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My wife's 50 shades "Moment"


My wife's 50 shades moment

For my wife's thirty fifth birthday present, I gave
her permission to spend time at a friend's home, for
her birthday fantasy.

Now having just admitted that, don't think we were
two crazy people living on the edge. Lindsey and I lived
a quiet life in the suburbs with our only son who was eight
at the time. And we weren't some wild sex craved couple
either and in fact we were sort of boring when it came to our
sex life. Maybe boring is the wrong term to describe us,
so let me replace it with traditional or conventional.

It all began when we met an older man at a party one night.
Friends were having a summer outdoor cocktail party to
celebrate their new pool, so naturally Lindsey and I were
excited to see it. My wife had fussed over what to wear to
the party for a few weeks and had finally settled on this
spaghetti strapped summer dress with a full skirt bottom
and matching sandals. Lindsey looked absolutely fabulous
with her long blonde hair and cute face.

If there was one truth, it was that the women in our social
circle were extremely competitive and would judge each
other on what they wore to each event. If you wanted to make
an impression, you had to dress stylishly and you could
never wear what you might have worn before. When I saw Lindsey
after she walked downstairs and was ready to leave for the
pool party, I was blown away. I remember thinking to myself, "
We have a winner."

I had always felt like I hit the jackpot when I met Lindsey
and it only got better every day since. My wife was not only
this cute, sexy petite woman, she was also a good person
with an honest heart. She was an awesome wife, super mother
and a tender and a romantic lover for sure.

Lindsey and I arrived and immediately fell in love with
the pool and how gorgeous it looked. We had always talked
about putting a pool in our own backyard but never seemed
to ever come up with the money or the courage to actually
do it. But it was still a dream of ours as my wife and I sipped
our cocktails and chatted back and forth about how fabulous
their pool looked.

It was shortly after we had arrived that we happened to start
a conversation with an older man who happened to be standing
by us. He introduced himself as Roland, as the three of us
shared some meaningless small talk. It was fairly obvious
that Roland had been to a lot of places in the world and was
much more worldly than Lindsey and I. But he was very polite
and seemed interested in what my wife and I had to say too.
It was those first five minutes of meeting a stranger that
got the ball rolling although we didn't realize it
at the time.

Lindsey and I continued to mingle and enjoyed a wonderful
summer evening with good friends. And my wife got a lot of
compliments about her outfit which put a permanent smile
on her face. We left around ten or so and headed home in a really
good mood. I then took our sitter home while Lindsey checked
on our son and was waiting for me in our bedroom with a smile
while wearing some very sexy lingerie.

I always looked forward to those nights when my wife was
obviously in the mood because our sex was always that much
better. And I am not suggesting Lindsey was a frigid woman
because she definitely wasn't, but when she was in
just the right mood, things just clicked for both of us.

I remember I walked into our bedroom and saw Lindsey standing
next to our bed wearing a lacy, sheer top and matching panties
and a really big smile on her face. I immediately locked
our bedroom door because I knew that fireworks were definitely
going to fly.

From our first kiss, to our last, my wife's heat was
off the charts on that particular night. How a hundred and
ten pound woman can pack such a punch, is truly one of the
wonders of the world. Lindsey's lips were hungry and
hot, right from the start. We both knew right away that our
bodies were going to be left breathless when we were finished.

Her lacy, sheer top eventually came off and I remember staring
into her eyes as my hands held her small but very soft, pointed
breasts. "I love the way you touch me, " she
said softly as I held her breasts in my hands and watched
the fire in her eyes grow even stronger. "I love touching
you too, " I told my wife as we kissed again before
I picked her up and placed her on our bed.

Lindsey and I began to roll around rubbing our naked bodies
against each other's more and more until we were both
going out of our minds. And normally I would have simply
started in licking my wife's sweet pussy before we
made love but my mind was in another place, on that particular

"Can I try something new?"I whispered to Lindsey.
Her blue eyes were so on fire, I sensed she might just say
yes. Normally my wife preferred romantic verses anything
else but on that particular night I thought Lindsey might
be in a place where she was willing to experiment a little

When I rushed from our closet with two of my ties and began
to tie one to each of her wrists, my wife became breathless.
It was terror but it was also something much more as Lindsey
laid on her back, sucking for air while I secured her wrists
to the upper bedposts. I know, once she was secured, I had
this suddenly surge of excitement and I think she did too.
My wife and I both experienced something new and exciting
that night.

