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My Special Night With You


It's Saturday night, February 10. The weather was
cool, but not real cold. We had planned to finally meet up
that night. I gave you directions, so you drove over to my
I had prepared a roast dinner smuthered in gravy, and served
with chopped onions, carrots, potatoes, and carrots.
MMMMMMM. It is tender and mouth watery. In the middle of
the table were roses. I even set the mood by dimming the lights
and having some nice body and soul slow music playin gin
the background.
After dinner we would eat dessert, a two layer chocolate
cake that I made. MMMMMMM. So rich and moist. We would then
head on over to the sofa so that I can put in a movie, The Last
King of Scotland starring Forrest Whitaker.
We only watch half of the movie. Again, you are looking so
fucking sexy. I can't resist but to move closer to you,
run my fingers through your hair, pull you back by your hair,
and kiss you. I stop the dvd, grab you by the hands and stand.
I look you in your eyes and we danced to some slow jams. Afterwards,
you would kiss me again. My hands would roam your body, squeezing
you, and finding it's way to your soft ass. After that
kiss, I would ask if you wanna head upstairs, but like the
true lady you are, you insist that we clean up a little first.
But you are ready to go.
I would gaze at you again, smile, and then kiss you. Then
I would turn us both to the kitchen and walk you toward the
sink, with me behind you, and I would turn on the water as
so we could do the dishes. I would simply wash the dishes
with you standing in front of me, feeling our bodies against
each other and occasionally nibbling on your neck. When
I finished the dishes I would dry my hands and take hold of
yours, walk you back to the sofa in my living room and sit
down with you on my lap. Look into your eyes and allow our
smiles to meet, gently kissing at first, my hands exploring
the curves of your body and the softness of your skin. (I
can actually picture this) There I would raise your arms
straight up in the air and pull your blouse off over your
head, leaving you in your bra. Then reaching around you
I would unhook the little hooks on your bra and allow the
straps to fall from your shoulders. I would kiss your breasts
and run my hands over them, removing your bra completely
exposing your beautiful breasts. (OMG) My hands slowly
glide over them as we look into each others eyes and smile.
Your nipples begin to harden and roll with the palms of my
hands gently moving them around. We kiss and then my lips
go to your neck. I begin to kiss my way down to your chest,
finally taking a nipple into my mouth and pinching it slightly
with my lips. I suck it in and run my tongue back and forth
across it before sucking it in and out several times. We
kiss again as I raise my head to touch your lips. We sit with
my hands holding your waist, your arms around my neck. You
rise up and straddle my lap with your legs, sitting there
facing me completely. As we continue to kiss you rub your
breasts against my chest. (mmmmmm) With your hands you
pull off my shirt and now our bare skin comes into contact
with each other. You also stand up briefly and take off your
jeans and then sit back down on me straddling me. You are
now wearing nothing but black thongs. You are rubbing your
breasts across my chest and the heaviness of our breathing
increases that sensation. Our hips begin to move with our
passion igniting and you ride in my lap pushing your groin
into mine, feeling me grow with each push. The heat is building
and you are beginning to feel the wetness between your legs
My hands are now moving with your hips and I want more. I stand
up and walk you towards my dining table and then lift you
up onto the table. As you sit on the edge of the table I pull
your thong down and let them fall to your ankles. You pull
out one foot and then fling it off of the other so that they
fall away from us. Your hands undo my belt and open my pants.
We continue to kiss and to smile. You reach into my pants
and take hold of my hardened dick, ...and trust me baby,
it is very, very hard. You wrap your hand around my shaft
and hold it in your clenched fist. I stop kissing you and
sit down into one of the dining chairs. I kiss and lick your
belly. I move my face downward and smell your scent of pussy
wafting up to my nostrils(and it smells good baby). I love
the smell and my mouth waters with anticipation to taste
that good pussy of yours.
I kiss downward. I move to lick your fat clit with my tongue.
