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My husband's boss


My therapist says that if I explain a little about myself
before I start this, then maybe I'll start to understand
how all of this happened to me. It's a kinda long story,
so I hope you'll bear with me. I'll be as quick as
I can.
First, you need to know a little bit about me. In grammar
school, I had the misfortune to have exceptionally large
boobs. By the sixth grade I was already spilling completely
out of a B cup and was otherwise skinny as a scarecrow. Only
a girl who has experienced this knows just how awful that
is. I have always been real pretty with naturally blonde
hair, but all that anyone ever noticed were these enormous
breasts on this skinny child. I was teased and grabbed at
constantly, and of course everyone told terrible lies
about me. The girls said I was easy, and all the high school
guys bragged about how many times they did me and stuff like
that. Believe me, nobody had ever even gotten to second
base with me! Maybe because of the way I looked, I was scared
to death of sex, which makes what happened later really
By freshman year in high school, I was wearing a D cup, but
the rest of my body had at last caught up with my boobs. I finally
had hips and a shapely little derriere (still my best asset,
I think), which was greatly accentuated by my fortunately
very, very tiny waist. My legs stayed long and slender.
Guys called me "Barbie Doll." I guess I could
have been popular in high school, but because of all that
ugliness from the past, I was still kind of shy, and thanks
to my mother, so terribly afraid of getting pregnant that
I got the reputation of being frigid, which I certainly
was not. I dreamed about it all the time and fantasized about
lots of guys, especially some of my teachers. I wasn't
sexually active, however. So I didn't really have
a lot of dates, though guys would flirt with me and stuff,
and I would try to flirt back.
There was this one guy, Ben, who my mother thought would
be perfect for me, though he was a little older. He worked
with her at the video store, and she'd just go on and
on about how sweet he was and how handsome and polite and
everything. He was all that, I guess, but he really wasn't
my type in looks or personality. I suppose the thing that
ended up actually attracting me to him was that he didn't
press me to have sex. In fact, while we were dating, we hardly
even made out much, not seriously anyway. I mean he would
kiss me and feel my breasts through my blouse, and I could
feel him get hard and everything, but he had a lot of self
control. That's a good thing, because, even though
he wasn't really my type, I really, really wanted it.and
that just scared me to death. I thought for sure I was just
this awful whore. (The therapist I've been seeing
says that, at the time, I had a very high, but completely
repressed sex drive. The therapist is the one who suggested
I write this story, by the way.)
I married Ben right after graduation. I had just turned
eighteen. I don't know why, really. At twenty-four,
he was six years older than me and like I said not really the
kind of guy I'm usually attracted to. Ben has a slender,
almost effeminate build, and I've always been most
attracted to more manly guys, and he was definitely not
the assertive or manly type. Most of his friends were either
gay or real "sensitive" guys. He's not
gay, I'm pretty sure, but he doesn't like the things
other guys do, like sports and stuff, and he is pretty timid,
especially around older, successful men. I was always
telling him that he should be more assertive, especially
at work. He'll agree with me, but he never is. It's
just isn't in his nature, I guess.
The other thing that's so strange is that he doesn't
have the personality that I'm really most attracted
to, either. I really, really like strong, dominate men,
the kind that Ben is so shy around. I remember when I was in
the sixth grade and was visiting my dad at his office. We
were going to go have lunch together that day and I had gone
up to meet him. When he introduced me to his boss, I could
see how nervous my dad was around him. I'll never forget
what happened next. Just as we were getting ready to leave,
his boss, Mr. Archer, told my dad to go get him and his secretary
a cup of coffee before he left. I could see how embarrassed
(humiliated, really) my dad was. When Daddy left to get
the coffee, Mr. Archer turned to me and put his hand in my
hair and told me how very pretty I was and what a great figure
I had and slid his hand all the way down to my butt. He called
me "sexy." God, it just sent shivers down me.
When my dad came back, Mr. Archer grabbed the back of my sweater
and pulled it real tight and said to my father, "Fred,
your little girl's got a hell of a body on her. You bring
this dolly around more often, you hear. Don't you keep
this sexy little thing all to yourself, " and then
he laughed and patted me on the butt. I think that was the
day I first became sexually aware, and I have never forgotten
it. There was just something about him. He seemed just so
awesomely powerful and sure of himself. Like if he wanted
something, he would just take it. He made the man I always
thought was really strong (my dad) look so small and weak,
but instead of being upset, I was excited by it. I had my first
erotic dream about my dad's boss.
So why did I marry Ben? I really don't know. The truth
is, I really didn't want to get married right away,
but he was so insistent, and my Mom liked him so much that
there was just so much pressure to do it that I did. I don't
regret it really, I guess, except maybe the part about not
having been with many guys. Not any, really, except Ben.
I was a virgin when we got married. I think maybe he was too.
He wasn't a very experienced lover, I know that now.

A month or so after we got married, we moved from Georgia
to California where an old high school friend of Ben's,
Tim Martin, was working at a car dealership in San Diego,
a place called "Rancher Motors." He was the
only one of his friends that I ever met who was at all "manly."
When we met in Georgia, I could tell he kind of liked me, and
it was actually nice that one of Ben's friends had the
courage to come on to me a little bit. He actually french
kissed me once. It was very flattering, really. I kissed
him back, too. I think he was surprised at my reaction. So
was I!
I don't know why he invited Ben out to California. They
didn't seem that close to me. But he did, and after some
talk about "fresh starts" and stuff, we decided
to give it a try. We got a little apartment near the beach
in Venice, and settled in to California life.
Anyway, Tim got Ben on as a junior salesman at the dealership.
He did pretty well. For some reason, maybe his "sensitivity, "
he was especially good at selling cars to older women. Whenever
an obvious widow would come in, she would be given to Ben,
though the funny thing is, he was never allowed to close
the deals. Mr. Brooks, who's the general sales manager,
always ended up changing the contract terms. It used to
embarrass Ben that he had to take back what he promised the
women, but he never said anything to Mr. Brooks, of course.
The funny thing is that the women always ended up feeling
sorry for Ben, so they signed on to really bad deals because
they didn't want to make him more uncomfortable, I
Ben hadn't been there long before we got invited to
Mr. Brooks's house for a swim party and barbecue. I
didn't know what to expect, so I was pretty shocked
to see the way the women dressed for this party. I was still
a few months shy of nineteen, and I guess living all that
time in rural Georgia, I was pretty naive. I thought maybe
this is the way people dress in California. One girl in particular,
Maggie, who is married to a young guy named Brad, who at that
time was also a junior salesman, really shocked me. She
had on a little sarong wrap that she wore way , way down low
on her hips and this tiny little string bikini top that didn't
leave anything at all to the imagination. She was blonde,
maybe a little older than me, and had a fabulous figure,
but I didn't think she was all that pretty. Kind of hard
looking, if you ask me. But the guys, ohmygawd, they were
all over her, especially Mr. Brooks, the sales manager.
