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My affair with a married man


I am neither proud of this time in my life nor will I ever regret
it. I am sharing this only to help myself reflect and explain
a series of events that led up to what happened.

One of the high points in my life was of course my children
which were grown and doing very well. My marriage had failed
for many reasons which are not important. Let’s just say
Jim and I grew apart as well as bored with each other. What
followed for me as loneliness and a sense I was no longer
a woman. That time in my life was the most difficult.

I was adrift until a close girl friend of mine talked me into
going on a blind date. Gary called one night and when we he
called we talked like old friends for hours. So I finally
agreed to go out with him. Looking back I can laugh at how
silly I felt getting ready for my first date in over twenty
years. And even though I knew nothing sexual would ever
happen, I bought a new bra and panties just the same.

And the reason I said, nothing sexual was going to happen
is mostly because of how I viewed myself and how I viewed
sex. I could best be described as having lived a sexually
sheltered life. With Jim, sex was great when I was younger
although it always embarrassed me to think about. But as
I grew older with him as my partner it lost its luster to the
point it ended up being more of an obligation rather than
a joy.

How my daughter ever ended up with her sexually open attitude
remains a mystery to this day. But when we were chatting
one day and I mentioned I had a date, her aggressiveness
came out. “Make sure you buy a sexy pair of panties and bra, ”
she said to me as if she was the mother and I was the child.
“It’s not going to be that kind of date, ” I replied quickly
and tried to change the subject.

“Hey Mom. You never know. It’s been two years since you and
Dad split up. And you’re not old enough to give up on sex just
yet, ” my daughter replied. I grew silent for a second before
telling her I had to run. I remember putting the phone down
and smiling to myself being proud of her even if I didn't
have her courage. Four days later I went to the mall and bought
a sexy bra and panties even though I vowed to myself it was
a waste of my money and my time.

And when my date night arrived, I was a total mess. I showered
and fussed with myself for hours and all the while I kept
fighting the urge to call Gary and tell him I was not feeling
well, just to get out of going. Like I said at forty six years
of age, how does a woman dress for a date? I picked out a nice
skirt, not too short and stylish blouse which showed absolutely
nothing. I was a conservative kind of gal so Gary would have
to either like that kind of woman or it was not going to work.
In other words he had to accept me for who I was.

He arrived at eight sharp as we had planned. “Well hello,
it’s finally nice to meet you in person, ” I said as I greeted
him at my front door. Nice enough looking man, well dressed
and groomed which put some of my fears to rest immediately.
“Nice to finally meet you too, ” Gary said as I invited him
into my home for a glass of wine.

How can it be that I felt relaxed with him and nervous at the
same time? Maybe it was not Gary at all but the idea I had a
man in my home for the first time that was my issue. Gary complimented
me on my outfit and said he hoped I would like the restaurant
he had made reservations at. I thanked him although I was
trying too hard to be proper to the point it was hiding who
I was as a person. It had not yet dawned on me I had no clue as
to the kind of person I was outside of being a married woman
and mother.

If there is such a thing as love at first sight, it was not
happening with Gary. I believe we both struggled with our
small talk until it was time for us to leave. On the ride to
the restaurant I decided to be honest and try to save our
date from being disaster. “I’m sorry. This is my first date
in over twenty years. I don’t think I am very good at it yet, ”
I said to him hoping he would not regret asking me out in the
first place.

Laughing Gary kept driving and told me when he was first
divorced he was not very good at it either. It was the first
truly honest exchange we had shared in over thirty minutes
of boring chit chat at my home. “How long have you been divorced?”
I asked. He told five years. We were actually beginning
to talk as adults which gave me more time to figure out what
to do or how to act on a date. “Let me guess. You haven’t been
sexual yet, right?” Gary asked which of course shocked
me while my face turned red. I hardly knew the man and he was
talking about the most private subject in the world.

How in the world does a normal, proper woman answer a sexual
question to a man she has known for thirty minutes? Before
I could think of what to say I felt Gary reach over and place
his hand on my thigh just above my knee. I remembered staring
down at it trembling like teenage girl watching a horror
movie. “It’s ok. We all have to start over at some point, ”
he said while I sat silent staring at his hand touching my

If a mere touch by someone new was having this kind of effect
on me, then I couldn’t imagine what having sex would feel
like. My breasts were tingly and my pussy began to awaken
yet I pretended his hand had no affect on me. Gary opened
my car door, acted like the perfect gentleman and walked
me to the front door. He reached for the door and paused.
I stood waiting, I suppose for him to open it for me when he
turned and gently kissed me on the lips. It was a quick, innocent
type of kiss but still it was a kiss and I sure was never expecting
one let alone prepared for it.

