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My first lesbian (MF)


Carla and I had known each other professionally before
having worked on projects together. She was a software
developer and I was the technical writer/editor for the
projects. I had been attracted to her since I first met her
as she was my type of woman, small breasted, small hip, good
physical shape. I was obviously not her type though, redneck,
beer bellied male.
Right, she was a confirmed lesbian. I didn’t know at first
but finally after a few project closure parties, I had unsuccessfully
tried to get her out with me, and she told me how she preferred
women over men. I just took it as a turndown and tried to go
on. It was somewhat difficult because the turndown had
not turned off the attraction I felt for her. Project meetings
found me daydreaming with her in the room and it wasn’t getting
any better.
We worked well together, when I kept my mind on work. I tried
to respect her and maintain my decorum around her, but I’m
sure she caught me watching her at times when I had no reason
to do so otherwise.
After one long and difficult project, the project manager
was planning the traditional closure party. Carla offered
to host it at her place and let it be known that she was a homebrewer:
she brewed her own beer. I have always had a soft spot for
home brew beer and her announcement came as a pleasant surprise.
Not everyone on the project team were beer enthusiasts,
so they were told to bring their own libation.
Friday night came and Carla had asked me to help her set
up her gas grill for steaks. The project manager had bought
a box of Omaha Steaks and was bringing them for the party.
I said sure for a first beer and she agreed. I got there and
found her in her storage shed in the back. She was trying
to clean up the grill before everyone came. I offered to
finish the job if she got me one of her beers. Like most chefs
and brew masters, she couldn’t resist giving me a try at
her beer. I started cleaning the grill where she left and
she went into the kitchen to get me a cold one.
I had just about finished it and was rolling it out to patio
when out she came with a cold, dark bottle of brew. I held
it to the sunlight and saw the cloudiness of a wheat beer
‒ my favorite. I took a big gulp and was rewarding with the
sweet/bitter taste of a fresh wheat. I said this is great
and she asked me if I want an orange or lime slice with it.
(Some modern day enthusiasts garnish the wheat beers with
a fruit slice; not I, just the beer, please.)
Three more gulps and I had finished one of finest tasting
wheat beers I had had in years. I told her so and added that
if she could cook as well, I would marry her then and there.
She laughed and blushed slightly saying just bring me bottles
and I will fill them for you.
The project manager showed up then with the steaks and
we got them grilling. Others began to show up and Carla got
some music on. She had outdoor speakers around her patio,
so folks just moved in and out as they wanted. Many tried
her beer, even some who didn’t care for beer and all seemed
to appreciate it. The food was good and we all told anecdotes
of the project we closed.
It was a good night for all but it had to end. As some of the
last were leaving, I was back to cleaning up the grill for
Carla again. There was one steak left and I was chewing down
on it while doing my work. Suddenly, I felt a cold wet bottle
against my t-shirted back. Carla had brought me another
of her beers. I realized that I had drunk a little too many
of her beers during the night and I was already concerned
about getting home.
I told her thanks but I had better take it easy if I was driving
home. She put the beer in my hand and then reaching into my
back pocket, pulled my car keys out. She said she had already
decided to be a good host and not let me drive home. So enjoy
the beer and don’t choke on the steak. I laughed and said
I am just about done. She asked me to put the grill back in
her shed, if I didn’t mind and come back in while she finished
cleaning up the kitchen.
I finished the beer quite quickly and the grill went in
the shed without a problem. I staggered back to the house,
as she had broken rock paths and my feet were not to adept
at that time. As I approached the kitchen door, I saw her
picking up a large kettle. I stumbled in to offer to help
and actually bumped into her. This caused her to drop the
kettle and the contents splashed up on both of us, drenching
the front of our clothes.
She had just put five gallons of demineralized water in
the kettle to prepare another batch of beer to brew. Now
it was all other us and the floor. I grabbed some kitchen
towels and began to try and mop up what was on the floor. She
got her mop and began to do the floor from her side as well.
We finally got it all up and looked at each other still wet.
I pulled up my t-shirt and sucked some of the water from it.
I remarked that it didn’t taste as good as the beer in the
bottles. She stared at me for a moment and then started laughing.
She continued to laugh until she was actually crying and
trying to sit down, as she couldn’t hold herself up.
