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My visit to the adult section of the video store


I wasn’t feeling all that well when I woke up that morning.
It wasn’t like I was sick or anything, but I was feeling kind
of tired and didn’t have the energy to go to work. I hadn’t
taken a sick day in years, and decided that I deserved a little
time to myself. Julia was already downstairs making breakfast
when I went down to tell her that I was going to stay home from
work. I forgot that she had a seminar to go to that day, and
she looked hot in her black leather skirt and tight, button-down
top. Her long hair reached nearly to the hem of her skirt,
and I knew that many men would be admiring the view of her
hot ass as she walked by.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, I kissed her goodbye and headed
back upstairs. I got into bed, turned on the TV, and within
a few minutes had fallen back to sleep. I had the most erotic
dream. I dreamed I was dressed in the same black skirt and
top that Julia was wearing when she left for work, and that
the 2 of us were sitting in a crowded bar, drinking and talking
with 2 hot young studs. In the dream, one of the men was running
his hands up and down my stocking-clad leg, while I watched
his friend was doing the same with my wife, who obviously
loved the attention. In the dream, I was completely made
up as a woman… hair, nails, make-up, the works, and I was
pretty hot. The hand on my leg had found its way under the
hem of my short skirt, and was tracing the top of my stockings.
Julia’s friend had his hand buried completely under her
matching skirt, and from the faraway look on her face, he
was playing with her pussy. By now, my cock was hard as a rock,
and I was worried that my stranger would soon know of my “surprise”.
I shifted my weight on the stool to adjust my skirt which
was riding higher and higher on my thighs, and my “friend”
took the opportunity to reach his had all the way up between
my legs. When I felt his hand reach my crotch, a shock ran
through my body. Fearing that I would be revealed to everyone
in the bar as the cross-dressing slut I obviously was, I
pulled away, pleading with my eyes that he not say anything.
“Don’t worry honey” he said softly, as he reached his hand
back under my skirt, “your secret is safe with me”.

I was incredibly relieved, and let out a sigh as my friend
inched his way back under my skirt. The entire time Julia
and her new friend watched with amusement at my predicament,
and I blushed profusely realizing that they had been watching
me. It was pretty dark in the bar, and I wasn’t too worried
about being seen, so I parted my legs slightly, allowing
my friend to move his hands completely under my skirt until
I felt his fingers stroking my throbbing cock through my
thin black nylon panties. I was wearing a black garter belt,
black back-seamed stockings, and black panties (with
matching bra) under my outfit and felt as sexy as I obviously
looked. Julia and her friend were shielding anyone’s view
of where I was sitting, so I leaned further back, parted
my legs like the slut I was, and allowed this complete stranger
to stroke my cock through my panties. I was dripping pre-cum,
and my panties were soaked, which made the sensation of
having my cock stroked even more incredible. Lost in my
reverie, I hardly realized what I was doing as my friend
took my hand and guided it to the enormous bulge in his pants.
I gripped his cock through his slacks and began to stroke
it has he stroked me. His fingers worked their way under
my panties, and I soon felt his fingers directly on my cock.
I could hardly believe my eyes as Julia reached over and
unzipped his fly, reached in, and pulled out one of the largest,
hardest cocks I’d ever seen. With his back to the rest of
the bar, his cock was shielded from view, and I could barely
wrap my hand around its incredible girth. He moved closer
to me as I still sat on the stool, and he began to stroke my
cock in earnest as I did the same for him.

“Jerk him off, you slut”, I heard my lovely wife saying as
I wrapped both my hands around his cock, stroking the entire
length of it, and feeling his pre-cum oozing down his shaft.
I couldn’t believe what a slut I was being, here in the middle
of a crowded bar, dressed like a whore and jerking off this
hot stud while he did the same for me. I reached down and cupped
his low hanging balls and he responded with a deep sigh.
I could feel his cock getting harder and his balls getting
tighter as I continued to stroke the length of him as Julia
and her friend spoke words of encouragement to both of us.
I knew I was going to cum soon and whispered this to my lover
who said he was almost ready. Moving even closer to me, he
stood between my parted legs with his cock nearly touching
mine as we stroked each other faster and faster. I knew I
couldn’t hold back any longer, and with a moan, I felt my
cum surge from my balls and erupt into my lovers hand, just
as he shot his load into mine. He pressed into me between
my legs and our cocks were nearly touching as we both stroked
each other and stream after stream of cum poured onto our
hands, my panties, my stockings, and the stool I was sitting
on. I thought I was going to pass out from the sensation,
and it took a minute to regain my composure. I suddenly remembered
where I was, and in a state of embarrassment attempted to
straighten my skirt and panties. When I looked up I realized
for the first time that we weren’t as concealed as I had thought,
and a group of people were standing around us in a circle
watching everything that was going on. When I finally looked
up, they began to cheer! That was the last thing I remembered,
and I suddenly awoke from my dream, sweating from head to
toe, and covered with cum. I had had the first wet dream I’ve
had since I was an adolescent!

