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Natural Seduction


Part 1: Corporate Retreat

It's always nice to be recognized and rewarded for
a good job well done but when I was told about my reward I had
no idea just how great it was going be!

I had been flat out for months dealing with some problems
that looked at one point to be likely to cost the firm I work
for a major client and a lot of money. It would be boring to
explain exactly what the work was, but between me and one
of my colleagues, Rachael, based in the Melbourne head
office things got sorted and all was well.

The business was more than happy with the work we had done
and as well as a tidy bonus they had another surprise.

Recently approached by a training company the company
had been offered a couple of places on a weekend "team
building" course at a nice hotel in Queenscliff.
I wasn't really bothered by the idea but hey it was a
freebie so I thought why not!

I had never actually met Rachael face to face but we had always
got on well over the phone and swapped jokey emails and I
thought it would be nice to put a face to a name. I spoke to
her about it and she was really excited about it, so that
was decided, a long weekend away on the companies buck was
on the cards.

A few weeks later on a bright and crisp August morning I follow
the signs to mullion cove and pulled up outside a great looking
hotel perched right on the edge of a cliff facing the sea.
The setting was truly stunning and I was looking forward
to the hearty breakfast that had been promised as the start
of the day's events.

I just finish checking in when Rachael arrives at the desk;
on hearing her announce her name I quickly introduce myself
saying how great it is to finally meet her.

After hours of talking and emailing it's not like we
don't know each other and the short conversation flowed

Of course at this point we obviously take the opportunity
to size each other up. Rachael is not what I had imagined
but looked great. I guessed she stood about 5'5 and
while certainly not fat she carried enough weight to ensure
she had plenty of curves in all the right places. Her dark
hair was tied back and a permanent smile lit up her face.

The one thing about her that you couldn't fail to notice
was that she had HUGE tits! While her chest certainly caught
your eye it didn't look out of place on her and suited
her well.

Our first day was spent doing daft but kind of amusing exercises
involving moving barrels and climbing over things without
touching the ground. This was followed by a decent lunch
and a long hike across the cliffs along barely trodden pathways.

The scenery was nothing short of amazing but this was more
excises than certainly I had done in a while and everyone's
legs were feeling it already.

Throughout the day Rachael and I had got on like two old mates
and were having a great time, admittedly often at the expense
of some of the other people who either by choice or command
were sharing the weekend with us.

As the hike ended and darkness was falling we trudged back
into the hotel grounds to be greeted by a blazing bonfire
set in the gardens, the sea and backdrop of the cliffs still
just visible in the fading light.

As the afternoon had worn into early evening the temperature
had dropped and everyone crowded around the fire warming
them through and gratefully taking the steaming mugs of
hot chocolate that were being passed around.

It was a great end to the day, blankets had been laid out on
the ground to sit on and more were piled around to wrap up
in, the evening was cold but with the fire blazing it was
perfect. Everyone sitting around in their groups chatting
and laughing made for a pleasant atmosphere.

Rachael and I sat by ourselves just talking and learning
more about each other.

Naturally when the staff came round asking if they could
get us anything the drinks started flowing. A few drinks
on and people started to drift off leaving just a handful
sat outside with us, we covered off our life stories, her
a year behind me at 35 years old, married with no kids, school,
college, uni blah blah. Me not yet married but will be this
time next year, doing well in my job blah blah blah. By now
we were just chatting nonsense and having a laugh.

Although it was still fairly early dinner was not planned
until quite late we were happy sat there with a good buzz

The wind had picked up and the fire died down some and we could
feel the chill.

"That winds going straight through this blanket"
says Rachael

"Move round and sit in front of me, I'll be the
windbreak" I laughed

Rachael surprised me by doing just that, plonking herself
down and leaning back against me, "You not sharing
that bloody blanket?"She said.

So drawing the blanket back around us I held the edges together
so we both stayed warm. There was nothing suggestive about
it and we were both comfortable, carrying on chatting as
we ordered another round.

Holding onto the blanket it wasn't long before I exclaimed
"My hands are like ice blocks."

"Here put them underneath then" she said, grabbing
my hands and tucking them beneath the blanket, "Jeez,
their freezing" she laughed.

Still holding them in her hands she shocked me by quickly
shoving them under her hoody "warm them up a bit"
she said, again shocking herself as she placed my cold hands
on her warm skin.

I knew she was just being kind but sitting there with my hands
laid on the bare skin of her tummy I couldn't help but
feel a slight stirring in my groin.

"Just don't go getting any ideas" she said
laughing rudely bring my mind back from where it was wondering.

As my hands warmed through and the conversation continued
I suddenly realised that I had started to let my fingers
start moving just slightly gently caressing her, she said
nothing so I just let it carry on.

She must have at least noticed and thought about it as she
suddenly said, "Do you know what?"

"What?" I asked.

"You are the only person other than my hubby that has
touched my tummy in over 15 years" she stated. "I'm
not sure I should be letting you"

"Well it's not like I am groping your tits is it?"
I laughed

"Oi, behave" she exclaimed giggling, "Mind
doesn't feel like anyone is these days!"

"Really!" I said genuinely shocked, "You
mean hubby doesn't play with them"

"Not often" she replied quietly.

"The mans a fool, if my girl had a pair anywhere near
as nice as yours I wouldn't ever get bored of feeling

"Perv" she responded laughing

"Well that's just such a waste of a beautiful
pair of boobs, well if they need a good touching up just let
me know" I said laughing

"You just behave and keep your hands where they are
please" she sternly replied.

Despite this statement she hadn't told me to take my
hands out from under her top and still seemed quite comfortable
so I left them where they were, however as we carried on chatting
I was getting braver, moving my hands gently around her
waist, lightly running my finger tips up and down her sides.
Every now and then there was a slight shiver which I hoped
was not from the cold.

It wasn't long before my hands were wondering from
the middle of her stomach to her sides, dragging my nails
gently up and down her sides and back over her ribs. Not really
saying much now we were listening to a few of the others having
a mild argument about something political, and rolled
our eyes.

As my hands roamed I spread my fingers just a little further
just brushing the underneath of her chest, "You are
being naughty" she said

"What?" I exclaimed innocently, "I'm
just warming my hands"

"Yeah, right" was the sarcastic reply

"Anyway, it feels nice doesn't it?"

"Well I guess" was all she said, still not making
any attempt to move my hands off her body.

"And I haven't done that" I said smiling

"Done what?" she asked confused

"That" I said as I bravely moved and laid a hand
over her left tit.

Shocked she quickly placed her hand on top of mine over her
sweater, "We are in public you know"

"So, no one can see anything under these blankets"
I smirked.

"Ermm and I am also married, not just anybody can play
with my tits you know" she said.

