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My first trip to Florida to visit my mom


For those of you that have read and/or followed my stories,
yes, I did sleep with Jen, the red head, who by the way, called
herself “fire crotch”! I also had some other great encounters
with my boss’s wife, some previous friends and some new
friends. I hate to skip over any encounters, but I really
want to get to the ones with my future wife. That is where
the fun really started to happen. If I don’t skip over some
of my stories, I will be here for months, writing and waiting
to get to the ones with my wife. Sorry, but I am just too excited
to get to those ones. I almost skipped over this one also,
but I remembered the responses I received about my stories
with my mom and figured I couldn’t skip it for the ones who
wanted to hear more about her.

I hadn’t seen my mom for many years, I talked with her on the
phone but that was it. I was doing better financially and
so was she, she had moved out of my Grand parents place and
had a place of her own now. She had a house and was living with
a boyfriend who was much younger than her, but seemed to
be reliable. She had gone through many guys and this one
seemed to be more serious than the rest. The others were
more just “friends with benefits” types. Anyway, we talked
and decided I was going to visit her and have a little vacation.
It had been years since we saw each other and we hadn’t really
talked about anything that had happened back then, so I
pretended like it never happened and didn’t bring it up.

We chatted and caught up on the last few years and had some
fun visiting with each other and her new boyfriend. We went
to eat a few times and went to some local attractions and
played some games and just visited and had a good time. A
few days went by and we had a lot of fun and nothing seemed
weird about what happened before at all. It was like it never
happened and was just a dream or something. Neither of us
brought any of it up or even seemed like we wanted to. It was
kind of relaxing to not have that hovering over us or making
us feeling uncomfortable around each other. So, Saturday
rolled around and her boyfriend had to do some things and
said we probably wanted some time without him anyway. He
said he was going to be gone for most of the day and left us
to spend some time alone with each other.

We didn’t have any plans and figured we might go and visit
my Grand parents or something. So we called them and left
a message, wondering if they wanted us to visit them. We
didn’t hear back from them far a while and got kind of lazy
as we waited to hear from them. They finally called and said
they were busy, but maybe the next day we could visit them.
By now, we were out of the mood for doing much as we waited
around half the morning and we figured we would just hang
out around her house and relax and unwind after the last
few days of running around, site seeing and visiting and
catching up and stuff. We were both kind of tired anyway
and ready for some down time.

She fell asleep on the couch and I watched some TV for a while
until I fell asleep also. I woke up a while later and she was
in her room doing something as I got a snack to eat. She came
out of her room with a robe on and said she was going to lay
out in the sun in the back yard. She warned me that she lays
out naked, making sure I knew, so I wouldn’t be shocked or
offended if I strolled out there and saw her. She said if
it bothers me, I shouldn’t go outside or anywhere near the
back of the house because she would be out there and she would
be naked. So she went out back to sunbathe in the nude and
of course I got curious.

I quickly went to her room as she went out back and I looked
out the window and watched her as she got naked and rubbed
lotion on herself. My cock immediately grew long and hard
as I watched her rubbing lotion on her naked body. I started
to rub my cock as it grew and then I pulled it out and started
to stroke it as I continued to watch her and look at her naked
body. By the time she finished rubbing lotion all over her
body, I was in a full out masturbating session. It didn’t
take long until I was ready to cum as I stared at her and jerked
off. I hurried to her bathroom and blew my wad in her sink
as I stared at myself in her mirror and finished jerking

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, what the heck,
I could use some sun too. I figured I would go out and lay in
the sun also. I went out there and she looked up at me as I laid
a towel on the chair next to her and she said coming to get
some sun too? I said yea, I could use a little sun myself.
I know she could see my swollen cock in my shorts, it is always
longer and thicker than normal after it’s been hard. She
said, you gonna lay out naked too? I said, I didn’t plan on
it, I never did that before, I was just gonna lay out in my
shorts. She said don’t be a chicken, it feels nice to lay
out naked. You feel free and relaxed. I figured what the
heck, she’s naked, I might as well do it too.

