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It had taken about four months but I finally talked Dyane
into going out with me for an evening. I had hopes for more
than an evening, but at least I would get to meet her. The
challenge was to make it such a memorable evening that she
would not only want it to last until the next morning, but
would want to do it again.

Dating new men was not her style, but I definitely did not
want just the usual thing in the usual thing with her. So
I set about creating a unique experience for her - and for
me. She may tell you how well I accomplished my task later.

First were the clothes. She had shown me a fuzzy picture
of her naked and a clear one of her partially wearing a gray
plaid schoolgirl skirt. But the mouthwatering flesh (she
has the prettiest asshole I have ever seen), did not tell
me anything about her style in clothes. I suppose that,
ultimately, we men clothe our women in what we want to see
them wear, and hope the colors favor her.

I picked out a rich burgundy, cashmere sweater-dress to
start. Below the knee length, with slits up both thighs
at the side, and the sleeves were long and tapered. Two buttons
at the top of each slit gave her some flexibility, and the
world a peek of skin if she was so inclined. It had a high neck,
almost a faux turtle neck, but it opened below the neck to
a teardrop opening to allow a hint of cleavage. The button
front bodice could be opened below to allow a lot of exposure.
Very elegant in material and cut, I was sure the cashmere
was fine enough around the bodice to show her nipples with
even the slightest stimulation. I thought we would have
fun with the buttons.

I worried about the shoes. I like strappy high heels, but
it was cold back there and I didn't want her uncomfortable.
I finally settled on a pair of dark gray suede boots with
a thin 2 1/2 inch heel. They came to about mid-calf. Embroidered
detail starting at the ankle and carrying up the outside
of the calf was in burgundy and navy. The detail gave an illusion
of sexy straps and I was sure would be quite sexy on Dyane.

Underwear was next. A half-cup bra (to free her nipples
against the soft cashmere), garter belt, stockings, and
thong were my definite preference. The thong was little
more than a Wicked Weasel reaching only about two inches
above her pudendum, but I was confident she would not touch
a hair on that lovely beaver to accommodate the thong. We
weren't going to the beach.

The question was color. I agonized for a while, but decided
on a creamy beige to show off her world-class bush. She probably
had lost her summer tan, but we wouldn't notice with
this color. The stocking color was hardest but I sent her
beige with flexibility to wear nude or burgundy if she preferred.

What's left? I asked her to wear dangle gold earrings
of her choosing and a simple gold medallion chain to draw
attention to her cleavage. I did not know her well enough
to pick out that jewelry. Perhaps next time. The only thing
I selected was a single strand waist chain. Dyane had a delightful
and voluptuous belly that I wanted to highlight with gold,
setting off her navel and bush.

I arranged for shipment, with a dark gray, wool, shepherd's
cloak and soft gray suede gloves. It was late fall, so I wanted
her to be warm. A hat was optional, but I sent a gray woolen
beret if it snowed. With short brunette hair, I find hats
very sexy and sophisticated on a lovely woman.

The day arrived in early November. My flight was on time
and the burgundy Vandenplas was as arranged. This was not
my home court, but the car (although 10 years newer) and
my clothes were mine. After a quick shower at the hotel,
I put on a blue shirt and burgundy tie, cufflinks, my navy
cashmere blazer and charcoal wool trousers. No underwear.
A little Man of Arran, and I was ready for a spectacular evening.

We had arranged to meet at a shopping center near her home,
in Macy's. I'm glad I decided to avoid the hassle
of finding her house on a dark night that portended the arrival
of a New England winter with snow spitting in the air. Besides,
I didn't want to meet her husband, who I was certain
had been fully informed of the date. Maybe another time,
as we had much in common besides a lust for his sensuous wife.
I also did not want to advertise her availability to the
neighbors, one of who was hot to fuck her. Tonight she was
mine alone for as long as the evening lasted.

Unsure of the geography, I arrived about 4:45 pm in the lingerie
section to await her arrival. Promptly at 5, as I was fingering
some burgundy lace boyshorts, I felt a touch on my arm.

"Hi stud."

"Hmm, we'll see soon enough. My Butterfly Babe,
at last." I grasped her gloved hands and leaned in
to kiss her lightly on her lips and both cheeks. "You
are even more lovely than I expected."

"You're just trying to get into my panties, "
she said with a smile. "That IS why you wanted me to
wear them, isn't it?"

I smiled, thinking of that delicious bush. She seemed a
little nervous at meeting me. I suppose I could have been
an axe murderer, or perhaps this "date" was
an unfamiliar setting for her after so many years. But the
twinkle in her eyes told me she was happy to see me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"For what?" she replied. It was difficult to
get a straight answer out of this woman, but then I already
knew that. Dyane thought that was part of her charm (any
woman's charm) and I was not ready to renew that argument.
Maybe after she had fucked me a few times and realized that
I was still charmed by her conversation quite as much as
by her pussy.

"For a lovely dinner and dancing, my dear. Let's
go, " I said as I took her hand and led her out of the

For all I knew, her husband Dave was watching us as we walked
to my car. Had he seen an axe handle in my pocket, I'm
sure I would have heard about it. But I didn't think
he would follow us. We had a ways to go through rush hour traffic
on a threatening night.

As I settled her into the passenger seat, she made sure I
could see the tops of her beige stockings. She was as tantalizing
as I imagined she would be but the expectation of her flirtatious
wiles did nothing to stop the jolt I felt in my balls at the
sight. By the time I got into the driver's seat, BB had
loosened her cape to display her prominent nipples against
the cashmere. Her hair sparkled with the light snow as she
turned in her seat to face me.

I yearned to taste her lips. Leaning over the console, I
turned my head to touch our mouths together gently. So long
in the anticipation, Dyane took my breath away as our arms
pulled each other closer. Her tentative tongue soon became
as insistent as mine. My hand caressed her soft cashmered
neck as I savored her warm lips. Everything about her was
becoming better than I imagined. I finally broke the kiss
and turned back to start the car.

"You didn't tell me about your lips, BB, "
I sighed. She laughed.

"I thought I told you everything, " she chuckled.
Yeah, right Dyane, I thought. What you wanted to tell me.

