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My daughter in law


A sliver of light crawled through the crack in the drapes;
making its way across the carpet, up the side of the bed and
directly into my eyes. It was just enough to wake me. I like
it really dark when I sleep so I frequently wake up early
during the summer with the sun’s early rise. I had an intense
‘morning hard-on’ but it was going to have to wait for
a while. My wife was not a morning person: my waking her at
this hour would not amuse her. I started to turn over and
put my arms around her and see if I could go back to sleep,
or even better, maybe she would wake up early, when I realized
I was alone in bed. Then I remembered, my wife was out of town
for the week. She would not be home for several more days.
She was out on the road with our son conducting seminars.
Once our last child had left for college she decided to start
her own business. The previous five years she had worked
for a company that conducted business management seminars.
She worked her way up to being their premier speaker and
finally decided she had the skills and contacts to do it
on her own. Our son Todd had just graduated with an MBA and
wanted to work with her. They are still struggling but beginning
to catch on. Their bookings have increased dramatically
the last couple of months.

I started to take care of my erection myself, but I was not
totally committed. My mind was drifting, thinking about
a project I was working on and after a minute or so of half-hearted
stroking I decided to just go back to sleep and take care
of it later. But first I got up, closed the drapes, and in
the darkness, got back into bed and quickly went back to
sleep. That had not always been easy in our house. We have
three girls and our oldest child, Todd. They were just a
few years apart from the oldest to the youngest. Our home
was always noisy with them and their friends running around.
Now the two youngest girls, the twins, are freshman in college,
living away from home for the first time and their older
sister, a junior; was also living away from home. The quiet
in the house was deafening. I woke up a couple of hours later
and my hard-on was back with a vengeance, insisting that
he be taken care of. I took myself in hand and was fantasizing
about a couple friends of my daughters who came around to
the house all the time while they were in high school. You
know the type, cute looking teens with high perky breasts,
really low-waist pants that show those hipbones and a bit
more: The kind that beg you to slide your hand down the front
and cup their mounds while moving your fingers around….
Oh crap! I was just almost there and now the doorbell has
to ring.

I got out of bed and pulled some sweat pants on. I didn’t
bother with a shirt. I would just tell the solicitor to beat
it and then I would go back to bed and do the same. I was tempted
to just ignore whomever it was but you never know. As I walked
through the house to the front door I happened to look down
and saw my sweat pants sticking out a noticeable distance
in front of me. My erection was preceding me. I started to
stop but then the bell rang several more times. My, they
are certainly persistent. I’ll just peek around the
door and shoo them away. When I got to the door I looked out
the peek hole in the door and saw it was Nancy, my son’s
wife. If I hadn’t already had an erection she could give
me one right through the door. Nancy was just a darling.
She was the ‘girl next door’ you read about. I had to
be careful when she was at the house: It was so easy to stare
at her. She had long blond hair, a great figure, nice breasts,
long slender legs, and as they say, ‘cute as a button’.
She reminded me a lot of that girl on ‘Wonder Years’
TV show that was on years ago, Winny I think her name was;
at least on the show. I can remember lying in bed as a teenager,
watching that show and really pounding…well that’s
another story.

The doorbell brought me back to reality. I opened the door
and pulled it partially open. I was trying to stand a bit
behind it so save being embarrassed. I could just hear her
talking to Todd when he returned and giggling, ‘and your
dad answered the door with his cock poking his pants out’.
Nancy said “Hi Dad”, and walked right in. I started
to say Cheryl is not here when I realized she must know that,
her husband is with Cheryl. Nancy went over to the couch
and sat down. I closed the door, tried to hold a hand nonchalantly
in front of my crotch to hide my condition, and walked over
and sat at the other side of the couch. I need not have bothered,
Nancy was looking down at the floor; something was bothering
her. I moved a bit closer to her and put my hand on her shoulder.
“What is it Honey”? She looked up at me and put her hand
on my thigh. I almost jumped; an inch further to the right
and she would have put her hand right on the head of my cock.
Any diminishment of my erection was now reversed. If anything
I was getting harder than before. She finally looked up
at me, “Dad, I’ve been trying to figure out how to say
this to you for some time now”. While she hesitated before
going on, thoughts began whirling through my mind, is Todd
and Nancy’s marriage in trouble? Are they getting a divorce?
I hadn’t noticed any problems and Cheryl had not said
anything. “I don’t know how to say this perfectly so
I’ll just get it all out at once”.