I just looked at her, obviously, not thinking I had been
that funny. She finally said well it tastes better after
its chilled. I then began to laugh back at her. She later
told me the sight of me sopping wet and trying to suck my t-shirt
dry for beer was just too much for her. I told her I deserved
another beer and with that she opened up the second refrigerator
(she had two, one just for her beer ‒ my kind of woman) and
showed me many more bottles chilled and ready for consumption.
I grabbed one and then said, I need your bathroom. She giggled
and led me back to her bathroom. It was a nice one with a full
bath layout. I decided after recycling my earlier beers
(what we rednecks call pissing), to take off my shirt and
pants and dry off. I then twisted my clothes over her bathtub
wringing as much water out of them as I could before putting
them back on. She knocked on the door and asked if I was alright,
to which I replied doing fine. She giggled and said she needed
me to hurry as she needed to use it as well.
I told her to come on in as I was through using the john. She
said, okay, and in she came. There I was standing in nothing
but my boxers which were a little damp on the front from the
water earlier and in she walks. We were both stunned for
a moment as she didn’t expect to see me dressed or undressed
as I was, nor was I prepared for her version of a wet-t-shirt
look. Her wet shirt was plastered across her small breasts
which took that moment to go perky on me. I suddenly felt
the damp part of my boxers straining against my cock as it
awoke the vision in my eyes.
She looked at me and I saw her eyes dart down my body and she
quickly recovered and said she wasn’t sure she could hold
it much longer. I grabbed my clothes and said I going for
another beer, do you want one. She muttered something about
too many then said clearly, yes, please get me one too. I
went into the living room and put my damp clothes back on.
I then grabbed two cold ones and plopped down on her oversized
leather recliner. I knew my dampness shouldn’t harm or
stain the seat.
I was finishing up my beer and looking through her CDs when
she came out. I heard her go into the master bedroom then
come out to where I was. I stood and handed her the beer. She
had some sweats in her arms and she offered them to me to where
so that I could put my clothes in the dryer. I was a little
hesitant as my size compared to hers was great and I wasn’t
sure I could wear anything she had. But it was a nice offer
so I took them. I walked into the kitchen to change, the dryer
was there, and get me another beer. I was down to my boxers,
deciding, what the hell, and pulled them off as well to dry.

I obviously had been slowly losing some of my natural inhibitions
drinking her fine beer. I threw the damp clothes into the
dryer and turned it on. I then began to try and pull on the
sweat pants she had given me. She had heard the dryer turn
on and come to see if all was okay. I had just stretched the
pants as far out as I could and pulled them up when she started
giggling. I turned and she had taken off her pants to add
to the dryer load and was standing there giggling at me wearing
only a still damp t-shirt, perky tits, and a bikini panties
‒ light blue cotton.
My cock noticed before the rest of me and began to tent out
the sweat pants even as tight as they were. It must have been
quite a picture: her standing there dressed as she was,
her body shaking as she laughed and her tits pointing out
at me and me standing twice her height with my belly hanging
over an undersized sweat pant with the front bulging out
from my cock.
She finally just collapsed to the floor and said she was
sorry but that was a sight she wasn’t quite used to. I didn’t
take her comment as a snide remark knowing that she was a
lesbian. I told her I agreed as I had never witnessed before
a woman whose tits tried to outpoint my cock. She stopped
laughing and then looked down her chest, realizing now
what I was talking about. She started laughing and said
might as well put this in the dryer, too. With that, she shed
the wet t-shirt and threw it at me. I caught and tossed into
the dryer. I turned and there she stood with only her perky
tits and the light blue panties.
My cock was aching as it pushed against the fabric of my
sweat pants. I picked up the sweat shirt and tossed it to
her. I said you might as well use this as I think it will be
too small for me. She grabbed the shirt in midair and then,
as if just realizing she was half nude, pulled her arms to
her chest covering her perky breasts. She turned and slipped
it over her head. It might have fit me after all because it
was much larger on her and managed to just cover her butt
I was stuck in my condition, cock at a full flag-raising,
but with all of the beer I had drunk, I was too far gone to matter
other than needing a release. I tried to push my cock down
the pant leg to at least give it some room and that only helped
a little. It still stuck out along the pant leg and with the
pants being too small, was just as noticeable as when it
tented out the front.
I had my beer and went back into the living room. She was
sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up to her (like
women do ‒ back of the heels against their butt and resting
their head on their knees). This didn’t help my cock as I
could see the pull of her panties across her pussy when I
sat down across from her. We sat quietly across from each
other and finally amidst the CDs playing I thought I heard
her sniffling.
