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My summer


It was only June and already it was hotter than it had been all
last summer. School let out a week ago and all the rich kids from the
neighborhood were at the country club pool, goofing around and
flirting and catching rays. Though I didn't live in the fancy
neighborhood on the hill, my swimming skills had landed me the summer
lifeguard's job at the country club here. It was OK -- $7 an hour and
all the eats I wanted from the snack bar. As I basked in the sun and
kept a lazy eye on the half-dozen or so swimmers, some activity over
near the locker room caught my eye. I glanced over just in time to see
four of the little neighborhood cuties go running into the ladies
room, which is where the showers and lockers also were. I redirected
my attention to the pool, occasionally glancing at the pretty, young
housewives and their kiddies -- and occasionally at some of the older
women, too. I had a thing for older women ever since five summers
earlier, when I was 15 and mowing neighbors' lawns for some extra
money. I'll never forget Mrs. Gray, the lady across the street whose
husband was out of town on business a lot. As I day dreamed poolside
behind my mirror sunglasses, I sweated. It felt good, knowing that I
could take a dip every so often to cool off. In fact, I did just that.
Some of the younger kids loved it when I went into the pool -- I
guess seeing a lifeguard just swimming for the fun of it was
interesting to them. I went back to my chair and sat down without
toweling off, instead just letting the rivulets of cool water course
down my tan, slightly hairy chest. Then I saw it again out of the
corner of my eye -- running on the pool deck, definitely a no-no, and
it was those same girls over by the locker room. I blew the whistle
and told the five or six little kids in the pool to get out for a
little while, a "rest period." I used this excuse every time I needed
a few minutes in private to smoke a joint or something. That way, with
nobody in the pool, I could take an occasional break and not worry
about anyone drowning. It was funny -- even when I ordered just
the little kids out, the adults got out too. Such power. I sauntered
over toward the locker room, and the girls had seen me approaching.
There were four of them, all between 18 and 19 and not a dog in the
bunch. Two were blondes -- the two oldest, Cindi and Melissa. I didn't
know the other two but had seen them around. One had light brown hair
and a killer bod for a girl of about 18, and the other was Lupe, the
ambassador's daughter from Mexico. She was about 19 and shy but well
on her way to being the most beautiful in the bunch. As I drew
near, they whispered and giggled and stole sidelong glances
at me. I didn't take it too seriously -- girls this age were
horny but didn't know what to do with it. "Girls, I've asked
you before not to run on the pool deck," I said, trying to
sound casual enough so they wouldn't think I was an asshole,
but still wanting to demonstrate my authority over them.
Lupe giggled. "Sorry," she said, immediately turning
to her friends and giggling some more. "Yeah, cutie, we're
sorry," Melissa said, taunting me by putting her hands
on her hips and taking a challenging stance. Still, she
was smiling. We stood there, looking at each other from
behind our sunglasses, for a few seconds, before I decided
to break the tension. "OK, but whoever runs again gets punished, "
I said, smiling and turning away. They all giggled and pretended
to be scared. I ignored them and went to the chlorine room.
I wanted a joint. "Hi, Ron," said the attractive, 40ish
woman behind the designer sunglasses. She wore an expensive
designer swimsuit made more for sunning than swimming,
and she looked familiar. It was Mrs. Andrews -- Lisa Andrews,
the prettiest woman at the club. I'd never seen her at the
pool before. "Hi, Mrs. Andrews. Nice day to catch some sun,
huh?" I said, trying to sound casual but secretly flattered
that she knew me. I checked her out from behind my mirror
shades -- like I said, 40ish but with a gorgeous face, frosted
blonde hair with just the slightest trace of dark roots,
and a light tan. Nice, lush figure -- probably 38D tits,
but firm not floppy like some women her age. Suit showed
her cleavage to excellent advantage. She was tall -- about
5-8 -- and had the prettiest feet I'd ever seen. I made no
effort to hide the fact that I was checking her out from head
to toe. Especially the toes. Her small feet were the same
tan as her shapely but substantial thighs, and delicate.
