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My father was a "Ford" man


This story has sex in it but it is not a story about sex. It
is a story about how I followed my heart and what I found.

From the time I was old enough to remember, my dad drove a
Ford pickup truck. So my mother drove his truck when she
needed it for shopping and when I got my license I took my
dates out in his truck. It was embarrassing for me but it
was a lot better than walking. Dad was a no none sense guy
who supported us by owning a small welding shop on the edge
of town.

I only mentioned that because a year out of college, I had
a job which took me on road almost every week and my old car
was breaking down so much I needed a new one. I had never seen
my parents as proud of me as the day they saw me graduate from
college. But now I had to tell them I wanted to buy a new car
and that was not going to go over very well.

I was on the phone talking with mom when I mentioned to her
I was thinking about buying a new car. You would have thought
the world was ending by the way she reacted. I was throwing
my money away and new cars cost way too much and I should really
rethink that idea. "You didn't major in stupid
after all the money we spend on our education?" she
said next. I knew my parents probably spent most of the money
they had saved, just for my college education and they would
view this as wasteful.

It was 1972 and I was already making over five hundred dollars
a week although my parents would have died if they ever found
out how much money I was being paid. Sure, I had weekly expenses,
on the road, but the company I worked for was also paying
me nine cents a mile and six dollars a day for motels and food.
You might be laughing now reading those numbers, but in
1972, that was a very high paying job.

My mother and father both showed up at the Ford dealership
back home to help me making my first big purchase. Based
on their expressions, I just knew in my heart this was not
going to go well. My dad finally gave in and admitted a new
compact car might be a wise investment since I traveled
so much. But I had my eye on a Mustang.

I think the salesperson felt like he was in the middle of
world war three until the price was agreed upon and the papers
were signed. As a young man of twenty two, driving off that
lot in my first brand new car and it was a hot looking Mustang
was maybe the best feeling I had ever had. The smell inside,
the power when I pushed the gas pedal and just about everything
else about my car was beyond thrilling. If you want even
more of a chuckle at this point in this story, the sticker
on the Mustang was just under four thousand dollars. By
today standards that would be slightly more than a new set
of tires and a year's worth of car washes.

The hour I had to drive to back to my apartment was the best
hour in the world, as I blasted the music and sped down the
high way passing every slow car I came up to. Never before
were my spirits soaring like they were on that day. I parked
it outside of my apartment and went inside but I was too excited
about my Mustang, so I kept walking out to the parking lot
just to look at it over and over. I looked at my new Mustang
a dozen times or more before I finally went to bed for the

By seven the next morning, I was packed for the week and had
made my way to the freeway. Again in 1972 there were always
hitch hikers on freeway ramps and sometimes I picked one
up if he looked safe. But on this first morning of work in
my new car, there was no way I was picking up a hitch hiker.
This was going to be my alone time with just me and my car.
But as I turned onto the on ramp of the freeway and was prepared
to gun my new car and take off, I spotted this lanky looking
girl with her thumb out looking for a ride.

Let's face it, I was a good looking young man with a brand
new sports car so what girl would not be impressed. She had
long straight brown hair, torn, faded blue jeans and a weird
top but as soon as she smiled at me, I slowed down and pulled
over. She rushed up the side of the ramp until she reached
me and my car. "Where are you headed?" I asked
her. She looked in the passenger window and just smile and
then said, "Nowhere in particular."

She had a large green army duffle bag over her shoulder so
I told her to toss it in the backseat and get in. I told her
my name and asked her what he name was as she looked at me and
said "Everyone just calls me Sunshine." Ok,
so she was weird but she looked good enough, so I pushed the
gas pedal and off we went as if we were flying.

Clearly she was impressed with my new wheels. "You
have the 351 in here, I can tell. It's a really good engine
because the 428 is a little too scary, " she said softly.
I looked at her shocked so she just shrugged her shoulders
before she told her father was a car nut and so were all three
of her older brothers too .

We chatted back and forth and over the next hour or so she
learned that I worked for an eye glass frame company as a
salesman and I learned she basically followed certain
rock bands around the Midwest for the summer. I wondered
exactly what that meant but didn't ask. But I was still
my father's son so I thought like he had taught me, so
asked Sunshine how she supported herself.