I said ok, I guess I’ll try it, as I started to take my shorts
off and get naked too. She watched me as I took off my shorts
and she said, wow, I almost forgot how big that thing was.
I looked down at my cock and noticed that it was twice the
size as it normally is when it is soft, because I had just
jerked off and it was still swollen and full of blood even
though it was limp. I felt very masculine and proud as she
made a comment and stared at my limp cock dangling between
my legs, all swollen and thick, looking as if I was incredibly
hung!! I smiled and said don’t look, you’re gonna make me
nervous. She said I’m gonna make you nervous? No, you’re
gonna make me nervous! I said what do you have to be nervous
about? I’m the one that has never done this before.

She laughed and said, you’re gonna make me nervous that,
that thing might try to attack me or something while my eyes
are closed. I said stop it, or you’re gonna make it get hard.
She said, I don’t even want to see what it looks like when
it’s hard, then I would really get scared!! I said quit then,
or else you will. I said just layback and let’s get some sun.
She said sorry I’m just not used to seeing anything that
big. I said stop or I’m gonna go back inside. She said ok,
I’m sorry, I’m just messing around with you and she laid
her head back and closed her eyes as she mumbled, you know
I couldn’t help it, that thing’s huge. I sat down and laid
back as I laughed and said, yea I know, but you need to control
yourself. I know it’s hard but you can do it.

I heard her whisper, you’re just lucky it wasn’t hard. I
closed my eyes and thought about her fantasizing about
my huge cock and what she wanted to do with it. I started to
think about her lying there naked next to me and me lying
here naked next to her and the trouble we could get into.
I looked over at her to see if she was looking or if she had
her eyes closed and then I closed my eyes again and started
to fantasize more as my cock started to grow and get hard
again. Within seconds of lying there naked next to her and
fantasizing in my head about what could happen, my cock
was totally hard and sticking up in the air. I was nervous
and looked over at her again as my cock pulsed and throbbed
in the fresh air, being free and naked for anyone to see.

Luckily her eyes were closed and she didn’t know my cock
was raging hard and sticking straight out like a huge sausage
waiting to be eaten. I closed my eyes again and started to
drift off as I fantasized more and my long, thick cock stiffened
like a metal pole. I don’t know how much time went by as I drifted
in and out of dreams, half awake and half asleep as my big,
hard, throbbing cock pulsed freely in the air. After what
could have been hours or just minutes, I wasn’t sure as I
drifted in and out of consciousness, I felt a warm soft feeling
on my cock. I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or what as
warm sensations flowed through my body and my cock felt
like it was in heaven.

I quickly remembered where I was and what was going on, so
I started to reach down for my cock and open my eyes to see
if she noticed I was rock hard and completely exposed to
her. Just as I reached down towards my cock and started to
open my eyes, I realized that the incredible feeling I was
having was from my moms warm, soft mouth slowly raising
and lowering itself over the tip of my huge, swollen cock
head as her small, soft, hand gently stroked and caressed
my shaft at the same time. I looked down and smiled and quietly
moaned as I watched her petite hand try to hold and stroke
my long, thick cock while her mouth stretched around the
tip of my huge, swollen cock head and slowly went up and down
over it, with a soft, warm, gentle sucking motion.

Her soft, warm lips slowly made their way over the tip of
my cock as she looked up at me and said, sorry, I couldn’t
help myself! You don’t mind, do you? What could I say? We
were both in her backyard naked and recently talking about
my long, thick cock. I know I had been fantasizing as we laid
in the sun naked and I now know that she obviously had been
fantasizing too. I reached down and pushed on her head,
forcing it gently back down on my rigid cock and said, no,
I don’t mind, are you crazy? I was wondering if anything
was going to happen or not. She smiled as she lowered her
mouth back down over the head of my cock and started to suck
my hard cock again. I watched her mouth slide up and down
over my large cock and I moaned as I said, I hoped something
would happen if I came out here.

