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My adventure as a D/s couple's toy...


A while back, I enjoyed a relationship with my boss and his
wife. This story is about a memorable time during that relationship.
I was invited to dinner at their house.

By the time I got there, dinner was ready. This made me know
how eager C (the wife) was for the festivities to begin.
Normally, she let me help her in the kitchen. But I barely
got in the door when she was pushing me into a seat at the dining
room table, pouring a glass of wine for me, and bringing
out the last of the food to the table.

M (my boss) took his seat and finished off his wine before
pouring another glass and topping off C's glass. We
ate roast beast (C's not the greatest cook in the world),
rice piloff, green beans, corn, and no one wanted dessert
just yet (cheesecake).

I helped both clear the table and dried the dishes C washed,
with M hovering at the kitchen table and amusing us with
small talk. I was just hanging up the towel to dry when M suddenly
pushed me over until I was pressed flat at the counter, bent
at the waist, feeling him against my back. He whispered
in my ear, "Let the games begin. Are you still willing?"

I nodded silently, already feeling that heavy feeling
in my middle which was a combination of anticipation, fear,
shame, and pure lust. He said, "Stay there. Don't
move." He moved away, and C took his place at my side.
I heard him say, "Pull down her pants."

C reached under me and undid my hook and zipper, pulling
both my slacks and panties down to my knees. M said, "Lower."
She pulled them down to my ankles and stepped back. They
both stood there silently, C just out of my range of vision,
and M next to the table. I waited while they stared at my exposed
butt, feeling self-conscious and nervous. M said to C,
"Go ahead." My heart started hammering in my

I felt C's hands on my ass, groping, squeezing, pulling
my cheeks apart. She probed lightly with her finger at my
anus, then forced her hands between my legs, rubbing over
my bare pussy lips. She pushed against my inner thighs,
making me spread my legs a little further. She moved back
to my pussy, smoothing her hand over me, then dipped one
finger in my crack to rub my inner lips. "She's
already a little wet." I saw M smirk.

"Stand up." C moved her hands away while I stood,
still facing the counter, hands down at my sides. "Follow
me." He moved to the basement steps, and I began to
follow, walking carefully with my pants down around my
ankles, still covered by my shirt. The light was on in the
kitchen, and out the large patio doors, the backyard was
dark. No way to be sure I wasn't being watched. C followed
along behind me.

I followed M down the steps, to the room they'd furnished
as a playroom down there. There was a double bed there, some
bookshelves, one of his computers, a small bar, and other
odds and ends, with a door ahead that led to the utility room.

M moved around until I stood before him, my back to the bed.
C came in and leaned back against the desk. M moved back until
he could sit on one of the bar stools.

"Strip her."

C came to me and helped me lift my legs out of my pants and panties.
She pulled off my shoes and socks, then pulled my shirt over
my head, took off my bra. She started messing with my hair,
and wound it up behind my head using a scrunchie and a couple
of barrettes she had in her pockets. I realized then that
she, at least, had put a lot of thought into this before today.

She stepped back when she was finished, looking at M. He
nodded to her, and said, "Okay, suck on her tits. Play
with her nipples." Then, he quickly added, "Don't
pull them too hard, just play."

I stood silently while C felt me up, then as she bent down
and started licking and sucking at my nipples. I kept my
eyes on M the whole time. C hefted my boobs up in her hands,
examining them, sucking some more, then tweaking my hard
nipples. M, after a while, said "Spread your legs."

I spread my legs far enough to feel my pussy lips opening
up. He stepped up to me and probed around my pussy, running
his finger up and down my slit, then pushing it into my cunt,
making me wet and spreading the juices around my pussy.
He stepped back, and C waited for his next instruction.

Looking at me, he said, "Turn around and bend at your
waist until your hands are on the bed, keep your legs straight,
and spread 'em wide."

I did as he told me. C began working me over, spreading my
ass cheeks, my pussy lips, reaching under and feeling up
my tits, pinching the nipples. M said, "Okay, C, strip
and put on the dildo." He was talking about the strapon,
and the way C had been probing my ass, I felt real fear. She
wasn't often gentle, and she wouldn't care if
she hurt me or not.