Sunshine just smiled and says she gets by because other
people help her out here and there. I was not raised without
a plan for my life and she seemed to be more than happy having
no plan. I just didn't understand that way of thinking.
I wanted to be successful and someday have money. Sunshine
may have been cute, in an odd sort of way, but she was not my
kind of girl .

About ninety minutes into my day, I was close to seeing my
first optical store customer. So I asked Sunshine if she
wanted me to drop her off on the freeway ramp so she could
continue to where ever she was going. "If you don't
mind, I think I will just hang out you., " she said.

She remained quiet and rode with me into town until I parked
my new car. She climbed out and asked me if I was going to lock
my car and I realized that everything she owns in the world,
was probably in her duffle bag. I told her I was going to lock
it. I didn't have a lot but at least I had more than one
green army duffle bag worth of stuff.

Our company had just come out with a whole new line of designer
frames that I felt would be hot sellers and as it turned out,
I was right. And when I got back to my car, I looked for Sunshine
and saw her strolling along window shopping a half a block
away. I just stood for a moment before she spotted me and
looked at her, kind of impressed with the way she strolled
along and glanced into window after window as if she didn't
have a care in the world.

She was indeed a tall girl, five foot five or six and very
slender. But she still had a sexy look to her with a nice ass
and small but interesting looking bumps on the front of
her top. Sunshine and I headed off for my next stop and then
another after that. We stopped for lunch around noon and
of course I picked up the tab for her lunch. She graciously
thanked me before we headed back out on the road.

It was an unusual day with an unusual girl but something
about Sunshine drew me to her. We went back to work after
lunch or should I say I went back to work after lunch while
Sunshine hung around and doing whatever she did. We had
made our way south ever since I picked up her and when my first
day was coming to an end, we were in Madison Wisconsin.

"I really love this town. They have lots of great bands, "
She said and seemed to get more excited as I pulled up to the
small motel I always stayed at. It wasn't' fancy
but it was clean and it was cheap and that is all I really cared
about. Sunshine got out, grabbed her bag and thanked me
for the fun day. "Well good luck, " I told her
as Sunshine turned back and looked at me one last time before
she said, "Good luck to you too."

I watched as she made her way to the street before a guy in
a car slowed down, picked her up and Sunshine was suddenly
gone. I knew there was drifters and homeless people but
Sunshine had so much more potential. I just wondered why
she was wasting her life chasing guys in rock bands around
the Midwest.

In some odd ways, I was kind of sad to see her leave but I had,
had a really good day selling and decided to splurge and
by myself a nice dinner. I slept well that night and woke
up early feeling like I was fully refreshed. I quickly showered
and packed my clothes back in my suit case, ready to start
all over again.

I remember opening my motel room door excited to see my new
car again but what I saw was Sunshine again, leaning against
my car waiting for me. She had a nice smile and offered it
to me before she said, "Can I hang out with you again
today?" I told her I was not coming back to Madison
again, but heading East instead. "That's ok.
I have nowhere to be, " She said as she picked up her
duffle bag ready to spend another day with me.

So Sunshine and I got back into my new car and headed east
for more appointment and hopefully more sales. We had gone
about twenty miles when I asked her where she stayed the
night before. "Oh I don't know. Some guy's
place but his band sucked, " she said half giggling
as she told me.

Sunshine then added, " It would be really cool if
you would let me take a shower tonight in your motel room.
The guy last night had his water turned off and I missed getting
a hot showers." I must have lived a protected life
because I had never met a girl like Sunshine before. Apparently
she thought nothing of fucking complete strangers whose
water had been turned off while knowing she would never
see them again.

"Sure you can use my shower, " I told Sunshine
and dropped the subject after that. So we spent our second
day together traveling from one sales call to the next and
once again Sunshine was like my good luck charm because
two days in a row I never got a no from a single customer. And
in-between as we drove and chatted, Sunshine was fun to
be around.

I learned she was from Ohio and was spending the summer hitch
hiking through the Midwest to, as she put it, " trying
to find herself." I figured it was a pretty safe bet
that Sunshine might not have even finished high school
but I didn't want to insult her and say it. She had already
told me she was nineteen and didn't know what she wanted
to do with her life. Like I said before, Sunshine was probably
smart and could do a lot of things if she truly wanted to work

Sunshine looked at me oddly as if she could read my thoughts
before she said, " I know you won't believe me
but I did go to college last year." She must have sensed
I was doubting her story about college so she quickly said,
"Wait, I think I still have my student ID in my duffle
bag." She turned around on the front seat on her knees
and began to dig through her duffle bag.

