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They waited. They waited and they waited.

At the far end of the living room sitting on the brand new
cream leather couches, William and Cecile stare at their
glass door foyer, keenly anticipating some beautiful
silhouettes at their doorstep.

These two gentlemen try to represent success in the most
ostentatious ways possible. Saying they splurged on this
property would be an understatement. Even by the living
room you can distinguish this; from the terrazzo-marble
flooring, to the glass railings of the spiraling staircases,
to the skylights, down to the Mojave plants by the entrance,
these astute young men have it all and they pride in the fact
that they are now big fish.

Will and Cece’ got into real estate in the mid-90s. These
young and assertive black men established themselves
early and surprised many. William, with his tall and lean
build, strapping brown eyes, tightly coiled cornrows,
goatee and nose ring, has the more hardened look of the two.
After all, he came about through harder circumstances
than his friend. He hails from Haiti where as Cecile grew
up in suburban New Jersey.

Cecile was always the more brazen of the two and made sure
this Teaneck home was one of the most envied in the state
of New Jersey. His friend hasn’t the slightest idea about
his beachfront purchase in Savannah--yet.

Both men are dressed conservatively in black suits and
ties and they wait patiently on their plush couches, in
silence. This has become a monthly routine for William
and Cecile. Though they are reputable entrepreneurs and
powerful figures within the local black communities,
William and Cecile have a dark side-

“I first get the blonde” said William, who doesn’t care
that he broke nearly 20 minutes of comfortable silence,
“Yes, she’s mine”.

Cecile gives William a quirky look and instead of responding
rolls his eyes away. He knows he’s the one getting the blonde
first anyway.

Both are more fond of the darker hair and darker eyes but
they can appreciate an exquisite blonde mixed in with their
bevy of brunettes, especially William.

Will and Cece’ feel they have a different standard of beauty.
Cecile isn’t shy about the manmade waterfall in the back
of this $6.4 million dollar abode. Will, though more intense
and reserved, gets keyed up when it comes to his automobiles.
He once drew a crowd in a local neighborhood while parking
his brand new jet black Maybach 62. The locals stood around
and probably didn’t realize how long they were, considering
William’s car-mantras often get lost in the over enthusiasm
and Creole-English hybrid.

“She’s a beaut’ though…”

They like their women to go with the lavish scenery they’ve
fashioned for themselves. They like sluts.

This has been an on going procedure for 5 months now. The
month before last (because of important business) , two
nice young ladies from Czechoslovakia spent the weekend.
Will and Cece’ agreed that Henrietta and her petite friend
Jaskova were the best…bar none.

About 6 months ago Cecile was approached by one of his old
clients after a banquet for inner-city youth. They loosened
their ties, drank their brown liquor and laughed it up for
a bit at a local bar …

“Sit down for this” said Cece’ as he bursts into Will’s office
and takes a seat, “You’re not ready for this!”.

William leaned back in his chair with his sleeves rolled
up, “I am and I am ready for anything…”.

“Have you ever been with a white woman?” asked Cecile.

William responded with a smug expression.

“No, man. It’s not what you think. I’m talking about good,
decent, mature, drug free, top of the line sluts from Eastern
Europe. This isn’t about personal gain--or the affairs
of state--the photo opts--or those augmented blonde whores
working for Vespoli…this is about experiencing new things…”

Cecile paused and shrugged, “Besides, it’s free”

“Now that’s just beautiful” says William as he leans forward
in his $2, 000.00 leather chair.

Cecile then leans in more with a whisper saying “I ran into
Walter Pallona from that big Princeton deal 4 years ago.
He turned out to be a real nice guy. I sat down and had a few
drinks with him at the tavern last night. He made me an offer
I couldn’t refuse.”

Both lean more into each other…

“I shit you not, they have a secret society or something.
While we were having our drinks he makes a call on his cellphone--which
I found rude at the time--and then proceeds to talk-yadda
yadda yadda--and before I knew it, this foreign girl comes
up to me wearing a trench coat. She walked directly up to
me, looked me in the eyes, said ‘I need you’--and just started
to get to all the sucking of the earlobes, squeezing on the
arms–and just really invading my space here. This girl
had to be about 23, from Hungary--she’s really special.
Walter looked at me with a crazy look--then started motioning
for me to take her to the bathroom. Mind you I don’t speak
madhar or whatever that shit is so I’m like what the fuck
here. We are in a crowded bar and this very fucking gorgeous
brunette--gets closer to me and opens her coat. She was
completely naked man. She started pressing her body against
mine and massaging my balls right there!--I swear to god–I
had my way with her in that bathroom. She leaned against
the wall, lifted up her coat and I nailed her–pulling her
hair–ended up shooting all in her pussy, I just couldn’t
help it--Now that was beautiful!”

