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My first interracial partners Part 5


New Adventures

Anita and I went out to meet her mom. As soon as we came out
I could see her smiling and we hugged and I thanked her for
having me over for the holidays, I went to help Anita unload
and get her luggage to her room and as soon as she came in Stella
jumped on her they hugged and screamed all the time she was
winking at me the Deanna joined us and they were all together
and I excused myself and went out to keep her mom company,
she was telling me that she will be around for a week for a
conference and she said hope to see you before I have to go
back, I said hope I can get away from Anita long enough to
visit , she said don’t worry you will.

I started hearing voices coming towards us and it was Anita
and company she introduced her friends to her mom since
Deanna already met her no introduction was needed, after
some time she excused herself saying she needed to go and
check into her hotel and hopefully will see all of us before
she leaves, Anita asked her mom that she needs to settle
down and will see her later in the evening for dinner and
I wasn’t able to go either because I want to work out my
schedule with Miss Louis, she said she will go and check
in and get some rest and will call us after she gets up.

I kissed Anita good bye and told her we need to talk but later,
she went off with her friends and I went back to my dorm and
I had a message waiting for me to call Miss Louis, I did and
she said that we need to go to the dean’s office and I should
meet her at her office right away. I took off for the campus
and went straight to language department to see Miss Louis
and as we got there we both went to the dean’s office, where
she narrated what the issue was.

He looked at my schedule and made some calls and told me to
see her secretary, I went to her right away and she gave me
some note to take to admission room to see a particular person,
as I got to the admission department the lady I was to see
was already waiting for me and she gave me a new class schedule
and it was just what I needed to be able to keep my new job,
I thanked her and went back to the dean’s secretary and
thanked her and she directed me to the dean’s office where
Miss Louis was seated and as soon as I got in I knew something
was out of place but I directed my attention to the dean and
thanked him for adjusting my class schedule he said you
welcome and to remember that my employment is on condition
I keep my grades up. He dismissed me and I left but Miss Louis
said wait for me in my office she threw the key to the office
towards me and I left, very happy and thankful.

A hour later Miss Louis came back and was very nervous and
when I asked her is anything wrong she said no and quickly
changed the subject asking if Anita was back and for the
next 30minutes we organized her schedule of class and the
name of students and was surprise to see Stella’s name
on the list but kept quiet about it. When we were done she
gave me my work schedule and job description and some contracts
to look over and sign. I noticed that since I have known Miss
Louis she has never redone her makeup and at the office she
kept checking the mirror and re did her makeup and brushed
her hair and she was not feeling comfortable. I had to ask
if she had a date and why was she so nervous, she said no and
denied anything been wrong, I asked point blank that “Are
you having an affair with the dean” she looked at me angry
and red with anger and said you have no right to ask me that
question you not my husband, boyfriend or father, I apologized
and thanked her for answering my question she was stunned
and said what. I said you are having her affair with the dean
that is why you are so nervous and fidgety and before she
could say anything I left and told her when she is ready to
talk like an adult she should call me.

I went back to my dorm, it was already getting dark and cold
and when I got to my room Anita was at the door waiting for
me and she asked where have you been and what do you want to
talk to me about, we went to my room and told her about the
student assistant position that was offered to me by Miss
Louis, she was happy for me but not too thrilled that I will
be working so close with the lady I have a crush on. We laughed
and told her there is nothing between us anyway, she informed
me her mom wants us to come over to her hotel around 6pm for
dinner, I said okay we would be leaving in about 1 1/2 hours
then so that is just enough time to get ready and take the
bus, she said no I have my dad’s credit card and we will
call for a cab.

So we have time she said as she took off her blouse revealing
a bra she both from Victoria secret when she and Deanna went
shopping during the New Year’s holiday and it was with
a matching panty. She said you like and the smile on my face
showed approval. I pulled her close to me and kissed her
and worked down to her neck while I was taking of her bra and
she let it drop and I started kissing her nipple and she was
moaning softly and I reached down and started massaging
her clit and the moaning got louder and she said please fuck
me now I laid her on the bed and asked her for condom she said
I am on the pill, I entered her gently but she was very wet
also and she started bucking and matching me stroke for
stroke she was very horny and we went like that for about
10minutes and I came hard in her and she was screaming yes
yes yes!!!!!!!!!.