The small nails were painted hot pink, just like her long
fingernails. Because she never had any kids, her hips and
belly and ass had kept their shape. She could have passed
for someone 10 years younger. Suddenly I realized that
she was staring at my face as I stared at her body. "Something
wrong?" she said innocently. "No, um, I was just thinking
about something else, sorry," I said, lamely trying to
recover. My mind raced with thoughts of her. "Well, see
you around, Ron," she said, smiling as she turned and walked
away. She had a slight sway in her hips as she walked toward
the club house bar. I headed for the chlorine room and that
joint. It was dark and cool as I entered and locked the door
behind me. I took the joint out of my cigarette pack, lit
it, inhaled deeply and sat down. After holding it as long
as I could, I exhaled noisily and saw stars. Killer weed.
I took three or four more hits, carefully stubbed out the
J and put it back in the cigarette pack. As I opened the door
to head back to the pool, I almost bumped into Melissa and
Lupe, who had been standing right outside the louvered
doors of the chlorine room. They grinned broadly and Melissa
sniffed the air noisily. "Let's see, I think I smell something
burning. Smell it, Lupe?" she asked. Lupe giggled and they
both watched me squirm. "Yes, Lupe, I think I smell mara-wanna,"
she said, lowering her voice but still smiling. "Yeah,
now I smell it too," Lupe said in her slightly accented
English. "It's for sure maree-whanna." Her accent emphasized
the last word. I blushed and stammered. "Oh, I was just
having a cigarette," I said, trying to be casual about
it. "No, I know I smell pot," Melissa said, moving past
me toward the open door of the chlorine room to confirm what
she damn well knew. "Ron, if you don't do as we say, we'll
tell what you were doing," Melissa said, still smiling
slightly but her voice serious now. "Come with us, Ron,"
she said, taking my hand and leading me back into the chlorine
room. Once Melissa, Lupe and I were inside, Melissa locked
the door behind us. "Get us high, Ron," she said, not smiling
now. Shit, if this is all they wanted -- "And while Lupe and
I get high, we want you to stand over there, and take off your
shorts." What the -- "Now!" Melissa said in a harsh tone.
"Strip, Ron, or I'll yell ." My mind raced, considering
my options. Deny the whole thing, get them high but don't strip, or do
as they said. Seeing as I was not from their neighborhood,
I knew who their parents would believe if it came down to
it. I decided to follow their lead. "I will, if you will,"
I said, handing Melissa the half joint. "Strip, that is, "
I added. "You first," Melissa said as she lit the joint
and took a big hit. She passed it to Lupe, who seemed unsure
about the whole damn thing. Lupe took a big hit, coughed
it out, then took a smaller one and held it. I walked to the
corner and untied the drawstring around the waistband
of my bathing suit. Melissa watched me closely as she took
another hit. Lupe let out her hit and sat down, staring at
my chest and crotch. "Take off your suit, Ron," Melissa
said, calmer now but still clear-minded about this little
scenario. "Strip or I'll scream !" I slowly started
to comply. Melissa sat down next to Lupe and they finished
the joint while watching me. As I slid the shorts down around
my hips, both their eyes stared hard at my chest and belly.
When I got the suit just low enough that the tops of my pubic
hairs could be seen, Lupe burst into a shy grin and giggled.
Her eyes never left the bulge in my crotch. I stopped before
going any further. "You too," I said to them. "Fair is fair."
Melissa leaned over and whispered something to Lupe, who
blushed deeply. Both giggled hysterically. "OK, but you
first," Melissa said. Then she stood and I checked her
out more carefully. About 18 or so, heavier makeup than
she needed but very expertly applied, long, thick blonde
hair and a nice tan. She wore a pastel yellow bikini cut somewhat
brazenly. Nice, pointy titties -- 36C or so, I guessed.