I patted her shoulder, “Sure Nancy. Would it be better
for you to talk to Cheryl”? I didn’t know if this was
a ‘female; thing. Perhaps she would be more comfortable
talking to her.That must have broken some tension because
her lips broke out into a little smile. “No, I don’t
think Cheryl can help me here. I need your help”.

“I’ll do what I can. Now what’s bothering you”?

“You know that Todd and I have been trying to have a baby
for the last couple of years”?

“Sure. Cheryl told me a while back. I still think you two
are kind of young though”.

“I’m older than my mom when she had her first. Besides,
I came from a large family and I love kids. Todd has three
sisters so he has that ‘large-family’ feeling also”.
Nancy hesitated, looking down for a moment before lifting
her eyes back to my face. I noticed she was having trouble
looking me in the face. She frowned, “Things haven’t
been going the way we thought. It has been two years now and
I haven’t got pregnant”.

I nodded, “Well it can take a while for some people”.

“I know it can. But still, two years? About six weeks ago
we finally went and saw a fertility doctor. The results
came back last month”. She stopped, like she was trying
to decide what to say next. “I’m okay but Todd has a problem.
His sperm count is extremely low. The doctor says it is remotely
possible for us to have children but more likely not. He
said don’t count on it, that we should look at other options”.

“How did Todd take it”?

“I haven’t told him. You know how men are about their
virility. Todd is great, but he is also one of those guys
who think with their dick sometimes; if they can’t get
a woman pregnant they are less of a man”. Then she looked
up at me, “You won’t tell him will you”? I shook my

That said, Nancy began to softly cry. I moved beside her
and put my arm around her shoulder. I didn’t say anything;
just let her weep softly. After a minute I got up and got some
tissue for her. Fortunately my boner had subsided a bit.
It no longer looked like I had a tent in my sweats. After a
few minutes she stopped, composed herself and dried her
eyes. I asked, “Have you considered other alternatives?
There are fertility drugs, perhaps adopting”.

“I don’t want to adopt. I want ‘our’ children.
I know that sounds stupid and emotional but it’s just
how I feel. We talked to the doctor some time ago about artificial
insemination and fertility drugs but we just cannot afford
it. It’s thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands”.
I knew it was expensive. “Honey, I wish we could help but
we are in a bind right now also. Maybe in a few years it will
be different”. With that my voice kind of trailed off.
I didn’t know what else to say that would help. Nancy sat
up and turned to face me, “I know, but there is something
you can do that would fix the problem. I have given this a
lot of thought. You can do something that will help Todd
and me a great deal”. She was talking really fast. What
could she mean? I thought perhaps artificial insemination,
with me as a donor, but she knew the cost for that already
so it could not be an option. I started to open my mouth but
Nancy put her hand up to stop me. “Let me finish. I won’t
be able to say this unless I keep going. It’s kind of embarrassing
and like I said, I have to say it all or I’ll never do it:
And I have to, so just let me talk for a minute and then you
can say something”.

I moved back a bit and nodded for her to go ahead. “We really
want children but it looks extremely unlikely we can have
our own. Any options that would help are just too expensive
for us. I don’t want to adopt. I have given this a lot of
thought and I think there is a way we could have our own, kind
of”. I should have figured something out by now but I must
be just too dense. I started to ask a question but Nancy held
up a hand to stop me. “You can help us Dad. Your DNA is virtually
identical to Todd’s. If you help us have a baby it would
be family. The baby would look like us. You can help Todd
and I have the family we want”. Nancy stopped talking
and just sat there watching me. I was confused and said somewhat
hesitantly, “I’m not sure what I can do. You said artificial
insemination was too expensive. We would love to help you
and Todd but we don’t have the extra money right now either”.
Nancy did not immediately answer; she just looked at me
for a moment. Then she stood up and reached down and took
my hand. “Come with me Dad. I want to show you something”.
I stood up, and with my hand in hers, we walked down the hall
and into the master bedroom. She let go of my hand as we walked
through the door. I stopped just inside the door and she
took a couple more steps and stopped at the foot of the bed
and turned to face me.

