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My big time "Cousin" problem


A love story with complications.

When my cousin Tina and I were very little, we played together
under the supervision of our mothers. And looking back
now, I can see how elaborate they made some of our games,
although I will never know if they intended for something
to happen between Tina and I, or not.

One of the games Tina and I played the most was getting married
with all the trimmings down to a bride's dress Tina's
mother made for her and a suit my mother bought for me. I remember
she always carried a bouquet of fresh flowers from my aunts
flower garden and I would be positioned in front of an homemade
altar my aunt and uncle had in their living room.

The earliest time I remember playing that game was when
I was about six years old so Tina would have been about four.
My aunt would then put on the wedding march song and Tina
would then walk across the room as if she was the bride walking
down the aisle. As a little kid, it was kind of fun until the
end. Our mothers would then tell Tina and I that we were now
married and then the most embarrassing part would follow.
We were told we had to kiss, each other. When I was eleven
and Tina was nine, we both began to refuse to play that game
any longer.

The next few years things were fairly normal for both of
us as we continued to experience puberty and all that our
bodies had to go through during that change. Tina and I still
spent a lot of time together at our weekly family get together's
but it was more of a distant kind of relationship, between
my cousin and me.

And then for some reason at my high school graduation party,
Tina and I went back to being very close cousins again. We
spent a lot of time talking about the college I was going
to be going off to in the fall. And we talked about her plans
for her junior year in high school now that she had made the
cheer leading squad. I thought Tina was very pretty but
then having a pretty cousin is not the same as having a pretty
girl friend.

We had both dated a few times too, so we compared notes about
our dates too. Tina and I were off by ourselves outside chatting
when my mother found us and brought us each a beer. It shocked
both Tina and I that our family was now letting us drink.
We had both drank a few beers before, at high school parties
but never at home in front of our families.

I didn't particularly like the taste of beer at first
but I liked how it made me feel. It was also the first time
I realized Tina could not handle her alcohol at all. By time
my cousin had finished the beer my mother had given her,
Tina was giggling constantly and acting a little crazy.

And I remember Tina whispered in my ear and asked me if I had
done it yet with a girl. I nodded yes, before I asked her if
she had done it yet with a boy. "Came kind of close once
but I stopped him, " Tina said blushing like crazy
as she told me. And then she suddenly began to laugh even
more before she reminded me I was the first boy she ever kissed
back when we use to play bride and groom.

"Did you like kissing me back then?"I asked
her. Tina shook her head no and said she only did it to make
our mothers happy. But then Tina looked at me rather seriously
and asked me if I had liked kissing her back then. "When
we were little?" I asked my cousin. She was giggling
when she nodded her head yes. I tried to make a joke of it so
I told her I liked it more as we got older than I did when we
were really little.

Tina agreed that it felt different, once we were older.
Just then Tina's mother, my aunt Rita surprised us
both when she brought us each a second beer. "Well
don't look so shocked. You two are getting older now, "
Aunt Rita said as she handed Tina and I our beers. I kind of
believe that our family liked the fact Tina and I were now
off by ourselves talking to each other, again.

The next few months went fairly normal as Tina and I chatted
when our families got together but that was about it. It
was in the fall when I headed off to college and my life began
to really take off. Of course I saw Tina at Thanksgiving
and again at Christmas but that was about it. If anything
all we did was smile at one another.

It was March during the spring semester when my mother called
me sounding quite upset. "What's wrong?"
I asked mom as soon as I heard the tone of her voice. "Tina
has not been asked to prom yet and the whole family is very
worried, " my mother said. I chuckled and reminded
my mother it was only early March and there was a lot of time
for some boy to ask Tina to go to prom.

"Well Uncle Paul and Aunt Rita are still very worried.
So we all talked it over the other day, and decided you need
to ask Tina to go to prom with you, " My mother said
and she sounded dead serious. And before I could even respond,
my mother told me I had to come home on the weekend so I could
ask Tina to go to prom so everyone could stop worrying. "We
will all feel much, much better, " My mother said
before she told me she loved and hung up.

But I didn't go home and instead called Tina to tell
her the call I had gotten about her prom situation. At first
Tina laughed before she said she would take care of this
problem and that I did not to worry. I guess I would say it
was the first time Tina and I talked like adults and not just
like cousins. And if you're wondering, Tina got asked
to prom by two different boys, her own age, a few weeks later.

