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My slutty wife


Randip had been known to my husband for years before our
marriage, in fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had
welcomed us and had helped me set up home in the building
where we all lived. He was in the habit of dropping in some
evenings and staying over for dinner as he was divorced
and lived as a bachelor. This closeness through the days
between us had been on a very innocent level and randip has
always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him
staring at my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was
normal behavior for a man. And I had also cum to know that
he had some affairs with few married ladies. I was friendly
with girl who told me that her best friend had a hot affair
with randip and she used to swear by randip that he was the
best man ever she had ever slept with.

In this recent days however something had changed a bit.
Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe I was giving
out some king of signal as my sex life wasn't quite what
I would like. My husband and I had good sex, but over the months
it had gotten a bit stale and I never enjoyed sex with him.
He was also not been caring at times when it came to my needs,
occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm.
How ever my husband sameer had a strange habit of making
me expose in front other and show off my beauty and good figure.
He used to get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths
which exposed my body. He bought me sexy saree's with
deep back and low neck blouses which did not cover much of
my boobs. In fact I really had a beautiful pairs of tits.
(34 d). I remember on our honey moon in goa he made me sleep
in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came to deliver us
tea. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with a young
boy passed by. This also continued in Delhi when moved to
this place. After showing off my body to other in parties
and other places he used to get exited and that night he used
to have a wild sex which I also liked.

Now coming back to randip, over the last few weeks, randip
and I had been flirting a bit ‒ there were some innocent hugs
and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We had seen each
other a lot at the lakeside boat house in bathing suits and
a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he
caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once
I caught him in his briefs, with his back turned. Along with
this we had seen each other many times in pj's so we were
quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. That day sameer told me to wear
something very sexy. I understood that he wanted me to show
off my body to others so I selected a very sexy dress which
he had purchased for me. It was with a very deep back and it
had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold
the boobs. I was really looking very sexy in that. It was
supposed to be a bunch of friend's but instead because
of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Delhi club
full of young crowd. We sat and stood at the bar and talked
and at some point the conversation turned to sex. Whether
it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had consumed,
the conversation became very open and honest. We talked
about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my
husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether
I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms. We talked
about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my "husband
and I don't have nearly enough sex!" this was
said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise he would
have felt very bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation
had taken its toll on us as randip and I were much more touchier
then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close
in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing
it seemed we were always touching lightly.

During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my
butt and latter shifted on my nude back. He used to hold me
tight when ever sameer was not watching or was out of the
room. He used to pull me close to him and at times I could feel
his crouch with a little bulge on my stomach and my boobs
used to get pressed against his chest. The night ended and
we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter
bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that
had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent
touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn't know.

Then as we walked and commented about the conversation
we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong.
He had said how sexy they were and I had mentioned that I didn't
have any since my husband didn't seem to like them.
So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started
to look through the panties. I am not shy but was a little
embarrassed as he went through picking out different ones,
finally I agreed to two of them. He paid for them and handed
me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them
some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned
that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed
and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when
I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty
much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn't
really been my intention but it was too late.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between
us that day is that randip had kidded me about my thong so
when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in
the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were
alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments,
I kept saying I can't here, he of course said it was safe
for a quick flash and anyway he had already seen me in my panty
at the shop.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen,
I was naked so I threw on my short robe figuring that randip
was also sleeping. I was surprised to find randip, sitting
on a chair drinking a cup of tea. He also thought he would
be alone and had only his briefs on. His hard was still on
and I could still notice a bulge. We exchanged hellos and
I poured myself a cup of coffee. He asked where my husband
was and I told him he was sleeping, he knew we had sex but he
was probably hoping that once had not been enough for me
that night and he was right.

I went to sit and noticed he was now hard; I couldn't
help comment about it still being that way. He of course
reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been
pretty arousing. He also let on that based on what he could
hear in his room I had gotten pretty aroused from the game
also. I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom.

Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had
been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other.
What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation.

He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his
room and I kind of admitted that I too might. What happened
next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful
comments the possibility of masturbating together came
up. I would have love to do something crazy yet safe like
that with him but was too scared so I said no way, he said okay
like a hurt puppy dog and I then said something I shouldn't

I said I would be willing to help him but he had to promise
not to try anything. He looked pretty surprised, I took
a walk to check on my hubby and make sure he was asleep. On
my return I took him to the laundry room, I figured if my husband
came down he could stay there and I would come out like I was
doing late night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry
room, randip slipped down his briefs and told me to go ahead
and help him to cum. I told him to wait as I had to put some lotion
on my hands which I had picked up while coming back after
checking out my husband.