I looked around and wished I had made the bed. I normally
waited until the morning my wife returned to straighten
ever thing up. I looked back at Nancy, “What is it you want
to show me”? Yes, I was that stupid. In one fluid motion
Nancy reached to her waist, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt
and pulled it up and over her head. It happened so fast and
was so unexpected I just stood there and stared. She then
reached behind her, unfastened her bra, put her arms out
and let if fall to the floor. Her breasts were everything
I had occasionally fantasized while having sex with my
wife. I have never liked huge breasts, must be a childhood
fear of being smothered, and who likes a flat chest. Nancy
was comfortably in the middle. My wife has had four children
and suffers the usual effects of gravity and motherhood.
Nancy had so such problem. They stood out nicely, pointing
at me with those large erect nipples. While I was standing
there speechless, staring at her breasts, she reached
to her waist and pulled her shorts and panties down to her
ankles and kicked them aside. I finally found my voice as
she took a step towards me. “Nancy, what are you doing”?
My eyes were now on that space between her legs. Nancy was
fairly tall and had long slender legs. When you saw her thighs
the natural thought was to wonder what they would feel like
wrapped around yours. It was also apparent that she was
a natural blond. I took a step backward as she walked towards me. “Dad,
as I said, I have given this a lot of thought in the last month.
There is a way you can help us”. She stopped and looked
up at me, “Please”? I took just the one step backward
when I reached the wall and had to stop, “Put your clothes
back on. We can’t do this. Todd is my son. You are his wife”.
She just said, “Please”? She reached out to the waist
of my sweat pants and pulled them down a few inches before
I grabbed them to stop her. She had pulled them down just
far enough that my cock was freed. It was now fully erect
and pointing at her. I pushed her hand away from my waistband
and her hand brushed against my cock. She looked down for
a moment and then grabbed my cock with both hands. “Dad,
I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when I started
thinking about this. I looked at every other alternative
and this is best”. She took a step back, pulling on my cock
as she did. I had a problem. Where a guy’s cock goes, he
tends to go. She backed up until the back of her legs were
against the bed. “Nancy, we can’t have sex. You can’t
have a baby this way. You are my son’s wife. Besides I’m
happily married”. I was having trouble. When I moved
my hands to hers to get her to let go of my cock she would then
grab my sweat pants and attempt to pull them down. She had
succeeded in getting them down below my crotch. I had to
spread my legs a bit to keep them from falling to the floor.

“Dad, I’ve considered all the options”. Nancy sounded
much more serious now. “This can work if you will just
listen to my plan”. Nancy reached down and pulled my sweat
pants the rest of the way to the floor. I stepped out of them.
It seemed kind of silly to keep fighting her when she already
had my cock in one hand. “Okay”, Nancy continued. “It
will be like a sperm donation. It won’t be like we will
be having sex. We won’t even face each other. You’ll
just sort of give me your sperm and then Todd and I can have
the baby we want so much”. Nancy let go of me, turned, and
crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees. She moved towards
the middle of the bed and then stopped, still on her hands
and knees, facing away from me. “Dad, I’ve ovulated
and now is the time”. After a few moments she once again
added, “Please”. I didn’t say anything. I was torn.
There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help them, but
she was my son’s wife. I stood there looking at her. Even
facing away from me I could see her breasts, enticing, dangling,
nipples pointed towards the bed. Then I looked down her
side and eventually at her inviting pussy. It felt like
I was invading her privacy. I had always been faithful to
my wife. I’d never strayed. Counting high school and
college I have not had sex with another woman for thirty

Nancy interrupted my thoughts, “Dad, don’t leave
me this way”. Her voice no longer had the earlier confidence.
I could hear the hesitancy, the nervousness in her voice.
She was kneeling in front of her father-in-law, naked,
asking him to fuck her, and he could turn her down. I took
a step towards the bed, still not sure of what to do. I knew
what I wanted to do, just not sure what I should do. I looked
down between her legs. I couldn’t deny it. I did want to
fuck her. I could hear myself begin to rationalize. I wasn’t
cheating on my wife I was doing my daughter-in-law a favor.
I wasn’t fucking the wife of my son. I was helping them
to have the child they wanted. She wanted me to do this: To
try and get her pregnant. Well, however misguided, I was
willing to try. I moved up behind her on the bed. Her skin
looked so smooth, inviting. Her legs were fairly close
together, just inches apart. I put my hands on the inside
of her thighs and gently pushed out to get her to spread them
further apart. With my hands on her hips I pulled her slightly
towards me. I looked down; my cock was just an inch away from
her pussy, maybe less. I wondered, no foreplay, would this
be difficult, painful? The head of my cock pushing against
the lips of her pussy and it was as though the lips parted
for me. The head easily started to slide into her. I had been
hard for so long I was lubricated enough for both of us.

