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My neighbor was in truly love with her pet


This is both an animal story and a love story, as hard as that
is to believe. How we all define love is obviously different.

My wife and I met our newest neighbor, Veronica a few days
after she had moved in across the street from us. Seemed
like a fairly nice middle aged woman although she was not
wearing a wedding ring, so I was curious as to why she had
bought such a large house. But the first time you meet someone
you shouldn't be asking them all kinds of personal
questions. So the three of us chatted for about five minutes
before she moved on and continued walking her dog.

My wife Jan, agreed that our new neighbor seemed like a nice
person and we just left it at that. Jan and I had been married
for a little over twenty years although we had only one daughter
together, she was now off to college so Jan and I had a big
house too and there were only two of us.

It was maybe a week or two later when I got a call from another
neighbor who was also on the homeowners association board
with me, telling Veronica had inquired about building
a fenced in area for her dog. Our neighborhood had rules
for everything so I told him I would look up the rule on fences
and talk to Veronica myself since she lived across the street.
But I was in the middle of the ballgame and figured it would
wait till the next day or two.

And then I forgot all about the fence request, all together,
for the next week or so. It was a really nice Saturday and
I was planning on going golfing that afternoon with a friend
of mine later on. But it wasn't time yet so I was just
playing on my computer, when my wife walked in and told me,
our new neighbor was at our front door and wanted to speak
with me.

Of course then it hit me, and I remembered the fence request
she had made that I had not followed through on. I think I
said "Oh shit, " under my breath a few times
before I greeted Veronica at our front door. Immediately
I apologized to Veronica and told her it had slipped my mind

"Please come in and we can look up the rules together"
I said to her as she smiled and walked into our home for the
first time. Jan offered her some lemonade on our way to my
study so I told Jan to just bring us each a glass and that we
would be in the study looking up our neighborhood rules
about fences.

Veronica was a rather quiet woman and didn't really
say much but then she didn't really know me yet. She
smiled more than she talked but then that was always a good
thing as far as I was concerned. I opened up the file cabinet
and pulled out the rules of the homeowners association.
"Before we go through all of these, why don't
you tell me what you have in mind"? I asked Veronica.
She nodded her head but first told me to just call her Roni
because that is what her friends call her.

"My dogs name is Boy. I know it's silly but that
is what I named him when I first saw him as pup, "She
said kind of giggling at me. "Well boy oh boy, does
Boy have a great name, " I replied before we both started
laughing. Just about that time my wife walked in carrying
our glasses of lemonade and asked us what was so funny. I
told my wife that Roni had named her dog "Boy"
and that is what we were laughing about.

Jan only chuckled a little, so I guess you had to be there
to get the whole joke when it was first said. My wife left
and I opened up the rules booklet and began to look for the
section on fences. "So how big an area are you thinking
about?"I asked Roni, again. I then got a ten minute
lecture about her dog and the longer she talked about him,
the more obsessed she began to sound.

I was starting to think this dog was the center of her world.
So after our neighbor babbled for ten minutes or so I just
started searching for the area pertaining to fences while
she was still speaking. "Ok I found the section so
let's just see what it says, " I told her, so she
finally stopped talking.

The rules were quite clear concerning fencing. No backyard
fencing was allowed except around in ground pools. "But
it says here, backyard dog kennels are allowed as long as
they are no bigger than a six feet by ten feet rectangle , "
I told her thinking I had solved her problem. But Roni told
me that would simply not work and that Boy needed lots more
room than that, to run around.

And she seemed to be angry about what I had just read to her.
So I apologized again and told her that was the rule and that
means a six foot by ten foot kennel was all she would be allowed
to build in her backyard. Being on our homeowners board,
there had been a few other times when people didn't
like the rules I had to tell them but they understood. In
Roni's case, she wasn't accepting what I had just
read to her at all, and got up and stormed out of our home,
yelling at me at the top of her lungs.

My wife came rushing back into the study asking what had
just happened so I told her as I sat there shocked behind
our computer desk. "Maybe she's nuts, "
I said to Jan as she stood there looking as surprised as I
was. But Jan just shrugged her shoulders and walked out
leaving me to figure this out by myself. So I called Gene
the man who had originally called me to tell me about the
fence request and told him what had just happened, too.

"She does sound like she could be a problem"
Gene told me before we agreed if Roni attempted to get permission
to put up a large fence in her back yard we would both block
it. "The rules are the rules, " Gene said to
me before he told me to have a good rest of my day and then hung
up. I think the whole incident got to me, because I golfed
like crap later that afternoon.