I really thought she was just didn't want to get caught
in a lie. "It's ok. I believe you, " I told
her but she didn't listen to me and kept digging in her
bag. She looked and looked and even said" Oh fuck",
a few times, which made me chuckle while she pretended to
be looking for her college ID that she probably didn't
have. I told her again I believed her when I actually didn't.
Sunshine just didn't look like the college type. "There
it is, " Sunshine finally said as she turned around
and faced the windshield again.

She had her thumb over her name so I couldn't read that
part but when my eyes saw "Harvard" on the top
of the Id I nearly drove off the road. "You went to Harvard?"
I said with a dry throat. Instead of explaining anymore
to me, Sunshine just smiled and told me Harvard has some
of the best showers in the world.

I suddenly realized I had no idea what to even say to this
woman. But she babbled on and on about life and how she liked
just roaming around and meeting new people. I asked Sunshine
if she was going to go back to Harvard in the fall. "I
don't know. My parents expect me to, " She replied.

We had lunch and made more sales calls and did a lot more laughing
until it was nearly five and another day had come to a close.
We had pulled up to another of my favorite, small, cheap,
clean motels when Sunshine mentioned I promised her a shower
again. I told her I remembered and went to check in while
she waited in my car. I came out a few minutes later and drove
down to my room before I let her walk first, carrying her
large duffle bag over her shoulder.

"This is pretty small, " Sunshine said as she
looked around the room for a few seconds. "You should
have seen the room I had last summer, the week I was in Paris, "
She added and my jaw dropped again. Who is this girl and where
did she come from? I asked myself standing in a small motel
room with this very odd creature.

Sunshine quickly dug through her duffle bag and pulled
out what looked to be a clean pair of jeans and a top. And then
she lifted her hand with a pair of lacy panties in them and
giggled while she told me, " I can't forget these."

I felt very nervous and it felt very awkward so I asked her
if she wanted me to step outside until she was finished.
. Sunshine whipped her head around and then calmly said
"Only if you want to." She then reached for her
top and pulled it over her head without warning. My eyes
began to water when I saw her small breasts for the first
time. Her smile went away as Sunshine looked more like a
serious woman for the first time since I picked her up. She
just stood there facing me with her small delicious tits
pointed at me.

Sunshine then wiggled out of her jeans and walked into the
bathroom to take her shower without saying another word.
My mouth was dry and I began to sweat as I paced back and forth
in the small motel room while she turned on the shower. What
if she walks out naked? Should I have sex with her or would
that be too crazy even for me.

I was by no means a virgin, since the two girls I had had sex
so far in my life, had both been girlfriends for a very long
time before we did it. And with both of them we had talked
beforehand and thought that maybe someday we would get
married, so doing it wouldn't be so terrible. But there
was no such talk with the girl I picked up yesterday morning
, so I was now completely flustered.

It was almost a relief when Sunshine walked out of the bathroom
wearing at least a clean pair of panties. But my eyes still
could see her tiny breasts and the crack of her pussy under
her panties as my cock began to grow anyway. Our eyes met
and neither of us said a word as we stood a few feet apart,
staring into each other's eyes. I was breathing more
heavily and so was she as we faced each other in silence.

"I didn't fuck the guy last night, he lives with
his girlfriend. I slept on their couch, " Sunshine
said softly as she began to tremble even more. I guess I must
have smiled as if she was my real girlfriend and had just
found out she had not cheated on me. Sunshine then said,
"Its been over a year for me. And I have only had one
boy friend I did it with." Maybe this carefree acting
girl wasn't so wild after all.

"It's been over a year for me too, " I said
back to her as she offered me a smile as if I was her boyfriend
and she just found out I hadn't cheated on her either.
Her small perky breasts began to heave a little while her
nipples continued to swell. "What's happening
between us?" she asked softly. I told her I didn't
know but I felt something since the moment I picked up her.

