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My name is Sarah


I was walking along the Appalachian trail between New Found
Gap and Charlie’s Bunyan. Dark clouds were threatening
a storm. There was a shelter ahead. I reached it as the first
drops of rain began to fall. A flash of lightening brightened
the landscape, followed quickly by a thunderclap. I stuck
my head inside and said a tiny woman sitting on a bench. She
gave me a warm smile. “You just made it in time, ”
she said, as rain pounded against the roof. Then she added,
“My name is Sarah.” <br>
“I’m Charles, ” I said as I sat down
on the bench opposite her.
“I hope that this doesn’t last long.”
“I don’t know, it wasn’t supposed
to rain until tonight, but we had a forecast for heavy rain,
this evening. This could last for a while.” <br>
“I hope not. I’m cold.” <br>
A cold wind, whipped by the storm, was blowing through the
shelter. I saw that her tiny body was shivering. I reached
into my pack and pulled out a rain poncho. “Put this
on, ” I said. “It will protect you from the
wind.” <br>
She wrapped the poncho around her and grinned, “Still
cold, but better.” <br>
I looked at the dark fire place, “A fire wouldn’t
help, I think, even if we could build one. The wind is too
strong.” <br>
“We can cuddle, ” she suggested.
I looked at her, “I hadn’t thought of that.”
“And why not, don’t you think that I am sexy.”
I looked at her again. Her face was pretty, and I had seen
an engaging smile several times. There was something else,
a sexiness that I would not have expected from a woman so
small. “There are a lot of men, ” she added,
“who would jump at a chance to cuddle with me.”
“I can see why. I’ll take you up on your offer.”
I told myself that the heat of my larger body would help protected
her tiny body from hypothermia, but the truth was I was attracted
to her, as small as she was. Indeed her very smallness took
on a distinctly erotic dimension. I wrapped the poncho
around the two of us, “that’s better, ”
I said.
“Why don’t you hug me, ” she asked.

“I was trying to be a gentleman, ” I answered,
noting that my dick was hard.
“Don’t you want me?” <br>
“Yes.” <br>
“I want you too.” <br>
“Here, in this storm, ” I thought, “This
tiny woman is putting the make on me.” <br>
I put my arm around her, “Aren’t you going
to kiss me, ” she asked, screeching her face up toward
mine. Our lips meet, and a shock ran through my body. Then
her tongue began to explore my mouth. Underneath the poncho,
I touched her body. My tongue entered her mouth.
I suddenly laughed. “Do you always do this with men
you meet on the Appalachian trail, ” I asked.
“No, ” she answered, “but I thought
that you looked cute when you entered the shelter, and the
idea of cuddling with you turned me on. Besides a little
activity will keep both of us warm.” <br>
Then she started to move underneath the poncho. “I
want to sit on your lap, ” she said.
“Be my guest, ” I said.
With quick movements she was on top of my lap. This was not,
however, the end of her movements. I felt her moving and
wiggling on top of me. “What are you doing, ”
I asked?
“Taking off my pants, your cock is hard.”
“Well no wonder, the way you are wiggling on top me.”
“Be quiet, if you are too difficult, I won’t
fuck you.” <br>
I felt my pants being unzipped, and a tiny hand pulling out
my dick. I cup a little brest.
Then I feel her rising inside the poncho. With one hand on
my cock, she inserts it into her pussy. Then she begins to
move on top of my lap. The whole thing suddenly strikes me
as funny and I laugh. Out side, the wind is howling. Lightning
flashes, thunder booms. She bounces up and down on my lap.

