was
beginning to swell although not enough for her to notice.
"I don't think so, " I told her but Shirley
ignored my comment and reached into her drawer and pulled
out a red bra next.

"How about this color?" she said staring directly
into my eyes. When I didn't respond, Shirley moved
closer to me and whispered to me, " I think you would
prefer I don't have a bra on at all." I couldn't
believe it when she reached behind her back and then unhooked
her black bra. "Talk to your wife and see if she wants
to become more involved with our small group. We could all
have a lot more fun together, " she said as she pushed
the bra straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor
between us.

My eyes immediately stared at her large soft mounds as I
shook even more when I noticed her nipples had hardened.
"Don't you think you could have fun with these?"
Shirley said to me softly as I fought the urge to reach up
and touch her breasts. "But now it's time for
you to leave. My husband has left you a check downstairs
on the table, " Shirley said and turned her back to
me as if the game was over and it was time for me to leave.

I didn't know how to bring up any of what happened to
Rita for a few weeks. But I thought about what Shirley had
said and kept looking for a way to approach this with my wife.
I really didn't know how it all worked within the small
group but the temptation as a man was too strong to just forget
about it.

One night after Rita and I had just made love, I decided I
could no longer keep this terrible secret from my wife any
longer. Rita reacted the way I thought she would at first.
But she controlled her Irish tempter much better than I
thought she would and began asking me a few questions about
what Shirley and I did in her bedroom hinting that maybe
I was not telling her the entire story.

It took some convincing before my wife finally believed
me when I told her I had not touched Shirley or did anything
else with her either. "But you liked looking at her, "
Rita said using a hint of her accent. I had to admit I did like
looking at Shirley's breasts but then I liked looking
at any woman who was half naked in front of me.

"Do you think you would like it if a man saw her naked?"I
asked my wife. Rita took a deep breath lying next to me on
our bed before she admitted that it might turn her on as well.
With our sudden honesty with one another, my wife and I began
down a path we both knew might lead to something more.

After my wife had spoken to Pam a few times on the phone and
vaguely admitted to her she might like to bathe naked in
the pond with the other women, we were given a cabin on the
first hot weekend of the summer. Our two small children
were at my parents house for the weekend giving Rita and
I sometime to relax and be romantic together at the summer

We both knew my wife was going to try and go to the pond later
on with Pam and the other women and bathe naked in front of
some of the men once it was dark. I nervously sat on the small
porch of the cabin while my wife paced back and forth inside.
And when Pam and Jeff appeared around ten to pick us up, Rita
was as white as a ghost.

Pam went inside to talk to my wife while Jeff and I hung around
outside waiting to see if Rita was going to try it or not.
Even my toes were nervous until I saw my wife walk out of the
cabin with Pam and then it began to hit me. The four of us walked
down the path until we reached the water where Shirley was
waiting with her husband Aaron and a few other men wanting
to watch the show.

The wives took Rita off to the side and talked for a few moments
before all three of them began to undress. My wife had never
been this bold before. So as I watched her stripping in front
of all of us, I couldn't believe it. I became more excited
and so did the other men. I watched my wife with watery eyes
as she hesitated before she unhooked her bra and let her
small oval shaped breasts fall onto her chest.

I could tell she was extremely nervous when she glanced
my way right before she pulled her panties off in front of
everyone. "Gentleman. We are going to go cool off, "
Pam said as the three of them walked past us and into the water.
It was the craziest thing my wife and I had ever been part
of but it was also the sexiest thing too.

All of us men stood near the shore and watched the three naked
women. Rita was much deeper in the water at first hiding
most of her body while Pam and Shirley stood with water barely
up to their knees. But very slowly I watched my wife get closer
and closer to them until all of her sexual organs were also
visible. My wife's pussy looked so ripe I knew she was turned
on for sure. Her short curly pubic hair didn't even
hide her swollen outer lips as every man there soaked up
her womanly charms. My erection was becoming painful just
staring at Rita and then Pam and then Shirley . It was like
a buffet line of female organs as my eyes never stopped moving.

At one point Aaron turned to Jeff and I and softly said, "I
think their deciding right now." I must have looked
stupid because Jeff pulled me aside and explained how during
the dip in the pond, our wives decide who they want to spend
time with back in the cabin.

I looked at him and then back at my wife who was in fact in the
middle of a serious looking conversation with Shirley
and Pam in the water. Was that really what my wife was deciding?
It was simply insane to think that my wife and I would ever
do something like that. I was the devoted husband and she
was still the Catholic school girl inside.

