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My trip with my AdultFriendFinder friend


I wrote this one or two paragraphs a night for an AdultFriendFinder connection.
Her life became complicated and she wanted to stop the sexy
communications. So my question to the readers is, should
I finnish writing the story? I hope you enjoy:
The timing of how it all fell together was truly something
to admire. Yet, only you and I would be the only ones to ever
know. It started with my long planned 4-day trip, cancelled.
My wife would never know. Your husband decided to unexpectedly
leave at the same time, daughter in tow. The money from a
forgotten case arrived in an envelope marked “personal.”
And the countless messages between us - sometimes playful,
sometimes soothing, sometimes friendly, but always grounded
in the raw sexual desire left unrecognized in our barren
marriages, which underscored and punctuated this rare
opportunity for pleasure. Something like this happens
a few times in a lifetime. We had waited so long for a time
when it was right, knowing it would happen, but not knowing
where or when. But now it arrived.
We planned it carefully, purchasing the airline tickets
with cash. We arrived at the airport separately, not acknowledging
each other. I could see her sitting not far from me near the
gate waiting to board. My heart is racing in anticipation
and fear all at once, knowing that I could be seen with her.
You sit uncomfortably, reading a magazine, trying to pretend
I am not near. But I can see you draw the kind of deep breaths
that come with the same kind of sexual tension I feel. We
both know it is going to happen and our minds race trying
to imagine just how.
You are so beautiful as I approach you already seated on
the plane. Our eyes meet and our gaze stays deliciously
fixed. I see joy in your eyes. Your smile is sly and knowing.
I feel weak and excited. We kiss softly. Nothing else on
the plane matters, except for the shimmering presence
of you, who I have desired for so long.
The flight to the Caribbean is a little long, but we make
the best of it. We hold hands as I stroke you gently. You drifts
to sleep, relaxed and comfortable, head on my shoulder,
your arm in mine. I tip my head over just to capture your sweet
scent, which I hope will never leave my memory.
The airport on arrival was a buzz kill, as expected. We gather
the bags, pass through customs and grab a cab for the for
the 40 mile trip to the resort. What a crazy ride! It was along
a narrow 2 lane road along the coastline, passing large
trucks, whizzing by people walking and swerving around
hazards in the road. Thank goodness we arrive safely!
It is still warm when we check in at around 3:00. I feel unsettled
and a little nervous. You sense this and move close, putting
your shoulder under my arm, wrapping your arms around my
waist. You breathe in, as if to gage my scent. Your tips back
and you kiss my neck lightly and then my cheek. “Maybe a little
swim?” you whisper, as the aggravation begins to drain
out of me. “Mmmmm, sounds perrrfect, ? I hum.
Once in the room, you disappear into the bathroom. I put
some things away and jump into my bathing trunks. I gather
some beach towels into a bag and ask kind of absently, “Ready
soon?? “Be right out, ” you say as I am sitting on the edge
of the bed.
My breath cannot go in or come out, when you emerge from the
bathroom. A sheer print sarong hugs one hip with the knot
down low toward the front on the other side. The knot falls
far below the string of your bikini. A gold chain slung way
low on your hips glints and plays with the straining bikini.
Black leather sandals with a 4 inch heel accentuate your
long legs and make you jiggle slightly with each step. A
soft little jacket is open, showing a hint of a tiny top beneath.
You stand before me and put one arm on my shoulder. “Ready??
You look so perfect, I can't even speak.
We walk down to the adult only, clothing optional beach.
Where the pavement ends, you stand close, holding my shoulder,
and hand me one sandal, and then the other. Your jacket opens
as you do, revealing your gorgeous breasts, spilling wonderously
out each side of your tiny top. There are oiled bodies spaced
widely along the beach and on lounges nearby, in various
states of undress, watching with interest.
Near the edge of the water, I set down the bag. I spread a beach
towel, as you look out over the water, while shedding your
jacket. You stand, feet slightly apart, while I crouch
a few feet away directly behind you, stowing the jacket.
I am leaning on one arm, when you turn your head slightly
to the side, just enough to make sure I am watching.
The trade wind blows the sarong enough for me to know your
cheeks are bare beneath. You untie the knot slowly, under
the watchful eye of every man on the beach. But it doesn’t
matter to me, because I know you reveal yourself for me alone.