“Relax, It’s just dinner, ” Gary said as he smiled and opened
the door of the restaurant. But I recalled being very aware
that my panties growing moister than I ever expected. And
we had only been together thirty minutes. I expected to
be nervous yet I also expected to get through the date without
even a hint of sex. But my reality was I had already been felt
up and I had been kissed all within the first forty minutes.
Ok, maybe using the term, been felt up, is a bit of a long stretch
but feeling his warm hand on my thigh was more than I had experienced
in the last five years.

We were given one of the round comfy booths since it appeared
the owners knew Gary very well. It was no more than a minute
after we sat down and began to look at the menu’s that I felt
his hand once again touching my upper thigh. Blushing I
didn’t say a word for a while as I tried to concentrate on
reading the menu.

Was this normal on a first date? I smiled at him and asked
him what was good on the menu while not mentioning his hand
resting on my upper thigh. Inside my nerves were wound as
my panties were clinging to my crack. It was completely
stupid the way I was reacting to his touch but then any touch
by a male was so long ago I had forgotten how it truly felt.

Gary removed his hand when our meals arrived as we continued
talking while enjoying each other’s company. And a few
more glasses of wine helped take my edge off even more. I
began to worry about how I could end our date yet keep him
interested enough to ask me out again.

Once we were back in his car Gary smiled before joking to
me, “My guess is you’re worried about how this date should
end. I did the same thing on my first date.” His honesty caused
me begin to giggle as I responded telling him, he must be
either a mind reader or fortune teller.

We arrived at my home as he pulled into the drive way and shut
off his car. “I have had a wonderful time tonight, ” I said
meaning every word. It had been a huge step for me to go on
a date again and I truly want to thank him for being so understanding.
“What are you thinking right now?” he asked which surprised
me I suppose. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. “I
am so rusty at this sort of thing, ” I replied.

“Are you considering asking me to spend the night?” he asked
which caused my eyes to widen. I hemmed and hawed a few seconds
with my jumbled thoughts. “That crossed my mind a few times.
But I don’t think I can or should do that on our first date, ”
I replied. He smiled, said he understood and got out to open
my car door. I offered my hand as a gesture of friendship
thinking my date was going to end. Part of me wanted it to
and part of me didn’t although the part that wanted it to
end was winning out.

In my entire life I had never had a one night stand. But then
I was so young when I married I never had the chance. Gary
looked at my hand, shook it and then pulled me tight to him.
Our second kiss was neither innocent nor short in duration.
Feeling him holding me was breathtaking as I felt my breast
crush to his chest. Here was I was a grown woman making out
in my driveway just like I had done many times as a teenager.
My lust was immediate even if I was not expecting it so quickly.

The longer I remained in his arms the weaker I was becoming.
After a few torturous minutes of enjoying his warm sweet
lips I managed to break free. Gasping for air and clearly
aroused I smiled and told him I had to stop myself before
I did something I would regret the next day. Gary did not
respond in words but reached for me and pulled me again tight
to him. While my lips were burning hot I tried my best to not
enjoy those womanly feelings so much.

“Please I need to stop, ” I said as I escaped for a second
time. “If we did that, what would it be? For me it has to mean
something special, ” I said to him sucking for air in my
driveway. Gary remained silent knowing what I was going
through fighting my morals and my hormones in front of him.
“And anyway I can’t imagine what you would think of me if
I slept with you on our first date, ” I said wanting to make
the argument I was worth a second date.

Gary smiled, climbed into his car after waving good bye
and drove off in the night. I stood in my driveway for ten
minutes sobbing my heart out. What kind of frump had I become?
Were my choices either be alone for the rest of my life or
become a women with no morals by sleeping with the man on
our first date? The world had changed since I dated as a teenager
and although I was no longer a teenager my mind had been trained
to still think like one.

I walked inside my house to get more tissue when my phone
rang. “Hello, ” I said hoping it was Gary before heard my
daughter asking me how my first date went. “Good and bad”,
I replied to her still sobbing but hoping she did not notice
or would not comment if she did. “Your home awful early, ”
she said. I explained to her it was just a dinner date and
that was all. She wished me a good night and told me how proud
she was that I was starting to date after too many years alone.

I spent most of the night in my favorite chair thinking about
my life, my attitude towards sex and how all of that was truly
working for me so far. Obviously it was not working at all
since I could not adjust to living as a single woman. I waited
a week but Gary never called back so I assumed he was not interested
in spending more time with me.