“Wow, what a dream!” I thought as I began to return to consciousness.
My cock was still as hard as a rock, and I couldn’t get over
how sexy I’d felt in the dream, dressed in lingerie and women’s
clothes. I’d always loved the feel of wearing silky panties
or stockings, but I’d never been as turned on by the idea
of dressing completely as a woman and servicing a hot stud
of a man. I could clearly remember the details of my dream,
and the memory of stroking this stranger’s enormous cock
had me hotter than I’d been in a long time. I decided that
since I was taking the day off anyway, I might as well do something
to treat myself to a little fun. I jumped into the shower
to rinse off the cum that was coating my body, Before I realized
what I was doing, I had not only shaved the stubble off my
face, but my moustache as well. I always keep my cock and
balls shaved, and gave them a touch-up also. I hardly recognized
myself as I stepped out of the shower without my moustache,
but I knew that it would be hard to make myself up as a woman
(which was my plan for the day) with my moustache in place.

Months earlier I had purchased some stockings, bras and
panties while away on a business trip and had them hidden
in a drawer. Slipping on the stockings, my cock leapt to
attention, and the details of the dream began to return.
I rubbed my hands up and down my legs, straightening out
the seams, imagining it was my well-hung friend in the bar.
I clipped the stockings to my black lace garter belt, pulled
on the panties, and worked my way into the matching bra.
Despite my hairy body, I couldn’t get over how sexy I looked
and felt in my lingerie. Although it would take quite a bit
of work for me to pass as a woman, I spent the next hour applying
eye-liner, eye shadow, foundation, blush and lipstick.
I must say that I looked pretty hot, and if I was a guy I might
enjoy sliding my cock between my bright red lips!

Looking through Julia’s clothes, I found a stretchy black
cotton skirt that I was able to slip on and which hugged my
ass like a second skin. My cock was practically pointing
straight out as I looked for a top to wear, and finally settled
on a black, see-through button down number that showed
my sexy bra to its fullest. Believe it or not, Julia and I
wear nearly the same size show, and after a few minutes of
trying I was able to slip on a pair of very sexy black leather
pumps. I couldn’t believe that women wear these things,
but when I looked in the mirror it was incredible how sexy
they made my ass and legs look. Now all I was missing was a
wig, and I remembered that the kids had several wigs in their
“dress-up” boxes from when they were little, and sure enough,
I was able to find a straight black wig that fit me perfectly.
The hair was cut to shoulder length, and all it took to round
out my outfit was some earrings, a choker, and some bracelets
and rings. Looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe that
this sexy slut was me!

I’d already decided that I wanted to get a few videos to amuse
myself and the only place I knew to get any was the new video
store that we had just joined on 3rd Avenue. Unlike Blockbuster,
this one is an independent that still has an “adult” section,
which is a semi-private room toward the back of the store.
The problem was that the store is over 5 blocks away, and
I would have to walk there dressed in my feminine attire.
I was less concerned about actually walking there than
I was about getting out of our apartment building unnoticed.
I finally decided that I would take the “back stairs” from
my apartment to a higher floor and then take the elevator
down to the lobby and walk briskly out the door. I pulled
a scarf over my wig, and put on a large pair of dark sunglasses.
Looking in the mirror I saw a hot woman, dressed in a short
skirt that barely covered my stockings and see-through
top. The glasses and scarf did a great job of hiding my identity,
and I headed out the door and up the stairs to the elevator.
Luckily, no one was in the hallway or in the elevator, and
I exited the lobby with barely a glance from the doorman.