You let out a sigh and a moan "MMMMMMMMM". My
hands are on top of your legs with my thumbs pulling back
on your thick pussy lips exposing the top of your slit more.
I lick your clit again and then lick around your slit. You
let out a Your hands are on my head running through my hair.
I lick your clit again and then suck it into my lips. I run
my tongue around it and then flicker it across it several
times, sucking on it as I continue. You moan again "OMG,
MMMMMMMMMM". You lie back on the table and move your
legs up onto the edge and spread your legs more, giving me
more access and more flavor to your juicy pussy. Your wetness
has begun to drip from you and forms drops as it runs down
you slit. I lick it up and taste your sweet juices. I push
my tongue across your lips and back, pushing a little more
each time I do this and I do this slow. You say out loud to me
, "I just love it when you lick my pussy". That
turns me on more. My tongue pushes into your hole, allowing
more of your juices to escape. I push your juices upward
with my tongue and cover your clit with them. "Ohhhhhhhh,
fuck" you cry out.
I then run my tongue around your clit, across your clit,
taking it in and out of my lips with a slight sucking, tickling
it with my tongue as it passes over my lips and into my mouth.
Your juices are dripping down, running down your slit and
pouring downward across your ass. I continue to suck and
lick as your hips begin to move in a circular fashion. You
tell me "Eat this pussy, baby. Lick it real , hhh, gooood.
OOOOOOOHHhh MMMMyyyyy". My chin and lips are now
covered with your juices and you play with your breasts
and nipples. Moans of pleasure seep past your lips and I
push my tongue against your clit. You bring a hand down to
rub yourself as I lick your lips. Your juices play downward
and begin to form a puddle on the edge of the table. You touch
yourself and push against your clit. I stand now, posed
in front of you, my dick inches from your wet and dripping
hole. You grab my dick and pull me to you. You lick my neck
and kiss me on my shoulders, then my neck, then my cheek,
then my lips again.
You then look at me with that seductive look and whisper
to me, ......"Stick that dick in me baby. I want you
to fuck your pussy and fuck it good." So I aim my dick
downward to your pussy and push into you, slowly at first,
inching my way in to your warmth wetness. You are so fucking
wet, I am sliding in with ease. My dick pushes into you and
you feel it filling you. You take a deep breath and moan a
little with your eyes closed tightly. "UMMMMMMMMM".
Then you open your eyes and our eyes meet and I push in the
remainder of the way until my balls rest against you. "Oooooooohhhhh,
my fucking god. Damn, you got the tightest pussy. My hands
are on your legs as I begin to pull out of you and then back
into you. I push and pull slowly, enjoying the feeling of
penetration and watching my wet dick pull out of you, spilling
more of your juices each time I do this. (Oh fuck, you are
so fucking wet). You raise your legs up and I place my arms
under them, lifting them up so your ankles ride on my shoulders.
I push in and out of you with increasing speed. "MMMMMMMMMMM"
you moan again. "Fuck me, ...faster" you say.
Our breathing grows faster and we continue this undulation.
Suddenly I stop and gently pull out of you. I let your legs
down slowly and reach out for your hands. I pull you up and
you slide off of the table. We kiss, our arms wrapping around
each other for the moment.
I take your shoulders and turn you around to face the table.
You knowingly bend over as I place my dick into you again
from behind you. "Oh Fuck Yeah. Fuck your pussy baby.
Fuck your wet, juicy pussy. This is your pussy. " You
stretch out over the table, feeling your juices that have
spilled out on the edge of the table against your belly,
it allows you to slide over the table until your legs are
against the edge and my dick is again buried in you deep.
"OOOOOOOHHHHH". The first few times I push
in and out of you are slow. Then I begin to thrust into you
with more force, more speed. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! That's
the sound of me slapping into you reast fast from behind.