I asked her was she all right? As if coming out of a trance,
she said what do you mean. I said nothing really just trying
to start a conversation. She looked at me and then asked
me to come sit with beside her. I stumbled over and remarked
that I was glad it wasn’t too far. She started giggling again
and reached to help me sit down. I noticed her noticing my
bulging cock down my leg. I could have sworn I saw her lick
her lips once but I could have been just wishing in my beer.
I plopped down beside her and she pulled over to me. Holding
my arm, she started laughing and I asked her what was so funny.
She tried to tell me how she couldn’t remove the picture
in her mind of me standing there in the too-small sweat pants
with my belly hanging over and my cock pushing out. I told
her that the picture I had was not funny but keeping that
cock sticking out uncomfortably.
She said I’m sorry but did looking at my tits really get
“your thing” going? I looked down at her and said, woman
do you really not understand this stuff. I was baffled as
between the beer and my cock and this 34-year-old woman
asking me adolescent-level questions, my sanity was slipping
fast. She cuddled up to me and said she was getting cool,
would I mind? Of course, this beer-bellied redneck with
a hard cock wouldn’t mind if a beautiful, perky-titied
woman cuddled up to him, I told her.
She laughed lightly. We sat, actually kind of laid there
against each other for awhile. I finished off the beer and
was trying to figure out my next move: more beer, more recycling,
and maybe jerking off to calm down my cock. She rolled a little
on to me from her cuddling position. She looked up at me and
said can I tell you something personal? I said go ahead beginning
to feel the need to piss first then a beer. She then told me
how she had become a confirmed lesbian starting when she
was a teenager.
She then finished by saying that she had never made love
to a man in all that time. She had only seen two cocks in her
life and one was her fathers. All this talk and my cock had
forgotten about pissing and just gotten rock hard again.
I reached my arm up and around her in a natural move of just
further cuddling. She molded herself against me as much
as she could and I didn’t complain.
She then said can she see my cock. Well, there it was stuck
along the leg of my pants outlined as if it was going to bust
through and she asks me if she can see it. I said okay and reached
down, sliding my pants off my hips. Up pops my cock to its
full status begging to be handled. Her hand was on my belly
making small circles and slowly the circles widen getting
into my pubic hair. I reached down with my free hand and held
my cock for a moment. I asked her if she wanted to touch it.
Her small hand slowly moved to the base of my cock and I felt
her warm fingers as she tentatively touched my cock. I removed
my hand and just relaxed enjoying her touches.
She moved her hand up the shaft and upon reaching the top,
pulled her thumb across the slit, causing my cock to jerk
a little. She pulled back suddenly and said she was sorry.
I reached and grabbed her hand back laying it on my cock.
I said that’s all right, nothing’s wrong. She said I thought
it was going to burst. I laughed and said not yet. She grasped
my cock and began to feel it up and down. I moaned and she said
does that feel okay? I told her it felt great and don’t stop.
She says what does it feel like. I said I can’t explain it
but maybe I can show you how it feels.
She sat up and I pulled the sweatshirt up and off of her.
There were her perky breasts, with her nipples straining
out. I slowly caressed both breasts, she moaned and I told
her that was similar to what I was feeling when she was holding
my cock. Her hand went back to my cock and began to caress
it as I caress her beautiful breasts. This was beginning
to be too much for me so I decided to cross the line. I bent
my head down and took a breast into my mouth. Sucking it in,
I got most of it in my mouth and allowed my tongue to flick
her nipple. I used my hand on her other breast and was rewarded
with a firm squeezing of my cock by her hand and her moans
I sucked on her boob until I was sure I was going to leave
it permanently red from busted corpuscles in her skin.
Then I moved to the other breast and administered the same
attention to it. She had begun to use both hands on my cock
and at times her pace would quicken as she was giving me a
hand job. After sucking the second breast considerably,
I moved my lips and tongue to her neck. Her hairstyle was
very short leaving her neck and behind her ears just bare
skin. I concentrated my oral administrations on those
areas while caressing her breasts. Her moans had increased
to being gasps and moans and her hands had begun to squeeze
my cock quite hard at times. This was good for me as it kept
me from going off too quickly.
Suddenly, she tensed and rolled over on me. I felt her hips
buck against my leg briefly as I realized she had an orgasm.