She was like oh my God you feel so good in me, we got up got dressed
and she called the cab which took us to her mom’s hotel,
we had a good dinner and went back to her room, the hotel was
packed and for now the main subject was the Super Bowl game
tomorrow the hotel was decorated in colors of both teams,
she asked if we would like to stay till tomorrow morning
and spend the day with her instead of going home now. I said
Anita could stay and I will come back tomorrow to check on
them and maybe watch the game, Anita protested and said
no we both should stay and her mom can get a room for us. But
when she checked with the front desk they were booked solid,
so I just told her that I would see her tomorrow, she was sad
to see me go but that was the best for the situation, they
both walked me downstairs and paid a cab to take me back to
my dorm.

I kissed Anita and waved goodbye to both of them and the taxi
drove off. In about 20minutes I was back in my dorm, when
I walked in there was so much noise everybody were also talking
about the game, I just went to my room and on my door were phone
messages. I called Anita to let her know am back in my room
and she said why so noisy, I told her super bowl she laughed
and said goodnight. The next two messages were from Miss
Louis. I called Miss Louis and she apologized and asked
if I can come over so we can iron out this entire problem,
I told her if we can do it another time because it was late
and I really don’t want to go out in the cold and dark weather,
she offered to arrange a to pick me up and she said I would
make it worth your while, I said I appreciate it but sincerely
I promised Anita that I would be at the hotel her mom is staying
in the morning she said okay will talk to you latter and I
went to bed, needed the rest and I slept very well and woke
up the next morning about 8am to get ready to go out.

It was a cold and foggy morning, I got ready for the day and
quickly had breakfast and all the guys were getting ready
for the big game getting their beer and chips and most of
the guys were 49ers Fan, so it was a place filled with testosterone,
Kevin presented me a Red jersey with # 88 and the name Solomon
was written across the back, I came to know and appreciate
the guy known as Freddie Solomon. Even though didn’t
know anything about the game I wore the jersey so that I can
be one of the guys. As I was getting ready to go and get my jacket
and leave to see Anita, in came Tami and Karen were red jersey
also and they both came to me and said I hope you will be scoring
with us later today when these guys get drunk they both gave
me a peck and went to Kevin’s room.

I quickly picked up jacket called Anita and told her am on
my way, she said that I should take a cab and she will come
down and pay for it as soon as I get to the hotel have them call
the room as I walked out of the dorm Miss Louis was waiting
in her car about a block down and she called me and as I went
towards her I told her am on my way she said I know just get
in and I did and she said since you refuse to come by I need
to talk to you are clear the air, she drove to a secluded place
and she started by saying am sorry and I hope that you will
forgive me, she started by saying that she and the dean have
had an off again and on again relationship for a while now
because she was lonely and he made me feel good and that was
the extent and I didn’t want him to know I am dating you
because he might make things difficult for both of us, so
as to proof that I am not involved with you.

I had to have sex with him or he will feel suspicious that
I am seeing someone else and since you are the only one he
sees around he might put two and two together and that will
not be too good and that is why I acted the way I did. I was touched
and told her she owes me no explanation but she didn’t
have to get angry with me either and since we are not exclusive
she has nothing to worry about and will keep our relationship
professional unless we are alone, we both agreed and we
hugged and she asked that did I find Mrs. Bergen attractive
or was it just because I would be taking her class and I said
she is a good looking woman and easy to talk to but never saw
as someone I wouldn’t want to have sex or relationship
with except as a professor / student .

She was satisfied with my answer and said okay but you will
let me know if things change right and I said definitely.
She smiled and said that her friends that came by the other
day and even Mrs. Bergen found you attractive and they were
talking about getting you in bed and were also asking if
I had been with you, I told them no and from what I know he is
a nice gentle man and we aren’t in a relationship and Mrs.
Bergen was like I am going to see what I can do to entice him
and see if he will fall for me. I said so all you ladies talk
about us like we do about you we both laughed and she helped
my hand and I kissed her and she kissed me back and said okay
let me take you to the hotel you going to that way Anita will
not be any wiser, she drove me to the hotel and she smiled
and wave and drove off and I walked to the hotel room.