A few weeks passed and I had no more contact with Roni or her
fence issue although I saw her walking her dog every night
in the circle. And she petted him constantly and even talked
to the dog like he was a person, as they walked together around
and around in circles. "Honey, she is talking to her
dog again, " I said to Jan who was making us dinner
in the kitchen. "Just don't go outside and cause
another scene, " my wife yelled back to me as I chuckled
and watched my clearly, not right, new neighbor acting
crazier by the day.

But then, for some reason I noticed how none of our other
neighbors on the circle were outside, either while Roni
walked her dog. And for some reason I saw for the first time,
how lonely this woman must really be. The circle we had called
home for many years was one of the friendliest places anyone
could live. But if Roni was outside with her dog, no one came
out and I mean no one, not even the kids who always played
in the middle of the circle. I guess it just made me feel very
sad for her.

I waited a few days before I decided to go knock on Roni's
door and see ask how she was doing. It was probably a stupid
thing to do, but in my heart I felt like it was also the neighborly
thing to do. So I rang Roni's door bell and braced myself
not sure what kind of reception I was going to receive. When
she didn't answer I push the doorbell again and could
hear Boy barking inside of the house but that was all.

So I turned to walk away and that is when her front door finally
opened. At least she wasn't yelling at me as I turned
and saw her face again in a few weeks. "I just wanted
to check on you and see if you were doing ok, " I said
to Veronica as she stood there looking at me before a smile
slowly formed on her lips. She was choked up a little but
still managed to say "Thank you" to me. She then
gathered herself for a moment before she invited me inside
of her home for the first time, too.

Veronica's home was very neat and very well decorated
which surprised me for some reason. I hadn't really
thought about it a lot, but because she had acted so strangely,
I figured her home might also be rather strange, too. Of
course her dog, Boy was by her side and stuck to her as we walked
into her kitchen where she asked me to sit down and relax.

I actually enjoyed the twenty minutes I spent at her table
chatting with Roni and petting Boy every now and then too.
It was clear to me that her dog was indeed the center of her
world as Roni talked about how she picked him out at the kennel
when he was just a puppy and how she trained him as he got older.
And the Roni made an unexpected comment when she mentioned
a husband she once had, but didn't give any details
as to what happened to him or their marriage.

I left her home with a new point of view about the woman and
kind of understood why she had flown off the handle when
I had to tell her, she couldn't fence in her entire backyard.
"Maybe Jan and I will invite you over for dinner sometime.
Would you like that?" I asked Roni as she stood smiling
in her front doorway. Roni giggled for a moment before she
told me that would be very nice and that she would love to
get to know Jan better, too.

My wife was shocked when I got home and told her what I had
just done. "And she acted normal?" Jan asked
me standing there with her usual smirk when she thinks she
won. "Ok, you were right. Maybe Roni just had a bad
day when she flew off the handle over the fence issue, "
I told Jan, to give her the credit she had earned. Jan and
I invited Roni's over for dinner the very next week
and it was actually a very nice evening. Roni talked a lot
about Boy a lot but then he was her only real family.

And Jan then surprised me when she began to ask Roni about
her life, like if she ever got married and if she had any children.
I wasn't sure Roni was going to react well but she did
and told Jan and me she had been married once but he turned
out to be very abusive. "Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, "
My wife told Roni as she sat at our table still smiling.

"And to answer the other part of your question, no
I never had any children. So Boy is really my only family,
" Roni told us. Jan then went and got a picture of our
daughter to show our neighbor who told us our daughter was
beautiful and we both must very proud of her.

It got to be around ten when Roni said she need to leave and
thanked us both for a wonderful evening. "It was just
so nice to get out and visit with other people, " Roni
said with an even bigger smile on her face. And then Jan told
me to walk our neighbor home to make sure she got home safely.
It was not like our neighborhood had a crime problem but
I didn't comment, and did what my wife had asked me to

"I still have to take Boy for his nightly walk, "
Roni told me as I walked her across the street. I asked Roni
if she thought that was safe and she giggled and said, "What
could go wrong in this neighborhood?" And then she
told me if anybody ever tried to harm her, Boy would tear
him apart. Her dog was a strong animal for sure, but also
very friendly. In fact his hundred pounds plus often nearly
knocked me over whenever he bumped into me when he got excited
to see me.