And it was obvious that she didn't mind. Not at all.
When we got home, even Ben commented on how hot she looked.
That really surprised me. He usually doesn't notice
that kind of thing.
Later that summer, we were all invited to Mr. Brooks's
club for a dinner dance. This time, Maggie showed up in this
semi see-through dress, backless with a cowl neck that
dipped clear down to her navel. She did look good, I must
admit, and she seemed so confident with all the attention
she attracted. For the first time, I questioned my own taste
and wished I had the courage to dress like that. I knew I had
the figure for it, but I guess no one else would really know
that from the way I dressed. I was still pretty conservative
in that respect. Maybe it even bothered me a little bit that
Mr. Brooks spent nearly the entire evening dancing with
her. (To be honest, I had developed a little bit of a crush
on him. Well, maybe more than a little! I often fantasized
about being with him and on two occasions I had very erotic
dreams about him. )
Looking around, I noticed that even though some of the wives
of the younger guys were pretty and two had really fantastic
figures that they were not exactly modest about, it was
Maggie who attracted all the notice. When she walked around,
you wondered how she could keep herself in her dress. She
seemed constantly on the verge of spilling completely
out of it. But I also noticed that guys' eyes never left
her. And I noticed she knew it, too.
A month after the dinner dance, Maggie's husband,
Brad, got promoted, and even worse, became Ben's immediate
supervisor, the one who approved all his deals. I know that
it hurt him a lot that Brad got the promotion that he thought
he should have had, and really would have if it had been based
on sales performance alone. It was particularly hard because
Brad is about three years younger than Ben and has no college
credits at all. Ben almost has his AA degree. But I guess
that's the way life is.
A couple of weeks after that, Ben came home and told me that
Mr. Brooks had pulled him aside that day and complimented
him on what a pretty wife he had, but had added that it's
too bad she keeps herself so covered up! This is California,
he'd said! She needs to loosen up a bit, get with the
flow! I was pretty shocked and even embarrassed when Ben
told me that. Like I said, I really, really liked Mr. Brooks.
He's in his late forties, I guess, and not really that
good looking, but he's a real big guy and I just loved
the way he carried himself. He seemed so strong and assertive,
the kind of guy who demands and gets respect. I knew Ben was
scared to death of him. I definitely didn't want him
to think I was a prude or anything, but still I thought what
he said was kind of out of line. I didn't say anything,
though, and Ben never said anything else about it either,
so I never did know what he thought. I mean I think we both
kind of thought that Brad got promoted because his wife
was doing Mr. Brooks, though we never ever actually said
that to each other or knew if it was true. I even tried to joke
about it that week, saying stuff like, "I ought to
go to the next party naked so you can be Brad's boss, "
but I could see that Ben was kind of bothered by it all.
I had more or less completely forgotten about Mr. Brooks's
remark when, about four months later, Ben told me that we
were invited to a house warming and Christmas party at Mr.
Brooks's new house, where we'd have the chance
to meet the owner of the dealership, Mr. Rancher himself.
Because this was going to be a really special party, I asked
if I could go and buy myself a new dress, and he said "Yeah,
that would be okay, " and I said laughingly "Maybe
I should buy the kind of outfit Maggie would wear."
"That's probably a good idea, " Ben said
sort of sarcastically, "It would probably do wonders
for my career!" <br>
His remark upset me just a little, tiny bit, like he was saying
I wasn't attractive enough or hadn't been sexy
enough or something, I don't know. Anyway, those ideas
were in my head when I went shopping the next day.
Walking by what I always thought of as a sort of sleazy dress
shop downtown, an outfit displayed in the window caught
my eye. I guess it was supposed to be a formal cocktail dress,
but ohmygawd, it was so revealing that it hardly covered
anything. It was so outrageous that I was actually kind
of embarrassed to just be standing there looking at it.
It was a black, very clingy, backless dress, almost see-through,
with a tiny little halter top front that left more than half
of the outside of the manikin's breast exposed. A slit
down the entire front of the top did much to enhance its sexiness.
The floor-length skirt had a slit matching the one on top
which started clear at the very top of the thigh. It was an
outrageously sexy gown, if you could even call it a gown.
I thought immediately that it would be such a funny trick
to play on Ben to buy it and tell him that this is what I was
wearing to the party, so I went in and asked to try it on.
There were only a few of the gowns on the racks, one that was
a size too small and several that were much too large, so
I tried on the small one. It fit me like a glove (a very tight
glove, I must say) and was the most scandalous thing I had
ever worn, by far!! Like on the manikin, the outsides of
my breasts were completely exposed, but since my boobs
are a lot bigger than the manikin's, the slit in the
front of the top became absolutely astonishing once I slipped
it on and filled it out. Much more of my breast was exposed
than covered--much, much more! My larger boobs in the petit
size of the dress caused the slit to gape open shamefully,
revealing nearly my whole breast and my entire midriff
clear down to well below my navel. The skirt itself was fastened
together by four hook-and-eye buttons that barely reached
down past the top of my thigh where the slit in the skirt began.
All that stood between me and total exposure was the tiny
tie on the halter top and those four little buttons! To say
that it was intensely sexy was really to understate dramatically
The second I tried it on I felt this enormous change in me.
I felt sexy and alluring and so much like a woman! It was like
the dress transformed me into a completely different person.
I loved the way I looked and even more, the way I felt. God,
I wanted so much to wear it in public, but how could I? It would
be like wearing a sign that said, "Please, fuck me!"
The skirt was so tight I could hardly walk, but when I did,
I was astonished at the amount of leg that flashed out. Even
buttoned, the slit in the middle of the skirt opened up daringly,
exposing my legs to the very top of my thigh when I walked.
The skirt was far too tight and way, way too sheer to wear
panties without showing ugly panty lines, but you certainly
couldn't not wear them either! It would be like walking
around completely naked! But standing still and looking
in the mirror, I had to admit that the total effect was truly
sensational. I had never had the courage to flaunt my body,
and now I wondered why. I looked absolutely stunning. My
body never looked so perfectly sculpted, and I know I had
never worn anything in my life that fit me so provocatively
or that made me feel so terribly sensuous. I suddenly didn't
care what it cost. I wanted it.
I bought the dress and hid it away.
It turned out that Ben had to work until 8:00 on Christmas
eve, the night of the party, so I had plenty of time to plan
my little joke. (My therapist says that I've been lying
to myself about its being a "joke." He's
probably right. But this is my story, so I'll tell it
the way I want.) I hardly ever drink, but that night I had
a couple of vodka collins and took a long, leisurely bath.
While shaving my legs silky smooth, I decided for some reason
to shave completely. I have never had much pubic hair anyway
and I've always kept it really closely trimmed besides,
just a tiny little slit, really, so it wasn't really
a big deal, but the funny thing is that the process of shaving
got me so, so turned on that I felt right on the verge of a spontaneous
climax. I resisted, though, because if Ben got all turned
on seeing me in my sultry new cocktail dress, he might want
to use me. Since he's so stressed at work that he's
rarely in the mood anymore, I wanted to be ready if he was.