The sarong falls to the ground as you stretch you arms out
and arch your back. The tiny triangle of a white wicked weasel
strains revealingly between your cheeks. “So beautiful.
So beautiful, ” is the only thought in my mind.
“Ready?? you say moving toward the water. “Yeah!?” rumbles
from my throat. We step into the warm salty water hand in
hand. It is refreshing and delicious. It cleanses us and
invites the pleasure we hold inside. You surface from beneath
and stand, feet apart, planted on the sandy bottom. The
water laps your thighs and tickles you beneath the tiny
triangle between, which clings to the shape of your lips
beneath. The nipples of your breasts show hard and excited
through your top. My eyes lock with yours. We move weightlessly
together into our arms and kiss falling beneath the water.
My hands rub up and down your back. I can get enough. I pull
the strings and release your top. The warmth and closeness
of our bodies together is unforgettable. The beauty of
your breast against my chest is a sensation I want forever.
We drift to the edge of the water entangled together, coming
upon land mouths together in a soft long kiss. We don’t care
anymore if someone sees us. For us at that moment we are the
only two people in the world, roll in the beauty of our pleasure,
as the sun sets upon us.
Having landed on the water's edge in a passionate kiss,
we withdraw for a moment. My weight is on my left hip and my
left arm is behind your back, cradling you head from falling
into the sand. You are on your back with your left hand on
my right shoulder. I am holding my body so it shades your
face from the bright sun. The small, warm waves roll lightly
from the sea along the sand. The tickle and caress our feet,
then calves, then thighs. I feel the tiny bolt of pleasure
jump through your body as each successive wave laps up your
thighs then lightly slaps between, against the tiny now
translucent white bikini. My right fingertips dance lightly
along your left hip, your waste and up your ribs. I can feel
your skin tense and ripple into thousands of delicious
bumps. My eyes are fixed on yours. My fingers tickle then
pinch your nipple lightly, causing “haah … uuuh” to whisper
from your mouth. My whole body tenses in a strained response.
My left arm curls, lifting your head gently toward mine
and my right slides behind your left shoulder. Our lips
meet. The salt of the sea gives me the thirst to press my lips
closer to yours. Then it mixes with your sweet taste forming
a mixture that floods pleasure into every part of me. The
softness of your breasts form a luscious seal against my
heaving chest. The nourishing warmth of our bodies is interrupted
only by the irritation of the grains of sand splashed by
the waves. The inside of your left knee climbs over the outside
of my right thigh, as my legs begin to involuntarily straighten
and tense.
The power of this moment subsides slowly. Our lips pucker
with greater frequency, signaling the end of the kiss.
My neck and shoulders send a short jab, asking for relief.
I roll off to the side flopping onto my back. We lay there
shoulder to shoulder, covered in sand, looking up into
the azure blue sky. “Oh my gawd!” escapes from my lips. A
grin turns into a giggle, which turns into a belly laugh.
The moment is perfect.
I sit up as you lay there, as you watch me survey your body.
Your hands are thrown back loosely over your head, fully
exposing the roundness of your breasts. Your nipples are
hard from the coolness of the water. Your stomach is drawn
in, sloping up to the top of the little white bikini, which
falls down so, so low. I want you right then, but I will stay
in control - you come first. I think about how to move us further
along toward where we both want to go.
The small triangles and strings of your top remain clenched
in my left hand. I dangle them playfully in front of you.
As you reach, I move it just too far away. Your insistence
turns into a chase. Soon we are splashing in the water, free
of nearly all the irritating sand. We both end up kneeling
about 10 feet apart, shoulders just covered by the warm
water, smiling and giggling, waiting for the next move.
You arch back, to dip your hair in the water, exposing your
beautiful breasts to my full view. You arise to your feet
slowly, elbows pointing to the sides hands pressing the
excess water from your hair. I am frozen, unable to move,
by such a sight. You walk slowly towards me, water up to your
mid thighs. I gaze at your hips, and the way the gold belly
chain accentuates your beautiful curves. As you get closer,
pleasure glows within my body from between my legs up through
my chest. The bikini clings tightly to you, showing the
outlines of the close-cropped hairs and the smoothness
next to your pussy lips. The only thing in my mind is how badly
I want to taste you, while I listen, hoping for a soft moan...