"Where are we going?" she asked as I pulled out
of the parking lot.

"Oh about thirty miles up the coast to a restaurant
I know in Rockport, " I replied. "I remember
it from a long time ago when a young lady took me there. I was
lucky to find it still open and available for reservations."

"You know, you really don't need to do this, "
Dyane started. "I like you and you are just as attractive
as your pictures. We could just eat at your hotel. We could
even order room service."

I understood her meaning and was glad that she was as pleased
by my appearance as I was by hers.

"We could, but then it wouldn't be a date, BB, "
I said as I glanced at her seductive eyes. "I don't
know much about your other adventures, but this is a special
evening for me and I hope it will be for you. We've both
had many lovers and I'm not so vain as to think that there
is something about my body that you haven't seen or
felt before. But you are a unique woman in my experience.
What will make this night special for me will be getting
between your ears as well as your thighs."

She thought about that as I merged into traffic on the freeway
north. I knew that we had both confirmed to ourselves that
we would be lovers within the first five minutes together.
I guess it was a little vain of me to think that I could be more
than just another fuck for her. If nothing else, her butterfly
would be unique for me, but her lifelong embrace of sex and
the power of her pussy made her fascinating to me.

After a silence, I began thinking of that "nicebush".
I reached over to grasp her hand and pull it to my mouth for
a kiss and a lick.

"I thought you forgot about me, " Dyane said,
leaning in to kiss my cheek and squeeze my thigh.

"Mais non, ma cherie, " I replied, remembering
that French was the language of love (although she was probably
not impressed). "In fact, I was daydreaming about
your perfect bush and butterfly."

"Would you like to see?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" I said with a grin. I
know, very lawyer-like conversation.

The car was warm and BB did not hesitate. Scooching down
in the leather seat, her dress rose easily over her wide
hips and she spread her legs as wide as the seat allowed.
There for my excited viewing was her soft bush.

"Push your panties down to your knees, " I said

She pushed them to just below her knees so she could keep
her thighs spread. My right hand gently stroked her baby-soft
inner thighs above her stockings. Then I lightly stroked
her bush, careful not to catch any hair with my fingers,
before settling over her vulva to feel her warmth and moistness.
She closed her eyes as she leaned back with a sigh. I was dying
to kiss her pussy but driving on a strange highway required
too much attention.

"Show me your butterfly."

"It will get bigger if you make me wetter, "
BB replied with a coquettish smile.

"I'll help, but show me how you do yourself, "
I said. "Use both hands."

Beautiful Dyane only hesitated for a moment and reached
both hands into her pussy. She stroked her lips slowly before
slipping fingers into her crease to feel her wetness. She
carefully avoided her clit at first and took a hand away
too pinch her nipples. My hand joined hers but I let her control
to show me how she liked it. The interior of the car began
to fill with the sweet scent of Dyane.

Her legs began to open and close as she stroked herself.
Then she pushed one of my fingers into her wet hole and joined
it with one, and then two of hers. My erection pounded against
my trouser front but I had to keep at least one hand on the
wheel. Unable to see with my straining eyes, I surprised
us both when I impulsively turned on the passenger side
overhead light. She jerked at the shock - but didn't

Now I could see her play with herself! But so could any truck
or SUV driver on the highway. She didn't flinch. If
anything, her excitement heightened at the display. I
lifted my hand to my nose to smell her excitement, and then
to my mouth for a taste - distinctly sweet and tangy. Then
I reached over to fondle her nipple, trying to keep my attention
on the road. Her hips began to undulate off of the leather
seat, which was shiny with her juice.

"Don't cum yet, BB, " I told her. "We're
almost there. Just show me those lips I've come 3000
miles to see and taste."

Then she opened her eyes to smile at me. With the thumb and
finger of each hand, she lifted her wet lips into the light.

"I'm in love, " I said with a sigh. "Will
you send me a picture just like that?"

"Take one yourself tonight, " she laughed.
She was obviously proud of her nether appendages. She went
back to her clit and my hand joined hers at her wet hole to
make three fingers inside.

It did not take much longer. She held her breath, breathing
rapidly and squeezed our fingers with her talented cunt.
She came as I pulled onto the off-ramp. A passing truck honked
and I turned off the light with a smile. She had been seen
and I think she rather enjoyed that.

Then I came to a stop by the side of the road and pulled her
to me, kissing her with her damp fingers still in my mouth.
She melted in my arms. I held her until her breathing returned
to normal and then kissed her tenderly.

"Thanks, " I whispered.

"Shall we go somewhere and fuck, " Dyane asked.
Her hand had found its way into my trousers and gripped my
turgid shaft. But when she tried to work it out through the
zipper, I stopped her.

"Later, Dy, " I sighed.

"But I showed you mine, " she whined in jest.
"And it is such a nice prick."

"Later, my dear. Not too much later, but later."

"May I pull my panties up, or do you want them off?"
Dyane inquired as she leaned back and zipped me up.

"On for now, BB, " I replied.

The restaurant was in a centuries old customhouse just
off the breakwater to the Rockport harbor. It had been transformed
into an elegant eatery known as "The Bath House",
sporting wonderful views and tasty New England cuisine.
I parked at the edge of the breakwater and turned to Dyane
for another kiss.

"I hope you like lobster, Dy, " I whispered
as I kissed her eyes and behind her ear. "I couldn't
come to Boston without renewing my love affair with the
local crustacean - and your lovely Monarch."

"I know that you are glad to see me, " she giggled
as she grasped my semi-hard dick again through my pants.
"Can I meet him now?"

"He's dying to be properly introduced - and fucked, "
I said, as I lifted her hand from my crotch. "But all
in good time."

That I could tease her seemed absurd but I was enjoying the
fantasy. After helping her out of the car, I took her arm
to walk up the steps to the restaurant entrance. The light
snow had stopped, and it felt warmer here by the water on
an unusually still, starless night.

The hostess took her cape and led us to a table by the window
in the corner. The room was a long, low warehouse that had
been used during the revolution to offload contraband
from rumrunners. It had the musky smell of antiquity, and
had windows around three side to allow great views of the
harbor and ocean. We had the table at the far end from the
elegant bar, and sat with our backs to the ocean, face to
the darkening harbor and the two tables in front of us.