The next several years passed and although I still saw my
cousin, it was not as often as I use to. Tina ended up going
to college a ways away from where I went to college and then
graduated a few years after I did. I also got a call when I
was in my mid twenties by my mother telling Tina had gotten
engaged. So, naturally I called my little cousin to congratulate
her and find out all about her upcoming wedding plans, which
were still two years away or so my mother had said.

Tina sounded happy with her life and somehow we ended up
talking for over three hours that night. In fact we both
had so much fun chatting about our lives, that we agreed
to talk once a week just to stay better in touch. And then
after just three weeks on having long talks on the phone,
Tina and I decided to meet half way between where we both
now lived and spend the weekend catching up on old times.

I can safely say neither of us thought anything would happen
but in fact that was the first time Tina and I shared the same
bed. We had both arrived early on Saturday afternoon and
checked into our rooms. She looked simply great, not as
anything other than my cousin.

Tina had grown her hair out so it was very long and very straight
which made her face look that much more striking. We both
tossed our things into our rooms and met downstairs in the
lobby to go for a long walk and a chance to talk in person.
And later that night when we met for dinner, I guess I can
admit that when I saw her in her heels, Tina struck me differently
than she ever had before.

She rode with me on our way to the dinner club we were going
to dine at and at one point during the ride, my cousin commented
about how great it was to be back together again. "It
sure is, " I think I said back to her as she smiled and
patted my arm with the palm of her hand. "Now you have
to remember, you can't legally marry Mike, because
we got married many times when we were little, " I
said as a joke to her.

"I almost forgot, so thank you for reminding me, "
Tina said giggling alongside of me. I was chuckling along
with her when Tina then said she wondered if our marriages
were still legal since we never consummated any of them.
"Well we did kiss each time, so I think that counts
when your six and four years old, " I said back to her
as we arrived at the steak place for dinner.

I parked my car, got out and walked around to open her car
door like I had been taught to do when you take a lady out even
if the lady is your cousin. I remember holding the door and
watching my cousin's long legs swing to the side before
she stood up and straightened her skirt. "Yes, that
is right. We did kiss. I can't believe you violated
me when I was so young, '' Tina said with a big smile
on her face before I shut the car door. I really, really liked
my cousins sense of humor even more.

Our conversation flowed from then on, through dinner and
then back in my room where I had a bottle of really good twelve
year old scotch. Tina and I were sitting on the two chairs
in the room, chatting as the night was coming to an end. At
one point Tina looked at me and rather seriously said "Have
you ever wondered what it would be like?"

And she didn't have to explain what she meant because
I already knew. Sparks had been flying between us, ever
since Tina and I first met up in the lobby early in the afternoon.
"You mean, you and me together?" I asked her
after a long silent pause. Tina merely smiled and nodded
her head yes.

"Me too. But it's still creepy to think about, "
Tina quickly added. I asked Tina why she thought it would
be creepy and she explained it was because we were cousins.
"But what if we weren't cousins?" I asked
her as she sipped her scotch. Tina explained if that was
the case we would have probably have already been together
by now.

What Tina and I got as we stared at one another after admitting
we would have already been a couple, was that we did share
and had always shared was a very special bond. Tina then
used my bathroom and trust me I noticed her long slender
legs as she walked back to her chair. She noticed me looking
at her differently but then women always noticed it when
a man looks at them the way I was looking at Tina.

"You know we can't do that, " Tina said
to me after she sat back down. I smiled for a moment and asked
Tina if she meant, "Can't" or "Shouldn't?"
She smiled, nervously I might add and admitted we could
but we shouldn't. "Ok, let's change the
subject, " Tina said offering me one of her bright

"Ok, so tell me all about your wedding plans, "
I said to her as she seemed to relax again. Tina explained
she hadn't really start making plans yet although
they had decided they still needed two years to be sure about
taking the big step. "Ok, you still have two years
to work those details out. So what do the two of you like to
do that brought you together in the first place?"
I asked my cousin next.

Over the next half hour, Tina and I got into the strangest
conversation I had ever been part of. One minute she was
happy she had accepted the ring and the next she was kicking
herself for saying yes. Or she loved him and she then questioned
whether she truly loved him or not.

"I am really mixed up about all of it. That is why I wanted
to see you this weekend, " Tina said. I remember not
feeling really sure this was a good idea but I stood up anyway
and reached for Tina's hand. Tina put her glass down
and slowly rose to her feet until we were facing each other
and we both knew what was about to happen.