“It’s called Magyar” replied William.

Cecile leans back in the chair and rolls his eyes, “Who gives
a fuck? Isn’t it ugly as hell anyway? Point is, Pallona tells
me there are ‘lots of girls like Sofianne, even better–“

“I trust your judgment so I’m sure these girls you speak
of--are great but what’s the catch, buddy, lets get real
here, nothing is free” says William.

“Right as usual partner. There is a catch. There’s no way
out of this. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. As long as
we fuck these women–for free–we should have no problems”

“Well I do love pussy….”


The gentleman get a little restless as they check their
watches and squirm on the now sticky leather couch, waiting
for their acquaintances. The very thought of Sofianne
from the tavern, Agi, Possi, Ornelia, Maya, and the very
pleasant Henrietta and Jaskova, made both of their cocks
unnervingly hard. They have developed a passion for these

William and Cecile are not allowed to have any sexual relations
outside of their circle. The rules strictly forbid this.
After having breathtaking sex with seemingly flawless
Eastern European women, they have no choice but to stay
with that quality of slut anyhow. Here they are thinking
Henrietta and her petite grey eyed friend Jaskova are as
good as it gets, but they are wrong.

“Holy shit they’re here” says Cecile as he bounces up from
the couch adjusting his tie, “there’s four of them this

William remains slumped into the couch and closes his eyes
momentarily; anticipating the sexual bliss. The women
have had pleasurable reactions to his melanin packed appearance
and strong disposition. He knows he’s getting the blonde

“Come right in ladies” says Cecile as he let’s the ladies
in from the night, “Don’t worry about your shoes, you’ll
be keeping those on” he says with a grin.

Both fellows were a bit dismayed that of the four dazzling
Eastern European women none of them were blondes, rather
three brunettes and one unbelievably good-looking redhead.

The ladies stand at the marvelous glass and gold foyer,
as Cecile closes the doors, and they twist around in admiration
of this lavish home. They often don’t get to see such remarkable
homes or gorgeous black men, much less in the same instance.
Cecile is always aware of this.

He stands at about 5’8 and his partner, who is 6’2, never
fails to acknowledge his advantage in height, though Cecile
is 5 years his senior. Cecile, with his bald head, hairless
face, dimples and muscular build, tends to think the women
are more attracted to him. If you asked him, Agi and Possi
from the first month showed a little more curiosity towards
him. He noticed that same look in the redhead’s eye-

“Me, my–uh-name is Victoria-I am from–Hungary” says the
Redhead as she reads Cecile’s eyes, somewhat embarrassed
of her English, “We–all from Budapest”.

Victoria, who is obviously in charge and stands out anyhow,
is quite beautiful. She is rather fair and has straight
shoulder length hair, squinty blue eyes, and in conjunction
with some light freckling, has astonishingly sharp facial
features. A long pearl necklace wraps around her soft slender
neck and lay atop her round medium sized breasts that all
but burst under her sky blue crepe-backless blouse. Even
with her matching-soccer mom sized Fendi-handbag, Cecile
could appreciate the trim waistline, as well as the creamy
and fleshy stems ascending up into her sky blue miniskirt--clad
with white stilettos. She is to die for.

“Welcome Victoria” as he kisses her hand, “Please, join
me in the other room”.

The patter of their high heels into the living room quietly
thrilled William. He felt the blood rush into the head of
his cock as he shifted it upward under his belt. Though this
will naturally build up into an array of kissing, choking
and asshole stretching, he does not want to introduce himself
with a hard on.

“Victoria, meet our friend William–William–Victoria”


Will stood up and smiled, slightly bowing his head to these
beautiful women. He particularly was fond of the tall,
radiant; reddish-brunette on the left of Victoria. He
locked into her black eyes instantly.