Her hands had released my cock and reached my chest as if
to try and hug me. I put my arms around her and pulled her too
me allowing her to put her arms around me. I held her like
that for a few minutes as I felt her body slowly relaxing.
I felt dampness on my leg where her pantied-covered pussy
was laying against.
I slowly eased back from my hug of her and felt her take a
long breath. My mouth near her ear, I whispered was that
as good for you as it was for me. She started laughing and
then I added, don’t start laughing now as that is what got
us to this point. She pulled back and playfully slugged
my chest. Then she looked down at my cock and saw it still
pointing to the ceiling. She looked back at me questioningly.
Interpreting her look, I said no I don’t necessarily have
to cum to enjoy. Really, she said. I said, yeah, I enjoy getting
a woman off almost as much as my getting off.
Her hand went back to my cock and held it firmly. What does
it take to get you off, she asked. I said a lot of different
things. She sat up away from me and looked at me, but not letting
go of my cock. Her other hand then slipped up to her breasts
and rubbed them lightly, as if to try and make the nipples
recede. She then asks if she can watch me get off. I asked
her had she never seen that before and she said no, remember,
I said I’ve only seen two cocks in my life.
I then said well, you will have to help me tonight. She said
okay and she began to twist her hand on my cock. That was a
weird feeling and I grabbed her hand stopping her for the
moment. I said first things first. I want you to take off
your panties. She looked at me for the moment and then said,
I’m not planning on fucking you tonight. My cock jerked
slightly on her saying “fucking” which she noticed. I replied
no problem, if you don’t then I don’t. But it is not fair for
you to be dressed and me not to be. She laughed and said some
dress, huh. But then she stood and slipped the panties off.
There she stood in all her glory not three feet from my face.
All my lips and tongue wanted to do was to feast themselves
on the lusciously, glistening brunette mound between
her legs.
My hand grabbed her panties as she went to toss them to the
coffee table. I pulled them to my face and smell her essence
as it had soaked into the cotton. I slid back some on the couch,
just laying there inhaling her aroma and feeling my cock
stretch as far as it was going to go. I moaned and then came
back to my senses. She was still standing there looking
down at me. Her tits were pointed again and I could swear
I saw a smear of juices sliding down the inside of one leg.
I looked at her and then asked her if she knew what a blowjob
was? She said she thought she did but wasn’t sure. I pulled
her back down to the couch and put her hands on my cock. I showed
her how to give me a hand job and then explained how many women
would kiss and lick the cock as they rubbed it. She was looking
down at my cock with her hands continuing their rubbing.
She slowly bent her head down and was looking intently at
my cock. Then I saw her extend her tongue out and briefly
touch my cock shaft with her moist tongue. She pulled it
back quickly and then looked at the head of my cock where
some precum was oozing out the slit. She looked back up at
me and then quickly opened her mouth and placed the head
in between her lips.
With both hands holding my cock, she then began to suck
on my cockhead. I told her that was right and moaned uncontrollably.
My hands reached out to her body and pulled it to me. I let
my hands run lightly over her body and coming under her taking
her breasts, tweaking the nipples. I felt her moan through
her mouth on my cock. I slid down further on the couch laying
out flat and pulling her body over mine. She never let go
of my cock with her mouth. I then pushed my head up under her
between her legs and began to use my tongue and lips on her
The first contact of my tongue to her lips caused her to
jump slightly but then her hips relaxed and she laid her
pussy right down on my face. Being in a 69 was not strange
to her obviously. But her aroma and taste drove me up the
wall. I couldn’t drink and suck enough from her pussy. I
felt like a dehydrated man walking off the desert into a
swimming pool full of cool water. I just couldn’t get enough.
That feeling also kept me from cumming with her doing the
same things to my cock as I was doing with my tongue to her
Putting my hands on her butt cheeks and holding them open,
I moved my tongue and lips up across her crack to her puckerhole.
She moaned hard against my cock as my tongue licked between
her pussy and her anus. Her hips started bucking on their
own and soon I had two fingers in her ass and my tongue deep
in her pussy. She forgot what she was doing to my cock and
sat up pushing her against my face. I felt her rectum tremble
and her asshole began to open and close. I knew she was close
to cumming.
I was now still a ways off as she had forgotten my cock. Then
I felt a warm moist enclosure around my cock. I could feel
that she had tried to take my cock in her mouth as far as possible
and she was no longer using her hands to wank me. I began to
fuck her asshole with my fingers harder and push my tongue
as deep as I could into her pussy. Her hips pushed so hard
against my face that my chin was rubbing her clit solidly.
