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My first interracial partners Part 6


No rest for the weary I arrived at Miss Louis as she answered the door in a towel
she said she just came out of the shower, so I should make
myself comfortable, I took of my jacket and saw that dinner
was already so I set the table and dished the food that as
soon as she got downstairs we can eat, she came downstairs
in her thanked me for setting the table and getting everything
ready, we sat down to eat and she said did Anita suspect anything

I told her she was too happy to get her class that it didn’t
even cross her mind, I said please thank Mrs. Mackintosh
for me, she said no you will thank her yourself when the time
is right. I asked what she meant by that statement she smiled
and say eat your food you will need your strength, she smiled
and we ate, cleaned up after dinner and washed the dishes,
I went to the watch TV, where she joined me, she had a clean
scent which was making me horny, I asked her why was she so
horny today she said shut up and just fuck me I have been waiting
for your dick all day.

With that she stood up and took off her night gown and she
was wearing a nice black lingerie, she was beautiful and
I got up and she took my shirt off and unbuckled my pants,
I stepped out of my pants and we kissed and my dick gave her
enough notice that she got my attention, I released the
strap of her lingerie and this exposed her breast which
I started chewing on her nipple while one of my hand was finger
fucking her with two fingers then three and no sooner she
started cumming , she was wet very wet she was out of breath
and she took me upstairs and the bed was already made she
lay down and I mounted her and she whispered to me please
make love to me.

I took it slowly and was fucking her slow and steady and she
was “moaning and saying on please don’t stop I need
you badly” we kept fucking and she loved the steady redeem
and every s often she will tighten up and this will let me
know she just had an orgasm, she did this 3 times in the course
of our love making I was kissing her and also pinching her
nipples but she refused to change positions, she was really
enjoying herself I could tell by the smile on her face and
she would kiss me and whisper “oh I love this” it went
on for about 30minutes and I was still going same rhythm
and I knew I couldn’t hold off anymore and I started jerking
and she held me tight till I shot all of me into her and we stayed
that way for a while and she final released me and I rolled
off her

We cuddled for a while and I realized it was raining outside
we both busted out laughing because we were in our own world
that we didn’t know what was happening outside. She lay
on top of me and said I needed that badly and you gave me what
I need and for that I will always treasure you. We kissed
some more and when I looked at the time it was 9;30pm, she
said relax you not going anywhere tonight it is bad outside
with the wind and rain.

She got up and got me a towel and said when I am ready to come
downstairs, upon getting downstairs she had apple pie
and hot chocolate ready for me, she said your favorite right,
I sat down next to her at the dinner table and we both ate and
chatted and I asked her so where is the work we have to do,
she said you have done some and getting ready to do more soon
with a smile. I asked her why was she so wild on Sunday and
so gentle and tender today, she smiled she said she was in
the mood to make love today and not just fuck and she find
me so attractive that she only wanted to fuck me . I kissed
her passionately and she asked me a question that blew my

She first started by saying I have the most utmost respect
for you and I don’t want you to think less of me or take what
I am about to ask you the wrong way and I hope it doesn’t
change our relationship, I put my index finger on her lips
and just told her say what you want to say I am a big man after

She started by asking me what do I think of her as a lover/sex
partner and I answered her by taking her breast in my hand
and pinching her nipple she smiled and said ok stop it am
serious and I said so I am, I told her I like her and find her
attractive and she said please answer my following question
seriously • Name some of her friends that I have seen that I wouldn’t
mind fucking I named: Mrs. Bergen, she smiled and I named the two ladies
that came with Mrs. Bergen to her house and Mrs. Mackintosh
She said but you just met Mrs. Mackintosh and I said yes but
she seems to be a fun lady with nice melon and she asked what
you like about Paula and Wilma (The two ladies with Mrs.
Bergen) I said Stacy seems to have a body like yours but not
as nice and I love Brenda’s petit size. She said well well
aren’t you the bad boy already checking out my friends
bodies we both smiled and I asked why is she asking,

She said Laura (Mrs. Mackintosh), Paula, Wilma and herself
have been friends for a while and she told me they are always
very close and Rita’s husband hardly touches her anymore
but they have 3 kids the oldest in schooling on campus, Paula
is divorced with 1 son and Wilma has never been married but
has 2 kids so we tend to stick together and they have always
been there for me especially when my husband passed she
said I don’t know about Rita, she is very good friend Paula,
but I know you find her attractive and given the chance you
will fuck her good.