When I was done I took my hand forward to grip his hand but could not find his cock in the dark and
I also found that my hand was shaking with excitement. Then
randip caught my hand and lowly guided my hand to his cock.
As my hand touched his cock I was shocked to feel what I felt.
His cock was very very large and much thicker then my husband.
I could not grip it fully in my small hand. I slowly moved
my hand up still shocked, to find out the complete length
and ended at the top of his cock where a huge knob was there.

It must have been around 8 to 9 inches long. I just held it
for some time to get used to the length and the thickness
of this monster that I was holding. Randip said what are
u waiting for go ahead and make me cum. Then I slowly started
to jerk him off, what a rush I felt. It was so hot having a man's
cock in my hand that wasn't my husbands made in supper
hot, as I slowly stroked and gently played with it. Looking
at him, asking him if it felt good. I jerked him slowly as
I wanted the moment to last a bit and I could tell the night
had taken its toll and he would cum quickly. He was enjoying
it starting to moan a little as he leaned back against the
dryer. I continued jerking him for a while and then started
doing it harder, I had to apply some more lotion on my hand
and his cock as the one I had applied earlier was not enough.
I was on fire myself and he realized it. I am not sure if he
undid my robe or it just happened but at one point I realized
I was naked with my robe open.

He whispered in my ear "just a little feel " as
his fingers started to play with my nipples. I started jerking
really hard as I didn't have the will power to stop his
advances and figured once he came he would calm down. Well
it did, he moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of sperm
all over my belly and pubic hair. In the process he cupped
my one breast and I also moaned with pleasure jerked him
until his was done and stepped back. He had cum all over my
stomach, hands and pubic. I had never seen my husband cum
so much like a spray I cleaned up with some paper towel and
gave him a peck goodnight and ran back to my bedroom.

That night I kept thinking of randip'c cock. I still
could not believe that a man could have such a thick and long
cock like his and how a girl could take it in. Thinking of
that I went off to sleep. Next day morning I got up early and
made tea for all of us. I was still thinking of what I and randip
did last night and was a little shy of facing him in the morning.
I went to my bedroom with tea and woke up sameer. He asked
me if I had given tea to randip and I said no. He told me to go
and give him tea. I was a little shy and also a bit exited to
meet him as the memories of last night were still fresh in
my mind. I knocked and went in. He was awake and smile on seeing
me, I also smiled back and said good morning. I put the cup
of tea on the side table. He pulled me close and he kissed
me on the cheeks, I also kissed him back and told him that
sameer must be waiting for me and ran out. My face had turned

After that evening with randip where I had helped him to
jack off, whatever barriers were there between us crumbled.
We had seen each other half naked though we had not seen each
other in full light and only seen in dim light or felt each
other and we had shared some more secrets including touching
each others parts. It was like we were walking down a path
of no return.

That day ended when sameer and randip went off to office
and before going I hugged randip as we used to do it earlier.
For the next few weeks we did not get a chance to meet in private
other then normal visits to out house, which ended in just
hugs and kisses on cheeks. After a month later, my husband
was chosen by the company to go for training to usa for a month.

The day he was to go randip came over to pick him up and drop
him at the airport. That way I was wearing a very sexy nightly
which did not cover much. I did not wear a bra under that as
sameer always wanted to see me like that. So my boobs and
the nipples were visible through the night dress. Randip
hugged me very tightly as my husband was not there and I also
did not mind that at all. He looked down at my tits after we
broke the hug and smiled, I also blushed and went to the room.

I came out with sameer and this I wore a gown on top. I hugged
sameer and wished him luck and as he was going out randip
winked at me and I knew that we will have a nice time till my
husband was away and maybe be have more secrets of ours.

When my hubby went out randip again came in to collect his
car keys which he left on table and as he was going out he gave
me a packet and told me that it is for me, winked at me and went
out. When I opened the packet I found a very sexy lacy pair
of red bra and panties in it.

As soon as sameer's flight took off randip rang me up
and told me that sameer has taken off. I said yaa now I will
get bored at home alone. I agreed and the time to reach his
house was fixed at 11 am so I started getting ready fast as there was not much time left. I chose
a very sexy saree with a very sexy blouse which really did
not cover much as I was planning to tease randip today. He
was delighted to see me and more so in that sexy saree that
I was wearing. We hugged each other and he kissed me on my
cheeks and held me tightly for more time then normally he
used to. My body was pressed against his and I felt current
going through my body. He then took me to sitting room holding
me by my nude waist. We sat on the sofa close to each other.
He asked me as to what will I like to have and we decided on
Bacardi and made two drinks and we started sipping the same.
The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both we
a little shy to start any topic. Then randip only started
by saying that I am looking very sexy in this saree. As I bend
forward to keep the glass on the my pallu slipped and fell
down and my breasts were popping out. He looked at them and
commented that my tits are the best he had ever seen. I blushed
and tried to cover them but he caught my hand said that if
I wear such a sexy blouse then what is the need of covering
it with my saree and told me leave it like that. I smiled at
him and asked him if his attention were clear. He also laughed
and said that yes they are as clear as yours and we both laughed
to this.