Slightly dark circles visible through the light material
of her bikini top drew my attention. I could see that her
nipples were hard. She had a deep, tight belly button (an
innie) and just the slightest trace of blonde babyhairs
growing in a thin trace from the bottom of her belly button
down toward her crotch, but the two or three inches above
her pussy was covered by her bikini bottoms, so that was
as far as I could see. Now Lupe stood -- shorter, slightly
thicker body, with very dark skin that looked almost as
if she were a light-skinned black girl. Thick, kinky black
hair down just past her shoulders, thick all over and wound
in loose, natural curls. Big tits for a girl her age -- probably
a 36 or 38D. Her white bikini was of thicker material than
Melissa's, but I could still see faintly darker circles
where her nipples were. She had unusual nipples -- they
must have had very large areolas, because it wasn't just
the tips of her nipples that stuck out, but also the whole
section around them, an area about as big as the end of my
thumb. I could tell, even through the thick cloth, that
they were already hard, stiff and swollen. When she noticed
me staring at her titties, she clasped her hands in front
of her crotch, drawing her arms together and unconsciously
pushing her boobs together and up, deepening her cleavage
and showing off her chest to great advantage. I stared and
my dick got a little harder -- not rock-hard yet, but swelling.
"Come on, Ron, take down your shorts," Melissa said, still
giggling behind her sunglasses. Her voice was a little
huskier than it had been -- probably a combination of the
pot and her horniness. I still held the waistband of my shorts
around my hips -- so just the top half-inch or so of my dark-blond
pubic hair showed. I looked down; I knew I looked good, tan
and lean, flat stomach, tan legs, the works. I was glad for
those trips to the gym. I looked back up at the girls' faces
as I inched my shorts lower, a quarter-inch at a time. Melissa
had taken off her sunglasses and her eyes were peeled on
my crotch. Her lips were slightly parted and her breathing
was heavy. Lupe, the younger one, noticed that Melissa
and I had both taken off our shades, so she did too. Her eyes
were also glued at the growing bulge in my shorts. I continued
lowering them, until they were exposing everything above
my dick, which I still kept hidden. Then I stopped. "Your
turn," I said to both. Lupe grinned and looked at Melissa,
who looked me right in the eye without smiling. "OK, Ron,
now you get a peak," Melissa said, reaching around her
back and untying her bikini top. She let the thin cloth straps
fall, leaving only the strap around her neck. The thin material
fell away at the sides, exposing almost all of her titties
except the very center, where the nipples now stood stiff
and hard. The contrast was lovely -- tan skin offset by large,
milky white titties. I moved a step closer, so we were now
standing not three feet apart. I looked over at Lupe. "OK,
muchacha, your turn," I said, still holding my shorts
around my hips just a fraction of an inch above the top of
where my cockstem grew out. I wiggled my hips at the little
Mexican girl seductively to loosen her up. She quickly
grimaced, then reached around and untied her top the same
way Melissa had, letting the sides fall open but leaving
the top strap tied around her neck, thus concealing her
very large and, by now very, very hard, nipples. "Sit down,
girls," I said softly. "Take off your tops." Melissa,
sensing that she was about to see me completely nude, immediately
complied. She tossed her top on the floor, blushed deeply
and folded her hands in her lap. She and I both looked at Lupe.
The girl followed suit, so to speak, tossing her top right
by Melissa's and folding her hands into her own lap. My turn
now. I slid the suit down, down, down, to the point that my
now- hard dick sprang free. I dropped the shorts and kicked
them off. I now stood, fully nude, about two feet in front
of two topless and very turned-on teen-age girls. Their
eyes were riveted to my swelling dick. Their attention
made it tingle. I turned around once, slowly, so they could
check me out completely. Halfway through the turn, as I
had my back to them, Melissa reached up and caressed my tight
butt. "Cute bottom!" she said to Lupe. The 18-year-old
took the cue and also grabbed my ass, giving it a slight squeeze
and then a gentle rub. "Yeah," she said, giggling. "Nice
and tight!" I finished the turn, and stood facing them again.