It made her orgasm that much stronger and it gave me such
a feeling of being in control that I went slower and made
it last for as long as I could stand it. When I finally penetrated
Lindsey's vagina it was sheer heaven for both of us.
Our two very different body parts coming together so perfectly
was truly a miracle. We made it almost to the end before Lindsey
asked me to untie her wrists so she could hug me when I finally
came inside of her.

That night was all I thought about for the next few days although
Lindsey went back to being the wife and mother she always
had been. Neither of us spoke about what we had tried but
we both probably thought about it. If anything, Lindsey
and I kissed and hugged more than we usually did.

Life went back to normal and a couple of weeks later my wife
came home from the grocery store and told me she had run into
Roland, the older man we had met at the party. I didn't
give it a second thought other than the idea of a sophisticated
man like Roland must have looked out of place in a grocery
store. "Wow! What did he have to say?"I asked
my wife after I carried the bags of groceries into our kitchen.
Lindsey explained they only chatted for a few minutes and
she didn't really remember what they talked about.
"But he said to tell you hi, " Lindsey said as
she got busy putting our groceries away. Again, the moment
passed like so many others do in life and my wife and I went
back to living normally.

Sadly summer slowly began to wind down and it was on a Saturday
night when we ran into Roland again on my birthday. Lindsey
and I had gone out to dinner to celebrate and while we were
at the bar, after we had finished eating, that Roland walked
in. Lindsey actually spotted him first and nudged me. So
I waved, Roland waved back and walked over to say hello to
us again.

I remember he had on an expensive looking sports coat with
a pocket scarf, which I thought made him look international,
compared to how I was dressed. But he was charming and shook
my hand before he then took my wife's hand and kissed
it, sort of like you see in the old time movies.

Lindsey explained to him that we were celebrating my birthday
so Roland quickly ordered us each another drink. And then
the three of us began to chat and along the way Roland began
to share with us some stories about his travels and faraway
places he had seen in his lifetime. And it was not like he
was bragging because Roland had such a calm way of speaking,
he made it sound so normal.

In fact at one point I asked Roland if he would like to come
to our home for dinner some night so we could hear more about
his travels. "Well that is simply a delightful idea, "
he said back to us. Lindsey seemed just as excited as I was,
so when Roland accepted, my wife quickly pulled her calendar
out of her purse and we settled on a night.

Again, just another incident that on its own merit didn't
cause us any concern on my part or my wife's part. Roland
was a gentleman, a well traveled person and a nice, charming
man in his fifties. And I didn't think anything of it
when on our ride home later on, Lindsey mentioned how handsome
Roland was too. But we did agree that our son would really
enjoying listening to Roland talk about the rest of the

It was a few weeks later that Roland rang our front door bell
and we welcomed him into our home and introduced him to our
son. We all had a wonderful evening, ate a delicious meal
that Lindsey had prepared and enjoyed the bottle of wine
Roland had brought over as a gift. And Roland spent a great
deal of time telling our son some amazing stories about
faraway places.

And while Lindsey was tucking our son to bed, once it had
gone past his bedtime, Roland and I sat in our living room
and chatted alone. He was a gentleman through and through
so when he told me he thought Lindsey was an absolute marvelous
creature, I took it as a compliment. It was not as if Roland
was saying anything disrespectful when he praised my wife.

In fact Roland and I had been talking about the different
cultures and how each part of the world, treasured women
and their sexuality a little differently. It was about
then, that Lindsey popped back in and joined Roland and
I while he was explaining some of the mysteries all women
have including the one's he met from the Far East.

And then Roland paused for a second, looked at my wife and
said, "Like most women, I can tell looking from your
eyes that you have some desires that you don't talk
about. " Lindsey blushed as soon as Roland said it
and looked at me totally surprised. "No I don't, "
My wife then said politely but clearly a bit rattled. Roland
quickly apologized to Lindsey and explained he was probably

Other than that one wave, the night had been calm sailing.
Roland left a half hour later and apologized one more time
to Lindsey as we all three stood at our front door. "Oh
don't worry about that comment. I am fine, "
Lindsey said to him before he shook my hand and left our home.