Randip then asked me as to how did I like the gift he gave me
in the morning. I said told him that it was really very good
and fitted me very well. I then asked him that how did you
know my size, he smiled and told that he had a good feel of
my boobs that night when I helped him to cum at our house.

I smiled and told him that was a very nice time we had and our
secret will remain a secret. I told randip that I was wearing
the bra and panty that he gave me and it is very comfortable.

Randip then told me that he wanted to see the fitting of the
bra and panty. I was a little shy and a little scared to show
him that because I was at his house and thought some one may
come there and finding me in that state may lead to some problems
and also told him that. He assured me that no one will come
there and this will also remain our secret as the previous

I thought for some time and asked him that I hope it is just
seeing me in that bra and panty and nothing more then that.
Randip smiled at me and said that from his side its just that
and if I say so it can be more then that too. I also smiled and
said please give me another drink so that I can gather some
courage to open my cloths. He poured two drinks for both
of us and I started sipping my drink. When it half finished
he again told me to go ahead. I smiled at him and said ok wait
let me finish then drink. He got up and put on some soft English music and in the mean time I also finished
my drink and now I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing
, & decided to play along a little bit. I slowly pulled
my saree paloo down onto my waist & sat there, my blouse
had a low neckline cut as I told earlier & my cleavage
was pretty prominent & my breasts were sort of seductively
visible. I sat like that for a few minutes & tried as
if to show my bra shoulder strap. I glanced at randip and
he was watching transfixed with a very focused look, I slowly
pulled out the strap of my bra and showed it to him. He then
said not to show my bra in that manner. I got the message &
then hesitated a bit & then thought , might as well &
with him watching I slowly got up send stood a little distance
from him and began to unbutton my blouse, halfway through
I spread open the blouse to show him the red bra and randip,
in a hoarse & choked voice asked me to open it further.

I slightly hesitated thinking if some one comes over then
what will I do but then thought, might as well do it only once
& started opening the rest of the hooks of the blouse
slowly and totally unhooked my blouse & spread it open
for him to get a good view of my breasts in the sexy bra. It
was actually a " loveable " bra with a good provocative
cut and randip said in a soft and emotion filled voice "
they are really beautiful" and I actually blushed
at this and felt quite proud then . I let him stare at my bra
and breasts , slowly feeling a thrill about it myself. He
did not budge from his seat and as he promised he was content
on just watching me. My saree paloo was on the ground and
my blouse was fully open and I held it open for him to see my
bra and the tits in them. Then he told me that why don't
u remove the blouse and keep it aside other wise your hands
will get tired holding it. And becoming a little bolder
now and also the effect of the drinks was there on me, I slowly
removed my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders I dropped
it on the seat next to me. I felt awkward and also thrilled
at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my
husband's best friend. This was the first time I had
ever exposed to a man like this in full light my tits trapped
in a bra were now exposed to a randip who was looking at the, with
his mouth dry.

By then I never felt threatened or pressurized with him
and walked around the room without my blouse on . He asked
to see my panty now and instead of trying to remove my saree
, I then simply pulled it up to sort of mid thigh to show my
fair panty to him and felt a thrill about it. He asked me to
repeat it and I again pulled up my saree, this time a little
higher and when every time his request was repeated , I would
oblige , pulling my saree further up till he could see the
red panty presented by him as well . By then I was feeling
very comfortable about the whole thing. Then he told me
that why don't you remove your saree so that I don't
have to lift my saree every time I had to show him panty. I
was also getting bolder by now and was much more relaxed
then I was when I first removed my blouse and slowly removed
my saree and kept it on the sofa where I had kept my blouse
and then after a little while and on his persistent requests
of " please remove your petticoat " I actually
pulled the string of the petticoat and let it drop on the
flood and stepped out of it and showed my fair, slim and shapely
legs. Now was in a red bra and lacy panty. I also felt that
I was getting wet in between my legs. I went to the table where
I had left my glass and told that I am going to refill my glass
and he told me to make a drink for him also. I went close to
him and picked up his glass too, he was just staring at my
boobs. I turned my back to him and moved to the bar to make
a drink for both of us. Took my time thinking that he must
be looking at my back and wanted to tease him more. After
some time and heard standing behind and to my surprise I
felt his body touching my back and I was surprised to feel
that he had removed his cloths and I could feel his nude chest
and legs touching mine. A shiver ran down my spine as his
body touched mine. Then he moved his hands in front to help
me fix the drinks and in doing so he brushed his hands on my
breasts, I also let him do it as it was really very arousing.
Then he moved more closed pretending to fix a drink and now
I could also feel his half erect cock against my hips. I was
really getting turned on and then the effect of the drinks
was also having its effects. I was as good as being in his
arms. When the drinks were made he moved back and then I noticed
that he was wearing his under wear and rest was totally nude.
He smiled at me and told that how could he be in cloths when
I was in just a bra and panties. I too smiled and said hope
your intentions are clear. He smiled and said that they
were as clear as yours.