For the first time I could see her raiment in full light.
I liked what I had picked out and she wore it well. She was
almost regal as we skirted thorough the diners to our table.
A royal courtesan for my enjoyment this evening, I thought.
She held her head high and walked as though she was keenly
aware of everyone's eyes. Dyane's nipples responded
to the attention of all the men, and some of the women, in
the room.

"I love the dress, Mac. You have excellent taste -
in all things tonight, " she said as I seated her by
the window and took the chair beside her. The dozen red roses
that I had ordered were a pleasant surprise for her.

The table was as I had ordered and I was pleased to see tablecloths
almost down to our knees. That gave us some privacy, but
not too much to obscure all of my intended activities. The
hostess left us with our menus and a bar waiter arrived to
bring the champagne I had ordered in advance. She looked
at me with a wry smile, no doubt thinking of our earlier emails
in which she described helping her husband defray the bar
tab on cruises.

"Not tonight, Dyane, " I said as I lifted my
glass for a toast. "To a memorable evening with a delightful
lady who has captured my heart and my imagination - not to
mention my cock."

"To your cock, ...... and my pussy, " she said
into my eyes. "May they make beautiful, wet music

That last was exuberant and perhaps a little too loud as
I saw a woman at the next table look up from her menu at us with
a smirk. Fuck ‘em, I thought, I don't mind if the whole
world knows I am going to be fucking BB tonight. Eat your
hearts out.

But then the woman winked at me and returned to her husband
and her menu. They were seated at a table for four and all
looked to be fortyish and attractive, with the women seated
together facing us. I smiled at Dyane, nuzzling her neck
as my left hand gently caressed her thigh through the slit
in her dress. I hoped these ladies would like the show later,
although I suspected that their husbands would be more

The champagne went down quickly as I enjoyed getting to
know Dyane in more than a carnal way. Almost as much as enjoying
her beautiful body, I had looked forward to this time to
talk with her about her life and loves and the wisdom she
had gathered in a full life. I don't know whether you
could call it a second midlife crisis (really rumination),
but the exploration I had started with my writing on the
Internet was about discovering myself and what I had learned
in a full life. There was much I could learn from Dyane and,
I hoped, she from me.

But there had long been a strong tension between us that
was palpable this evening. In months of email, I had learned
that she was used to fucking other men for mutual pleasure,
theirs and her husband's more than hers, but she used
her pussy to keep them away from her heart. I was used to making
love to a woman, enjoying her pussy as a way to her heart -
and mine. To that extent, we were like fire and ice. For reasons
that I did not yet understand, she had come to distrust that
a man, other than her precious husband, could love her for
herself. I had no intention of stealing even one drop of
that love from Dave, a very fortunate man in my estimation,
but I wanted to be a man she knew could love her as well as fuck
her. So my goal was to make love to her tonight, hers was to
allow me only to fuck her. I didn't think my success
would detract one bit from Dave but would be a gift she could
enjoy for a long time.

We had parried often on the Net, but it was much more difficult
for her to equivocate in person. On the Internet, she could
simply ignore any question she didn't care to answer.
Faced with my eyes, she couldn't hide as easily. I soon
realized that she enjoyed actually being open and honest
as we shared our lives that evening. Her intelligence and
sharp wit were quite charming, not that I was surprised
at that. She kept stepping back to coy, but my chiding brought
us back together whenever she thought she could play the
little girl with the little curl.

When I turned the bottle up, the waitress quickly appeared.
She was an attractive, slender blonde with a nametag that
said "Anne". Her colonial garb admitted of
a low, un-puritan bodice that showed off her nice breasts
to advantage. I chuckled to myself that BB's pussy
power could not get our tab tonight, but then thought of
BB's recent interest in members of the fairer sex.
This was going to be fun. At least I wouldn't have to
deal with a waiter who had a hard-on all evening. Just me
with one.

I had pre-ordered our meal of fresh lobster, but Anne was
there with the clam chowder and to inquire about salad dressing.
I ordered a dry Chardonnay from a surprisingly good wine
list. My favorite central coast vintner was on the list.
After taking our requirements, Anne disappeared into
the kitchen.

The soup was better than I remembered (funny how everything
tasted and smelled better in my advancing "maturity",
including wet pussy!). After several spoonfuls, I removed
my hand from the inside of Dyane's thigh.

"BB, I would love it if you would take your panties

Dyane smiled at me and did not hesitate to stand up for a trip
to the restroom.

"No, here. Take them off here at the table, Love, "
I explained.

After a pause, she sat back down, attracting the attention
of the two women at the next table. And although I could not
help but believe that she had done this before, a slight
blush spread over her cheeks and chest.

I helped her undo the two buttons at the top of the slit nearest
me and she did the other side. BB lifted each hip in turn to
tug the panties off her ass. By the time she bent down to slide
them off her ankles, she had the undivided attention of
both women, and as it turned out, Anne.

"Is this the correct selection?" Anne asked
as she held the wine bottle before my eyes.

She had arrived while our attention was on Dy's panties.
I grinned at her and nodded. With a knowing twinkle in her
eyes, she moved the ice bucket near the table and began to
uncork the bottle. Despite her exhibitionist streak,
I saw that Dyane was flustered at being discovered by now
three women.

She still held her panties in her hand when I reached for
them. I literally could not resist raising them to my nose
for a noisy sniff, and then placed them on the table next
to my knife. Looking at the blonde at the next table, I winked.

I tasted the Chardonnay and pronounced it satisfactory.
But even I was surprised when Anne picked up the panties
as I did so. She held them in her hand as she filled each glass.
I couldn't believe it at first, but she then draped
them over the neck of the wine bottle after placing it in
the bucket. She seemed to take care to loop the strap that
had been between BB's cheeks over the top.

"Let me know if I can be of further service, folks, "
Anne offered as she overtly licked her lips.

"Please call us Mac and Dyane, " I said.

"OK, the salad will be here as soon as you are ready,
Mac." I thought I could see her nipples erect under
her bodice before she turned to retreat to the kitchen.
With a quick glance at the other table, I turned to Dy for
a soft kiss.