After a while, C was naked and decked out in a rubber dick,
about 8" and I don't know how thick. It looked
just like a man's cock, and would feel good in my pussy,
but I had doubts about my ass. Previously, they'd only
used smaller plugs if my ass got any attention, but I am never
told ahead of time what they were planning.

M told me to get on my knees in front of C and suck her fake dick.
I knelt and worked up my mouth until I had enough saliva to
suck on it, but just when I got a good rhythm of bobbing and
sucking going, C would throw me off by pushing suddenly
into my mouth, making me gag, then laughing at me. After
a while, M told us to stop, then I was told to lay down on the
bed, face up, and spread my legs. He came to the side of the
bed, and told C to fuck me, missionary position.

So, she got between my legs, then lowered herself on me until
our boobs were rubbing together. She tried kissing me,
but I kept twisting my face away, until M told her to stop
and just do as she was told. So she pushed her rubber dick
into my pussy, watching my face. Knowing what she was after,
I tried to look like I was in pain, so she'd be satisfied.

She began thrusting in and out of my pussy, rubbing over
me as much as she could, trying to get me all excited.

After a while, I guess M got bored, and he used both his hands
to fondle our tits. Then he reached down and pulled on my
right leg, pulling it up to spread me wider for her. I heard
a smack, and realized he spanked C, and she responded by
jamming way up into me. I moaned, made a noise that alerted
M, so he stopped her, kind of pulling her off of me. Then he
made me get on my hands and knees on the bed, and pushed my
knees until I was spread open. She got behind me and started
fucking me from behind, while M played with my tits.

C finally got tired of this, and as she pulled out, she smacked
my ass, hard. I think she was upset because she couldn't
get me all excited. Her goal in life seems to be to make me
a lesbian, or at least bi. I flopped down on the bed, exhausted.

I heard M taking off his clothes, and looked over to see him
hard. Then he moved to the foot of the bed, and I closed my
eyes, listening. He and C were playing with each other,
I think. I just waited for the next instructions.

M took my ankles in his hands and moved my legs until they
were completely straight, and close together. I had my
hands under my face, my head turned to the side. He told me
to lie just like that, don't move. I heard him say something
to C, something like, "I'm going to be watching
you carefully." This was never good to hear. It meant
she had his permission to punish me in some way, and he was
going to watch her to make sure she didn't get carried
away. Nice, but the problem is, she'd have to get carried
away before he could stop her from getting carried away.

M must have seen me get all tensed up, because he smoothed
his hand over my leg and told me to relax. When in a situation
like this, being told to relax only means I'm in for

So M stood beside the bed, where I was facing, and I stared
at his cock. I felt C climb onto the bed on my other side, but
didn't turn to look. She pulled a blindfold over my
eyes, and made me lift my head so she could make sure it was
in place, then had me put my head down after moving my hands

I felt her take my right hand and tie a rope around it, then
she pulled it until she could tie my hand to the headboard.
M started working on my left hand the same way. When they
finished, I was lying on my stomach, arms outstretched
and secured to the bed, my legs straight, toes pointed toward
the foot of the bed. C warned me not to kick my legs, or she
and M would have to tie them down as well. Since there's
no footboard, that meant they'd spread my legs out
to tie them to the posts under the foot of the bed, and C reminded
me that it would mean my pussy would also be exposed to her,
and as I was about to be spanked, maybe I wouldn't want
to give her access to my pussy as well as my ass.

I heard M come back to my left side, while C started smoothing
her hand all over my ass. She spanked me with her hand a few
times on each cheek, rubbing my ass after each smack. Next
thing I knew, she had what I later learned was a ping pong
paddle, and she peppered my ass with it, until it was burning
fire and I was gasping. She stopped, then started kneading
my ass again, spreading my cheeks and probing my anus with
her finger. She said to M that I was ready.