"He will protect me just like he always does, "
Roni said by the time we got to her front door. Of course Boy
heard us and began to bark inside of her house as I turned
to walk away. "Aren't you at least going to say
hi to him, " Roni asked me so I stopped and waited for
her dog to come running out as soon as she opened her front

And, just like clockwork, the front door opened and Boy
came charging out with his tail wagging all excited to see
me but especially Roni. And then he did something that shocked
me when he immediately stuck his nose between her legs and
Roni had to quickly push him away. "He gets a little
confused, especially at night, " Roni said blushing
as she did her best to keep her dog from burying his nose in
her crotch. . But it obvious the dog wanted to smell her crotch
and kept trying to while she kept holding him off. I told
Roni to have a good rest of her night and as I began to walk
she called out, " I am sure we will."

Of course I had heard of stuff like that, meaning a woman
and a dog , but I never thought I might know someone who does
that with their pet. And I can also admit it still made me
tingle as I walked back to my house but decided not to mention
any of that, to Jan. I probably had it all wrong and the worst
thing I could do was say something about someone else that
was probably not even close to being true.

Jan and I made love later that night and to be honest all I
really thought about was Roni and Boy doing the same thing
we were now doing. "What has you so excited tonight?"
My wife asked me while I was on top of her moving faster than
normal. "Sorry, I was just enjoying how incredible
you feel tonight, " I said back to my wife as I continued
to move my hard shaft in and out of her tight, wet crack.

"I love, how you feel tonight, too, " Jan told
me back before I pulled my wife's legs up around me so
I could start to fuck her even harder. If there is one thing
that gets Jan going, it is when I get going on her in a harder
than usual way. "Oh baby, you are in rare form tonight"
my wife said as my cock kept slamming into her wet pussy with
more and more force.

Jan and I had always shared a hot sex life together and that
night was turning out to be better than most. Using my male
organ inside of her female organ gave us both so much pleasure,
it was almost sad when it had to finally end. But, for the
time being my wife and I continued to fuck each other with
everything we had. The fat end of my cock was getting so sensitive
that with every thrust, her inner lining created even more
friction. And we both were feeling it.

By the time we were almost finished Jan and I were both sweaty
and had a hard time, even breathing. My wife's soft
breasts were swinging on her chest every time I pounded
her pussy again. But my wife had learned over the years when
I am about to explode inside of her because she always gets
a certain look in her eyes.

My dick stiffened even more and she probably felt is swelling
up even more deep in her womb before the first gusher of cum
shot out of my cock. "Oh yes, oh yes" Jan said
once I began to drain my balls into her pussy. It then felt
like the dam broke and my cum came shooting out in spasm after
spasm until I had nothing left to give her. We both just laid
there still connected and smelled the scent of our most
recent fuck, had filled our bedroom.

While my wife and I tried to catch our breath and relax a little
bit, the idea of Roni and Boy doing the same thing, still
made me tingle even if it shouldn't have. I didn't
see Roni for a few days but then one night she was out walking
Boy in the circle so I stepped outside to say hi to her. But
while we chatted, her dog behaved perfectly and wasn't
acting like a crotch hound again. Boy didn't go back
to sniffing Roni's crotch and instead just laid down
between us and listened to the two of us chatting.

"Make sure you thank Jan again for the wonderful dinner, "
Roni said after I headed back to my house and her and Boy continued
on their nightly walk. "I sure will, " I said
to Roni as she smiled and waved at me until I got to my front
door and went inside. Once inside I told myself I had gotten
that all wrong about her and Boy, and beat myself up a little
bit for even thinking such a terrible thought. How could
my mind have ever imagined something like that.

Fall arrived, followed by winter and Jan and I decorated
our house for the holidays, , like we did every year since
our daughter was little. And we also invited everyone on
the circle to our annual Christmas party including Roni
since it would be her first holiday on the circle. Everyone
showed up including Roni who was dressed very pretty like
and seemed to want to socialize with all of her neighbors.

It wasn't an fancy party which meant we didn't
serve expensive snacks or expensive bottles of wine. Well,
except for the bottle of wine Roni had gave us as a gift when
she arrived for the party. And it was at the party that Roni
and I chatted more and I learned Roni's father had been
a very successful architect who had passed away, along
with her mother.