As she bounces, the poncho opens, and exposes our bodies
to the clod wind. “This isn’t working, ”
she says.
“Let me make a suggestion, ” I say. “Don’t
move, and I will improvise.” My arms were wrapped around her, and I reached on hand down
and began to explore her crotch. My fingers felt her little
pussy, and then I found her clit, and began to rub it, ”
“Keep it up, ” she said. So I did. And it kept
up nicely too. Her tight little cunt kept contracting on
me, giving me the most wonderful pleasure. “Where
did you learn that, ” she asked. “It just
seemed the thing to do.” <br>
She sighed, and I felt the wet on my cock.
“I want to kiss you, ” she said.
“I think, if you want for us to stay warm, save your
kisses for later.” <br>
“Just keep what you are doing up.” <br>
“You too.” <br>
“I would like to give you an orgasm.” <br>
“Don’t worry, ” I answered. The truth
was that the contractions of her tight little pussy, were
exciting me beyond measure. I couldn’t tolerate
the tension any longer. “Hold on to the poncho, ”
I said. Then picking up her light little body, I carried
her, ass still lodged on my dick, over to the pole of the shelter.
“Wrap the poncho around the pole and hold on, ”
I said. She followed my directions. Pushing her chest and
belly against the pole, I began to fuck her tiny cunt from
behind. Slamming into her hard. Over the howl of the wind
I heard her screamed, and then screamed again. I was bellowing
like an animal, in extremis. I was driving my dick into her
with all of my strength, I began to edge toward an orgasm.
Her cunt was flowing like a river, and the flood was running
down my legs. The closeness of her body was pushing me over
the edge. My body was like a coiled spring begging for release.
And then I exploded, just as a brilliant stroke of lighting
crashed into a tree close to the shelter. An enormous thunder
clap punctuated my ejaculation.
The wind was cutting into and beneath the poncho. We both
laughed and scurried to rearrange our cloths and settle
down. She sat facing me on my lap now. We kissed and hugged
each other. The fury of the storm began to abate, but the
rain continued at a steady pace. I geld her in my arms, and
felt how warm she was. She kissed my face. “I don’t
think we are going to be able to leave the shelter before
night fall, ” I said.
“A chance for more recreation, ” she observed.

“We may get company, hikers looking for a place out
of the storm.” <br>
“Well before we get company let me thank you for a
wonderful afternoon, ” she said.
“I am the one who should thank you.” <br>
She grinned, “I think, ” she said, “That
we took each other by storm.” <br>
The wind was no longer blowing hard. “I will see if
we have anything to make a fire with.” <br>
There was some wood in the shelter, and the remnants of an
old fire. I had some matches, and soon a little fire was blazing.
“Sarah, it will be cold tonight, and the fire won’t
last. We will have to go to sleep in each other’s arms.”
“That works for me, Charles.” <br>
I expected to part from her on the morrow, We were headed
in an opposite direction on the trail, and as delightful
as the moment had been, I didn’t expect anything
else to happen, but life was to deal us, a different hand.

(To be continued)
The hikers began to drift into the shelter as the light began
to wane. They were wet and cold, and huddled around the fire
for warmth. Dry cloths came out of packs, and people changed
without embarrassment. A cooking pot appeared, and everyone
pulled food out of there pack and added their contribution
to the pack. Fortunately I had over packed, and had included
several days supply of dried foods. I was in a great mood.
I felt like a teenage boy after his first fuck. I looked an
the small woman who had brought me so much pleasure, and
decided that she was adorable. We both chatted with the
other hikers now, the smell of the food in the pot was delicious.
I momentarily forgot the cold.
I glanced at her again, and caught her glancing at me. I whispered
into her ear, “Will you sleep with me tonight?”
She answered, “I would be offended, if you didn’t
want me too.” <br>
We made our way to a dark corner of the shelter, “I
didn’t expect to spend the night on the trail, so
I don’t have a sleeping bag.” <br>
“I have one, but it is not very big. We can unzip it
and use it as a blanket.” <br>
We settled down and covered ourselves as best we could.
We hugged each other for warmth. Sarah climbed on top of
me. “I get to sleep on top, ” she exclaimed.