I finally pushed my hips forward and watched as the swollen
head of my cock slowly disappeared in her. I had crossed
my Rubicon, there was no point in holding back. I pushed
forward again and watched her lips stretch around my cock,
her pussy slowly envelop me as I disappeared inside of her:
The lips of her pussy slowly sliding over the ridges of my
cock, stretching to encase me. I was mesmerized. I pulled
back so I could watch it again. As I pushed forward into her
the second time the pleasurable sensation finally caused
me to thrust forward harder, burying myself completely
in her in one stroke, my groin pushed up tight against her
butt. She felt so tight around me. I was not used to this.
I began slowly stroking in and out of her. My wife’s pussy
had passed four children. We still had good sex but tight
was not a sensation I had experienced in many years. It felt
so good I wanted to just keep fucking her hard until I came.
Then it hit me, that’s what I was supposed to do. “Thank
you Dad. You won’t be sorry”. Nancy put her head down
on the bed and reached back between her legs with one hand.
She need not worry. I was already not sorry. I felt her fingers
brush against my shaft and I slid in and out of her. I stopped
for a moment, wondering what she was doing. Nancy noticed
and said, “Don’t stop. The doctor said if I have an orgasm
during sex it might increase the chance of getting pregnant”.

By this time I had no intention of stopping. And if she was
trying to have an orgasm, perhaps I could help. I ran my hands
up her back and then down her sides to cup her breasts. I heard
her suck in her breath and I began fondling her breasts and
then the nipples. “Will this help”?

“Ye….yes” Nancy stammered, breathing harder.

At one point I moved my hands back to her hips and rose up straight.
Looking down I could watch as my cock slide in and out of her.
I could see the skin of her pussy being pulled back as I pulled
partially out of her before thrusting back into her. Nancy
continued rubbing her clitoris but would sometimes drift
away to push her palm against my shaft as I continued fucking
her. Every so often she would reach back and take my balls
in her hand before returning to her clitoris. Once she wrapped
her thumb and forefinger around my cock right at the base.
Then as I stroked into her she pulled me harder into her.
It took a moment before I figured out she was trying to get
me to go faster. Once I was there she let go of me and turned
her attention back to her clitoris. After several minutes
of this Nancy stiffened and then pushed her butt hard back
against me; keeping me deep inside of her. I could feel her
pussy spasming around my cock. The thought of her having
an orgasm with me inside of her was all I needed for mine.
As she began to relax I stroked hard into her a few times and
then grabbed the top of her shoulders and pulled her back
tight against me. I thrust my hips hard against her butt
several times, my cock firmly buried in her. Just as I was
about to cum I felt her squeeze me with her pussy. Thank God
for kegel muscles. I exploded inside of her. As each stream
of seminal fluid left my body for hers I pushed hard against
her, trying to get deeper, stay deep inside of her.

Once I was drained I held her there for a minute, enjoying
the sight of her young naked body in front of me; my hands
moving lightly from her hips up to her shoulders and then
back to her hips. I finally pulled out of her and collapsed
on my back on the bed followed by Nancy next to me. We lay there,
both of us breathing hard, not talking. After several minutes
Nancy was the first to speak, “Thank you Dad. I know that
wasn’t easy for you”. She had no idea. After another
moment she added, “Are you okay”? I thought about it
before answering, “”I’m okay. I hope my donation
helps”. I meant it to be light-hearted but neither of
us laughed. We both lay there for several minutes without
saying anything else. I had a lot of thoughts going through
my head, some good, some laden with guilt. I wondered what
Nancy was thinking. Was she suffering the same guilt as
I? Then the thoughts of guilt were replaced with thoughts
of Nancy’s breasts. How could they be so soft and firm
at the same time? Was I really kneeling between her thighs
just a few minutes ago? I was feeling very relaxed, and might
have fallen asleep if not for Nancy putting a hand on my thigh.
“I’ve heard that the sperm from a second ejaculation
is more potent than the first”. Two times in a row; whom
was she kidding? My wife and I had not done it twice in a row
in years. I had to smile, “Nancy, you have to remember
my age. I’m not as young as you. I’m willing to help but
let’s not fool with nature”. For emphasis I reached
down and lifted my now limp cock up and let it fall back down.