This story actually starts here!

It was late afternoon at work and I dreaded going home to
an empty house. My phone rang and one of the girls in billing
asked me if I wanted to join her a couple other coworkers
for a drink after work. It was a life saver she never realized
she had just tossed me. I quickly agreed, wrote down the
name of the lounge and thanked her a few dozen times.

The lounge was nice and well appointed which of course I
had never been in before. I spotted Julie at a round table
and walked to her. “Thanks so much for inviting me, ” I said
as she told the waitress to bring us some refreshments.
Not being much of a drinker I accepted even if I shouldn’t
have. The girls all sat around chatting, laughing and enjoying
a perfect summer evening.

I listened to their stories wondering why my life wasn’t
as full as theirs sounded to be. And then out of the corner
of my eye I saw this handsome man in a business suit sitting
at the bar looking in my direction. It was flattering of
course as I smiled back at him never expecting anything
more to come of it. Within a minute of our exchanging smiles
the waitress brought me another drink and pointed to the
man at the bar telling me it was from him.

I raised my glass as a way of thanking him and turned back
to the girls at our table. About an hour later they all had
to leave, some had husbands and the single women all seemed
to have dates. I excused myself, saying to them I was leaving
as well and headed for the ladies room. Could I ever be so
bold as to approach the man at the bar? I had never done anything
like that before as I braced myself in front of the mirror.
I should have worn a sexier top or a shorter skirt, I remember
thinking to myself.

I walked out, looked for the girls I work with who were all
gone and headed towards the bar on wobbly legs not sure what
I was going to say to him. Glenn stood as soon as I got to him
and offered his hand as a gesture of friendship. I also noticed
his wedding ring and should I have run but I didn’t. We exchanged
greetings before I told Glenn, “Thank you so much for the
drink.” He asked me to join him which I did as we began to make
small talk. It felt different than Gary and with Glenn I
senses some mutual chemistry even if were strangers.

I learned he is from out of town and here on business. Inside
I knew I had to come to grips with many issues and the first
was of course his marital status. Pointing to his wedding
ring I politely asked him to explain. Glenn laughed and
said he and his wife of twenty plus years were indeed still
together but had not lived as husband and wife for years.
My mind was telling me not to buy into that old pick up line.
But he said it so kindly and honestly I listened to him, believing
he was telling me the truth.

When he excused himself to use the men’s room I was shaking
down to my toes. Of course I was never going to do anything
with him especially since he was a married man. I concluded
it hurt no one for me to sit and talk in the bar with him. It
turned out Glenn also had two children and was the exact
same age as I was. The more we talked the more things we seemed
to have in common. We clicked for over two hours and I was
having the best time I have had in years. He was funny, charming,
and polite and made me feel aroused being next to him. Yes,
you can say I was playing with fire.

I was seducing myself and letting temptations fill my thoughts
the longer I remained at his side. And he was nothing like
Gary, my one and only date. Glen never touched me or forced
a kiss. But my sexual demons were still present maybe because
of the respect and the space he was allowing me. I remember
checking my watch and was shocked to see that it was almost
ten pm.

“Do you have to be somewhere?” Glenn asked. “No not really.
There’s just a big empty house waiting for me, ” I replied.
From time to time I noticed his eyes roaming as I sat up straight
foolishly thinking to myself I was acting properly. Glenn
leaned close to me as his cologne filled my nostril and whispered,
“Can I ask you something?” Smiling I nodded yes sensing
his presence was so close and felt so good.

“Would you be offended if I asked you to spend the night with
me?” As the words left his lips my panties grew tighter and
clung to my pussy. Once again I was standing at that same
crossroads I had during my first date. Should I say yes or
should I save myself like I had done with Gary. “You didn’t
offend me. It’s a tempting offer. But, ” I said as he cut
me off.

“Don’t say but. Just say what is really in your thoughts
right now without the guilt, ” Glenn said which set me back
on my stool. He looked into my eyes as I felt something stirring
that I had lost years ago. “To tell you the truth I want to
spend the night with you. My problem is that I fear what I
will think of myself the next day and what you will think
of me when I am gone, ” I said softly to him smiling trying
to hide my stress.

I followed him to his hotel just a few blocks away. I kept
telling myself I was not a cheap woman for being with a married
man. Once in his hotel room the reality of my situation was
smacking me in the face. I was standing in a hotel room with
a man I hardly knew. And Glenn surprised me by taking a chair
and silently staring at me. “Is there something wrong?”
I remember saying as I stood across the room expecting he
would have approached me and pulled me into his arms.