Anita was surprised to see me at the door and she said why
didn’t you call me to come and pay for the cab, I told her
I had some money so I paid myself she hugged me and we kissed
and said I missed you last night wish you were here with me.
I went in and her mom was in the bathroom so I suggested I wait
outside since she finished dressing, but she said no come
in she will dress in the bathroom, she told her mom that I
was there and she got dressed and came out and started brushing
her hair and doing her makeup, Anita was ready , so she sat
with me on the edge on the bed, she wouldn’t let go of my
hand, her mom got up and said she has to go downstairs and
register for her conference, she winked at us and said you
both behave okay.

As she closed the door Anita had me pinned down and was kissing
me and had one hand massaging my crotch, she said oh I want
you badly, I protested your mom might come in anytime she
said no she will not be back for at least another 10minutes
when she finds out that the conference table is not available
today and it will be opened tomorrow morning and she is already
pre-registered anyway so are you going to keep protesting
or kiss me.

I switched position with her and pinned her on the bed and
started kissing her and then moved to her neck while I free
her breast from her bra and started chewing on her nipple
she scream on my God I think I just had an orgasm. I kept doing
that and she was moaning and I reached and undid her pants
button and I started massaging her clit I could feel her
wetness and she just lost it and came on my hand and I said
hope that will calm you down for now, she kissed me then ran
to the bathroom to clean up and no sooner her mom came back,
she knocked and said hope you are decent before she opened
the door and came in and said it is a mad house down there everywhere
is football decoration.

She asked about Anita and I told her she is in the bathroom,
she came up to me and cupped my crotch with her hand and whispered
I need this badly. Anita came out and acted innocent as of
nothing happening and changed the subject to her mom’s
registration, which she replied didn’t happen. She
decided to take us to breakfast and from there we will decide
what to do next. We had a nice breakfast and when we finished,
I said I would like to watch the game if they don’t mind.

Anita mom said they have to go visit some family in the area
and that might be an all day event, she said I can go back to
my place and she will probably drop off Anita after their
visit and we can have dinner and she has to be back here for
her conference and Anita chimed in she has to get in early
Monday to make sure she got all the class she registered
for and get her school supplies, so we went back upstairs
where Anita packed her stuff up and her mom locked up her
stuff and ordered for house cleaning, Anita took her stuff
to the car while I stayed to help her mom or should I say for
her mom to help herself to me as soon as the door closed she
came towards me and kissed me passionately, she broke the
kiss off quickly and dropped to her knew and started sucking
my dick, she did it as if she had never seen a dick in her life
and sucked it hungrily.

She did this for about 5 minute also sucking my balls I quickly
cummed and she got up and ran to the bathroom to fix her lipstick
and I followed her and proceeded to lift up her skirt and
gave her a quick doggie style she was moaning loudly but
she had an orgasm and we heard a knock on the door and she quickly
pulled her pants up and went to door and she said turn on the
cold water quickly which I did after zipping up, she went
to the door and Anita came in and she said he hurt his hand
go get me some ice, Anita went to the fridge to get the ice
while her mom was with me in the bathroom she winked at me
to follow her lead and she wrapped my hand in a towel and when
Anita came with the ice.

She asked what happened her mom just took the ice and put
in on another towel and wrapped my hand in it, before telling
her that my fingers got jammed in the door and she didn’t
want it to swell so she wanted to ice it and she got me some
medication which I took and Anita was fussing over me while
I smiled saying to myself if you only knew what happened.
We waited about 30minutes my hands was frozen stiff and
she gently unwrapped it and wrapped it up with a bandage
to keep it safe and she said she will check on me later and
I said I feel much better and I wiggled my fingers for Anita’s
sake and we all went downstairs and Anita wanted them to
take me back to my dorm but I protested that they are running
late already and her Mom said she will put me in a cab and have
it drop me at the dorm and I said that is okay with me and Anita
unwilling agreed, so I was put in a cab and Anita hugged and
kissed me saying see you tonight okay, I waved to them and
the cab drove off.

I got back to the dorm and it was packed and very noisy and
the game still has about 5hours before it was to begin, so
I went to my room and some of my dorm mates were asking what
happened to my hand, I just told them It got caught in the
door after that I took the ace bandage off and kept it in my
room. As promised Anita and her mom called to check up on
me and I let them know am okay and in my room and she said will
see you tonight and hung up. I decided to call Miss Louis
to thank her for the ride this morning, I told her I was back
at the dorm since Anita and her mom had some relatives to
visit, she laughed and said she just got in about 30 minutes
ago and was just settling down to work and since she is not
a big football fan the TV will be on to keep her company and
she asked if I would like to come over and I said yes before
she could finish answering she laughed and said I will be
by to pick you up since the streets are dry and not much of
public transportation running either.