Then he told me that he will be blessed if I could remove my
bra and showed him my beautiful breasts and that he was sure
that he had never seen any thing like this in his whole life.
I felt a pride in what he said and than decided to open my bra.
But before that I told him to switch of some lights as I was
feeling shy of opening my bra as I had not done it in front
of any one till date. He agreed and switched few lights but
the light was enough to my tits clearly. I stood in front
of him and slowly took my hands behind my back to unhook the
bra. His eyes were fixed on my bra and was waiting desperately
for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused
look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps
as the straps got released my boobs came to full size as they
were caged in the bra but were still covered by the bra from
the front and were not visible to Randip. His mouth half opened in anticipation of seeing
my boobs I was really getting very exited at what I could
do to a man. Then he told me to please remove the bra fully
so that he could se my beautiful boobs. I slowly took my hands
to the straps on my shoulders and pulled then down on the
side of arms thereby slowly exposing my lovely and shapely
boobs to randip. I let the bra drop to the floor and my boobs
were in his full view with my nipples erect. I just stood
there like that and he just kept staring at my tits as if he
had never seen any tits in his life. I felt a proud of my body.
I become a little more bolder and slowly walked topless
in my red panties to him . He just sat on the sofa in front of
me and did not budged from his seat & was very content
just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally
topless & in spite of myself enjoying , what I was doing
. Also, with him being a passive watcher, I was quite comfortable
as I could have been undressing at home, for that matter.
When I glanced at randip

I was surprised to note that he had opened his underwear
and had withdrawn his cock & was slowly stroking his
erection . I was taken aback because this was the first time
I was seeing a cock in real life other then sameer's
though I had held his cock but that was in darkness. He seemed
to be in such a heavenly trance , stroking his erect cock
, that I did not say anything or show some discomfort , though
it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly
looked at his cock quite closely and was impressed with
it's size which did appear pretty large then what I
had seen of my husband and in some of the blue films I had seen.
I was now enjoying myself, sort of posing for him. I was still
topless & on an impulse, to just stand in front of him,
sort of naked, with just my red skimpy panty on. I turned
around for him to see my buttocks etc and sort of just walked
around the place , with just my high heels on & my red
panty, randip was quietly and intently watching me doing
all this and still stroking his erect monster of a cock.
This sort of gave me a sense of satisfaction . I was enjoying
my bout of exhibitionism. He indicated me to pull my panty
off and I for the first time really felt shy and avoided doing
so. He pleaded again and I then turned around to show my buttocks
and pulled my panty down and displayed my fair and soft buttocks
to him and then pulled my panty back up. I heard randipl sighing
loudly , and I looked at him . He was stroking his cock furiously
now and I watched him fascinated and when he slightly leaned
forward , his eyes staring at me like in a trance. He once
again told me to pull down my panties and remove it. I was
totally exited and wanted do the dare so I slowly pulled
down my panty and it fell down on the floor and I slowly stepped
out of it. I was totally nude now and there were so many ohhhh's
and ahhhh; coming from randip's mouth which really
exited me more. He slowly got up and let his underwear drop
on the floor and he too was totally nude and now his cock was
looking even bigger. He slowly came near me and took me in
his arms. He held my face in both his hands and turned it up
towards his face. I closed my eyes as my lips parted and my
hands came to rest on his hips as randip bent down and kissed
my honey sweet lips. My hands soon grabbed him from behind
in tight embrace. Randip lifted his head and looked at me.
I quickly hid my face on his shoulder, my eyes evading his
every glance. Randipr held me from my back and tightened
his grip on me, crushing my beautiful firm breasts hard
on his chest. A soft sigh escaped from my mouth. Randip said
that why are you still hiding your face from me as I was feeling
shy and my face looked red as it was when I saw my husband nude
and he took me in his arms. Randip asked me as to why are you
feeling shy of me and hiding your face from me. I said that
you are the first man other then my husband who has ever taken
me in his arms and kissed me and I love my husband like anything.