"Well, I'm guessing that was a first for you Luv, "
I whispered. "Now you've had waiters AND waitresses
panting after your pussy."

There was obvious excitement in BB's eyes and she reached
into my lap to squeeze my hardening prick. This first little
public display could not have been any more fun, unless
Dy was already sitting on my cock. I lifted her hand and kissed
her fingers.

"What am I supposed to do with my dripping pussy now?"
she asked, perhaps loud enough to be heard at the next table.
She was loving this game and was happy to let others play

"Let's finish our soup before it gets cold, "
I chuckled. "Then, when Anne comes back with the salad,
why don't we raise the back of your dress so you can sit
on your naked ass. I realize that your darker dress will
only conceal the widening stain for so long."

"But the cloth chair seat will be a mess, " she

"I hope so. Maybe Anne will be able to get a sniff after
we leave, " I laughed.

Winking again at the blonde, who must not have been participating
in the conversation at her table, I finished my chowder.
I made a point of slurping the last spoonfuls, and even leaned
down as though I would lick the bowl. I knew Dyane was mature
enough to remember "Tom Jones" and the sensual
meal for which that film was known. It felt like that for
me this night.

Dyane's excitement seemed to have curbed her appetite.
My hand between her thighs may have had something to do with
that as she slowly responded to my prompts to spread her
thighs. Her crease was indeed dripping and she moaned when
I slipped two fingers into her hole. I loved the feel of her
thick, fragrant juice on my fingers and kissed her neck
again while she shuddered as she gripped my left arm tightly.
There were so many bits and pieces of this woman to savor
and admire.

"Are you finished with the clam soup .. er .. chowder?"
Anne asked. She seemed able to appear and silently reappear
out of thin air. Dy struggled to regain some composure but
nodded at Anne, who promptly took both bowls.

"I trust the clam was to your liking, Mac?" Anne's
grin was almost obscene. "Smooth and creamy?"

"Better than we had imagined, with an aroma to die
for, " I said as I licked my wet fingers as though they
were coated with the nectar of the gods, which was in fact
the case. Dy was delicious in so many ways. "Do you
have a clam recipe here that I can take back to California."

"Oh, I wouldn't doubt that, sir, " Anne
said as she went for the salads. "We are known for our
tight, tasty clams here in Massachusetts."

A wink to our lady fans at the other table was in order before
turning to the task of denuding BB's ass. Her side buttons
were already undone, but she had to partially stand up before
we could pull the cashmere past her butt. She shivered as
she sat back down on the rougher fabric of the chair seat.

"Here, let me help you with that, " said Anne.

Miraculously she had reappeared with the salads just as
I was trying to tuck the "tail" of Dyane's
dress behind her chair. Placing my salad plate in front
of me, she leaned over me to deposit Dyane's plate.
In the process, she reached her left hand into my crotch
for support as her bodice gaped open to reveal two very pink
and erect nipples. She then smoothed her hand along Dyane's
outer thigh and buttock before poking the material through
opening at the back of the colonial chair. Before she was
done, Anne's left hand was firmly grasping Dy's
naked ass and her right hand was grasping my burgeoning
erection. I had the feeling that Anne would have been quite
happy to crawl under the table to suck either one of us at
that moment.

"Can I get you anything else?" she asked flirtatiously
as she straightened up.

I wondered if she would mind if Dy or I slid our hand under
her petticoats to see whether she was wearing panties.
Probably not.

"Not right now, thank you Anne, " I said with
a glint in my eye. "Perhaps some other night?"

"Perhaps, " she said with a grin.

When she had left, I lifted Dy's chin in my hand and bestowed
a gentle kiss.

"This is even more fun than I thought it would be, "
I whispered.

The salad was delicious, fresh greens with a light blue
cheese dressing. I refilled the wine glasses from the wine
bucket, after ostentatiously adjusting the thong. But
by the time we were done with the salad, we each had only one
hand available for eating and drinking. Mine was exploring
the wet butterfly between her legs, and hers had found its
way through my zipper to find my boner.

We teased each other as we resumed our conversation. It
had seemed to me that Dyane carried around a lot of baggage
from her youth and I was fascinated to explore that side
of her personality that proudly proclaimed she was a slut.
I had never known a woman like her. I constantly wrestled
with my conjectures about how I would love her if she were
my woman. Her sexual lifestyle was a challenge to my concept
of manhood, but I found myself irresistibly drawn to her
joy in conquering men and their penises.

She also had some misconceptions about me. My pleasure
and desires were not consistent with the labels she tried
stamp on my head. It had taken her quite a while to realize
that she couldn't categorize me as a simple cunthound
like the rest of her lovers (if I can call them that), but
she wasn't quite sure what to do with me either. The
idea of love kept rearing its unfamiliar (to her) head.
And always, she seemed just one skittish step away from
retreating behind the barrier she had fortified for so
long to escape expected censure because she was not a "good

If I accomplished nothing else during my odyssey tonight,
I was adamant that she accept my genuine admiration and
respect for her as she was. Dyane was the perfect Dyane.
I was quite smitten.

All the while, she was trying to get my rod out of my pants,
while keeping her thighs so tightly closed that I couldn't
get even a finger into her wet hole. I contented myself with
playing with her "boy in the boat". I learned
that the pictures were not an illusion. Her "boy"
was a full-grown "man" and I think I got her off
at least once before Anne returned.

Anne poured the last of the wine, and handed me Dy's
panties for safekeeping. As Anne cleared the salad plates,
I excused myself to use the restroom. Although covered
by my napkin, I made an obvious show of zipping up my trousers
in front of Anne's appreciative audience.

After relieving the lizard, I exited the bathroom only
to bump into the blonde that had been watching us all evening
from the next table.

"My name's Sharon and my friend's is Kate, "
she whispered as she grasped my arm. "Your show is
the most fun we've had on a Friday night in ages. We were
wondering if you could raise the tablecloth to give us a
better view, .....?"

"Mac, and my married mistress is Dyane, " I
answered as I squeezed her ass (she was wearing a thong).
"It would be my pleasure, Sharon."