She slid her warm, soft mouth off my cock and looked at me
seductively as she said you did, did you? I said yes, why
do you think I came out here? She said, well I was kind of hoping
you would come out too. She said I started to remember about
what happened before I moved down here and I have to admit
that I kinda hoped something would happen again also. I
smiled and pushed her head back down on my cock and said well
show me then. Show me what you wanted me to come out here for.
She again started to suck my cock and stroke it as I watched
her. I couldn’t help myself and I said I have to tell you something.
She mumbled, hmmm as she bobbed her head up and down on my
huge, rigid cock? I said I was staring at you from your bedroom
window when you came out here and got naked and started rubbing
lotion all over yourself.

She stopped just long enough to say, and did it turn you on?
And then she started stroking and sucking my long thick
cock even harder as she waited for my reply. I said well,
I stood in front of your window and jerked off as I watched
you. Then I had to run to your bathroom so I could blow my wad,
so what do you think? She mumbled, mmmmm and smiled as my
cock filled her mouth. I said, I know, could you blame me?
She stopped for a second again and said so if you came, why
did you come out here then? I pushed her head back down on
my cock again and said for this, dahhhh. I said I couldn’t
leave it at that, it just made me want you even more! I smiled
and laughed and said I knew once you saw my big dick again,
you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. I said and I was
right wasn’t I?

She just sucked harder and faster as she mumbled, mmm hmmm
and bobbed her head up and down even more. I said I have been
dieing to have you swallow my cum again, I mean, you’re gonna
right? She nodded her head yes as she sucked and stoked my
long, thick, hard cock more and more. I moaned and tightened
my body as I enjoyed her wonderful cock sucking skills.
She grabbed my huge cock with both hands and started to stroke
it up and down with both hands as she sucked the head of my
cock with her wet, warm mouth. I was in heaven as she devoured
my cock in her mouth and jerked up and down on the hard, thick
shaft with both her hands.

I held her head in my hands and pushed her mouth down farther
and farther onto my cock as she sucked and stroked it with
all she had. I was using her head to fuck my cock with as I moaned
and said god I missed this. I moaned more and more as she worked
my hard cock over with her hands and mouth and I said I want
to cum in your mouth soo bad. I want you to swallow all my cum
down your throat. She sucked and stroked my long hard cock
even faster as I told her how bad I wanted to cum in her mouth.
I started moaning louder and thrusting my cock up into her
mouth as I pushed down on her head at the same time. I almost
choked and gagged her with my huge cock as I fucked her mouth
and told her I was going to cum down her throat.

I didn’t want her to stop sucking my cock because it felt
so very good, but I also wanted to cum in her mouth like no
tomorrow too. I wanted to flood her mouth with my hot sticky
cum soo bad that I forgot to squeeze and hold back. Before
I could realize it, I was pumping huge blasts of cum in her
mouth as she gagged and swallowed as fast as she could. I
yelped, I love that you let me cum in your mouth as I blasted
the back of her throat with huge, powerful squirts. That
just made her squeeze my cock in her hands even harder as
she sucked the head of my cock vigorously and swallowed
every gush of cum she could suck out.

I was moaning and shaking uncontrollably as she milked
my cock dry and sucked it raw. She stopped sucking my throbbing
cock after I was starting to jerk and not a drop of cum was
left and she said with a smile, you like when you cum in my
mouth and I swallow it? I said god yes, it is so hot, not to
mention it feels incredible. She said good, it isn’t worth
all the work unless I get the treat at the end. She said now
what are you going to do for me? I didn’t say a word as I smiled
and got up and moved next to her and shoved her up over the
edge of the chair and laid her down. I pushed her legs apart
and spread them wide open and stared at her wet, glistening
pussy, naked in the sun as I said oh don’t worry, I’m not going
to neglect you.