Lindsey and I cleaned up the dishes and shared one last drink,
since it was only ten and neither of us were tired yet. We
were outside on our patio looking up at the fall sky relaxing
when my wife mentioned Roland's odd comment again.
"What do you think he meant?" My wife asked.
I told Lindsey I had no idea and then asked her if she did have
some desires she never told me about. At first my wife denied
it and said I knew every desire she ever had.

"But if there was just one secret desire of fantasy,
that you never told me about, what would it be?"I asked
Lindsey next. I saw how my wife's expression suddenly
changed right in front of my eyes. It was exciting but it
was also kind of scary. Lindsey took a sip from her drink
and sat silently next to me for a few minutes clearly thinking
about how and if she should tell me.

"It is sort of like the phantom of the opera, kind of
feeling, " She said softly. I asked her what she meant
as my wife sipped her drink again. "I don't really
know how to explain it. I guess being in a situation where
there is an attraction and strong chemistry and I am helpless
to stop it, " she said. And that is the moment when
the ball began to roll down the hill.

Lindsey and I were in bed a few minutes later and her lust
bubbled over as soon as my hands touched her bare flesh.
I didn't know what this all meant yet but I liked how
my wife was responding. All most from the start Lindsey
would not let go of my throbbing cock and stroked it constantly
while we kissed. And then she slipped down the bed and began
to gently suck it with her warm mouth as my head spun even

I nearly exploded before I pushed Lindsey onto her back
and began to lick her pussy until she whimpered once she
had lost control. She had never acted this way before and
it bothered me but also thrilled me when I finally forced
my cock between her outer lips and felt her sucking my cock
into her womb. Once Lindsey had all of my shaft in her, I looked
into her eyes and told her we should make her phantom of the
opera fantasy come true.

"I'm scared" Lindsey said but her hormones
were so strong she began to hump up at me without being able
to control herself any longer. " I think being scared
is part of your fantasy" I told her before I really
began to fuck her harder. By the time my balls had popped,
Lindsey had clawed my back, bit me on the shoulder a couple
of times and screamed when she felt me cumming inside of

And for some reason I had this feeling Roland was the kind
of man who was in her fantasy although she never admitted
it outright. So the next morning after breakfast I casually
mentioned to Lindsey that I was going to call Roland and
speak with him alone. She looked literally petrified but
she didn't try and stop me either.

I really had no idea how far this fantasy was going to go but
I was pretty sure Lindsey would stop it once she had reached
her limit. And I was curious to see what her limit was going
to be. She was now filled with a combination of excitement
and nervous energy. Two days passed before Lindsey finally
pulled me aside and whispered to me, "Have you spoken
with Roland yet?" I really couldn't tell if my
wife wanted to hear yes or hear no.

It was the following Saturday when Lindsey received a package
from a delivery company and carried it into the kitchen
with a surprised look on her face. "Who is it from"?
I asked her as she placed it on our table. "There is
no return address, " my pretty wife said as she grinned
at me and then back at the package.

"Well you should open it, " I said as I watched
Lindsey anxious to tear off the brown paper it was wrapped
in. The paper flew onto our kitchen floor seconds later
before my wife opened the box and stopped in her tracks.
Her eyes got huge as she reached in the package and lifted
out a long red silk dress, holding it up so I could see it.
"Very pretty and sexy too, " I said once I also
saw the long slit up one side of it.

"Is there anything else?"I asked my wife. Lindsey
then pulled out a pair of very lacy, sheer red panties and
a pair of red high heels. "Did you buy this for me?"
My wife asked beaming all over her face. I shook my head no
and waited for her to find the note Roland said he was going
to put in with the outfit he wanted her to wear for him.

"Wait, there's a note, " Lindsey then
said as she put the items down and quickly opened up the envelope
with the note inside of it. Lindsey read it without speaking
before she looked up at me gripped my her terror. "Did
you know about this?" She asked me with a quiver in
her voice. I nodded my head yes as my wife's face began
to tense up even more than it already was. "It's
going to be your phantom of the Opera evening" was
all I said.

While Lindsey showered and got herself ready, I dropped
our son off at her parents' house for the night. I wasn't
really sure where my wife's head was at but I also felt
like maybe she didn't know either. The plan was that
I would be dropping her off at Roland's home for the
evening and although she thought I was then leave. But the
plan was, if all went according to his plan, I would come
back in his back door when he gave me the signal so I could
listen and watch from another room.