Randip stroked my hair for a few moments; quite aware of
the delicate situation that I was in. Then randip moved
me away from him and again placed his lips on mine. This time
it was a real passionate one. I could now feel his tongue
go in side my mouth for which I opened my mouth a little more
and after some time even I put my tongue in his mouth and it
looked a perfect french kiss. My hands slowly rising from
his back to his head, my fingers running through his hairs.
Randip was moving his hands all over my back. His hands moved
down to my waists and as he grabbed my buttocks, my grip tightened
on his back. Randip slowly moved his hand upwards sliding
through my hips, up my belly and then cupped my breast. I
was now going weak in my legs. And randip supported me from
my back as he began squashing my sexy, firm and full breast.
I broke free of his lips and began to push him away from me.
I said randip I think we are crossing the limits and randip
said that its ok and we are just keeping each other happy.
I said that we just started with flirting with each other
and look where we have reached now. Randip said that the
way you used to dress up in at home and show your beautiful
tits to me in front of your husband turned me on and when we
had that few minutes in that washing room where you helped
me to cum that day changed every thing and we both had the
desire to have each other. So don't feel guilty and
lets enjoy life as you live only once. Then randip quickly
held my hand and pulled me towards him, grabbing me and kissing
me fervently. I too submitted myself completely to randip
and again held him firmly. Things began to cool down a bit
as he let my lips go. I stood there, my eyes gazing at him lustfully
. The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

Randip again gently began to stroke my hairs and kissed
me softly, pecking occasionally on my lips. His hands moved
down on to my breasts, rubbing them softly. Randip enjoyed
my breasts for a few moments and then I could see fell that
I began to tremble as he bent down to kiss my breast then sat
on his knees and kissed my triangle. When he kissed me there
I said ohh god ahh. He then got up and took me in his arms and
my big and firm boobs were pressed against his naked and
hairy chest. His hands were moving on my back till my butt
and I also took him in my arms and my hands were also moving
up and down. He admired my boobs and put his hand on it and
started pressing it, then he kissed me on my lips his tongue
in my mouth and I sucked it and then his tongue rolled down
my neck, onto my breasts grabbing my one nipple in his mouth.
He began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing
it as my sexuality began to rise at my peak. He sucked it hard
until it was swollen red. I was now like a bitch on heat, my
pelvic thrusting on his dick. As he sucked me hard his hand
freed her pressed the other breast and began to maul me.
I arched backwards enjoying every moment of his licking
and caressing of my breasts. He was enjoying me with as much
vigor as he could. Then a moan escaped my mouth and I said
ohhhhh god you suck them so hard it feels sooooo good. They
have never been sucked so hard I love it. My breasts were
fully exposed to him tugged, I closed my eyes put my hands
on randip's head and pulled him to my boobs and he once
again started sucking both my boobs turn by turn. I kept
on moaning now a little louder. He left my boobs and took me in his arms my breasts were now
crushed to his naked chest. I was sure he could feel the contour
of my well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of my
erect nipples. His hand went straight through my hairs
as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become
so exited that my pelvic were once again thrusting on his
dick which I could feel it on my stomach and it was very hard
and hot, the pre cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and
I could feel the wetness in my stomach. His hand began to
grope my breast for a moment and then it began to slide down
over my belly. He found my navel and teased her there for
some time. He then slithered down to the most sensitive
part of a girl. Barely had his fingers been on my triangle
that my hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed his hand.
"no." I said in my soft and sensual voice. He
said why not and I said I don't know but I am feeling guilty.
He took me in his arms and said please don't worry its
ok and we both us are enjoying this and I will not come in between
you and you husband and we also love each other, so if we love
each other then there is nothing wrong. Saying this he started
kissing me and I also responded by taking him in my arms and
her hands were all over his back and his head. My pelvic again
thrusting on his cock and his cock was looking bigger now.

I could feel that I was melting now. And randip was not the
one to miss this opportunity and so his hand began to slide
down. This time I held his hand but soon let go of his hand
as I too could not hold it for any longer. Randip's hand
reached my triangle and as he further moved down he could
feel my soft and well shaved area, which he played for some
time and then as his fingers went further down a shudder
ran through me and I shivered as his fingers ran over her
wet clits.

A subtle groan came through within me as he inserted his
finger into my cunt. It was dripping wet. I jerked my body
and began to moan like an animal. He said to me that you are
very tight. I again blushed. Randip took my hand and placed
it on his on top of his cock. It was by now hard as a rock. I grabbed
it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it from
the center. Randip's finger was moving in my cunt now
as I was groaning louder. Then he took my hand and told me
to move it up and down the shaft of his dick. As I moved my hand
up and down I said ohh my god! It's so big and thick."
and I blushed. Randip said "then quench its fire with
your nectar of love." he replied cunningly. "oh,
god! No. Please! No." I pleaded and buried my head
in his chest. His lightly pressed my clitoris and then I
was at it again. His hand and finger were doing wonders,
that I started groaning again. I slowly began to move his
dick back and forth my thumb caressing the tip of his penis'
head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then
he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I repulsed and said
that its so big and I can never take it in my mouth, it will
never fit in my mouth and I said that I has never done it to
any one else other then her husband. He made me sit on the
sofa and he was standing in front

Facing me. Now I could see his cock which was still in my hand
clearly as it was just inches away from my face. I was surprised
to see its size. It was really very big cock. My husband's
size was less then 6 inch and very thin but randip's