Fifteen minutes later I held the towel for Rita after she
had come out of the water to be dried off. She wrapped the
towel around her body and leaned forward and kissed me lightly
on my lips. "Will you carry my clothes, " My
wife said as I picked them up and began to walk with her back
up the path towards are cabin. "Was it fun?"
I asked her. Rita said she was nervous at first but she did
get turned on being naked in front of everyone. Pam and Jeff
along with Aaron and Shirley were a few feet behind us on
the path although no one was really talking except for my
wife and I.

"Do you know what usually happens next?" My
wife whispered to me. I told her Jeff had explained it to
me when we were watching our wives in the water. I then asked
my wife "So what do you think about that?" No
doubt we both felt our heads spinning by then. "You
decide, " She said to me as we held hands on the path.

My wife and I didn't speak again and simply followed
Aaron and Shirley into their cabin along with Jeff and Pam.
All three women were still wrapped in their towels and when
the door was shut, Pam and Shirley just dropped their at
their feet. Seeing two naked women inside the cabin, sent
shivers down my spine. It was then that everyone stared
at my wife who was still covered under her towel and waited
to see what she was going to do.

My wife's green eyes looked at me for a second and looked
like they were filled with fear. Would she really be willing
to have sex with Aaron or Jeff or was she going to ask me to
take back to our cabin. My heart was racing as I waited next
to my wife not sure what she would do. This would be the biggest
chance we had ever taken in our marriage. Rita looked at
Pam and Shirley again before she reached for her towel and
gently tugged on it.

"Oh my God. She is going to do it, " I thought
to myself as I watched my wife's towel finally become
undone before it fell to her feet. Rita's small oval
breasts rested on her chest and were heaving within seconds.
And her swollen pussy was more than ready to be enjoyed by
one of the other men.

"Ok Rita. Since your new, you get to pick first and
it can't be your own husband, " Shirley said
smiling directly at me. I tensed up as I watched my wife didn't
say a single word as she walked up to Jeff and stood by his
side. Shirley then stood next to me and Aaron and Pam paired
off last.

Shirley and I kissed immediately as my hands began to touch
her warm bare flesh for the first time. She was mature woman
with a lot of heat and I could tell rather quickly she was
going to be demanding in bed. But I was so aroused and so hard
I knew I would be up for the challenge. Shirley and I just
kept kissing each other for a long time before she pulled
back gasping for air. It was then that I reached up and finally
took hold of her huge soft breasts and loved how they felt
from the start.

"Looks like the rest of them have already claimed
the two bedrooms, " She said giggling while I began
to undress. I looked up and saw that indeed Jeff and my wife
were gone and so were Aaron and Pam. But Shirley didn't
seem concerned that her husband was now on a bed with Pam.
But she could see some panic in my eyes when my wife was now
in the other bedroom with Jeff.

"Our bedroom has a queen, so there will be room for
us too, " She asked as she grabbed my hand and led me,
boner and all towards the bedroom. I glanced quickly to
my left and saw Aaron between Pam's legs as she was whimpering
softly while he licked her.

Shirley let me stop and watch for a few moments before I followed
her into her bedroom where Jeff and my wife were together.
"Move over, " Shirley said to Jeff as he looked
up from between my wife's and chuckled at us. Rita didn't
look at me but she did wiggled over to one side still on her
back before Jeff went back to work on her pussy.

I nearly lost it when Shirley began to suck my cock while
I laid there and also watched Rita sucking Jeff's long
hard cock. Shirley came quickly before I couldn't
wait any longer and pushed my manhood into her slippery
tight crack. She was amazing and from the very start of our
union, Shirley responded well to each of my thrusts.

And it turned me on even more to glance over and watch Jeff's
hard cock pumping in and out of my wife's pussy at the
same time. Jeff came before me and while he was filling her,
my wife clung to him with all the strength she had left. Shirley
and I took it slower and savored each moment we shared with
each other before the pressure got to me and I dumped a huge
load in her pussy a couple minutes after Jeff and my wife
were finished. About a half hour after we walked into Aaron
and Shirley's cabin we were walking back to our own
having just had sex with two other people for the first time.

It didn't really change our marriage nor did it make
it better or worse. Rita and I had always enjoyed a hot relationship
as husband and wife but now we had a different memory as well.
And once we talked through what had happened we both agreed
to not blame each other for getting carried away that night.
During a lifelong marriage, most couples are going to encounter
temptation but at least Rita and I encounter it together
on the same night.

The group of six couples who belonged to the "Special
group, " still get together a few times each summer
at the campground. And about once each year Rita and I join
in the late night fun with my wife bathing at the pond and
the party that goes on after the pond.

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please wirte some more that is great


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Life is short live it up with lots of sex


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lol Ok, wow... good luck with that.


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Nice story. Write some more. And forget the "Cocksuckers"
suggestion. This was hot and not a turn off.


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Great Story, Keep them coming!!