“I didn’t know that we were bunking.”
“You are softer than the shelter bench, and warmer
too.” <br>
“You make a pritty small blanket.” <br>
“You are the best mattress avaliable, but a little
lumpy, ” she said as her little hand drew around
the protusion my dick was making in my pants.
I could tell which way things were headed. “Now tell
me, why did you make love to me this afternoon? Do you find
all sixty year old men irresistibly sexy?” <br>
“No, ” she answered, “but I have had
a fantasy for a long time, and when I ducked into the shelter,
I started having it again. You got lucky.” <br>
“Very lucky, Now tell me your fantasy.”
“Do you really want to hear it?” <br>
“Yes.” <br>
“I walk into the shelter thinking...........I
really hope the storm is not going to be furious and long
for I need to get back to camp. As I sit there I wondered if
anyone else was on the same trail as I. Pulling out a snack
from my bag, I begin to munch on it. I sit back and relax, closing
my eyes and let my mind wander.........” <br>
As she told me the story, my hand played down the back of her
jacket, searching for an opening. Finally I reached the
jacket bottom. Then I touched her pants. My fingers searching
for an opening, sought the top of her pants. She had loosened
her pants.
Sarah continued, “I am great at killing time when
I am by myself with nothing to do. I think to my self....wouldn't
it be wicked to meet a stranger in the middle of the woods
and without a word find that we both have the same wants and
desires. I have always thought it would be thrilling to
have sex with a man that I didn't know. To have him look
at me with such lust and passion that no words are needed
to know what he wants, and needs.” <br>
Inside her pants now, my hand was cupping a tiny bun of her
ass. It felt so delightful, so perfect. Then a finger followed
the crease of her ass until it reached her pussy. I felt her
start. My finger paused at the lip, and then slowly begin
to penetrate her cunt. I felt my pants unzip, and then a tiny
hand began to stroke my cock.
Sarah said, “To have him undresses me with his wicked
gaze and to please him and fulfill his thoughts and wishes.
If it were to happen I will slowly undress myself in front
of him. Taking off my top first and let him lightly caress
my already erect little nipples. Then as he is touching
me I slide my jeans to the floor and stand there in my high
cut Hanes. His hands wander from my nipples to my tummy,
which I love to have rubbed. I in turn reach up and kiss his
wicked little grin and place my hands on his chest. My fingers
unbutton his shirt and slip it off his shoulders. I lean
and lick his nipples as well. I nibble on them too to see his
reaction. I find that it was totally unexpected but I didn't
nibble to hard so as I thought I got a small little slap on
my behind. I then lower my hands to his waist and begin to
unbutton his pants. I then lean over and release the laces
from both our boots and kick mine off as he does too. I rise
again and return to unzip his jeans and slide them to the
floor.” <br>
My other hand began to approach her pussy from in front.
A finger stopps on her clit, and traces a circle around it.
I tap he clit, gently, and start wiggling it back and for,
and then began to rub it vigerously. Sarah moaned softly.
Her hand was stroking my dick vigerously. My finger was
penetrating her wet pussy in beat to her strokes on my dick,
a second finger followed the first one in.
Sarah proceeded: “As I do I can see and feel how hard
his cock is....teasingly I slide my hand inside his shorts
and give him a little stroke. I stand in front of him, smile
and you realize that my little pussy is
as wet as the rain coming down outside. He then leans down
and kisses me passionately on the lips. Just then a clap
of thunder occurs right above the shelter, I jump and turn
to the door. Opening it I see the rain coming down in buckets.
Without turning I can feel his breath on the back of my neck
and he kisses my shoulder. He stays behind me and wraps his
hands around me to touch my nipples and tummy. Burying his
face into my neck he kisses and nibbles on me.” <br>
She was thrusting onto my fingers now, as my hips drove my
dick into her hand. My dick was hard, I felt precom ozing
from its type..
Sarah added: “I close my eyes and my body totally
relaxes. His wondering hand then move down my tummy into
my Hanes and he slides a finger over my already hard little
clit. A little moan escapes my lips and I can feel his lips
smiling as he presses them against my neck. As he pulls closer
to me I can tell that he has already removed his shorts and
his cock reaches out and touches me first before the rest
of his warmth body does. Still kissing me his hands slide
my Hanes to the floor and one of his hands returns to my pussy
and the other caresses my inner thigh.
I inserted third finger into her tight pussy. She goaned,
and fell silent for a moment. I felt the fluid from another
ejeculation. Her strokes on my dick slowed monitarily.
Then she picked up speed again.
Sarah began again: “I feel him pull away from me but
returns immediately this time sliding his cock between
my thigh and stroking my pussy lips with the total length
of his shaft. Knowing ful well that my pussy juices are moistening
him as he glides along me. With the hand on my thigh he spreads
my legs and the other presses a little harder on my clit.”
I began to rub her clit with renewed vigor. Sarah responded
by stroking my dick harder too.
Sarah continued: “I smiled to myself and say.......I
do believe you will definitely keep me on my toes for a while.
His reply was brief but direct.....he said.......there
is no doubt about that. At that moment I felt him pull his
cock back and let the head rest at the opening of my wet pussy.
Still looking out the door I think to myself....God I love
rainy days and the joy that they can bring. I then place a
hand on the door frame to brace myself for the pleasure that