Aneta, who’s really from Fejer Megye, outside of Budapest,
is indeed the exemplary brunette beauty–enthralling
facial features, tanned complexion, long flowing hair,
perfect posture, small breasts, pointy nipples, slim
waist and a defined backside–wearing a tight; lengthy
red silk dress with spaghetti straps, diamond studded
earrings and red open-toe stilettos. She and William could
not help but stare into each other’s eyes.

There was an instance of uncomfortable silence, followed
by everybody giggling. It is not the language barrier.
It is the utter sexual chemistry densely filling the room.

“So, you two” said Cecile as he hovered over these petite
strumpets, “what are your names?”-

Melinda and Belinda are twins from Budapest. They have
sweet green eyes. Their hair flows down to the small of their
backs. Their young powdered faces, pouting lips, big circular
breasts, washboard abs, firm protruding asses and identical
horse-like stances excited the men of their country, even
more so; Will and Cece’. Melinda and Belinda dress in flimsy
black tank tops with silver straps, black paten-leather
miniskirts, black garter-belts, black fishnet stockings
and matching stilettos--in addition to platinum chokers
around their necks. They know they are princesses. They
know they are precious. They know the men of their country
dream of having them… but they are bred for black men.

“We come all the way from Budapest–to see you!” said Belinda
with a nefarious smile, lightly poking him on his puffy

“Take-long time” added her three minute and 35 second older

William and Cecile were taken back by the twins reassuring
English. They soon realized Melinda and Belinda only wish
to fulfill their life long fantasies –and that is to please
black men. The twins, unlike Victoria and Aneta; whom have
been active in the Union for one year now, have no experience
with black men, but from a young age were always reminded
of their purpose. Now of age, the irresistible twins are
ready for the next step.

“Please, ladies, take a seat” said William; still staring
into Aneta’s profound black eyes.

Victoria opts to stand as Aneta crosses her everlasting
legs; sitting closely to William on the couch and Melinda
and Belinda snuggle up on both sides of Cecile on a reclining
leather chair.

“Walter–not happy about last trip” said Victoria with
a concerned expression, “that--can not happen no more”.

“Don’t worry about Walter, I can handle him” replies Cecile
as he looks back and forth at Melinda and Belinda’s gorgeous
faces and awe-inspiring cleavage. Both lay on the arms
of the chair with their legs slightly crossed; and are elevated
just high enough for William to see their hairless pussies
and soft bottoms. Melinda and Belinda refused to wear any
sort of underwear with their tight; hip hugging miniskirts.
They are ready.

This is the scenery William and Cecile have become accustomed
to; laissez-faire women from Hungary, Czechoslovakia,
Romania, Belarus and Russia, lightly clothed and anxious
to do whatever the men desire. Their monthly presence has
made this million dollar home seem more complete.

“O.K.” said Victoria with her arms crossed, “But-please–take
advize, please”

Since the opening weekend with Agi and Possi, these men
have heard the word please many times, so neither took heed
to Victoria’s banter. At this point, it was all about the
untamed fascination between these men and women.

“Come, Victoria, sit next to me” said William; motioning
Victoria with his long willowy finger.

Victoria then takes a seat next to William and crosses her
legs towards him as he puts his arm around her.

Aneta, who is ablaze with sexual urgency, inaudibly gets
up from the couch and stands in Victoria’s place. While
continually gazing into William’s eyes, she runs both
of her hands through her hair, squeezes her breasts and
rubs her pussy over her dress. As she speaks in Magyar, she
frantically rubs her clit and gyrates her hips, ultimately
laying down on the spotless marble floor and masturbating
for him.

Aneta raises her expensive silk dress above her hips and
extends her legs open for William. She pulls her thong to
the side with her right hand and runs her left middle finger
up and down her shaved pussy–

“You get’ em girl” grunts William as he loosens his tie with
his unoccupied hand.

“Engem nehéz helyzet ya apuka” whispered Aneta as she slid
the straps of her dress off her shoulders; licked her fingers
and pinched her nipples. She stares up at William; blowing
on her rock hard nipples, whispering yet again “Engem nehéz
helyzet ya apuka”.

William doesn’t know Aneta is saying Me need you daddy and
she doesn’t know what he says to her, but their eye communication
is much stronger than words.

William takes his arm from around Victoria and removes
his jacket while watching Aneta grind her hips up and down,
pulling her thong perfectly between her pussy lips. She
is soaking wet.