"But your husband doesn't want to give them the
attention they deserve; it's not fair on them to be
neglected. They must be desperate for someone to pay them
some attention"

"Do you really like them?" she asked me

"Are you crazy, they are beautiful"

She released my hand leaving it laid over the soft and full
breast that I was loving the feel of, her bra felt like satin
and in the palm of my hand I could feel a very hard nipple pushing
through the fabric.

Taking the weight of her full breast I gentle squeezed it
before running a finger right over the hard nub I could feel
poking through.

"Shit, I can't believe that I am sat in public
letting a stranger feel me up"

"Excited?" I asked her laughing

"Yes" she replied "Don't read anymore
into this though, just while we are sat here and just my tits!
Don't go thinking you're going to be getting into
my knickers this weekend" she laughed

I told her to lean forward a bit and reached up her back unclasping
her bra, she reached her arms up and after a bit of skilful
manoeuvring suddenly pulled it out from under her top.
As I reached my arms back around her she sighed resignedly
and lean back into me.

Not wasting any time my hands went straight for her breasts
taking one in each hand, feeling the weight on these giant
mounds of flesh.

Her nipples were like bullets poking into my palms. Spreading
my fingers out then drawing them down her skin over the bumpy
skin around the base of her nipples till I had each one held
in my fingers, gently rolling them as I heard a sigh escape
from Rachael's mouth.

"Nice?" I asked

"You have no idea" she quietly replied

I carried on my assault touching and feeling her orbs, running
a finger lazily around each nipple, teasing them. Gently
pulling on them before going back to cupping her whole breast.

My hands now free to roam, down her sides, back up and over
her tits sometimes the flat of my palm, other times cupping
her and squeezing and toying with them. The weird thing
was we just fell back in to conversation, still talking
about nothing important just now with my hands running
freely all over the top half of her body.

Always one to push my luck as my hands wandered down back
over her stomach I traced the line of her track suit trousers
that had been deemed as suitable attire for our afternoon
hike. Meeting no resistance next time I gently let my finger
tips slip just under the elastic waist.

I felt her stomach tighten a bit at this and realised I needed
to play this a bit smart.

This time as my hand went down I took one of her nipples in
my fingers and twisted it just a little roughly, the gasp
she let out was timed perfectly as my hand slid down into
her trousers and glided smoothly across the satin of her

Sat with her legs straight out in front of her and closed
tightly together I know that's as far as I was getting
at the time.

"You cheat" she gasped, but didn't take
my hand out

With one hand still enjoying those amazing tits and my palm
now laid across the top of her silky panties I could feel
a light bush of hair underneath the material. Gently running
my fingers across I could feel her twitching ever so slightly,
knowing I was making her feel so good really put a smile on
my face.

Still we carried on chatting as though it was perfectly
normal for two people who barely know each other to be sat
in public while one has his hand on the most amazing pair
of tits and the other rubbing over her pubis.

Looking over her shoulder at me Rachael suddenly said "If
I do something you have got to promise me two things"

"What I asked?"

"Promise me, over my knickers only and just stoking"

"Err OK" I promised not really sure what she

Rachael suddenly sat up and drew her legs up so she was sat
crossed legged, again leaning back into me. My hand that
had been sat resting on the front of her pubis had suddenly
slid down and was now laid right over her pussy. The thin
silky material doing nothing to hide the feel of her, her
slit was prominent and my middle finger laid perfectly
along its length. My fingers either side feeling the swell
of her lips. Her panties were soaked!

"My! Someone's is a little wet" I laughed

"Are you surprised after what you have been doing
to me?"

As I sat there, I cupped her pussy wishing I hadn't just
promised to keep my hands out of her panties. My hand gave
her mound a little squeeze before letting the pressure
off and running my fingers up each side of the edge of her
knickers and then back down her slit. Stoking her through
the soaked satin, my middle finger laid along the length
of her slit, then curling upwards dragging my finger tip
from the very bottom tracing its line all the way to the top.
Each time my finger tip reached near the top I would apply
just a little more pressure feeling her puffy lips part
just a little my finger sinking just enough to graze her

Sitting in silence I could her faint breath deepen, and
feel her chest heaving, and her panties getting even wetter
than I thought possible.

"You've got to stop" Rachael suddenly

"Why" I asked, thinking no chance to myself.

"Because if you don't I'm going to cum all
over your hand, and I really can't do that" she
almost gasped

"You might want to tell that to your pussy" I
chuckled "It doesn't feel like it wants me to

"Shit, it doesn't, but my brain does"

Suddenly a voice called out "Hey guys, nice as it is
out here I got to put the fire out and get a few jobs done"

Looking up we saw Stan, one of the activity leaders walking
over towards us

"Heading towards dinner time too, you might want
to think about getting a shower and chilling a bit"
he exclaimed whilst waving off the last of the group other
than us.

Reluctantly as he neared us I knew I had to pull my hands out
from under Rachael's clothes, gutted at leaving the
nicest tits that I had the pleasure to ever grope and pull
my hand away from the wetness I could not seem to get enough
off I knew I had no choice.

As we stood up, Rachael discreetly adjusted her clothes,
and we headed back towards the hotel doors neither of us
saying a word.

Just outside the door Rachael turned to me looking serious

"You really have no idea how good that felt, and I don't
think I have ever done anything as exciting and naughty!
But it's finished, I can't believe I did that and
I don't regret it for a minute but we have to quit while
we're ahead. I don't want to lead you on"

"But don't you want to at least get that orgasm
that you were so rudely interrupted from?" I grinned

She laughed "Oh I will" she winked as she turned
her back and headed off up the stairs, my cock turned solid
immediately at the thought of what she had just indicated
she would shortly be doing in the privacy of her own room.
"See you at dinner" Rachael's voice drifted
over her shoulder as she headed off to her room.

Part 2: Just a massage Sinking back onto the huge king size bed my mind replayed
what had just happened, what was probably happening right
now in Rachael's room. I wanted to just strip off and
get naked, take a hold of my cock, which could only have been
classed a still a raging hard on, and stoke it until I shot
my load. I know doing this would bring instant relief but
the buzz of the sexual tension was making me feel so hot that
I hadn't want to lose the buzz. I checked the itinerary
and realised that dinner really was being served late,
there was still an hour and half till it was time to join the
rest of the group and eat.

I thought I would grab a shower, probably best a cold one,
and maybe watch some TV for a bit. I didn't really feel
in the mood for being social and seeing if anyone was in the
bar. I also knew it was unlikely that despite my best intentions
that I would make it through till dinner without succumbing
and enjoying a good wank.

Jumping in the shower I enjoyed a good soak, trying my best
to ignore the unrelenting erection I seemed to have had
since first getting my hands under Rachael's clothes.
Getting out I dried off and wrapped a towel around me, kicked
back surfing through the channels looking for something
to watch for a bit before heading down.