Still not knowing the game plan, I felt my heart racing as
they pulled my legs apart and tied my ankles down. I started
protesting, not wanting C to spank my pussy, and M shushed
me, telling me not to worry, he'd look after me. He didn't
inspire a lot of trust there, but it could be because I was
blindfolded and couldn't see what they were doing.

C got between my legs, spreading my cheeks and pussy lips
apart, probing around, dipping her finger in my pussy and
finger-fucking me. Then she would probe again at my ass,
eventually working her finger inside, spanking me each
time I would try to tighten up. She worked at stretching
out my anal ring, then pushing down inside my ass all over.

I heard M moving around, and he must have given her some tools,
because she slipped a small plug into my pussy and began
fucking me with it, telling me to arch my back and fuck back.
She kept telling me what a whore I was, letting them do these
things to me, fucking on command, fucking whatever she
told me to fuck.

Then, she was pushing the plug into my ass, and I held very
still. I didn't want to give her any excuse to go faster
or more suddenly. She kept pushing constantly, slowly,
until the plug was fully into my ass, and my anal ring closed
after it. She tugged lightly on it, and I could feel that
inside. It was a snug fit. She jammed it deeper, then smacked
my ass once more. I felt her get off the bed, and got worried
because I lost track of where M was.

For several long moments, I could hear nothing. They were
just standing there, most likely staring at my ass with
the end of the plug sticking out of it, my pussy exposed with
the way my legs were spread out.

Finally, I felt someone get on the bed between my feet, and
move up toward me. As they got closer, I could tell it was
M, and I began to get excited. He kept coming closer until
he was touching my back with his front.

He pressed down against me as his cock probed my wet slit.
Both his hands were at the sides of my arms, and I felt C's
hand rub against my leg as she guided his cock into my pussy.
He pushed in slowly, moaning near my ear. My pussy tightened
around him as he filled me up, and I could really feel the
plug in my ass as he pushed next to it, just the thin wall in
me separating them. He drew back and pushed in again and
again, and I could then feel him pressing the bottom of the
plug, moving it inside my ass.

Without being told, I pivoted my hips to give him more room,
and he began fucking me faster. In, out, in, out again, and
I got hotter and hotter. He was moaning above me, and I began
moving frantically under him, letting my whole body react
to his fucking. I could hear C making remarks about what
a whore I was, just letting anybody fuck me, but I pretty
much ignored her and focused on what he was making me feel.

As his pace picked up and got more urgent, I could feel myself
getting ready to cum, if he just kept it up a while longer.

I was so close, but he came first, really slamming into me.
He pulled out, and I buried my face into the mattress, because
I was almost ready to beg him to rub my clit, to let me cum.
I would have, if C wasn't there. I didn't want to
give her the satisfaction of hearing me beg. Nor did I want
M to hear it, because I was convinced it would change his
attitude toward me.

But right then I was a bitch in heat. Even if C would have fucked
me with her strapon, I might have cum. M took himself off
the bed, and I lay there quietly, calming down and waiting
to see what would happen.

When I felt the bed dip, I was hoping it was M again, but I felt
C's smaller hands touching me, moving up my thighs,
checking the plug, probing at my pussy lips. M came closer,
and they began moving me a little, until they stuffed something
under my hips, raising my butt a little higher off the mattress.

They added something else, probably cushions, from what
I could tell, and soon, my ass was raised high enough that
my arms and legs were being pulled against my ropes. I felt
incredibly vulnerable, spread open, a plug up my ass, my
pussy exposed and handy.

I heard M's voice like he was at the bar, and noises that
told me he was fixing himself a drink. Then C's hands
were on me again, one hand spreading my pussy open, and then
I felt her shoving something big up my cunt. It felt huge,
and I began complaining, because with the plug in my ass,
I felt like this was too much. C told me to stop being such
a baby, and I got mad, but knew full well there was nothing
I could do about it. She wanted me to know she was in charge,
and if I fought her, she'd hurt me.

When she stopped pushing in the vibe, she laid herself on
top of me and hissed into my ear, "Just be glad it's
not a baseball bat, because that's what I wanted to
use, you fucking cunt."