Of course Tina and I both felt something very strong bringing
us together. Neither of us spoke after that but then words
would have gotten in the way. I took one small step towards
Tina and she took one small step closer to me. I remember
she looked very tense yet she still wet her lips with her
tongue before we reached out for each other with our arms.

"Let's promise each other, no regrets, if we
do this" Tina said. I was staring into her deep blue
eyes as I said back to her, "No regrets ." I then
pulled Tina into my arms we our lips finally touched in a
way that simply blew us both away. And holding her nicely
formed, slender body in my arms only made me want to kiss
her even more. Tina was trembling as she pulled back for
a moment and looked into my eyes before she pressed her lips
to mine for the second time.

I had known Tina forever and she had known me forever so when
we hugged each other between our kisses, it meant more than
just a hug. I could feel her heart beating fast inside of
her chest as she remained tight against my body. And holding
her so close to me inspired me more than when I had held any
other woman.

Her long brown hair smelled wonderful as did her perfume
as Tina and I just stood there clinging to one another. We
had shared two very hot kisses so far and now had to take a
moment just to cling to each other and recover. Tina then
rested her head on my shoulder as she remained in my arms
as we both cherished this moment in silence. I kept asking
myself if this was really happening and then asking myself
how to stop it.

I don't know what Tina was thinking but I felt like it
was natural to be holding her the way I was. So Tina and I remained
standing, holding on to one another for a few more minutes
and neither of us made an effort to stop this or move it forward.
I think the kisses we had shared had not completely sunk
in yet and we both felt this moment in our lives, needed savoring.

"Thank you, " Tina finally said softly in my
ear as I held onto her. "For what?" I asked my
cousin. "For showing me what real love feels like, "
Tina said before we kissed again. And our third kiss was
different and neither of us held back like had done during
our first two kisses. It took us all of five seconds before
Tina's tongue was in my mouth and mine in hers.

And from then on, we both understood this was something
we could no longer stop. Quicker than before, our kisses
turned frantic as we clung to one another and couldn't
seem to get enough of each other. My male instincts took
over and Tina never objected. I began to unbutton her blouse
after a few more torrid kisses, and Tina stood in front of
me with a glowing look on her face.

"I always knew someday this was going to happen, "
Tina said after I finished unbuttoning her blouse. Tina
had rather petite, narrow shoulders as I slowly ran my hands
over them as I slid her blouse down her arms. She had worn
a very lacy bra which barely held her breasts in place as
I put her blouse on the chair and turned back to hold her again.

"Are you as happy, right now, as I am?" Tina asked.
We had hardly gotten started and my dick was so hard, it was
beginning to hurt. "I am very happy right now, "
I said to her as I then helped her out of her skirt next. My
cousin had wonderful shaped hips with a nice curve but not
too much curve. Just enough to finish off her feminine shape
as if she was a professional model.

Tina's eyes looked amazing as she stood there wearing
only her lacy bra and panties. "Now it's my turn, "
Tina said as she slowly began to unbutton my shirt with a
big grin on her face. And once she had my shirt open, she used
the palms of her hands to slowly rub them all over my chest.
"You feel amazing, " Tina said as her warm palms
remained over my muscular chest.

And then we just pulled each other back into each other's
arms as our lips meshed together with even more heat. And
while I was kissing Tina and was holding her, I also reached
behind and unhooked her bra. Somehow we didn't manage
to put only an inch of space between our two bodies but Tina
still somehow was able to wiggle out of her bra and let it
fall to the floor. So when we then came back together, our
bare chests were free to touch, for the first time.

Tina was large enough to get all of my attention after that.
She was so soft, so warm and so perfect in every way possible.
And feeling my cousins' bare breast against my bare
chest didn't feel wrong either. It felt natural and
I might add, it felt natural for her too.

We were into another long, hot kiss when Tina undid my belt
and unzipped my slacks because they were suddenly around
my ankles on the floor. Her lips finally pulled back as she
smiled and told me to help her turn the bed down that we were
going to share together as lovers. Apparently my cousin
was also a neat freak because she made sure we had folded
the end of the sheets, neatly over the blanket at the end
of the bed.

She then stood up facing me from across the bed with only
her panties left on while I only had my shorts left on. "Do
we still promise each other, no regrets?" Tina said
smiling at me from across the bed. "I just know in my
heart, we are not going to have any regrets" I said
back to Tina as she reached for panties at the same time I
reached for my shorts. We both removed our underwear before
we stood back up and faced each other with our bodies totally

Tina's sweet, puffy pussy had a sprinkling of light
brown hair around it which looked, simply amazing. And
Tina also stared at my hard cock and balls with a smile on
her face before we both climbed onto the bed at the same time.
It quickly became an uncontrollable war of hormones.