I couldn't bear it any longer, reaching down I grabbed
my cock slowly stroking it up and down, every touch seeming
to make it harder and harder.

Suddenly a sharp on the door scared the life out of me,
making me quickly jump up and wrap the towel back around
me as though whoever it was at the door could see straight
through it and could see exactly what I had been doing.

Chuckling to myself at the stupidity of the thought I padded
across to the door, standing behind it to open it and peeking
round I was surprised to see Rachael stood there.

"Oh, I'm sorry" she exclaimed "I
was bored and thought I would see if you fancied heading
down early and getting a drink in the bar before we eat?"

"Err sure" I replied "I'm not exactly
ready though" I laughed. "Come in and give me
a few minutes and I will chuck some clothes on"

She seemed to hesitate at this but agreed and walked by me
heading down the short corridor into my room I couldn't
help but notice the difference from her hiking clothes
this afternoon to the fairly classic little black dress
she was now wearing.

Closing the door I enjoyed the view from behind, Rachael's
arse wasn't what you would call small but it had certainly
looked good and I have always loved a women with good size
booty to get hold of.

Rachael walked over to the one of the soft chairs and turned
around as she sat down. If I thought her arse looked good
in the dress her chest was unbelievable. Her large breasts
clearly straining just a little on the fabric with a good
cleavage on show, I could feel the blood rushing just too
where I didn't need it with only a towel wrapped around
my waist.

Rachael showed no sign of noticing and just started ‘rabbiting
on’ in the free and easy manner we had been talking all
day, giving no indication of the events of earlier and seeming
totally at ease. Soon we were just chatting away, talking
about the afternoon hike, about how spectacular the cliff
views had been and the amazing beaches we had seen looked.

"I hope tomorrow is not quite so strenuous"
Rachael exclaimed "I think I have found muscles I
didn't even know I had, my legs are killing and so is
my back"

Without missing a beat I said "You should get a massage"

"Yeah, you're right. The spa here is suppose
to be great, I love a good massage" she enthusiastically

"That's not going to help you right now"
I laughed

"What will?" she asked

Sitting across from her I reached down and lifted her leg,
resting her foot on my knee as she looked a little dubiously
at me.

"Trust me I'm good at this" I laughed, "Honestly
no funny business" I told her knowing to myself that
given the slightest opportunity that wouldn't be

Rachael relaxed as I wrapped my hands around her shin digging
my fingers gentle into her calves, feeling the tension
and knots and easing them outwards, massaging up her leg
stopping at the knee and back down. "Damn, you are good at that" she sighed

After spending a few minutes working on her one leg I instructed
her to swap and lift the other one up, without question she
did so and revelled in the relaxation the massage was giving

"Better?" I asked

"Hell yes" she replied "Do my shoulders
for me, please" she smiled

Standing up I tightened the towel that was still the only
thing I was wearing and walked around behind her. Leaning
her head forward I laid my hands around her neck and started
working my thumbs into the skin exposed between her shoulders,
gradually moving outwards towards her shoulder blades.
Clearly enjoying what I was doing soft hmmm's escaped
from her mouth.

My hands were restricted from really being able to work
her back properly so I concentrated on what I could access
but this was short lived.

"If you want this done properly you are going to need
to move them straps out the way, either that or settle for
what you have had" I told her

"Unzip me a bit then" she responded

I reached down and lowered the zip on the back of her dress
and she reached up and slid the arm straps of her dress down
her arms just enough to leave her shoulders bare and her
back exposed, to my major disappointment she did not move
it far enough down to improve the already amazing view of
her cleavage and definitely not far enough down to reveal
the beautiful swell of flesh hidden by her clothes.

Rachael was almost purring as I used the skill of my hands
to deliver the best massage I could, I have always been told
that it's something I am pretty skilled at.

"Well times up" I stated

"Aww, don't stop, it feels great" winged

"I've done all I can reach" I told her

"Just a bit more" she pleaded

"Hey, I'm not some amateur" I laughed "If
you want more you're going to have to do this properly"

"How do you mean?" she asked

"Well you don't sit in a chair and wear a dress
when you go to the spa, do you?" I asked

She laughed

"No, I don't suppose I do, so if I lose the dress
you'll give me a proper massage and no funny business"
she asked

"Scouts honour, I'll even charge you if it makes
you feel better" I joked.

Rachael stood up and walked into the bathroom leaving me
sat wondering just exactly what she was going to reappear
wearing as I could hear the unmistakable sound of her undressing.

She walked out of the bathroom with one of the hotels large
white fluffy bath sheets wrapped tightly around her, legs
bear from her toes to just below her knees and her shoulders
bear with the towel tied around the top of her large breasts,
surely she can't be I thought smiling to myself!

"Stop perving and tell me where you want me"
she chuckled

I instructed her to lay down on her stomach width ways along
the bottom of the bed, knowing this would give me access
to her from three sides.

Rachael lay down as instructed pulling the towel from underneath
her leaving it lay across her back leaving her modesty covered
from just below her shoulders down to her knees. I was thankful
that Rachael's head was hanging over the edge of the
bed leaving her facing down to the floor as my towel was not
doing quite so well at hiding my feelings and protecting
my modesty!

"Here, I found this in the bathroom and thought it
might help" she said, flicking her hand up and launching
a small bottle of complementary lotion towards me.

Walking to the end of the bed I reached across and folded
the top half of the towel down, uncovering her all the way
down to her lower back and laying the spare part of the towel
back exposing her just to were the swell of her arse cheeks
began. In answer to my earlier pondering I could see that
Rachael had kept her strapless bra on, this was obviously
going to get in the way so I reached over and unclasped it
letting the straps fall to the bed leaving her back and shoulders
clear for me to work on.

Rubbing some lotion into my hands and squirting a little
on her shoulders excited a comment about it being cold as
I prepared to get to work.

Again starting on her shoulders I worked the few remaining
bits of tension from them before moving my way down her spine
and across her back, enjoying the feel of her naked skin
I kept my professional air and while working my hands down
her sides, even refraining from letting my hands wander
to close to the swell of her boobs that were just too big to
lay on without spilling out sideways.

As I worked my hands and fingers on the small of her back I
ran my hands in ever increasing circle, each time nearing
the edge of the towel, on the final few stokes letting my
fingers run just under the edge of it feeling the rise of
her buttocks and finding the top of Rachael's knickers
brushing my finger tips. Shame I thought to myself knowing
what was coming next and that the chance of perving a sneaky
peak or two had just diminished.

All the time I had been working on Rachael's back a continuous
stream of compliments and sighs had been consistently
given, showing that Rachael was clearly enjoying the feelings
that my touch was giving her.