Then she came like a fire hose. I pushed up to try and warn
her I was getting ready to cum and she just sucked me harder.
I let loose with shot after shot after shot into her mouth.
I continued to use my lips and tongue to clean her cum out
of her pussy and slid my fingers out of her asshole to let
it relax.
My cock was beginning to do its shrinking and she lifted
up pulling her leg off and away from my head. She lay back
against the couch and I could see a little of my cum on her
lips. I pulled up and reached my head over kissing her for
first time that night. I tasted my cum and then her tongue
came into my mouth pulling the cum back to hers. I pulled
back and looked down at her. I then said I can’t believe you’ve
never done this before. She smiled and said, the way you
just ate me I couldn’t believe you were a man down there.

I just pulled her to me and held her body against mine. She
slowly relaxed in my arms and I managed to lay my head on the
inside of her thigh. She lay her head on my hip facing my cock.
Her aroma was reaching my nose and my cock began to stir again.
I moved a little to set my shoulders some taking the weight
of my head off of her leg. With my nose and mouth not 3-4 inches
from her pussy, I could see her juices gleaming out and slipping
down to her leg.
I could feel my cock reacting to my smelling her but I couldn’t
resist, so my tongue reached out and touched her outer labia
licking off the glistening juices coating them. I felt
her move as if to adjust how she was laying but she didn’t
say no or move her pussy away from my tongue. Encouraged
I went further bending my head down and putting my lips against
her labia. I used my tongue to open them slightly then pushing
my tongue on in, I touched on her clit. I could feel my cock
stretching back out again and then she moved slightly.
I felt her tongue against the shaft of my cock and she began
to lick it up and down like a lollipop. What she didn’t know
was that while I could never be a lesbian due to my maleness,
I loved eating pussy anytime of day or night. I have even
turned down a beer for more pussy nectar.
I encircled my arms around her hips and drew her back on
top of me again. I sunk my mouth completely over her mons,
hair and labia ‒ beer drinkers have big mouths. I began to
suck on her letting my tongue flick her clit back and forth.
She was moaning again but only kissing and licking my cock.
I could feel her hand grasp it and start to wank me. I gave
her a moan to let her know she was doing me right. One of my
hands made its way down to her breast pressing against my
belly. I could fell her hard nipples pressing into my skin.
The hand then reached under her and began to twist her nipples.
As I twisted the second one, her legs clamped down around
my head and she came with force. She came so hard that she
pulled hard against my cock uncomfortably. I used my teeth
to nibble on her clit and was rewarded with a second climax.
Sticking my tongue out and licking the area behind her pussy
hole up to her asshole, I heard crying out yes, yes, more.
I pulled my hand back up and pulling her butt cheeks apart
I then started rimming her ass hole. She pushed herself
up on her hands causing her hips to settle down on my face.
As her asshole came closer in range, I then proceeded to
push my tongue up her asshole. I heard her say, no and then
nothing but her hips bucking pushing my tongue in and out
of her sweet bunghole. Her hand was still holding my hard
cock as if using it for a stabilizing pole. As her hips slowed
there bucking, my chest became covered with her cum juices.
She was pouring out as if it were piss.
I pulled her hips up to allow my face to move back down in
front of her pussy. There I cupped my lower lip behind her
clit and opened my mouth wide to let all of her juices drain
into my mouth. As the pouring slowed down, I pressed my nose
into her pussy and slurped on her clit. With that she pressed
hard against my face and I heard her scream loudly.
This time I let her come down as she needed. I hadn’t cum
yet but I wasn’t ready to either. At this point, my hope was
to eventually fuck her as a heterosexual but if all I got
out of it was eating that sweet pussy and asshole, that was
enough for me. Her body was covered in sweat and her breathing
was coming down to normal. She pushed up away from me and
pulled herself off. She grabbed the discarded sweatshirt
and used it to wipe the sweat off of her face.
She looked at me and said don’t you ever stop? I replied,
with beer drinking and pussy eating, I have the same attitude:
I can never get enough. By the way, got another beer? She
threw the shirt at me and went to the refrigerator. I sat
up and tried to ignore my cock waving in my lap. She came back,
still nude and her tits still perky, with a new beer and handed
it to me.
