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My Wife Again


"Our marriage has gone stale, we need to do something
to perk it up."

"Joanne, we've been married ten years. We have
three healthy, happy children. You're a terrific
mother. We live in a nice house in a great neighborhood.
We have two cars. We have debt but I earn enough to cover it
so there's no financial problem. I even earn enough
for you to stay home with the kids. Your choice. I've
always agreed with whatever you choose to do. I know you
plan to go back to work when you think the kids are old enough
and that's fine with me. I think we're better off
than most people. We have a good marriage."

"That's all true but we've lost our passion.
I'm afraid you'll find some young hottie at work
some day or else I'll take up with the gardener or something."

"Oh. O.k. Well, there's no young hottie that
I know of at work, certainly not one I'm interested
in. And as for the gardener, we don't have one and the
neighbors' is at least sixty years old and I don't
think he even speaks English. Maybe you've seen too
much of 'Desperate Housewives'. But it sounds
like what you're saying is, the problem is sex."

"I think the problem is passion. Yes, sex is a symptom
of it but just the, well, icing and not the cake."

"We have sex a couple times a week."

"Correction. You have sex. You kiss me, feel my ass,
get between my legs and get it in me and then when you're
done, you move off, hug me, kiss me, and go to sleep. Just
when I'm starting to get aroused, you're done.
The only orgasms I've had in a long time are ones I've
given myself in frustration."

"Oh. O.k. Well, at least we're to the real meat
of your complaint. But it takes two to Tango, you know. You
haven't sucked my cock in a long time, months."

"Probably close to three. And you haven't licked
me down there for at least a month before that."

"So it's a trade off, I eat your pussy and you'll
suck my cock."

"No. It's not so quid pro quo. These are just symptoms
of the problem. The problem is, you don't have the desire
to eat me. And if I'm not aroused fairly often, I lose
the desire to suck you. When we were dating, we'd come
back from a movie or something and go to my bedroom and I'd
have two or three orgasms. The times we managed to spend
nights together, I'd have even more. Up at the lake
that time, I think I must have had a half dozen. I think it's
a main reason I married you. I figured no matter what might
happen, the sex was so great that having that regularly
for the rest of my life would be more than enough. Why did
you go down on me back then? Why did you seem to love the taste
of me, almost more than actually fucking me?"

"I really wanted you. I wanted to just eat you up. I
wanted to do everything. I couldn't get enough of you
and your body. You said passion. I guess that's the
word, that's what I had. But we've had sex now a
couple thousand times. I mean, it's been ten years.
I don't think passion is sustainable forever."

"Well, it's got to be more sustainable than we've
experienced it. Maybe we can't have wild sex every
time but we should be able to every once in a while, at least.
Maybe we need to set it up in some way. Have a date every once
in awhile and go back and re-live our youth again for a few

Even as she's talking, it takes me a split second to
realize that she's my wife. I love her. I need her. I
don't want to argue, I want her. I may have not been doing
it very well but that's why I've been fucking her
for years. I've been taking too much for granted, I
need to shape up. I 'm sitting in my favorite easy chair,
had been planning on reading. She's across from me,
sitting on the couch. I get up and cross to her, kneel in front
of her, insinuating myself between her legs. "Well,
if a little passion will help, " I say and lean forward
and grab her shoulders and kiss her. "You're
just as sexy now as ever." I tell her as I pull back from
the kiss. I lift her skirt up and lean my head in under it,
pushing her legs apart as I sort of force my way in.

"Don, you're not . . . I mean, not right here . .
. "

I've grabbed her hips and pulled her forward a little,
getting her pussy close to the edge of the couch. I have my
fingers pulling on her panties, not taking them off, just
getting them to the side, out of the way, with her bare pussy
in front of me I start licking her.

"uh . . .well if you really want to."

I guess it's been a while but I've done this at least
hundreds of times, maybe thousands, before. I have no idea
why I hadn't in such a long time because I know she loves
it. But better late than never. She starts reacting quickly,
getting juicier, her clit enlarging a little. I can hear
her moaning, trying to stay quiet. She used to be a fair screamer
but I'm sure she doesn't want to wake the kids,
they've only been in bed a half hour or so. I get my fingers
into her and concentrate my tongue on her clit. Her whole
bottom starts jumping or jerking and I know it isn't
going to take long. And it doesn't, she's cumming.
I lick a little more to make sure, pull my fingers out and
reach down to unzip my pants and get my now erect cock out.
I straighten up a little, nudge myself forward a little
and get my cock aimed into her and start pushing in. Her arms
come around my shoulders, her legs come up around my butt.
She can't stay quiet.