And just maybe, since I was ovulating at the time, we would
make the baby we'd been trying to have for over a year
now. What a great Christmas present that would be!
Drying myself and putting on my makeup (and having another
vodka), I don't think I ever looked as stunning, or
as totally, totally naked. I was amazed and terribly pleased
at how sleek my body looked totally shaved! What a difference
the removal of that tiny little patch had made. I decided
right there that I would always keep myself that way. (And
I have.)
I did my eyes really dramatically and even wore these luscious
false eyelashes that I have been so tempted to try in the
past. I was so glad I did; they made my eyes look so sultry
and alluring. I tried a bunch of different lip shades and
finally settled on a very deep ruby that seemed to complement
my eyes. I had gotten my hair highlighted and done in a short
spiky cut the week before and it just seemed absolutely
perfect for this outfit. I love being blonde!
I slipped on a pair of very sheer black thigh high stockings
and a pair of five-inch stiletto heels with a sexy ankle
strap that I had bought last summer but never worn, and stood
there and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a little tipsy,
true, and my judgment was a little muddled, but I just knew
I had never been put together quite so perfectly. My breasts
were impossibly full, my waist seemed wasp thin, and in
those wonderful shoes, my legs just looked so perfectly
long and shapely. I know it's just so awfully vain to
say this, but honestly, I have never looked so strikingly
It was just a few minutes before 8:00 when I slipped into
that scandalous dress. For some reason I was very nervous
when I put it on. When I turned and looked at myself in the
mirror, I literally lost my breath. The gown was much more
stunning and seemed even more revealing than it had been
in the store. Maybe because, like I said, I was ovulating,
which always makes my breasts nearly a cup size larger,
My boobs were nearly spilling completely out of the dress.
The skirt hugged my ass and showed its sultry shape to perfection.
The flash of white flesh above my thigh highs when I walked
would be intriguingly flirtatious, I knew. I looked fantastic...and
totally available. I hoped Ben would agree.
A little past 8:00 I heard the door open and Ben walk back
toward the bedroom where I was waiting in what I thought
would be a titillating, but funny pose. Ben just stopped
dead in his tracks. "My God, " he said, looking
at me as if stunned. "You look so, I don't,
I guess!" he stuttered. "What's got into
you?" <br>
"Well, I hope you will, " I said laughing. "Do
you like it?" I sort of purred sexily. "Do you
think you'll get the next promotion?" I added,
sticking my chest out and pulling the skirt back to the very
top of my thigh.
I don't think he even heard me. "Wow! You really
do look hot, " was all he could stammer out. "You're
going to kill them at Mr. Brooks's party! He'll
love it, " he said, hesitating nervously.
"You silly, " I giggled. "I'm not
going out in this. I'd be arrested!" <br>
"You're not?" he asked.
I was puzzled by his reaction. I couldn't really tell
by his tone of voice if he was disappointed or relieved.
I got the feeling that he wanted to please Mr. Brooks and
that he was willing to use me to get his approval, but at the
same time was afraid of what might happen.
"You mean you'd want me to?" I said quizzically.

"I don't know. I guess so. I mean, why not? I guess
all the other guys' wives dress like that, don't
they." <br>
"Well, maybe not quite like this, Ben, " I said,
laughing as I walked across the room to him, my breasts swaying
provocatively to the very edge of my erect nipples in the
too scanty top and the skirt opening enough to flash the
full length of my leg to the very top of my thigh. "I
practically fall out of the dress when I move." <br>
"Well, you could just be careful when you walk, couldn't
you? Everybody will probably love you in it, Mindy. I know
Mr. Brooks will." <br>
Now I really was confused. The last comment made me recall
Mr. Brooks's earlier remark. Did he really think I
was a prude? Does Ben think I caused him to lose that promotion
because I wasn't sexy enough? Alcohol was clouding
my thinking, it was true, but I still suspected that the
answer to those questions was "Yes!" and I decided
then and there that maybe I should go to Mr. Brooks's
just like I was. What could it hurt?
How stupid was that!
"Ben, are you sure you want me to go like this?"
I asked apprehensively. "I can't wear anything
at all underneath it, you know, and as you can see it's
very, very obvious that I'm not. I'm completely
nude under this dress." <br>
"I guess maybe it's good for you to be a little
different sometimes, don't you think?" he said
falteringly. "I know Maggie will be dressed in something
sexy. And Mr. Brooks, you know., " his voice tailing
I could tell from the hesitation in his voice that Ben wasn't
absolutely sure about this, not after seeing the whole
effect of the gown when I moved in it and my very obvious and
very observable nakedness beneath it, and I was pretty
sure he expected me to veto the plan and wear the simple knit
dress I had planned to wear.
I was about to say I couldn't wear such a dress in public
when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and, with
Mr. Brooks's remark still echoing in my head and the
vision of Maggie again stealing all the attention, I decided
impulsively (and drunkenly) that I not only could, but
I would. I felt sexy and beautiful in a way I never had. I wanted
to be the one noticed tonight. "Okay, if you really
want me to, " I nervously replied.
I could tell that my answer bothered Ben, but after what
he'd said, he couldn't really object. I know I
should have let him off the hook and changed, but I just didn't
want to. The dress had sort of come to control me, I believe
Ben didn't say anything more and left to take a shower
and dress. I stupidly took the time to have another vodka
and admire myself in the mirror. The combination of the
two did much to bolster my confidence. I actually tied the
top even a little looser, showing even more of what was already
nearly all of my breast. I was still quite a little bit apprehensive,
but I also knew that there was something inside me that wanted
to be recognized. I thought to myself that I deserved the
chance to be the one looked at. For at least once in my life
I would be the sexy one that everyone talked about. I knew
I looked good and that I wouldn't be young forever.
Why not flaunt it! It's not like I was going to be doing
anything really bad, after all. And I did so much want Mr.
Brooks to think I could be a little sexy occasionally.
I didn't have a formal coat long enough for the dress,
but the fur jacket I got last year for Christmas went well
with the gown and covered enough to make the dress look presentable
in public.
At the house, Mr. Brooks greeted us at the door, smiled,
and complimented me on how beautiful I looked. When he reached
out for my jacket, I was suddenly very tense and nervous.
But when I unbuttoned it and felt Mr. Brooks slip it from
my shoulders and saw the look of relish in his eye, and as
I recalled how sensational I looked in the mirror at home,
I suddenly felt very calm and surprisingly confident.
Turning to Mr. Brooks, I looked him directly in the eye and
said, "Thank you so much for inviting us, Mr. Brooks."