Once outside, I couldn’t believe how hot I was. The cool
breeze of the autumn day swept under my skirt, and the feeling
of exposed nakedness had me harder than I ever remembered.
I had managed to tuck my erect cock into the waistband of
my panties, and the skirt and top kept it pretty well concealed.
The hardest part was walking in those heels, and I got more
than one strange look as I hobbled down the street trying
to keep my balance, and trying to keep my clothes in place
over my throbbing cock. At one point I walked past a crowded
bus stop, and as I passed, a man that had been watching me
walk down the street positioned himself so he could rub
against me as I walked by. As much as I tried to avoid him,
he managed to run his hands over my ass as I squeezed by him.
He gave me a quick smile as I felt him grab me, and I nearly
came in my panties as I realized that he thought I was a woman
– and a hot slut of a woman at that.

I finally made it to the video store, and was thankful that
I was the only customer. I slowly made my way to the back of
the store, under the scrutiny of the young man at the counter.
Trying to look nonchalant, I walked through the swinging
café doors that guarded the entrance to the adult section.
The doors closed behind me with a loud squeak, and I found
myself alone, surrounded my thousands of videos of every
imaginable sexual orientation. My cock returned to attention
as I perused the selection of XXX videos. Here I was, dressed
like a slut from head to toe, standing in a public store,
with the hardest erection I could recall. I made my way to
the section with videos about cross dressers, transvestites
and transsexuals. Now this is what I wanted! I found one
tape which really caught my eye, about a man who harbored
secret fantasies about cross dressing, and end up getting
caught by his wife who transforms him into a “female” sex
slave. Another tape was about a cross dresser held captive
by 2 female dominants who make him serve them and all their
“friends”. I was having so much fun trying to decide what
to rent that I hardly heard the café doors open as a young
man came into the room. Now I know that there aren’t too many
women who come into the adult sections of these video stores,
so that alone was enough reason for him to pay me extra attention,
but my slutty attire and make-up really got his attention.
The racks containing the videos were really close together,
and the only way to see the ones on the bottom shelf is to bend
over or get down on your knees. I was still in the TV/TS section
which was in the far corner of the room as this guy worked
his way toward my row. Just as he rounded the corner, I bent
completely over at the waist to look at some tapes on the
bottom shelf. I knew that I was giving this guy an unobstructed
view of my panty-covered ass, my garter belt and stockings.
I was so nervous, but so hot at the same time that I could barely
stand still, but I stayed in that position for several minutes,
casually looking at the video boxes.

Finally, my legs couldn’t take staying in that position,
so I knelt down on the floor to get more comfortable. My skirt
rose up on my thighs, revealing my stocking tops and garter
belt. I was looking at a tape about a cross dresser who went
to an adult bookstore and was “forced” to suck off a line
of guys through a glory hole, when I realized that the guy
who had come in was standing next to me. “That’s a hot tape”
he said in a deep voice. I turned to look up at him, and found
myself with my face level with his crotch. He was wearing
tight grey sweat pants with a grey sweatshirt that came
down to the tops of his thighs. He casually rearranged his
sweatshirt so the front was pulled up to his waist, and I
could clearly see the outline of his huge cock covered only
by the thin fabric of his sweats. I couldn’t help but lick
my lips, and my cock leapt to attention in my panties, which
were now soaked with pre-cum. “Like what you see?” my new
friend asked as his cock grew even larger in his sweats,
just inches from my face. “Oh yes” I barely squeaked with
passion. He inched closer to me so his cock was now pressing
against my face. With me kneeling and him standing, I was
in the perfect position to take him in my mouth, and he was
in the perfect position to act as “look out” in case anyone
was coming our way.