"Mommy?" I can hear our oldest, 8-year old Kirsten.

"Go back to sleep, Dear, " Joanne calls out.
I keep pounding into her and I can hear her giving a big exhale
with each of my pushes into her.

"I heard a noise."

"It's nothing Dear, Dad and I are both here. Everything's
fine. Go back to sleep."

I can see her, she's come out of the hall from her bedroom.
She's behind her Mom by several feet, can see our heads
and shoulders over the back of the couch. "It's
just your Mom and me, Honey. We're kissing. Go back
to bed." I'm kneeling, with my cock in Joanne
as I talk to our daughter.

"Oh, " she says, looking at us. "O.k."
and she turns and heads back. She even turns and looks back
and smiles at me before going on into the hall. I start pumping
into Joanne again. Joanne's trying to keep her voice
down, leans her face against my shoulder to smother her
moans. I just keep on pumping into her and her whole body
is trying to push back as much as she can in her position.
I'm not going to last much longer, I can feel it cumming.
And then she cums again, her insides grabbing my cock tighter
and moving me into shooting my load into her.

"Is that passionate enough?" I quietly ask
her, my softening cock still in her, her legs and arms still
around me.

"It's a start, " she says and grins at me.
I start pulling back, she lowers her legs and arms. "We
should have gone to our room, " she says, "Kirsten's
still a little young for a birds and bees lesson as explicit
as this."

"She didn't see anything but our heads and maybe
shoulders. We were just kissing as far as she knows. But
we should go to our room, take a shower, finish what we've
started. You may even get to six again."

"Promises, promises, " she says to me with
a smile but moves quickly to start to our bedroom and bathroom.
I follow. Whatever mess we left on the couch can wait until
tomorrow to be cleaned up.

In the bedroom we're both naked right away. I hold her
and kiss her and feel her lovely ass. I've always loved
her ass. It's full and firm and so soft and smooth to
the touch and the curve up onto her lower back is very sexy.
"You're as desirable as ever. I don't think
you've gained a pound, unlike me."

She pinches my waist, getting at least that proverbial
inch, probably more. I've gained something on the
order of fifteen pounds since we married. "They're
just love handles, " she says, kissing me and pushing
her pussy against me. "The rest of you is as good as
ever." With that, she backs a little and reaches down
to pull on my cock and then turns and head into the bathroom.
I watch her sexy butt move as she walks and then follow her.
I can feel that cock she just pulled starting to recoup from
our sex a few minutes earlier.

In the shower, I'm washing her body with my bare hands
and some soap. I spend a fair amount of time on her breasts,
lick them and suck on her nipples after rinsing, then have
her turn around so I can do her back. I kneel down and do her
ass, that lovely ass. I feel it, rinse it, kiss it and turn
her again. Ah, now her legs and then her pussy. I get one of
her legs up on my shoulder so I can spend a lot of time on her
pussy. Women in porn seem to all shave, but Joanne doesn't.
She must trim her hair some. I guess I should ask. But she
must because it's never in the way. And it isn't
now. I'm licking inside her and loving it.

"Don, I get a turn now. I love what you're doing
but come back up here." Then she starts on me with bare
hands and soap. "This has always been a big turn on
for me except now I'm already turned on, " she
says as she's working on my cock, which seems to have
fully recovered and is up and ready. She licks it and kisses
it and plays with my balls and then gets her mouth around
the head and starts really sucking me, her head moving back
and forth. I can't imagine why we haven't been
doing this regularly. It's obvious she loves it, she
can't act like that just to be nice to me, she wants it.

"I really love you doing that, " I tell her out
loud, "but we'll be out of hot water for a long
time before you get me to cum. This will be my second time
and I'm going to last." She flicks her eyes up
at me and keeps on working on me for another minute or so before
she finally pulls back and stands.

She keeps hold of my cock as she kisses me. "You're
right, besides we've got a nice bed out there, this
isn't the place to try and finish everything."

We dry each other off and I manage to play with her breasts
a little and finger her pussy some. She gives me a short hand
job while doing me and then leads me by my erection to the
bed. She ends up climbing on me and sitting on my cock, sliding
it fully up into her. There isn't anything much sexier
than watching a lovely female body riding you, fucking

"This might be one of the good reasons I married you, "
I say to her. "You've never just allowed me to
use you, you've always been as anxious to use me as I
am to use you."

