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My Revenge follow up to New Start Part 2


I think that after having you over for dinner a couple of
times, you offer to take us out to dinner to reciprocate
for our hospitality and later you invite us back to your
place for drinks. By this time Mary will be used to your smoking
Pot in front of her so she won't suspect anything is
up. Okay I don't see how getting her over to my place
and my smoking Pot in front of her is going to get her high,
I don't smoke a ton of this stuff at one time. Remember
that time you had me over to show your collection of vintage
photos of semi nude and nude women? Okay I remember that
night you had mentioned that you found the photos a big turn
on. So I also remember that the room you have them in is very
small, you said that it was a bedroom but that being that
it was so small and after your wife had died you converted
it to your man cave.

So here's how I think that can get Mary high, before
you meet us at the restaurant you smoke in that room and close
the door then when we get back you go excuse yourself and
tell us that you're going to have a joint and go into
that room to smoke. Then after you come out and have another
beer I'll mention to Mary that you have this collection
of vintage photos and I'll make a big deal about them
and you ask her if she would like to see them. After we're
in the room for 5 minutes or so you say that you're sorry
but you need to have another smoke and light up. Make sure
that you stand as close as you can to her without making her
suspicious then I'll then bring up the photo's.

With your smoking in the room before you meet us and then
later, plus the new joint that room should be well filled
with smoke and I hope that showing her those photo's
will start to make her horny. Okay then when can we start
to act on your plan? Tonight when I get home I'll tell
her that I would like to have you over for dinner nest Tuesday
if that will work for you? Yes I've no plans for next
Tuesday. Now just to be clear you're not going to be
upset that I sleep with Mary are you? No like I said it's
always been my fantasy to see her have sex with one.

We had Jim over for dinner 2 times in the last 5 weeks, all
seemed to be going as planned. Mary was the gracious hostess
and Jim had brought up the matter that he had to smoke a joint
from time to time due to a medical condition that he had.
We had him light up in front of us and Mary was fine with it.
During the 2nd dinner Jim invited us both out to dinner on
him. He apologized for having to take us out to dinner but
that his cooking left much to be desired, but that later
after dinner we could stop over at his place for drinks.
He did mention that we might like to dress up as he was planning
on taking us to a very nice place and that they did have a dress

The second time that we had Jim over for dinner we had our
dinner out on the patio as it was such a lovely evening, then
we went in for drinks. After we got seated with our drinks
Jim brought up the subject that he needed to smoke, Mary
told him to go ahead and light up as she smoked in the house
so it would not be a problem with him smoking in the house.
Jim reminded her that he had a medical condition so he smoked
Pot. Mary gave me a look and I said that it's fine with
me, so Mary again told Jim to feel free to light up. I noticed
that during that 2nd dinner that my wife seemed to try to
be as close to Jim as she could.

When Jim would lit up he moved closer to the patio screen
and she got up and stood next to him and she also lit up. After
that second dinner when we went to bed I pulled Mary close
to me and kissed her and started to touch and fondle her between
her legs. I found that she was very wet she whispered in my
ear that she was ready and would I pleasure her by going down
on her. I slid down her firm body stopping to kiss and caress
her lovely nipples then lower to her well trimmed crotch.

I kissed her inner thighs and reached up and fondled her
breasts when I touch my lips to her outer lips she gave out
a load moan, something that she rarely does. I probed deeper
with my tongue and was sucking on her as well. My hands ran
down her sides and I was caressing her long slender legs.
Now I was licking and sucking on her Mary was getting into
it and was moaning and moving around on the bed. She reached
down and pressed my face deeper into her while she took her
legs and wrapped them around my head. She commenced to fuck
herself on my tongue and face. She cried out and pressed
me in even tighter and rubbed her crotch on my face and claimaxed
with a shudder. Her legs fell away from me and her hands dropped
to her side and I could see her chest raising and falling
taking in large quantity of air.

I rose up and got between her legs to enter her when she eyes
opened and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was
going to enter her, she propped herself on her elbows and
said did you forget how much it hurts when we have intercourse?
I thought that being that you were so into it tonight that
we would give it a try again. NO I don't want to do it that
way, if you want to have sex you may do it between my legs like
we have been doing with that she rolled over and crossed
her legs I was so pissed off that I wanted to scream out to
her that I know why you won't have regular intercourse
with me, it's because your fucking boyfriend Charles
forbids you to fuck anyone but him. I thought better knowing
that in an other week or so that I would have my revenge. So
I got out the lube and put some on myself and laid on her and
pressed my cock between her legs. I was so hot that I shot
my load in 30 seconds or less. I was also pissed as I knew that
the reason that she was to hot was due to Jim.

The next day at work I told Jim what had happened the night
before with my wife and I. I told him that I think that she's
ready to fuck you so invite us over this Saturday night for
dinner and this time lets go into your man cave and get this
done. I can't wait to see you fuck her. When I got home
that night from work I told her that Jim asked us out for dinner
this coming Saturday night and reminded her that we had
to dress up for dinner.