As I moved my hands away a small disappointed groan escaped
from her, "Don't worry I'm not done yet"
I laughed

Lifting the towel up to Rachael's back again I moved
my way down to the other side of the bed, this is the bit I had
been looking forward too especially, knowing that even
though Rachael had left her underwear on I was still going
to end up with a view that beat any coastline scenery I had
seen that day.

Folding the towel back, to just above her knees, I told Rachael
to relax her legs as I picked up the first of her ankles, working
her foot, using the pressure points I could tell she obviously
liked her feet being massaged, working my way along by her
ankle and up calves I found myself admiring the shapely
legs that were certainly all women. Repeating this process
on the other leg it was soon time to carry on moving upwards.

Again taking hold of the bath sheet covering her I folded
it up again, this time all the way up so her bum was just poking
out beneath it, taking a moment to enjoy the view I could
see that a very cute of French knickers were doing their
best to show of what from my slightly obscured angle to be
an arse every bit as hot looking as I had imagined.

Starting on her far leg I reached across and began to work
my magic on her lower thigh, pushing into her muscle and
working out the stress inch by inch moving my hand up her
leg. With both hands wrapped around the back of her legs
my thumbs on top working the muscles and my fingers reaching
down either side. Rachael was by now letting a steady stream
of "mmmm's" and "ahhhs" her
legs laid straight out behind her left me with little room
to move my hands any further.

"You need to give me a little bit of room" I told

"What do you mean" she dreamily replied not
understanding my prompt.

"Spread you legs for me Darling" I laughed

"Cheeky sod" was the reply, however without
further comment she slowly parted them not stopping till
there was a good space separating her inner thighs all the
way to the top of her legs.

This was the moment I had been looking forward to as she opened
them up leaving a clear view revealing the magic of where
of legs met at the top.

My eyes taking in the beauty of her panty cover pussy, the
thin lacy material only just obscuring my view of her sex,
the lightest shadow of a fine downy patch of pubic hair just
visible at the top and the tight material clinging to her
pussy clearly outlining her lips which judging from what
I could see can't have had any hair on them at all. A distinct
line straight down the middle where her panties were pulled
tightly against her slit. A small damp patch caught my eye
making me realise just how good this must have all felt for
Rachael. A smile spread across my face and I'm sure
that I would cum there and then.

A sudden cough returned my focus from the chaos going through
my mind.

"Um, am I getting a massage or what?" chuckled
Rachael who must have clearly known what had distracted

"Err; yes of course" I stuttered "I got

"So I gather" she laughed turning her head back
round to the front.

Getting back to the task in hand I carried on up her leg, of
course making sure that I spent plenty of time on her inner
thighs each time pushing my hands up further and further,
going much higher than any professional masseur would
dare, I could feel the heat of Rachael's sex as my hands
were almost touching the forbidden area between her legs.

With one last run of my hands I pushed the boundaries running
my hand straight to the top of her legs pushing my leading
fingers tight into the fold between the top of her leg and
her groin; the contact brought a sharp jump from Rachael.

"Careful" she almost sighed

"Bit late to be getting shy isn't it?" I
retorted laughing

"I guess" she replied joining me laughing a

Dispute the almost given consent I didn't want to push
my luck too far as I was enjoying the contact I was so lucky
to be having with Rachael's soft skin. I moved to her
other leg and repeating the actions on the other leg, as
I worked my way up I couldn't move my stare away from
Rachael's panties, the dark mark giving away her wetness
was spreading, the contact must have given wave to a fresh
flood of juices and as her knickers got wetter they had become
more and more transparent. I could almost see her sex as
if it was naked but not quite. This was doing nothing for
my own heightening sense of arousal.

Feeling far more assertive as I reached the top of her inner
thigh I casually let the edge of my fingers lightly brush
the lip of her pussy, feeling the wetness of her panties
and meeting no resistance. Not wanting this to come to an
end another idea popped into my head.

Moving my hands away I asked "Gluteus?"

"You know best" was the sighed response

With a smile wide across my face I reached up and flicked
off the towel covering her backside revealing it in all
its glory, her knickers hugging the shapely arse and disappearing
between her cheeks about two thirds of the way down.

"Woahhhh, what are you doing?" Rachael said
with a start throwing her hands back and splaying her hands
over her backside trying to hide it from view

"Your glutes" I stammered concerned that I
had pushed things to far

"Oh, they are my glutes" she replied as it dawned
on her what she had just agreed to.

"I didn't realise, cover my bum back up, it's
fat and ugly" she said

"Fat, Ugly" I repeated astounded

I reached forward taking her hands and moving them away.
I laid them down by her sides.

"That is a world class arse; you can't really
think it's not?" I asked

Without waiting for an answer I immediately carried on
the massage I had started. Placing my hands on the swell
of her buttocks I started kneading the muscle enjoying
the feel of her full cheeks and loving the view given by the
incredibly sexy French knickers.

I could feel that she was tensing up but I wasn't about
to give up this opportunity and she had not said anything
to stop me.

While the panties looked great they did nothing but stop
me from being able to massage her bum properly. With a few
strong stokes I kneaded her cheeks sensing her relaxing
again. Taking the chance I slid my hands underneath the
material, the feel of her warm skin contrasted with the
lacy over the back of my hands was driving me crazy.

Knowing this was make or break I pulled my hands out from
under the constricting tightness of her panties and ran
my hands over the fullness of her backside. Reaching the
top I tucked my fingers under the top of her underwear and
lightly tugged downwards.

"If I going to work these muscles properly I'm
going to need a bit more freedom" I informed her

Without a word Rachael lifted her hips just enough to indicate
that I should continue to pull on the fabric and remove the
thin material covering her arse.

I slowly pulled on her knickers revealing her magnificent
bum inch by inch, obviously thinking ahead Rachael, once
allowing the material to pass kept her thighs firmly together.
As I slid the panties down her legs and off the end of her feet
I looked back up running my eyes all along her body, she looked
amazing laid out on my bed naked as the day she was born but
at the same keeping her modesty retained by coyly refusing
to give the elusive glimpse of the treasure that lay between
her legs. Holding her knickers in my hands and rubbing the
material between my fingers gave away her excitement as
I could feel just how wet she had made them. Grudgingly I
threw them to the side and carried on where I had left off.

Moving back up and applying more lotion I soon was enjoying
getting my hands on what I thought to be one of the sexy arse's
I have seen in a long time. Firmly gripping a handful of arse
with one hand on each cheek I kneaded my fingers in deep enough
to elicit a series of soft moans of delight. Stroking and
caressing I could have spent all day just gazing and playing
with her arse, realising that I was suppose to have being
professional I tried to get my mind off this track but then
I'm only human.