She looks down at me grinning as she bounces up and down on
me, fucking me. "As anxious? I think I've always
been hornier than you." I reach for her clit with the
fingers of one hand and try to massage her as she rides me.
I can see her getting more and more aroused. She gets a little
louder, too. I can hear the bunk beds in the next room, where
out two boys sleep, hitting the wall. Someone's moving
in there.

"Joanne, quiet, " I say, trying to be quiet
myself, "You're waking the boys."

Her moans turn into mmphs. She even brings one arm up so she
can put her mouth against it, using it as a muffler. Then
I can feel her insides, starting to ripple and grab my cock
and she's almost crying, pushing her mouth against
her arm to hide her sounds. And then she's laying down
on me, my cock still hard inside her. I put my arms around
her and hold her. I run one hand down her back onto her ass.
I love to feel her ass. "Maybe for the next one, we need
to keep your mouth full so you can't yell. Why don't
we sixty-nine."

She lifts her head, grins at me, then sits up, lifts herself
up off me and scrambles around to straddle me again the other
direction. She lowers her pussy onto my face as I can feel
her grabbing my cock and start licking it. I have to lift
my head to get at her as she gets at me. The height difference
makes it less than ideal but it's still possible. I
grab her ass with both hands to hold me up to her as I attack
her pussy with my tongue and lips. We last a while at this.
I'm only doing her with my mouth, not finger fucking
her at the same time. I think maybe part of my mind is on how
great it feels as she sucks me and only partly on eating her.
Maybe it's the same for her because we last a fair time
before I can feel her cumming. I just keep licking and sucking
on her and she does me, too, until I can finally feel my cum

We're both laying next to one another, worn out a little.
I've cum twice, she hasn't made it to six times,
I don't think but it must be close. I roll on my side and
get an arm around her. "Joanne I love you. I need you.
I want you. I don't know why it's been so long since
we did something like this. My fault, I think I just got lazy.
If I ever start acting like that again, let me know because
I want to make love like we've just done all the time.'

She rolls to me and we kiss. "It's my fault too.
I can get all involved in being Mommy rather than your lover."

"Of course, your being so loud that it wakes the kids
might be one reason we haven't done this more often."
She just grins and kisses me again.

I wake up the next morning spooned against her back. I'm
fully erect and it's pushing between her legs. I reach
down and position it better and start rubbing it around.
I can't tell but it's got to be touching her pussy
in there somewhere. I can feel her move slightly. She raises
her leg a little giving me more room. I slide my hips back
a little, hold my cock against her and push forward. I can
feel it entering her. It's not the greatest fuck in
the world but I'm fucking her. She squirms her butt
a little and moves her top leg and I'm further into her.
I pull back a little and push in again. We've not spoken
a word. Quietly, I keep on fucking her. I reach around and
get my hands up under her nightgown and play with her breasts,
squeeze her nipples as I continue to fuck her. Finally she
says, "Hold on while I roll onto my stomach so we can
get in a better position."

I do and somehow, without my cock ever leaving her, she ends
up on her stomach and I'm atop her. She spreads her legs
and starts to push her butt up. I move my weight to my knees
and soon we're in a perfect doggie-fuck position and
I can really start to pound into her. We last a while and then
she cums. I just keep on fucking her until, finally, I cum,
too. We're laying there, me still on top of her but her
now back down, flat on the bed. "What time is it?"
she asks.

I have to move to look at the clock. "Six forty five, "
I tell her. She makes a sighing sound.

"Might as well get up. The alarm will go off in fifteen
minutes anyway." She rolls away from me and then leans
back to me and kisses me. "It was a great way to wake
up, " she says, smiling.

The morning is normal. Breakfast with her and the kids and
then off to work. Back home that early evening, she tells
me what Kirsten said. "Kirsten told me that she's
glad you and I like one another. Brittany's parents
fight and argue all the time and Brittany worries about

I kiss her and hold her. "Well, she's right. I
do like you but I don't think I'm up to proving it
by trying to repeat last night again right now."

"Oh, " she says, looking at me sort of wide eyed.
"I was looking forward to it." Then she grins
and kisses me again. Damn, is she joking or does she mean

We have dinner, I help Kirsten with her homework, read to
our youngest, James, 4, and play a video game with Mark,
6, the middle boy. Once they're all in bed, it draws
close to that moment of truth. "Joanne, were your
serious that you want to have a good love making tonight?"


"Are we supposed to start doing it every night?"