I become completely confused, when you put your hand out
like you want something. Then I realize your top is still
clenched in my hand. Our grins are ear to ear and the laughs
come freely, as you affix what little there is over your
gorgeous breasts. “Let’s go to the room!” I say as we smile
at each other knowingly, while walking hand in hand toward
the beach.
Once near the bag, I wrap a towel around you, hugging you
momentarily. I see a rinsing shower peeking from behind
some flowering foliage near the path back to the room. "C'mon"
I say, motioning in that direction. I set the bag down on
a nearby bench and step onto the concrete shower pad, which
is partially screend, giving it an almost private feel.
I douse the salty water and sand off, then beckon you over
to the fresh water.
You peel the towel off slowly, teasing me. My arms reflexively
wrap around you, after your slow and tantalizing approach.
The cool and fresh trickling shower washes over our bodies,
as we kiss deeply. The salty taste drains away while your
sweetness mixes with the fresh water. You suck in my lower
lip and give it a playful nibble, which makes me groan. I
want you back in the privacy of our room like nothing else.
The kiss subsides with me stroking the little grains of
sand from your body. I search each part of you, working the
grains downward - Your back, your ribs, your stomach and
waste - without touching the fabric of your bikini. I kneel
before you to stroke your hips, then your legs, then your
feet. My tongue lick my lips, which are aching to kiss beneath
the tiny cloth barrier inches away.
Gaining control, I stand and step back to the bench to retrieve
a fresh towel from inside the bag, still warm from the sunshine.
Holding it up for you, I look up to see your head tipped back
rinsing your hair. I watch the water run down your neck to
your chest and over your breasts, which show longingly
through their nearly sheer covering. The water flows and
drips in evanescing patterns all over your body. Your head
tips forward and our eyes meet. What I have just seen amazes
me and you see it in my fact.
After turning of the water, your saunter over slowly, turn
and back into me, while I wrap the towei and my arms around
you. You shimmy back and forth as my hands brush against
the towel pressed against you. I feel you tighten one butt
cheek then the other, grinding against my aching hardness
pressed against you. "uuhhooo" breezes out
from my lips. You tip your head to the side to reveal a devilish
smile. I am absolutely beaming in delight.
Then I say "Uhmm, I was thinking about room service
We move near the bench by the shower, where I fit the sarong
to hug the wonderful curve of your hip. The knot to one side
falls just below the straining tie of your bikini revealing
the gold of the belly chain. Standing behind you, I hold
up the arms of your soft terrycloth sweatshirt, which you
slide into as I take the towel. I place my chin just you’re
your shoulder, reaching around to where the soft jacket
falls just above your waste. I fasten the zipper and pull
it up and inch or two. I step back I drag my palm lightly across
your waste, then tucking up beneath the back to the string
ties beneath. I unravel the lower tie with one hand and the
upper with the other. Slowly pull the top out from beneath,
freeing your beauty from their cool and damp covering.
Through the soft jacket, I cup each breast lightly, to warm
and dry them in the soft cloth. After putting everything
into the bag, I remove the heels, to prepare you for the walk
back to the room. I place first one then the other onto each
foot, while drinking in the sensuous feel of the tiny black
leather fittings, holding the heels and soles to your nearly
naked feet. My fingertips dance up the outside of you calves,
thighs and then hips, as I rise to my feet. My eyes meet yours
as I hover closer, inches from your belly. And we kiss. Slowly.
Longingly. More purposeful than before. With each step
we move closer to what we both have wanted for so long…
The setting sun gave off an orange to pink glow to everything
as we strolled back to the room. Another kiss emerged as
we stepped onto the patio flanking the room. So delicious.
As our lips part and we swing in a slight side to side dancing
I suggest, “Mmmm, hungry?? Your eyes widen and you smile
instantly, “Yes!? “Then why don’t you finish settling
in, while I take a look for the room service menu?” I suggest
still enjoying the playful swinging. “Good Idea, ” you
As we pass into the room hand in hand a knowing look passes
between us. Still wrapped in a towel, I take a seat and eye
the menu. Actually, I was more interested in eying you,
clicking about in those spectacular heels, reaching over
suitcases with the little jacket wanting to fly open, bending
to place items into drawers and just generally driving
me crazy as you twitter about. We pick a a tropical garden
salad, Lamb chops (For me), an orange liquer fruit salad
desert and a nice bottle of Perrier-Joet.