I ran my hands down to the tops of her legs with my thumbs pointing
inwards slowly pressed into her flesh, my thumbs now gently
following the curve of her shapely cheeks falling into
the cleft between her buttocks, squeezing firmly and drawing
her buttocks apart as I kneaded the muscle then relaxing
it again and feeling the weight of her cheeks enveloping
my thumbs as I slide my hands up just a bit further and repeating
the action. I swear I was drooling as this action spread
her arse further apart, a teasing view of the bottom of the
delightful cameltoe showing squashed between her legs.
This was all of course for the purpose of the massage only.
Though it's not a lie that I was enjoying perving on
this magnificent sight, a few more solid reps left my eyes
enjoying the feast of the briefest glimpse of her pussy
lips, her sexy arse and even the most intimate views of her

Rachael couldn't fail to know just how much I'd
had seen at this point but seemed to have just melted into
oblivious inhibition as she had enjoyed the attention
being lavished upon her.

"God your girlfriend is a lucky women" she sighed

"Trust me, the pleasure is all mine. I really do enjoy
sharing my talent and seeing the pleasure and relaxation
it brings" I replied

"Hmm, and talking poor innocent women out of their
knickers has nothing to do with that" she laughed

"Hey, anytime you're uncomfortable just say
the word" I said seriously, the last thing I wanted
was for her to feel coerced into anything that was happening.

All through this exchange my hands had just laid softly
resting on her bum, one thumb trapped firmly between her
arse cheeks, and feeling comfortable there.

"Shit, I left uncomfortable behind and am feeling
nothing but relaxed" She sighed

"Good, now turn over and I will finish off" I
commanded her desperate for her to just roll over and reveal
her full un-obscured nakedness to my eyes. My heart pounded
as she started to roll away from me teasing and drawing out
the moment her knowing that I was desperate to see the beauty
that she had so far coyly kept from my eyes.

With a quick movement too swift for my eyes to register Rachael
flipped over onto her back sweeping up the discarded towel
and swiftly and perfectly laying it over herself covering
all that my eyes so wished to feast on.

Looking up into my crest fallen face she laughed, "Hey,
I'm not that easy" a giggling Rachael told me,
the look in her eyes giving her away.

I knew at this very moment that the towel was not going to
be staying there for long. All looks of shyness and inhibition
gone, replaced with a content and resigned look that I knew
meant as long as I kept worshipping her body and making her
feel good then seeing her naked body laid out in front of
me was going to my reward for the hard work.

"We will see" I smirked, the rules of the game
clearly changed, it was not a question of what I would be
seeing, but when I would be seeing it.

Walking round and standing over her head I placed my hands
on her neckline, tracing her collar bone while running
my fingers across the top of her chest, down her arms and
back, again catching my fingers just underneath the towel.

My eyes unable to leave the extensive cleavage, the towel
showing a perfect breast shape as my hands traced from her
neck driving towards their goal of diving under the towel
and once again getting hold of the perfect bare tits laid

As my hands slid underneath Rachael quickly laid her own
arms over her chest blocking off all access.

"Not just anybody gets to play with my tits"
Rachael giggled with a seductive laugh

"You told me that once already today" I grinned
"It didn't work that time either"

"So far this time it is" a determined voice stated

Not about to be foiled at this stage of the game I conclude
this was actually just an attempt to tease and maybe to chase
off any feelings of guilt that may be still lingering.

I slid my hands back up towards her neck and down the side
of her chest; reaching her ribs I suddenly launched my counter
attack, digging my fingers playfully into her ribs tickling

This produced a sharp squeal of surprise and a fit of giggles,
her reflex produced the exact movement I planned as she
jolted her arms down to grab my hands leaving her breasts
undefended. Swiftly before she had chance to realise,
my hands where under the towel and each hand firmly grabbing
one of her tits. Each of my hands cupping as much of her as
they could, but they were nowhere near big enough to take
all of her size. Her nipples hard enough to cut glass, each
one trapped between my fingers as I firmly squeezed. Teasing
them and getting a moan that escape from Rachael's
mouth as a reward.

"Again this time you are wrong" I mocked smiling
down as our eyes locked together.

"What's the matter would husband not be happy
to know you're laid out naked in another man's
hotel room, your tits getting felt up, getting the attention
they deserve and he's too mean to give them?"

"Like your fiancée would be happy to see you stood
there feeling them up" she quipped back smartly with
a big smile on her face

"My fiancée is not here"

"No, and nor is my husband, I don't think I would
be having so much fun if he was. Unless you call cocoa and
reading fun" murmured Rachael still revelling in
the unrelenting assault her tits were getting.

"No, no he's not and he will never know just how
aroused I got playing with them. But now I want to see them
for myself" I told her.

Not even a token objection was raised as I pushed the towel
back, folding it back over her waist. My eyes locked on to
this pair of boobs that had been the focus of my imagination
pretty much from the moment I first saw Rachael this morning.

Even laid out on her back and with the size of her chest they
stood firm, her nipples standing proud and erect and pink,
surrounded by the darker skin of her areole framing them
perfectly, they looked every bit as good as I had dreamed.

Lightly running two fingers in a circular motion across
each one Rachael was lost in the sensation and excitement
of the moment. Her breath quickened and light moans came
from her.

"Still thinking of hubby" I teased

"Who?" she asked smiling

Whilst it broke my heart to leave this beautiful chest unattended
we both now knew what my next target was and as I walked around
the side of the bed to the other end by her feet.

Still covered by the towel I resisted from just whipping
it off and still enjoying the build up that had led to this
time and wanted to play it out just a little more.

Kneeling one leg on the bed I picked up one of her feet resting
it on my knee, for no reason other than for the pretence of
it and to keep up the tease I quickly start work on the bottom
of her leg quickly moving my hands upwards, only my eyes
moving faster. The towel was too low to see higher than her
inner thigh. My hands wrapped around her leg travelling
up to where the towel lay feeling the soft skin of her inside
leg, a heat radiating from deep between her legs. "Look as much as you want but no touching, I still have
some morals and limits" Rachael sternly said

"Whatever" I responded "Anyway I can't
even see anything, the bloody towels in the way" I

Reaching down she gripped each side of the bath sheet and
slowly started pulling it up, higher and higher. "Say
when" she grinned giving me a look that gave away just
how hot for me to see her sex she was.

"Holy shit, WHEN" I exclaimed as the towel climb
up and let the light in underneath it. With her legs slightly
parted from me lifting one up and the other relaxed and left
to fall slight outwards. Into view came the most exquisite

A light downy patch of hair covered her pubis, where my hand
had so comfortable rest earlier that day, framing a pair
of perfectly matched puffy lips shaved of any hair. Between
them ran the cleft of her slit, resting slightly open as
her excitement and the blood that had rushed into the area
had clearly left her beautiful pussy engorged.

A shine across the whole area including the tops of her thighs
removed any doubt to just how exciting Rachael had found
the whole experience.