"Well, maybe. You married a horny lady and now that
I've got you back on track, I don't want us to fall
apart again. Why, did last night wear you out?"

"Well, no, " I had to admit. I smiled. Actually
I liked last night.

"I didn't think so, the way you woke me up this
morning. But I'm not complaining, I loved it. You can
do that any time." She grins and presses up against
me and I put my arms around her and kiss her. She pushes her
pelvis against me and holds my ass. "I was thinking
that maybe we should play a little game. Maybe pretend this
is back when we were dating, ten years ago. We've had
sex a couple time and will again and you've just brought
me home from our date."

"I've had a great time, " I tell her. "Dinner
was terrific." I slide my hands down and hold her ass
and kiss her again.

"Why don't we extend the good time and go to the
bedroom, " she says as we break the kiss. "I've
been thinking of this all day."

We walk down the hall holding one another, bumping our hips.
As we go into the room I say, "So you've been thinking
of this all day? You're a horny lady aren't you?"

"Damn right, now get those clothes off."

It seems abrupt, to just go into the room and get naked but
as I think back, that's what we did. The foreplay was
left to happening once we were naked and on the bed. Neither
of us needed to be coy, we both wanted each other, perhaps
more then than now. Or, maybe, that's the kind of thinking
that she doesn't like. We should be just as passionate
right now as back then.

Naked, we hold each other and kiss and feel each other's
ass. Then we're on the bed and she has her hand wrapped
around my cock as I kiss her and run my hands over her lovely
body. "I've been thinking particularly about
this all day, " she says as she sits up and leans down
to kiss my cock as she fondles it. One hand's on my cock,
one my balls. Then she starts licking up and down the side,
moving her head around to get at me from different angles.
Then her mouth swallows the head and then a little more.
Her hand continues to jerk me off a little below her mouth
as it sucks and licks me. Her head starts bobbing and she's
seriously giving my cock a workout. She's told me before
that she really likes this, has a thing about cocks. Fantasizes
about my cock when we're apart. She's also massaging
my balls as she licks and sucks me. I don't last all that
long and when I start shooting into her mouth, her lips lock
around my cock and she swallows and keeps on sucking and
licking, pretty much draining every bit out of me that she

She finally takes a last couple licks and sits back looking
at my cock and smiling. Then she looks up at me. "I love
your cock, Don, I'll never get enough."

"I love everything about your body, Joanne, "
I tell her as I reach for her and pull her up so that I can hold
her and kiss her. I start moving my kisses and my hands over
her body. I spend a lot of time on her breasts. Lovely breasts.
Then down over her stomach, still almost flat, just a slight
curve to it, and then there her pussy is. I should kiss up
and down her legs but, truth is, I want at her pussy. So that's
what I do. Her legs are spread wider than I thought anyone
could spread, her knees back up toward her shoulders, giving
me room. She has her head propped up a little, looking down
to watch me. I don't know what she can see because, truthfully,
I can't see much. I work pretty much on instinct, licking
and sucking in her moist slit, sticking my tongue into her
vagina, getting my tongue to her clit. I try to look up at
her but she's laid back now, her hands on her breasts,
pinching her nipples, as I continue to feast on her, licking
and sucking and gumming her clit. I slide a couple fingers
into her vagina and move them as I concentrate my mouth on
her clit. I look up again and can see she has something, it
looks like a white sock of mine, in her mouth, trying to squelch
her moans and groans.

She doesn't last that long either and I pull out my fingers
and try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth, tasting her
juices. By now, I'm hard again, so I slide up over her,
kiss her, and then move up slightly more to get my cock aimed
into her and then push steadily to move it fully into her.
It is a sock. She moved it and held it in one hand when we kissed
but as soon as I moved up a little, it's back in her mouth
as I start fucking her, slowly at first then faster and faster.
It shouldn't feel this good in a woman that's hand
three children. That vaginal canal should be stretched
to the limit. But somehow, she's recovered and is almost
as tight as she was ten years ago. She exercises a lot, maybe
that has something to do with it. Her legs and arms come up
around me, holding me to her as I move my hips to keep pumping
into her. I can feel her insides starting to grab me, she's
ready to cum. I just keep pounding into her and then she orgasms.
Her whole body jumps. Her insides sort of grab my cock. I
wonder if someone will need to throw cold water on us, like
you do for dogs or cats locked together. Then she sighs and
relaxes. Her arms and legs come down.