"Believe me, " he answered emphatically,
as he let his eyes roam slowly up and down my body, "the
pleasure is all mine, Mindy." I felt truly desirable
and for the first time in my life, delighted to be treated
as a sexual object. The fascination, maybe even anticipation,
in his glance was so suggestive and powerful that for I actually
enjoyed the hint of lust I saw in a man's eyes rather
than fear it.
Ben, on the other hand, seemed on edge, even a little embarrassed.
Mr. Brooks's obvious appreciation wasn't helping.
And what Mr. Brooks did next didn't help a bit!
Speaking to Ben but never taking his eyes from me, he placed
his forefinger at the bottom of the slit in the halter top
just below my navel and very, very slowly traced a line from
my belly to my throat while telling Ben what a "truly
stunning" wife he had. The finger caressing my body
right there in front of my husband sent such a current of
excitement through my body that thought I might faint.
I felt certain that desire was written all over my face.
I could feel Ben tense up at my side.
Fortunately, however, tipsy as I was from the alcohol and
Mr. Brooks' electric touch, I managed to regain enough
sense to backed away just as his finger began to move back
down and below the waist of the skirt. Still, I smiled up
at Mr. Brooks as I stepped back, took his hand in mine, and
repeated how pleased we were to be there. The way he looked
at me when he put his arm around me and invited us to join him
at the bar made my heart race. I knew that this was a man who
would take what he wanted. I should have been alarmed. Instead,
I was fascinated.
I was astonished at how many people where at Mr. Brooks'
party, and as we worked our way toward the bar area, I found
it terribly exciting to find myself such a transparent
object of desire. I was not accustomed to such overt admiration.
Eyes openly caressed my body and not a few hands subtly rubbed
against me as I walked sinuously past. God, I felt so sexy
and alluring. Even though I was by far the youngest person
there at the time, I felt so sophisticated and womanly.
But again, I could sense Ben's palpable nervousness.
I knew he was regretting letting me come here dressed like
this. But I didn't regret it at all. The attention was
becoming an intense aphrodisiac. I felt alluring and desirable
and wanted to be exactly that for some powerful man like
Mr. Brooks. I leaned into him, pressing my breasts provocatively
into his arm as he led me to the bar.
By the time we had reached the room where the bar had been
set up, part of Mr. Brooks' hand had found its way below
the back of my dress, which made me very uneasy, but also
intrigued. He appeared to feel he could do what he wanted
to me and seemed utterly unconcerned with what Ben might
think about it. I was terribly apprehensive, but equally
excited because he was acting out every fantasy I had ever
had about him. It was literally like one of my dreams of him
had come true. I should have known then what serious trouble
I was in.
At the bar, we met Maggie and Brad, and Tim and his new girlfriend,
Brenda. Maggie, who was dressed in a deep scoop-neck micro
mini, obviously without a bra, gave me the oddest look and
raised eyebrow as if to ask if I now considered myself "competition."
Brad just gave a low whistle and told Ben how hot I looked.
Tim also complimented me profusely, while his girlfriend,
who was dressed okay, but who certainly wasn't going
to steal any attention from me or Maggie, sort of scowled
at him. All of this attention was going straight to my head.
I was terribly conflicted. I knew that, from Ben's
point of view, I probably shouldn't have dressed this
way, but still, I felt so exotic and enticing that I was exhilarated
that I did. But above all, I now realize, I desperately wanted
take Mr. Brooks away from Maggie, to make him acknowledge
how much sexier I was than she.
We all ordered drinks, and when I said I wanted a vodka collins,
I overheard Mr. Brooks ordered the bartender to make mine
a double. I know Ben heard it too and wanted to say something
about that, like maybe I had had enough to drink already,
but he didn't. He was too timid to say anything, I guess.
For some reason, that excited me, too. Mr. Brooks was so
obviously the boss!
We chatted a while, and when I had finished my drink, Mr.
Brooks asked if we'd all like a tour of the new house.
Brenda declined, saying she wanted to use the ladies'
room. The rest of us said yes, and after making sure I had
a fresh "double vodka, " Mr. Brooks slipped
his arm around me and Maggie and began to lead us on the tour.
I was very, very tipsy and more than a little woozy by this
time. I wasn't sure I could walk without stumbling
in flats, let alone in these five inch stilettos. I held
Mr. Brooks' arm tightly. The pressure of his arm against
my breasts pushed them almost completely out of my flimsy
We hadn't taken more than a few steps when I felt Mr.
Brooks's hand slide around my back. I thought at first
that he was trying to support me, but when he slipped his
hand beneath my skimpy top and quickly cupped my right breast,
I realized he had something else entirely on his mind. I
was absolutely petrified, but determined not to show it.
Since I was sure he was also fondling Maggie, I couldn't
let him think I wasn't as sexy as she was, so I let myself
respond to his touch. I glanced over to see if Ben had noticed.
He must have, since he was standing just to my right, but
I could tell that he was very consciously not looking. Mr.
Brooks must have understood, too, because not only did
he not remove his hand, he slid it up to gently pinch my nipple,
which instantly began to stiffen in his grasp.
I didn't know what to do. I was embarrassed. I knew this
was wrong, very wrong. I finally tried to move away, but
he just pulled me towards him even harder. I know I should
have said something or at least tried again to move away,
but in fact, I gave in. I found myself pressing my body even
closer to him. God, I was being such a ridiculous fool. But
I wanted him to want me, not Maggie tonight.
Our first stop on the tour was the study. I suppose because
of all the drinks I'd had and undoubtedly also because
of both my own nervousness and the sexual excitement of
Mr. Brooks's hand fondling my breast, I suddenly felt
very, very dizzy and had to sit down on the couch. I thought
I was going to be ill, which would have simply embarrassed
me to death. Mr. Brooks saw my condition and immediately
came and sat beside me.
"It looks like your wife had a little bit too much to
drink, Ben. Why don't you go out and tend to my host duties,
and I'll stay here with her until she catches her breath, "
he said.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing and certainly
didn't believe that Ben would leave me here in this
condition with Mr. Brooks. To his credit, he did hesitate
and say that perhaps it would be better if he stayed, but
when Mr. Brooks told Ben rather firmly this time that he
wanted him to go tend to the guests, he turned and started
for the door. I was absolutely astonished.and scared to
death, and yet, maybe deep down, a little excited, too.
Mr. Brooks had just ordered my husband from the room and
he had gone, leaving me sitting there, spilling now almost
totally out of my gown with a man he must have known would
always take what he wanted. He certainly had to have known
that Mr. Brooks was not going to just sit with me. I was convinced
that, like everyone else, he certainly must have seen him
fondling me in the hall. And yet he left. Was he giving me
to him or was he just not man enough to confront him, I thought
All I know is that Mr. Brooks must have felt extremely confident
because before Ben had even gotten through the door, he
had already loosened the tie that held my top up, and it had
fallen clear to my waist before he was completely out of
the room. I fumbled at it, intent on pulling it back up, but
Mr. Brooks, sitting beside me, quickly slapped my hand
away. I heard Tim exclaim, "My God! What a rack!"
and felt Mr. Brooks grasped both my very full breasts in
his hands and began to fondle them. Turning to him, I pleaded
weakly for him to stop, insisting that I wasn't that
kind of girl, but my racing heart, panting breath, and stiffening
nipples were telling him an entirely different story.