In the bathroom I strip out of my wet suit, while looking
for a place to rinse both our suits. The tub is deep and and
wide, with several whirlpool jets. Peerfect! Having begun
filling the tub, I put one of two terry robes, I slink to my
bag, where I furtively pocket about 5 candles. I place and
light vanilla and lemon candles strategically around
the room, without you knowing. With the tub full, I venture
out into the room, just as Katie Melua begins to play. "Oh
how niiice!" I smile.
I move around the room dimming the lights, which you notice
with a smile. I reach for you gently and guide you gracefully
toward the bathroom. When you see inside, you let out a contented,
"uuoohh!" I guide you into the candlelight
to in front of the large mirror, me standing behind.
My hand lightly caresses your belly as I nibble the soft
skin of your neck. I reach and undo the knot of the sarong,
as I feel your breath increasing. I bring the zipper of the
soft jacket down until it flicks open. You swing your shoulders
back, while keeping your cheek near mine. I draw the jacket
off as I watch your engorged breasts appear in the mirror
from beneath. My arms wrap around you feeling the unbelievable
softness and responsiveness of your breasts. I feel and
listen to the breath you draw, each progressively deeper,
each one increasing my excited tension.
I slip out of the terry robe to reveal my completely naked
body, as I turn you to face me. My breath trembles as I kiss
you, warmed in the total comfort of your soft skin against
mine. We linger. My hands move down to your hips. They untangle
the straining knots, causing the wonderfully tiny bikini
bottom to finally fall to the ground.
Every kiss so sweet, now mixing with the perfect sensation
of your warm soft skin against mine and the tart and smooth
scent from the candles. Unforgettable. I indulge myself
for a short moment, pressing the sensitive part of my throbbing
hard cock against your tummy as we kiss. Not for too long
... "mmm oohhaa" I moan lightly, then move you
gently toward the warm and fragrant tub.
I could feel your shoulders tense backward, throwing your
breasts toward my roving hand. My ring and index finger
circled around your hardening nipple, soft and slick from
the bath. The sides of each finger alternately flicked
the sides. Your head was tilted down, focusing on the sensation.

R ‒ Is that good (a breathy and soft wisper in your ear)
E ‒ Yeess (A high little voice, with a slight tremble)
R ‒ They are so beautiful…
R ‒ Soft…
R ‒ I love doing this…
R ‒ Does it feel good?
E ‒ mmmm
R ‒ relax and feeeel it…
R ‒ we have aaaalll night…
E ‒ haaaah (breathing out)
R - Would you like it a little faster (Increasing the speed)
E ‒ HooOoo
R ‒ Or a little slower
E ‒ I like ‒ heeeh (Breathing out)
R - like this? (speeding slightly)
E ‒ Breaths increasing
R ‒ Tell me baby (slowing a little)
E ‒ Yes, yes
R ‒ like this
E ‒ yeeeessss (whispering assuredly)
Your eyes close. Your breaths are full, deep with a tiny
tremble. I work the other breast. I can feel your enjoyment.
Beneath the bubbling water my cock fully hardens. You grip
it lightly.
R ‒ See what your enjoyment does to me?
You smile, then gasp slightly as I grip nipple and gently
twist it. The sound of your little gasp sends a bolt of pleasure
through my cock.
R ‒ ooooohh. Do you like that?
E ‒ Yeeehhhss ‒ gently…
R ‒ Verry gently. I love them…
There is tension in the arm and the hand on my cock. It feels
wonderful. You begin to stroke it.
R ‒ mmmmm …
R - Not yet …
R - I want to feel YOUR pleasure …
R - Just hold it for now …
E ‒ huuuuh (Breathing in) haaa a a ah (out)
R ‒ You want it (Circling the nipple)
E ‒ mmMMmmm
R ‒ Is this making you hott? (Circling the other nipple)
E ‒ yeess
R ‒ (Lightly pinching)
E ‒ huh (Little gasp)
Keeping the same slow constant rhythm, I begin rubbing
my palm over your erect nipple. Then I cup your engorged
breast in my hand, lifting it up gently, but firmly. With
your nipple in between and not touching my thumb and index
finger, I squeeze it. The soft flesh rises up from beneath
your nipple, swelling it even further.
E ‒ hoooo o o o
I pinch it and flick it lightly. First one then the other.
Squeezing each one lovingly. The little approving noises
you make seem connected directly to my cock. Each one sends
a bolt of pleasure. The bubbles tickle our bodies deliciously.