We both smiled and kissed, she said all of those three ladies
have expressed interest in fucking you but it must be kept
a secret especial Mrs. Mackintosh, the truth is they saw
me in good spirits and they knew I am getting some from someone
and I let it slipped it was you and they were wondering if
I am willing to share you so I said I would ask you and let them
know, I was surprised and shocked by this revelation, I
asked how will she feel about me fucking her friends, she
said I love you but I don’t want to get too attached because
you much younger and sooner or later you will move on and
she does want to hand on to that love that it will consume
her when I leave and she will be empty again, she couldn’t
look me in the face when she said this and when she finally
looked up she had a tears running down her cheek.

I picked her up and undid her robe and let it fall to the ground
and kissed her passionately and hugged her then I took her
to the living room and had her on all four and fucked her ravishing
her and she was crying all the time but didn’t complain
and when I finished I dumped mu cum in her and stood up leaving
her on the floor, I went to the phone and called Anita letting
her know because of the heavy rain I will be staying at Miss
Louis place and will see her tomorrow before I go to the campus,
she said don’t fuck her and I told her of course I can’t
fuck her she is my teacher and my boss, she laughed and wished
me good night, Miss Tanya Louis had got up from the floor
and came to meet me by the phone and said I am sorry if I offend
you with my proposal and I didn’t answer but told her to
clean of my dick with her tongue she immediately got on her
knees and started sucking my dick she did such a good job
that my limp dick was coming to life again and I told her to
stop and walked her back to the table where we sat down and
finished our pie in silence but I didn’t let her pt on her
robe again for the rest of the night.

After finish I refuse to clear the table and have her do it
and told her when she finished the dished she should meet
me upstairs in her bed, she did as I said and about 10minutes
later she came to bed and came in kissing my nipple and my
neck And biting my earlobe , she said hope you had your fun
playing master, I laughed and she hit me jokingly and I said
I wouldn’t mind fucking her friend but she has to be present
for each one of the escapade, she said off course I will be
there I want you to fuck then not make them fall in love with
you, she told me that she know that Paula and Wilma will not
have problem fucking me even together since they are more
open unlike Laura who is more conservative.

I asked will they fuck me together she said yes they will
but she will be outside the door and I sad oh no you will sit
in the room, you brought this up so you will see everything
with your eyes after saying that she said hmm kinky might
just love it. I asked if she has ever been with a woman she nodded her head
yes and when I asked who she said with Wilma, she said she
is very kinky even more than Paula, I told her I would like
to see that and she said maybe, we cuddled and kissed and
she said make love to me again and this time while we were
making love we spoke at length about our fantasies and she
said I hope to explore a lot with you if you don’t mind,
we made a passionate love that night that when I finished
cumming in her we held each other and fell asleep in each
others arms.

The alarm woke us up the next morning at 6am and we continued
where we left off last night but this time she rode my dick
and I was watch how are 34d breast were bouncing up and down,
we both came at the same time and she said does your dick ever
go limp it is always hard and ready to go, we both went to shower
and I washed her back and her body paying attention to her
breast and her pussy and made sure all her parts got the attention
it needed, she repaid my generosity by making sure she washed
my body properly paying attention to my dick and even not
only washing it but sucking it also she did it so well that
I drop a load in her mouth, she was appreciative and said
hmm might not need breakfast now from all this rich milk.
We both dried off and went back to the bedroom and I surprised
her by having her lay down and giving her a blow job and this
was my first ever blow job and she was wiggling and moaning
the whole time and she had her hand pressed down on my head
as if she planned to suffocate me, when I got up she came to
me and kissed me hard and said oh boy that is sure a surprise,
I asked was it good or did I not do it well she said if I did it
any better she will die of excitement , we both got dressed
and she dropped me off at my place and she said see you at school
and drove off.