"I'm really scared right now, " Sunshine
said as she walked up to me slowly and wrapped her arms around
my neck. She had a clean soap smell to her skin and her hair
had the smell of flowers in it from her shampoo. But it was
her lips that were the most tender lips I had ever kissed
and it didn't take long before Sunshine and I were locked
in each other's arms. Can two people fall in love in
less than two days? I began to wonder because kissing Sunshine
wasn't like kissing any other girl I had ever kissed

She trembled, clung to me as tightly as she could and whispered
to me, "I know I should go but I don't want to leave
you." Sunshine then began to undress me slowly with
one button at a time as we kissed each other constantly.
She undid my belt and unzipped my slacks as they fell to the
floor between us and we still didn't stop kissing each

It was the most tender, most genuine, most intense few minutes
of my entire life and I felt like she felt the same way. Sunshine
didn't rush nor did she resist. She was letting me take
the lead until we reached the edge of the bed. "Is this
where it starts for us or is there where it's going to
end?" she said looking directly into my eyes. "I
hope this is where it starts, " I told her before Sunshine
reached down to remove her panties for me.

Her pussy had a very high pubic bone that stuck out above
her pink pussy lips which were surrounded by a small patch
of fine hair. I then removed my boxers as my cock sprang out
in front of her. We both had the right parts, so now all we
had to do was see if they fit together. Sunshine then turned
down the bedding before she reached back and grabbed hold
of my hand so I would join her at the same time.

She was no longer this free spirited girl who said "Fuck"
anytime she felt like it. Instead, Sunshine was this gentle
warm young woman who held me tightly and made me feel like
she truly loved me. Her small breasts barely flattened
out against my chest but I definitely felt her nipples.
Neither of us had enough sexual experience to know how to
do oral sex on one another. It was just a bunch of kissing
and touching and rubbing as we both got hotter and hotter

She was incredible to hold and even better to feel against
my body. So when I felt she was ready I slowly pulled at her
thighs and opened them up. "Are we both really sure
about this?" Sunshine said as I lifted myself until
was on top of her. She then lifted her head off of the pillow,
pressed her lips to mine and whispered to me she was ready
to share herself with me.

There was not a lot of extra meat on her bones and around her
pussy, there was even less. So once the ball end of my cock
found her outer lips, Sunshine began to respond immediately.
I learned forward just a little and the fat head of my cock
parted her outer lips as it slipped an inch into her pussy.
It was both intense and a little scary for both of us as we
felt our bodies beginning to come together.

I pushed again and another inch or so opened up Sunshine's
tunnel as I moved slowly in and out of her as I went deeper
each time. Her wet, slippery vagina had a silky smooth lining
that was incredible as it gripped my cock like a vise. It
took Sunshine and I a few moments to come together until
she had my entire shaft all the way up into her wet tight young

"This is incredible, " she said as her eyes
had grown larger than normal. It was so intense for both
of us to have our bodies connected, that I didn't even
have to move for a few moments. Somehow Sunshine had taken
my entire cock into her tiny frame and boy did it feel amazing.
In fact it felt so amazing I hadn't moved and still enjoyed
the feeling of my rigid throbbing organ being squeezed
tightly by her inner vaginal muscles.

And Sunshine was just clinging to me feeling her own bodily
responses to having me inside of her womb. "This is
the greatest moment of my life, " She whispered to
me as we held each other as tightly as we could. I was afraid
if I moved my cock even an inch it might just erupt and this
amazing experience would be over.

Sunshine then told me she had spent the summer looking for
the man of her dreams and when she saw me, she knew she had
found him. Sunshine and I then began to make love as I moved
slowly in and out of her wet, tight pussy as the friction
got even worse. My arms trembled, she whimpered and together
we shared something very, very special.

I felt like my cock had found its home for life and Sunshine
seemed to savor every inch of me, as we continued to make
love. Both of our hearts were beating fast and we could feel
each other's thump in rhythm, every time our chests
met. Sunshine was reaching up and kissing me over and over
as my shaft moved in and out of her wonderful womanhood.

I was getting more excited as the pressure continued to
build and Sunshine sensed it. At one point while I struggled
very hard to hold myself back for as long as I could, Sunshine
whispered to me "I want you inside of me forever."
My face was distorted and so was hers as the moment arrived
when our union was going to explode like the fireworks show
on the fourth of July.

