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My wife became a weekend warrior


My wife works the internet all week long to line up her male
customers for their visits on the weekends. Of course Katherine
and I wished her job was legal because it is still an honest
way to make a living. It is simply a supply and demand kind
of service that has been called the oldest profession on

So whether the man takes her out on a date and then pays for
her dinner and drinks, or just gives her the cash up front,
the results are still the same. In some respects we are all
involved in the sex trade industry. It just depends on what
each person wants in order to share their sexuality with
another person. Some want a date, some ten dates while others
require an "I love you, " first. If one person
gives another person what they seek, then an agreement
is made and sex is the result of that agreement.

And speaking of making a law about how a woman chooses to
use her body, isn't that wrong on so many levels. Everyone's
morality is something they should decide for themselves.
So this story may offend some of you because you don't
understand or accept what my wife decided her career was
going to be. And I do truly support her decision.

For the first years of our marriage Katherine and I were
just like everybody else. Getting into the sex industry
would have shocked both of us. Katherine actually learned
about the business and the possibilities from another
woman she met by accident, one day at the mall. My wife had
always been a girly, girl and loved her sexy lingerie. Not
that my wife has a centerfold shape but she does have a centerfold
attitude when it comes to hot, steamy sex.

It started when my wife Katherine was in the lingerie store
at one of the local malls trying on a few new sexy things that
I might like. And, some how she bumped into another woman
and they began to chat. And as Katherine put it, her and Margo
just hit it off being from the start. They were about the
same age and seemed to both liked to wear lacy under garments.

When my wife got home later that afternoon from her shopping
trip, I could tell something was on her mind, just by her
expression. But I had learned it usually takes her a few
hours to figure out what she wants to say and how she wants
to say it. I was going to head back outside to clean up our
garage when Katherine said she needed to talk with me right

According to Katherine, her new friend, Margo surprised
her when she spent so much money in the lingerie store. I
know for a fact my wife was hoping to find one sexy bra and
matching pair of sexy panties. "But you should have
seen her pile. She had at least, six bras and panties she
was buying, " My wife said with an excited look in
her eyes.

"She must be rich, " I told Katherine still
not knowing what I was about to hear. "No she isn't.
Margo said those are her uniforms that she wears when she
is working, " Katherine told me. I chuckled for a
second and asked my wife what this woman did for a living,
if her uniform is a bra and a pair of panties.

Katherine got rather serious before she told me what Margo
admitted she did for a living. "She is not, "
I told my wife as soon as the words left her lips. "Yes,
I really think she is." Katherine said back to me.
"So what was Margo dressed like at the mall when you
met her?" I asked. My wife said Margo looked normal
like everybody else. "She had on a pair of blue jeans,
a top and some flip flops, " My wife explained.

I told my wife her new friend had been pulling her leg but
for some reason my wife was convinced Margo was telling
her the truth. "Ok so where does she entertain these
men?"I asked my wife next expecting to hear that Margo
uses some flop house downtown. "At her home and her
husband is always there too. He takes the money and makes
sure his wife is safe, " Katherine said, now smiling
from ear to ear.

Katherine and I, whether we could admit it or not, were both
very aroused after that conversation. And it didn't
take us long before we ended up in our bedroom where I quickly
stripped my sexy wife. Katherine had a pretty face or at
least I always thought so and an average but that still looked
great even at thirty seven. And as we kissed and began to
touch each other I felt like maybe my wife had other thoughts
she wasn't saying.

But I didn't come right out and ask Katherine if she
was maybe tempting by what her friend did for a living. That
would have simply been too insane to even mention. So instead
Katherine and I just let our hormones do all the talking
for us. And our hormones were in high gear and as soon as my
tongue touched her pussy, Katherine was on fire and I mean,
really on fire.

She climaxed twice fairly quickly before she sucked my
cock and drove me insane in the process. I remember laying
on my back watching my wife suck my cock while imaging her
doing that to some other man. I nearly came in her mouth.

But what I really wanted was to feel my wife's sweet,
tight pussy around my cock. Our fuck began rough and ended
rough but it did what we both needed it to do, which was to
bring us back to reality for at least a short while. When
I came inside of Katherine, she was scratching my back almost
as if she could have been pretending it was some stranger's
cock cumming in.