Lindsey took my breath away when she walked down the stairs
at eight wearing the long, silky red evening gown with the
long slit up one side. It was low cut on top but covered her
small breasts while also revealing a hint of her mounds
at the same time. "Maybe I shouldn't go, "
Lindsey said once she saw me.

"Roland told me to tell you that you will be in control
at all times. If you want me to come pick you up, all you have
to say to him is, "Red Light, " and he will stop.
"All I have to say is Red light?" Lindsey said
back to me. I nodded my head as my wife stood in front of me
still unsure of what she wanted to do or should do.

Lindsey had worn her long blonde hair up which made her look
even more elegant in her red evening gown and heels. "This
is crazy, " she said once as I drove her over Roland's.
"Well just say, red light, and I will turn around and
take you back home, right now, " I said to her.

"Are you sure, you are ok with this?" Lindsey
asked me as we got closer to Roland's. Of course I was
fighting my own demons by then and was not sure what "This"
really meant anymore. What if she kissed him and how would
that make me feel? What if she did a little more than kiss
and how would I then feel?" I had a lot more questions
than answers but I didn't turn our car around either.
Lindsey and I had trapped ourselves in whatever this fantasy
really was.

I kissed my wife before I walked around, opened her car door
and helped her to her feet in front of Roland's impressive
home. "Ok go ring his doorbell. He is waiting for you, "
I told Lindsey as she tried to smile but was too nervous by
then. I watched as my wife's sweet tight little ass
in her tight dress as she walked up to his front door. I think
my heart was beating as fast as hers was beating by then.

I had always sensed the two of them had some kind of strange
attraction and chemistry between them. And now they were
about to share what might turn out to be a very interesting
evening alone for the time being. Roland appeared at his
front door wearing an evening coat and slacks as he waved
at me while welcoming Lindsey inside. It was really hard
to watch him close the door because my wife was now not in
my sight any longer. She was now alone in a man's house
and I didn't know what they were doing.

I drove down the block and parked while waiting for Roland
to turn his front lights back on as my signal to sneak in his
back door. Those minutes were pure torture and Lindsey
had only been alone with him for ten minutes. I knew my wife
better than anybody else so my logical side she was probably
still very nervous and sipping some wine while chatting
with Roland.

At the hour mark, nothing had really changed and I realized
this might turn out to be a very long night. I just hoped Lindsey
was enjoying herself but only to a point. But then I also
knew my wife's values and knew any fantasy she might
have inside of her head would have to go slowly and would
take time to build up within her. As charming as Roland may
have been, Lindsey was never going to do anything she didn't
feel it coming from inside of herself.

Darkness had set in around nine or so and as I checked my watch
I realized that almost two hours had now passed. My heart
rate was fast but I knew hers was even faster. Was Lindsey
feeling sexy and flirting with Roland or was she waiting
long enough to politely tell him she wanted to leave. I could
tell when she first appeared in her slinky red dress, it
had made her feel very sexy.

All I could do was sit and wait and it was almost three hours
before I saw Roland's front lights finally were turned
back on. He lived in an impressive neighborhood in an impressive
home so my walk towards his house made me feel like I was in
a different world. I was more scared at that point than anything
else because I had no idea what I was about to walk in on.

I crept around back and peeked in his side windows along
the way but couldn't see either of them. I had a lump
in my throat when I slowly turned his back door and pushed
it open. As quietly as possible could, I then shut his back
door and stood in a hallway listening for anything, and
I mean anything.

"Does it feel comfortable?"I finally heard
Roland asked Lindsey as my heart leapt for a second. "Yes,
it does, " I heard my wife say back to him as I stood
there listening to my own heart beating faster and faster.
"Not too tight?"I Roland asked her. She apparently
shook her head no because Lindsey didn't' answer
him or I couldn't hear her answer him if she did.

I just prayed his floors had no squeaks in them as I made my
way out of the back hallway and into his kitchen. There was
soft classical music playing from all the speakers in the
ceilings as the mood did seem relaxing. I finally reached
a doorway and slowly bent my head around to see if I could
see Lindsey and Roland. And then I saw my beautiful wife
in Roland's arms kissing him on the sofa. And Lindsey
was wearing a blindfold so she couldn't see anything.