"So, they left me set for life, " she said with
a smile on her face. But Roni also added that after she graduated
from college, she did work for a few years until she had to
quit and move back home to take care of her parents. "So
when did the husband come into the picture?"I asked
her. She told me he showed up after her parents passing and
looking back now, he was only after her money.

"So you don't trust men anymore?"I asked
her as Roni giggled and said the only male she would ever
trust again, was Boy. She then moved closer to me so no one
else could hear us, and whispered into my ear, " I
know what you saw last summer when Boy came out to greet us.
And I wanted to thank you for not telling anyone about that."

I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine but neither
of us said another word. Had she just admitted to me that
Boy actually fucks her? I felt my nerves begin to tingle
as I stared into her eyes again and began to also feel very
warm in my face. "Anyway, thank you again for not telling
anyone, " Roni said before she turned and went off
to mingle with our other guests.

I was suddenly looking at this woman very differently than
before. Roni was about five foot three or four and nicely
shaped although her bottom half was a bit rounder than most
women. And then I imagined her totally naked, on her hands
and knees with her dog mounting her from behind. And for
the rest of the party, every time I saw Roni, that was all
I thought about.

I didn't see her for the rest of the, very long, cold
winter but then I didn't see anyone else who lived on
the circle either. It was actually later that spring when
my wife walked into our study again and told me Roni was at
our front door again and had asked to speak with me. Roni
was smiling apologized for bothering me again. "I
think this spring I am actually going to build that dog kennel
for Boy, so can you give me those measurements again.

Roni and my wife chatted for a few minutes before Roni walked
into the study to write down the dimensions we would allow.
"Six feet by ten feet. I got it, " Roni said before
I walked her back to our front door. And when we got to our
door, Roni told me Boy would like me stop over sometime because
she wanted to explain something else to me if I had a free
minute or two.

Two nights later I was knocking on Roni's front door
again. And I don't know why I was so nervous and excited
but I was. Roni answered her door and welcomed me into her
home while Boy was jumping all over the place. So I bent over
and petted him for a minute or so and the dog soaked it all
up and still wanted more. "He is six years old but still
acts like he is a puppy sometimes" Roni said to me.

I told her Boy was a very friendly dog, indeed and then asked
her what she wanted to explain to me. Over the next twenty
minutes I heard this normal looking woman explain to me
how her and Boy, were really in love with one another. "We
feel more than what, other people and their pets, feel for
each other, " She said and I swear she believed what
she was telling me.

I did want to laugh or insult Roni because she obviously
believed what she was telling me. But I finally did remind
Roni that Boy was still just a dog, "Oh he is way more
to me than just a dog, " She replied. "He is my
partner and my family, , " She said as she began to
tear up with her emotions taking over.

I decided to not challenge her anymore and simply told Roni
that I understood and would keep her secret as secret. She
wiped the single tear that was running down her cheek while
she thanked me for understanding. "I have always
known I needed a male with a strong sex drive and Boy has a
very strong sex drive, for sure, " She added.

I left Roni's house with my head really spinning and
had to take a long walk to clear my thoughts. But the fact
I couldn't get past was the face that Roni was really
letting Boy fuck her, for real. She may have felt it was love
but I was pretty sure Boy just felt it was fucking and that
was something he liked and probably liked a lot.

A month or so passed, but whenever I saw Roni walking her
dog, I still got that same image of her on her hands and knees
with Boy behind her, pounding is dick in and out of her pussy.
But she didn't know what I was thinking so when Roni
would see me, she would just smile and wave so I would smile
and wave back.

It was during one of our unplanned, brief chats that I happen
to ask Roni and how her and Boy were doing. Roni tilted her
head to one side and stared at me for a moment or two before
she said, "Part of me thinks , you didn't believe
me when I said Boy and I truly do love each other." I
tried to back pedal and told Roni I was not judging her at
all and I would never want her to think that way, either.

Roni then bent down and petted Boy for a few seconds before
she stood back up and said, " We have a room upstairs
that is just ours." I asked her what exactly she meant
and Roni explained that they set aside one room in their
house where Boy and her are comfortable being together.
"I have never shown anyone that room, but would you
like to see it?" Roni asked me.

Part of me know this woman was probably crazy but she looked
so normal, that it was hard to sometimes remember that fact.
I followed her and Boy back to her house and followed her
inside, where she shut her front door. Roni then turned
to me and said "He knows what is going to happen whenever
that door opens, so let me go put him out back in his kennel
first and then I will show you our room, " she explained
and she was smiling like t his was all very normal.