Part of me was scared when she said this, but part of me was
excited, too, knowing they'd been discussing this
before I arrived. She got off me and turned on the vibe. It
seemed loud, and I could feel it deep inside me, and working
on the plug in my ass too. The combination of feelings was
intense, but without my clit being toyed with, I knew I probably
couldn't cum this way. C was bound and determined to
torture me as long as she could, and I was in for a hard night.

C left the bed, and I knew she and M were having a drink, relaxing
at the bar, while I twisted and wriggled on the bed, my ass
high in the air, a vibe in my cunt, turned up high, and a plug
in my ass, getting vibrated.

I heard C laugh now and then, and M's quiet voice, but
couldn't make out his words. They could have been commenting
on me, or they could have been talking about the weather,
I just couldn't tell. It was humiliating, and in that
way, kind of exciting to be there like that, but it was also
frustrating as all hell.

I was whimpering loudly by the time they came back to the
bed. I still hadn't been able to cum, still desperately
wanted to, and they began untying my hands and feet, warning
me not to move until I was told. They took away whatever was
holding up my hips, and rolled me over to my back. The plug
shifted inside my ass, and the vibe was pushed up again before
it could slip out. M sat beside my head, I could feel his hands
on my tits, rubbing and squeezing, teasing my nipples.

Then, I felt C on my pussy. She was sucking at my pussy, licking
and teasing my clit. I hate it when she goes down on me, and
right now I hated it even more. I was so close to cumming,
and her mouth felt good. I just let myself go, and after I
came, she took out the vibe and plug (YOW!) and rubbed my
outer pussy lips as I came down.

When I caught my breath, M touched me all over my boobs and
midriff softly, and C said, "How do you feel, now that a woman made you cum? You
let a woman eat your pussy, you fucking lesbian."

I didn't answer her. It must have made her mad, because
she slapped my pussy, hard. I half sat up in surprise and
pain because it felt like such a sharp sting on my wet lips.
But M laid me back down, soothing me with his hands, and telling
C to stop doing things he hadn't given her permission
to do, or he'd let me punish her. She kind of scoffed
at that, the idea of me ever domming her. Then he said I wouldn't
domme her, I would just tell him what kind of punishment
I'd like to see M doing to C.

That shut her up.

M took off my blindfold then, and we all took a break, just
relaxing there on the bed. After a while, M suggested we
get cleaned up, and he led us upstairs to the bathroom. C
drew a warm bath, and they both helped me get in it. M put down
the lid of the toilet and sat on it while C worked her soapy
hands all over me. She had me turn and get on my hands and knees
in the tub, then she worked her fingers up my pussy and ass.

The soap was burning my ass, and she used this big plastic
syringe she had to work some water up my ass, making me release
it to rinse out all the soap. This was a bit more than I had
ever done with them, and I was humiliated as I forced the
water back out of my ass, but was just a bit relieved when
C said something about being clean as a whistle outside
and in.

She pulled the lever that drained the water, and then she
and M began having a discussion in which she wanted to make
me do an idea of hers, and M said no, we all needed a break for
now, and she said it's nothing, just something trivial,
it wouldn't take energy, wouldn't hurt, would
just humiliate me. I was imagining all sorts of terrible
things she could make me do, when he finally agreed, and
I held my breath, waiting to hear it.

She wanted me to suck off the bathtub faucet. At first, I
didn't quite understand what she was saying. M laughed
a little and said to go ahead. Their faucet did resemble
a cock, as the spout part of it, where the water actually
comes out, didn't extend below the pipe part of it.
So, I got back down on my hands and knees, lowering myself
until I could take the faucet into my mouth. C was urging
me on as I bobbed my head on and off that stupid thing.

M got tired of the show, and left the bathroom. C reached
over and turned on the cold water tap quickly, laughing
about how the faucet 'came' and I should swallow
it all. I swallowed some, spit out the rest, and she turned it off.