I dropped my hands to my waist and, leaning slightly toward
him, allowed Mr. Brooks to continue to fondle my breasts.
I was completely in his power now, and I guess he knew it.

"Ben's little whore is a bit drunker than I thought, "
he said to the rest of the people in the room. I was startled
at the vulgarity of his words. I prayed Ben hadn't heard
it. It only got worse.
"I hope you all won't mind if I just go ahead and
fuck her now while she's still conscious, "
he laughed, pushing me down onto the couch.
I couldn't believe what he had said, yet somehow his
supreme confidence, the aura of power about him, and even
the coarseness of the language excited me. I just sat there,
quite apprehensive, yet oddly making no effort to resist.

"Don't mind us, " Maggie grinned. "It's
not exactly going to be a , is it. I had no idea the little
slut was so easy." Everybody laughed and joined in
to encourage him to use me now while I was still awake. I knew
this had now gone too far and I honestly wanted to stop him.
I'm sure I did. I genuinely wanted to get up and leave.
I know I did. I knew how humiliating this would prove for
Ben. His young wife was sitting half dressed in front of
many of his coworkers and their wives. But another part
of me knew that I had better act right now because I wasn't
going to be able to refuse him anything much longer. The
excitement I felt welling up inside me would soon overwhelm
me and make further resistance unlikely.
"How is the rest of your dress held together, Mindy?"
Mr. Brooks asked.
To my utter surprise, I meekly muttered, "The four
little buttons there in front, " beginning to shiver
in both fear and anticipation. Apparently, the hope of
holding back had ended. In a drunken stupor, I watched him
reach down and expertly unbutton me and pull the dress away.
Suddenly, there I was, except for stockings and shoes,
sitting totally nude on a couch in front of Ben's boss
and many of his co-workers and making no effort to cover
myself. None at all. How could I have got myself in such a
situation? I had no idea what I was doing or what would happen
next. But surely, I thought, he isn't going to let them
watch. How little I knew.
A number of Ben's coworkers and their wives or girlfriends
came over to get a closer look. My suddenly nude body had
an exciting effect on the men, two of whom had begun cupping
my breasts and pinching my nipples while another caressed
the silky smoothness of my pussy. I was still fearful and
anxious about Ben, still embarrassed about sitting there
on total display, but in truth, I had no idea how thrilling
I would find it to be sitting invitingly naked, admired
by all these men and their wives and girlfriends, waiting
for one particular powerful man to do what he wanted with
me. I was so terribly conflicted, knowing I should instantly
flee to Ben on the one hand, and on the other, wanting to be
ravished in front of his friends. Maybe I was a slut after
Watching the spectacle of his subordinates pawing me,
Mr. Brooks laughed and suddenly pushed everyone aside.
There he was standing in front of me holding a very erect
and magnificently large cock in his hands. I remember thinking
absurdly in my alcoholic fog that it so right that such a
powerful man would have such a magnificent cock. And it
truly was!
"Get on your knees, Mindy, and open your mouth, "
I recall him ordering me, grabbing me by the hair and pulling
my head back roughly.
I was stunned. I believe I told him no, no, no, over and over
again, at least I think I did, hope I did, but I also know that
when he pull me from the couch, I quite willingly sank to
my knees in front of him. And in all honesty, though I normally
don't like this kind of sex--it seems so degrading
to the woman--I quite willingly, even eagerly, opened
my mouth to receive his engorged cock. I had lost all sense
of propriety. "God, the whore really is easy, "
I heard Maggie sneer. But suddenly, it didn't matter
what Maggie said. The only thing that mattered was that
I please this powerful, assertive man. It seemed proper
that I do everything to satisfy such a commanding, dominant
man. This is where I belonged, on my knees in front of him.
I felt honored to receive his cock in my mouth. That's
what a mess I was.
He didn't hesitate a second. His first plunge into
my open mouth went clear to the back of my throat, gagging
me. I pulled away, choking back tears. To my dismay, I heard
my "audience" laugh.
"She's apparently not too good at this, "
Mr. Brooks said to no one in particular.
I heard Maggie snicker and say, "Oh poor thing, she
so much wants to be a good little whore, but she's got
no talent for it." Everybody laughed, even Mr. Brooks.

I felt myself blush. I was just mortified. Was I such an inexperienced
little girl that I couldn't even perform oral sex properly?
And how mortifying to fail in front of this audience, but
especially in front of Maggie, whom I despised.
Grabbing my hair again, he said to me rudely, "Maybe
I should get Maggie here to give you a few lessons, Honey.
I expected more out of a hot looking little slut than this.
What do you think, Maggie. What'll I do with this little
wannabe slut?" <br>
Oh God, that hurt!
"Just ignore her when she gags, " Maggie quickly
advised. "Don't let her pull her head back. Force
your way down her throat. She won't be able to throw
up if you get all the way down her throat quickly enough.
Of course, she won't be able to breathe, either, "
she snickered.
Now I was thoroughly humiliated, kneeling there in front
of Mr. Brooks, listening to Maggie instruct Mr. Brooks
on how best to fuck my mouth. God, I couldn't even suck
his cock properly?!
"You're the best, Maggie, " Mr. Brooks
intoned, grabbing the sides of my head and aggressively
pulling me towards him.
To my humiliation, two hard strokes proved Maggie right.
Rather than allowing me to pull back when I began to choke
and gag, Mr. Brooks pulled my head forward and drove himself
down my throat. Now, though I was still gagging, it had no
effect. He fucked my throat with abandon. It was terribly
uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe. His fat cock completely
filled my throat. My gag reflex was trying to push him away.
Yet at the moment his luscious rod found its way down into
my throat, I felt such an absurdly incredible thrill of
pleasure to be serving him, pleased that I could begin now
to satisfy the oral needs of this supremely authoritative
man. I felt so like a complete woman, as I looked into the
intensity of his eyes while he forced his cock deeper down
my throat. I hoped Maggie was watching as he finally plunged
the last inch of his majestic cock completely down into
my aching throat, pulling my face into his pubic hair and
holding it there. I nearly climaxed when he called me his
"new whore." <br>
After what could have been minutes or seconds, I have no
idea, I heard Brad yell out that Ben was coming down the hall.
Mr. Brooks paused a second but left his cock deep in my throat.
"Find out what he wants, " he said, resuming
his assault on my mouth, pistoning his cock hard into my
throat now.
I was frightened and maybe a little excited at first to think
that Ben was coming to reclaim his wife, but I must admit,
I was even more thrilled that Mr. Brooks seemed completely
nonchalant, continuing to fuck my mouth forcefully. The
presence of my husband was apparently not going to interfere
with his pleasure in using me! He was just so powerful and
sure of himself.