I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and leaned right
in and started to lick her sweet, juicy pussy that was already
flowing and moist with eagerness. Within seconds, she
was shaking and moaning as I worked her into her first orgasm.
Her legs were vibrating and shuddering as I didn’t stop
and kept licking and sucking on her swollen clit. She moaned
and wiggled as ate her pussy for all I was worth and gave her
2 more orgasms. My cock was already getting hard and starting
to throb again as I licked and sucked her dripping pussy
and tasted her sweet juices that flowed like a river. After
her 3rd orgasm, my cock was pulsing and throbbing like no
tomorrow and I grabbed her waist and flipped her over as
I said, I need to feel my cock inside you right now.

She smiled and said I hoped you would say that as she waved
her beautiful ass around in the warm sunny air. My cock almost
ached as I stared at her amazing ass and pushed the head against
her warm, wet hole. I said you want this as much as I do? She
said it was all I could think about when I was waiting and
hoping you would come out here. With that said, I shoved
my huge, rigid cock hard and deep into her tight little pussy,
burying it to the hilt as my balls slapped between her legs.
I didn’t hesitate for a second as I started to immediately
ram my long, thick, hard cock in and out of her tiny virgin
like pussy. I could see her pussy stretching and the skin
peeling inside out as my cock exited her tight hole. Her
pussy stretched out backwards on my huge cock every time
I pulled out and then slid back in every time I shoved forward,
forcing my giant cock back inside her tiny hole as hard and
deep as I could.

She squealed and moaned as I pounded her tight pussy fast
and hard and I hoped the neighbors weren’t hearing her yelps
of pleasure. I slid my thumb in her tiny rose bud of a ass hole
as I rammed my cock in and out of her slippery pussy. This
drove her even crazier and made her howl louder and louder
as I fingered her tight ass hole and plowed my huge cock in
and out of her dripping wet pussy. She reached up between
her legs and started to rub her clit as I fingered her ass
and slammed my long, thick cock in and out of her teen age
feeling pussy. I had already came twice and knew I could
fuck her hard and fast for a long time, before cumming again.
As I rammed my big hard cock in and out of her juicy, loosening
pussy and fingered her tight little ass hole, she fingered
her clit and had another couple orgasms.

She asked when I was going to cum and I said not for a while,
I’m gonna take advantage of this as long as I can. I continued
to ram my big cock in and out of her now loose pussy as I decided
I wanted to feel her tight little ass hole around my huge
swollen cock. I shoved my thumb in and out of her ass vigorously
as I also thrust my throbbing cock in and out of her velvety
smooth pussy. I tried to loosen her ass hole up so I could
slide my eager cock into it and fuck her tight little ass,
deep and hard to make me cum quicker. I knew she couldn’t
take too much of my huge cock, so I was thinking that this
would make me cum faster so she wouldn’t be walking funny
later on and giving her boyfriend any reason to be curious

As I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, I lubed up her ass
hole and got a good fix on it. When I knew it was ready, I quickly
pulled my cock from her pussy and shoved it deep and hard
into her tiny ass hole in one quick motion, not letting her
realize what I was going to do until it was too late. Her ass
was tight as hell and she whimpered for a second before saying
your, cock feels so good in my tight ass. That just made me
start ramming my huge swollen cock in and out of her tiny
ass hole harder and faster as I used her hips to pull her ass
into me with every thrust, making my cock burry deeper and
harder inside her with ever pump.

My balls slapped against her pussy as I plowed in and out
of her ass hole fast and hard. I rammed my long, thick cock
in and out of her so deep and hard, that she flinched with
every thrust as my cock slammed into her internal organs
and my balls smacked against her pussy, making loud noises
each time. I could really feel my cum rising quickly as I
reamed her as hole with my huge cock. I started to moan and
tell her I was going to cum as I vigorously thrust my swollen,
cum filled cock in and out of her tight ass hole. I was almost
ready to start flooding her ass with my warm gooey cum as
she pulled away from me and said I want you to cum in my pussy.