Sunshine was gasping, I was gasping and together we just
cut it loose and went after each other with every ounce of
energy we had left. I truly didn't want to hurt her but
I needed to fuck her harder than she may have ever been fucked

When the first spasm occurred I was going out of my mind and
I felt this thick knot of hot cum squeeze out of my cock and
shoot into her hungry pussy. And Sunshine must have felt
it too because she jerked under me as my flood of sperm was
suddenly being unleashed inside of her.

But together we somehow managed to live through the experience
and by the time it was over, Sunshine and I didn't have
the strength to even speak. Instead I remained on top of
her skinny frame with my hard shaft still throbbing in her
warm pussy and we kissed and kissed and kissed.

Sunshine and I were all smiles from then on as we showered,
got dressed and went out to have dinner together, holding
each other's hands the whole time. We were back in our
room by eight and back on the bed making love again moments
later. Her lips were on fire and her body was incredible
to bond with as Sunshine and I made love the way two people
are supposed to make love. It was gentle, tender and caring
until it got rough and physical near the end. I couldn't
get enough of her and she couldn't get enough of me but
then real love is supposed to be like that.

Over the next two weeks Sunshine and I spent every moment
we could together in my new car, making more sales or making
love on a bed.. And we got to know each other too and I learned
that her grandparents were the one's paying for her
Harvard education which I told her over and over she should
finish someday.

And Sunshine kept telling me she knew I was right about her
schooling but she loved me so much, she didn't want
to leave me ever again. We were young and stupid and at one
point we even discussed me moving out East and finding a
another job out there so we could still be together while
she went back to school. I was willing to do whatever it took
to be with her for the rest of my life.

Sunshine had promised me she would make me some cookies
so she sent me to the store with a list of things she needed
to make me cookies. I was on top of the world and rushed just
so I could get back to her. But the moment I walked back into
my apartment instantly it felt cold and I just knew she had
left. I found her note on my pillow and read it as the tears
ran down my cheeks.

"This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I will
love you forever. But you were right and I need to finish
school. " She signed it, My truest love, Sunshine.
I had given my heart to a woman I knew hardly anything about.
What was her real name and where exactly was she from, etc.
All I really knew was the heart ached like never before without
her. I appetite was gone, my sales drive vanished and my
life literally stopped for the next couple of weeks. All
I did was go through the motions of trying to work and trying
to get at least a few hours of sleep each night. What made
this so completely insane was the fact my Mustang had brought
us together and now that wasn't even important to me
any longer.

I had lost ten pounds and was physically ill for some time.
I didn't want to drive anymore and I had no desires to
do anything. More than a few times I even thought about just
driving to Harvard and trying to search for Sunshine but
I didn't.

The weeks turned into months and I slowly began to return
to being my old self. And then the months turned into years
and over the next few years I thought about Sunshine less
and less. Although ever once in a while when I drove my car
down the highway, she would still pop into my head.

It was right before Christmas and I was packing to go home
and be with my folks when my mother called. And trust me,
for my mother to spend the money to call me long distance
meant that it probably wasn't good news. I immediately
asked Mom if her and dad were ok.

" We are just fine. Just be quiet so I can explain something
to you, " Mom said with her stern voice as if I was still
her little boy. I told mom I was sorry and remained quiet
so she could tell me whatever she needed to tell me. "Well
this morning a man knocked on our front door. And when you
father answered it, the man handed him a Christmas card
and just left, " Mom said.

"Your father and I think you have lost your mind completely, "
Mom said next. "Well what exactly did the card say?"
I asked Mom. She took a deep breath and told me the card just
said, "Enjoy it" and then she said my name was
on the bottom of the card. "Do you know what is in our
driveway, right now?" Mom said as if she was still
lecturing me. I told I didn't have a clue and that is
when she said a brand new Ford pickup truck.

Instead of trying to convince her on the phone I had did not
give dad a new pickup truck for Christmas, I told her they
should not drive it and I would be home in a couple of hours
to figure this out. "Well we are certainly not going
to drive it. You need to take it back to the dealership as
soon as you get here, " My mom said before she hung

It was Christmas Eve day around two in the afternoon when
I left to go back home and spend my holiday with my parents
and yes, figure out the mystery behind this new Ford truck,
sitting in their driveway. It was the strangest thing I
had ever heard of.