It had been another rough day at work. She seemed to have
a number of them, but there was always another waiting and
home to pull herself back together for the next one. There
was a package standing on the doorstep as she pulled up the
drive. Just a plain brown package, but since she hadn't
ordered anything, it gave a spark of hope and wonder.

She smiled a Mona Lisa smirk at the thought of the last package
received from him and nearly left her things behind in her
haste to see if, by chance, this might just be another. Another
adventure, another wonderful time. She had a moisture
growing between her legs that had nothing to do with the
heat of the day.

The box felt light and silky and she could feel the ache of
whatever lay inside as it reached out to her. She purposefully
drew the moment out. Wanting to shred the paper immediately
upon entering the room, she placed it delicately under
her arm as she went through the everyday motions of resetting
the alarm, placing her bag next to the bureau, kicking off
her shoes and setting her keys in the tray.

As she walked back to the bedroom, the smirk grew to a kid
sized grin.

He watched her throw herself onto the bed. She was such a
child sometimes, and it made him beam. She'd landed
with the box held out before her and her bare legs splayed
gracefully. Her bottom pushed up as she lifted her shoulders
and a familiar tingle teased in his groin as he admired the

The brown wrapper torn aside and the gift paper revealed,
she was toying with the ribbon the way she loved to finger
his member in those in between times. He could almost feel
her digits tickling along the base of his semi -- soft rod
as it tries to rest before its next call to duty. He was subconsciously
expecting her lips to take the curl of ribbon between them
when she pulled on it instead.

As he watched, his hard-on jutting, her ass rose and fell
with her movements. Her calves flared and his thoughts
throbbed as her dress rode up and smoothed back down. She
read the card with the little poem and fingered it idly,
thrilling him with the delicacy of the movement.

The lid flipped back and paper rustled. He knew when she
saw it by the intake of breath. Her legs drew up, her bottom
raised, then slowly back down as though tempting him intentionally.
As she jumped up from the bed, he had to draw back into the
shadows or risk her seeing him. Too bad. He missed the way
she viewed herself in the mirror, holding the gown up in

She loved lingerie and it was always such a delight for him
to see her in it and with it. He loved undressing her and finding
a new bra or panties. Or to be surprised with a new nightie
or bustiere. He loved the stockings and garters and just
the thought of her wearing her new gown was making his cock
jump and twitch.

As she jumped off the bed, he drew back further into the shadow
of the closet.

She went first to the mirror and held the gown up to show her
how it would look flattering the fullness of her breasts.
It was perfect. The coral silk flowed over her shoulders
and she saw where the tie would just hold it in place around
her graceful neck. She modeled side to side, thinking how
the color set her off so nice. Her nipples hardened as she
thought how he might be using it.

She wondered when he might be home and how she might give
him that extra thrill as she wandered into the bathroom
and ran the taps. The first thing she would do is take a bath.
She held onto the gown as she began to undress, still considering
how she might give him something extra. In just her bra and
panties, she suddenly walked back out to gather some wine.

It was nearly a laugh of joy that took her as she made the hallway
and reined in a bolt. She wanted to run the length of the house
and back with the wine, but made herself take it as slowly
as she could. It was when she'd burst out of the bathroom
that she'd seen the movement in the closet doorway.
What a great way to tease him! Turn the tables for once and
make him ache for her. She wanted to skip and whoop, but held
back to take better care plotting.

"Oh, the possibilities!" She thought to herself
as the wine came free of the cupboard and the corkscrew found
its way into her fumbling fingers through the utensils
scattered in the drawer. She jumped into the other bathroom
on the way back and made sure her hair and face were the way
she wanted them.

As she re entered the bedroom, she worked hard to compose
a serious face.

It had taken her awhile to return. He was getting worried
that she had seen him. She'd come out of the bathroom
so quickly the last time, it was all he could do to get back
from the doorway. While she was out of the room, he took the
opportunity to arrange the closet doors to his best viewing

He still had the picture of her on the bed in the forefront
of his mind. The way her round little bottom pushed up when
her feet splayed apart as her torso raised with the delight
of her surprise. He loved taking her just like that. His
hands grabbing handfuls of her ass globes and kneading
them as he pulled them up and away from each other to shove
his cock into her dripping hole. He loved the way her juices
flooded the base of his rod and soaked his balls.

His pole stood out solidly in front and his hand naturally
gravitated to it, his fingers wrapping around and stroking
it absent mindedly. He watched her back into the room carrying
a bottle and two glasses. As she set the bottle on the bureau,
she stroked the neck, wrapping her fingers lightly and
deliberately pushing them down until the slope pushed
them too far apart. As she pulled them back up, he nearly
groaned aloud, his fingers emulating hers.