She squeezed my hand and disappeared into the ladies restroom.
I sauntered back to our table where I raised the cloth on
the opposite side, securing it with the ornate salt and
peppershakers, Dyane's raised eyebrows turned into
a smile when I told her of my conversation with Sharon. We
then proceeded to raise the cloth from our laps and tucked
it under the silverware. I don't think anyone else
in the restaurant noticed but Kate grinned when I caught
her eye.

Sharon returned soon after with a twinkle in her eye. I pulled
the front of Dy's dress to her waist and leaned in to
kiss her ear.

"It seems such a shame to hide the nicest bush in Massachusetts, "
I whispered as I teased her ear and neck with my tongue.

"Two can play at that game, honey. I think it is about
time all of your fans got to see what I've had in my hand
for the last 15 minutes!"

BB had my zipper down by the time Anne arrived with the lobster
thermidor. I rarely ate lobster but this trip was filled
with sensual delights. I was not going to miss New England
lobster, to be followed by what I hoped would be a night filled
with New England pussy.

Anne served the main dish with great ceremony and inquired
whether we would like more wine. I ordered us each just another
glass of champagne. I didn't want another bottle to
start impairing the delights of this evening. While I was
explaining this, she noticed Dy's hand traveling
incognito under my napkin. She grinned and then noticed
Dyane's bush peaking from beneath the table.

"Are you looking for some more clam chowder, Dyane?"
Anne asked mischievously.

"No, but I have been looking for some clam cream all
evening, though, " Dyane giggled.

"I suspect you may get some before very long, sweetie, "
Anne said as she leaned over for a conspiratorial whisper.
"Or perhaps I should say some cream in your clam! Nice
bush by the way."

She helped us with our lobster bibs, all the while aware
that we were staring down her dress at her tits. When she
tied the bib around BB's neck, she suggested that the
button neck of her dress be undone to avoid butter stains
and proceeded to do just that before Dy could answer. Spreading
the fine cashmere away from the neck, even Dy was amazed
when Anne lowered her hand under the bid to pull first one,
and then the other breast free of the cashmere bodice. Her
pinch of each nipple got a wince from BB.

"You should let those breathe in a fine restaurant,
folks, " she said as though she was discussing a fine
bottle of Cabernet. "Is there anything else that
I can get for you?"

"I think we will need more drawn butter, " Dyane
said slyly as she reached with her fingers to pick up a pat
of butter and deposit it into the small cup of lobster butter

"I can see that, " Anne grinned. "Perhaps
several cups."

When she left us, I turned to Dyane with a look of shock on
my face.

"Is it always like this when you go out to eat, BB?"
I asked, dumbfounded.

"I've never eaten here before, Mac. But I think
I will again, Sweetheart. Did you pay this waitress to assist
with your fantasy tonight?"

I shook my head, realizing that Anne was too good to be a set
up. Here I sat with this beautiful woman in a fine restaurant,
so excited that I felt drunk with lust. And three strange
women were lapping up every display. Dyane was sitting
there on her naked ass with her divine tits out, covered
only by a paper bib. The smile on her face was infectious.
I had wanted to exhibit her on our date this evening, but
this was beyond my wildest dreams.

We attacked our lobsters with gusto. Tom Jones had nothing
on us. Eating the lobster with our fingers after dipping
it into the butter sauce made a mess, but we reveled in the
sensuality of the meal. We even ate the rice pilaf with our
fingers. Butter dripped down our chins and onto our bibs.
We licked our fingers with glee, stopping to kiss and lick
the dripping butter from one another's face.

It did not take too long for our attention to return to naughtiness
below the table. I didn't need any butter to coax her
thighs apart, but they were covered with the warm grease
in short order anyway. Her clitty quickly responded as
I massaged it with her own juice and the lobster's.
Her vagina was open to my probing and it was all I could do
to keep at least one hand above the table.

I do not consider myself an impulsive person but the thought
of dipping my lobster bites in Dyane's buttery pussy
was too much to resist. First I stuck a buttery tongue in
her ear and whispered,

"Watch this, BB."

I took the piece of white meat between finger and thumb,
dipping it into the drawn butter. I then licked it in my lips
before returning it for another dip of butter. Between
her thighs it went as I locked onto Dyane's eyes. Gripping
her dripping butterfly lips as best I could, I pulled them
to the side and inserted the white flesh into the pink flesh
to swirl it around in Dyane's juice.

She smiled as I returned the lobster to my mouth for ostentatious
consumption, followed by loud slurping of my fingers.
Her eyes sparkled with glee as she leaned in to kiss and lick
my lips. That was followed by an attempt on my part to wipe
my fingers dry on the inside of her bib. Very quickly her
nipples were covered with all our sensuous juices too.

I was having the time of my life, and hoped that this was becoming
an unforgettable evening for Dyane too. Occasional glances
at the nearby table confirmed that Sharon and Kate were
following our pilgrim's progress with knowing interest.
At one point, Kate's husband turned around to retrieve
a conveniently dropped napkin. His smiling gander at Dy's
spread pussy confirmed that he was in on the game too. Good,
I thought, it would be a shame if this delicious show were
only to be enjoyed by women.

BB's hands were not idle either. She finally had my
cock standing tall out of my trousers, and was spreading
the butter pretty thick on my soft crown. Taking the pat
of butter she had heated in the cup into her palm, she reached
under my napkin to stroke my shaft. Soon butter was dripping
onto my balls and into the crack of my ass. I had never before
in my life worried about creating stains on the butt of my
trousers, but tonight was filled with firsts.

Her grip became stronger and her strokes more steady, when
Anne showed up with more drawn butter. Not being an exhibitionist
myself, I was more than mildly mortified when BB casually
nudged the napkin onto the floor to expose me to the attentive

"Oooooh, nice white meat, " she cooed. "Can
I help you with that?"

"Just hold it for a minute, " Dyane sighed,
"just like this."

Leaning down under the table to grab the napkin, Dy covered
Anne's gripping hand to tilt my cock down to her lips.
First her tongue circled the knob, and then she sucked half
the rod into her mouth. Fortunately she did not persist
for long, or I would have lost my load down her throat. As
much as I wanted to hold my cum until later, I could not have
controlled myself in the slick hands of two women, and the
talented mouth of my "date."