"How's it looking down there, like the view?"
Rachael asked smiling at the transfixed view on my face

"Beautiful, and soaked" I chuckled

"You spend the last half hour caressing me from head
to toe, touch up my arse, grope and tease my tits and finish
off by opening me up and spreading my legs for your personal
viewing pleasure. All the while wearing nothing but a towel
wrapped round your waist and sporting an erection like
a steel rod!!! Just how hard do you think it is to get me wet?"
she laughed

"I like wet" was all I could think to reply

"Eyes only" I was again warned

All pretence gone I moved my hands straight to the top of
her thigh, lifting her leg higher loving the way the every
time I moved her leg her lips moved. Sometimes opening a
little with a glimpse of her inner lips peeking out, sometimes
pushed together. Rachael total relaxed allowed me to manipulate
her leg, bending it at the knee and laying it down outwards.
Her pussy now total exposed the towel had somehow disappeared.
I honest don't remember if I'd thrown it aside
allow me the perfect view or if Rachael had done it order
to be able to fully expose herself for me but either way I
didn't care it was gone and that's all that mattered.

With her inner thigh laid upwards I trailed my fingers lightly
all the way to where her leg met her body, then down her inner
thigh where I found the wetness where her juices had leaked
out from the depths of her sex and down her legs. Running
my fingers in circles I used the lubrication to tease and
caress her sensitive skin. My fingers sliding up to the
crease of where her leg met her crotch and back down. Rachael
again seemed to be losing her control as I teased my hands
so close to her sex, her body twitching with a mind of its
own, and her breath coming faster.

Dragging the back of my four fingers up her leg letting my
nails gentle scrape against her skin, this time as I reached
the top I didn't stop. My nails ran teasing straight
across her vulva feeling the little dip as they run across
the ever opening entrance to her cunt and onto her thigh
of the other leg.

"No" Rachael panted far too slowly as my fingers
had touched her and gone before she had time to react.

Taking her other leg and laying it out in the same position
as the other her legs were spread as wide as they could ever
be. Sat between her legs I continued my mission to drive
her wild. I didn't want to just get her to let me touch
her I wanted her to beg me to.

Her other thigh just as wet as its pair on the other side.
With one hand on each leg I traced patterns in perfect symmetry,
with every sweep I ran my hands down between her legs my fingers
tips meeting where the crack of her bum started, pushing
lightly and letting the natural lube let them slip just
a little in between, millimeters away from her asshole
but never quite there, then back up following the natural
line of the contours of her leg joints. First up her tummy
and then crossing over and swapping sides, a trial of moisture
left as my fingers spread her wetness that at this stage
could only be described as a flood.

Each time the crossover of my hands just a little lower,
first tracing the line where her pubes began, then straight
through the soft hair that felt like pure silk, finally
right over the top of her slit, maybe just accidental catching
the very tip of it causing the slightest jar to her clit,
which by this time was well and truly out of hiding and displaying
itself proudly, her lips opened up like the proverbial

By this time I thought Rachael was going to either cum like
a stream train or pass out, I looked up at her face with maybe
just a touch of the demon in me.

"I'm just looking" I smiled

Almost gasping for breath and looking like someone being
kept in the edge she breathlessly said "Well stop
looking and start touching!"

"Oh really" I coyly grinned

"Shit, yes really" the look in her eyes almost
pleading. Thinking to myself well she has asked, now she
needs to beg.

Taking one finger I placed it at the bottom of her cunt and
slowly drew it straight up and through her open lips, her
juices sticking to my finger, the feel of her pussy like
silk and the heat almost felt like it was burning.

Nearing the top I applied just a little more pressure my
finger sinking just a bit deeper, just enough to heavily
graze across the hard nub of nerves it looked like a shot
of electric had been sent straight through Rachael.

"Like that you mean?" I grinned evilly at her

"Oh yes, just like that, and inside nice and deep"
she moaned in response

"Sorry I can't, I promised" I said smartly
moving my hand away.

"WHAT, you fucking promised who" she almost
shouted at me.

"Why you" I said grinning manically "Remember,
over your knickers only, and they are well and truly gone!"

"You bastard, I changed my mind, please put your fingers
inside me, make me fucking cum, please, please don't
stop" she pleaded

Now that counted as begging in anyone's book so without
pause I reached and plunged two fingers straight into her
hot wet hole.

Immediately bucking against my hand Rachael screamed,
her pussy gushing juices all over my hand, her cunt felt
smooth and velvety, tight when I first plunged my fingers
inside her and it then spasmed around my fingers clamping
them like a vice then releasing them over and over.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" she repeated at the top of
her voice.

Feeling her hips sinking and pushing down on my hand driving
my fingers deeper inside her cunt I could see the wave of
her orgasm was passing over her, relaxing back into the
bed her body wanting to calm back to its normal state and
let the afterglow of the huge orgasm wash over it.

No chance I decided, she is not going to get away that lightly.
Shuffling backwards of the bed I stood and grab her legs
just below the knees, roughly I yanked her sliding her to
the edge of the bed, when her arse was just about hanging
off the edge I lifted her knees up and spread her legs wide

A look of shock washed over Rachael's face "What
are you doing?" she gasped

"This" I said and sunk to my knees. With Rachael's
pussy right in front of my face I leaned in, with my tongue
flat I ran it across her wide open pussy from bottom to top,
stopping at her clit and drawing my tongue firmly over her
clit before sucking it into my mouth. All the while staring
straight into her eyes, the lock of shock quickly changing
to one of excitement.

"I've never been licked" she gasped

"Really?" I asked dumbfounded and talking
into her pussy, not willing to take my mouth away from her.
She was a soaking mess and her juices tasted so sweet and
perfect I didn't want to move away.

With the tip of my tongue flicking against her bud more juices
started to flow and her body started to move with a mind of
its own pushing against my willing face, her wetness being
smeared across me.

"No, he says it's dirty" Rachael moaned
her hips picking up the pace

"Oh it is, very dirty" I mouthed into her "That's
what makes it such fun. If he's not going to I better

"Ohhh god, please do, lick me, eat me"

Getting back to work I moved my mouth away from her, feasting
my eyes on the soggy mess in front of me. Her lips were swollen,
she was so turned on her pussy almost gaped open like it was
desperately inviting something, anything to enter it,
fill it up and give it as much pleasure as possible.

I ran my tongue along the left side of her pussy then started
on the other side, before getting to far I moved my mouth
and sucked her pussy lip into my mouth, sucking on it before
releasing it again. Hungrily feasting on the wetness and
licking clean her vulva of all the juice I could find before
going back to drink her nectar from its source.

The heat coming from her pussy felt scolding as I buried
my face into her cunt; she pushed down grinding onto my face.
As I dragged my tongue back through her pushing her wider
open with my nose as it ploughed a path against her grinding
hips. The smell was heavenly and I wasn't sure it would
ever leave my nose after being caught insider her like that
but I didn't care.