Aneta gets goosebumps from her bare ass on the cold marble
floor and puts her weight on her upperback, stroking her
hips up and down; faster and faster, as she widly runs her
hands through her hair-

“Engem nehéz helyzet ya apuka!”

Victoria, who isn’t into girls, but men–big; black men,
enjoyed William’s reactions to Aneta. William could feel
Victoria’s stare as he rips off his tie and hastily tries
to unbutton his shirt with sweaty hands. Victoria giggles
and then assists with his buttons, crossing her leg further
over his thigh-

“You like that rossz hírû nõ–yes?” asked Victoria as she
loosens the final button on William’s white dress shirt,
“She--little slut–yes?”

William, who at no point even glanced into Victoria’s gorgeous
blue eyes, rather Alena’s piercing black eyes, nods ‘yes’
as he rises off the couch with a visible hard on, ripping
off his shirt and revealing his perfectly athletic body.


Victoria says “Oooh” as she tries to steal a feel of William’s
well defined 8 pack.

Aneta rolls over as William comes to her. She lifts her silk
dress above her waistline, gets on her knees; keeping her
hands and upper body against the sexy marble floor, and
shakes her ass for William. Her pussy is so wet for him.

William towers over Aneta and plants a firm hand on her ass
cheek as she shakes it faster and faster–

“Yeah…yeah” murmurs Will as he spanks her ass cheek, “You’re

“Engem igény magába szív aki fasz apuka” she mumbled as
she catches her breath, ’’Black-Férfi…ooooh” between

William turned to Victoria, who is watching from the couch,
and asked her what Aneta said-

’’She-wants to suck your cock–she love black men” Victoria
replied with a smile.

William turns back to Aneta and looks down on her, ’’Yes?”
and Aneta nods ’yes’ with her cheek against the marble floor.

He grabs her by the hair and lifts her head, making Aneta
arch her back on all fours. William releases her hair and
gets directly behind her on his knees. He moves her thong
to the side with his left hand and begins fingering her pussy
from the back, taking his fingers out and sucking on them.

“So sweet” says William as he licks his fingers.

He grabs Aneta’s hair again and stands her up.

Cecile watches as the lanky and model-esque Aneta wipes
the drool from her cheek and stands with a wound up look on
her face.

William pulls Aneta into him face to face and puts his fingers
in her mouth. Aneta looks intensely into his eyes and sucks
on his elongated fingers, bobbing her head up and down,
tasting her sweet Hungarian pussy.

“Yeah” said William in his barrel toned voice, looking
down on her with his hard stare.

He then lets go of Aneta’s hair, crouches and cups her ass
cheeks, lifts her off of the ground as if this 5’9, 120 lb
delight were weightless, and puts her over his left shoulder.
With her high heels swaying back and forth, William brings
a subservient Aneta to his realm.

Cecile, who at this point feels like an inquisitive little
kid, squeezes Melinda and Belinda’s ass cheeks as he watches
his friend carry a marvelous brunette up the spiraling

He is ready.

“Noooo” said Victoria as she takes her attention off of
William and catches a glimpse of Cecile kissing on Melinda’s
neck, “You–no touch”.

Cecile did not pay Victoria any mind as he goes back and forth
burying his face into Melinda and Belinda’s braless chests
but Victoria made sure he recognized her-


“You!--no touch!” yelled Victoria as she got up from the

Melinda and Belinda, though more than ready for their first
black man, slid off the arms of the leather chair and stood
next to each other behind it.

“You will listen to me” she said as she walks over to the chair
pointing at him, “Do as I say”.

Victoria straddles Cecile in the chair, making her miniskirt
rise above her waist, and puts pressure on his hard cock.
Cecile looks up into her eyes and runs his hands up her supple
legs; grabbing onto her ass–

“No touch” she said with a grim expression.

Cecile then began wondering

what do you mean don’t touch?

But he did not think out loud. He looked back into her gorgeous
squinty blue eyes and simply rested his burly forearms
on the arms of the chair.

Maybe she’ll give me a lap dance.