I am now going in and out of you with a purpose, your juices
flowing out of you and down your legs. Your inner thighs
are wet from the moisture coming out of you. I slide easily
even though I thrust with force. You bounce against the
table and feel the impact of my legs against your ass. "FUUUUUCCCKKK
The sensation from my dick driving in and out of your pussy
fills you and then empties you with each stroke. My dick
is throbbing. You reach under yourself and find your clit
with your fingers. The forcefulness of my thrusts causes
your clit to glide over your fingers repeatedly. You push
upward against your clit, rubbing it and adding to your
pleasure. Your mouth is open and moans continuously pour
MMMEEE!!! THIS IS YOUR PUSSSY!!!! OMG!!!!! Your breathing
is hard and you begin to feel lightheaded as the waves of
pleasure flood through you. Your juices are pouring down
your legs and covering your thighs. You are fucking cumming,
the waves rolling through you, the moans turn to screams
and you lift your ass upwards as you stand on your toes. My
dick continues to force its way in and out of your dripping
pussy. Your juices pour past your lips and run in small streams
down your legs.
I feel myself ready to explode and I step back, pulling my
dick from inside of you. You quickly lift yourself from
the table and turn around, dropping down so that my dick
is in front of your face. Your mouth is open and reaches to
catch my dick. My hand is on the base of my dick, aiming it
towards your mouth. You grab me with your hand and stroke
me into your mouth. You taste your juices on my, mixing with
my precum. You suck the head of my dick into your mouth and
then pull your lips back over it. ""OH FUCK"
I scream. A strand of jism links your lips and my dick for
a second. I cum. I explode. My jism shoots out and catches
you on your chin, your neck and down onto your breasts. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
i scream louder. You pump my dick drawing more of my cum out
and allow it to spill gracefully onto you. Your hand is covered
with my juices and it runs down your arm. Gobs of jism are
on your chin and breasts. A single strand of my cum drips
off of your chin and reaches towards your chest. My cum begins
to roll down your breasts. The light glimmers and shines
off all the wetness on the table, the floor, your legs, your
chest. We lock eyes and smile at each other. It is the start
of a good evening. But it gets better.
We both need a couple of minutes to recover. I get you a towel
so that you could wipe my cum off of you. I was dripping myself
from sweat. I stood in front of my regerator drinking cold
water from my pitcher. I offered you some, but you were fine.
So I joined you back in the living room where we finished
off the rest of the vodka. I sat in my king's chair (my
small sofa chair) while you set across from me in the love
seat. Our eyes were stuck on each other. You opened your
legs up to me, licking your hand, then sliding it down to
play with your pussy. You then took your other hand and spread
open your slit. "AHHHHH FUCCKKKKK, what a fucking
sight." You would lick your fingers again and then
rub your clit, sighing and moaning a little closing your
eyes. Then you open them and slide two fingers in and out
of that pussy gazing at me with that "You love watching
me playing with my pussy" look. I aint gonna lie to
you, I was ready to pounce on you like a horny lion ready to
conquer his territory with all the lionesses. My dick started
to swell again. I maneuvered myself to you moving my glass
coffee table out of the way to get to you. When I got over there,
I tried to touch your pussy, but you moved my hand out of the
way. I even tried squatting down to stick my tongue in it
again, but again I was denied. I was frustrated , but realized
that you just wanted to put on a show for me. And what a show
it was.
You stop and said, "Let's go upstairs",
signifying that you were down and wanted to take it to the
bed this time. When we get upstairs, I lead you straight
to the bed. "Lie on your stomach baby. Let me give you
a rub down" I say to you. You do just that. I pull open
my top drawer and pull out the KY 2 in 1 warming massage oil.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I slap some on and let my fingers do the talking.
I start with the back of your neck, my thumbs meeting making
a light circular motion. It's very soothing. Then
I head down to the shoulders massaging them. Then slowly
and patiently, I massage your upper, middle, and lower
back. Even massage you sexy ass cheeks and the back of your
thigh. I tease you by even sliding my hand through your legs
and slightly massaging your pussy. You sigh lightly. I
command that you turn over and you do. T
I then massage your shoulders again, then your arms. I lather
up with more lube and massage your stomack and then your
breasts, caressing them. Yes, getting you warm. I concentrate
on each breast giving them equal time. Then I slowly go back
down to your belly to your pelvic region, where again I tease
you by massaging your pussy again. Then I head back up to
your breast again.