Roni led Boy out to his kennel and shut him inside before
she returned and told me to follow her upstairs. And sure
enough at the top of the stairs Roni stopped by the first
door on the left. She smiled at me before she told this was
their room, and then she opened the door.

I can safely say I have never seen anything like it, ever
before. It was a big empty, carpeted bedroom with mirrors
on every wall and in the middle of the floor were a couple
of pair of rubber knee pads she must use to remain comfortable
while they are doing it. "I had the chandelier installed
to make it more romantic for Boy and for me, " Roni
said and she said it with a straight face.

"So this is the room you and Boy do it in?"I asked
her and Roni quickly explained this was the room they made
love in. I think I asked her how often Boy and her do it. "Oh
my, Boy is a very demanding male so it is almost a nightly
happening, " Roni said to me still smiling as if she
was proud of herself and of Boy.

When I left her home I actually thought I should contact
someone had get her some help. But how would I tell anyone
a story like this, and have them believe me. Roni spoke like
a sane person, dressed like a normal woman and in her own
way, was actually quite pretty. Who would believe me if
I told them her dog fucks her almost every night. Things
like that, don't happen in upscale suburban neighborhoods
to wealthy women.

For most of the summer, I kept my mouth shut and each time
I saw Roni driving her car or Roni walking Boy, I just waved
and pretended I knew nothing. And I began to convince myself
that this woman was actually in love with her dog although
I still knew he was just a dog and nothing more. But I am sure
he loved fucking her, because that is what all male dogs,
probably love to do.

It was late in August when we got the call that Jan's
mother had fallen and was in the hospital with a broken leg.
My wife was very upset so I told her we should both, just leave
and head back home to be with her mother and father. But Jan
told me she would go alone since this was such an important
time at my job and she would call me if she needed my help.

I waved and Jan waved back, as she backed her car out of our
garage an hour later and watched her drive off on her hundred
and forty mile trip. And then I went back into our home and
made a sandwich and waited for her call that she arrived
safely and could give me an update on her mother's condition.
Jan called around seven that night and said she was there
and her mother was in really good spirits so there was nothing
to worry about.

We didn't know how long Jan would be gone but I had told
her to take as much time as she needed. And my wife had said
she would let me know but figured she would stay and help
her mother but especially help her father for at least a
few days. So I had a few days to bachelor it all by myself but
that was kind of a nice change for me, too. But the word spread
on our circle about Jan's mother and it didn't
take our neighbor ladies long before they were bringing
me dinner almost every night.

So when my doorbell rang the fourth night Jan had been gone,
I walked to it expecting another home cooked meal. But instead
I found Roni standing at my door with Boy. I would have invited
them inside by my wife had a thing about dogs being in her
house so instead I stepped out on our front porch to chat
with Roni there.

Roni and I chatted about Jan's mother and about some
other things while Boy laid at her feet and behaved. I had
already petted him because he always expects to be petted
when I first see him. Roni and I talked about a few things
that I don't really remember before she told me she
had just bought some beer and if I felt like having some company
with Jan gone for so long, she would be glad if I stopped over
at her house later on.

I remember I smiled and Roni and told her that sounded like
a great idea so we planned for eight o'clock. I figured
four nights with no one to talk to was long enough and since
I liked Roni as a friend, why not spend an hour at her house
chatting away. I mean, she had no one to talk to or at least
no one who could talk back to her so we might be doing each
other a real favor.

Boy was in his kennel out back when I arrived and Roni seemed
to be in very good spirits. And I was surprised that Roni
actually liked beer because most women I knew, didn't.
Eight quickly turned into nine and I was having a very nice
time and so was Roni. But once the sun set, Roni brought Boy
back inside and things began to change in a hurry.

Her dog began to immediately try to sniff at her crotch and
Roni did her best to keep him away. At one point she smiled
at me and said, " He just gets this way at night time."
I remember sitting there thinking Roni was a fairly good
looking woman and it wasn't the two or three beers I
had drank, telling me that. So I told Roni, "Why don't
you just take Boy upstairs to your room and I will leave."

Her eyes got rather large before she asked me if I truly wouldn't
mind waiting downstairs so we could talk more. I shook my
head no before Roni said, "I don't know how he
would react with someone else in the room but once we get
going, he probably won' t mind if you want to come in
and watch us making love." Instantly I began to tingle
all the way down to my toes.