I quickly went to my room change my clothes and got ready
for the day and I went to Anita’s room and she was still
excited about her class and still in bed, I asked about Stella
and she said she has gone to the bookstore and she will also
have to go and get her books also, she got up and locked the
door and said but first I need you, it has been cold since
last night and I missed your body, she took her gown and her
nipples were up from the cold and she was shivering a bit
from the cold, I kissed her and held her and she was still
shivering I had her get under the blanket to keep warm and
I took of my shows belt and jacket and laid net to her to keep
her warm I was kissing her neck and worked my way to her breast
and she let out a moan and said please fuck me so we can leave
soon , I unzip my pants and mounted her and started humping
her fast that the bed was creaking and her loud moaning was
going to give us away.

I quickly turned up her bed set radio to drown out the music
and kept pumping her furiously in about 5 minutes I came
in her and she got up and said thanks darling this is better
than coffee, she grabbed her towel and ran to the bathroom
to shower, I lay on the bed from exhaustion and got up after
about 5 minutes and then I heard a knock on the door and it
was Deanna she brought Anita some breakfast when she saw
me she smiled and said will bring you something to keep up
your strength, she came back with a plate for me that I ate
quickly and by the time Anita walked in she said did Deanna
bring that for you, I said yes and here is yours, she said
oh she is such a dear, she changed and ate quickly and we were
out in about 30minutes, she got off the bus and headed to
the bookstore and I got off 2 stops later to meet Tanya in
the office.

Tanya was already at her office and she smiled as she saw
me coming in and she said good morning and hope you had a great
night rest, I answered yes I did and hope the rain didn’t
disturb her either, she had breakfast for me at my desk and
I told her hope you guys don’t kill me I had to service Anita
before coming to school she said what!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where
did you get the energy or the sperm from to cum for her also?
I told her I need energy drink to help me with my schedule,
I thanked her for the breakfast and she said she will get
me some energy drinks and some vitamins to help with all
the pussy you will be fucking,

I told her that I need for her not to arrange anything until
after valentine’s day with her friends, because need
to spend it with Anita which is in 3 weeks time she smiled
and said okay but I didn’t trust her, she is too mischievous.
She said there is not much for me to do today so I better take
the next two days off and to be back on Monday, I said okay
and she said since I don’t have much for you can go to Laura’s
office and see if she needs anything, she said I mean Mrs.
Mackintosh and I said okay, Upon getting to her office she
was getting off the phone and she had a smile on her face and
said good morning dear.

I told her Miss Louis sent me over to help her with whatever
she needs, she had a more private office she asked me to please
lock the door and as soon as I did that she came to me grabbed
my crotch and pulled my head down to her face and gave me a
kiss, I was stunned and she said I know you are a little bit
low on oil and that greed Tanya had used you up last night
so I will let you rest and will see you over the weekend and
she said goodbye for now, she sat back down said you can leave
till then, I walked out stunned and back to Miss Louis office
upon getting there she was laughing hysterically and said
got you back for treating me badly last night.

I told her I can’t do anything this weekend because of
Anita she said I will take care of that, to say the least I
was not happy, she saw that I was angry so she apologized
but I left and went to back to my dorm. I guess Anita went to
Miss Louis office after I left and they both had a long talk
and she made sure she knew that I had to come over to her place
on Sunday so as to get last minute stuff done and she told
her I have the rest of the week off till the afternoon on Sunday.

When Anita got back she had all her books and said that Miss
Louis and her had a long talk and she explained she gave you
the rest of the week of till Sunday afternoon because you
were complain not spending enough time with me, and we are
free till Sunday afternoon, she even invited me to come
over with you but I declined so as to spend some time with
my mom since Sunday is her last day here.

I smiled at myself and hoped these ladies will not kill me.
Anita said she will go and drop her books and supplies in
her room and call her mom to see if she would pick us up for
dinner, as she left I called Miss Louis and she said I told
you I would take care of everything and I did. I thanked her
and she said don’t wear yourself out and I will drop of
the vitamins for you later. I hung up, much relieved and
it seems I go from frying pan to fire as soon as I was finished
on the phone; Tami was waiting for me and said we have a sorority
on the last week in February and we need your help, for what
I asked she said be at our house at 5pm on Friday to find out
and you will be rewarded handsomely too.