Melissa's eyes were still glued to my cock, and she seemed
totally unaware of the fact that her nipples had grown and
stiffened even further, and now stood out about a half inch.
They came to lovely points, and her areolas were a medium
pink. The nipples themselves were bigger than a pencil
eraser and a darker pink, almost red. And very, very stiff.
Lupe reached up and stroked my inner thigh, then left her
hand there. I noticed that her titties too seemed a little
pointier, though her huge, conical nipples gave them very
pronounced tips. Lupe left her hand on my inner thigh. I
looked at Melissa, who still had her hands folded in her
lap, as though she had forgotten about them. Then I noticed
a very, very subtle motion as she pressed her balled-up
fists against her crotch, pressing and then relaxing them.
How cute -- she was beginning to rub her pussy through her
bikini bottoms, and wasn't aware that I knew! "Ron, unless
you play with it for us I'll scream ," Melissa said,
calmly but with a certain no- nonsense tension in her voice.
Lupe stared at her friend. "Melissa!" she said, "That's
not very nice, you know!" "Shut up, Lupe. Ron, jerk yourself
off for us." Though she may have thought I'd be embarrassed,
I wasn't. In fact, I kind of liked the idea, being totally
exposed and vulnerable in front of these young girls. "Gee,
Melissa," I said, feigning reluctance but actually beginning
to get off on the total humiliation. "I'd feel funny." "Ron,"
she said, frowning at me with a certain note of threat in
her voice. "OK, OK," I said. "But you have to help me a little.
Let me see some more. Both of you." The girls looked at each
other, Melissa looked back at me, then she glanced at the
door to make sure it was locked. "OK," she said. "We'll
do it." She stood and so did Lupe, though the younger girl
didn't seem so keen on the idea. "Let's get naked, Lupe,"
said Melissa, still not smiling. Both girls stood. Melissa's
bikini bottoms were smaller than Lupe's, and higher-cut.
She grabbed the waistband around her hips and slowly pulled
down, a little at a time. As she started, I could see the beginnings
of her lovely blonde pussy hairs, all kinky-curly and golden.
As she pulled the tops down further, I got a better look.
The further down she pulled, the thicker and darker her
pussy hair got. Soon she had wriggled free and kicked the
panties away. Now she and I were two feet apart, both totally
nude, and Lupe -- cute little Mexican Lupe -- was not a foot
away, pulling hers down more hurriedly. She had a very faint
line of dark brown hair growing from the inside-bottom
of her belly button, straight down to her lovely dark-brown
pussy bush. Her pussy hair was thicker and curlier than
Melissa's, and much darker. Now the three of us stood, buck
naked, checking each other out intimately. Melissa seemed
suddenly to grow even hornier. She placed one hand on her
waist and the other on her pussy, giving it a slight rub with
her index and middle fingers as she stood. "Play with your
cock now, Ron," she said. "Yeah," added Lupe, smiling
as she covered her big titties with her hands. Though she
wanted us to think she was merely modest by covering up,
I could see her slightly massaging each of her boobs. "OK,"
I said. "Here's how I do it." I stood back another foot or
so, so I was a little more than an arm's length away from the
girls, who stood side-by-side, facing me. I took my fat,
pink cock in my left hand and squeezed gently a couple times
to get the blood flowing again. It felt so great, playing
with myself to the obvious enjoyment of these girls. I gripped
a little harder and picked up the speed, settling into a
regular motion. Lupe now openly rubbed her tits, now and
then using her thumb and index finger to pinch and pull her
nipples. I could tell that although she was young, this
little girl knew how to get herself off. Melissa had taken
her hand from her hip and was now using it to squeeze, rub
and stroke her own left butt cheek. Her right hand was still
on her pussy, though she let a finger linger there longer
every so often. She had matched my speed and rhythm, and
now she began to slip her middle finger into her tight, wet
little hole every so often and wiggle it back and forth at
the same time. A curious little motion that obviously turned
her on. I stared at her titties as they jiggled slightly
as she diddled her own pussy. Her dark- pinkish nipples
were extremely hard and pointed now, and stuck straight
out. I noticed Lupe -- she was still playing with her tits,
but she was also paying some attention to what Melissa was
doing. I think it secretly turned her on to see the older
blonde girl jerk her own pussy, too. I was really getting
into it. My toes curled tightly on the cold cement floor
and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Suddenly there was
a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I said, panicky and hoarse.