But in the real world, things don't just happen overnight.
So Katherine and I never bought up her chat with Margo again.
WE just went back to our daily routines for a couple more
months. We, just sort of pretending it never happened.
We were still the same normal couple who enjoyed life, enjoyed
friends and enjoyed our sex life but that remained private
and exclusively between only the two of us.

I had never been so foolish as to believe my wife loved her
job at the mortgage office she had worked at for nearly ten
years. But the money was ok and it really helped us in so many
ways. Katherine and I were both able to drive nice cars,
although not new ones but at least they were late model cars.
And we had some extra money so we ate out more than we would
have. We were happy, in love and living our lives, one day
at a time.

But in the back of my head, I thought about what Katherine
had told me when she came home from the mall that afternoon
many months before. As a man and as her husband would I really
be ok if my wife sold her body? And my second issue was, what
if she ended up liking it too much? I didn't think Katherine
was going to fall in love with one of the men, but I would be
taking a huge chance that the sex might be even better with
them than the sex she has with me.

Katherine and I had just come home from a movie , when she
rushed into our bedroom and told me she had something she
wanted to show me. We had both been kind of horny all day so
I figured our night was going to be rather steamy once we
got home. I probably had a big smile on my face as I waited
for my wife, expecting to find her wearing something sexy
and naughty for me.

But when Katherine came back out of our bedroom in the same
clothes she had on at the movie, I was confused. I stood there
wondering what was going on when my wife handed me a picture
of a woman and asked me what I thought of her. The woman just
looked average, late thirties, with a nice outfit but not
wild and crazy. And she had a nice face and body although
not the kind of picture of a woman that would turn me on.

Not really sure why my wife wanted to me to see this woman's
picture I looked at it for a few seconds before I asked Katherine
who the woman was. Nervously, my wife smiled and said, "That
is a picture of Margo." I looked at the picture again
and think I said, "This is Margo? The woman you said
has her own business?" and I said it with a degree of
shock and surprise.

"Where did you get this?" I asked Katherine.
My wife suddenly got kind of quiet before she admitted she
had been talking to Margo and meeting with her over the past
few months. "Why didn't you tell me"? I
asked Katherine. My wife apologized and said she wasn't
sure if I would have understood or approved.

"I want you to meet her and Ken, her husband tomorrow.
Will you at least do that?" Katherine asked. I told
my wife I would be glad to meet them and then asked Katherine
if she was really giving this idea some serious thought.
"I don't know. Maybe but not maybe, " She

The next afternoon, at two sharp Margo and Ken walked into
our front door. Both seemed like ordinary people, the kind
of people Katherine and I could be friends with. I was leery
while Katherine seemed nervous. But the four of sat down
at our kitchen table and began to talk. Well more specially
Ken and Margo talked and Katherine and I mostly listened.

Some of the key things I remembered were.

1. First impression was Ken or Margo talked very seriously
about their family business.

2. They told us both it is a real business and we would have
to treat it like it was our business from day one.

3. It would be Katherine's job, just like if she worked
for someone else.

4. They told us when they decided to start their business,
they sat down and worked out a business plan that they both
agreed on. Hours, limits, goals, etc.

5. We would have to keep very good records because a lot of
cash was going to come in, so we both needed to see what money
was coming in and what money was going out. Katherine would
get paid a salary and the rest of the profits would be used
to reach whatever goals my wife and I came up with as a married

It sounded so strange the way they talked about what they
were doing, when all I kept thinking about was the fact that
Margo fucks other men in their home, for a living. And apparently
Ken was not just ok with that, but he is always there to handled
the business side of it and assure his wife's safety.

Some other random thoughts I remembered from our talk,
was that Margo told us, Katherine would have to spend quite
a bit of time on line using social media during the week to
line up the kind of customers she was looking for. "Trust
me that is not always easy, " Margo said to us while
she was laughing. "But once you build up your regulars
and base, it does get easier, " She said next.

Ken also told us Katherine was going to be approached by
different kinds of men so we had to make sure we listed the
kind of men, we wanted to be involved in our business plan.
"Things like how old or how young will your age range
be? What about race and ethnic backgrounds? You going to
see a lot of interest, especially from men from other countries, "
Ken also added.