Victoria gives Cecile a calculating look and uses her right
hand to shift his cock upwards in his slacks. She wanted
it to rest on his abdominal so he can feel the force and eagerness
of her hips, as she strokes up and down on it. Victoria loosens
his belt, allowing his cock to rise up well beyond his bellybutton.
She rides up further and further with her hands in her hair.
Cecile, with his debonair appearance and comforting dimples,
returns Victoria’s amazing glare and thinks…

I’m on top of the world. I am getting some major pussy tonight.
I’m gonna fuck this girl’s brains out. Look at her shoes,
holy shit this bitch is hot!-


She rides up further and further, and looks back and forth
into Melinda and Belinda’s eyes. Victoria knows what she’s
doing and just when Cecile thought he could explode all
over himself, Victoria strokes her hips all the way down
in really hard fashion, effectively crushing Cecile’s
tender balls -

“AH FUCK!” he screamed as he catapulted Victoria off of
him and on to the expensive flooring, “You stupid bitch”
he mumbled while keeling over and curling up on the floor
like a fetus.

Henrietta and Jaskova are pale in comparison …


“Csúnya Nõstény” says Aneta as she kneels; wide eyed in
front of William, licking his cock. Aneta takes pleasure
in being a nasty bitch and makes a gratifying humming sensation
on the tip of it as William deters her from using her hands
and grabs her hair. He holds her hair tight with both hands
as Aneta efficiently makes William’s 10 1/2 inch cock disappear
in her mouth. She runs her hand up and down his chiseled stomach
and this makes him begin fucking her mouth.

Aneta subsequently begins gagging and strings of spit
spew out upon pulling away. She is fascinated by William’s
tall and slender frame; and long and skinny-

“Nagy Ébenfa Fasz”

as she tilts her head, watching the saliva hang from the
shaft of his big black cock, attacking again; gradually
taking it deeper into her throat each time. She puts her
weight back, clutching on to the heels of her stilettos
as William throat fucks her.

“Baby” Williams says as he looms over Aneta with an aching
expression, thrusting into the back of her throat-

“I want to cum so bad baby”

Aneta moans as she looks up into his eyes catching his rhythm
and then begins stroking his cock with one hand. She takes
it out and stands it up, letting the thick saliva drip down
to his balls. She sucks on his balls while jerking him off

“No, no-I want to fuck you baby, I want to fuck you”

Aneta rolls back onto the floor, opening her legs; and gyrates
her hips up and down as she looks around the room; fluffy
white carpeting, skylights, king sized bed with many pillows
and all white linen, 60 inch plasma screen, countless awards
hanging over a 17th century English writing table, furthermore
everything to complete a well-off bachelors quarters.


She looks up at William in adoration as he removes his shoes
and slacks. She rubs her clit in tandem with his fully erect
cock stiffly moving from side to side. Aneta’s pussy is
so wet for him. She wants to be explored. She wants to feel
it in her stomach. She wants to make this hard-boiled black
man cry inside of her and melt in her pussy.

“Get up on the bed baby” as William grabs Aneta by the hand
and lifts her up, passionately tongue kissing her.

Aneta sits on the edge of the lofty king size bed, still wearing
her red dress around her waist and her high heels. Her eye
shadow slightly smeared due to her cock sucking exertions.
Her hair frayed from William making pigtails with his fists
and throat fucking her. Her lips quivering from the energy
in the room.

William positions himself in front of Aneta whilst she
breaths heavy looking at her nipples. He pushes her back
on the bed, draws her closer to the edge by her hips, grabs
the heels of her stilettos and opens her legs-

“Put it in baby, put it in”

Aneta reads his eyes and leans up to put his cock in her pussy.
She guides it in slowly and then let’s go-

“Holy shit” says William as he leans his head back, squeezing
into her tight; wet pussy.

He bobs his head forward and then strongly thrusts into
her pussy. They become perfectly square with each other’s
hips and their flesh smack together as he goes in all the
way. They join hands and William plunges in as Aneta raises
her ass off of the bed and grinds on his cock. She can feel
it in her stomach and snuffles from the pleasure of being
William’s sexual vassal.

He pulls out his cock and Aneta’s juices come with it. William
rubs it up and down on her clit and smacks it on her inner thighs,
making it all wet. He slides it in and takes it all the way
out and they exchange a mean stare.

William smacks Aneta on her hip and stands her up. He has
her slither out of her dress and then bends her over on the
bed. Before putting it back in, he leans over and sucks on
her ass cheek, releasing with a loud pop that echoes throughout
the spacious room.