I knew would happen next. And as I expected slowly he slid
the head of his cock into my tight little pussy. For a while
he just teases my with the head making me wetter and wetter.
Then he pulled entirely out of me and stroke his shaft along
my pussy getting my juices to moisten him. When he returned
his head to my pussy he slowly penetrated me.....even though
I was so tight.........he slide in like silk.
My fingers lingered for a moment, enjoying the tightness
of her pussy. She stopped with her story to groan again.
My fingers were rewarded by the juices of another ejeculation.
My dick was indcreadibly hard, it was onfire with sensation.
I couldn’t believe how arrounsed I was, yet I was
not ready to come yet. Somehow, Sarah’s strokes
were fast enough to excite me intensely, but a little slower
than I needed in order to reach orgasism. She seemed to know
how to maintain me at this level of intensity without crossing
the line.
Sarah proceeded: “He does not tease me this time
his cock penetrates deep into me.....actually forcing
me to my toes....A gasp of pleasure comes from my lips and
I place my other hand on the door frames. Turning my head
I look at him with a devilish grin and say.......My pussy
is just aching to be fucked deep and hard. In return his wicked
grin widened and he says.......that is what I wanted to
hear, because that is what I am going to do. He pushed in me
so deep that I have to rise even higher on my toes and in turn
bring my thighs together.....which felt awesome because
I tightened around his cock even more. He wraps an arm around
my waist and places a hand on my shoulder and holds me still
as he strokes deep into my pussy.
I am desperate to come now. "Sarah, " I beg.
“A little faster please. I am desperate to come,
please, please, please. Make me come.
“I haven’t finsh my story yet, ” Sarah
replied, and then she continued. “Sometimes so
deep that it forces the breath from me. When this happen
I know that it brought pleasure to him because it forced
little quakes through my body which in turn make my pussy
ripple with pleasure. Being fucked like this feels very
wicked but absolutely fulfilling. I find myself chumming
over and over.....the juices running down my legs like
the rain outside. I'm so weak and no doubt he is too because
he leans against me....trapping me against the door frame.
Fucking me so deep and at this point not even pulling out
but just pushing deeper and deeper. With my thighs squeezed
together I could feel his balls, they were so tight. I lowered
a hand and went between my thighs and fingered the base of
his cock as he is pressed in me. I can hear the pace of his breathing
increase and then he started to moan, but never releasing
the grip he had on me. Finally he pulled almost all the way
out of me and then returns by slamming deep in me and forcing
my breath from me again. I know that he was chumming, I can
feel his body shutter as he moans. We lean there against
the door for a few minutes and watched the rain lighten up,
and then he pulls out of me and turns me around and kisses
me lightly on the lips. A minute later he looks at me with
that wicked grin and wonder they call this
New Found Gap. After awhile we both get dressed and head
our separate ways not knowing if our paths will ever cross
again...........It is then that I open my eyes because
I hear a noise.......It's a man walking into the shelter
because the rain has just begun.....He finds me sitting
there, blushing. I wonder if he can tell what I had been daydreaming
about?” <br>
As she concluded her story, her stroks became more rapid.
Suddenly the dam broke. I had a tremendous climax, the semen
gushed from my penis in a seemingly endless stream.”
“Did you like my fantasy, Sarah asked.
“That was your fantasy?” <br>
“Yes, and then you came along and I thought, “Why
not.” I almost thought that you weren’t going
to fulfill it for me.” <br>
“I’m glad I did.” My hands were seeking
again the depth of her little pussy. “I still have
a hard on, ” I confessed.
Her hand slipped back on my dick. “I was hoping to
make you hard more than once. Did you think that you were
going to get rest when I said that you would get rest when
I said that I would sleep with you tonight?” <br>
She laughed. The hand had grasped my dick and was playing
with it again. “We will have to be quiet, ”
I said.
“I’m not worried, the way some of those hikers
were looking at each other, I don’t think that we
were the only ones with sex on our brains tonight.”
Then as things were heating up, a light shown into the shelter.
I heard voices, and the sound of bodies sturing. “It
is a park ranger, ” I said. He was moving among the
campers, stopping to talk. From the snaches of conversation
I overheard the Ranger was checking if everyone was OK.
Presently the flashlight was directed at us. “You
don’t look very well equipped.” <br>
“I was a day hiker. I didn’t expect to spend
the night, but got caught in the storm.” <br>
His light shown on Sarah still lying on top of me. He saw her
tiny form. “How old are you mam?” <br>
“I am 40, ” <br>
“But officer, she told me that she was 18, ”
I piped up.
“Oh shut up, ” Sarah said and poked me in the
“Can you prove your age?” <br>
“Well I am flattered to be carded, but I have a drivers
license.” <br>
“Fake, ” I said, and laughed.
“If you don’t shut up, I will report you for
statutory .” <br>
We both giggled.
“Have a good time folks, ” the ranger said
and turned his beam away from us.
“Charles, ” Sarah said, “You had
better be better behaved of you want to get laid tonight.”
We both laughed again.
“Do you still have a hard on?” <br>
“With your hot little pussy so close at hand, of course
I do.” <br>
“Charles, you are forgiven. Just fuck me.”
But It was she who sat about to do the fucking. She craweled
on top of me. And in what seemed a flash, she had impailed
herself on my throbbing cock. I reached down and grasped
her by the hips, and began to grind her pussy into my croch.