Melissa froze, but kept her hand on her wet blonde pussy.
Lupe ducked behind some rolled-up hoses. "It's me, Ron,
Lisa Andrews. I locked my keys in the car and I need a coat-
hanger. Carl at the office gave me a key and said I could check
in here." Oh shit. I bent down to grab my trunks but before
I could even stand, Mrs. Andrews had unlocked the door to
the chlorine room and walked in. There stood Melissa and
I, totally nude, me hard and her obviously turned-on. Lupe
stood and tried vainly to cover her large boobies with one
hand and her large, dark pussy bush with the other. No dice
-- Mrs. Andrews saw everything and immediately raised
her sunglasses, perching them on top of her head. She quickly
stepped in and closed the door behind her. I noticed that
she locked it. "Well, what have we here?" she said, a sly
smile on her beautiful lips. "A little teenage orgy, perhaps?"
Before any of us could say anything, she moved to me, standing
less than a foot in front of me. Though my raging hard-on
had begun to fade, my cock was still quite thick and semi-erect.
It pointed right at her. She reached down and took it gently
in one hand, looking me straight in the eye. "Nice cock,
Ron," she said, still smiling. Though completely embarrassed,
vulnerable and thoroughly humiliated to be seen this way
in front of three women (well, a teenage girl, a teenagegirl/woman and
an older woman), I hardened at her attention. She tightened
her grip and looked down, knowing she was making my 8-inch
boner even harder, if that was possible. Still holding
my dick (and occasionally squeezing it), she turned to
Melissa. "Nice figure, Melissa," she said. "And, I must
say, you have lovely breasts." She smiled and so did Melissa,
though Melissa was even more embarrassed than I was. "Let
me see how firm they are," Mrs. Anderson said, using her
free hand to cop a quick feel of the 19-year-old's lovely
titties. Mrs Anderson's hand lingered a moment, letting
Melissa's rock- hard nipple slide between her long fingers.
She eased up a bit and took the nipple between her painted,
exquisitely long fingernails and pinched ever so gently.
Melissa moaned and squirmed a bit, almost like she had to
pee. Lupe looked on, amazed/shocked/terrified and, judging
by the condition of her own nipples, extremely turned-on.
"And who's the girl?" Mrs Anderson said, letting go of my dick and
reaching for Lupe. But instead of feeling up the girl's boobs, Mrs.
Anderson placed the palm of her hand firmly on the front of Lupe's
bush. I looked down and involuntarily took my dick into my own hand.
Mrs Anderson's middle finger slid quickly into Lupe's fur-covered
slit, and she wiggled it gently there for a minute. Then -- still
holding Melissa's titty -- Mrs. Anderson placed her middle
finger (the one that had just been in Lupe's wet little pussy)
right into my mouth! I was so surprised. I had never tasted
pussy, and this was sweet. It had a distinctive taste, slightly
salty and fragrant, and a very faint flavor of coconut.
Then I realized that besides tasting Lupe's pussy, I was
also tasting Mrs Anderson's finger -- the hand with which
she had applied suntan lotion and perfume and makeup and
did who-knows-what-else. As Mrs. Anderson looked down
to watch me barely stroking my dick, I decided what the hell.