The flew by and Saturday night was here, Mary I noticed seemed
to take extra care in how she dressed for the evening. She
got out her best dress along with her 4 inch stiletto heels,
stockings and a nice push up bra. I just wore my regular stand
by sports jacket and nice trousers. We meet Jim as his place
and he drove from there, he was dressed pretty much like
myself but he did pay my wife a nice complement as to how nice
she looked. He mentioned that she looked as nice if not nicer
than some of the pictures that he had of various models.
Oh she asked did you take those pictures, no I am just a fan
of semi erotic photos. Oh my wife said you collect porno
pictures? No Jim went on to explain while he drove the photos
are not of women having sex, it's photos of them either
in the nude or in stages of dress or maybe you may say stages
of being undressed. I'l show you then when we get back
after dinner if you like. Yes I think that I would like to
view your how did you say your erotic pictures.

Dinner went well we just engaged in small talk and work,
we did not stay for drinks there as Jim said that we could
have those at his place. When we got to his place Jim fixed
us all some drinks then excused himself and I could see that
he went into his man cave. About 5 minutes later he cams back
out and had one of the erotic photos with him, he showed it
to me first it was a photo in black and white of a women semi
nude showing part of her exposed crotch and you could see
that she was shaved. My wife asked if she could see the photo.
Jim brought it over to her and asked what she thought of it.
After a minute or so she said well she is pretty is this a recent
photo? No it's about 30 or 40 years old, oh I'm surprised
that she is shaved I thought that this is a rather new fashion.
Well I don't know about being shaved is a new fashion
or not but I do know that I like my women to be completely shaved
I think it's more exciting and to be honest more erotic.

You do? Yes I think it also shows that the women is sure of
herself and her sexuality and knows what she wants and is
not afraid to show it or take what she wants. Much like yourself,
Jim are you asking if I'm shaved? No sorry that's
not what how I wanted it to come across, it;s just that you
come across being so confident in the way you speak and hold
yourself and the way that you dress. I find you to be very
intoxicating and I think that Tom is a very lucky man to have
you for his wife. Where are my manners would anyone care
for another drink? Then if you like I'll take you into
my man cave as it is and show you the rest of my photos.

After we all had new drinks, Jim lead us into his man cave.
When we stepped in you could smell the heavy odor of Pot still
in the air, my wife remarked how smokey it is, sorry I had
to have a smoke before and now I feel the need to light up again
if you both don't mind. No please it's your home
Mary said please do lit up and if you don't mind I'll
have a smoke as well. Jim brought over and ashtray for Mary
to use and they both lit up, after a bit Jim got out the other
photos which were about a dozen. Mary was looking through
the photos again some women were fully nude and other semi
nude, but all were shaved. My you're not kindling you
do seem to like women who are shaved. They are all lovely
photos, but I like this one the best Mary held it up for Jim
to see. Oh you have a very good eye and good taste that is my
favorite photo as well.

Mary leaned over to show me and asked what I thought of it.
The picture was of a young women sitting on the edge of a bed
she had on high heels and black stockings the type that stayed
up with an elastic band she had one leg resting on the floor
the other was up on the bed she was leaning forward and had
both her arms wrapped around that one leg and her head was
resting on her arms. She also had no panty on so look had a
good look at her shaved crotch. I told my wife that I thought
it was a very sexy photo without being obscene she agreed.
Jim said I think that it shows that she's waiting for
her lover to make love to her, no Mary said I think that it
shows she just finished making love.

You know that's what my wife had told me how she interpreted
the picture. Maybe I should not be saying this but this is
how my wife would dress for me when we were going to have sex
god how I miss her, it's been a long time since I've
held a women in my arms. Jim was standing next to my wife as
he was smoking he reached out and put his one hand on her shoulder,
I could see my wife lean towards him and looked up at him and
gave him a long look. He slid his hand down her should to her
upper arms and started to caress her. Mary sat there a while
with her eyes closed when she suddenly stood up and said
that we have to leave. I was taken by surprise and asked why,
she replied that she was not feeling well and that she needed
to leave. I did not want to push it so I stood up and we said
our thanks and good night and headed home.

On the way home from Jim's place Mary did not say a word
and I did not want to get into an argument so I also stayed
quite. We got hone and Mary went right to the bedroom and
got right into bed. I took my time and watched the news then
closed up the house and went up to bed, to my surprise Mary
was still awake. Oh I thought that you were not feeling well
and would be a sleep by now. I took a couple of aspirins when
we got in and I feel better now. I had gotten undressed and
got into bed and reached over and turn out the bedside lamp.
This is when Mary slid over next to me and started to kiss
me and touch me all over, her hand slid down and found my semi
hard cock and took it in her hand and fondled it and my balls
as well.