Instead he took a chair and simple stared making me very
uncomfortable. I was almost about to leave after two or
three minutes pasted and nothing happened Then Glenn spoke.
“I see a very attractive sexy woman. I have been sitting
here wondering why she does not let her sexuality rise to
the surface, ” he said with a kindness in his voice.

“Glenn. I am sorry. With my husband sex was boring. All that
was expected of me was to lay under him, ” I replied. He chuckled
and offered me a wonderful smile. “That’s ok. But I want
to see the real you, ” he replied and motioned for me to come
closer to him. My breasts felt heavy and my pussy had been
pumping out juice since I first laid eyes on this adorable
man hours before. “The real me?” I said as I walked across
the room. Glenn nodded and replied, “The sexual creature
you always wanted to be.” I could not help but smile as I swayed
my hips a little more than necessary to get his full attention.

I stopped five feet from him and reached for the top button
on my blouse. Glenn’s eyes light up as he remained seated
and seemed to enjoy watching me begin my reveal. As the button
let go I felt the cooler room air on my upper chest which made
me feel even sexier. “I’ve never, ” I managed to say when
he told me to not make excuses about my past and simply enjoy
the moment he and I were sharing.

The second and third buttons were soon free as my bra was
now partially visible. “You have wonderful large breasts.
I can’t wait for you to proudly show them to me, ” he said
softly as the front of my blouse came apart. Having never
been given the chance to play with my sexuality I quickly
discovered this was sending shivers down my spine.

When I slipped my blouse off my shoulders in front of Glenn,
I felt something snap inside of my brain. It felt like some
gate had been unlocked after all these years and my sexual
desires were allowed to run free. Glenn clearly enjoyed
my show and so did I. I learned that teasing him, showing
and then hiding what he wanted to see made me hotter than
I have ever been in my entire life. I reached under my breasts
and caressed them with my bra still on as part of my tease.
It was a game of cat and mouse and although I knew I was the
mouse I loved every second of the chase.

When I stepped from my skirt I had little left to hide from
Glenn. His slacks had by then bulged upward showing me I
was having the affect on this man that I was trying for. I
paused for a just a second before I reached behind and undid
my bra. “Don’t stop, ” he said as I held the thin fabric over
my mounds hesitating for a short while. I don’t recall at
what point I let it fall to the floor but I do recall how his
eyes responded when my breasts were in his view unobstructed.
I could feel my nipples had swollen and were sticking out
at him. And normally that would have embarrassed me but
with Glenn it was alright to show how my body reacted to being

“Their beautiful, ” he said as I stood proud like in front
of him with only my panties remaining. And then I did something
I had always had a fantasy about. I walked up to Glenn, slowly
dropped to my knees in front of his swollen manhood and began
to unzip his slacks without saying a word. In my fantasies,
being a kept woman or sex slave was always a turn on for me
yet this was my first chance at pretending to me one. Glenn
watched silently as I unzipped his slacks and reached inside
to carefully get his swollen organ free.

He never touched me or told me to do what I was doing yet it
flowed smoothly and flawlessly just the same. Glenn’s
shaft was soon standing at attention as I marveled at its
throbbing sensitivity. Wrapping my fingers around it
I began to slowly stroke his cock as he watched with an appreciating
smile across his face. When I finally found the courage
to take Glenn’s cock into my mouth I was past the point of
no return.

The more I sucked on this man, the more I wanted to. It was
as if some sexual spell had been cast on me. I no longer cared
about anything else except making this man explode. Male
orgasms in my past tended to not very exciting for me. With
Glenn I saw it differently. Glenn’s breathing took on a
more rapid, frantic pace as my mouth and hands worked on
his shaft. I sensed he was going to soon be filling my mouth
with his hot cum.

And within a minute or so more I felt his spasm and gagged
as a large glob of warm sticky liquid filled my mouth. I kept
stroking anyway as he pumped more in before I could swallow
the first glob. In my mind I was proving to myself and to him
that I could be the kind of sexual creature I had always thought
I could be. It just took me forty six years and one sexually
boring marriage to figure it out.

When Glenn had calmed enough to stop pumping cum into my
mouth I was able to let up and slowly begin to clean his cock
by licking the sides. I took my time to make sure I got every
drop he had produced off of him. It was nasty and shameless
yet it was simply wonderful.