I wasn't allowed to dry myself, so stood like a child
as C rubbed me all over with the towel. She took my hair out
of its barrettes and scrunchie, then brushed it. She gave
me one of her bathrobes, smoothing her hands down my front,
feeling my boobs, as I tied it shut.

She led me out of the bathroom, and we all three went into
the living room. M had cut us all a slice of cheesecake, and
poured wine for us, and we watched a movie. I fell asleep
before the end.

When I awoke, I was lying stretched out on the couch. C was
on the other couch, snoring quietly. M was sitting on the
edge of my couch, one hand inside my robe, fondling my breast.
When he saw I was awake, he whispered for me to join him in
the bedroom. I followed him to his and C's room, where
he took my robe off and urged me to lay back on the bed, my legs
dangling down to the floor.

He pushed open my legs and started licking my pussy. He was
using his tongue so good, and I began moaning and grinding
myself against his face. He moved my legs over his shoulders
and I pressed them hard against his head, riding his tongue.

I guess I woke up C, because she came into the room. M didn't
stop, just kept it up, and I was in no position to argue. She
said, "Damnit, M, never in our bed!" But he just
ignored her and kept it up, until I came, loud and hard. Even
before I was completely finished, he took his mouth away
and moved until he could shove his cock into me. It triggered
something in me, and I came again, shouting as he rammed
his cock hard in and out of me. C watched us, furious, as he
said things all the while he fucked me like, "Yeah,
that's such a tight hot pussy" and "Oh yeah,
fuck me, fuck me, baby."

He came inside me, vocal, even more so than usual, and as
he pulled out, I could see she had her eyes riveted on him.
I couldn't tell if she was intensely turned on, or if
she was ready to kill us both. The unspoken rules were, he
couldn't play with me unless she was there, and it was
never supposed to be in their bed. We broke both of those

But it was his call, as far as I was concerned. I stayed right
where I was. I knew if I got up and pulled on my robe, I'd
just feel guilty. But just lying there like that made me
feel vulnerable to C, so I compromised by sitting up and
smoothing down my hair, pretending nonchalance.

She grabbed my hair in her fist and got right next to my ear,
calling me a bitch for going behind her back to seduce her
husband. I waited for M to interfere, but I realized he'd
left to go to the bathroom. She was hurting me now, the way
she was pulling my hair, and I began to get scared she was
going to pull it out by the roots. She was shaking my head
back and forth while telling me what a cunt I was.

Then she pulled me off the bed, and I followed quickly because
she still had hold of my hair. She dragged me out to the living
room, pushing me over the back of the couch, my ass in the
air, my face toward the seat. She said to stay there, because
if I moved a muscle, she swore she'd knock M out with
a lamp, then do things to me that would make me sorry I was
born with a pussy.

I stayed there, hoping for M to come out and rescue me. But
she came back with her little kit bag of toys, tossing it
on the couch so I could see what she grabbed from it. She pulled
out a big dildo, bigger than her strapon, and kind of jelly-ish,
very flexible. She'd used it on me in the past, and it
wasn't bad, but now she was furious and I was afraid.

I yelled out to M, and she pulled my head up by my hair and slapped
my face, telling me to shut up.

She went around behind the couch and jammed the dildo up
my pussy. She meant to hurt me, and it did deep inside, because
it was so long, but at least it slipped in easily enough.

She fucked it in and out of me a few times, then shoved it in
and told me to clamp my legs together so it wouldn't
slip out. I did, and watched her reach over the couch to her
bag again.

She pulled out a strap and got behind me again, telling me
I had better not scream or she'd scrape out my uterus
with a coat hanger. I looked around to the hallway, hoping
to see M coming in, but then she started strapping me. It
hurt so bad, I couldn't help yelling, wondering if
she really did knock M out.

But then he came in and stopped her. She said she had every
right to act like this, how could he expect her to do nothing?
This was different, and she had to wonder how long we'd
been fucking each other behind her back. He claimed innocence,
even though we often screwed around at the studio, or sometimes
even at my house when she thought he was somewhere else.