I felt her hips begin to move, as she thrust me more deeply
into her. Little sighs and gasps left her mouth. Similar
sounds were comming from otherparts of the shelter. I laughed.
“Why is everyone having silent sex, ” I asked.
“Everyone knows what everyone else is doing.”
“Charles keep quiet, they don’t want to embarrass
the ranger.” <br>
I thought after the afternoon fuck and out more recent activity,
that I would have little left for the another round. But
my energetic little partner soon had me throughly arroused.
She crawled on top of me, and her lips quickly found my cock.
I was soon thrusting up at her mouth with the energy of a young
man. Save that energy for my pussy, Sarah said. With her
usual quickness and energy, Sarah reversed herself and
before I even knew what was happening, she had mounted me.
My dick was deep inside her pussy, before I realized what
had happened. Arroused by the vigor of my little partner,
I started thrusting back at her with all of my energy. She
respond to my thrust with soft moans.
“I hope the ranger wasn’t embarrised by your
moan.” <br>
“Use your energy to fuck me, “ Sarah replied.
So I did.
It was fortunate that my little friend was energetic, because
I was now tired. I grasp her by the hips, and directed her
onto me, her hips thrusting aginst my upward ramming dick.
Increadibly, I found myself becomeing more and more aroused.
As we fucked, I thought of the afternoon’s encounter,
and of Sarah’s story. Despite my fatigue, despite
my age, I was fucking her with renewed energy. My powers
seemed to be waxing, rather than waning. Sarah lay on top
of me and ground her pussy aginst my groin. I was deep inside
her and our movements were short and slow. Yet we kept them
up untill the tention began to fire both of us beyond tolerance.
My little partner was moving faster now. She fucked me with
incredible energy. I felt her pussy wet several again.
“How many times have you come, ” I asked.