Was very thick and big. Must have been 8 inch plus. His cock
was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it
in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant its so big.
It had a big purple knob which was double the size of my husband
and then the shaft of his cock was even thicker. I was just
wondering that how could a girl take in such a big cock. But
after coxing a few times I went down on my knees. I pulled
his cock down in front of my face and then released it, it
sprang up like an angry lion to its full length and jumped
in front of me. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers
encircling it. I examined it thoroughly from all angles
and said appreciatively, "you are endowed with a
real monster, big and thick. My lips parted as I moved forward
to take his penis in my mouth. My tongue wriggling his cock.
And I slowly started licking the complete shaft up and down.
I now began to enjoy it. And opened my mouth wide and put his
cock head in my mouth and sucked him in. I was very good at
giving blow jobs and really turned sameer on when I did it
to him. I started by stroking his member gently, to and fro
and my mouth was filling with saliva, which started dripping
down my chin and on to my boobs. I sucked hard and sometimes
a slurping sound escaped from my mouth, which was strangely
very erotic. I moved my head back and forth and began to suck
at the same time. My tongue was licking every part of randip's
huge cock. I was now sucking his juices right out of his body
then randip took out his penis from my mouth before he could

Randip pushed me back on the sofa and said that I want to lick
you down there. I did not say anything and threw my head back
on the sofa and closed my eyes. Randip took this hint as yes,
he came and sat in front of me he held me from my waist and tried
to pull me towards him so that he could lick me. To my amazement
as well to randip's I actually helped him get my self
closer him by lifting my hips and moving to the edge of the
sofa. He folded my naked legs and spread them. My both legs
were now on the arm rest of the sofa and cunt wide open. His
hand soon grabbed my knee of the raised foot and began to
slide down. My pussy now lay bared to him, cradled in the
nest of my well shaved pubic hairs. Lying there waiting
for randip to discover it. Randip kissed me on my thighs
and his tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts
of me. Am sure randip could now smell my feminist odor. His
tongue then began to graze on my clits. I grabbed him by his
hair and began to push him, deep inside me. His tongue ravaged
the insides of my pussy and he began to taste hungrily at
my juices. "shittt!" I exclaimed as both my
legs began to curl up in position.

I pushed him more inside and he almost suffocated. His mouth
was inside me, his tongue dwelling inside tasting my fluid
and stroking what was my g-spot. I was dying as I had never
been licked down there by my husband for a very long time
and more over sameer never licked me as randip was doing.
I was nearing a climax and started moaning like a animal.
When I had cum I let go a loud scream which could have woken
up the neighbors. He pushed himself up on my belly and his
tongue began to play with my navel. I had her hands over his
back imploring him to get back to my wet orifice. Randip
did as I wanted and started licking again as I wanted another
orgasm. He kept on doing this till the time I started moaning
loudly and my body was shivering. My head started tossing
form right to left and I griped the arm rest of the sofa tightly
and my moans were getting louder and breath harder again.
Then suddenly I thrust my hips up in the air and this gave
randip a chance to put his tongue deep inside my cunt. It
was darting in and out of my cunt very fast. I knew I was is
going to come any time now. And then I let out another loud
scream, threw my head back and my chest came up, my breast
up in the air like two peaks. My body stiffened for some time
then a loud ahhhh escaped my mouth and I came down to the sofa.
A smile on my face said every thing and I said you are too good
randip, I never enjoyed it so much.

Then randip said lets go to the room and make love and you
will enjoy it even more there. I said "you really don't
mean to put that thing into me, do you?" I asked rather
coyly. Randip said "yes honey, and you and me are going
to enjoy every bit of it.". "Jesus!!! Save me."
I moaned and closed my eyes and then said "randip I
cant do it, I can never take that monster inside me. Please
randip no I cant do it'.

Randip got up lifted me in his arms and moved towards his
room, which was his bedroom when he as carrying me in his
arms to the room I was protesting to radip. I was still saying
that I cant take it in randip please don't do it. Randip
was in no mood to listen to me now as he was getting a female
after a very long time. As we reached the room he put me on
the bed. Randip said to me "don't worry sweet
heart it will be pleasurable." he assured me. Gently
running his fingers through my hair. Then he went to the
dressing table and got a tube of key jelly and started applying
it on his huge cock and then he put a lot of it on my cunt and
massaged it there.

Randip then came to the bed near me and slowly spread my legs
and as he was doing it I felt a shiver run down my spine as I
was still scared of that cock of his but heart in heart I want
to have in my tight cunt. He came in between my legs and positioned
himself on top of me in between my legs and his cock was close
to my wet and lubricated pussy and he was ready to fuck me
tight cunt. All this time he was gently stroking my hair
to pacify. I bit my lip as his huge cock touched my clits and
parted them and my hands came over his hips as he slowly entered

"ohhh!!! You are so tight." he said as he gave
a bit more force . My body arched and I threw back my head lifting
up my chest. He took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking
them hard. Randip then slowly pushed his hips and his huge
purple head of his cock was almost inside my cunt. "unnnhh!!!
Nooo." I yelled and said please randip take it out
its too painful and I cant take it in.