"It's Mr. Rancher on the phone, " I heard
Ben say hesitantly a few seconds later. "He needs
to speak with you." <br>
"Can't you see I'm busy!" he demanded,
withdrawing his cock and allowing me to breathe a moment,
but still holding tightly to my hair.
I was completely drunk with alcohol and with passion. I
didn't know if Ben was in the room or not or whether he
was aware of what Mr. Brooks was doing to his wife. Though
the lights were on, I was surrounded by the crowd watching
Mr. Brooks fuck my mouth. I prayed that Ben couldn't
see me kneeling naked there in front of Mr. Brooks or a moment
later watch my lips again open to encircle his fat cock as
he positioned my head to accept his thick rod a second time.
It both amazed and subtly thrilled me that during that entire
conversation with Ben that followed, Mr. Brooks never
stopped fucking me in my mouth. In fact, his intensity actually
"Goddamn it!" Mr. Brooks said, shoving his
engorged cock again deep into my burning throat. "Find
out where he is and tell him I'll call him back in a minute
or two." <br>
"Yes, sir, " I heard Ben reply. "Should
I tell him anything else." <br>
"Goddamn it, Ben. Just do what I said. You can tell
him I'm preparing a nice little present for him."
Every inch of his magnificently large cock was now buried
in my burning throat.
I heard Maggie laugh out loud.
I hoped Ben had left, because instantly the ferocity of
his fucking increased. He began to viciously drive his
throbbing cock down seemingly even deeper into my abused
throat, each long, hard stroke seeming to tear its way down
into me. Someone had come around behind me and was squeezing
my tits viciously and twisting and yanking my nipples.
Everyone was urging Mr. Brooks on, encouraging him to "fuck
that whore's mouth." Then I sensed him slow,
and when a second later he took three or four more deep, hard
stokes, I heard him gasp and felt his penis swell. He pulled
out of me, grasped me by the chin and ordered me to open my
mouth. The first three streams of his cum hit the back of
my throat, filling my mouth. As I was swallowing his powerful
semen, the next few landed on my face and dripped down onto
my breasts, red from the pawing they had received.
He jerked my head back and ordered me to open my mouth again
while he squeezed the last few drops of his semen into my
mouth, and after I had swallowed, commanded me to clean
his cock with my tongue. I did so eagerly. Then, when I had
finished, to my complete astonishment, he slapped me hard
twice across the face, explaining that I had angered him
by swallowing too quickly, causing some of his cum to be
wasted. And then he slapped me twice again. Everyone got
real quiet all of a sudden. I think they were as surprised
as me at the violence.
I meekly bowed my head and apologized and wiped the cum that
had fallen to my breasts, putting it in my mouth, hoping
to appease him. I smiled hesitantly and promised to be better
next time.
Jerking me to my feet by my hair and then pushing me back down
onto the couch, he stood there looking at me, his softening
cock dangling inches from my face. "You'd better
be!" he said coldly. "I expect perfection in
my whores. Do you understand that, Mindy" he added.

I nodded meekly that I did and apologized again.
He smiled at me and said somewhat more kindly, "I only
wish I'd known what a hot little slut you were a few months
ago. I had no idea you'd be so easy. Did you prepare that
sweet little cunt for me?" reaching down to stroke
and briefly penetrate its glassy smoothness, a fierce
jolt of pleasure consumed me utterly.
This was the second time someone had called me "easy, "
which I certainly did not believe I was, but somehow I found
myself smiling shyly up at him, nodding my head slightly.
Who knows, perhaps I had, I thought to myself.
"You're wet, aren't you, you little slut.
You want Mr. Brooks to fuck you, don't you. I'll
bet it's tight, too. You want Mr. Brooks to tear open
that tight little cunt, don't you, " he laughed,
suddenly pushing two fingers deep into my yearning pussy.
"You need to be fucked, and fucked hard, don't
you!" <br>
I heard myself murmur a slurred, "Yes, sir, "
and again felt myself blushing. I was seriously drunk,
and not all because of alcohol.
"And you're easy, aren't you Mindy, "
he added derisively.
"I guess so, " I mumbled.
"How the fuck am I going to keep you conscious until
I get back?" he asked. Turning to Maggie, he said,
"You still using uppers?" When she replied
that she was, he asked her how many she took at a time.
"I've never taken more than two at any one time, "
she replied. "But if you really want to get her high,
turn her into a complete whore, I've got some ecstasy
you could give her. One tab of that and she'll want every
man in the room to fuck her." <br>
"Brad, go get this little slut another vodka. Maggie,
have her take four of those uppers of yours when Brad gets
back and give her two of the ecstasy. I want her high and hot
when I get back! This little whore is going to get herself
well fucked before this night is over and I want her up for
it. But Tim, nobody better fuck her while I'm gone,
got that! I find that that cunt's been touched and there'll
be hell to pay! I don't care if she begs for it. There'll
be plenty of opportunity for the rest of sales staff to fuck
her when I've finished with her. I'm putting you
in charge. You'll all get a chance to fuck her, trust
me." <br>
Mr. Brooks pulled me to my feet, this time by my nipples,
kissed me hard, and left. I sat back down on the couch thoroughly
shaken. I was both dismayed at what I had let happen so easily
to me, scared at what Mr. Brooks had said was in store for
me, and yet happy Mr. Brooks had chosen me over Maggie and
deeply disappointed that it had gone no further. I wondered
what had happened to Ben.
When Brad came in, Tim took the vodka and began to feed me
the four uppers and the two ecstasy tabs Maggie had given
him before leaving with Brad. The vodka burned my abused
throat terribly, but I swallowed it and the pills willingly
because Mr. Brooks had ordered me to. In my haze I was vaguely
aware of Tim going on about how beautiful I was, how my body
was even greater than he imagined it to be, and how he loved
women who shaved their pussies, all the while feeding me
the vodka and uppers and ecstasy
"I can't wait to get the chance to fuck you, Mindy, "
he moaned, caressing my tits and cunt tenderly with his
free hand. "I've wanted to fuck you since I first
met you. You know that, don't you. I'm going to
really fuck you hard, make you remember me. I've always
wanted to fuck you, you know. I'm going to fuck you a
lot after this." <br>
It all sounded so silly to me. I sat there for about fifteen
minutes with Tim running his hands and tongue over my naked
body as he examined every crevice and told me quite explicitly
what he was going to do to me. I enjoyed Tim's tongue
as it massaged my nipples and clit and heard myself moan
when he pulled my clit between his teeth and bit it gently,
but in truth, all I wanted was Mr. Brooks's extraordinary
cock in me. Deep, deep in me! I don't know what had come
over me.