We had a nice dinner with Anita’s mom and she was dressed
nice in a form fitted suit, A lot of men at the restaurant
were paying her compliments and even sending drinks to
her she blushed a lot and Anita was excited and giggling
at the attention her mom was getting also was drink most
of the drink sent to her mom, we had a great dinner that when
we asked for the check we were told that a nice gentleman
sited 2 tabled from us already paid for our dinner and he
left his card for her, she left a tip and asked us to get up
and get out fast and Anita was laughing hysterically at
all of this, Anita had some wine at dinner and she was tipsy
also, so her mom drove back to her hotel and got her to bed
since she was already incoherent, she went to bed almost
immediately and I said I would be on my way before it is too
late, she said not in this rain, she called the front desk
and asked for a room and there was a small room down the hall
from hers and she booked it for the night and the bell boy
brought the key up and I went with him to the room and said
good night.

I decide to shower and then got under the blanket to sleep
when I got a knock on the door and I taught it was Anita but
no it was her mom she had change into a see through negligee,
she hurriedly pushed her way in to the room and said I have
been patiently waiting for you since Saturday, she said
Anita is like her dad can’t hold her liquor, she will be
out for a good 8 hours. I took her in my harms and kissed her
and she broke it off and pushed me away on to the bed and my
towel came off, she said that is what I need she knelt down
and started sucking me while playing with my balls when
she saw It came alive she got up and said now will you please
fuck me badly I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me and kissed
her and then worked my way to her breast which was exactly
like Anita’s but bigger and not as firm she was already
wet by the time my hand got to her pussy

I started finger fucking her and I kissed my way to her wetness
and she cried out when my lips touched her clitoris she started
bucking up and down and cry out loud after about 3 minutes
of her sweet pussy I pulled myself up to her and started kissing
her passionately she was so excited and seems like fire
was in her eyes and was ready to devour me I got on top of her
and she said no please take me from the back which I readily
obliged , I pushed my dick in her push gently at each step
she moaned loudly and when all the way in she had already
had an orgasm.

I started pumping her tight pussy and with each push she
respond and we went this way and each time she shook she took
a deep breath meaning orgasm, I went on but still couldn’t
cum so I kept going pumping furiously after a while I pulled
out and she lay down with her legs up and I mounted her and
kept pumping her again she pulled me to her and was kissing
me and biting my lower lip, she was in heat and matching me
stroke for stroke I finally had an urge and I started cumming
and I just collapsed on her and as soon as I rolled of her she
started sucking my dick and when done she curled up next
to me facing me and I was tired but she started kissing me
and jerking on my dick to come alive again, I started rubbing
her breast and as soon as my dick showed a sign of life she
mounted me again and this time she started slowly and she
just rode me while I played with her nipple and massaged
her breast, the more she move the more excited I got and so
did she because my dick was growing bigger in her, she kept
humping me and enjoying it and I couldn’t stop because
she was so much enjoying herself after about 15minutes
she got off and I spooned her and was slowly grinding her
pussy and she was enjoying it and she reached for my balls
and started massaging it and I couldn’t hold off any more
and just came again in her she was so happy, she turned over
in bed and said poor boy my girl wore you out didn’t she
, we both feel asleep.

About 4hours later I woke and Anita’s mom was gone and
I got up to use the bathroom and she was in there, I asked her
what the problem was she said she couldn’t sleep and was
wondering how can she be fucking the same man her daughter
is fucking this is very wrong, I listened to her and asked
what did she want to do , she said I don’t know but your dick
is very addictive, she said I want you to break up with my
daughter and that way she will not feel so guilty I said that
will not solve your problem , you need to go home and fuck
your husband the way you fuck him and let him know if he can’t
keep up with you , you will get your own little man on the side
since he has his whore on the side, she laughed and said easier
said than done, I asked her what have you got to lose except
sex and which she is not getting anyway, she looked at me
and said you are right and I encouraged her to dress the way
she did last night that made all the men admire her nice body,
she felt better and said you know you are a very smart guy
and hope you keep my daughter happy fir as long as you both
are together, she said but for now get your ass back to bed
and give me a going away fuck I picked her up and carried her
off to bed for the last time.