At one point Tina was gasping like crazy once my tongue began
to taste her womanly juices. Her outer lips grew even bigger
as I forced blood to rush into them as her body prepared for
intercourse. "Oh honey, don't stop. Please
don't stop, " Tina said to me as I brought her
closer and closer to her first orgasm. She was truly an amazing
female creature in need of a hormonal releases. And when
her river finally began to flow, it flowed hard and forced
me to drink her juices.

I have a good size cock, not huge but long enough and thick
enough once it gets totally rigid. And Tina used her warm
wet mouth to make me as rigid as I could get. . But once we began
to join our bodies together, was when it really hit both
of us, that neither of us had felt anything like this with
anyone else, ever before. . In fact Tina and I just stopped
for a moment once she had my entire cock inside of her pussy,
and we just looked into each other's eyes.

"Oh my goodness, " Tina said as we looked at
each other but didn't' move a single muscle. Well
except for my throbbing male organ deep inside of her pulsating
womb. And once our eyes were locked on to one another's
I began to move slowly in and out of her tight slippery tunnel
as the friction build quickly.

Her jaw was locked and her eyes had fire in them as my cock
began its final expansion deep inside of her. " Oh
yes, fuck me hard, " Tina said, so I promised her I
was going to fuck her even harder. I was literally pounding
her as our bodies intensified before our fluids would begin
to blend inside of her sweet pussy.

The first thick glob shot out of my dick like a cannon ball
and splashed as far up inside of Tina as it could go. And then
my really dam broke and spasm after spasm of hot cum shot
out and began to fill her as she laid gasping for air under
me. I fell asleep feeling exhausted but still a bit haunted
by the fact I had made love with my cousin.

And the next morning when I opened my eyes and saw Tina peacefully
sleeping alongside of me in my bed, it still put a smile on
my face. I even liked watching Tina sleeping as I just laid
there for another fifteen minutes before she finally opened
her eyes too.

But the morning sun also brought us both back to reality
and we both had to get past what we had done together the night
before. Tina got dressed and rushed back to her room to shower
and get ready to head back home in a few hours. But before
she left my room, Tina and I agreed to meet downstairs in
the hotel cafe to share breakfast and talk about this.

And hopefully we could also figure out why we did what we
did. In the end, Tina and I agreed it was an experience we
both would cherish forever. In fact the chemistry between
us was so magnetic that we ended up back in her room after
breakfast for one more attempt to make one more memory.

Tina and I kissed before she backed up and objected, by saying
that this time, we had to stop. I didn't listen to a word
she had just said because I had felt her kiss and knew she
didn't really want me to stop. But I decided to call
her bluff, so I turned as if was really going to leave her
room. "Don't leave me, " Tina said as I
turned back and faced her again with a big smile on my face.

"You just told me we had to stop, " I said to Tina
as she stood across the room looking as sexy as possible
in her shorts and summery top. Tina frowned at me before
she said "We both know this is complicating our lives.
But we also both know we want to be together."

My cousins top came off as did her shorts and bra. And as I
got undressed Tina crawled onto the bed and waited anxiously
for me. I remember I was staring down at her lying there with
her panties on and thought Tina looked like the sexiest
creature I had ever seen. Long, lean, yet still curvy.

I was hard and already leaking when I joined her on her bed
and after just one kiss, I yanked her panties off too. While
Tina was silky smooth, I was more muscular and more hairy
so the attraction we for each other's bodies was impactful.
I kissed her, suckled her nipples and then slid down between
her legs so could taste her one more time.

And while she laid on her back with her legs spread, whimpering,
my tongue darted in and out of her wet crack while my fingers
played with her the hair around her pussy. It took Tina only
a minute or so because she exploded. But it was time for the
real deal so once I mounted Tina again. Sliding my dick deep
into her warm pussy was the magic all over again for both
of us. No doubt, she leaked in her panties all the way home.

We eventually said our good byes in the parking lot and shared
a normal kiss with lots to think about and no body to talk
to about it, except each other. Tina and I once again went
back to being just cousins, living hundreds of miles apart
with only a phone connecting us.

We talked almost every night for the next few weeks and sometime
during that time frame, Tina decided to break off her engagement,
even though I told her not too. "But we have to figure
out what is going on between us, " I remember said
she to me.