He said fine, get your revenge, but put the strap away, it
wasn't something I had to put up with. He knew my limits,
and so did she, but she didn't care about any of that
right now. In her eyes, I seduced him, not the other way around.

I felt one of them moving the dildo a little, and M asked me
how I was doing. I said, "Fine, now that you're
finally here." He laughed a little at that, then asked
C what she wanted to do that he might let her do to me.

She reached into the bag again, taking out a couple of candles.
They were the long white candlesticks, with a base shaped
like a small shot glass, and as far as I could see, they'd
both been burned, but there were no drips down the shafts
of them. They looked smooth.

C said she wanted candle play, and M sat on the back of the
couch, one leg on the cushions, the other behind the couch,
probably braced against the floor to keep it from tipping.
He dug around in the bag, then got out a lighter, but she said,
"No, wait. Just hold onto that."

She took the dildo out of my pussy, telling me to spread my
whoring legs apart. I did so, and she began slowly fucking
me with one of the candles. I could feel it was the bottom
end of it, because the base felt like it was scraping my cunt
with each plunge.

Then she pulled it out and started forcing it up my ass, slapping
my stinging ass cheeks each time I tried to resist. She eventually
forced it past my ring, then shoved it deeper into me, then
pushed the dildo back in my cunt. She told me to put my legs
together for once in my life, because if I lost either one
of them, she'd get the strap back out, and M could go
to hell. He laughed again, and I heard him flick the lighter.

I turned to see her holding the candle until the wick was

She got behind me, and after a while, started dropping melted
wax on my sore ass. I hissed each time another drop fell,
then she waited a while before dropping the next one. This
one was more of a dribble of wax than a drop, and it stayed
hot while it dripped over my ass cheek. I was moaning in pain
by the time it started to harden.

She left me like that while she came around to the front of
the couch, digging into the bag again. She pulled out the
little clips she liked to use on my nipples and told me to
lift up, keeping my hips resting on the back of the couch,
until she could reach my nipples. She pulled and pinched
them until they were hard enough to clamp, and she was not
gentle. I was moaning, by the time she finished, and she
went behind the couch again.

M got off the couch and came round to the front, kneeling
so he could kiss me. He gently ran his hands around my tits, like he was soothing me, and
he was careful not to touch the clamps. He was telling me,
like he didn't care if she heard or not, that it was all
worth it, wasn't it? He loved my pussy, it was so tight,
felt so good. I remember thinking it was all well and good
for him, she wouldn't try to punish him, she was blaming
the whole thing on me, and it wasn't his ass getting
burned with both a strap and wax, it wasn't his ass getting
reamed out by a candle, and it wasn't him with a dildo
shoved up inside him.

I didn't say any of this because I was afraid if I pissed
him off, he'd let her do anything she wanted to me. She
began peeling the wax off my ass, then pushed the dildo in
and out of my pussy a few times before taking it out.

She walked into the bathroom, I guess to leave the dildo
in there to clean it later, then she came back and I felt her
messing with the candle in my ass.

She said, "It's gotten kind of soft. You better
relax your ass if you want me to get it all out in one piece.
Now spread your ass open for me so I can work on this."

I reached up to spread my ass cheeks, and I felt M's hands
on me as well, spreading me open further. She slowly urged
the candle out of me, and I heard her leave again, probably
to throw the candle out. M was rubbing my ass and then he pushed
his finger into my ass. I could feel his heat close, and I
was afraid he was thinking of shoving his cock up my ass.
It didn't seem like a good idea while C was out of the

But she came right back, and said she wasn't satisfied.
She wanted to really humiliate me, or she'd wind up
bottling up all this resentment, and I was just a cunt, after
all, not worth an ulcer. So M asked her what would satisfy
her. She said she didn't know, she'd have to think
about it. And she didn't want to have to look at me while
she thought.

She ended up saying she wanted me tied, naked, to the pillar of the patio out in the yard while she thought.
M told her it was still too cold out there. It was by now, probably
about 4:00 in the morning, and the temps outside would call
for a warm jacket. Being tied naked to the pillar wasn't
something that sounded like good news for me. It would be
about an hour or so before dawn, so I wasn't really worried
about neighbors noticing a naked woman on the patio.