It was the strangest two hours of my life and as Katherine
and I sat listening to them, we both kept looking at each
other, mostly wondered what each other was really thinking.
I asked them both at one point if their neighbors don't
become suspicious because of all the different cars in
front of their house. "Oh I am so glad you asked us about
that. Never let a customer park on your street. Make them
park on a different street or around the corner and have
them walk to your house, " Margo said to me.

Margo then got on a real roll and told us she sets a thirty
minute time limit for each of their customers. Ken greets
the men at the door, takes the money and sends them upstairs
where Margo greets them at the top of the stairs wearing
only her bra and panties.

Katherine then asked them what they charge.. "We
don't offer many options but we do offer a few. But make
sure when you make the appointment online with the man,
that whatever they asked for is agreed upon well before
they show up at your front door, " Margo said.

"They will all want to kiss of course. And they all
want oral sex performed on them. I don't offer blow
jobs but you can if you want too. You really have to only suck
on their cocks for a minute or so because they are always
so excited, that is all it takes, " Margo said to us
laughing for a moment.

"We keep our business plan very simple as far as what
services we offer and what we don't offer. Positions
either missionary or me on top because some men prefer that
position are ok. No bondage or other kinky things. And we
don't offer toys although we are talking about adding
a vibrator and a dildo to our options list. And we prefer
condoms so we price for no condom option at four times the
condom rate, " Margo said and then stopped talking.
They made it sound so normal when it was anything but normal.

My head was drowning by the time they left our house. Katherine
and walked them to our front door and thanked them before
they drove away. Personally I was left speechless and just
looked at my wife not sure what to say. On one hand it sounded
like a real business that they both owned and ran. But the
reality was they were still just selling sex.

My wife and I went and sat back down at our kitchen table and
just stared at each other for about five minutes. "Well?"
Katherine asked me first after five minutes of silence.
I told my wife to go get a pad of paper and a pen so we could start
to work on our business plan. I tried really hard to appear
calm but my gut was twisting into knots. " Are you sure?"
Katherine asked me. I told her I wasn't sure about anything
right now.

We talked well into the night and by the time Katherine and
I were finished, we felt we had a plan we both agreed on completely.
We were going to start slowly and Katherine was not going
to quit her job at the mortgage company, right away. She
would work only on Saturdays and her hours would be from
six and nine at night. And we would limit it to two customers
a night.

And we agreed that Katherine would keep twenty percent
of what she earned for herself. And the rest would go to pay
our monthly bills and our ultimate goal which was to take
a cruise. That way she had a little extra spending money
while she still helped me with our bills, like she did currently.

I was little surprised to learn Katherine would accept
men between thirty and sixty because I thought sixty was
a bit too old for her, but I didn't comment. And although
we both agreed race or ethnic origin was not an issue for
either of us, it did make me think a little more about that
too. But I remained silent because in the end, my wife was
going to make those decisions based on who she heard from
online and felt ok about.

And if it went well and she liked her new career, , she would
then give her noticed at the mortgage office and then quit.
We had no idea how fast our business would take off or how
we would truly feel about it.

I was just exhausted both mentally and physically by the
time we went to bed, later that night. Oddly enough the last
thing I wanted to do was to reach over and make love to my wife.
. I slept in and when I finally wandered down the hall to get
some coffee the next morning, Katherine was already playing
on our computer.

"What are you doing" I asked her while I poured
my coffee. Katherine turned with a big grin on her face and
said, " I'm working." I asked her if she
found any customers so far and Katherine shook her head
no and said it was kind of hard and she didn't know what
she was doing, just yet. I think I told my wife to try one of
the popular social media websites that lists items for
sale as well as services offered for sale.

That is precisely how our business got started, on a Sunday
morning in our home at around ten o'clock. We spent
the day taking a long walk and talking a lot about our business
plan before we finally got home around five in the afternoon.
I had taken a photo of Katherine the night before that didn't
showed her face. Katherine stood by our bed wearing one
of her sexy bras and panties and I took her picture from the
neck down. She used that picture in her online ad.

When we both walked in, I went to start the grill because
we were going to grill some burgers for dinner. And Katherine
was supposed to go make us each a salad but apparently she
went to check our computer first. And that is when I heard
her scream. I was so taken off guard that I dropped the bag
of charcoal and ran into our house expecting to find my wife
in some kind of danger.