Nancy reached over and took my cock in her hand, “Maybe
he just needs the right encouragement. We’ve come this
far. The hard part is over. We might as well do everything
we can to improve my chances”. I let her fondle me while
I watched: Her small hand working my cock. When I was almost
fully erect I turned over on my side to face Nancy. She had
her eyes closed and continued her work. I leaned over and
took her nearest nipple in my mouth. It was soft and my tongue
could push it around but it quickly became hard and erect.
Nancy said, “I don’t know if you should be doing this”.
I sucked it into my mouth, pulled back a bit and then let it
go with a soft ‘pop’. “I’m just trying to help you
get ready”. I leaned forward again and sucked more of
her breast into my mouth, running my tongue around and over
her nipple. She groaned and began squirming beside me,
her thighs rubbing together. I could not reach her other
nipple from this position so I rose up on my hands and knees.
I moved over above her, putting one knee between hers. I
pushed my knee higher between her thighs, firmly against
her pussy, rubbing against it. She moved her legs farther
apart to make it easier. She let go of my cock, it was fully
erect again and put her hands on my hips. From where I was
I could easily reach either breast. I used my lips and tongue
to tease one nipple and then the other before moving down
to her flat stomach, kissing her skin as I went, then once
again returning to her breasts. Her breathing became more
labored. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the
lips. As I pulled back she looked up at me and said, “Dad,
I don’t think we should” but she made no effort to stop
me. I lifted my other knee up and moved it between her legs.
She kept her feet on the bed but pulled her knees up along
side my hips. She squeezed them against me and then lowered
her knees sideways until they almost rested on the bed.
I moved back to her breasts for a moment before lowering
myself against her, my cock now back at the entrance to her
pussy. She started, “Dad, I don’t think”, but then
stopped as I moved my hips forward, pushing a few inches
inside of her.

I held myself there for a moment before bringing my chest
directly above hers. The movement caused me to slide deep
inside of her. I could feel her hips push towards me, trying
to get me fully embedded in her. It was so hot inside of her.
I thought a second time would be messy, uncomfortable,
with my cum still inside of her. I was wrong. I lowered more
of my weight on her and began thrusting against her; moving
deep inside of her and then pulling almost all the way out
before bottoming out again in her. I could feel her chin
bouncing against my shoulder as I picked up speed. Her legs
began squeezing against my hips and then spreading wide,
as though she could not make up her mind which felt best.
She moved her hands down to my butt, grabbing me and pulling
me with each thrust into her. The first time I was still a
bit guilty and somewhat undecided about what was happening;
I was not totally committed. When she said she wanted an
orgasm I made sure she came first. Until I came in her we could
still stop and try and pretend it never happened. This time
I wasn’t feeling guilty and I was certainly not undecided.
I just wanted to fuck her and I wanted to cum inside of her;
and soon. I moved my hands down under her hips to pull her
tightly against me and began thrusting faster. I knew it
would not take long. I was past that. It was just lust. Nancy
moved her arms up and wrapped them around me.

Nancy was breathing hard, groaning as I slammed into her.
I slowed down and began grinding against her clitoris.
It took just a few minutes before I began feeling my impending
orgasm. I began long slow strokes into her. I wanted to feel
each squirt of my cum as it passed into her. Nancy pushed
her hips up against me, meeting each thrust from me with
one of her own. As the first stream shot from me I felt Nancy
hug me tightly to her and her thighs tighten against the
outside of mine and then her pussy once again began spasming
around my cock. A high-pitched squeal escaped through
her gritted teeth. In my entire married life I think there
were only a couple of times that Cheryl and I came at the same
time. As each stream left me I thrust forward tight against
her, the strength of the thrusts diminishing as my supply
of cum quickly ran out. I was finally left on top of her, breathing
hard, her legs still spread and her ankles hooked around
my thighs. I knew I was heavy on her so as soon as we finished
our last shudders I wrapped my arms around her and rolled
the two of us over. She came with me, ending up lying on top
of me; her head on my chest, facing away from me. Neither
of us said anything for a while. When the silence had lasted
several minutes I knew I had to say something. “I’m
sorry. I shouldn’t have done that”.

Nancy turned her head around to face me but kept it on my chest.
“No, it’s okay. It might even help. The doctor said
that position is actually the best position to do it in.
You, I mean, the guy gets deeper and gets the sperm closer
to the cervix when, you know, you cum in me”. She stopped
for a moment before adding in a very soft voice, “and you
certainly did get deeper”. After a few seconds she added,
“I suggested we do it the other way, uh position, because
I thought it would be easier for us. You know, I mean being
family”. I said, “I’m fine doing it either way. If
the doctor says you have a better chance of getting pregnant
this way then that’s okay too”. After about twenty
minutes we got up and took a shower together. By that time
it seemed almost normal for the two of us to walk around each
other naked. The next morning Nancy again appeared at my
front door. She walked in, took my hand and I followed her
to the bedroom. It was a couple of days later that I got a call
from my wife. A CEO in one of their seminars was so impressed
he asked if they could give an in-house seminar for his company.
The only time they had available in the next couple of months
was the end of this week. My wife and Todd had decided to stay
the rest of the week and give the seminar.