My hands were shaking as I reached up and traced the outline
of his cock through his sweats. He had the largest cock I’d
ever seen. It had to be 8 or 9 inches long, and as thick as my
wrist. He moaned softly as I continued to stroke his cock.
Reaching into his sweats, he pulled his monster from his
pants, and in a single motion stuffed it into my mouth. I
could barely get the head into my mouth, and I was instantly
overcome with lust from the smell and taste of his cock and
pre-cum. I stuffed as much of his cock into my mouth as I could,
which was barely a few inches. I licked and sucked with total
abandon as my friend continued to look out for visitors.
With one hand I stroked his cock as I sucked him, and with
the other I reached under my skirt and freed my cock from
my panties. My friend looked down and saw me stroking my
dripping cock and I could feel his huge shaft get harder
and longer in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and
I nearly choked as he began to thrust in and out of my mouth,
faster and faster, and deeper on every stroke. I felt his
balls contract and his cock stiffen, and began to taste
his cum in my mouth as his orgasm began, “Oh my God” he moaned
as he grabbed by head and thrust his cock halfway down my
throat as he began to cum in my mouth. The sensation of his
cum shooting against the back of my mouth and down my throat
was almost more than I could stand. I couldn’t believe how
much cum this guy was shooting in my mouth. My mouth filled
up quickly, and I managed to swallow it all down, but he just
kept cumming. I swallowed as much as I could, but some escaped
my mouth and dripped down my chin and onto my sheer blouse.
Finally, he stopped cumming and his cock began to soften
in my mouth. “Lick it clean, slut” my friend ordered, and
I licked his shaft and balls thoroughly until they were
completely clean. He stuffed his now deflated cock back
into his sweats, rearranged his clothes, told me “thanks
for the great head, bitch”, and walked out of the room, leaving
me hornier than ever, and with a stomach full of cum.

I could taste the cum in my mouth and smell it in my nostrils
as I attempted to make myself presentable so I could rent
the tapes I’d chosen and head on home. I hadn’t really given
much thought to how I would check out since the membership
was in my wife’s name. I figured I would just give my phone
number (which is the account ID) and see what happened.
When I got to the counter, the young man there gave me a sort
of mischievous smile and told me that the manager would
like to see me in his office in the back. I asked why (in as
feminine a voice as I could muster), and he told me it had
something to do with explaining the store’s policy. I was
incredibly nervous as I walked past the leering clerk to
the manager’s office. Knocking on the door, I heard a deep
voice telling me to enter. I opened the door to find a typical
cluttered office. Behind the desk sat a man in his 40’s,
reasonably attractive, casually dressed, watching something
on the TV next to his desk. “Come in dear. Have a seat” he said,
motioning me to a padded chair in front of his desk. Relaxing
a bit, I sat down and crossed my legs in as feminine a manner
as I could muster. The position of the seat caused me to slide
down, and it was a constant struggle to position myself
so I wouldn’t be giving this man a view right up my skirt.
“Since you are a new member, I thought I’d run down the policies
concerning the use of our adult section” he began to say,
his eyes still glued to the TV screen. “For example, come
over here and take a look at this”. I stood up and walked around
behind his desk and stood next to his chair so I could see
the TV. I was shocked to see a video of me, taken from an obviously
hidden camera, giving a blow job to my friend in the sweats.


I was mesmerized by the sight of me taking that monster cock
in my mouth and sucking for all I was worth. “This is the good
part” the manager said as the video showed my friend grabbing
my head as he began to cum in my mouth. I hardly noticed as
the manager began to slide his hand up my stocking-clad
legs up under my skirt. When his hand reached my panty-covered
ass, he began to stroke my ass and then worked his way forward
until he had my cock and balls cradled in his palm. My cock
sprang to attention, and I noticed for the first time, the
bulge growing in the manager’s pants. “Get down on your
knees, slut” the manager ordered as he unbuckled his pants
and lowered his pants and briefs in a single motion. I positioned
myself between his legs so he could continue watching the
video as I began to lick his shaft. His cock wasn’t as long
as my friend in the adult room, but it was uncut and as thick
as a beer can. He shoved his meat into my mouth and at the same
time began to roughly stroke my cock and balls through my
panties. It wasn’t more than about 5 minutes before he grabbed
the back of my head and began to unload his cum into my mouth.
He didn’t cum as much as the other guy, but I loved how he tasted
and sucked him completely dry. “You are one cocksucking
whore. That was terrific”, he told me, stuffing his cock
back into his pants. I was still on my knees with cum dripping
from my lips, when he reached over to the intercom and said
“Adam, come in here, please”. Before I knew what was happening,
the door opened and in came the clerk who had waited on me.
Seeing me on my knees with cum on my face, he smiled. The manager
told him that I had agreed to suck off the entire staff in
exchange for breaking the store’s rules.