I guess my performance with Mr. Brooks and all my naked,
raw flesh sitting there right beside Tim and seemingly
easily available finally became too much for him and he
at length pushed me down on the couch and prepared to mount
me. I guess I was in a daze, because he easily parted my legs
and managed to shove his cock half way in me before I was even
aware of what he was trying to do. But even then my thinking
was so addled that he managed to take at least five or six
long hard strokes deep in me before I realized what was happening.
I don't know where the energy came from, but I fought
him like crazy after that. How could he think to disobey
Mr. Brooks! And how could he think I'd let one of his
salesmen use me before he gave his permission! I think that
I embarrassed him by finally squirming away. And scared
him, too! He begged me not to tell Mr. Brooks what he had done.
I didn't answer, but I knew I would have to tell if he
asked. Unlike Tim, I would never think of disobeying Mr.
A short time later, the pills I had taken began to kick in
with amazing effect. I was still horribly inebriated,
I know, but I was so very awake, so intensely alert, so dramatically
energized.and so erotically charged! I was suddenly so,
so turned on. I wanted to be fucked. Just had to be. I was nearly
frantic! If Tim tried again, I don't think I would have
or could have stopped him. I actually thought of telling
him to go ahead, to fill me like I so desperately needed,
but the memory Mr. Brooks' order stopped me.
With Tim's help, I did managed to get myself back into
my dress. His hands being all over my body as he helped me
dress only intensified this burning need in me. Maggie
was so right. I wanted to walk out naked and be fucked by every
man in the room. Still, I was rather surprised at how stable
I felt on my feet once Tm helped pour me into my dress.
I really felt like dancing, anything to alleviate this
carnal passion surging through my body. As we left the room,
I asked Tim to make sure he asked me to dance when we got back
to the party, kissing him and pushing my body against his
provocatively. He assured me he would, and he was as good
as his word. I think he was a little afraid of me right then,
but when I told him how much I was looking forward to him fucking
me the way he described it to me, he brightened up again.

He walked me back to where Ben was talking to group of people
I hadn't met. When he introduced me, I got some very,
very appreciative stares from the men and the some considerably
less enthusiastic compliments from their wives and girlfriends.
Apparently, when I got dressed, I had tied my top rather
loosely and had left the bottom button of the skirt unfastened.
My left breast was exposed clear to the nipple and a hint
of my naked pussy must certainly have been on display. I
must have looked pretty sluttish. I know Ben wanted to question
me about what went on back there, but I was so energized that
I think it confused him enough to just let it be. Or maybe
he just didn't want to know. I have a feeling it was the
Tim asked me to dance. I was eager to. I needed to expend some
of this incredible energy flowing through my body. And
I wanted reassure him that he could enjoy me later that night,
if Mr. Brooks allowed it. I was utterly shameless now. The
drugs had done what Maggie said they'd do. I even told
him again how much I was looking forward to him fucking me,
adding that he was the first cock other than Ben's that
had ever been in me. He looked a little surprised at that,
but I told him it was true and kissed him hard and placed his
hand on my bare breast. I felt his cock go ridged.
I have never danced so intensely or so frenetically or so
erotically as I did that night. I don't know how long
I danced, but I do recall that I had at least four different
partners trying to keep up with me, and that all of them managed
to briefly get their hands inside the dress. I made no effort
whatsoever to stop them. None at all. I'm certain I
was both encouraging and accommodating. I was totally
engulfed in passion. I kept hoping that Mr. Brooks would
come and dance with me, but he apparently wasn't here.
I kept looking for him.
When I finally returned to Ben, he was standing by himself.
"Try to keep yourself in your dress, Mindy, "
was all he said, not looking me in the eye. I could tell he
was upset. I know I should have been ashamed or at least more
considerate of his feelings, but all I could think to say
was, "Let's go have some fun. "Why don't
you come dance with me?" I asked enticingly. "It's
a slow one, " I purred seductively, putting his hands
on my butt and dragging him out to the dance area. But in truth
all I could really think about was what Mr. Brooks had promised.
I can't begin to tell or explain the erotic thoughts
running through my befogged brain.
Ben did dance with me, briefly, though his heart didn't
seem in it. I slithered up against him, rubbed my breasts
into his chest, and ground my hips into him, but he seemed
too tense to respond.
Then, ohmygawd, my heart began to beat so fast. I saw Mr.
Brooks and a man I assumed to be Mr. Rancher talking with
some people on the other side of the room.
"Let's go meet Mr. Rancher, " I breathed
intensely into Ben's ear.
He seemed reluctant at first, but I was very insistent.

Walking across the crowded room, I felt totally alluring,
and the look that Mr. Rancher gave me as we pushed into his
circle proved I had reason to feel that way.
"Well, who's this attractive little package,
Giles?" he said to Mr. Brooks.
"This is Ben Parker's wife, Mindy, Dale. And
she is something special, isn't she." <br>
The men in the crowd nodded in agreement. God, I felt so hot.
I guess it was the ecstasy or the combination of ecstasy,
uppers, and alcohol. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Maggie
working her way towards us as well.
I edged closer to Mr. Brooks and, wetting my lips, gave Mr.
Rancher a very provocative stare. The look on his face as
he stared at me made me really pleased that I had tied my halter
top so loosely and made me wish I had only fastened one of
the bottom buttons. I wanted his attention on me entirely
when Maggie got there. I leaned forward enough to let my
top gape completely open, displaying my tits wantonly.
I had almost entirely forgotten Ben now. I don't know
what was happening to me, but I just didn't want to have
to share any of this attention with Maggie. The drugs and
alcohol were raging inside me now. When Mr. Rancher just
stared openly at my breasts, which I'd so shamelessly
put on display for him, I felt enormously desirable. I desperately
wanted him to pull them from my top and fondle them. I wanted
both Mr. Rancher and Mr. Brooks to take me somewhere and
enjoy me totally. I wanted to please them; like in my fantasy,
I needed to show them how wonderful I could be for powerful
men like them. I was totally lost.
"She's the one I told you about, Dale, "
Mr. Brooks said, putting his finger under my chin and tilting
my head up slightly.
"Very nice, " Mr. Rancher grinned. "Very
nice choice." <br>
And then, as Maggie pushed her way into our circle, I did
the most horrible, wicked thing I've ever done in my
life. I quickly reached up on tip toes and whispered in Mr.
Brooks' ear, "Make Ben go away!" <br>
He squeezed me, laughed out loud, and said, winking at Mr.
Rancher, "Ben, we're going to be giving out bonuses
to upper management shortly, and I'd like Mindy here
to do the presentations. Let her see how it works, since
I'm sure you'll be part of the management team
soon. You can go on home. We'll send Mindy home in a limo
shortly." <br>
I knew Ben would never buy that. It was just too transparent.
But I didn't care. "Go ahead, " I smiled
at him. "I'll be okay. Really, I'll be fine."
Ben gave me the strangest look. I could see that he was completely
confused about what to do. Mr. Rancher chimed in, "Yeah,
don't worry. You go on now and let us get on with our business.