I got my jacket and went out and no one noticed I was going
out, Miss Louis drove up and we were on our way back to her
place, I parked myself in front of the TV and was watching
the pregame show and Miss Louis was preparing snacks for

I joined her in the kitchen, where she was preoccupied and
I snuck up behind her and kissed her neck and she swung around
and we started kissing and it was deep and passionate and
she was relaxed and when she broke off the kiss, she said
so what took you so long to come over o me, I kissed her again
while my hand was massaging her right breast, she didn’t
not pull back except a moan of approval and I continued but
now I reached into her blouse and freed one of her breast
and started pinching her nipple and she moaned louder we
worked our way to the sofa in the living room and I started
kissing the freed nipple and she held my head tight to her
nipple and the more I sucked the louder she moaned when I
stopped she had a smile on her face.

I removed her blouse and her bra while she was standing in
front f me topless and I went on removing her jeans and panties,
she was standing in front of me naked and I was enjoying the
view, she came towards me and did the same to me and I was standing
in front of her naked and she knelt down and took my dick in
her mouth and started giving me a blow job, her lips were
so soft and she was so good that it felt so good and she kept
going at this before I knew it I was getting ready to cum and
I tried to warn her but she didn’t stop and she also started
massaging my balls which made me lose control and I started
cumming and she took every drop in her mouth and I just collapsed
on the floor and she lied next to me massaging my balls still
and she leaned over and whispered who was it that I tasted
on your dick I remember it was Anita’s mom and she asked
was it Anita and I readily agreed and I said yes she said hmm
taste nice for a young girls pussy, we started kissing and
she said now you better fuck me good and fuck me better than
you fuck that young cunt Anita.

I got between her leg and jammed my dick in her hard and she
held her breath as if she was going to scream but she didn’t
and I started fucking her and she started asking is this
how you fuck that girl friend of yours fuck me hard harder
than you fuck her, I speed up my motion and was pounding her
hard and was pumping hard and all of a sudden I stopped and
had her on all four and I took her from behind and started
pumping her harder and it seems she couldn’t get enough
she kept saying harder harder fuck me harder than you fuck
that young cunt of yours, the more I pumped her the more she
screamed for more and all of sudden her breathing quickened
and she let out a loud yell Ohhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssssss
that is it harder harder and she jerked and I knew she had
a big orgasm.

I pulled out of her and she started sucking me again and after
a couple of minutes she stopped and she mounted me and started
riding me and she was so hot and she was in charge and she kept
pumping me and she kept moaning loudly (never seen her like
this before), until she had another orgasm and I mounted
her again and started pumping faster and the move I move
she meet my trust with her upward hip movement and this went
on for another 15minutes I finally dumped my load deep into
her and she was like oh yes now that is a super fuck game , and
she even went on to say this is the type of game I like. We cuddle
together on the floor and after about 10 minutes she went
to wash up and came back with a hot towel to clean up my dick
at which I said oh no you don’t clean it up with your tongue,
she smiled and said yes sir and she knelt down and clean it
all off with her tongue, and when she was done she said I taste
better than her. She got a blanket and cuddled together
on the carpet

I must have dozed off because when I was woken up the game
was about to begin, she already had snacks set up and I got
up and got dressed and joined her at the table where she was
still arranging her class schedule and class was to start
in a week’s time. I helped her with what I could and the
game was going on in the background, as we were working she
stopped and I had this feeling something was wrong and when
I looked up she was looking at me and our eyes met and I asked
what, she smiled and came to me and just kissed me and said
you are so adorable and all of a sudden a noise came from the
Television seems like the Bengals just scored a touchdown
The game went on but by the last quarter we were in front of
the TV and the San Francisco 49ers won the game 26 to 21.