My hands cup your breasts loving the way that they are big
and a perfect fit for my hands. Moving back to kiss your neck
again, with an occasional nibble, I begin to massage your
breasts and letting my thumbs play with your now hard nipples
as they stand up full and proud. Your breath starts to get
a little shorter and quicker as I continue to please your
breasts while making your head swim as I lovingly kisses
your neck. It doesn’t take long before you're full
of passion and can’t take anymore; turning around in my
arms and slowly making me lay down on my back.
Leaning forward to kiss my neck you start to move down my
body with your hands reaching down to my pelvic area. You
rub your way down to my thighs, feeling between my legs.
My dick, which has grown in length and has gotten firm, pops
up. Your pussy getting more wet seeing my dick so full in
length again and knowing it is all yours to use tonight as
you wish. I smile to myself loving the feeling of your hands
around my hips. You start to kiss along my waistline, while
your hands continue to firmly caress my now hardened dick.
You get on top of me and slowly slides up my body kissing your
way back up to meet my lips, your pussy rubbing against my
dick. (mmmmmm)
You move your hips, grinding against my rock hard dick.
Your clit feeling my exposed dick and making you bite your
lip from the small jolts of pleasure running through your
body. You grab my shoulders still grinding your pelvis
against mine, as I slides my hands down your sides to your
soft ass, giving it a nice firm squeeze. Kissing your neck
and biting it softly, I hold your hips tight against mine;
letting my dick be stimulated even more feeling your pussy
now drenched again. I can feel the wetness running from
your pusy onto my pelvic region. After a few moments you
slide off to the side, and spread your legs open slightly
as my hand works down your legs. Sliding my hand between
your legs I wets my fingers in your sweet cum, bringing my
fingers up to taste your sweet nectar. (MMMMMM, sweet as
Licking them clean I slide them between your legs again
to get them wet. I move my fingers slowly at first massaging
your pussy lips, occasionally sticking a finger into your
pussy to get it wet again before going back to rubbing your
pussy lips. Feeling my fingers pleasure your wet pussy,
your mind going crazy with ecstasy, you reach in between
my legs to grab my dick by the shaft and stroking it in a full
motion. As your pussy starts to dampen more, I move my attention
to that fat clit again sticking out and begins to rub the
clit in a circular motion. Your breaths becoming short
and quick as you can’t help but how wonderful my fingers
feel rubbing your drenched pussy and clit, knowing that
all I wants is to make you happy and give you the most pleasure
possible. Hell, I've been trying to do it for the longest,
either physically, mentally, and emotionally. Knowing
this, you get turned on even more as your body starts to tremble
and shake; your hand increasing speed stroking my hard
dick up and down. "Damn she's good":, I
thought to myself as I feel my dick throb in your hand. As
I speed up my fingers slightly more, you moans in his ear,
turning me on even more as I concentrates fully on getting
you to climax again. Your hips start to buck as you squirm
as you feels an orgasm building rapidly. As it builds you
start to moan a little more and a little louder, causing
me to smile knowing you're feeling such pleasure and
getting close to cumming. "UHHHHHH". Right
at the moment you feel like you're going to erupt with
pleasure, I lean in kissing you as my fingers finish pushing
you over the edge, our kiss breaking as you arcs your back,
to rub your pussy again drenched in your cum and slowly builds
you to another orgasm.
Before you can cum again you move my hand away and moves down
to my side, leaning over me as you starts to kiss around my
dick, using your mouth and tongue to play with my balls.