They kissed for a really long time before Lindsey pulled
back and softly said to Roland that she should stop before
she gets too carried away. She was back in his arms moments
later kissing Roland again with a lot of passion.. I guess
I should have felt angry or jealous but I didn't. I was
so interested in watching her, that was all I really wanted
to do.

"Please, we have to stop, " I heard my wife say
one last time before Roland stood up and picked her up in
his arms. She looked like a doll in his arms as she hugged
him and nibbled on his neck. I remember thinking, "Holy
shit." I was suddenly so excited I could hardly stand.
Did this mean what it looked like it meant?

Roland held Lindsey in his arms for a few moments before
he asked her if she wanted to use her special words. And when
she didn't answer him and instead kept nibbling on
his neck he turned with her in his arms and carried her up
his stairs. I began to feel like I now knew what she meant
when she had used the term, "Phantom of the opera, "

I waited a few minutes once they had gone up his stairs trying
mostly to calm myself This no longer felt like a fantasy
to me because it was really happening. I snuck up the stairs
a few minutes later and peaked around the corner into his
bedroom where Lindsey was now laying in the middle of his
large bed.

And Roland was attaching leather handcuffs to each of her
wrists as I watched her breasts heaving even under her red
dress. She was still wearing the blindfold and laid there
gasping all by herself. I had shared with Roland when we
spoke how excited my wife had gotten the time I used ties
to secure her arms to our bed. But watching what he was doing
was taking some innocent fun a couple might share to a whole
new level. I couldn't imagine what Lindsey was thinking
while it was happening to her.

What I then witnessed will stay with me for the rest of my
life. It was eye opening and shocking yet the more erotic
thing I have ever seen. Roland moved quickly attaching her cuffs before Roland
bent over her and softly kissed her on her lips. She was wearing
the handcuff but she was still free as she raised her arms
up and held onto him while their lips pressed against each
others. It was romantic but with an edge, if you know what
I mean. My wife seemed to be slowly surrendering to Roland,
even if she didn't realize it.

His hands then very slowly ran over her dress as Lindsey
laid on her back and shook when he touched the front of her
breasts. He never said a word and neither did my wife as she
laid there feeling his fingers lightly touching her on
her most private places. Was she still fighting it or had
she resigned herself to letting this happen?

Lindsey whimpered softly as Roland kept touching her body
over her dress. I was having troubling breathing from the
erotic excitement I was now feeling. Lindsey and I were
just this normal couple from the suburbs and now she was
in a large home, on another man's bed, getting aroused
without me.

Roland then glanced at me briefly and when I didn't
make any moves, he helped my wife to sit up before he began
to slowly unzip her dress. My wife and I were looking at each
other face to face although she couldn't see me because
of her blindfold. I wanted that dress off, yet part of me
was still not able to accept what I wanted to watch.

Lindsey offered no resistance what so ever as Roland then
slowly slid it off of her delicate shoulders. I held my breath
as my wife's small pointed breasts came into his view.
Lindsey was gasping more but still made no efforts to stop
him. He then laid her back down on the bed and pulled on her
dress and it slipped over her waist and hips before he pulled
it down her legs.

His bed was huge and Lindsey looked like a beautiful, delicate
flower waiting to be picked. Once Roland had secured her
arms above her head, he was free to do whatever he wanted
and the only thing she could do was say "Red light"
but she never said those two words.

Roland started with her arms and massaged them both at the
same time before he slowly reached her breasts with very
bright pink nipples by then. Lindsey arched her back after
she felt his hands on her breast and gasped a little louder.
Roland surprised me when he reached in the ice bucket where
the bottle of wine was chilling and pulled out an ice cube
next. I had never seen anything like it before as he made
my wife squirm and whimper as he used the ice cube to touch
every part of her body down to her toes.

By the time that ten minutes had passed Lindsey was a quivery
mass of hormone. Would she stop him or more precisely could
she stop him after all of that. I had never seen Lindsey so
excited as she pulled at her cuffs at times but they were
on tight and she was not getting away. I stood there shaking
myself and waited.