Randip said that I have never had pussy so tight as yours
and I can feel my dick burn as my head of cock entered you.
I said that even I never thought that a cock could be so big
as yours and my husbands cock is not even half your size.
Randip said that that's why your cunt is so tight cause
he has not fucked you enough. The head was now fully inside
her. He kept on stroking my hair and interchanged my nipples
and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing me. I began
to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from
the eagle's claws. I said please enough don't
put in more I cant take it. But randip was in no mood to listen
to me. Randip made a strong move and forced his huge cock
deep inside me and half of his cock was now inside my tight
cunt. I yelled and screamed and said no, please randip its
hurting me. I began to plead. My pleading only made him hornier
as he began to again thrust his cock deep into me. I began
to shout and moan in pain and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo
escaped my mouth. He placed his hands on under my shoulder
and grabbed me tightly so that I could not move at all and
also put his complete weight on my body. Randip's mouth
went over mine and he took out his cock till the tip of his
cock and again thrust his cock into my cunt with a very hard
push. This time I threw my head back and yelped. "aaaaagggh!"
and randip's cock was now fully inside my cunt. I once
again screamed loudly this time. But there was no once to
hear my screams in his house with just me and randip alone
in the house. My screams echoed through the house. My vaginal
lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the
inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate
him. I dug my nails in his back and tried my best to push him
off but he was very strong and did not move off me. I was babbling
incoherently and moaning loudly at the same time. My face
was all sweated and in almost agony. Randip held me like
that for some time kept kissing me and I said randip you almost
killed me. Its so painful. You have bust my cunt and made
me fell like a virgin again.

Randip grabbed my mouth with his and kept mauling my breasts.
My hands came over his back and I was now nailing his back
and biting his lips. He entered me deep inside as my paws
encircled his back, guiding him inside me. Randip said
that you are very tight. I said that now I will not be tight
any more. Randip 's prick began to thrust inside me,
back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. I too
began to move my hips along with him. I was having an orgasm.
Randip licked me face, my ears and my nipples and then I could
feel a storm brewing inside me. In his excitement, randip's
cock slid out completely from my cunt. It looked even bigger
now with his huge purple knob at the tip. His penis shining
with both from the key jelly and with my juices. Now that
he was out of me he again applied some key jelly over his shaft
and pulled a pillow beneath my hips. He again opened my thighs
apart and I didn't resist anyway, as he again mounted
me. He came over me and impatiently began prodding my loins
with his penis. He was taking a long time to center because
my cunt was still very tight and my hand emerged in between
our groins, held his penis and guided it over to my wet vagina.
Slowly he again gained entry into my cunt. Once fully inside,
he again started humping me, slowly at first and then furiously.
I was calling out his name and pulling at his chest hair,
I was wild. In a short while he began thrusting inside me
rapidly and after some time I moaned loudly and there were
a lots of ahhhhhh and uuuuhhhhhhhh from me as I was coming
and when I did come, loud scream came out of my mouth and followed
by a loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. My body went stiff under randip
for a while, my eyes rolled back and I gave a deep, satisfied
sigh. We both held each other tight and randip increased
his speed as he made his final force inside my pussy. Moments
latter he ejaculated inside me and erupted his hot load
deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep
into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my
vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried
in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my vagina running
down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I
kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had.
I liked him lying on me…his huge penis buried deep in my cunt
and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping..
His cum continued to be pumped into my vagina.

Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After
some time I felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside
my cunt. My god….it was amazing. His penis becoming hard
within few minute. He smiled at me. "again?"
He questioned me 'now baby…it will be my way' he
said. He told me to get into doggy position and I quickly
turned over and got on fours on the bed and thrust my bottoms
out presenting my pussy to him. Needing no instructions,
randip grabbed my hips and held me by my waist. He positioned
his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head
along the slit up and down. It was such a good feeling when
he rubbed his cock on my slit that I was moaning with pleasure
and as I could not hold any longer I yelled to him and said
ohh randip fuck me, fuck me like a bitch. With a powerful
lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly
in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long
penis forcing its way into my cunt. I went silent and then
started panting wildly as he held my hips and was fucking
me steadily long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking
steadily. His arms were now around my back and his hands
were squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans
as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became
screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world
and didn't care about anything but the monstrous penis
I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every
up-thrust of his dick. 'Oh my god! It's sooo big!!
Fuck me, fuck me!!!' Randip then pushed me forward!
On my huge heaving breasts, propped my ass on top of a pillow
and began to go to fuck me earnestly.. He was like a man possessed.
He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again.
Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for
at least five minutes. All the time I screamed for more.
He was squeezing my nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled
with the pain of my stretched cunt made me buck into his thrusts..
'Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh' I moaned out
in pleasure. I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting
and screaming. He got the hint that I was about to cum and
he took his one hand to my clits and started rubbing that
fast. I said, yaaa fuck me randip fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I was coming fuck me aaaahhhhhhhhh and I climaxed.