That night just before dinner Nancy showed up at my door
with a suitcase. I was surprised. She normally came by in
the morning, and besides, what was the suitcase for? “Dad,
there was a burglary and a woman was on our block last
night. I talked to Todd last night and he suggested I stay
here in his old room until he gets back”. I thought it was
a great idea. It clearly wasn’t safe at her house. She
put the suitcase in Todd’s old room and then we both went
out for dinner. When we returned we settled down and watched
some TV. Around ten I decided there was nothing on I was interested
in so I got up to go to bed. I was pretty disappointed when
Nancy had put her suitcase in Todd’s old room. I did not
like sleeping alone and had looked forward to having Nancy
in my bed when she said she was staying with me. I said goodnight
and walked down the hall towards my bedroom. As I passed
Todd’s old room I stopped, opened the door and looked
inside. “Whatcha doin”? Nancy’s voice right behind
me startled me. I turned to her, “I was just making sure
you had clean sheets and stuff”. She smiled at me, “Why?
I’m not sleeping in here. Why’d you think that”?
I pointed at the suitcase. “I just brought that for nosy
neighbors and some extra clothes”. She took my hand and
we went to my bedroom. Thirty minutes later we were both
in my, our, bedroom, her sitting on top of me, rocking back
and forward with me deep inside of her, her eyes closed,
my hands on her breasts when the phone rang. I motioned for
her to get off of me as I reached for the telephone; she smiled,
shook her head and continued rocking back and forth. “Hello”?

“Hi honey. How are you doing”? It was my wife. “I’m
fine honey. How are you and Todd doing? How is the seminar
going”? Nancy’s eyes were closed, a smile on her lips,
and beginning to rock faster on me. She was starting to get
that determined look on her face just before she came. “It’s
fine. We’ll be done Friday afternoon and we’ll be home
late that night”. Good, that gives us two more days, and
nights. “Is Nancy still up? Todd would like to talk to
her”. I looked up at Nancy, still thrusting her hips back
and forth on me, a smile now appearing on my face. “Yes,
I think she’s still up. Hold on a moment and I’ll go see”.
I motioned again for Nancy to get off me as I put the phone
down on the night table. Nancy silently mouthed ‘I’m
taking a bath’, and continued rocking back and forward.
I said, “Okay, here she is” and put the phone out to her.
After a few seconds she pouted and then took the phone. “Todd?
Are you there”? As they talked Nancy never stopped moving
on me, though much slower now than before. After several
minutes of talking she finally finished with an “I love
you too” and then handed the phone back to me. Nancy pouted
again, “I was so close. You seemed a bit nervous”.

“Well, yes. It is kind of odd. We’re fucking while you
are talking to your husband and I’m talking to my wife.
Doesn’t that seem strange to you”?

“Yes, it is a little odd. But don’t think of it as fucking.
Think of it as you are providing a valuable service, a job
if you will. It’s your job to get me pregnant, to service
me. I can’t help it if it is mildly pleasurable at the same

I reached up to tweak a breast, “Mildly”?

She laughed, “Well maybe a bit more than mildly”.

“What about Todd”? It was a subject that I had avoided
talking about and tried to not even think about.

“This does not affect my marriage. This is to get pregnant,
to make my family stronger. I love Todd. I love you too, but
as my father-in-law. You are doing Todd and me a big favor.
And I don’t suppose this is causing you any discomfort
either at this point”. To emphasize her point she ground
herself down on top of me. “Do I enjoy this? Obviously
I do. But once I have my children we’ll stop and it will
be over”. Children? We continued without any further
talking to our inevitable conclusion that night. We also
took advantage of the next couple of days before my wife
and Todd’s return. It was a week, later with my wife and
Todd off again on a tour that Nancy once again showed up in
the evening on my doorstep. When I opened the door Nancy
was crying. I took her hand and pulled her into the house,
“Come in Honey. What’s wrong? Has something happened
to Todd”? She was crying so steadily she could not talk
for several minutes, just waved at me when I tried to get
her to calm down. I gave her some tissue to dry her eyes when
she finally slowed down. “What’s going on”? All
she could get out that I could understand was “Period”.