"I'll just leave the door open, for you, "
she said as Roni got up and took Boy up her stairs. I waited
about five minutes tops before I cautiously walked up each
step as quietly as I could but I still wasn't hearing
anything yet. The hallway was dark but her light was on in
their room as I slowly made my way to the doorway with my heart
pounding like a base drum in my chest.

I heard Roni say, "Come on honey. I know what you need
and need, " to Boy as I slowly stuck my head around
the corner. Just as I looked Boy moved around behind Roni
who was on her hands and knees on the floor with a sweat shirt
covering her top half and nothing on her bottom half.

I don't think she even had a chance to realize I was watching
because the very next second Boy jumped up onto her back
and began to jab his hindquarters at her. And then all I heard
was her sudden gasping and moans as she tried to stretch
her entire body out once Boy's long shaft found its
mark. "Ok, ok, you got it, " Roni said but her
voice was filled with quivering sounds.

And then I watched this hundred pound dog began to hump her
faster than any human ever could have. He dominated her
as she struggled to remain upright while he kept pumping
in and out of her pussy. Boy had his front legs securely wrapped
around Roni's waist and he was holding her in place
while he controlled her while he was also fucking her.

"Oh my goodness, you really need me tonight, "
She told him as he just kept pumping away. And then a minute
or so into it, Boy stopped moving and just rested on Roni's
back with his tongue hanging out. "You were so good
tonight, " She told him before she finally noticed
me standing in the doorway looking at her. Her face looked
strained and filled with stress but Roni still had a smile
too. And she was still huffing and puffing from the ordeal
when she told me it was just as wonderful as every other time
her and Boy had made love.

"It will take us some time before we can separate, "
She said to me smiling as she remained on her hands and knees.
I walked further into the room and behind them and that is
when I saw this large ball in Boy's shaft, stuck just
inside of her pussy lips and it was way too big to come out
just yet. But Roni had done this many times before and she
used one hand the reach back and hold onto her dogs fur to
keep him from trying to pull away, too quickly. All I will
say when I saw his shaft was that Boy was a very healthy male

I was a nervous wreck when I left the two of them and went back
downstairs to wait at the table and quietly drink my beer.
It was about ten minutes later when Roni returned wearing
her bath robe with an even brighter smile on her face. I asked
her where Boy was and she giggled and told me he was now resting
on her bed. "He just gets so tired after we make love, "
She said and then went back to sipping her beer as if nothing
even happened.

I left a few minutes later after thanking Roni for an interesting
evening as she walked me to her front door. It wasn't
a long walk back to my house across the street but long enough
for me to make a couple of decisions. I really felt like Roni
truly was in love with her pet and there was no doubt left
about that. Even if the pet was not capable of actually loving
a human in a real sense, I would never try and tell her that
ever again.

And most people would think what they did and what I watched
was about the sickest thing possible. And it might have
been really sick, but it had made me hard watching them doing
it, so maybe I was just as sick as Roni was.

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a different story but people have sex with animals for thousands of years donkey, dogs horses etc. different stokes for different people


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Very different, but I liked it.


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I've had experiences with dogs too.


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I liked the story very much - looking for a part 2

I don't think that it was a sick story - -
I don't think it is any less normal than two bi-sexual women eating each other's plusses ..

I don't think it is any less normal than one men on his hand's and knee and the other behind him with his hard cock going in and out of the guy's ass ..

It was a very well story


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Not long ago, I thought this was a rare thing! I thought I was one of a few people that this happened to, when a man I was seeing, years ago, convinced me to let his dog fuck me. I was scared, but aroused by it. Now I feel less uncomfortable talking about it, if someone wants to know, or ask me about it.

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!


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So very taboo, yet so erotic, When in my early teens l was walking in a local park dressed in a light cotton sun dress, l had a cold drink at a café near the boating lake, sitting at an outside table. There was an older man at another table drinking tea and he had a red setter who he was throwing a ball for, after a few minutes as l sat watching the dog came and dropped the ball at my feet, l picked up the ball petted him and he nuzzled my crotch, l tried pushing him away but his persistence caused my dress to ride up my thighs and the feel of his cold nose at the top of my inner thigh was both shocking and greatly erotic, the man called the dog away, apologised ; l was so embarrassed scared excited and flustered, l forgot about my dress being hiked up and my panties on show, while he took full advantage of the view, smiled and asked if I'd like another soda, nodded my head yes, he went in the café I ran away. but I always feel aroused thinking back