Sitting on the coffee table across from me on the couch,
she asked me now what do you do about that, pointing at my
waving cock. I told her sometimes I just leave it alone and
it goes away, sometimes I jerk it off, and sometimes I find
something to put it in. She blushed and lowered her head
slightly. She then took a big breath and looking me square
in the eyes, said I’ve never had a man in me before. I looked
at her, this small beautiful 34-year-old woman who has
been an Army officer and a confessed lesbian, telling me
that she is still technically a virgin.
She must have sensed my thoughts because she said further
that she had used dildoes before and the like but never had
she desired having a real cock in her. I told her that was
okay with me. We’ll just see if this goes away after awhile.
I took her hands in mine, I’m sure she was thinking I wanted
her to wank me, but I just used them to pull her to me and let
me kiss her on the mouth. The first kiss was just an emotional
touch of lips not passionate or tongued. I started to pull
back and she took my head in her hands pulling my lips back
to hers and passionately returned my kiss.
I let my arms encircle her small body and pull it to me. I
could feel her breasts crush against my chest and her small
hairy pussy rub against my belly above my cock but below
my navel. I held the kiss as long as she held it and just held
her body to me. My cock found itself between her legs ‒ more
comfortable than it had been for awhile. I rolled her over
me back against the back of the couch and just lay there against
her. Her kiss continued and her tongue was fencing with
mine. I felt her arms around my neck and her body willingly
melds against mine. Her hips started to grind and push against
My cock had found itself up against her pussy and I could
feel her juices draining on to it. My hips pushed a little
uncontrollably back and forth allowing my cock to slide
against her wet labia feeling them swell and open. I opened
my eyes to find her eyes tearing and searching mine. I broke
the kiss and asked her what was wrong. She closed her eyes
and dipped her head slightly nodding negatively. Then
with a soft murmur, I heard her say I want you to fuck me, please.
My cock jerked slightly in response and I felt her close
her legs around my cock slightly as if to keep it right where
it was.
I pulled back a little and then as she looked up at me, I stared
into her eyes asking her are you sure. She said that for the
first time in her life she wanted to know what it felt like
to have a real cock in her with someone who would do it right.
I was flattered but more so, my cock was ready. But my mind
and heart overrode it all temporarily, as I said I don’t
have a condom. She giggled and said I take the pill to regulate
my period, it is about time it did its other job as well.
With that I pulled her on under me and placed myself between
her legs. I lifted slightly to get us both more comfortable
on the couch. I reached down to put my cock up to her and thought
different. I pulled my hand back up and caressed her breasts.
She moaned and arched her back some pushing her mons against
me. I told her to put my cock in for me. Her hand went down between
us and I felt her grab it. Her fingers fumbled a little getting
the head between them and then positioning it at her pussy.
Feeling the head of my cock at her pussy’s doorway, I pushed
ever so lightly in. She was still sopping wet from her previous
climax and the head just slipped in. In fact, had I not been
holding myself back I probably would have slipped right
in completely as it was so slick. I could feel her lift her
hips trying to get me deeper and I slowly slid into her pussy.
It was tight and moist. Reminded me in just thought of the
inside of a fresh baked loaf of bread just out of the oven.
I felt her vagina mold around my cock as it slid in. Her hips
pushed against mine and I pushed down to fully insert my
When I hit bottom I held there for a minute and I watched
her face for any regret or pain. Again, I was the first real
cock in her pussy. I then slowly withdrew my cock taking
it almost out with her hips pushing against at the last moment
trying to keep it in her. I began to slide it back it and continued
the same motion and rhythm as I felt her respond to me. I kissed
her and kept one hand massaging her breasts ‒ I did love those
tiny tits. I then began to suck on her lips and tongue. I used
my knees to hold most of my weight as I plowed back and forth
into that fresh pussy.
Slowly, I felt her catch in rhythm with me and her legs lifted
up and around my back. This helped even more as it lifted
her up against me as I went in and out of her. I moved my lips
to her neck (I love necks only second to pussies) and nibbled
on her skin, alternating the nibbling with a sucking that
was sure to leave a hickey.
She was moving against me now actually providing most
of in and out motion. Her breathing was becoming ragged
as if she couldn’t decide to breathe faster or not. She squeezed
me in her arms and legs and she began to scream out. I felt
her vagina tremble around my cock and that almost set me
off. She crossed her legs over my back and pulled me in as
deep as she could. I followed with a thrust to push my cock
in as far as could and then I came. Her eyes flipped open suddenly
as she felt my cum shoot inside of her. Just as quick her eyes
squeezed shut as she came one more time. I felt her breathe
out with a rush and she seemingly collapsed in my arms.