That night we made slow and passionate love and she did to
me what I told her to do to her husband, she must have had 8
orgasm that night and we did all the style I could think of,
we fucked all night long till the next morning she kissed
me good bye and snuck back to her room around 8am ( She went
back home and attacked her husband in bed and fucked him
so badly that he now comes home every night sober looking
forward to fucking his wife and that was the message I got
from her and Anita).

I went to see Anita the next morning and she still has a bad
hang over and I and her mom made fun of her and I finally told
her that her mom got a room for me down the hall and her mom
said she slept on the couch because she was rolling around
in bed like a drunk sailor, her mom was dressed and going
to her convention meeting leaving us and said we should
call room service to get something to eat and I should let
her know if we want the room for another night before 12noon
so she can make arrangement at the front desk, she kissed
Anita good bye and asked me to walk her down the hall, which
I did and she said she appreciated the advise and she would
try t when she gets home and she kissed me and she slipped
something into my back pocket and she said if it doesn’t
work she will come back for my dick, I thanked her and hugged
her and wished her the best and I went back to the room to be
with Anita

She was in the bathroom taking a shower when I returned and
she came out still with an headache, she took 2 aspirin and
some black coffee and she said she is hungry and I suggested
we go down for breakfast so the cleaners can clean the room
and just charge the food to the room, we did and I showed her
my room luckily the cleaners already cleaned it and they
were working their way down the hall, she held on tight to
me so as not to lose her balance, we were sited at the restaurant
and we order breakfast and charged it to the room and she
signed for it, we went back upstairs to her mom’s room
and she lay down and we decided on what to do, I suggested
she stay and I will go back to campus and let her spend some
time with her mom and I will see her on Saturday, since I don’t
have a change of cloth, she didn’t agree, she said why
not spend two days here and then I go back on Saturday my argument
was that it will cost her parents more money that necessary,
since it is Thursday, I decided to stay spend the day with
her and after dinner we I will go back to campus and I will
see her on Saturday or Sunday she reluctantly agree to this,
she reminded me that we can’t see on Sunday because of
my work with Miss Louis,

I told her will see if I can move it (I don’t intend on doing
that at all ), we called the front desk to turn in my room and
sent a message to her mom regarding the decision , after
dinner at a place close to the campus we drove to Anita’s
place where she got a change of clothing and I said Goodbye
to her mom and hoping that things work out for her, she promise
to let me know the final outcome, she kissed me one last time
and Anita came out and Deana and Stella were to go over on
Saturday to visit with her and her mom and have a girls night
out (Hmm to think all this ladies have me in common. Hope
none of them spill the beans) as they drove off Deanna and
Stella offered to spend the night but I declined because
I need rest plenty of it also. They both laughed and said
hmm you mean that small Anita wore you out. Little do they
know what has happened? I told them if I change my mind will
call them up and I went to my room.

I visited with some of my house mates and watched TV with
them, Tami came down and she was followed by Karen and Kevin
and another guy must be Karen’s boy friend. Kevin introduced
me to him as Tony and he told her I am a great guy that run interference
for him and a very good friend to drive since I don’t drink,
Tony said oh cool nice to meet you, he was built like Kevin
also but shorter. The girls came by and say hey guys don’t
corrupt him and we all laughed.

I excused myself and went to my room and was changing and
I got out the cash Anita’s mom gave me in the morning and
was shocked at the amount $500 couldn’t contain myself
was very happy, quickly put the money away and then went
out to make or call, I called Anita and she picked up the phone
she said they are just getting in and everything is going
well with them, I asked to speak to her mom and when she got
on the phone she said you very welcome and if things work
out according to my advice will get another soon, I thanked
her and kept it clean, she gave the phone back to Anita and
we spoke for a while and we said goodnight. When I was done
with her called Miss Louis and she was with Paula/ Wilma
but she said she would call me later.