My cock sprung out of her tight ass hole and made a huge suction
noise as she pulled away from me and muttered those words
I never thought I would hear. I said are you sure? I never
expected her to ask me to do that and it threw me off a little
bit. She quickly replied, yes I’m sure. I want to feel what
one of your huge loads feels like when it shoots inside me.
I quickly said ok, if you’re sure, as I grabbed her hips and
drove my huge cock inside her red, swollen, dripping pussy
as hard and fast and deep as I could. She howled with pleasure
as my giant cock rammed into her hot, slippery, waiting

I held my cock inside her eager pussy as deep and hard as I
could while she said let me feel it, let me feel you’re cum
shoot inside me. I pulled my cock back and then thrust it
forward again, ramming it deep and hard inside her wet pussy
as I said you asked for it. I slammed my huge cock in and out
of her loose, wet pussy about 10 more times until I yelped
that I was going to cum and she said give it to me now, I want
to feel it shoot inside me and fill me up. I shoved my cock
as hard and deep inside her pussy as I could and held it there
hard as I started pumping huge, powerful loads inside her.
She moaned loud and tightened her pussy around my cock as
she said ohh my god, I can feel it, it feels soo good.

I held my huge cock inside her pussy hard as I shoved forward
as far as I could and blasted load after load inside her and
pulled her hips against my cock at the same time. My cock
was as deep and hard in her pussy as it could go, pushing against
her internal organs and causing her to moan out loud as I
pumped my cum inside her and filled her pussy full of cum.
As I finished shooting my loads inside her pussy, I started
to thrust my cock in and out of her again, making my cock throb
and pulse as the last bit of cum was forced out into her wet,
slippery pussy and starting to leak out the sides. She said
oh my god that felt amazing as I jerked and shuddered inside
her warm, wet pussy and my cock started to soften.

I agreed with her as I said yes, that felt great and started
to pull my flaccid cock out from inside her messy pussy.
My cum immediately started to dribble out of her gaping
pussy as my cock exited her. She laughed and said woops as
she looked down and watched my cum drip down from her pussy.
She said wow that was a big load you gave me, as it dripped
out of her pussy and she started to turn around and sit down.
She reached down and cupped her pussy as my cum drooled out
of her and she collected some of it in her hand and brought
it up to her mouth as she licked it off her fingers. I stared
at her as she tasted my cum mixed with hers and she said does
that turn you on? Do you like when I eat your cum?

I nodded my head and smiled as I said yes, that is soo hot.
She reached down and stuck a finger in her pussy and pulled
some more cum out of her as she looked at me very seductively
and said, we don’t want it to go to waste do we? I said no, no
as I watched her finger her pussy and suck her fingers clean.
My cock, although soft and limp, was dangling between my
legs and looking huger and thicker than most guys’ cocks
when they are hard. She stared at my giant swollen cock as
it hung there between my legs and said I still can’t get over
how huge your dick is. She said your dick is bigger limp,
than Gary’s (her boyfriend) is when it is hard.

I smiled and said only for you. I went to pick up my shorts
and put them back on as she said no, don’t, lets enjoy the
day a little bit longer. I stopped and stood back up as she
laid back and said get some sun and relax with me for a while.
She patted the chair next to her, gesturing for me to lie
down next to her, so I did. We laid in the sun for a little while
longer and then she started to reach over and rub my thick,
flaccid cock as it slowly started growing longer and thicker
and harder. She said do you mind if I suck it one more time
before Gary gets home? I smiled and said absolutely as my
long, thick cock stiffened in her hand.