I waited and she finally composed herself and said, “I
got my period. I’m not pregnant”. I was relieved. I
thought it was something serious. “Honey, you know it
can take a while. You’ve talked to the doctors. It’s
not just Biff, Bam and you’re pregnant”.

“I know Dad. It’s just that I’ve been hoping so much.
We’ve been having sex almost every day and most of the
time twice a day at that. I thought that would be enough”.

“It might take a while. I’ll be there for you”. I certainly

Nancy dried her tears. “I know you will Dad. I appreciate
it”. We sat down and talked for a while about nothing in
particular, just passing the time. After dinner was finished
we went to bed. Just getting in bed with her gives me an erection
and this was no exception, period or not. When Nancy got
in bed she moved up next to me and reached over to put her arm
around me. As she did her hand bumped into my now erect cock.
Nancy giggled, “We can’t have sex but perhaps there
is something I can do to fix that”. I figured she was going
to jack me off. I didn’t mind. A girl’s hand was certainly
better than mine. Nancy looked at me, “I might not do this
right. I’ve never done it before. I tried once with Todd
but he stopped me. He said he doesn’t really like it so
I didn’t try again”.Nancy lifted the covers and pulled
them over her head as she moved down my body. I watched as
the bump under the covers moved down until it settled at
my waist. Then I heard her muffled voice, “I think he probably
does, like it I mean, but he figures he would have to do me
in return and that is probably what he doesn’t like. Some
men don’t I guess. But I hear all men like this”.

Nancy moved her hand to encircle the base of my cock. I was
then surprised when I felt her lightly kiss my shaft, near
my balls. She slowly worked her way up the shaft, light little
kisses as she got nearer to the head. I felt a light peck on
the head of my cock. It was like a goodnight peck you might
give your sister. She was right; she didn’t know how to
do this. Was that going to be it? Then I felt something move
around the head, making a complete circle before it pulled
away. It had to be her tongue; it felt wet and very warm. As
I watched, the bump under the covers moved to where it had
to be directly over my cock. I felt another light kiss and
was about to offer a suggestion when the head was engulfed
in a moist, hot mouth. Her hand began making small, inch
or two, strokes at the base, right at my balls, while her
head started moving the covers up and down as she slid her
head up and down on my cock. I had to watch this. I pulled the
covers up and over to the side off of us. Nancy immediately
pulled back off my cock. “No Dad. Uh, it’s cold”.
It was way too warm in the room. No way it was too cold. Plus
our two naked bodies were pretty pressed together. “It’s
not cold. If anything it’s pretty hot in here”. I pulled
the pillow up beneath my head. I wanted to watch this. Nancy
replied sheepishly, “It’s just kind of embarrassing.
It’s easier if you aren’t watching”. While saying
this, her hand was still stroking me slowly, soft short
strokes. As she pulled on my cock it moved up slightly, ever
so close to her mouth.

“Honey, please I want to watch you. You can’t believe
how it turns me on to watch you”.

Nancy did not say anything. Keeping her eyes on me she opened
her mouth and lowered it back to my cock. Just as I was about
to disappear into that inviting interior her tongue came
out and began licking around the head in lazy circles. It
felt so good I lifted my hips off the bed, pushing myself
into her mouth. She closed her lips around me and her head
began bobbing up and down on me. Occasionally her teeth
would scrape me but I was not about to say anything that might
make her stop. That familiar tingling began and knew I was
close. I reached down and pulled her hand away from my cock.
When she looked up at me with a question on her face I told
her, “I just want to feel your mouth”. She moved her
tongue around me like I was an all-day sucker. “Oh yes,
and your tongue”. I wanted to lay back and just enjoy the
sensation but I was also curious what would happen when
I came. It felt so good my hips were bouncing up off the bed
to meet her mouth. If I could I would have held off for a while
just to make it last longer and enjoy it more. My wife hardly
ever did this and after I cum in Nancy’s mouth it might
be my last time with her also. I should be a gentleman and
warn her but I was just too selfish. I wanted to cum in her

I had lowered my head, just enjoying her mouth, but now I
raised my head to watch Nancy’s face and lifted my hips
one last time. Hot semen exploded from my cock as I let out
a long groan. Nancy’s eyes grew big as the first blast
erupted in her mouth, but she did not move away, she kept
moving her tongue around me. As I watched, her cheeks sank
in as she sucked on me. I let my head fall back on the pillow.
I had done almost nothing but felt exhausted. When I finally
had no more cum to squirt in her mouth, Nancy once again took
my cock in her hand and licked me clean. I heard her call me
and I looked up. She opened her mouth and I could see the white
liquid pooled in her mouth, her tongue swishing back and
forth in it. As she closed her mouth a small amount spilled
down her chin and dripped onto my stomach. Watching me,
she closed her mouth and very deliberately swallowed.
She then leaned down to my stomach and licked off the bit
that had spilled onto me and swallowed it also. Nancy moved
up the bed and lay beside me, her head on my shoulder. “I
seem to have drained you of your vital bodily fluids”.
She traced a finger in little circles on my chest. “It
wasn’t what I expected. I hear guys like it when the girl
swallows. It’s a real turn-on to them”.