R - Are you hott from this
E ‒ yeeehhhsss
R ‒ down … lower??
E ‒ veery hot (Looking in my eyes)
My hand dances a zig zag pattern down your tightened stomach.
I dwell on your lower belly. Your breaths are deep. You are
pulling your hips up toward my hand. My fingertips dance
over the short little hairs.
R - Is this where you want me?
E ‒ Haaawww yeeesss (tiny wisper)
I reach down further, feeling the wonderful curve of your
pussy. I run my middle and ring fingers down each side, not
touching your clit. I pull you towards me with my left arm,
which is still cradling your taught shoulders. Our lips
meet in a dizzying, shaking, powerful kiss. My lips mashing
against yours, tongues flicking, teeth nibbling as my
ring and middle finger slowly rub you up and down, never
touching your lips. The kiss subsides as we pant in excitement.
I want to bring the pace down just a little
R ‒ HMMmmm? (I say playfully)
E ‒ What? (Puzzled)
R ‒ I think you need a little work (Still stroking your pussy
E ‒ (Looking very puzzled)
R ‒ Some … cleaning up
E ‒ Ooh? (Now smiling)
R ‒ Ohh yess. You want to be very smooth for me don’t you?
E ‒ Ooh yes I doOo
I lean forward and shut of the whirlpool pump. You look at
me, lips swelled with pleasure. I kneel up straight and
reach my hands for yours. I lift you up to a stand, as I kneel
before you. Then I position you back toward the corner of
the tub and sit you down. I put one leg along the side of the
tub and one across the back. As I kneel in front of you.
R ‒ You are sooh beautiful (Looking in your eyes)
R ‒ will you be comfortable there for a minute
E ‒ yess (A little nervously and with exciterment)
I remove the shaving gel from my kit, left conveniently
near the tub. I squeeze a generous amount onto my hand as
I eye you hungrily, with your legs spread open before me.
I lean toward you and look into your eyes. My left hand grips
your hip, as I move the gel slowly toward you.
E - Wooh! (Jumping) Cold!
R ‒ Ooh sooreee (Smiling as I feel the gel ooze all over your
engorged lips)
R ‒ Let me warm you…
I work the gel into a luxurious foam, taking full advantage
of the chance to feel every part of you. You moan lightly.
I take the razor and carefully and skillfully glide it over
you, top to bottom. First along the outsides in long pleasant
strokes. Your breath shivers. Then I press and pinch and
pull your lips lightly, searching and removing little
stubble. I leave a small sexy triangle above your clitoris.
Very small, maybe an inch to each side. Once I am done, I glide
you back into the water and lavish you with a long sloppy
We relax
R - I am not sure about you ‒ but I am starving!
E ‒ Me too! The food should be here soon
R ‒ Let me wash up, then I’ll make things ready outside.
Up straight on my knees, I shampoo and lather up. You assist
by working the soap into my balls and my still erect shaft.
I rinse and step out, turning the water jets back on for you.

R ‒ You enjoy, while I make things ready (Smiling)
I return to the tub after a moment I hang a luxurious champagne
color satin chemise with a matching satin robe on the inside
of the door. Then I bring in matching satin high heeled mules…
As I ready the room, all that I can think is that you feel so
perfect in my arms, as your kiss rages with desire. I fight
back the urge to throw you onto the bed and just have my way.
I know you will allow it. I know you want it. But I WILL make
it last longer than that.
Eventually, you emerge from the bathroom. The robe is slung
low on your shoulders, revealing the chemise beneath.
Your long legs move elegantly toward me. Something in the
way you move lets me know you are thinking of your freshly
shaved pussy, just beneath the chemise. It is covered only
by the air ‒ that excites you.
You glide purposefully toward me, looking straight into
my eyes. I wrap my arms around you as you give a purposeful
kiss. It lingers elegantly as I stroke the soft satin and
draw in your perfume. I begin to slowly withdraw from our
kiss, tipping you back into my strong arms. I kiss and nibble
down your neck, while marveling at your magnificnet shoulders
cradled in my hands. I back off slowly, escaping your raging
desire. I stroke your cheek and coo at you, "Come my
beautiful sweetheart"
You slink and glide to where I lead you. Your high heels tap
the floor, jiggling your breasts with each strike. The
satin slides against you as you move. We arrive at the divan.