Glenn finally had me back up as he stood and finished stripping
the rest of his clothes off. The man was well built and very
masculine as I backed up knowing I was in for a very long night
indeed. His shaft remained soft but I had no doubts it would
be hard in the not so distant future. But as Glenn approached
me I sensed my, mouse time, was at hand. The look in his eyes
was that of a male about to attack and there was nothing I
could do to prevent it.

His hands reached for my breasts, firmly I might add, which
sent shock waves through my entire body. I was trapped in
the hotel room with a wild animal. Glenn used hardly any
effort to push onto the bed as I watched helplessly when
my panties were torn from me. My pussy had been ripe for hours
and once Glenn got his first look at my slippery pink crack,
there was no stopping him. It was his for the taking and we
both knew it. He forced my legs apart and held the palms of
his hands against my inner thighs so I could do nothing to
stop his advance.

And then it was as if someone turned the lights off once his
marvelous tongue tasted my sweet honey. My entire body
went hyper although I lost track of how many times I exploded.
Each grew in intensity and having only been use to a rare
single orgasm on was in new territory. It excited me and
terrified me all at the same time. Would they ever stop and
how many could I truly endure?

Glenn used his tongue and his fingers rammed up inside of
my pussy while I laid gasping for air, pleading with him
to let me calm down. “Oh sweet heart, ” I said over and over
as he kept up his assault. But his strength and dominance
were no match for my pleas for help. I held his head with my
hands trying my best to push him away yet I was too weak.

It may be the first time in my life I was feeling how a woman
is suppose to feel. Glenn had all the control and once my
pussy was destroyed with by my climaxes Glenn lifted his
head up smiling like a proud papa. I had but a second to rebalance
myself but it was not going to be enough time to prepare for
what was about to happen. I felt him climbing on top of me
so quickly I had hardly caught my breath.

Consumption was about to begin as my body remained frozen
under him. Glenn’s strong chest looked over bearing as
I waited for his cock to enter me for the first time. I was
scared, very scared yet I was not in position to stop it now
after how I acted and what I had done in front of this man.

And then I felt his shaft press against my outer lips. Glenn
had an extremely thick round head on his cock as I felt it
push against me and realized this was going to feel very
different. I gasped a couple times before I felt the mushroom
head slid just past my outer lips and stretch the opening
of my pussy. I could do nothing to protect myself and sensed
this may be the first time in my life that sex was going to
come to life for me.

“Glen. I ‘m scared, ” I said to him as he hovered over my body
with the fat club of his cock just inside of me. I had forgotten
the intensity and the physical effects of how it felt to
be filled by a male. But Glenn was not listening to me as I
looked up and saw him breathing harder and harder. Our union
whether it was right or wrong had begun.

Glenn forced himself deeper inside of me as I quickly adjusted
and held on for dear life. I had foolishly remembered sex
as this wonderful, gentle act when the reality was it was
not like that at all. Glenn’s hard shaft was filling me completely
and it did not feel gentle. There was no pain yet the intensity
and concentration I felt as him becoming part of my body
was over whelming.

The farther he penetrated the more real it felt. Having
a seven inch throbbing shaft buried deep inside of me was
nothing like I had remembered. But if riding a bike is something
you never forget, after a few minutes when Glenn had finished
his journey inside my womb, I found my rhythm with him and
began to savor the experience. Glenn bore down quickly
as if he was a no nonsense kind of man when it came to fucking

His thick shaft found the mark and used my pussy as it gripped
around him perfectly. After so many years of not feeling
a male inside of me, it felt like heaven on earth to be with
Glenn. The only sounds coming from either of us were our
groans and moans as the time shared together went on. I didn’t
expect an “I love you” although it would have been appreciated
even if it would have been a lie.

Still it was what I had missed and what I needed at that moment
in my life. Glenn began to pump faster and faster as I sensed
his body was about to crest real soon. His cock was slamming
into me with greater urgency the longer we remained joined
together. And then Glen pushed all the way up inside of me
and held his throbbing shaft still. His large balls and
sack were firmly against my ass when I felt him begin to spasm.
I held on forgetting to breathe as he pumped again even harder
as my inner muscles clung to his organ. Spasm after glorious
spasm continued as our juices formed their special blend
for the first time.

I had been so spent from my own many climaxes I realized I
female organs were not use to this kind of work out. Glenn
pumped and pumped until he had drained himself before collapsing
on my breasts covered in sweat. I held him in my arms but remember
lying under him thinking, I finally did it. A smile formed
on my lips as I floated above the clouds, sexually speaking.