Aneta runs her hands up and down the soft linen in a snow-angel
fashion as Will slides it in her pussy. She braces herself
as it goes in deeper and stands up on her hands. William holds
onto her hips and begins fucking her in haste.

She enjoyed the upward angle and attempted to use her left
hand to rub her nipples but her right hand couldn’t support
the force of his thrusts as she collapses face down on the
bed, taking it all in.

William, now slightly tired, pulls out his wet cock and
spanks it hard on her ass cheeks. His eyes half shut. The
sweat swathing his body, bringing out every muscular ripple.
He then begins putting it in and taking it all they way out-

“Yeah” he says between breath, “You a sexy little bitch
ain’t ya’…”

He starts fucking Aneta again and then begins fingering
her asshole simultaneously, letting a little saliva dribble
off of his tongue for lubrication-

“Oh you’ve used this before huh baby girl” he says in his
cavernous voice, plunging his long middle finger into
her asshole, “Yeah”.

Upon entry Aneta lets out a sigh, squints her eyes, flips
her hair and looks back at William. She prepared for this,
though she prayed to God William had some lube handy.

As if …

William slides out of Aneta’s pussy slowly and watches
as her juices shimmer all over his cock. He kneels on the
floor, grabs both of her ass cheeks and begins licking her
asshole. He licks it, sucks it, spits on it and repeats the

“I want to fuck your ass baby” he says while fingering it

He gets up from his knees and walks over to his dresser completely
nude. Aneta’s heart ached as she turned over on the bed,
looking at William’s muscular back descending into the
dimples on his ass-

“Szép ebenfa férfi” she whispered as she ran her hands over
her breasts and rubbed her clit, “Szép ebenfa férfi”

William, the beautiful black man, comes back over to her
with some lubrication. Aneta follows his eyes as he approaches
her and looks up at him as he stands over her squeezing the
contents into his hand. He rubs it in and sticks up two glossy

Aneta, who knows the exhilaration of having it up her ass,
looks up into his eyes and shimmies her hips to the very edge
of the bed-

“Seggbedug” she says forcefully while looking into his

William uses those two fingers and slides them into the
supple U shaped area. The warm and slick sensation excited
Aneta as she rubbed her clit back and forth, slightly lifting
her fully cocked legs off of the bed.

He squirts the lube onto her asshole, fingers her more and
then stands up in front of her-

“Put it in baby”

Aneta looks down at his cock, and with her mouth open and
an adoring veneer, grabs it by the shaft and teases her asshole
with the head, circling it around, only putting it in as

William moans as she wraps her fist around it tightly, forcing
all of the pressure into the head. Aneta slowly begins guiding
him in and rolls her eyes when it gets past the fun part-

“Holy shit”

She lets go. He carefully strokes forward. She cups her
breasts. He bites his lip. She looks down, pouts her lips
and gets a baby grip on his finger, taking deep breaths as
it goes in further and further and further and further.



William couldn’t help but notice the contrast in skin color.
Sort of like the home and away team. Aneta’s anal passage
tightly wrapped around the shaft of his cock as he pulls
all the way out to the tip and pushes it all the way back in.


Aneta felt he was being painfully slow and begins tugging
on his finger giving him a mean look, saying-

“Fux me….”

William picks up the pace as he looks into her deep black
eyes and their skin pats together with sensual force. His
cock hitting all walls and stretching her asshole. Gliding
in and out, changing speeds and plunging into her tight
crevice as deeply as possible. Aneta met each thrust up
her ass with doe eyes and short, quick, intense breaths.


He lifts her right leg up and crosses it over on top of the
other, still climbing up her asshole. Aneta reaches down
and pulls his long black cock out of her ass, spanking herself
with the hard shaft. She slides it back in and keeps a loose
fist around it as it goes in and out, in and out. He spanks
her on the ass and Aneta lets go, leaning back on her hands,
scaling from his chest, down to his 8 pack, down to his defined
pelvis, down to his long and slender cock disappearing
up her ass.

Aneta moves her arms from behind her and collapses on the
bed, rolling her eyes, squeezing her breasts as he grabs
her leg and parts them again.

William begins thrusting faster and deeper … faster and
deeper … faster and deeper, as Aneta runs her hand up and
down her stomach. She looks into eyes with her mouth wide
open, moaning louder and louder-

“Yeaaaah, geci, geci, geci” says Aneta in between breaths.