“Sam and John just came in” the clerk told the manager. “They’re
covering the counter for me”. Turning toward me he ordered
me to get up and show him my outfit. I stood up on shaking knees
and began to slowly turn, showing off my slutty outfit.
“Lift up your skirt” he ordered, and I slowly lifted the
hem of my skirt until the tops of my stockings and garters
began to show. “That’s so nice” he commented. “Show me more”.
I lifted my skirt up further until my soaking wet panties
were revealed. My cock was throbbing from everything I’d
been through, and was barely contained by the thin sheer
material of my panties. “Take off your skirt and blouse,
slut”, the clerk ordered as he began to unbuckle his pants.
I slowly removed my skirt, stepping out of it and folding
it over a nearby chair, and began to unbutton my blouse.
My blouse was covered with cum stains and I realized that
I was going to have a hell of a time walking home in that outfit.
I stood there in my garter belt and matching bra, panties,
stockings, heels and wig, with my throbbing cock standing
out at attention. “Now turn around slowly” the clerk ordered,
and I began to turn slowly in place as he and the manager examined
every inch of me. “She can sure suck cock” the manager told
the clerk as they sat laughing about me and making comments
about me being the best “sissy” that had ever come into their

The clerk had now removed his pants and was standing there
stroking the longest cock I’d ever seen. It wasn’t as big
around as the manager’s or the guy in the adult room, but
it had to be at least 10“long. “I’ve never found anyone who
could swallow my entire length”, he said to me, “until now,
that is”. “Get over here and start sucking!” he commanded,
motioning me to kneel before him as he stood leaning against
the desk. I walked over to where he was and got down on my knees
before him. He took his cock and began beating me across
the face with it until I was able to catch it in my mouth. Without
any advance warning, he grabbed the back of my head with
both hands and shoved his cock down my throat. I started
to gag, but the cock lodged in my throat prevented me from
doing more than making muffled noises. The more I tried
to pull away, the tighter he held my head, until I could feel
his pubic hairs tickling my nose. The entire length of his
enormous member was completely lodged in my throat, and
he was fucking my face like a pussy. As he began to stroke
in and out, I learned that if I timed it right, I could take
a breath between strokes. I managed to suppress my gag reflex
as he fucked my face, knowing that he would only grab me harder
and shove his meat further down my throat.

“Oh God. Oh yes” Adam was moaning as he fucked my face harder
and harder. I wanted his cum so badly. I sucked him as deep
and as hard as I could, and grabbed his ass with both hands
to push him deeper into my throat. “Oh yes, what a slut!”
Adam moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon” he announced to no one
in particular. “Turn this way a little”, I heard the manager
say as Adam repositioned himself so we were facing toward
the manager. Looking up for the first time, I saw the manager
standing there with his pants off, his cock at attention,
holding a video camera that was recording the entire scene.
Standing next to him were 2 young men I’d never seen before,
also naked from the waist down, also stroking their hard
cocks. Before I could say anything, Adam grabbed by head
with both hands, and with a single thrust shoved his cock
all the way down my throat until my lips were buried in his
pubic hair. With a grunt he began to cum in my throat. At first
I could hardly feel it as his cock was so far down my throat
that his cum went directly to my stomach. But he kept cumming
and cumming and my throat began to fill up with his cum until
my mouth was completely filled and I was unable to swallow
with the cock still in me. Cum poured out of my mouth and nose
as Adam began to pull his cock out of me. I was about to start
licking him clean when the manager grabbed my head and thrust
his cock back into my mouth. “Suck it good, slut”, or I’m
going to make sure that everyone in the neighborhood sees
this tape. By now I was in a state of sexual frenzy, and eagerly
sucked his cock back into my mouth, fondling his ass and
balls while I sucked him. After watching Adam fuck my face,
the manager rammed his fat cock down my throat harder and
faster than he did the first time. He didn’t waste anytime,
however, and in a matter of minutes I felt his balls tighten,
followed by the now familiar taste of hot cum filling my
mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, and managed to
drink all his cum before he pulled his cock from my mouth
with a “pop”. Before I could even take a breath, another
cock was shoved into my mouth by one of the clerks who had
been watching and waiting his turn. I noticed that the video
camera was being passed from man to man as they all took turns
fucking my face and unloading in my mouth.