"I've been wanting to do that all night, "
Dy whispered as she regained her sitting position.

Anne laughed.

"So have I, you slut, " she said.

"Maybe some other time, ladies, " I sighed.
"Thanks for the butter."

We finished the rest of the lobster in a like fashion. Butter
was all over Dyane's tits, thighs, and face. Despite
my efforts, I felt like my crotch had been dipped in warm
butter, and I was sure the ass of my wool trousers was caked
in the animal fat.

But I managed to refrain from cumming, mostly because Dy
kept her mouth above the table. She could make no such boast.
And I have never before nor will never again taste such delicious
lobster. Dy should bottle her juice for consumption at
Red Lobsters everywhere.

The whole time, I was thinking of spreading Dyane on the
table, stuffing her pussy with lobster flesh, pouring
warm butter all over her bush and butterfly, and eating
her out until she screamed. After the shellfish was consumed,
nothing else would have done but to flip her over onto her
stomach and slid into her ass, already slick with butter.
And I would have fucked her til she screamed again. If only
we had not been in a public restaurant!

Perhaps, someday. But I was having the time of my life!

By the time the meal was finished, I felt like I had been in
bed for an hour nonstop with my lovely consort. How my cock
could have been so hard and wet for so long was beyond my experience.
But we were finally ready for a little break from our excitement
and Dy made as though to excuse herself for a trip to the ladies

"Wait, let me help you with that, " I grinned
as she began to untie her bib. I calmly pulled it from her
chest and slowly lifted her bodice back over her nipples.

"Thank you, you fucking lecher, " Dyane giggled
as she smoothed her dress and stood up. "Can I have
my panties?"

"No, my lovely slut. Maybe later. But maybe not, "
I added.

Almost immediately after Dyane was gone, Sharon and Kate
stood up and left their table.

She was gone for ten minutes before returning with fresh
makeup and her neck again swathed in cashmere.

"A little talk with the girls?" I grinned.

"Well, they helped me with my makeup, " she

"Oh sure, BB, " I scoffed. "Anything

"They may have helped me clean off my tits and thighs,
and I think Sharon found a small bit of lobster stuck in my
pussy. But I'll never tell, " Dy giggled.

Anne returned and I ordered cappuccino and Baileys. Sharon
had returned and grinned when I winked at her. After some
more stimulating conversation, I was ready to move on to
the next phase of our date and signaled Anne for the bill.

When she arrived, she reached into my lap to remove my damp
napkin. Handing me another, folded neatly, she said,

"I thought you might like this as a souvenir."

Looking at it more carefully, I saw it had the "Old
Bathhouse" logo. It also had three names and phone
numbers written in ink on the inside of the fold.

"You have garnered some fans, " she grinned.

"Hers or mine?" I asked.

"I think it is two to one, but I'm not telling."

"Thank you, I will treasure this and use it the next
time I am in town."

After complimenting her on the service and the dining experience,
I left a huge tip and got up to assist Dyane from her chair.
We nodded at the ladies as we passed and I raised the napkin
in thanks for their interest. I had noticed that no husband's
name was on it, although they both wore wedding bands. After
helping Dy into her cloak, I took her hand and led her through
the front entrance to the deserted deck on the jetty side
of the building.

I inhaled deeply of the still balmy sea air and led Dyane
off the deck onto the pathway leading out along the jetty.
Stopping just outside the light on the deck, I pulled Dyane
into a warm embrace and kissed her gently on the lips. My
emotion was one of gratitude for such an exciting evening
and for her willingness to let me into her life. The kiss
became more and more passionate as my tongue explored her
mouth and I held her tightly to my chest. We breathed heavily
through our nostrils as my embrace tried to let her know
how pleased I was to be with her.

"You are everything I hoped and expected, Darling
Dyane, " I breathed as I broke the kiss.

"And you, Mac. You are unlike any man I have been with, "
Dy replied, looking deeply in my eyes. "And I haven't
even fucked you yet. I'm still debating whether this
love thing you keep telling me about is real, or a good thing,
but you have my attention tonight."

"Well, let's see whether we can remedy both of
those dilemmas, " I whispered gently. "Are
you warm enough for a walk?"

"Lead the way, my handsome knight."

The old customhouse building marked the beginning of a
public park. An asphalt pathway led out from there to the
tip of the jetty at the entrance to the harbor. In daylight
it must have given spectacular views but this cloudy night
left little other than the town lights across the harbor
for our viewing pleasure.

With only footlights along the path to guide us, I was pleasantly
surprised to find a step-down lookout on the harbor side
about halfway out. Taking Dyane arm, I led her down the steps
to the overlook, where a waist high panoramic marker identified
the landmarks to be viewed form this spot. The sunken nest
shielded us from whatever light breeze may waft in from
the sea and we seemed to be quite alone in the jetty park.

I couldn't get enough of Dyane's lips, so I cupped
my hands around her face and pulled her to me for a gentle

"You know, my Darling Dy, I want to make slow gentle
love to you tonight. I was not sure this was love after talking
only on the Internet, but I am feeling it tonight."

Dyane stiffened a little at this "moment of truth"
but wrapped her arms around my neck to kiss me again.

"But that's for later, " I breathed into
her ear. "Right now, I want to fuck you. I want to feel
my cock buried to the hilt in your warm, wet cunt."

"God, I thought you'd never ask, you bastard!"
she replied as she pulled me closer and wedged my thigh between
hers to press her mound. "You could have had me three
hours ago."

I gripped her delectable ass in both hands to seal her pudenda
against me and then pulled back to turn her around. I had
to taste that ass and pussy, and her amazing clit. She knew
what I wanted as she bent over the wooden marker and spread
her legs. I lifted her cape to her shoulders and tucked the
back of her dress into her gold waist chain as I caressed
the inside of her thighs. Then I dropped to my knees.

My heart surged at the vision before me. Her scent was a mix
of pussy, butter and lobster, and I inhaled deeply. I spread
her crack and buried my face in the pussy I had dreamed of
for so long.

She was already dripping when I took the first long lick
up and down her crease. I don't know what "the
girls" had done for her in the ladies room but I could
still taste the residue of our dinner on her thick lips.
Gently I gripped her butterfly wings in my lips and sucked,
first one side and then the other. Her hips were moving enough
to make it hard for me to hold onto her nether lips, but I increased
the force of my sucking.