Two weeks later Tina and I met back at the same hotel but this
time we only got one room. And we pretty much picked up from
where we left off. We hadn't even unpacked our bags
yet before our lips touched and our clothes ended up on the
floor. The first round was quick but then we both knew it
would be. Tina drove me completely insane when our bodies
were joined together. . I couldn't fuck her enough
after that. And the way she behaved while we were having
intercourse together, told me she couldn't get enough
of me, either.

But we did take a break, showered and had dinner downstairs
in the restaurant and then a few drinks in the hotel bar.
And we also talked about how wonderful this was because
we realized no one around us knew we were cousins. To them,
Tina and I were just young lovers sharing weekend together.

"Have you talked to your mom since we last got together?"
Tina asked me. "I told her we had talked but of course
I never mentioned anything about anything between us.
"How about you?" I asked Tina. She had such a
wonderful, soft, sexy smile that every time I saw it, I wanted
to see more of it.

"Yes, mom and talked too. I told her I broke off my engagement, "
Tina said softly while sipping her martini. I asked Tina
if they talked about anything else. She smiled and said
she had also told her mother she had found her true love and
planned on spending her life with him.

It took Tina and I meeting every other week for about six
months before we began to talk about what kind of future
we could have together. It bothered us both that we shouldn't
have children because we were so closely related. I could
tell Tina had always wanted children so this was going to
be a difficult issue for her to come to grips with. "If
it's important to us, we could consider adopting someday
down the road, " I said hoping the soften her sadness.

Tina then asked me if we could even legally get married?
I told her I really didn't know that answer but said
I would be hire a lawyer, if she wanted me to find out. "Well
I think it sounds right to me. But does it sound right to you
too?" Tina asked. My cousin was really asking me if
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and maybe even
get married, if that was possible.

It was very odd because society was telling Tina and I we
couldn't be together but our hearts were telling us
we needed to be together. Tina was under me later on, in our
room as I was slowly moving my hard cock in and out of her amazing
womb when we told each other we loved each other and would
love each other forever.

I had just pushed all the way up into Tina and held my shaft
at the deepest part of her womb when I stopped and told her
I thought we should take the chance and someday make a baby
together. Her breasts had been heaving for some time and
although her makeup was smudged, she still was the pretty
girl on earth and the woman I wanted to have my baby with.
"Yes I want that, too, " Tina said before I pulled
and began to bang her even harder.

We both feel asleep naked and in each other's arms without
even bothering to shower. And the next morning after we
had both opened our eyes, we only had to look at each a for
a moment to know that what we shared was real. "Did
you ever think when we were little kids, we would end up doing
this?" She asked me while I fucked her slowly and gently.
"We didn't even know about sex yet, " I
said back to her.

We had not even finished our morning fuck when Tina then
asked me what we were going to do about our parents. "How
should we handle them, when we get together at Christmas.
I am afraid my mother is going to see us and just know, "
Tina said softly to me. I chuckled and asked her if we could
finish because I really needed to cum in her again before
we talked about that. "Oh heaven yes. I want you to
finish whenever you're ready, " Tina said before
I began to bang her hard again.

Once we were showered and dressed, we both agreed at Christmas,
we would have to pretend we had not seen each other in six
months and act as if nothing was going on between us. But
if there was one thing Tina and I both realized early in our
lives , it was that our two mothers were like hawks when it
came to reading our minds. "Hey it's our lives.
So if they say something, let's just leave, "
I said to her and Tina agreed.

" My mother knows me so well, she could tell the night
I walked in after prom the night I gave away my virginity, "
Tina explained. I told her if that was true then we were going
to have a very quick Christmas with our family. "So
if it blows up, we are going to just both leave?" She
asked. I nodded my head and agreed that was going to be our
plan at our family Christmas celebration.

Tina and I had a really hard time letting go of each other
in the hotel parking lot when it was time to leave. "
I love you, " She said and I told her I loved her too.
"See you next week, at Christmas, " I said as
Tina got in her car and headed towards the freeway and back
to the part of her life that didn't have it in me but that
was going to end after Christmas too.

Tina had already put in for a transfer to the city I lived
and worked in, so our plans were to move in together before
the first of the year. And between Christmas with our family
and her moving in, we were going to roll the dice and see where
they landed. No more regrets and no more secrets, if that
is what it took for Tina and I to be happy and be together.