For the next hour, I was passed from man to man, sucking cock
after cock and taking load after load of hot cum in my mouth.
I relished the role of slut and suck slave, and gave each
guy the best blowjob I could manage. Finally, I had sucked
each of them at least once, and a few of them twice. The manager
fed me three loads before he was finished. I could barely
stand, and they let me “freshen up” in the bathroom before
I left to go home. As a special thank you, the manager gave
me a copy of the video they had taken of me. He walked me to
the door, grabbed my ass lewdly, and told me to be sure to
come back soon!

As I stood on 3rd Avenue I could hardly believe what had happened
to me. I felt like everyone could see what a slut I was as I
hobbled down the street in my disheveled outfit, still
covered with cum stains. My cock reached a state of perpetual
erection since I hadn’t been allowed to cum during the entire
experience. I couldn’t wait to get home, turn on the video,
and see what I cock-sucking slut I was. And I couldn’t wait
to unleash the enormous load of cum filling my balls. I ached
for release. Suddenly, I realized that I just couldn’t
walk through the front door of my building dressed like
this. What would I say to the doorman? After a few minutes
of near panic, I decided to call the building (in my normal
voice) and tell the doorman that a friend (I called her Rochelle)
would be coming to visit and they should let her in. I arrived
a few minutes later, introduced myself as Rochelle, and
the doorman let me into the apartment. Whew! A disaster
narrowly averted.

As soon as I got into the apartment I went up to the bedroom
and shoved the tape into the VCR. I also had the tapes I rented,
but wanted to see the tape of myself first. The opening scene
showed me, alone, in the adult tape section where I went
when I first got to the shop. I was startled at how clear the
image was, and it wasn’t very long before my friend with
the sweatpants arrived. I looked like a total slut, and
the camera was at the perfect angle to see my panties and
garter belt when I bent over. I realized that the manager
had the ability to zoom and pan the camera, and he zoomed
in real close when my friend pulled his cock from his sweatpants
and I took it into my mouth. Watching on video, I couldn’t
believe how deep I was able to take him in my mouth. I was in
a frenzy watching myself sucking this guy off, and absentmindedly
began to stroke my raging hard-on under my panties.

For the next hour or so, I relived my experience in the video
store as I watched myself take load after load in my mouth
and all over my face from the staff of the store. I craved
the taste of cum and wanted more. I knew that my load would
be enormous as I hadn’t cum all day, and decided to try and
cum in my own mouth. I’d tasted my cum before, but had never
shot a load directly into my waiting mouth before. I’d seen
pictures where guys would get on their backs with their
legs pulled over their heads, and jerk off into their own
mouths. As the tape played on, I got myself into position
on the bed, still dressed in my street slut attire. I’m not
the most limber person, and it wasn’t easy holding myself
in that position while I watched the tape and jerked my cock.
After adjusting the pillows a few times, I finally found
a comfortable position, and was staring up at my engorged
cock, just a few inches from my face and pointing directly
at my mouth. The video was at the part where Adam, the clerk
with the really long cock, was shoving his meat down my throat.
My orgasm seemed to start at my toes. My entire body tingled
and shook as I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and through
my shaft. The first blast hit me right on my upper lip, and
I adjusted my aim so the next shot would be directly in my
mouth. Spurt after spurt after spurt filled my waiting
mouth. I had never cum so much before, and I struggled to
swallow it all. Cum oozed out of my mouth and down the sides
of my face onto my neck and the pillows. I was totally and
completely spent. My arms and legs felt like rubber, and
before I even realized what was happening, I fell sound

“Well, what have we here?” I heard my wife Julia’s voice
ask through the haze of my exhaustion.

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Oh so totally perverted, I likey


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So very hot it pays to dress as a women


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This is a very hot fantasy for me, too. Wish I could pass myself
off as a hot slut, go out with some girlfriend, and pick up
guys with her and suck them off. Mmm.


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I have been in adult stores do they all have glory holes would be a great way to suck my 1st cock and have it stay me not knowing and them not knowing me great story


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Omg how freaking hot. I am very jealous, wish that would happen to me.
Would like to read about what happens next.


carrod53 65 T
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being a tranny myself your story really hit home with me loved it