I was happy about it and have been a 49ER fan till today. After
the game she kissed me and she took me back to my dorm since
I told her I have to go to Dinner with Anita and her mom. She
dropped me off at the dorm and drove away, as I entered my
dorm it was a mad house they were watching the interviews
and they were discussing the game and the place was littered
but a fun atmosphere. I went to my room to get ready for Anita
and her mom and there was a message on my door Anita and her
mom would be back in an hour the message was 45minutes ago,
I got ready quickly but they didn’t arrive for another

They were stuck in traffic and tired and Anita’s moms
apologized and promise to make it up to us but she had to go,
she and Anita asked about my hand which I told them was much
better, she dropped off Anita and drove off to her hotel.
Anita spent the night I my room where we must have had sex
3 times through the night till Monday morning, she got up
early after our last sex for the day and left saying she has
a lot to do and she wants to get started early, she kissed
me and was out the door it was only 6am and I went back to sleep,
finally got up at 9:30am and by now the dorm was empty and
everyone was either registering for class or getting school

I got ready for the day, after showering but I had nothing
to do except wait for Anita, so I decided to go the campus
if Miss Louis will have anything she might need help with,
I was standing at the bus stop when Mrs. Bergen drove by and
honked and waved to me to come over, when I got here we exchanged
pleasantries and she asked where was I going and I told her
to the campus to see Miss Louis, she offered me a ride in her
Cadillac and we drove off and we spoke about the game and
she seems to know a lot about the game, we were in the campus
already and she parked and waved to me and she went to the
Engineering department while I went to the language department
and I went to Miss Louis office and I met her in the hall way
as she was chatting with her friend and she introduced me
to her and as Laura Mackintosh and we shook hands and I left
to wait for Miss Louis in her office, she came in not long
after and she asked for my time card and she filled in my time
card for Friday, Saturday and Sunday giving me 8hrs for
each day and also gave me 8 hours for Monday and said my work
has started and I should make sure I come to the office each
day starting today and I did all she asked me to and kept it
very professional and I told her Mrs. Bergen gave me a ride
to the campus, she smile and said okay good.

I went back to getting her roll call for the class ready and
then got the class curriculum ready with her office phone
# and also what is expected of each student, I made copies
and stapled and everything she needed of me after finish
she said oh well that is it, and I will see you tomorrow okay
I thanked her and as I was leaving she said oh my God I want
to kiss you so badly, I smiled and left I decided to take the bus back to my dorm , the bus ride was
long but got to the dorm and went to my room , no sign of Anita
or any phone call either, I went to take a nap and about 2hours
later woke up revived, but still no Anita, so I went to her
dorm and I ran to Deanna asked if she had seen Anita, she said
she saw her at school and she is trying to see her counselor
and get her books about 3 hours ago but hadn’t seen her
since then.

I thanked her and told her to have come and see me when she
gets back and Deanna said not until I give her a date when
she and Stella can come by again for some fun, I smiled and
said let her know I came by with both of us smiling. I left
and as I walked back to my dorm her mom was parking and she
saw me and got out of the car and asked if she is back yet, I
said no and I haven’t seen her since this morning, she
said I know you guys fucked all night I hear, I was shocked
she said I and my daughter have no secrets and we discuss
a lot she is my best friend. She said she called her from school
and she should be back soon, I asked her has she told her about
me and she said no she loves her too much and doesn’t want
anything to come between them, so please help me keep it
that way. I nodded and said okay.

We went to seat in her car since it was chilly outside, she
started rubbing my leg as soon as we got in the car her hand
kept moving up till she got to my crotch she kept massaging
it and all of a sudden I looked out the window and said Anita
is here she was walking towards us with a smile in her face
she quickly removed her hand and readjusted her top, as
she approached the door I got out and she was very tired and
all she wanted to do was sleep and go to bed, she hugged her
mom before she took her to her room and about 20 minutes later
she came out and told me she is worn out and needs some rest
and she will be on her way back to the hotel and since Deanna
and Stella came out with her, she couldn’t say anything
except goodbye, she waved and drove off.

I decided to take Stella and Deanna out to Dinner, we went
to a Chinese restaurant and ate and we just charted and sitting
between them thy keep rubbing my leg and crotch but that
was the extent, we got a take out for Anita and walked back
to the dorm and I gave them Anita’s dinner and walked to
my dorm and had a good night sleep. I got up the next Morning
at 7am and was ready for my day by 8am and walked to Anita’s
dorm where I went to her room and she was up but not ready yet,
so I sat with her and she thanked me for the food and I also
told her I have to go to campus today and report to Miss Louis
office for my new job, she was not too happy and encouraged
her to go take her bath so we both can go to the campus together,
she undressed in front of me and I told her not to get any ideas,
she smiled and went to take her shower and came back in about
10minutes quickly changed and we were out to the bus stop
and when we got to the campus, I took her to the cafeteria
for breakfast and we said goodbye and I told her she can drop
by the office when she got done, we said goodbyes and we went
our different ways.