Tina was of course, already at her parents' house with
about a dozen other relatives when me and my parents showed
up. I helped my father carry all the presents inside and
Tina helped us arrange them under the tree. Seeing Tina
again and being so close to her and being unable to hold her
or kiss her was pure torture for both of us. And we tried to
avoid each other as much as possible so maybe we could pull
this off and make it through the family Christmas before
they all found out we were living together the following

And I was beginning to believe we were going to get away with
it until my Aunt Rita cornered me and asked me if I knew who
Tina's new boyfriend was. I saw Tina watching her mother
and me from across the room but she didn't dare walk
into our conversation. "Well Tina said you to talk
every once in a while. So she had to tell you something, "
Aunt Rita said getting in my face like my relatives often

And soon after my mother joined in the grilling of me, they
told me to just tell the truth because that is what families
do. "We all stick together, ," My mother said
when I refused to tell my aunt who Tina's new lover was.
Every family has a few Christmas's that stand out because
they were so good or because they were complete disasters.
And I guess this was going to be the Christmas our family
was never going to forget.

My mother and my aunt had me pinned in the corner working
on me like a verbal punching bag, when Tina shocked everyone's
world. She walked up to the three of us, squeezed between
her mother and my mother and held my hand before she hugged
me and kissed me on my cheek. Everything and I mean everything
went dead silent within a second. I mean even the dog stopped
barking on the back porch.

"No, no way" Aunt Rita said as she backed up in
horror. And my mother's eyes looked like she was going
to start bawling any second. I looked at Tina and told her
I thought it was time for us to just leave. "I think
so too, " Tina said back as she stood there next to
me holding my hand, right in front of our entire family.

"Wait, we have to talk about this, " My mother
said as Tina and I headed for our coats, near the back door.
"You can't just leave. Not like this, "
Aunt Rita was yelling as everyone remained totally silent
through the entire house but we all felt the tension like
never before. I asked Tina if she was ok and she looked like
she was ready to cry but nodded her head yes as she started
to put on her coat.

My father of all people approached us as we were putting
our coats on. And that was very unusual because the men in
our family never get involved when the women in our family,
are on the war path. "You two can leave in a second.
But Uncle Paul is getting something you need to have, "
My father said as Tina and I waited with no clue what he was
even talking about.

We were obviously the two most rotten people in our family,
who had fallen in love, even though we were cousins. Uncle
Paul had always been a very quiet man so when I heard Aunt
Rita yelling at him to not give whatever he had for us, Uncle
Paul still never said a single word.

Instead he just squeezed between the crowd of people facing
Tina and I, before he handed Tina a folded piece of paper.
"You two might need this, " Was all he said as
he turned and simply walked away. Tina looked at me as I looked
at her before she slowly unfolded the papers her father
had given her. We only really had to read the very top because
it said, " State of Wisconsin Adoption Form 204."

Aftermath of our story:

Tina and her parents had a very long talk. Her mother finally
admitted Tina had been adopted but cried the entire time
as she kept telling Tina she loved her just as much as if she
had given birth to her. And Tina forgave her mother and her
father because they had always treated her like she was
their only daughter. As far as Tina and I go, we did get married and had four children
together which as young parents, we sometimes regretted,
especially while they were growing up. But we loved them
all, just the same.

And last but not least, we did hire an attorney because Tina
and I were legally listed as cousins, so he had to smooth
out the legal process for us before we got married in front
of a very full church of not only friends, but every member
of our entire family.

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That was fabulous!!! Was it real? That truly was quite the love story!


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Wow!! Amazing story, whether it's real or not. Good job.


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Quite an interesting story. You kept my attention the whole time reading it.


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a terrific story about true love and great sex and learning about where you come from


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Wow!! This is story of a life time. So happy you both got to be husbant and wife.


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Yes, you did it again Dangerous. If they allowed the details it should be published in "True Romance" or some such. By the way you can get married in some states if you are first cousins. Usually they are in the South, but I think one or two are in the North. Genetically the vast pool means little unless it goes on for a few generations. Even for brothers and sisters. Though slightly higher the the chance that two cousins would have a genetic anomaly that match are slight. But I really do enjoy your writing. Sensual mating rather than just fucking. Keep sending them in they certainly add texture. Most posts are a bit like quick masturbation; yours are like making slow sensual love with a sexy woman. Even if it is your own cousin. Which some of us have done...


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I did not expect tthat twist!!! Thank you for sharing and I am glad all worked out.


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great love story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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That was such a sweet story. I almost cried...


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That was such a sweet story I almost cried at the end. Great job...


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Well written and great story I played games with my cousin that was 6 months younger than I until we were in our teens


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A really great story


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Very well written..thank you