As I was getting ready for bed Tami and Karen said they have
a sorority party at the end of February and would like my
help with entertainment, what they need in graphic details
is that are inviting some of their old Sorority Sisters
over for their annual dinner and would need some strong
that can fuck long and hard for the stuck up sisters that
need a dick to loosen them up, and I was told I would really
be rewarded for my services, I told Tami I would get back
to her and Karen said please let us know soon and they left.

I woke up late the next morning, I didn’t get up till 12noon
must have been more tired than I taught but I felt refreshed
and well rested. I quickly went for my shower and got dressed
and I had a couple of messages and I checked that Anita has
called about 3 times, I returned her call she was waiting
to go shopping with her mom since her seminar will wrap up
at 2pm so they will have the rest of the day to hang out and
go shopping (as always). We spoke for a while and I finally
said goodbye and hung up, I called Miss Louis at the office
and she was surprised to hear from me and we chatted for a
while and asked about Mrs. Mackintosh, and she said she
is drooling for you badly and she is looking forward to seeing
you on Sunday.

I also asked about Paula and Wilma and she said she hasn’t
told them anything yet but she will soon since they are bothering
her a lot. She said she is getting ready to get out of the office
and she also said she got me some Vitamins and can I meet her
today to pick it up, I suggested that I will meet her by the
bus stop by the dorm to pick it up, she said okay that she will
be there around 4 so I should wait for her there. The dorm
was quiet some students were in there room and some were
just out getting all their stuff ready for class, I remembered
that I had an errand and had to go to the bank, so I got my jacket
and my umbrella and headed to the bank, got the bus and went
straight to the bank where I deposited the funds I got from
Anita’s mom and left, since it was raining got the bus
again and went straight back to my room, here I just laid
on my bed till I had to meet

Miss Louis, I got out and upon getting to the bus stop I saw
her car and went to her where she gave me the Vitamins and
asked what I was doing I said nothing just relaxing, she
said good you need your rest. She also bought me a sandwich
and a hot soup and said she had to go out with some friends
so will talk to me tomorrow, she drove off and I went back
to my room to continue my relaxation.

That evening I relaxed at my dorm visited with dorm mates
and had a time I have been missing since getting involved
with Anita and the other ladies., it was relaxing and enjoyable
and I had a blast, that is before Kevin and Tony came in and
pulled me aside and said they have something to do tonight
and wouldn’t be back till Sunday morning so can I help
keep Tami and Karen entertained and cover for them if they
come over, Kevin pulled out $100 dollars and rolled it on
to my palm and said thanks buddy I owe you big time no sooner
I saw two ladies come by for them in a nice car and they drove
away with them. I was hoping Tami and Karen wouldn’t drop
by but around 11pm they came by and I knew I had to earn my pay.

They went straight to Kevin’s room and when he wasn’t
there, they came to me and asked have I seen Kevin, I replied
he just left with Tony with a bunch of guys they said the baseball
coach called a meeting of all players to meet some of the
new one’s so they might not be back till Sunday and Tami
said that is the same note he left for me at his door, she wasn’t
happy she knew it was a lie and they were both visibly angry.

I paid no attention to them and went back to what I was doing,
when they went back to Kevin’s room I snuck to my room and
locked the door and went to sleep, Tami and Karen came back
and knocked on the door and when I didn’t answer they went
away not to draw any undue attention to themselves or me.
I woke up early the next morning which was a Saturday, showered
and got dressed and went to help set up for breakfast and
help prepare it also, quickly ate and went to call Anita,
she and her mom were just waking up and she told me about their
shopping yesterday and she said I have some surprises for
you also, she said she is expecting Deanna and Stella later
this afternoon and would see me on Sunday night, called
Miss Louis next and she was already up and said she has an
idea she would like t talk to me about and I said will see her
later this afternoon then.