Kissing up and down the shaft a couple times you slide your
mouth around the head, licking and sucking it. As you slowly
takes my dick deeper in your mouth little by little you use
your hand to play with my balls, rolling them in your hand
and tickling them slightly. "AHHHH, OH FUCK"
I moan as my breath becomes shorter and quicker. Grabbing
at your legs I pull them over my head, one leg resting on each
side. As your mouth slides up and down on my dick you feel
my warm breath as I move my face closer to your pussy. I slowly
kiss your inner thigh moving closer and closer to your pussy.
I want to taste it again. I just can't get enough of licking
your pussy. Kissing around your pussy lips I place a kiss
where you clit is(muah); my tongue flicking out quickly
into your sloppily wet pussy, then sliding it up your pussy
and over your clit. You moan, "HHMMMMMMMMM",
your mouth still around my dick, as jolts of pleasure run
through your body with each time I lick your pussy and clit.
Paying special attention to the head of my dick you start
licking and sucking on it, your hand stroking his shaft.
"Mmmm….yes, cum for me." You say pausing momentarily.
As you say that, a jolt of energy ripples through my body
as I start licking and sucking your pussy lips faster and
deeper, causing you to sit back against my face. As you start
grinding your pussy on my mouth and tongue, loving the pleasure
I am causing you, she start sucking my dick again, this time
spitting globs of spit on it. The sould of slurping is heard
in the room. SLURP, SLURP, SLURP, SLURP. Feeling yourself
close to cumming you concentrate on sucking and licking
the head while stroking the dick faster. As you feel my dick
start to throb in your mouth you knows I'm close to cumming
yourself and sucks even harder. "I’m about to cum…."
I moan. "Take it all, you sexy lil slut." As you
feel an orgasm rip through your own body you take my dick
completely in your mouth and starts to suck it all the way
to the base and head. "FUCK"!!!!!! I moan as
my body shakes and quivers as a river of cum shoots out of
the tip, filling up your mouth up. As you swallow my massive
load of cum, you lick your lips and suck my dick some more
getting every drop. While my mind comes back down to earth
I lick your pussy clean loving that sweet taste of her sweet
I lick your wet, dripping pussy for few minutes. My mind
must be in another world, or something, because without
even thinking, my tongue goes lower until it touch your
ass hole. Yes, I was licking your ass hole! I let my tongue
explore your ass. I tease your ass hole for a minute, and
then spread your ass open. I could not believe it! I was licking
your ass again. I haven't done this in a while. And I
love it. Baby, you just laid there and moaned with pleasure.
I knew you were loving it. You moaned and said, "Oh,
baby, no one has ever licked my pussy and ass like you before.
Baby, please, don’t stop. Lick your ass. This is your ass".
(A prelude to come) At your urging, I spread your ass cheeks
a bit to expose the small, little rosebud that was your asshole.
It is beautiful. To be that close to your asshole and have
it beckon my tongue, was just like a dream come true. I want
to have each and every part of you. And your asshole would
be the ultimate possession of you. My tongue lick around
it, exploring it. Then, in one huge sensation of desire
for you, I lick your asshole, up and down and all over you.
The sensation is so fucking beautiful.(can you imagine)
It does not have a bad taste. It is remarkably clean and very
soft to the touch of my tongue. I wondered, "Should
I go any further with my tongue? Would it be as pleasant and
beautiful as it had been thus far"? There's only
one way to find out.
My tongue is at the opening of your asshole. I spread your
ass open as much as I could. It was then that I slipped my tongue
into your ass trying to imitate an anal bead. Just a little,
at first, then, feeling no urge to withdraw, I continued
my expedition into your ass. I went as far as I could. And
it was a beautiful experience. I tasted nothing but the
juices from your pussy that had made its way to your ass.
This was something I had dreamed of doing for a long time.
And, it is a reality. In fact, Having you like this for the
night is a reality. My tongue is actually in your asshole.
And we both loved it. You kept your eyes closed for most of
this event, but I could see by the look of passion and satisfaction
on your face that you were loving every minute of it. I did
not want to stop licking your ass. It tasted so fucking good.