I could only let out a low “Yes, it is”.

“My girlfriends talk about it of course. Some like it
some don’t. You never know until you try it for yourself”.

I was curious. She had not said how she felt about it. Was
she one of those that didn’t like it? “And how was it”?

“I thought it was neat. The taste was different though
I didn’t know what to expect. What I liked most was the
power. I liked giving you that intense pleasure. Though
it was a waste of perfectly good sperm”.

“Trust me, that was no waste”. We talked a while longer
before we drifted off to sleep. Over the next few months
we developed our pattern. Todd and my wife would go out of
town. Nancy would come and stay at my house and we would fuck
like bunnies. She would get her period and be sad and then
I would get oral sex until we could begin fucking again.
On occasion I would give her a good licking but she preferred
a good fucking. She was focused on her goal. We came close
to getting caught just one time. I was on top of Nancy, pounding
away, just seconds away from cumming when we heard the garage
door motor start. Todd and my wife had come home early. Nancy
and I jumped up and grabbed all her clothes from my bedroom
and quickly dumped them in Todd’s old bedroom.

Nancy was in a great mood to welcome Todd home and I got to
fuck my wife that night to her big surprise; twice to my surprise.
The first time I lasted just minutes. Nancy had me so close
earlier that I barely lasted long enough to get inside of
her. My wife was surprised; we had not had sex much in a while.
I explained I was just so excited to have her back. Nancy
and I settled back into our routine over the next couple
of months: our spouses on the road and us in bed. We were all
surprised when Nancy finally announced she was pregnant
a month later. I had to wonder, who was the father? I knew
she still had sex with Todd. I expected a sudden cutoff with
her but our routine did not change, though it did slow down
a bit. It had been a long time since I had sex with a pregnant
woman. When Nancy reached her ninth month Todd stayed home
and my wife went out on one last seminar trip by herself.
The night after she returned we were lying in bed talking.
She put her hand on my chest, “Honey, you’ll never guess
who I saw today at the market. You remember Bill Mitchell
and his son, Frank”?

“Sure. Frank’s a few years older than Todd. Doesn’t
he have like three or four kids”?

“Well its four now. I saw his wife, Erin, at the market.
She is such a pretty girl. She has been really good at getting
that weight off after having her babies. Well anyway, she
just had their fourth. We got talking and something came
up. Before I left she asked if I would have you talk to Frank
about something”.

“I don’t know what I could talk to him about. He seems
to know how to do it already. Four huh”.

“No, she wants to stop. She does not want to have more;
four is enough. I told her about your vasectomy and she wondered
if you could talk to Frank about it. You know, let him know
it doesn’t change anything. You know how men are about
their sperm”. Fuck. Who else has she told about my vasectomy?
“Honey, I’ll talk to him. But I want you to promise me
something. I know I’m just being a ‘MAN’ but it’s
something I’m sensitive about. I would really appreciate
it if you would not tell anyone I’ve had a vasectomy, not
even family. I know it’s stupid and I shouldn’t feel
that way but I would really appreciate it”. My wife laughed,
“Okay Honey. You sound like a real Tim Taylor. You know
you are not less of a man to me. In fact you are more of a man
to have had the vasectomy instead of my having my tubes tied”.

“I know it’s silly. It’s just a macho thing. But will
you promise”?

“Okay, but you’ll still talk to Frank”?

“Sure, I’ll talk to him. But you won’t forget and
tell anyone, this is important to me”. As my wife drifted
off to sleep I thought about ‘how important’. If Nancy
found out she would kill me. Well, she would at least hurt
me pretty bad. It would also harm our family relationship
even though Todd would probably never find out why. Plus
there was a bigger reason. I still remember when Nancy first
talked to me about being a sperm donor for her; she talked
about having children, not child. While I was unable to
donate the sperm, I certainly wanted to be there, to encourage
her and be an active participant as she attempted to conceive
her future children. I was willing to give it my all.

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