Dad and mom were outside looking at the truck when I pulled
my car in and got out. It was certainly shiny, huge and clearly
very expensive. They both began yelling at me as I walked
around the truck to see which dealer it had come from. At
least then I could call the dealership and have them come
and take it back. And my eyes couldn't' believe
it when I saw the dealer sticker. "Sunshine Ford of
Dayton." I nearly broke down in tears and began to
shake. I remember thinking is this for real?

I turned to my parents and said I needed to leave right away
because I had a long road trip in front of me. "What
do you mean you need to leave?"My mom asked as I suddenly
felt shaky and nervous both at the same time. I tried to explain
that this truck probably came from a girl a knew a few years
ago and now I needed to go find her. My mother suddenly sensed
something when she looked into my eyes and held my face in
her hands and softly said, "Go find your girl."

But first, mom made me wait until she brewed me a thermos
full of hot coffee and packed me a sandwich in case I got hungry
along the way. I pulled my car onto the highway and headed
for Dayton Ohio and hopefully into Sunshine's arms.
I started out so excited I could hardly sit but eventually
I got really tired sometime after midnight and slept for
a couple hours in a rest stop along the way.

It was around nine the next morning on Christmas Day when
I arrived in Dayton and drove around looking for Sunshine
Ford. I must have driven down a dozen busy commercial streets
before I spotted Sunshine Cadillac and then a Sunshine
Buick dealership. Of course they were closed so at one point
I thought I may have to break into one of them so the police
would be called and maybe I could find out what Sunshine's
real name was.

But I got break when I finally spotted at "Sunshine
Ford." And if something or someone was guiding me,
there on the closed gate was this small medal sign that said,
"Morgan's Sunshine Ford." I was so excited
I nearly peed my pants as I wrote the name down and got back
in my car to find an open gas station and buy a roll of dimes
off of them and start using a pay phone to find her.

I stood freezing on Christmas morning outside of a pay phone
in Dayton Ohio, calling every Morgan listed in the phone
book. Two didn't answer, two hung up and four were polite,
wished me a Merry Christmas but said they didn't own
any car dealerships. And then I got lucky, really lucky
when this man answered and I politely asked him if he owned
Sunshine Ford. "Yes I do but we are closed today. Have
a wonderful holiday, " and then he just hung up.

I was at least closer, with an address which I had on the page
of the phone book I had just torn away. It had to be Sunshine's
parents, I mean it just had to be so I jumped back into my car
and got directions for their home. That took me another
thirty minutes because it was on the edge of town and I got
lost twice and had to stop and ask for directions both times.

I slowed down with my heart racing faster than my Mustang
could have gone when I finally found the very large home.
Was she there or did they know where she was at? What would
I say to them or to her? At that point my brain was working
too fast as I pulled up the circular driveway and stopped
near the front door. "Please God. Don't make
me sound like a fool?" I said to myself as I got out and
walked up to the front door.

I rang the door bell, took a couple of steps back and held
my breath. I probably looked like crap having drove all
night and slept in my clothes. The door opened slowly as
an older man appeared, wearing his robe while sipping on
a cup of something and smiled before he wished me a Merry
Christmas. I told him I had just called asking if he owned
the dealership. "Yes son, but we are closed today, "
the man said about to shut the door again. So I blurted out,
"Do you have a daughter who went to Harvard?"

HIs expression turned rather serious before asked me who
I was and what was I doing on his doorstep on Christmas morning.
By then I assumed it was his wife who joined him in her robe
staring at me as if I might be a criminal. I guess I must have
had shown my fear in my eyes because the woman finally covered
her mouth with her hand and gasped before she asked me, "Are
you the boy from Wisconsin?" I nodded yes as she pushed
her husband out of her way and pulled me into their foyer.

"Oh honey. You must be cold, " She said first
and then asked me how I had found Christine's home.
I told her the story about the truck in my parents driveway
as she listened rubbing my hands in hers while she tried
to warm my hands up. "Christine is right upstairs.
She was about to jump into the shower. I'll go get her
so don't you dare move, " She said and rushed
up the stairs.