She had gone this far, she wasn't going to bust us. "Why don't
you join us, Mrs Anderson?" I said, smiling boldly but still
blushing. "Don't mind if I do," she said, letting go of
Melissa's titty (finally!) and quickly removing her own
top. Her lovely, firm boobs swung free. Her nipples -- dark
red, much darker and fatter and about twice as long as Melissa's
half-inchers -- were already stiff. I leaned over and took
one of her luscious tits in my hand. She smiled, inhaled
deeply and moved closer to me. I bent down and took the lovely
40-year-old's nipple into my mouth, feeling it harden
and stiffen even more as my tongue swirled around it and
flicked it hard. She pulled my head to her chest with both
hands. "Hey, no fair!" Melissa cried, jealous now and afraid
she was going to be upstaged by a woman old enough to be her
mother. "She has to strip, too!" With that, nude Melissa
stepped behind Mrs Anderson and yanked down her bikink
bottoms, exposing her lovely dark-brown bush. (Thus proving
that Mrs. Anderson wasn't a natural blonde, but a frosted
one.) I stepped right up to Mrs. Anderson, face-to-face
and so close our toes were touching, and kissed her deeply
on the mouth. She instantly responded, pushing her tongue
into my mouth and breathing heavily through her nose. I
stroked one of her tits with one hand and her pussy with the
other. When she was soppy wet, I stuck two fingers into her
pussy-hole and wiggled them slowly around, getting a good
feel for her texture and depth and arousal. She ground her
hips against me. Suddenly I felt hands all over my ass, my
back, my chest. Lupe and Melissa stood behind me, stroking
every square inch of me they could get their hands on. I felt
two wet, squirmy tongues, one on the back of my neck and one
on the back of my right thigh. I looked around and saw the
teenagers doing whatever they could to get into the act.
I broke free from their grasp and Mrs. Anderson and stepped
back. Then I took command. "Mrs. Anderson, you were the late
comer, so you're going to have to catch up with the rest of
us," I said. "We all had to jerk off in front of each other,"
I said, motioning toward Melissa and Lupe. "Now we're gonna
watch while you play with yourself a little bit." She looked
at the three of us and saw that we weren't kidding. It seemed
she quickly sized it up that we were telling the truth --
and she knew how excited she was. She seemed to realize this
was the only way she was going to screw the young stud lifeguard,
and besides, these girls were quite cute. Without a word,
she stepped back from us and spread her legs a little wider
than shoulder width. Melissa, Lupe and I sat down, me in
the middle. I quickly bent down and sucked one of Lupe's
nipples. It was already hard, but grew slightly in my mouth.
She moaned and tried to press my head to her tit, but I pulled
back and leaned over the other way, taking a longer, harder
and slightly more violent suck off Melissa's pointy, rock-hard
nipple. She moaned, leaned back with both arms out to support
her, and tossed her head back. Long blonde hair hung down
her back, almost to the floor, as she totally exposed her
young chest to my ministrations. A minute or so later, I
straightened back up and all three of us shifted our horny
gazes on Mrs. Anderson, the now-nude 40-year-old who was
about to masturbate for three young adults. She seemed a little
nervous, but the sheer sexuality of the situation seemed
to outweigh her shortcomings. She started slowly, circling
around her bush with one hand and massaging her titty with
the other. We three smiled and watched closely as she picked
up speed. Her breathing came quicker, raspier, and she
occasionally tossed her head in involuntary shudders.
Now she used two hands -- one to rub and press the outside
of her pussy, right around her clit, and the other to insert
two fingers into her hole. She was soon finger-fucking
herself for us, and began softly muttering to herself.
"Oh God yes," she said, barely above a whisper yet clearly
audible to Melissa, Lupe and me. "Oh geez that feels good.