“I’ve lost count, ” Sarah replied.
She fucked me even faster, we fucked for a long time and I
was beginning to think that we would fuck all night, when
I felt the semen rising in my balls.
“I think I am going to come, ” I announced.

“Good, ” Sarah said, “You have fucked
me dry”.
I laughed, and with the laugh the semen began to jet from
my dick again.” <br>
Sarah collapsed on top of me. “Why did you laugh, ”
She asked.
“You saying that I fucked you dry. You were the one
who was fucking me for the last hour.” <br>
“You were hardly my passive victim.” <br>
Out of the night a voice rang out. “You kids stop playing,
I’m trying to sleep.” <br>
It was the ranger. We laughed quietly, and then quickly
went to sleep. Sarah still on top of me, surrounded by my
I woke with a pain in my left hip. I get hip pains from time
to time. I assume is arthritus. Maybe it was the nights exertion
or the damp cold. I thought about making my goal. Charlie’s
Bunyan was a mile away, so I decided to finish the walk no
matter what. Sarah was walking north to Cosby, so we decided
to to walk with each other as far as Charlie’s Bunyan.
We hadn’t walked more a few yards when the pain in
my hip became severe. Sarah saw was having a problem. “Are
you OK, ” she asked.
“No, ” I answered, “But I will live.”
Walking was very unconfortable, and I stopped frequently.
Malissa waited patiently as I proceeded. “You should
go on, I am slowing you and it is a long walk to Cosby.”
“Charles, I am not going to leave you in thhis condition.

“Your stud of last night, pulled up lame today.”
“Your most important part isn’t your leg.”
We proceeded and after an eternity, but my presistance
was eventually reward Ahead of us Charlie’s Bunyan
rose out of the side of the mountain. The view was magnificant.
Benieth us the mountain dropped off steeply, and across
the valley we saw Mount Lecont.
Sarah stood gazing for a moment, “I can see why making
this trip was important to you, ” she said. I sat
on the protruding rock for twenty minutes, the morning
sun warmed my body. “It has been delightful, ”
I said, “You gave me a night I never will forget. Thank
you for everything.” I turned to go.
“I’m going back with you, ” Sarah
“You are going to Cosby. It is a hard hike if you are
going to make it by tonight.” <br>
“Right now I am more worried about you getting back.”
“I’ll be OK.” <br>
“Really, you can hardly walk.” <br>
“I’ll make it back. I can take my time. If i
get into trouble, I’ll get a ranger to help.”
“And just when do you plan to ask for help?’
“When I can’t walk and just have to crawl on
the trail, ” I said with a grin.
“That is what I suspected. Stubborn man.”
“Yes. I have my pride you know.” <br>
“Your pride should have been upheld by last night.”
“I wanted to leave you that way.” <br>
“Go out in a blaze of glory.” <br>
“Well you are not getting rid of me, simply because
you re too proud to ask me for help.” <br>
“The truth is that I will enjoy your company, but
I don’t want to inconvience you.” <br>
“Do you have a car?” <br>
“Yes.” <br>
“Would you mind driving me to Cosby.” <br>
“I would be delighted too.” <br>
We started back. It was a slow walk. Every step for me was
a struggle, Yet I was in a wonderful mood.
We talked. I told Sarah about my life in Dallas. About my
wife and children. She told me about her life. The pain was
far less than I expected, and we made reasonably good time
on the trail back. But during the last mile, the pain returns.
I am struggeling as we reach the parking lot. “Do
you want me to drive, ” Sarah asks.
“It is essier for me to drive than to walk, ”
I replied. I am carrying an analgesic in the car, and I quickly
down two of them, followed by a swig of water ftom my canteen.
Soon we are on the road, which is all down hill.

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