I went out to take a walk the rain has stopped for now and it
was a bit chilly outside and foggy, the area was still quite
and just some joggers running around. I took a nice walk
on my way back I saw Deanna she was putting her bag in the car
and she came to me and said they were getting ready for their
girls day out with Anita and her mom and she said you be a good
boy now okay will see you tomorrow. I walked back to my room
and straightened up.

As I was cleaning up my room at the door way stood Tami and
Karen and they were smiling and said hmm you covered for
our men and you ran away and you left us with no dick on Friday
night, you will pay for that today starting now. I looked
up and said I am not covering for anybody but they didn’t
even listen to me.

They said my punishment is that I will take them to breakfast
then shopping and then to the movies, then for lunch and
after that we will see what else we can do to make our Saturday
enjoyable, as they were reading me the sentences, Kevin
and Tony walked in, and said we are back the drill was cancelled
because the field was very wet, the ladies ignored them
and when they finally paid attention to them, Tami winked
at me and she said to Karen good thing I was here to keep them
company and he was just ready to take us out again but he doesn’t
have to now, so the guys said lets change and we can go out
and Karen said aren’t you guys going to pay him back he
took your ladies to a nice dinner and early morning breakfast.

Tony brought out $100 and said thank you and Tami was looking
at Kevin and he reluctantly gave me another $100 and they
went up to get ready to spend some more money while the ladies
stayed behind and said our boy friend’s have paid you
to fuck us and we will be expecting your dick soon they both
smiled and walked away. Wow $300 for doing nothing this
seems like a great deal but I know the girls will be collecting
sooner or later.

I left the dorm and took the bus to Miss Louis house upon getting
there I saw a nice car parked in her drive way so wasn’t
sure whether I should knock on the door or not so I went to
the nearest phone booth and called and she said oh yes come
on we have been expecting you, I hung up and went back to her
house, upon getting there I meet a couple that I remembered
meeting while at the Christmas party Jordan and Dawn Merchant,
they both are in real estate and they have lots of rental
properties all over the city and very nice and upscale property
also. We all sat down to lunch and Mr. Jordan kept asking
me questions pointed questions about my character and
how long I have been in the country, my family and my schooling,
I answered all his questions and Mrs. Dawn said they have
heard good things about me from Tanya and they would like
to make me an offer and I saw Miss Louis smiling at me.

Mrs. Merchant said they have a property about 5 miles from
the school and has good transportation system, that their
tenants range from average family to students like myself,
and they would like me to be onsite manager and they will
give me phone #’s of people to contact for any problem
that might arise, because the law states that after you
have 10 tenants or more you have to have an onsite manager,
I would be given a studio apartment on the premises and all
utilities paid by them, it was like a dream and I couldn’t
speak so Mr. Jordan said why don’t we all take a ride to
the premises and see it maybe that will make it more clearer
to me.

We all went in the Merchant’s car to the said apartment
we got there in about 10minutes, it was a three story apartment
complex with an elevator and the door has a security where
you have to buzz someone in or have the code to get into the
premises, it was very well maintained and clean and each
apartment has a nice balcony with sliding glass doors.
The main entrance door for each apartment were light green
with peep hole and double lock key and it had a washer dryer
in the laundry that was located in the basement for use of
all tenants and a gated carport also, Mr. Jordan showed
me the managers apartment where I would stay if I decide
to take the job. It was nice and furnished with a pull out
bed, dish washer a shower and toilet and a nice size closet
and sliding glass that looks out to the yard. After seeing
all of these, I asked them what happened to the last manager
and I was told to talk to him that he is on the 2nd floor, we
went to him and he invited us in same layout but he has 2 bedrooms,
his name is Joe with his wife Susan and a son Joe Jr.

The wife was expecting another child and we all exchanged
pleasantries and he said that they were moving out of town
because he got a job as a manager in another state and it would
be a great opportunity for them. He told me he lived and manage
the property for almost 6years while in school got married
and now that he and his wife had graduated they are moving
or else he will remain here. He pulled me to the side later
and told me that they are very nice and it helped him save
lots of money and be focused while he lived for free and got
is degree and his master degree also, it all sounded good
and we thanked him and left. Mr. Jordan gave me his business card and said that Joe will
be moving out in April but he wants someone there by February
so Joe can help bring the person up to speed and show the person
around, and he also said I have a week to think about it and
give him a call. I thanked Mr. and Mrs. Merchant and promise
to get back to them before the week is up.