Be a good man now. We'll send her home shortly, "
never taking his eyes from my deliberately displayed breasts,
now completely and invitingly exposed.
He was still hesitating when Mr. Brooks said somewhat sharply,
"Ben, come on, let's go. Didn't you hear
Mr. Rancher? We have business to do! We'll send Mindy
hope shortly." <br>
While addressing Ben, Mr. Brooks's had gently pulled
my butt into his stomach, and his hand was now openly caressing
my belly. As he turned to Ben to more firmly order him home,
I shamelessly sucked in my tummy to allow his hand to slip
easily beneath the waist band of my skirt. Mr. Rancher watched
intently as Mr. Brooks's hand slid beneath my waistline
and began to caress my silky smooth, wet vagina. I hoped
Ben had left as he was told, because Mr. Brooks was no longer
making any effort whatsoever now to hide what he was doing.
I knew that Ben couldn't have left the house yet, but
I prayed he at least had left the room. I forgot all about
even that, however, when Mr. Brooks's fingers found
my excited clit. When I felt him reach up to untie my halter
top with his other hand, I lowered my head slightly to make
it easier for him. The look on Mr. Rancher's face when
my tits popped into full view made me nearly cum. There was
such raw lust in his gaze. His expression was just so intensely
Suddenly, another pair of hands grabbed the waist band
of my skirt and in one quick motion ripped it completely
from me. It was Tim. He had rendered me completely naked--except
for my shoes, my stockings and Mr. Brooks's hand massaging
my cunt.
It's exactly how I wanted to look. I heard murmurs of
appreciation from the men around me, and best of all, the
look of unadulterated envy on Maggie's face. "Look
at the body on that bitch, " I heard one of the guys
blurt out. An older woman standing near Mr. Brooks said,
"My God, that's the tiniest waist I've ever
seen. And such marvelously full breasts." That really
made me feel terrific! "Look, she's just perfectly
shaved, like a beautiful toy doll, " another younger
woman exclaimed. "Yeah, a fuck doll" I heard
the man standing with her say crudely.
Mr. Rancher took my breasts in his hands, displaying them
to the crowded room, then squeezing them viciously, pinching
and twisting my nipples, and finally pulling me from Mr.
Brooks's lap and on to his own. Almost instantly, I
felt another pair of hands pulling my thighs apart. Someone,
I think it was Tim, was kneeling between my legs and had slipped
his tongue into my cunt. He was wonderfully flickering
it about my clit. "Has Ben left yet, " I murmured
to no one. I could see nothing but men's bodies around
"My God, you guys act like you've never had a piece
of ass before, " I heard Mr. Rancher laugh.
Suddenly, he cleared everyone away from me, and lifting
me to my feet, he swooped me up in his arms and turned toward
the hall.
"Giles and I are going to fuck Ben's wife now,
guys, but as soon as we've had our fill of this hot little
slut, we'll give you men a turn at it, " Mr. Rancher
said, motioning Mr. Brooks to join him. A great cheer greeted
his announcement, and I heard many promises to wait for
me. I prayed Ben had left like Mr. Brooks had ordered, as
Mr. Rancher carried me from the room.
At the first bedroom, Mr. Rancher dropped me on a bed and
began to undress. Like Mr. Brooks', his cock was also
quite large--longer, but maybe not as full as Mr. Brooks'--and
as I gazed at it, I began to wonder if perhaps all powerful
and successful men are endowed this way.
I should have been embarrassed, I suppose, to hear Mr. Brooks
telling Mr. Rancher how "easy" I was and to listen
to him inform him about how best to use my mouth. I should
have felt totally ashamed to realize that I was no more than
an instrument of their pleasure and that I was about to become
what the man in the other room had said I was, their mere "fuck
doll" of the evening. But I was too far gone by that
time. I wanted to be their fuck doll. Desperately!
Mr. Brooks ordered me to my knees in front of Mr. Rancher.

"Ignore the gagging, Dale, and you'll get yourself
a real nice little face fuck, " Mr. Brooks suggested,
steadying my head for him between his large hands.
"Open your mouth, Mindy, and don't close it until
I say so, " Mr. Rancher said off handedly.
The nonchalance he showed in preparing to take one of his
workers' wives seemed to excite me more, and I opened
my mouth eagerly. I desperately wanted to change his cool,
calm composure to mad excitement, make him crazy for me.
I didn't want him to ever forget this. I was determined
to give Mr. Rancher the same thrill Mr. Brooks had gotten.
But even more than that, I wanted them both inside me. I wanted
them to delight in me as they both experienced a body completely
open and available to them. At that moment, I felt there
was nothing I wouldn't let them do to my flesh. I was
theirs to do what they wanted with me. I didn't have
to wait long.
With Mr. Brooks holding the back of my head, Mr. Rancher
immediately drove to the back of my throat, and with only
a momentary hesitation, pushed his turgid cock deep down
into my throat. A great groan escaped his lips. It was perfect.
I stole a look at his face and the pure lust and erotic desire
I saw there pushed me to near climax. It was exactly what
I had hoped for. I would give him everything he ever desired
in a woman!
"Where'd you get this bitch, Giles?" Mr.
Rancher panted. "She's got the best body I've
seen in years. Great tits, sleek pussy, and the whore can
suck cock like a pro, " he exclaimed, pinching my
nipples viscously and fucking my throat harder now. "I'd
like to keep her awhile, " he said panting between
deep thrusts into my obliging mouth.
"She's one of my salesman's wife. I think
I could manage to send him away for a week or so. Think you
can get your fill of her by then?" <br>
"I don't know. If her cunt is as good as her mouth,
if she can fuck like that Maggie bitch, I might want her a
little longer. All right, honey, " he said, withdrawing
his enormous cock from my abused throat. "Let's
see what your cunt is like. Have you fucked her yet, Giles."
"Just her mouth. But her cunt and ass better be totally
unused or butt is going to be kicked, " he said seriously.
"Anybody fucked you tonight, Mindy?" <br>
I shook my head, suddenly afraid of telling the truth. "No,
sir, " I murmured. "Tim tried to, though."
"You wanted to be fucked, though, didn't you.
By every guy in the house." <br>
I nodded my head meekly.
"Well, I think Mr. Rancher is ready to accommodate
you, you little slut, " Mr. Brooks laughed.
"Oh, yes, Mindy, that I am, " Mr. Rancher growled,
grabbing me by the hair and pulling me to a bed.
"Please, sir, if it's all right, " I had
the foresight to beg, " please don't cum inside
me. I'm fertile right now, " <br>
"Spread your legs, " was his only answer.
I should have been definitely upset by his response, but
when he stepped between my legs and I spread my thighs as
he had ordered, I thought I was going to pass out from pure
excitement. I knew everything was wrong about what I was

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Ben, should get a divorce and find a real woman!
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A very erotic story, having just gotten home after 18 month
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This is a repost, and not of the whole story....what happened
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