I seat you in the middle, as you look up at me wondering where
I will position myself. I bend down on one knee in front of
you, reaching under your right side, to ease you over. As
you gently fall to the side, I lift your exquisite legs up
and onto your throne, so that you are lying on your side.
I sit on a pillow on the floor, conveniently located within
reach of our food and your comfortably reclined body.
You look so stunning in the soft glow of the candlelight.
I pour our champagne, putting a little strawberry in each
glass. We clink our glasses softly and I look softly into
your eyes and say, "To your constant pleasure, "
and your reply, "And to yours." I take your glass
and kiss you lightly, brushing my fingertips lightly over
your cheek, just so I can taste the champagne mixed with
your sweet breath. I want your kisses of every kind and each
one is a new and satisfying experience.
"Are you hungry?" I ask. "Mmm Hmm!"
you hum. "I hope you would enjoy it, if I feed you...
Lovingly, I gather just the right amount of lettuce on the
fork, mixed with a balanced amount of citrus salsa. I move
it with my other hand cupped beneath, to prevent drips onto
any part of the perfection lying on the divan before me.
Then heart of palm, … then artichokes, … water, … a little
bit of crusty bread with butter, … a strawberry from our
desert, … champagne, … a dab around the corners of your mouth
with the napkin ‒ all while you recline relax. I give you
just enough to energize you, but not enough to be too full.

I softly massage your temples, while lustily eying how
the satin clings against your body, how the position of
your legs accommodates the naked desire beneath and the
taughtness in your calves and thighs from the high heels.
The yellow glow of the candles dances over you, bring mystery
I must solve…
I bring my lips slowly to yours, as I move beside the divan.
Your kiss is sweet and tastes of the food, which is only half
eaten on the table before us. Your left arm reaches up to
my shoulder. My right hand brushes your breast, slides
down you side and grips your hip just below your waste. I
sit you up, then tug you to your feet. We embrace and I hold
you comfortably.
We shift our weight side to side to the pleasant jazz music,
as I take deep breaths to give your perfume full effect.
I drop the robe to the floor, freeing my enraged cock from
the irritation of the terrycloth. I press my flattened
palm against your low back to press your front against mine.
The smooth satin soothes my cock, which is full and pressing
into you.
Your arms stoke the full length my back and grasp at my butt.
Your kisses begin to gain purpose, desire and confidence.
First one strap of the chemise falls off your shoulder,
then the other. It drops to the ground leaving your soft,
warm skin pressed against mine. I bring you to the bed and
pull down the spread to lay you on the soft blanket beneath.
You fall back on the bed, legs dangling playfully over the
edge. I bring the champagne close to the bed, knowing you
are ready.
I shimmy onto the other side of the bed, head up near the pillows.
I tip onto my left elbow to proudly reveal my completely
aroused manhood. You lay with your arms over your head,
as I edge closer. Your hand reaches as grasps my hardened
cock, feeling the size and fullness of it. Your smooth soft
hair tickles my shaved balls. The candlelight illuminates
you, which drives my desire even farther.
I whisper, ”C-meer” as I lightly lift your right arm to turn
you over, you turn and look me in the eyes, with a seductive
smile. You draw tour knees up onto the bed and, keeping them
apart, swing your ass up into the air. “Kiss me.” You crawl
closer, putting your left arm across my chest. My right
arm rubs against your side, as my left reaches behind your
You move to mount me, but it is not time yet. My left knee nudges
against yours, while my right hand lightly presses your
lower back. You obediently lower your hips onto mine. Your
leg straightens between mine, as I feel the wetness of your
vulva press against my hip. Our lips lock, as my right hand
strokes over your ass. I grind my cock into your hip, as I
my muscles involuntarily tighten with the sensation of
your kiss. Your perfume fills my nose, as my arms pull you
tightly against me.
I roll, with you cradled in my arms, our lips locked and chests
heaving. You skin is so soft, it melts onto mine, feeling
warm comfortable and sweet. You suck and nibble my lip anxiously,
wanting to satisfy me. I pull back in a little tease and I
flick my tongue over the upper border of your lip. I know
it tickles, but you hold still to endure it, breathing heavily.
You hold until we both giggle out loud.
My left arm pulls your shoulders up and your head tips back.