I got to the office and Miss Louis was there already and she
smiled when I walked in and she gave me some stuff to work
on but that day for some reason she kept hovering over me
and she was fidgeting a lot and I finally had to ask her what
was wrong, she said she is horny and can’t get her head
straight since Sunday night and she just wants to grab me
and fuck the hell out of me now, I laughed and she did also
all the while she had her hand on my leg and w were so close
to each other that I could feel her breast on me when she stood
or bent over my shoulder. I wanted to bend her over the desk
and fuck her there also but there was too much traffic in
the area, no sooner did I think that Mrs. Mackintosh walked
in and she cleared her throat and I could see a sly smile on
her face, Miss Louis quickly straightened up and he said
the moron just called a meeting now, so if you are not busy
please join us, Miss Louis got the joked and said I will be
right there give me 5 minutes and Mrs. Mackintosh said to
me don’t keep her too long okay and left, Miss Louis threw
a paper at her and she quickly left and Miss Louis said I hope
you don’t get me in trouble and she quickly got herself
together and ran out of the office and she was gone quickly.

I did the work that I was told to do and cleaned up the office
and took out the waste basket about 2 hours later they returned
from the meeting and she was surprised to find a clean office
and Mrs. Mackintosh says he cleans too I need one like him
and we all busted out laughing, There was a knock on the door
and when it was opened it was Anita, she was almost close
to tears and I had to excuse myself to attend to her, she was
having a problem getting into a class Basic Business writing
and she was just fed up since that was a class she had to take
for her major, but eh class was filled, I told her to wait
and I will go with her to her counselor, so I went to tell Miss
Louis I had to leave and relayed the problem to both of them
and they smiled and asked me to call her in.

I went to get her and Miss Mackintosh asked which class is
he having problem getting into and she told her and even
gave her schedule she wrote a note and told her, that is my
class and you just got in make sure you go back and give this
note to them at admission and come back and see me as soon
as you’ve done that, she was excited and couldn’t get
out of the office fast enough didn’t even say good bye.

I thanked Mrs. Mackintosh for her help and she said just
keep making sure my friend always have a smile on her face
and that is good enough for me, she slapped my behind and
left the office Miss Louis said and please don’t come
back you trouble maker, I thanked her and she said my thanks
is not enough, that I need to thank her at her place tonight,
I told her not sure if I can make it and she said if you can’t
I will take a rain check, she kissed me and said it will cost
you more then. Anita was back in about a hour with a smile
and went to thank Mrs. Mackintosh and she thanked her and
she came to back to my Miss Louis office and thanked her also
and Miss Louis gave me the rest of the day off and as soon as
we were about to leave she said if you can make it tonight
to finish our work that will help a lot or we will have to work
all weekend long, Anita said quickly he will be there we
have nothing else to do, she smiled and said will expect
you around 7pm then bye. We went to thank Mrs. Mackintosh
again and she said you welcomed and she told Anita not to
expect any favors in her class so she better apply herself,
we left and went back to her dorm and she told her mom she will
not be available tonight and is it possible for all 3 of us
too have dinner tomorrow night, her mom was also tired and
she said yes.

After that we went to my room and we just lay there and she
was excited and couldn’t stop kissing me for making it
possible to get her class, I told her what does she want to
do since I have to go to Miss Louis at 7pm and we have 4 hours
to spend before I leave, as I was talking she fell asleep
in my arms, I then decided to take a nap also and we woke up
about 6pm because of all the movement in the hall way.

I hurriedly got up and changed my shirt and washed my face
and kissed Anita goodbye, she asked me to wait while she
gets ready and she will walk me to the bus stop and go to her
room and visit with her roommates she hasn’t spent any
time with them since she got back. We both walked to the bus
stop and when I got on the bus waved to Anita and said will
call her when I get back.

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please keep these stories coming these are great with sexy
details and if you don't watch it you will wear it out