Glenn rolled off a few minutes later clearly satisfied
as we held hands staring up at the ceiling without speaking.
I suppose after that much intensity no words were really
needed. I had been fucked and fucked back wilder than I ever
had before so what else should have been said. It took me
several minutes to gain the strength to get up and use the
bathroom to shower and clean myself.

When I returned I found Glenn lying on the bed smiling from
ear to ear. His shaft had softened and rested to one side.
“Don’t wear your panties to bed, ” he said as I slipped them
off and climbed in next to him. With my husband when he was
satisfied I could have left the country and he wouldn’t
have even noticed. With Glenn I pulled the sheet over me
and snuggled with my head on his shoulder. My hands caressed
his strong hairy chest while my breasts were tight to his

I slept the best I had slept in years and awoke the next morning
to find Glenn still fast asleep. We had kicked the covers
off during the night and once again I stared at his marvelous
cock and remembered how it made me feel the night before.
Glenn woke up five or ten minutes later and chuckled when
he saw me staring at his manhood. “Go ahead, ” Was all he
said to me as I slid down the bed and brought him back to life.

His cock was hard in no time as I was placed on top of him and
straddled his hungry shaft. Having been fucked by him once
did not prepare me for our second time. “Oh my goodness, ”
I mumbled as my body lowered onto his forcing his shaft up
into me. Glenn was definitely larger than my husband and
I had to adjust faster than I expected I would. He played
with my breasts as they swayed over his face while guiding
me with his hands to move up and down at a certain pace.

“You’re the best I have ever had, ” I told him once as I felt
a climax approaching me quickly. He laughed and told me
to keep working with him so we could both explode together.
“Ok honey. I’ll try, ” I managed to say before the pressure
in me went off the charts. My juices were flowing out of me
draining onto his shaft and sack as he grunted and shot his
cum into me for the second time in less than twelve hours.

I did shower, dress and leave and although I felt great as
a woman, I felt terrible as a woman who slept with another
woman’s husband. Glenn called a month later and invited
me to spend another night with him. I made up some excuse
but he saw right through me. That was the start of my affair
which lasted for a few years until I met my current husband.

So in the beginning I told you I was not proud of this chapter
in my life but like I said I will never regret it either.

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Hi, Classy. Thanks for the story. Reaquainting yourself
with the opposite sex can be awkward. I had gone completely
without sex for the last 5 years of my second marriage. Long
story. I was ravenous and had a couple of cheap encounters.
It felt so strange. Wish that my first encounter after divorce
had been better.


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I love reading your stories. They so erotic and exciting.
I am sure you are as exciting in person. Keep the stories


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Nice story, very exciting


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I've said it before and I'll say it again you are
one hell of a writer Classy.....


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That is crazy


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Awesome story from you again. So hot and erotic and full
of vivid detail. Thanks and keep the stories coming.


_JKH_ 64 M
Score 24.3

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Very good gal !

~ ~


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Hi Classy, thank you again for my today Jon


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Another excellent story. You are indeed a very talented


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Another presentation truly worthy of your skill. The conflicting
feelings in the story is so well defined, the challenge
to live beyond social expectations (which have also become
impositions in some viewpoints) challenges the evolving

You present us with views which take women out of the "romantic"
and fill them with tension and life. You present men in appropriate
character as foil to the blossoming experiences of the
woman, allowing those developing steps to take place.
(The first male challenging her when she wasn't ready,
the second luring her into seducing herself, and then carrying
her past her objections into healthy release.)

We can readily visualize that the product of all these conflicts
and released tensions truly allow the woman a growth experience
that brings her to a level of confidence, of self-actualization,
even as the story limits itself to expressing a guilt trip.
It isn't a guilt trip, except in portions of society.
In other places it is considered becoming vital.

Thank you.



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A very talented writer. And if your writing is anything
like your (new) sex life, then welcome yourself into your
new (sex) life. And Classy do not regret it, something had
to happen, you had to find yourself somehow, right? Good
luck to you and enjoy yourself.


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You are a great writer about your life experiance. I feel
a kinship of sorts to you. I have read two of your storys and
I feel that I can relate to you. I look forward to reading
more of what you have written.



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Keep going. Invite your husband for MFM, let him learn something.
That will stop your guilty feelings


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Best story I have read in a long time. It kept me rock hard
from start to finish. I wish I couple meet a sexy lady like
you in the story!!!


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Best story I have read in a long time. It kept me rock hard
from start to finish. I wish I could meet a sexy lady like
you in the story!!!