Using my hands I held her open letting my tongue get deep
inside her, stuffing it as far inside as I could, deep beyond
her vaginal opening. As Rachael started to getting loud
again it was clear that she liked the tongue fucking I was
delivering but I knew just what to do to make her cum like
she had clearly never before.

My own cock which by now had spent most of the day solid was
getting so hard it almost hurt. I thought that if it didn't
get some attention of its own I could possible faint with
what felt like 90% of the blood in my body all in the one appendage.

Moving slightly north I put my mouth over her clit and with
a mix of gentle flicking, hard pressure and tracing teasing
circular patterns Rachael was soon moaning so loud I was
sure someone would think a murder was being committed.

"Shit, I'm going to cum, you are going to make
me cum licking my cunt" Rachael's loud voice

At this I roughly pushed two fingers back into the depth
of her pussy, not taking time for pleasantries I straight
away curled both fingers upward searching for that little
spot of roughness giving away her g-spot. Finding it first
time I worked my fingers hard inside her, fingers constantly
in contact with the sweet spot as they rubbed against the
roof of her sex, her juices literally dripping out of her,
a river running down her legs and between her bum.

"Oh shit, oh shit I really am going to cum, I going to
fucking explode" she screamed

Ready to deliver the ‘Pièce de résistance I took my
other hand placing it at the bottom of her cunt and following
the flow of juices down towards the cheeks of her arse and
in between them, finding her asshole soaked in her juices,
like pretty much everything else, no other lubrication
was needed, with no warning and everything so wet resistance
was nonexistent as I plunged my finger straight up into
her arse and glued my mouth to her clit my tongue going crazy
on her.

"Holy mother fucking shit, I'm fucking cumming,
sweet Jesus Christ I'm cumming" She screamed
so loud half the hotel must have known Rachael was having
an orgasm.

Her body convulsing she suddenly went quite and collapse
back into the bed, I wasn't sure if she had passed out
or died in bliss but there was on one hell of a smile plastered
across her face.

As Rachael had orgasmed she had surpassed any early releases
of juices and still continued to flow. Gently using my tongue
I licked around her pussy sucking up the sweet nectar, I
slid my fingers from her cunt light cupping her mound and
squeezing it gently. As I pulled my finger out from her arse
she opened her eyes just gazing at me.

I stood there between her legs that were just splayed open
looking like she couldn't move them if she wanted.
The sight of her looking so well and truly sated made my cock,
which I had momentarily forgotten about, twitch. Reaching
down I took myself in my hand and slowly pulled my hand along
my length and back. Laid there Rachael just watched me,
a glint in her eye.

"Fuck me"

I smiled "If I fuck you now it isn't gonna last
long at all" I knew that as soon as I felt the heat and
tightness of her cunt a whole days frustration was going
to literally flood out.

"Shut up and just fuck me already"

Not needing any further prompting I grabbed her legs yanking
her further off the bed, her pussy looking so enticing as
I sunk my rock hard cock straight inside her, giving her
my full length her pussy griping me tightly. She was still
so wet and the heat of her sex just felt amazing.

Pulling all the way out a flash of disappointment crossed
her face as I left her hungry pussy empty. As I drove back
into her eyes widen, the sensation of being so abruptly
filled obviously pleasing to her. Almost immediately
the now familiar moaning noise returned.

Thrusting my full length deep inside her over and over the
sensation overwhelming me I could feel my balls tighten
as they slapped against her arse. Rachael again getting
more and more vocal.

As I could feel the heat inside me rising I knew I was fast
approaching the point of no return. I knew for sure just
where I wanted to deposit my seed but wasn't sure it
was polite to just assume Rachael wanted that as well.

"God I'm going to cum" I gasped

"Don't you stop, don't you dare fucking
stop" Rachael screamed at me as her orgasm seemed
to hit her right at that moment.

That was more than enough to tip me over the edge, the heat
shooting through my cock as a day's worth of teasing
and frustration culminated in the most powerful orgasm
I could remember for a long time. My cum shooting deep inside
of Rachael's pussy, spurt after spurt, feeling like
there was no end I knew that Rachael was getting a filling
worthy of my wait.

Clearly loving the feeling of me emptying my load inside
her Rachael was working her cunt muscles, squeezing my
cock milking every last drop of hot cum from me.

"Jesus, I could feel you cumming, every throb of your
cock. The heat of your seed as you emptied into me"
Rachael sighed contentedly

My legs not able to support me any more I collapsed onto the
bed next to Rachael who lowered her legs down onto the floor,
as she did the generous load I had left behind started leaking
out of her.

"Christ I'm flooded" laughed Rachael
"Just how much cum did you put in there? I've never
felt so full"

"Hey, I was only doing as I was told" I replied

"I really shouldn't have let you cum in me, but
it just felt so good I would have killed you if you're
have stopped then" she muttered quietly, "Actually
we shouldn't have fucked in the first place, oh well
accidents happen" she giggled

As our heart rates returned to normal Rachael rolled onto
her side facing me, "That was fucking amazing, thank
you" she said leaning over and kissing me on the lips,
"But now I'm starving and dinner is about to be
served. I'm going to wipe up a bit and will see you down

As Rachael jumped up she retrieved her bra, grabbing her
knickers from the floor as she passed and headed for the

A few minutes later she reappeared looking great back in
her dress and hair sorted. She headed for the door, "Hurry
up slow coach" she smiled as she headed out the door
leaving me on my own. I found the energy and jumped up and
got myself dressed and ready to head for dinner. Part 3: Erotic awakenings As I got downstairs the gathering of the group was just about
complete and being herded into the dining room, I could
hear Stan at the front leading the way.

"OK, we've laid out a table plan just to mix things
up a little" I could hear him saying. "Bloody
great" I thought to myself getting stuck having to
make polite conversation to some dull fools I really didn't
want to share the rest of my evening with.

As it turned out the table I had been placed at had a few characters
that were actually pretty good company and soon we were
joking and swapping stories. I was actually beginning
to enjoy myself.

John one of the guys had just finished telling a rather smutty
joke that had most of the table, myself included, laughing
like a bunch of school kids and a few shocked faces from a
couple of the ladies sharing our space. Suddenly a buzzing
in my pocket seemed to send a shock wave through my already
heighten senses. Buried deep in my pocket my phone was resting
rather close to my crotch and I could feel the vibrations
waking my still half excited cock all the way down to my balls.
I laughed to myself remembering just what it was that had
my horny sensors on overload and my mind raced straight
back to an hour ago and thinking about what I had been up to
with Rachael.

I pulled the phone out of my pocket and could see I had a text.

"Holy shit you have filled me to the brim..... I squelch
every time I move in my seat I've never been so soggy
down there lol"

Looking up and glancing over the room I could see Rachael
smiling at me, I couldn't help but laugh.