Oh ... Oh fuck! OH GOD YES. FUCK ME ... Yeah, that's it, that's
the feeling I want." She opened her eyes and suddenly seemed
to remember she wasn't alone. Lust outweighed any remaining
inhibitions, though, and she continued. She occasionally
arched her back, pushing her crotch straight out toward
us and standing on her tiptoes, as if to give us a better view.
Now one hand started squeezing her nipples very hard, pulling
and pinching and twisting them while the other furiously
worked itself in and out of her fuckhole. "Oh, God, I want
to come," she said. "I fucking want it so bad ... Oh yeah
baby, that's it! Oh it feels ... oh, oh geez, it feels so good!"
She looked me right in the eye. "Ron, please fuck me now!"
she said in a hoarse voice, still quickly diddling her wet
pussy. "I want a big fat dick inside me now Ron. Fuck me!"
I immediately stood and walked toward her. "We're ALL going
to fuck you, Mrs. Anderson," I said, standing less than
a foot from her. I took my huge boner in my hand and, with very
small, strutting steps, moved toward her. She sat down
on a rolled-up mat, then, realizing she was about to get
just what she wanted, quit finger-fucking herself just
long enough to lay back and spread her legs. I kneeled in
front of her, pumped my cock two or three times, then pressed
the fat purple head against her furry, soaking wet slit.
I moved it in small circles around the outside of her hole
a few times, teasing her and totally turning myself on.
I looked back at Melissa and Lupe. "Would you rather watch
or do you want to join in?" I asked them. They walked over
to us and stood there, looking at each other for a second
while each rubbed her own titties. "We'll watch first,"
Melissa said. "Well, the least you can do is help," I said,
nodding toward Mrs Anderson. "Why don't you each take a nipple?"
Without further encouragement, the girls kneeled on each
side of the reclining -- and moaning -- Mrs. Anderson and
took a stiff, swollen nipple in her mouth. Like hungry kittens,
they lapped and sucked and nipped and licked her hard nipples,
simultaneously massaging her titties and their own. I
slowly slid a half-inch of my fat purple cockhead into Mrs.
Anderson's fuckhole. She moaned and ground her hips in the
air, trying to get more of me inside her. I kept control,
though, moving in an inch, then out a half-inch, then in
an inch and a half, then out an inch, then in three inches
(she gasped and swore at that one), then out an inch, then
swiftly in the entire 8 inches. Her tight, hairy pussy enveloped
my cock and it felt great. She was soaking wet and much tighter
than I had expected. In the back of my mind I realized that
this was because she had never had any children. I sped up,
now enjoying it as much as she. She had one hand on each girl's
head, keeping them at her titties while I fucked her hole.
I felt the tingle begin in my toes; it caused them to curl
tightly. It spread up my legs into my crotch, and down from
my chest into my gut, at the same time. Soon every muscle
in my body tingled. I had that electric-belly feeling that
I was going to come any second. I leaned down and kissed Mrs.
Anderson deeply. As I pulled back, we both stuck out our tongues
and they clashed in the half-inch between our faces, I licking
hers and she mine. I noticed Lupe watching, and with a look,
indicated I wanted to kiss her too. She leaned over and,
in a clumsy but erotic attempt to mimic the kiss Mrs. Anderson
and I had just had, she parted her lips slightly, pointed
her cute little pink tongue and stuck it out to me. I was sucking
Lupe's tongue voraciously when I came inside Mrs. Anderson.
Seven, eight, nine, ten ... I just kept splurting hot cum
into her hairy, yielding pussy. When I was about halfway
through coming, she started, bucking her hips and moaning
in a loud, high, breathy voice. We finished together and
I collapsed in her embrace. Sweat mixed with her coconut
suntan oil as my firm, hard, slightly hairy belly rubbed
against her smooth, soft one. Lupe was smiling and had one
hand on her pussy. I think she had come too. Melissa gave
one last hard suck on Mrs. Anderson's titty, stood, and faced
us with her legs spread. "My turn," she announced.

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