But he helped her tie me to the pillar. I was facing the yard.
Across the yard was a hedge that covered the fence that separated
their yard from the neighbor's. On the other side,
the garage hid that neighbor's yard, and on the third
side, there was a chain link fence that hid nothing. It was
cold, and by the time they left me there, I was already shivering.

They had my back against the pillar, my hands behind it and
tied, my nipples still clamped. They left my legs untied,
but the patio was cement under a thin mat, and I could feel
the cold.

They went into the kitchen, and just as the door closed,
the light came on on the deck. I know it must have been C to
turn it on. So I couldn't see beyond the few feet in front
of me, but anyone looking into the yard would have a clear
view of me. This was utterly humiliating. And I knew C was
inside right now, thinking of something even more humiliating
for me even as I stood there, trembling and trying to pretend
I wasn't there.

After what seemed like a long time, M came back out to untie
me. As he worked on the knot, he was telling me to just get
through this next ordeal, or C would make both our lives
a living hell. She was talking about firing me, suing for
a divorce, and naming me as correspondent, with the whole
story of this twisted relationship coming out in the open.

I asked him what she had planned, but he said he swore he wouldn't
tell, that was part of the deal. If I cooperated, she'd
let it go, and I'd still keep my job and we could keep
our kinks in the closet. But if I refused, she'd go ahead
with her insistence I be fired and she'd divorce him.

I argued that if she planned something that would make me
die of mortification, it would be the same as if she named
me in her divorce and I'd be forced to answer questions
from a divorce judge about my part in their marital problems.
Given the choice, I'd do it that way. Even as I said it,
I knew I was bluffing. Not about the exposure of our games,
but more at the thought of losing my job. The unemployment
problem in this city is unreal, and I knew I wouldn't
be able to find a job in time to make rent, utilities, and
keep from starving. I knew I had no choice but to go along
with C's ideas.

He told me to brace myself, and he took off the clamps, both
at once, clapping his hand over my mouth before I could scream.
As I was still feeling that pain, he was pulling me back into
the house, rubbing me to warm me up.

We returned to the living room, and he sat me down on the couch.
C was sitting in the armchair facing us. M sat beside me on the couch. I looked
at C and waited for her to tell me what I was to do.

She told me to bend over the coffee table so she could get
to my ass. I did it, my eyes on M, who winked, like he was trying
to keep me calm. She told me to spread open my ass, so I did.
She was pushing something up inside my ass, and I could feel
when it was in place, it was a plug. She told me to stand up,
and as I did, I could feel it was a tail. The long hair that
came out of it brushed against my legs. She said something
about, "Well, aren't you the cute little pony
girl? Wiggle your ass, let me see you wag that tail."

She slapped my ass because I didn't wiggle fast enough.
I felt so foolish trying to 'wag' my tail.

She brought my shoes to me, and told me to put them on. I didn't
want to try to sit, so I stood there and shoved my feet into
them, reaching down to tie them, feeling that plug in my
ass. It didn't feel like it was going anywhere.

Once I had my shoes tied, I stood straight. She pressed a
few quarters into my hand and told me I was going to walk down
the street to the corner, then go to the vending machine outside the
store there and buy a can of pop.

I felt like throwing up. Yes, it was the early hours of the
morning, but that didn't mean you couldn't hear a car now and then on the cross
street. And though the store would be closed this time of
night, there was an all night store further down the street,
and it wouldn't be impossible for someone going there
or even in their parking lot to notice a naked woman traipsing
down the street with a tail dangling out of her ass.

I looked at M, hoping he would tell me this was all a joke.
Did he want to see me ? Or arrested? But he just smiled
and nodded, and I wondered if unemployment would really
be all that bad.

C almost pushed me out the front door, and I started walking
as fast as I could. It was only about three houses to the corner,
and as soon as I was out of sight of the house, I stuck to the
shrubs I could find, and whatever shadows there were, but
every time I had to pass under a street light, I worried a
car would drive by ahead at the busier street. I was afraid
to get too close to people's houses, because some of
them had lights that come on when someone gets within a certain
distance of their houses.