And to my surprise, you were trying to push my face even farther
into your ass. You were as full of lust as a woman could be.
Damn Baby! (I'm horny) I reluctantly withdrew my tongue
from your ass and moved up to your delicious pussy one last
time. I could not stay away from this pussy for long. I mean
it is mine, and I would be the only one to ever 'possess'
it again. I cover your sweet pussy with kisses and sucked
you deeply. I could not leave your pussy. I just kept licking
and sucking. But you were getting impatient. You wanted
this dick in your pussy again.
You began pulling me up your body. I stop at your breast long
enough to suck the nipples for a while. Then, in what I thought
to be the ultimate expression of love for me, you kissed
me, searching for the tongue that had just been in your ass.
"Tell me what you want" I ask. I hold my dick firmly
and run it over your flesh, till finding my way to your hole
to play with. You are slick with anticipation. "I
want you" you plead and start to grind those hips that
I so loved.
"Not good enough." I spanked your hole with
my dick teasing you.
"I want you to fuck me, please fuck me hard again"
you purred. You reach for me, but my hand slap your searching
fingers away from my dick. You gave out a weak cry.
"Tell me you're my dirty lil slut." I stroke
your back and take hold of your neck, bringing you closer
to me. "Look at me" I breathed heavily in your
ear. You turn around and meet my gaze. "Say it, dammit!"
I commanded.
"I'm your dirty lil slut and I need to be fucked
soooo fucking bad by that dick, please!" You wriggled
and writhed.
"Good girl" I moan as I slide my dick into your
pussy, "Fuck, " I crooned, "Ah baby,
you're so fucking wet."
You took your right hand and placed it to your mouth, licking
two of your fingers. "I wanna touch it. Can I please?"
you asked while taking your fingers closer to your throbbing
"You wanna play with that juicy pussy, baby?"
I took long slow thrusts in and out of your tight dripping
"Yessss, please." Your words were a breathy
"As long as I can watch you play with that pussy."
So I flip you over, your lower half hanging on the edge of
the bed. "Touch it. Make that pussy cum for me"
I command. You rub furiously, stopping every now and then
for a quick lick of your fingertips; you love the taste of
your own juice. "AHHHH... it feels so good. Does it
look good?" you ask, already knowing the answer.

"Oh fuck yes it does, baby." I fuck you harder.
I loved watching you play with your pussy. I was getting
more excited. My gaze move from your luscious breasts,
down to that juicy pussy I so love to fuck. "AHHHHHHHHHH...
I'm gonna to cum...OHHHH...YEAH... FUCK ME BABY."
You stroke your clit faster than ever, you could feel yourself
tightening around my dick and screamed, "FUCK ME...FUCK
I needed no further encouragement, I pumped your pussy
harder and faster, fucking you like the whore you so wanted
to be. "OHHHH FUCK." I moan through gritted
teeth. "You love this dick don't you?"
that pussy harder, pinning your legs with my arms to gain
extra leverage. It's straight balls smacking ass
cheeks fucking. My bed is squeaking and the headboard bouncing
against the wall. I'm not paying attention as to whether
or not my neighbors are home or if a mark will be left on the
wall. My mindset is thrashing your sweet pussy. I slow down
so that we can switch positions. I want you to ride this dick
Sitting up you position yourself over my dick, looking
into my eyes that are wild with passion as your own is filled
with lust of this long hard dick. You lower yourself down
on my dick, feeling it fill you up completely. Slowly as
you rock your hips feeling my dick moving around inside
of your wet pussy, you begin licking and sucking your own
nipples and breasts. Moving your hips up and down you begin
to ride me like a bull, as I drive my hips up to meet yours pounding
deep into your pussy. After a few minutes of that you lie
on my chest and slide up and down, my dick sliding in and out
of your pussy slowly. Then I roll over on top of you, sliding
in between your legs and start thrusting my dick in and out
of your pussy that way, causing you to gasp each time it goes
all the way in. Your hands start grabbing at the sheets as
your body is filled with ecstasy feeling this thick dick
sliding in and out of you. Once again changing position
you get on your hands and knees as I position myself behind
you and start slowly at first sliding my dick in and out of
your dripping wet pussy, increasing speed to start pounding
you again. You moan and gasp for air, as the power of my thrusts
and the size of my dick bring you close to cumming again.