Instead I found her at our computer staring at the screen
with her hands covering her mouth as if she was in shock.
"What's wrong?"I asked Katherine. She
simply pointed at the screen and said "Three men have
replied already." I told her to write all three of
them back and start the conversation and hopefully find
out more about each man. We talked about how Margo had warned
us not to select men too quickly because there are going
to be plenty of them to chose from.

By Thursday night Katherine walked into our small living
room and said she had her first customer coming over on Saturday
at seven for an appointment. It was a very tense moment for
both of us. "How about the other two?" I asked
her. Katherine shook her head no but added that six more
men have already responded after the first three.

We then kissed each other once and then twice as the heat
began to rise quickly. I was just about to ask my wife what
option she agreed upon when Katherine looked up at me with
her big brown eyes and said "Condom." I told
her that sounded good and was the safer choice. "Do
you realize you are going to make almost as much from one
customer as you do working three days at your other job?"
I asked. "I know, " was all Katherine said before
she got off sofa and told me meet her in our bedroom in ten

A half hour before the real start of our new business I went
to see how Katherine was doing. My wife was finishing up
her make up in the bathroom wearing one of her new sexy bras
and panties. I remember I stopped and just looked at her
cute ass and her breasts how they rested in her lacy bra and
thought "Wow!" But what she was about to do with
a complete stranger was also the most personal thing Katherine
could do with anybody.

Katherine then noticed me and smiled a nervous smile but
still a smile. "How do I look"? she asked after
she turned and gave me the full frontal view. I couldn't
say what I was really thinking which was the customer coming
over was going to fuck the shit out of my wife. So instead
I told Katherine she looked just perfect and I knew he would
like what he was looking at as soon as he saw her.

A few minutes before seven on Saturday night our front door
actually bell rang and I got really, really nervous. I had
Katherine waiting in our bedroom wearing her sex attire
that she had bought just for this occasion. I answered our
front door and met a man, a bit older who said his name was
Andy although he looked rather nervously too. And Andy
also looked kind of short and stocky but my wife must have
seen something in him to make the appointment in the first

"Please come in, " I told Andy as he walked in
and I then locked the door. I remembered Ken telling me to
get down to business right away because the men did not stop
by to socialize with me. "Ok you will have forty five
minutes" I told him since my wife and I thought she
should offer more time until she got the hang of it. He nodded
as if he understood.

I sort of expected him to pay so when he didn't I told
him I needed his payment up front. "Oh sure. Sorry, "
he said before he handed me several hundred dollar bills.
I then reminded him if he had any problems performing, we
offered no refunds and he nodded that he also understood.
And that this was a one round event even if that only takes
you fifteen minutes.

"Honey, your customer is here, ready for you, "
I called out to Katherine, so she would know we had gotten
paid and it was time for her to go to work. I swear I had never
felt as nervous as I did at that moment. The hallway leading
down to our bedrooms was just ahead of our front door so I
waited with Andy before Katherine slowly appeared.

It was very odd to watch my wife walk out wearing her lingerie
in front of a stranger. She had on a lacy pink bra and panties.
"Hello Andy, nice to finally meet you, " My
wife said as she walked towards her customer with a tense
smile but it was still a smile. And of course her breasts
bounced up and down as she walked up to him.

I just couldn't believe this was my same wife because
a half hour earlier, when Katherine was having all sorts
of doubts about even doing this. And now she was this confident,
very sexy looking woman walking up to her first customer.
"Why don't we go get started" she said as
she reached for his hand and led the man back into our bedroom.

I was extremely anxious those first few minutes as I waited
in the foyer and tried to hear anything I could. But it was
also exciting just knowing twenty feet away in our bedroom,
my wife who was now half dressed was alone with a stranger.
Margo had advised us to keep our bedroom door open because
it tends to help control the men, once they get excited.

"Katherine's new job had official begun, "
I said to myself. I heard nothing at first but waited anyway
in case Katherine called out for me. I then heard my wife
giggling once so that helped me relax just a little. And
then I heard some soft whimpering sounds and it sounded
like they were coming from both of them.