I could hear her breathing when I let go of her butterfly
and resumed my licking. Now, I expanded the sweep until
my tongue reached her beautiful rosebud. Up and down I went
slowly from her ass to just above her clit, my nose all the
while burrowing in the furls of her divine pussy and crack.
Then I stopped at her starfish and slithered my tongue around
and around - and then in.

"Ahhhhhh, " Dy moaned. She reached one hand
back to pull my head closer as she now collapsed over the
wooden marker.

I knew only Dave's tongue had been there before. I wanted
every private place she had to feel me and remember me. She
was as tight as I imagined but I managed to penetrate a little
ways into her sphincter. So naughty!

I withdrew my tongue and replaced it with a finger. I worked
it in to the second knuckle as I moved my mouth to her vagina
and began to explore her other hole with my tongue. The opening
to her vagina was smaller than I thought for a woman of her
experience, but my tongue explored without resistance.
I fucked her with my tongue as she moaned and swayed from
side to side.

The butter was now nearly gone and her natural juice remained.
There is something about mature pussy that is little spoken
about. It is actually tasty. Young pussy is almost tasteless,
but this woman was rich in scent and taste. Salty and sweet.
I loved it. Dipping shellfish in Dyane was not such a crazy

A finger soon joined my tongue in this delicious cunt. Then
two as I probed her vaginal walls searching for her G-spot.
(Had Dy ever spoken of it? I don't think so). BB's
breathing became faster and faster and I knew she was getting
close. I wanted her to cum again before I fucked her.

Her erect clit was now ready for attention and I knew it would
put her over the top. After circling it gently with my tongue,
I sucked it into my mouth with gusto. Dyane's groans
turned to shrieks as she reached between her legs to grip
my tie and hold my mouth to her. My nose was buried in her hole
as I sucked her clit.

"Oh, God! Don't stop ......."

Her vagina convulsed as she came. She shivered and pushed
me away so she could recover. I hoped that was her best climax
of the evening - so far. But I wanted more. I reached for her
breasts and held her up against me as I nuzzled her neck,
wondering whether she was ready for my lust.

I had her tits out of her dress under the cape and was squeezing
her nipples gently. My tongue was in her ear when she turned
her head with hooded eyes to kiss me.

"Fuck me, .... Please, " Dyane whispered.
She knew that was the magic entreaty that I could not resist.

She started to turn around but I stopped her and returned
her to bend over the marker. She reached back for my groin
but I directed her hands to hold open her ass. My zipper slid
easily with the encrusted butter and my cock was already
as hard as it gets. It did not notice the evening air as I gently
rubbed the glans up and down Dyane's slit. And then
it was there - at her soaking hole.

DD was soooooo tight! I probed and pushed before slipping
the crown into that clutching vagina. God, it felt good!
For months I had jerked my prick in anticipation of how it
would feel drilling into this woman. I gripped her hips
and began to work my length into this velvet tunnel. My heart
was rushing with each stroke until I was buried to my balls,
still a little wet with the butter.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Oh Mac, "
she moaned.

I watched in the dim light as my cock retreated from her clasping
butterfly, gleaming with Dyane's abundant juice.
I rode her all the way in, imagining that I was feeling that
clit tickle my balls as I nestled against her cervix. I was
in heaven to have this lovely woman on the end of my dick,
responding to every inch of my penetration. I thrust slowly
to avoid banging at the bottom. I barely had the presence
of mind to remember that I wanted to do this again and again
tonight, and did not want her to become sore. All the while,
I watched that rosebud wink at me as Dy held one cheek open
for my visual access.

I felt DD rising to another orgasm when I heard voices approaching
on the path above us. I hoped they would pass in the dark but
I knew that I would not stop fucking Dyane unless the intruders
were park rangers. Having waited so long, I was not in the
mood for coitus interruptus. It seems bizarre now but the
only thing I thought to do as the voices approached was to
throw the cloak over her head. Why Dyane would worry about
being recognized while her naked ass was being plundered
by my pistoning cock, did not occur to me. But I did not slow
my steady pounding.

"Mind if we join you?"

I looked toward the vaguely familiar voice to see Sharon
descending to the outlook. Kate and the two men remained
on the path looking at us. This singular evening was about
to get even more intriguing.

"Yes, but you can watch if you wish, Sharon, "
I grunted as I continued fucking my Dyane. I wasn't
sure how I would feel about sharing Dy but it wasn't
going to happen tonight during our first and perhaps only
date. She was all mine tonight.

"You are a tease. But we have seen all the foreplay,
so I would love to see the finish, " Sharon said as
she gestured to the others to come down. "It is about
time you fucked her, Mac."

Sharon strode to our side and took Dy's hand in hers
before raising it to her mouth to suck and lick BB's
fingers. She put her hand on Dyane's ass and started
to caress it. I didn't stop to consult with Dy, but hearing
no objection or lessening of moans, I assumed she was OK
with this exhibition.

The others had joined her when Sharon was pulled away by
her husband/date for a heated conversation. I gathered
by the bits and pieces I could hear that he was not too happy
about the situation but I was unwilling to pay sufficient
attention to get the reasons. I was rather pre-occupied
sliding in and out of a divine cunt and would not be seriously

Dyane began to thrust back at my cock and I no longer worried
about hurting her. She was building to another climax and
I wanted to hold out much longer. The familiar feeling came
over me of not wanting to cum so I could go on fucking this
beautiful woman.

When I became aware of Sharon returning to her vantage point
beside us, I saw her man was gone off down the path. I looked
over at Kate to see that she had her husband's stiff
dingus in her hand and the other on her naked nipple. They
watched us intently while he burrowed his hand into her
panties. Sharon quickly resumed her fondling of Dy's
ass and reached to grab mine. I didn't want the extra
stimulation and gently removed her hand from my butt.

"What happened to your husband?" I asked.

"He doesn't share my predilection for alfresco
fucking, " she giggled. "But now who is going
to fuck me?"

"Ask Kate, " I groaned.