Moving my hands from your ass to your hips I thrusts in deeper,
and deeper, ...and DEEEEEEEEEPER, causing your body to
shake once again with another orgasm. Collapsing on the
blanket you try to catch your breath as I continue behind
you pounding harder and sliding my dick back and forth inside
your pussy.
"OMG, I'm cumming!" you exclaim and I feet
more warm liquid surround my dick. After you are done with
your orgasm, you move off of my dick and tell me that you want
it in your ass.I tell you to stay right there and ran off to
my guest room. I came back with a bottle of KY jelly, this
time the jel, and kneeled down on the bed in front of me. "Put
some on your fingers and finger fuck my ass" you demanded.
So I do what I am told and first lube up your ass by pointing
the end of the bottle into your ass hole and squeezing the
liquid down your rectum. I then lube up three of my fingers
and began to finger fuck your ass hole with only one of my
fingers. You tell me to put more in you so I can shove all three
of my fingers down your tight little ass. With this you let
out a loud moan and arched your back. "YESSSSSSSSSSS"!
You look back at me and bite your lip.
"Yeah . . . just like that . . . OOOOOOH" you moaned
as I began to really fuck you hard with my three fingers.
I pulled them out after about a minute of this and you got
up and tell me to sit back on the bed. You lean forward and
began to lick my fingers clean of the KY and your ass. "MMMMMM
. . .my ass tastes so good!" you tell me, and then you
turn around and lower yourself onto me with your back facing
me and ready to ride this dick. Only this time it was your
ass hole that I could feel my dick slowly penetrating, not
your pussy. Once you had lower yourself all the way down,
you lifted your feet up onto my thighs and reached around
to support yourself with your hands on the back of my bed
post. My dick is buried deep into your ass.
You started to hop up and down on my dick while your tight
ass hole beg me to cum in it. I reached around your front and
rubbed your clit in circles with my fingers. "OHHHHH
you screamed as you bounc up and down on me. "HOLY SHIT!
I started thrusting back up at you like i did while fucking
your pussy and again the SLAP SLAP SLAP was heard above your
screams of pleasure.
I must have fucked your tight ass like this for a full five
minutes, during which you came three times, before I myself
finally exploded in your ass.
I moaned. Loads of cum shot in your ass beating up your bowels.
I drained out all my cum into you. We continue to lovingly
fondle each other, the thrust of my dick become slower and
more passionately as I nibble on your neck and play with
your breasts. I hold you close, my dick still buried deep
inside of your ass. When I had finished I flopped out of you
and we both laid there breathing very hard. I softly kisses
your cheek and smiles. "So how’d you like your special
evening with me?" With that you snuggle up closer
in my arms and fall asleep with me holding you. Kissing your
cheek again, I look at you and smile knowing that being with
you this night was the greatest night ever. We laid there
for what must have been a good 30-45 minutes. Finally, you
awaken and then you shook me and woke me up. You then got up
and faced me. I was still out of it, but finally got up too.

"I am going to take a shower if you would like to join
me" you invited. You did not want to return home with
the smell of sex on you. I was more than anxious to jump in
the shower with you. So I got up and followed you to my bathroom
where we showered and then got dressed. After getting dressed,
I held you a little and we kissed. You thanked me for a great
night, of the best that you've had in a long time.
Really we both needed this night. It was long overdue. I
walked you out to your car, making sure you got in safely,
and watched as you drive off. I couldn't help but think
about our next time.

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that was so hot and very sexy!!!!!!!


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that was truely hot.... got me all wet and slippery...