She looked at me and smiled sexy as she said thanks, I just
can’t get enough of that big dick of yours. It drives me crazy
when I see it. I smiled and laughed as I said it’s all for you,
do whatever you want with it. She sat up and told me to get
up and stand over her as she lifted up the back of the chair.
She sat up in the chair as I straddled her legs and she reached
around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. She swallowed
the head of my cock and started sucking on it softly as she
pulled my hips towards her, making my cock slide in her mouth
deeper and deeper. She bobbed her head back and forth over
my hard cock as she pulled on my ass, forcing my cock deeper
into the back of her throat.

I didn’t think I would be able to cum very quick, after already
cumming 3 times before, but she swallowed my cock as deep
in her mouth as she could while bobbing back and forth on
it and sucking hard. I grabbed the back of her head and started
to fuck her mouth as she bobbed back and forth on it at the
same time. I t felt so incredibly good, that within just
about 6 or 8 minutes, I already started moaning softly and
feeling my cum starting to rise up. I held her head and started
fucking her mouth faster as I moaned. She pulled back and
said are you going to give me another load already? I said
yes, I can’t help it, it feels so good when you suck my dick.

She smiled and said good, I’m glad you like it, I love to suck
your dick. She looked back at my huge cock and engulfed it
into her mouth and started sucking it fast and hard again
as I moaned and told her I was going to cum again. She bobbed
her head back and forth over my long, thick cock vigorously,
as she tried to get me to give her another huge load of my cum
in her mouth again. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled
her head back as I reached down and started to jerk my cock
in front of her face. She watched intently as she said oh
yea, give me your cum. I want your cum right now. Cum in my
mouth. Give it to me. I moaned and jerked my cock hard and
fast as I held her head tight and aimed my cock at her face.

She kept telling me to give her my cum and telling me how much
she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I jerked faster and harder
while holding her head steadily in front of my huge, swollen
cock and moaning louder that I’m gonna cum in your mouth.
I started saying here it comes, it’s coming, I’m gonna cum
in your mouth. Get ready, here it comes. She stared eagerly
with her mouth open and telling me to give it to her and to
cum in her mouth, and saying I want your cum. Then I just let
loose and squeezed my cock as I started shooting blasts
of cum on her face in deep into the back of her throat. I held
her head tightly so she couldn’t move as I splattered her
face and mouth with my warm sticky cum, almost gagging her
as my cum squirted across her face into the back of her throat.

I watched as my cum started filling her mouth full as she
sat there with it open, letting me shoot load after load
inside it. She let my cum pool up in her mouth until I finished
cumming and then she showed me my puddle of cum before swallowing
it and making a weird face as it slid down her throat. After
she swallowed the whole load of cum, I pulled her head back
to my cock and jerked my cock in her mouth as she sucked on
the head of it and milked every last drop out. She grabbed
my cock from my hand and started to jerk and squeeze it herself
as she also sucked on it hard and looked me in the eyes with
a slight smile on her face.

She then pulled my cock from her mouth as she still squeezed
and pulled on it in her hand and said I wish every guy could
cum like you. She said I’m lucky if I can Gary to cum more than
once in a night. She said you seem to cum again and again and
again. I smiled and said only if it is for you. You seem to
bring out the best in me. She smirked and looked at my cock
as she squeezed it and pulled on it, forcing the last few
drips out of the tip. She smiled as she leaned forward and
licked the last drips off the tip of my cock’s head and gave
it one last long slow suck. She said we better get dressed
and cleaned up before Gary gets home.

We grabbed our clothes and walked back into the house naked
as my swollen cock dangled between my legs and I watched
her beautiful ass wiggle in front of me. I couldn’t believe
how incredible of a body she still had at her age as I stared
at her walking in front of me and her small, tight ass shook
as she walked. We got cleaned up as Gary got home and we tried
to act like everything was normal even though she was glowing
with pleasure and fulfillment. He asked why she was glowing
and seemed so happy and she said she just got a lot of rest
and relaxed all day.