I position you diagonally across the bed, laying you flat
with my right hand. I lightly nibble and suck your neck,
while touching my fingertips to your nipple. I pull the
pillow beneath your head, and lay it down comfortably.

I nibble my lips from your neck down to your breast, tasting
your delicious body. Your hands rub appreciatively over
my head and neck. I move my tongue in circles around one nipple,
then the other. I feel your breaths rhythmic and deep. I
look into your eyes as I suck. Your lips are swollen in passion.
Your eyes are dark and wide. I can see the tension of your
sexual pleasure. My hand dances over your belly and down
the outside of your leg, then the inside of your leg, as you
moan lightly.
I lift onto my knees, keeping my mouth engaged with your
breast. I put one knee between your legs, which open obligingly.
I reach up and pull a pillow next to your side, as I position
the other knee between your legs. I lick down towards your
navel, while lifting your knees up. I rub my hands down your
leg, and pull off one high heel ‒ Then the other leg. I position
you gently with your knees up and feet flat on the bed.
I lift my head up, rubbing your sides with my hands. I look
in your eyes as I draw my hands down the outsides of your thighs.
Your eyes are wide, with your lips are parted and smiling.
You are not sure, but you are anticipating. I pull your knees
open as I shimmy back on my knees. I take a luxurious look
at your gorgeous pussy. I walk my eyes up to yours and say,
“You are sooo beautiful… I love to look at you…”
I give a long lick up the inside of your thigh, while looking
in your eyes for approval. You lift your hips toward me,
which is all I need to feel. I kiss you beneath your navel
and nibble downwards. I tuck one arm beneath your back and
lift. I tuck the pillow under with the other, placing it
under your butt.
I breathe deeply through my nose to gather the sent of your
womanhood. I blow lightly across your most sensitive areas.
Your inner lips lie curved and swollen on joy, peeking out
fro behind your outer lips. Your clitoris stands proudly,
waiting for my attention. I bring my mouth as close as I can
without touching, breathing a hot breath. Your elbows
are on the bed, while your hands are open and up in the air.
Your nipples are hard, as I look into your eyes.
R - “Are you comfortable?”
E ‒ “Yes” (Quickly)
R ‒ “Mmmm” (kissing outside of the lips, without touching
R ‒ “I love doing this” (Breathy, blowing hot breath onto
your lips)
E ‒ “mmMMmmm” (With a little urgency)
R ‒ “I want you comfortable”
E ‒ “Hooo Kaay … I ammm verrry”
R ‒ “I want to doooo this hhhaaalll night…..”
What seems like seconds later, but is many minutes later…
E - uuhhhaaawwwhhheh
The tip of my flattened tongue plants at the very bottom
your smoothly
shaved pussy lips…
E - uuhhhaaawwwhhheh
With my arm wrapped around over the top of your hip, my nose
fills with your delicious spunky smell. My hand presses
lightly and pulls up above the tiny triangle of hair hovering
above your clit, as my wide and flat tongue glides slowly
E - UUHhhaawwwhhheh
The smell hastens my pounding heart, as my pressing tongue
glides slowly upward…
E - UUHhhaawwwhhheh
My tongue lifts and presses lightly on your clitoris, as
the sight of your hands on your breasts sends waves of hardness
through my cock…
E - OOHhaaawwaaaah
I lift and press my pointed tongue into the engorged shaft
above your clitoris ‒ I love to eat pussy…
E ‒ Aaaahhhhhuuuuh
I disengage for a moment?
E - Oooohhhhhoooooohhhh?
And I press my tongue flat covering as much of your pussy
as I can…
E - MMMmmmhhhuuuuuh
The pungent taste makes my eyes roll and I thirst for more,
as I hold my tongue still and flat…
E ‒ mmmmmmhhhhooooooh
As your hips raise…
E ‒ Ooohhhuuuuaaahhhh
As I press my flat tongue against your engorged pussy lips,
holding it still…
E ‒ Ooohhhuuuuaaahhhh
My hot wet tongue hugs your lips and your hips slowly writhe…
E ‒ aaaaaahhhhhhhhhuuuuhh
E ‒ hhhaaaawwwwwwhhhhuuuuh
And I disengage, as my hot and lonely cock throbs-
E - mmmmmmmmmhhhuuu?
And begin to position my flattened tongue again at the bottom
of your smoothly shaved lips, for another long and luscious
upward stroke…
E ‒ mmMMM…

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