I kissed her lightly on the lips and relax back down to the
couch. Aware of my weight and size, I slid off of her just
to side and my cock slid out of her pussy. As I moved, she reached
around me, wanting me to stay close so I just pulled her over
on top of me. This was better as her mass and weight were nonconsequential
to my mass and weight. But with her on top of me I felt her body
relax and my cum and hers drain out on me.
She lay there for what seemed a life time as I held her, content
to do so as long as she wanted. I felt my body relax more and
doing so, I fell asleep. Between the beer and the physical
exhaustion, I must have truly collapsed. I awoke some time
later to find her gone from me and her sweatshirt covering
my cock and abdomen. At least my cock was trying to raise
the flag. But I did need to empty my bladder. So I got up and
realized I still had a buzz on from the beer drinking. I plodded
my way over to the dryer to find it off and my clothes folded
on top.
I used her sweatshirt to wipe what was left of our lovemaking
off of me and then put on my boxers. Considering what we had
just done through the night I didn’t feel the need to completely
dress. Besides, the bathroom was the next port of call.
I approached the door only to hear the shower running. I
quietly walked in and shirking my boxers to the floor, I
climbed into the shower with her. She jumped and screamed
not expecting anyone to come in the shower with her.
I started laughing and she pushed back against the way
spraying me with the hand sprayer. Using the sprayer, we
washed each other and, of course, she was more occupied
with my cock than with anything else. She was holding it
and washing my groin with soap and rag when she commented
that it wasn’t so big now. I went to say something and then
she laughed again as it began to grow in her hands. I told
her be careful what you say to it. She said it is just easier
to wash now and spreading the suds with the rag she cleaned
it thoroughly. I decided fair was fair and treated her breasts,
pussy, and butt hole the same. I knew I was doing okay when
the juices coming from her pussy were hotter than the water
in the shower.
She leaned on her hands against the wall of the shower as
I ran my soapy fingers in and out of her pussy and butthole.
Her butthole began to open wider around my fingers and my
cock was itching for it. I placed the head of my cock, all
soapy and sudsy, against her butthole and pressed slightly.
She grunted but didn’t say no. I pushed a little more and
the soapy suds seemed to slick the way quite well as I slid
deep into her rectum.
She pushed her butt back against me fully inserting my
cock up her anus. I began to rock back and forth allowing
my cock to ease in and out of her. My hands went to one breast
and to her clit. I caressed both in equal rhythm as I felt
her sphincter clamp open and close on my cock. The water
from the shower was getting cold but I didn’t stop. She began
to beg me to fuck her harder and I obeyed. Sometimes I was
pushing in so hard it would almost lift her off her feet.
Soon she began shake all over and at first I thought it was
the colder water, then I realized she was reaching a climax.
Having full control at that moment, I decided to try and
reach it at the same time as she. I fuck her faster and her
grunts were coming out tuning my balls to a large blow. With
her cumming hard and feeling her sphincter clamp hard around
my cock and her pussy gush out more juices, I came hard and
filled her backside with cum.
I pushed deep trying to shoot out everything I had at that
moment. I then pulled her against me and holding her, I pulled
her mouth around to kiss me. My cock slipped out of her anus
and my cum dripped down in the shower. She turned around
and held me to her. I felt her tremble and thought the water
again was making her cold, so I turned the hot on more. She
just lay against me and I proceeded to finish rinsing her
off especially her backside with its mix of soap and cum.
She took the sprayer from me and rinsed my cock and balls
off as well then we exited the shower. We dried each other
off and then my bladder reminded me of my original purpose
in going to the bathroom. I said, if you don’t mind, and lifted
the toilet seat recycling all of the beer I had drunk in the
previous evening. She watched me in amazement and then
reached over to hold my cock as it was pissing. I warned her
not to rub it much and she laughed. I looked at her and told
her the laughing is what got us started tonight.
I finished and she flipped it twice. I put on my boxers and
noticed the clock on the wall. The time was 9:15am and we
had used the whole night together. I looked at her and she
looked at me, I said I’d better call in sick today. She laughed
and said everyone is going to believe you had a hangover.
I said I don’t care what they think, all I want to know is there
anymore beer and where is the bed.

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