We went out to eat that night and then came home and played
a few games before calling it a night. As I laid in bed and
started to fall asleep, I could here her moaning as loud
as can be as they obviously were fucking like rabbits. I
only had one day left unfortunately and the next afternoon
as she was cooking dinner in the kitchen and he was in the
shower, I said so I heard you two doing it last night. I wasn’t
enough for you? She said oh no, you more than enough, but
I was horny still, I couldn’t help myself. She said I was
thinking about your dick the whole time we did it.

I smiled and pulled my already hardening cock out of the
opening of my shorts and pushed down on her shoulders and
said I’m leaving in the morning, one last blowjob before
I go? She said he’s right in the other room, are you trying
to get caught? I said come on, I thought you liked to suck
my dick? She said I do, but…I said I dare you to suck my dick
before he gets out of the shower then. I said please, just
one more time before I go. I know you want to. She smiled and
started to kneel down as she said ok, but you know your crazy
don’t you? I said yes, but I know you want to suck it too, you
can’t resist my dick.

She opened her mouth and took my big cock inside and started
to suck it fast and hard as she tried to get me to cum as fast
as possible. I looked down at my mom as she vigorously bobbed
her head back and forth on my huge cock and started to rub
her pussy. I love watching her sucking on my long, thick
cock and it didn’t take but just a few minutes before I started
pumping loads of cum down her eager throat. She quickly
sucked and swallowed every drop of cum I could squeeze out
and then rose back up and told me to put it away fast, just
as he started to walk out of the room and ask when dinner was
going to be ready.

She smiled and licked her lips clean as she said that was
close and I finished zipping my shorts up. We ate dinner
and played a few games again before going to bed and me listening
to them fuck again. She was loud and crazy as they fucked
and I thought to myself, I wonder if the neighbors heard
us when we were fucking outside? I thought I can hear her
screaming all the way across the house and through the walls,
they had to have heard her screaming outside. Anyway, the
next morning I got packed up and ready to go as Gary left for
work and my mom get ready to take me to the air port. We put
my stuff in the trunk of the car and she dangled the keys in
front of me and said if you want to drive, I’ll suck your dick
one last time as a going away present.

I smiled and grabbed the keys from her hand and said you don’t
have to ask me twice. She laughed and said I thought you might
say that. We got in the car and started to drive to the airport
as she reached over and started rubbing my cock, getting
it rock hard and getting me all horny and excited. After
a few more minutes, I said what are you waiting for? She smiled
and said you really want me to do it? I said yea I do! I started
to unzip my shorts and pull my big erect cock out as she said,
but people might see, I was just fooling around when I said
that. I said ohh well if they see, you said you would do it,
so you have to do it.

She rubbed my long hard cock as I reached over and pushed
her head down towards the tip of it. She said you’re serious,
you really want me to suck it right here in the open? I pushed
on her head even harder, making my cock press against her
warm lips as I said heck yea I do. You got me hard and excited,
you can’t stop now. She opened her mouth and lowered it down
onto my hard throbbing cock and started to suck it as I leaned
back in the seat and moaned and said ohh that feels soo good.
I rested my hand on her head and lightly pushed on it as she
bobbed her head up and down on my huge cock, sucking it for
the last time before I left.

My god it felt so good to have her sucking my cock while I was
driving and it was so arousing too. A couple people noticed
her head bobbing up and down and drove next to us to see what
was going on. It was so hot knowing they were watching me
get my cock sucked as my mom bobbed her head up and down over
my long, hard cock. After a few more minutes, I saw a trucker
up ahead and tried to get next to him so he could get a good
view of her sucking my huge throbbing cock as we drove down
the high way. Of course he looked over as soon as we got next
to him, they always do, hoping to get a peak at something
or another.