Call me a weak man or even a pervert because fifteen minutes
into it, I snuck down the hallway and peaked into our bedroom.
Katherine was on her back, her legs were spread and Andy
had his face buried in my wife's crotch. And based on
how my wife's body kept tensing up and shaking, he was
hitting the mark, so far. So I left the two of them not because
I didn't want to watch more but I would have been totally
embarrassed if I had been caught, peaking at them while
they were doing something so personal.

I guess I then just paced back and forth and waited and waited
as the minutes just dragged by. I am pretty sure the two of
them were having a lot more fun than I was having. About twenty
minutes into it or maybe a little longer, I snuck back down
to make sure things were still going smoothly. And I was
shocked that Katherine was still on her back and Andy was
still licking her hot little hairy pussy. She told me after
her first customer had left that she tried and tried to cum
in front of him, but she was just too nervous and excited,
so it never happened.

But I still watched for a little longer and I saw Katherine
then sucking on his ugly fat cock but it kind of sickened
my stomach so I just walked away. Andy was a chubby little
hairy man and my wife was way too pretty for him. But he paid
so he was going to be allowed to fuck her anyway.

When I checked for the last time he had my wife pinned under
him on the bed and his thick ugly cock was pumping her outer
pink pussy lips like crazy. And what was even more amazing
to me was that Katherine was whimpering and moaning as if
she liked it. For a few moments I began to believe this whole
idea was a complete mistake. Katherine and I should never
have thought this would work for us.

I checked my watch about thirty five minutes after her arrived,
Andy rushed by me, apparently in a hurry and went out our
front door. I remember sitting there thinking Katherine
is no longer mine. I was in a really bad place for a few minutes
before my wife finally walked out wearing her silk robe.

"Are you ok?" she asked me before I asked her.
I told Katherine I wasn't sure where I was at and then
I asked her if she was ok. I felt like crap and remained on
my chair not even bothering to stand up and hold her again.
She gently placed her hands on the top of my head and told
me everything was going to be alright. "Oh honey, ,
we talked about this and both knew what was going to happen, "
Katherine said as her hands remained on my head, gently
touching me.

I remember I lifted my head and looked up at my wife as she
was looking down at me smiling her usual wonderful smile.
"See nothing has really changed, " Katherine
said before she untied her robe and showed me her wonderfully
sexy body. I felt this strong urge to reach up so I did and
held Katherine's warm breasts in my hands.

"I know you still like them, " Katherine said
smiling as I felt her heat and her softness. And of course
her hairy pussy was only inches from my face and her scent
had blossomed during her fuck. So I then slid one finger
tip down through her curly pubic hair and touched her swollen
pussy which caused Katherine to tremble like it always

"Was he good?"I asked my wife as I began to play
with her pussy. "Sure he was ok. Nothing special, "
She replied. "Did he cum in you?" I asked Katherine
as my body was beginning to tingle more as I continued touching
her womanhood. "He came in the condom, " Katherine
said softly. "Did he cum a lot?" I asked her feeling
my own dick stiffening really fast.

"Yes he got very excited and filled up the end of the
condom, " She told me as I stood up and pulled Katherine
back into my arms with more passion that I may have ever had
for her before. It was a very different, yet strangely exciting
experience to fuck my wife after another man had just fucked
her moments before.

"Andy just warmed me up for you, " Katherine
told me as she went after me as hard as I went after her. It
was instant fire once her robe was on our bedroom floor and
my hard cock appeared. "I got confused, " I
told Katherine as we kissed and rolled around on our bed.
"That's ok. I thought you might do that, "
She said.

" But now I want to fuck her even harder than that man
did, " I told my wife as she laid on her back with her
legs spread and help guide my throbbing organ into her pussy. I melted into her and she melted into me as
our two bodies came together as perfectly as they ever did.

And with each thrust into Katherine's pussy I imagined
Andy doing that moments earlier and it only made me hotter
and I really, really needed to cum in her again. "Come
on honey, fuck me good, " My wife said once I was going
out of my mind. My balls exploded seconds later and the release
of pressure nearly caused me to pass out. Katherine took
my cum by bucking her hips upward until she had finally drained
me completely.

Katherine and I then spent the rest of the night, snuggling
, watching TV and kissing each other more than my wife and
I had kissed in years. It was about nine thirty when Katherine
asked me if I was back to being ok with her new career. She
also told me Margo had warned her this could happen because
the first time she was with a customer, Ken freaked out too.