She leans forward and reaches behind him, squeezing his
ass cheeks, feeling his dimples, guiding his rhythm. Yes,
cum, cum, cum is what she wants as William’s speed tires.
Circling his thrusts and grabbing the base of his shaft,
cupping his balls, William stops completely and pulls

Aneta watches at his glistening black cock slides out of
her ass and plops right atop of her stomach. William lets
go of it and raises his arms, running his hands through his
hair. She watches in wonder as his cock rests still with
no assistance, pumping out gobs and gobs of cum directly
up her stomach, between her breasts, splashing all the
way up her and neck and chin. It slightly raises from her
stomach and continues to shoot explosively, splashing
all over stomach. The shots begin to lessen, to a halt, then
his cock reflexively splashes back upon her stomach.

Aneta squints her eyes and pouts her lips as she runs her
hands all across her body, rubbing it in. Her skin, laden
with ‘geci’. Building up on her throat as she looks down.
Her belly button, a pool of warm sperm. William grabs the
shaft of his still hard cock and slaps it on her stomach,
sliding his cum over her skin.

“Yeah” he says between breaths , “I should keep you”.

Feisty one ain’t ya’

Cecile watches with a credulous look as Victoria, out of
her soccer mom-bag, presents handcuffs. He settles back
into the chair, still a little flustered but curious, as
Victoria gazes into his eyes with a bright smile, cuffing
his hands behind him.

“You like?” asks Victoria.

Cecile responded with a equally shiny smile as Victoria
makes sure the cuffs are tight. She pulls his pants down
to his ankles and then begins leaning into his crotch with
her knee.

“Answer me” she says, “You like?”

Cecile, still enjoying the beauty of Aneta, responds with
a ‘yes’ as her face comes closer to his, sharing his breaths,
pushing her knee harder into his crotch.

“You say ‘yes dearest’…” demands Victoria.

Melinda and Belinda giggling made all four of them laugh
in unison but the giggling was followed with surprised
stares as Victoria slaps Cecile across the face.

“What the fuck?!?!” Cecile shrieks in astonishment, “what
the fuck is wrong with you?!?!”

Cecile’s voice carried all the way up the stairs as William
directs his attention to the doorway. He and Aneta then
look at each other and William points-

“Stay here”

Aneta pulls up his bedding and wraps herself as he gets up
and walks out of the room, naked.

William spirals down the stairs as quiet as a paper airplane
to see about Cecile’s hollering. He stands at the end of
the stairway, naked and undetected, watching as Victoria
weighs down on Cecile in the chair with her knee and spits
in his face.

“You call me dearest”

Cecile spits back into Victoria’s face and she slaps him


Belinda notices the statuesque William standing at the
beautiful stairway and covers in awe of his perfect body
and slightly erect cock. Melinda notices and reacts the
same, glancing back and forth from her sister’s eyes to
William’s amazing body.

“Uh oh” murmurs Melinda while covering her mouth, reading
William’s relaxed and calculated body language.

Victoria takes her stare away from Cecile, whom she finds
even cuter at this time and looks over her shoulder to find
William walking towards her with his semi-erect cock swaying
and his arms crossed together. When looking into his eyes
she can see the difference between her prey and her predator.
Her prey, wavering into wonder and frustration while like
her, a potential predator, approaches keenly.

Her confident expressions faded as William drew nearer,
scouring their faces. They faded into the hurtful practicality
she could never explain to herself. Setting her eyes on
a man, a perfectly slim and bare, well endowed black man,
gets her every time.

William, who at this point appreciated the Midas-silence,
chose to let them marvel as he walked past them and took a
seat on the couch.

Cecile pushes Victoria aside with his body and leans up
out of the chair. He stands up with his chaps around his ankles,
looking at William as well, and stumbles onto floor upon
approaching him.

“Fuck!” he screams as he curls up again.

“What a situation you’ve gotten yourself into” says William
relaxing back into the couch with his legs open, “My have
you lost your touch”.

Shut the fuck up!

William says nothing to the girls and reaches over to the
coffee table for his cell phone-

‘How are you my good friend? …’


‘Listen, it has been a long time my friend. Lets say…5 pipe
layer like old times…’

‘Lets say, 20 minute?’

‘Oh yes, I have them. I have the strumpets…’

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