Roland then left her tied to his bed while he undressed alongside
of her although she couldn't see him doing that. But
when he laid back down and his body touched hers, she then
knew he was also naked and she jerked a couple more times.
Roland was a very fit man for his age and his cock looked quite
large but then I always knew he would be a very endowed man.
They kissed each other for a while as his hands wandered
gently over her outstretched body. I was so nervous I could
hardly stand.

There was no more mystery left once Roland finally reached
for my wife's panties and began to slip them down her
legs. I could tell she was close to coming and it didn't
take Roland long before he was touching her sweet ripe pussy
and her heat really kicked in. . My wife has a small, narrow
pussy but it gets much bigger once it puffs up and is stimulated
and that is where Roland then concentrated his efforts.

I watched as Roland then used his fingers to tease her tight
pussy with his finger tips as Lindsey whimpered and moaned.
Her tuft of blonde hair and pink outer lips were right in
front of him but he was in no hurry. She gasped and whimpered
but Roland took his time and played with her vagina like
he was in no hurry at all. The fact that Lindsey was totally
naked would have been shocking enough but on that night,
it just seemed normal.

Using his fingers first and then an ice cube and finally
his tongue, Roland began to bring my wife the orgasm she
had been building since I dropped her off. She could jerk
her arms all she wanted to because her climax was coming
and coming fast. When it hit her, Lindsey went totally crazy.
Her chest was heaving, her arms tensed up as she pulled at
the ropes and the whole time his tongue just kept dancing
on her womanhood as it poured out of her. In some ways it felt
like it was wrong to make any woman cum that hard or for that

Her soft tuft of blonde pussy hair was now wet as Roland climbed
onto my wife and positioned himself above her. Her entire
body was still going through some sort of spasm as he looked
down at her and waited for a moment or two. But she was too
aroused to slow down and her hips were bucking upward as
she waited, totally consumed with lust, for his cock to
penetrate her needy pussy. But he tortured her even longer
and teased her with the end of his cock as Lindsey kept whimpering
to him, " Please."

Her body twisted under him as she tensed up even more once
she felt his hard cock touching the outer lips of her pussy.
But Roland still was in no hurry and kept rubbing the round
end of his thick cock against her slit which caused my wife
to continue to beg him to fuck her. Her puffy, outer lips
then separated and Roland's long hard cock finally
slid into Lindsey's pussy within a few seconds.

All logic was now gone as I stood there watching him fucking
my wife and I still couldn't take my eyes off of the two
of them. Roland worked a little more into her with each movement
as Lindsey shuttered under him. "Ohhhhhhhhhh"
she said quite loudly once Roland rammed his full large
cock deep inside of her.

He moved very slowly at first but every single thrust caused
her to whimper as their bodies were together and now providing
so much pleasure she could no longer contain herself. He
fucked her for about seven or eight minutes as I kept time
with my watch until Roland began to pick up speed near the
end. When I heard him grunting and my wife moaning, I knew
he was finally cumming inside of Lindsey.

I left and waited downstairs in Roland's living room
for about twenty minutes while Lindsey put herself back
together. Lindsey looked more than a little embarrassed
when she walked down the stairs and saw me on the sofa. "I
knew you were here because I smelled your cologne, "
She said to me first before she began to tear up and asked
me to forgive her.

My wife and I hugged and even thought she had just had sex
with someone else, we still had the same strong love, we
always had for one another. This crazy, unexplainable
night had happened and we couldn't take it back now
that it was over. Lindsey and I made love once we got home
and feeling her so gooey and wet, only added to my own excitement.

Roland contacted me at my work a few days later to make sure
Lindsey and I were doing ok. I told him we were doing fine
and added that he had somehow brought her fantasy to life
and that she will never forget it and neither would I. In
typical gentleman like Roland style, he thanked me and
then told me to thank my sweet, lovely for a night he would
never forget either.

We thought about trying it again but Lindsey and I decided
a fantasy like hers, is only meant to happen once. That is
what makes it a fantasy.

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Erotic and very sexy, I enjoyed your story.


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Very well written.. Very hot!


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a very hot sexy story well written about a fantasy that was enjoyed by all parties


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erotic would have liked to watch


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He had he there for 2 hours and had done nothing, and no male cologne is that powerful that she could smell that far away and she would have been to enthralled in getting fucked to think/smell any thing else...duh!!!