I looked at my sexy pretty wife and I told her I was perfectly
ok with her new career and would prove it to her. Katherine
had been snuggling tight to me on our sofa when she pulled
back and looked up into my face before she said, "Ok,
prove it to me."

"This should be a good time to line up more customers.
So I suggest you get back on the computer and get back to work,
right now, " I said to Katherine. She giggled, jumped
off the sofa and rushed off to get back on the computer and
line up more customers for the following weekend.

No one ever thinks they are going to end up in a business like
this but some couples do. And Katherine and I were one of
those couples who started out own business although it
didn't take off right away but that was mostly because
of us and not the interest in Katherine from other men.

Our plan for Katherine had been, that she would have quit
her other job after a month or two. But that didn't happen,
mostly because Katherine felt comfortable with just one
customers each Saturday night, at least to start with.

And the second man who walked to our house was a bit younger
but just as nervous as the first one was. But I did my part,
acted business like, took his money and reminded him of
the rules. When I called out and she knew everything had
been taken care of, Katherine made her entrance wearing
a sexy bra and panties and the party was back on. It struck
me odd to watch my wife holding this man's hand as they
walked together down the hall towards our bedroom.

But he fucked her anyway and Katherine walked out thirty
minutes later still smiling. "Did you have fun?"
I asked after her second try. Katherine smiled, nodded
her head before she said, " Yes I really did. He was
a nice guy and really intense in bed."

And so our odd adventure continued and over the next few
months, Katherine entertained some really strange men
of all ages. I remember one man wanted me to watch and paid
us extra because he said his fantasy was to fuck another
man's wife in front of him. Another man was actually
sixty four but was so sweet Katherine went beyond our business
plan for him.

But the most memorable was her first customer who paid a
lot of money to not use a condom. And after he left that was
an entirely new experience for me and for Katherine. I remember
when she came back to join me after he had left and I opened
her robe like I always did and saw her gushing, leaking pussy,
it was instant shock and an instant erection. "I know
that is riskier but it was a lot more fun, " Katherine
said to me as my fingers were touching their gooey mixture
of pussy juice and the custsomer's cum. From then on,
my wife began booking one or who customers each Saturday
night and Sunday nights too.

It took us seven months before Katherine quit her day job
because we had more money than we had ever had. And when she
called Margo to tell her the good news, they decided the
four of us should celebrate. Both of our wives took a night
off so both couples could go out and have some fun. The four
of us enjoyed some really good steaks and a couple of drinks.

I remember at one point after we had all finished eating
Margo joked and reminded Ken and I this was costing them
a lot of money, having no customers on a Saturday night.
Ken and I made a joke back and asked our wives if we could pay
them for their services tonight.

Katherine looked at Margo, Margo looked at Katherine and
they both quickly said that sounded like it might be fun.
We all shared a hotel room and holding Margo, kissing her
and feeling her body against mine was a real thrill for me.
I now knew how her customers felt and Ken now knew how Katherine's
customers felt. It was just a wild friendship kind of fuck
but it was still awesome.

Women can be in this business and not be cheap women with
no morals. You just have to approach it from a business point
of view and if you like sex and you like money, it's a
great line of work.

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interesting point of view,
glad it worked for you guys, if I were 30 yrs younger, I think I would be talking with my wife about the idea.


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I hope this make's since --

Also If it was me and another woman ( being's I am not married ) I would ask for a driver's license Number -- OR -- take there License Plate number down --Less change of any thing happening ..

I wouldn't take any more then one customer at a time -- Only because TWO GUY'S some-thing can happen's that is un-four seen -- It will lessen your any thing from happening .. YOU don't know these men at all - no mater how long you talk to them on the internet ..

When my daughter started dating I reqired the kid to give me there driver's License number before they went out with my kid ...


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what aw ay to start anew business with different rewards and risks of no condom with various diseases available to be caught tell us what happened later


llikeus 63 C
Score 0.1

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I agree, very interesting perspective how you made it work for you two. I see nothing wrong with it and believe that option is totally up to the female half. Her body totally her decision.


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Very hot story, but the no condom thing would be very risky.


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Congratulations to you both. I hope you are truly happy and successful in your business. It sounds both exciting and scary at the same time. best of luck!