He did a quick double take as he realized what was going on
in our car and he tried to stay next to us as he watched her
head bobbing up and down on my cock. I whispered, looks like
we have a peeping tom as I removed my hand from her head and
she looked up to see the trucker staring. To my amazement,
she didn’t freak out at all, she just kind of stared at him
and smiled as she lowered her mouth back down to my cock and
started to lick it and suck it as she kept her eyes glued to
him. She started to stroke my long, thick, hard cock with
her hand as she sucked up and down over the swollen head and
smiled out of the corner of her mouth at him while he stared
at her.

I just leaned back in my seat to give him a good view and to
enjoy the great blowjob she was giving me as he stared and
probably jerked off. I noticed people backing up behind
us and riding my ass as they started to honk their horns and
get aggravated. Unfortunately I had to speed up and pass
him so the people behind me could get by and stop honking
their horns and getting pissed. After I passed him, I got
in the slow lane so the people could pass me by. Most of them
looked over angrily at me as they passed me, to let me know
they were upset, but then they saw what was going on and some
just looked disgusted and drove faster and some slowed
down and smiled as they gawked and realized why I was driving
next to the trucker.

It felt so freaking good and was so erotic that I could hardly
take it anymore. I put my hand back on her head and started
to push her head down farther onto my hard cock as I moaned
and told her I was going to cum soon. She immediately started
sucking harder on my cock and bobbing her head up down faster
and faster as I moaned more and told her I was going to cum
in her mouth. Her hand tightened on my thick shaft as she
stroked it in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth.
There was no turning back now as my cum was about to explode
like an erupting volcano in her mouth. I pushed her head
down as far and hard as I could on my long thick cock as I also
thrust my hips up in the air, trying to get her to swallow
my whole cock as I started to explode huge powerful blasts
of cum down the back of her throat.

She gagged a little bit as my cum blasted the back of her throat
and then she swallowed as fast as she could, trying to keep
up with me as I pumped load after load into her warm, moist
mouth. I pushed on her head and moaned like crazy as I convulsed
and jerked in her mouth, while my cum unloaded down her throat.
She loves to swallow my cum and she did an incredible job
of keeping up with me as she swallowed every one of my long,
thick, powerful blasts of warm, gooey cum while I moaned
and convulsed inside her eager mouth. As always, she sucked
my cock dry, giving me plenty of extra sucks after I finished
cumming, to milk every drop out and to give me a little extra
enjoyment at the same time.

She finished sucking my cock and she looked up at me and smiled
as she licked her lips clean and wiped the corners of her
mouth with her finger and sucked it off. She smiled big and
looked in my eyes as she said there do you feel better now?
I said oh god yes, that was amazing. I said I just wish I could
do something for you too. She said, you did, trust me. You
made me feel young and sexy again, plus you let me taste that
nice dick of yours again, one last time. I said thanks, I’m
glad you like to suck my dick, but I still wish I could have
done something for you too. She said I told you, you did,
you made me feel sexy and wanted again and trust me, I will
get mine later, don’t worry about that. She said you better
believe I’m gonna make Gary take of me again later on. She
laughed and said I bet he would thank you too if knew why he
was getting it so good.

We both laughed at that as we arrived at the airport and chatted
a little bit and said our good byes. Once I got on the plane
and it took off, I started to smile and think about what had
just happened and of course my cock got hard again and I had
to go the bathroom and stroke one off as I thought it more
and smiled again. All in all, it was a pretty good vacation
and I think we all got a lot out of it, especially her and Gary,
as it livened up their sex life too. It made her feel young
and sexy again and I’m sure it caused them to have some unbelievable
sex for months to follow. I know it made me have some good
sex for a while as I was so turned on from it again and took
it out on any one who would let me. J Which by the way, was that
same night. I called “fire crotch” when I got home and we
fucked for half the night.

As always, I would love to hear what anyone thought about
it, and if you want to hear any more of my adventures. Have
a great day and have some great adventures. You never know
what might present it’s self to you in the future.

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Excellent story, as always!


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