We drove back to Mrs. Louis place and we all had tea and chatted
for a while and they decided to start going and Mr. Jordan
reminded me to get back to him ASAP. I asked one question
of them and It was Why me? Why would you want me to work for
you knowing I have no experience and I am a student that can’t
give them the hours needed to keep the building in good condition?

Mr. Jordan smiled and said good question the reason we chose
you was because Mrs. Louis recommended Joe about 7 years
ago and he has worked out very well so they are also going
on her recommendation because she knows me and also that
she has 30% ownership of the building because her late husband
was his partner also and she has a lot to lose if I didn’t
work out either and also because I don’t need to do much
except answer calls from tenants and call the repair person
listed on their owner’s manual and if things get to much
for me to handle, I should call him, so you see all you are
doing is babysitting the building, and I am cheaper than
a professional manger, because I would be getting free
apartment and also would be getting paid $300 a month. And
If I am not interested let him know and we can look for another
candidate. After he said this he said I expect to hear back
in a week and if he doesn’t he will look elsewhere okay.
I said yes and we both smiled.

We got back to the car and we drove back to Miss Louis house
and we had some time to visit and as I was preparing to leave
so as not to have the Merchant’s suspicious of me and Miss
Louis, I announced my goodbyes and Miss Louis said where
do you think you are going, we still have lots of work to do
here, I said since you have guest I was hoping it will be postponed
till another time so as to visit with your guest, the Merchants
said oh no we are on our way out so you all can get back to the
school schedule, they got up and I walked with Mr. Merchant
out while Miss Louis and Mrs. Merchant were not far behind,
Mr. Merchant said don’t forget to get back to me and we
shook hands and they drove off.

Miss Louis and I went back inside and as soon as we got in she
said so what do you think, I thanked her for the opportunity
and then we spoke at length about it, and we both agreed it
would be a great move for me and help me save money and no need
to pay for my dormitory anymore, which will be a big savings
on my scholarship fund. I said I would call the Merchant’s
on Monday and accept the job but will ask that I don’t start
till mid February so as to give me time to settle at school
1s before moving and she suggested I have my scholarship
bank stop paying my dorm for my living expense and have the
money transferred to my bank instead and will have the Merchant’s
write me a letter that I am renting from them and this will
save me about $6000/year and will use some of that money
for my feeding and to make sure I save the rest. I was so happy
that I kissed her and she smiled and said you welcomed.

Since all the class preparation was done we sat together
and she went to get my vitamins and she made me take some of
it, she said you will need your strength for tomorrow and
we watched television with her resting her head on my leg,
the day drifted away lazily and I fell asleep where I sat
and she also fell asleep. She must have gotten up awhile
and I heard her on the phone she was talking to her daughter
Debbie and when I got up she said oh he is here say hello to
him and she said it’s Debbie, I took the phone and we spoke
and she told me about her school and her grandparents and
everything she could in 10minutes and I gave her mom back
the phone and for another 20minutes they were on the phone
and I finally heard her said love you and bye and she hung
up, she came to me in the kitchen and said let’s call the
Merchant’s now and give them the news, she called them
and she and Dawn spoke for a while then asked for Jordan,
they exchanged pleasantries and she handed the phone over
to me and I told him that I appreciate the opportunity and
would like to start on the 15th and I gave my reasons which
he agreed and he also said he will come by Wednesday to Miss
Louis office on campus and we can meet there, I thanked him
and handed the phone back to Miss Louis and after some conversation
she hung up also with a smile on her face and she said congrats
now come here and thank me properly …..

Thanking her was a 2 hour job and when she felt thanked enough
she got in the shower with me and got some more thanks and
then went off to make dinner. I joined her about 15minutes
later and we sat and ate dinner and we agreed she would take
me back to the dorm so I can get a good night rest and to be back
around 12noon tomorrow for our rendezvous, we both kissed
and she drove me back to t

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