I was trembling more than I have ever trembled standing
in the foyer looking up towards the top of the winding staircase.
Was I finally going to be able to see my Sunshine again after
all of these years. My stomach was in my throat as I waited
for her to appear. I saw her mother covering Sunshine's
eyes as she lead her to the top of the stairs and turned her
so she would be able to see me when her mother removed her

"Merry Christmas darling, " Her mother said
to her, before she removed her hands and Sunshine looked
down at me and just froze up. She was definitely my Sunshine
although her hair was now wavy. Sunshine looked into my
eyes, began to tear up as her emotions erupted as she fell
to her knees. She covered her face with her hands and I began
to hear her sobbing like a small child.

My heart was ready to burst, being able to see her again after
all the years I dreamt of her. Sunshine had on this silly
pair of flannel pajamas with big yellow dots . She thenscreamed
and began to run down the stairs towards me. Her mother kept
telling her to slow down but Sunshine was moving at the speed
of light. I also began to tear up by the time she reached my
arms and ran into them as fast as she could.

Her lips were as warm as I remembered as she hugged and kissed
for the first time in a long, long time. It only took us one
kiss for us both to know we still loved one another and we
always would. Just one kiss was all it took before this lanky,
skinny wonderful woman jumped up and wrapped her legs around
my waist, right in front of her parents. "I love you
so much" Sunshine said and I told her I loved her just
as much. Her parents stood nearby and smiled as their daughter
and I kissing and hugging each other and it probably looked
like we would never let go of one another.

Sunshine and I have lived our lives, as much in love as we
did since I first picked her up on the freeway ramp, so many
years ago. And even though our four grown children think
we are crazy, every Sunday afternoon their mother and I
go for a ride in my father's forty year old, Ford pickup
truck. Dad passed away about ten years after Sunshine's
family had given it to him but his pipe is still in the ash
tray and his cap still rests on the front seat between my
wife and I as we drive around together still celebrating
our love for each other.

I guess it paid off for me to have my father be a Ford man.

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Skeemac 50 M
Score 2.3

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Wow. What a story! Awesome.


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Fantastic story. You are one lucky couple.


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Dude, that is like the most incredible story and you presented
it in such a manner to keep the reader interested all the
way through. I sure hope you don't add a note later saying
it is a fiction work as it's nice to know these things
do really happen. If it is nonfiction, I hope that the two
of you have had a life as awesome together as the beginning
and may it always be that way.


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What a great story, happy that things can come true. I do
hope it is a true story.


Members can vote on this response!

I know it was fiction but I want to believe it was true. Of
course ALL your stories can not be, but you do make them believable.
Thanks once again, and this just might be the sweetest story
I have ever read. It should be in some True Romance magazine.
By the way I once picked up a hippy girl coming from an anti-war
rally that looked just as you described. I had dared a police
officer to come out of a building he was guarding and she
had seen that; and then squealed how cool it was when she
got in my car. We did have awesome sex at her place and seemed
to be in love, but her love failed when she heard that I had
just returned from Vietnam and the reason I was daring the
cop outside had nothing to do with being anti-war. He had
shoved me and called me a stupid asshole when I tried to get
in the building. So she fell out of love instantly and saying,
I can't believe I balled a fucking baby killer!"
pushed me out of the door.

I sure wish my story had been a happy ending like yours, but
that is real life.

Thanks for the great stories you always write...


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what a story, I'm glad you to found each other, and had
a good life


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wonderful!!!!1 Almost made me late for work.


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You have written some wonderful stories but this is by far
the best ever!


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That was the most fantastic love story I have ever read.
It, so far was the best story this site ever published. If
it was a true story(and I hope it was) it should burn in the
hearts and souls of everyone that reads it, and my hat is
off to you for penning the most utterly enjoyable short
story I have ever been enthralled by!!


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That was one of the best stories I've ever read on here


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That was a very touching story.


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Yes as Said above.....VERY AWESOME Story and I to Hope it's
a True story. And YES PLEASE Write More stories Just like


Trapper69 61 G
Score 5.4

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This is, by far, the best story I've had the pleasure
to read here on AdultFriendFinder It's very deserving of 10 stars!
I thank you for putting so much effort into writing this
story and sharing it with us. I'm sure you could write
a sequel....hell, I think you could have several more chapters
to this story!


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love is what it takes to make the world go around and when you find make sure you work to keep it this couple did and do . very well dine and with a gentle tone. thanks