I got to the vending machine, bought the pop (the machine
seemed so damned loud) and almost ran back to their house.

I gave C the can, and she pressed it against my nipples, then
my pussy, then set it down on the table. I thought my penance
was over, but she said she wanted me to watch for the paperboy
(he would be delivering the morning paper any time now,
thank goodness I didn't see him coming already), and
go out on the porch as I am to get the paper from him. But M said
they couldn't be sure he wasn't underaged, he
was probably only about 15 or 16 years old. So, bless the
few scruples M does have.

But still, C stewed. I hadn't been humiliated enough.
She suggested they steal the dog from down the street, bring
it here, let it fuck me. M said it wouldn't work, it was
a female. I don't know if that's true or not, but
bless his heart anyway. Then C suggested I masturbate like
a bitch in heat, getting vocal and passionate with something
around the house, even the bathtub faucet, so M could make
a video of it and show it to anyone they wanted. M said she
should remember the camcorder wasn't working. Again,
bless his heart. She said forget it, pictures wouldn't
do it justice, so she kept thinking.

Finally, she said, "Fuck it, just get your camera,
the good one, and let's take some erotic photos of the
cunt. We'll show them to someone and say, 'This
cunt is ours to give away, would you like a piece of this?',
and we'll set up another Friday night and invite him
to dinner."

M asked me if I'd seriously go along with that, and I
said, "What if I find him repulsive, or if he has perversions
that go past my limits?" M told me he hoped I could still
trust him not to subject me to anyone like that. I reminded
them both that the last time they got it in their heads that
I would be given away to someone for the night, that guy and
me didn't hit it off. M reminded me then, that nothing
came of it; I wouldn't have to fuck anyone, or blow anyone
I didn't want to.

C piped in then, bitching at him because he allowed me way
too much choice in the matter, that as their property, I
shouldn't have an opinion. I felt better than I had
all night when he answered her: "But that's just
it, C, she's not our property. This is all fun and games,
and she's nobody's property."

That's when I told him I agreed to pose. I would want
to know all he could tell me about who he chose to show the
pics to before this 'dinner' and would decide
for myself if I wanted to meet him and that during that dinner,
I'd make my decision as to whether I would allow myself
to be used by him that night. It was all agreed, and we went
downstairs (with the lighting) so M could take his pics.

He posed me fully clothed, except no bra, then he took a shot
or two with my shirt pushed up above my tits, making me lean
back to show off my nipples, which C had sucked on until they
were hard. Then I had to pull down my pants to show off my bare
pussy, and of course, there was a butt shot or two. Finally,
I had to completely strip down and pose different ways.

There was one pose where I'm standing, facing the camera,
my legs wide apart and me pulling open my pussy lips. I didn't
see the final result, but he took far shots, then zoomed
in for a closeup. There was another pose where I was looking
over my shoulder at him as I spread my ass cheeks. On and on
it went, I think he used up two rolls of film. He told me I wouldn't
have access to these pics. He always did that. Professional
photographers own their negatives, and he guards them
carefully. He figures if I want nude pics of myself, I can
damned well go to another photographer.

I worried about that attitude, because he had given me some
digital pics he'd taken of me in the past, and I worried
that he knew I posted them on alt. But he never mentioned
anything like that, so I didn't bring it up. I didn't
want him searching alt until he found them. And, as I was
the one posing for them, I feel I own them anyway, and could
do what I liked with them.

After all that, they went to bed, and I grabbed some sleep
on the sofa. Next morning, we had a friendly brunch, like
we hadn't spent all night being depraved and perverted,
then I left for home, feeling like I wanted to sleep the rest
of the weekend away.

Now I have to worry about what I'd committed to, who
this man was they wanted to introduce me to, or even if M had
someone in mind already. And what he'd think of me,
someone who would let herself be pimped out to a stranger.
And what sort of kinks he'd have. This revenge of C's
could really change things.

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