Sharon reached for Dy's tits and began fondling them
while her other hand caressed her ass. Dyane was responding
to all this sensory overload with her first orgasm on my

"Oh, YES! Don't stop fucking me, Mac!"

But I slowed down and pulled out. With my wet boner waving
in the air, I pulled Dy up and turned her around. I kissed
her forcefully.

"Help me with her dress, " I said to Sharon.

She stared at me with a blank expression until she realized
what I was doing. Then she began pulling the front of Dy's
dress up as I lowered the back. With her front tucked out
of the way, I lifted Dyane by the hips to bring her cunt to
my cock. Sharon anticipated my intention and grabbed my
wet cock to hold it against Dy's hole as Dy held her arms
around my neck.

We both sighed loudly as my cock slid home into her slippery
cunt. I had thought she enjoyed this position from our net
conversations and this gave me the opportunity to watch
her eyes as I fucked her - always a favorite for me. With her
legs wrapped around my waist, we began a frantic fuck - with
our eyes open.

"God, I love your clit, " Sharon said as her
hand dropped to our connection. I had forgotten about her,
lost as I was in Dyane's eyes and cunt, but I actually
welcomed this distraction because I can never last long
in a standing fuck. Her fingers circled my rod as her thumb
massaged Dy's clit. I knew Dy couldn't last long
either with the stimulation of my shaft and Sharon's

She closed her eyes as she came with a frenzy of movement
along my cock. I slowed down and moved to rest her ass on the
marker. I still wanted her to have one more before I filled
her and I couldn't wait if I carried her on my cock any

Looking around, I saw Kate was taking advantage of the marker
too. Her dress was above her waist as she sat there on the
other side of Sharon. The light was good enough to see her
shaved pussy being fucked by her husband's respectable
prick. She was lost in her own world, oblivious now to our
activity, as she fingered her clit and a naked nipple.

I was beginning to think that Sharon was getting left out
until I saw Dy reach to rub her hand against Sharon's

"Lift your skirt, " Dyane asked as she reached
for Sharon's breast.

Instead, Sharon unzipped and dropped her skirt. Her satin
panties soon followed. Almost as one, Dy and I reached for
her with one hand - mine on her little ass and Dy in her pussy.
Sharon sighed and spread her legs. She returned one hand
to Dyane's clit and one to Kate's.

Now the distraction was not helping me. My middle finger
met Dy's in Sharon's wet cunt, and then retreated
to her asshole. And through it all, Dyane's velvet
vagina was milking my penis like a suction pump.

Kate's husband came first, pulling out to spurt his
sauce on her belly and Sharon's hand. Sharon rubbed
it into Kate's pussy and that was enough to get Kate
over the edge in a stiff silent orgasm. Sharon was next with
a loud orgasm as Dy worked two fingers into her cunt while
I pillaged her asshole.

Still I fucked BB but now my balls were tight. When Dyane's
eyes closed, I knew she was there before I heard her shriek.
My thrusting became a flurry when Dy stopped me.

"I want to taste you! Cum in my mouth!" she said.

I pulled out and Dy quickly captured my cock in her mouth
just as I started to shoot. I think the village of Rockport
heard me as the orgasm that had been building all evening
let loose. I don't have the volume that I used to have
but this was a prodigious load of cream produced by my precious
Dyane. She got all I had, to be sure.

I watched her start to swallow what had not leaked onto her

"Save some for me, Luv, " I said breathlessly.

When my cock slipped from between her lips, I crushed her
to me for a kiss that I would always remember. We passed the
remaining semen back and forth until I leaned back to watch
her swallow the remnants. Was that her first snowball,
I wondered.

"Love you, my Darling Dyane, " I whispered
with a satisfied smile.

"And I love the way you fuck me, Mac, " she replied
with a mischievous grin.

The others had recovered before we did. Sharon leaned in
to kiss and lick Dyane's lips and chin, cleaning my
clam sauce and any remaining butter they had not gotten
in the ladies room. Kate was even bolder. She squatted in
front of me and began licking the underside of my cock and
balls. We did not object as our breathing returned to normal
(or as normal as mine can be when around Dyane).

I think they both had designs on Dyane's engorged clit,
but Dyane stood up and dropped the front of her dress. She
pulled Kate to a stand and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.
With a grin, Dyane lifted her fingers to her nose and they
both shared the pussy juice that lingered from Sharon.

"Can I have my panties now, Mac?" BB asked.

"No I think I'll keep them, " I laughed
as I retrieved them from my pocket and sniffed them. "Anybody
know where I can a vacuum sealed baggie?"

"I know you're a kinky bastard, but if I don't
get them on I will entirely soak the back of my dress by the
time we get to the hotel!" she said with some exasperation.

"Wear mine, " Sharon giggled as she picked
her red thong up from the ground. "It will thrill me
to know that you are wearing them."

When I did not object, Dy lifted her dress and we all watched
Sharon help her step into them and lift them to her hips.
Sharon took special care to insure they were properly "seated"
over the dripping pussy, until Dy pushed her hand away from
the overly sensitive flesh.

I took a deep breath as I straightened my attire and took
Dy's hand in mine.

"We are having a little party at our house, if you two
would care to join us, " Kate said with a smile.

I looked at Dyane and then spoke for the both of us.

"Thank you, but I don't get to see Dyane very often
so I think I'll spend the rest of the night concentrating
on her. You all have made this an even more memorable evening
than I thought possible. You are delightful people and
I want to thank you very much for sharing this "meal"
with us. Perhaps some other night."

"If by that you mean you'd like to fuck me and Sharon,
that's why we gave you the phone numbers, Mac, "
said Kate.

"And we'd all like to fuck Dyane's pretty
pussy, " chimed in Sharon.

I leaned to kiss her softly.

"First you'd better fix things up with your husband, "
I grinned.

"Oh he's alright. He just doesn't feel that
comfortable in group scenes. He'll be fine later when
Kate gives him a private fuck at home. But he will be disappointed
that I didn't bring Dyane home with me."

We returned to the path and walked back to the parking lot,
hand in hand. We all kissed goodbye and I waved the napkin
at them as I helped Dyane into my car.

"Ready for me to teach you how to dance?" I chuckled
as I started the engine.

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