Quickly I thumbed a reply.

"Sorry! But had you not spent the day teasing me I wouldn't
have been so in need of the release" I quipped back

I watch as Rachael picked up her phone and read my reply.
A mock shocked look appearing on her face. I could see her
immediately start typing.

A sudden silence brought my attention back to the table
to see everyone was looking at me.

"Anyone exciting?" John asked smiling

"Err no just the misses checking up on me" I joked,
thinking to myself of the irony of that statement. The table
got back to its chatter and I joined in my eyes rarely leaving
my phone. Wondering just what the next message was going
to say and thinking it must be an essay.

My phone started to break dance across the table I quickly
snatched it up.

"Telling her how quite and dull it is and how everyone's
in bed for 9pm" joked John again to the amusement of
the table.

"Something like that" I smiled.

"Firstly it was you who grab my tits and manipulated
your way into getting my knickers off and fucking me! Secondly
DON'T apologise lol I'm not sure what you have
done to me but I love it. It feels so hot knowing I am full of
your cum, that it is leaking out of me and covering my cunt.
My knickers are literal soaked with our juices and the sticky
mess is getting smeared across my lips every time I move.
It feels fucking amazing!!! I want more and you will be giving
me your cum again whether you like it or not. You have turned
me into a cum slut! Your cum slut haha"

I read Rachael's message twice, I couldn't believe
what my nice quite professional colleague was coming out
with. My cock instantly went rock hard. I raised my head
looking over in her direction.

Rachael was sat looking so innocent with her hands on her
knees under the table, suddenly she brought one arm up looking
straight into my eyes and moving a hand to her mouth she stuck
one finger in her mouth and sucked it. Moving it away she
silently mouthed "mmmmmm" at me.

I nearly came on the spot as I realised just were the finger
had come from and what she was tasting.

I must still have been looking stunned as I suddenly heard
John saying "Now that's the look of someone who's
in trouble" he laughed still believing it was my partner
on the other end of the messages.

"Oh you have no idea" I laughed back, thinking
if only they knew.

I picked up my phone.

"Damn you are bad! You keep talking like that and you
are going to have no trouble getting as much as you like"
I replied to Rachael

"Well enjoy your pudding and think about the real
desert to come I have made a decision, if you can keep me
wet ALL weekend I will meet you once a year and we can fuck
like teenagers over and over. If you fail this weekend is
your one time to enjoy me! Mind it shouldn't be hard
I feel like I am going to be leaking just this load for a week
haha. See you in the bar after dinner" was the response
I got. Hell doing this once a year was defiantly something I liked
the idea of.

Dinner passed and before long we were all trooping into
the bar. It was getting late and the numbers were starting
to drop as people headed off to their rooms. It was so weird
standing with Rachael acting to all the world as if we were
just colleagues who were friends but both taking a perverse
pleasure in the play acting while all the while we both really
know what the other was thinking about.

Joining a couple of people heading outside for a smoke we
drifted with them wanting to get some fresh air, cold fresh
air at that time of year, we stood chatting with them until
they both headed back inside.

Seizing the moment and out of sight from the bar and with
no one around I grabbed Rachael our passion boiling to the
surface instantly.

Our faces meeting as we hungrily kissed, our tongues dancing
in each other's mouths our hands grabbing what they
could. With my hand on her arse I pushed Rachael backwards
to the darkened corner of the patio. As she backed against
the wall our bodies pushing into each other I couldn't
help but push the hardness of my cock into her crotch.

With a moan she pushed me back a little and reached her hand
down. Seizing my hardness in her hand she stroked me through
my trousers.

"Seems like someone is too impatient to wait"
she giggled

Undoing me she slowly pulled my cock free of my shorts and
past my trousers out into the open. We slid around the corner
more so no one could suddenly walk out and surprise us.

With her hand on my solid cock Rachael gently stoked up and
down my length, my breathing getting harder.

"We can't do it here" Rachael sighed disappointedly,
But refusing to let go of me.

"Whether you stop tugging on my cock or not I can tell
you that any minute now I am about to make a bit of a mess"
I gasped knowing there was no turning back for me at this
point. I was so turned on I needed the release or I would have
gone out of my mind.

Grinning inanely at me Rachael let go of me and lifted her
dress up exposing what could only be described as a ruined
pair of panties not even nearly covering her mound after
being half sucked inside her swollen lips.

"Look what a mess you have made of my beautiful pussy"
she giggled as she pulled the front of her panties outwards
and down.

It was true her cunt was a sticky mess of my cum from earlier
and her constantly new waves of juice each time she had the
slightest of dirty thoughts. As she pulled the fabric away
a sticky like consistency tried to keep the fabric stuck
to her bare pussy. The sight was just too much for me.

"More" she said "cum in my knickers, cum
all over my pussy" she groaned obviously so turned
on by the thought.

Unable to take anymore I felt my balls tighten and my cock
pulse in my hand, furiously pumping it I aimed the head of
my cock straight towards her clit. From just inches away
I exploded, my legs almost going from under me as spurt after
spurt jetted out of me. Splashing against Rachael's
naked pussy, hitting her clit and sliding off, landing
in her panties. Every shot eliciting a soft moan form Rachael
as my hot sperm hit forcibly, she clearly loved the feel
of this.

Covering her whole cunt from top to bottom I wondered if
I would every stop cumming. This woman was making me shoot
like I had never before.

As my orgasm subsided Rachael giggled and pulled her panties
snugly back into place covering her freshly drowned pussy.
Gently tapping her hand against the front of her knickers,
causing a slapping and a squishing noise each time, she
sighed and said to me

"We are going to be doing a lot of fucking over the next
24 hours"

Rachael let her dress hang back down covering her as she
turned her back to me and started to walk off back into the

I stood there putting myself back together still trying
the get my wits together.

She turned and smiled at me.

"I have never been covered in so much cum and I want
to enjoy it. I am going to go up to my room, strip down to just
my panties and lay out on the bed. I am then going to run my
fingers through this mess, spread it all over my pussy,
inside me and just enjoy playing with your cum until I can't
take it anymore and then I am going to make myself have the
orgasm of my life"

Listening to her say this as though she was just telling
me her shopping list made me realise I had unleashed a monster
within her. Smiling at this thought I must have looked like
a Cheshire cat.

"Once I have finished myself off I am going to have
a nice hot bath and wash myself clean. I'm going to wash
all traces of you from my body. And do you know why?"
she smirked at me

"Why?" I asked

"So you can come up, start over and mess me up all over
again" she smiled sweetly "Now go have another
drink, recover and get ready" she said over her shoulder
as she disappeared around the corner.

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Best story I have read on this site for a bloody long time


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you have to write about the rest of the weekend. excellent
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Best story I've read on this site in a very long time.
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