Her hand stroked up and down the bottle. Languorously fingering
the opening before sliding down and grasping the glass
firmly on the way back up. His hand naturally fell into the
same rhythm and he only just held the groans in. She leaned
forward, then and let her breasts fall around the bottle,
engulfing it in a way so familiar to him that it took very
little imagination to feel.

He couldn't have picked a better spot to watch from.

She had unhooked her bra and as she straightened, she let
it fall away and down to the floor. She could see him in the
mirror now that she knew where to look and half closed her
eyes so he wouldn't see her staring. His hand was wrapped
around his length as it stuck out of the deep shadows and
she felt the smoothness of the glass in her own hand. It was
an easy thing to imagine his penis in her fingers, sliding
over her palm, smooth and silky as the stretched skin would

As she watched him, her hands moved up onto her breasts and
gave a light squeeze that took her breath. She fingered
the nipples, circling the aureolas with fingertips and
lightly pinching the puckering flesh. She marveled at
the way it felt between the pads of her digits, smooth yet
firm and ridged. As she toyed with them and the nipples strained
at the end of their stretch, she saw him moisten his hand
and pump his staff. She emulated him with her fingertips,
stroking and tugging at the erect flesh. She could almost
feel herself building toward an explosion and imagined
he must be moving that way himself.

When she stopped suddenly, her pussy flared with feeling
and she groaned. It wanted some of that! Wanted it now and
wanted it bad! She squeezed her boobs together again and
as she groaned, raising her eyelids to halfway, she saw
him slow his strokes. It was almost hypnotic watching his
hand push up toward the purpling head and then back down
toward his swaying balls, leaving the part shoving out
at her red and dusky. She imagined her lips on it and her tongue
bathing it.

As her hands moved down her sides, smoothing the skin, she
imagined tasting his pre cum, teasing it out the slit with
the tip of her tongue. Tickling at it and swathing the shaft.
Her fingers separated the delicate wings and slipped inside
making her groan. She wasn't going to be able to hold
back and she pulled back, straightened up and stepped into
the bathroom to put on her new gown.

As she walked off, he couldn't hold the groan back.
His knees were shaking and he had been so close to orgasm
he had felt his balls drawing up and ready to spurt. He had
watched her fingers slide up inside her and that had put
him all but over the edge. He had to lean his forehead against
the doorjamb to help steady himself.

She walked back dressed in her new gown. The tie around her
graceful neck set the coloring of her blush off so well,
he was thrilled at how perfectly the hues matched. By now,
she was flushed over her entire neck and up onto her face,
across the tops of her breasts and he could only imagine
the red tinges lingering around the globes and toward the
bottoms were he to bury his face between them and lick and
suck his way up onto the top. His cock was jolting on its own
as he reached down and cupped his balls.

She spread herself across the bed where he would be able
to see her open legs and her hands moving between. She plumped
a pillow behind her head so she would be able to watch him
and hiked the gown up around her ass cheeks. She dipped a
finger into her moist pool and slid a padded nail over her
shuddering clit. As she made circles, she could feel the
slippery stiffness trying to escape her touch and it made
her shiver inside.

Through her half closed lids she saw his hand pick up the
rhythm. It stopped and he moistened the palm with his tongue,
working it around the shaft until it glistened and reminded
her how it looked when she pulled back from sucking it all
the way in her throat. She pulled her pussy lips apart and
showed him her grasping hole. She could feel it pulsing
and trying to take him inside as her fingers slid up onto
her clit again and rolled it over her nerves. She gasped
from the spasms.

The air became thick and moist, her breathing ragged as
her fingers tugged and teased in time with his hand. He was
pumping and pulling at his engorged member when she could
take no more. The tie at her neck had been loose and in the
thrashing, it came undone. As she flipped over, her tits
flopped out in front and she all but slid off the bed to the
closet, forcing the doors aside and open. She grabbed his
pole and stuffed it in her mouth, one, two, three great thrusts
and a geyser erupted over her lips. She was sucking and swallowing
as he moaned and made gruff animal mating noises, her fingers
found his balls as they pumped and squeezed. When he collapsed,
she held his ass to keep his dick in her mouth and kept him
standing by suction alone.

He lifted her, kissed her and led her to the bed where they
could finish the night.

She wondered idly, before drifting off when she might expect
another package. She thought it might be another rough
week at work coming up and she might need something to keep
her renewed.

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