I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto
the bed. I felt randip pulling my legs down the bed and pushing
me on my face down to the bed. His rock hard cock was still
standing like a pole. He then began kissing my back and was
gently massaging and squeezing my labial lips with his
hands. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge
penis head was swelling up to it's enormous proportions.
I felt randip push the top of my back forward and spread my
legs as he prepared to mount me the third time with his big
dick. I grabbed the bed and anticipated the monster. 'Oooooh!'
I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped
my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy.
My vagina was aching and paining. I don't think you
can ever get used to something that big entering you. He
started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed
against the bed. My body lay limp as randipl thrust his giant
cock into me. He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine
deep into me .I came about three times during randip's
this intrusion. It took him longer, but when he finally
climaxed, he came as forcefully as he had earlier. He kept
pumping his warm cum in me. My god, it never seemed to stop.
When he pulled out of my pussy, the thickness of his manhood
caused it to remain gaping open for a time; the mixture of
his cum and my juices trickled out and puddle atop the silken
sheets. Lowering my legs, he collapsed on the bed and pulled
my back in against him; wrapping my in his arms. Several
minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring
to savor the post-coital moment. I said, taking his hand
in mine and kissing it. "i've wanted to do this
since that first day I saw you as a newly wed bride also knew
that sameer was not fucking you very well , " replied

They both of us went to the bathroom. We both had bath together
and came out. Randip lifted me and put me on the bed. I just
rolled over with my hips up and relaxed. Randip said sweetheart
will you have another drink I said why not. He made drinks
for both of us and also ordered lunch for both of us. When
came to the bed I turned to face him and I saw his half limp
cock dangling between his legs and it still looked very
big.. As he came to me I took him in my arms and we started having
Bacardi from the same glass. I kissed him and said that this
is the best sex I have ever had in my life. Randip said that
I am very tight and I blushed and said I that you are too big
and I could never think that your cock could enter me. We
kept having Bacardi and then I told him that did you not stop
when I was crying and screaming, he said that my screams
made him even more hornier and to top it I had not seen or had
a cunt so tight so I could not control myself. I told randip
that you cum so many that I could not believe that a man can
cum so much. Randip said I wish you had tasted my cum. I told
him that I have already tasted it when I had helped you masturbate
that night as you had cum on my hand. After that I went to the
bathroom and licked every drop on my hand and it tasted very
nice. He took me in his arms and we both started kissing each
other. After some time he started getting a hard on and I
took the lead this time and took his cock in her mouth and
started sucking him hungrily till the time it was fully
erect. Then he went down on me and started licking me till
I got a climax. Then we did 69 position and I was finally ready
to get fucked. This time again he used key jelly to lubricate
me and his cock so that it was not painful for me. And when
he entered me, I let out a loud ahhh again and said its still
painful. So randip put his cock in slowly till I could get
used to it. I had 3 climax this time and finally randip came
inside me.

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WOW!!!! Great story.. Keep it up.


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Hey, fantastic storey, my cock has been dribbling cum the
whole way thru. I could imagine me fucking her & how
beautiful she must look. I would love to see her pics somehow.

This was the first night, what about the rest of the month?


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The best I have ever read. You are a lucky man to have a woman
like that.


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Members can vote on this response!

Wow, my pussy is dripping wet. One of the best stories that
i have read on AdultFriendFinder. Thank You


Members can vote on this response! almost speechless! (came 3 times, though


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Great! Had a big time shooting my cum all over!

Keep it up.


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Excellent what a slut she became and how many more times
till hubby gets home??


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Wow, i'm dripping wet. where do i find this Randip??


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Wow, made me so fucking hot, now my wife will be in trouble


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a little long but very good wish i could find hot pussy like
you keep up good fuck wright again


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What a hot story!! I came over and over again. I loved all
the details. I want to fuck randip cock too.


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A little long but, outstanding story


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mmm .. a gal after my own heart .... yummmmmmmmmm .... I kept
cumming while reading this. kisses, Chrissie


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quote rm_Petitemocha:
What a hot story!! I came over and over again. I loved all the details. I want to fuck randip cock too.
I can fuck you baby instead of randip, i have had a few sexcapades
of my own


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nice & superb stroy. when next one?

sanjay Pune India


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oh wawo very great story i wish be her