I rolled over and laid on top of her and was kissing her and
feeling her breasts she still had her hand on me and was stroking
it stronger causing me to moan out load, let me put it in you
please I begged. No you know how it hurts, where's your
lotion and I'll get you off with my hand. So I turned
over and got the lotion which she poured some in her hand
and reached over and again encased my cock in her warm hand.
She glided her hand up and down my now ridged cock stopping
to tease and play with the tip of my cock. With her other hand
she reached up and pulled my face to hers and started kissing
me and probing my mouth with her tongue. I again started
to play with her breasts and slowly lowered my hand to her
crotch, when I got there I found that she was extremely wet.
I knew that she was wet due to earlier in the evening being
at Jim's.

She was pumping harder and faster on my cock making moan
even more and begging her to let me cum in her again she refused
me. She got the bottle of lotion again and this time rubbed
some between her tits, she then slid down and put my cock
between then and pressed her breasts together with her
hands and moved up and down on my raging hard on. I rolled
her over on her back and started to tit fuck her breasts,
she called out oh baby cum for me cum on my tits. She arched
her back and was like a women possessed her was back and she
called out oh baby that's it yes that's it baby,
it feels sooo good, yes come on baby lets do it come on shoot
your cum on my tits. I had not seen my wife act like this since
before we were married it got me so hot that I shot my load
all over her.

After I was done she asked me to go down on her, I put my face
in her crotch and I could smell her sex she was so hot, I put
my tongue on her and she nearly jumped out of her skin. I started
to lick and suck her she was moving so much I was having a hard
time keeping my tongue on her clit, She reached down and
grab hold of my head and pulled it into her, she told me to
out 2 fingers in her. I slipped 2 fingers into her and she
let out a load moan and arched her back and wrapped her legs
around my head, oh fuck me hard please fuck me hard. So I started
to ram my fingers in and out of her while I kept licking and
sucking her. Mary was moving and squirming now she was bucking
her hips and fuck herself on my 2 fingers. She was who hot
that she came with a scream and then went limp.

The next day I asked her about the night before, she said
she did not know what had come over her. One she was sorry
that she made us leave Jim's so soon and then later in
bed she said that she really did not know what had come over
her. Mary said that she felt so bad that she was going to call
Jim to apologize about last night. She came back into the
room a few minutes later and said that Jim understood and
that he had invited us over for drinks next Saturday night
and that she had accepted for us both. I told her that was
fine with me.

That following week seemed to take forever to get to Saturday,
I was ready and watching TV downstairs waiting for Mary
to finish dressing. She came into the living room and said
that she was ready to go, I turned off the TV and got up it was
then that I got a good look at her new outfit, she had told
me during the week that she had wanted to get a new outfit
for tonight and I told her to go a head. She looked hot, her
dress was black with some white stripes very low cut and
vey short, she also had on black stocking and a new pair of
black 5 inch heels with a small black strap around her ankle
and one strap over her toes. I told her that she looked very
hot, she said that she was glad that I like her new outfit
that she bought it with me in mind. I know that she really
bought it to impress Jim, but that was okay as I still got
to enjoy it.

We got to Jim's about 7:30 when Jim opened the door he
let out a low whistle and told Mary that he's never seen
her so attractive. He went on to say how much he like her outfit
he took up out to his patio where we had a couple of drinks
when the mosquitos came out Jim suggested that we go inside
and look at the rest of his photo collection that we did not
see the last time. Again when we got in the room it smelled
of Pot. Jim got us all fresh drinks and got us seated and this
time he lit up without asking he was sitting on the love seat
next to Mary. He got up and went and brought out all the photos
and was showing Mary and the two on them were commenting
on the different photos. All this time he was seated next
to her and from time to time would put his hand on her knee
or arm.

I could see that the smoke from the Pot was starting to have
an effect on Mary, she was giggling at nothing and she was
putting her hand on Jim's upper thigh and I could see
that she was crossing and uncrossing her legs one leg over
the other. In doing so it made her dress ride up higher showing
the tops of her black stockings. I nodded to Jim and he gave
me a look that he got my message. He got up and opened a cabinet
and took out another photo and went back and sat even closer
to Mary, not this is my absolute favorite picture of my entire

Mary took it from Jim and slowly inhaled and said in a throaty
voice dripping of sex yes I can see why this one would be your
favorite. I walked over and sat on the arm of the love seat
next to Mary and said may I see it too. Mary handed it to me
and I saw a black and white photo of a couple she was naked
on a sofa on her back with her head resting on the arm of the
sofa. Her one arm was draped over a man's shoulder he
was also nude and it looked liked she was running her nails
over his back. Her other hand was cupping her one breast
while her lover was busy sucking on the other. She had one
leg on the floor and the other cocked over the top of the sofa,
she had on black stockings, garter belt and black high heels.
Her head was thrown back her eyes were closed and you could
see her tongue slightly protruding between her lips.

Her lover had one hand between her legs and it looked like
one or two fingers were inside of her. Ahh yes this would
be my favorite as well. I saw that Mary had her hand high on
Jim's thigh and he was running his hand up and down her
thigh. Mary sat up and said I need another drink all this
smoke is making my throat and mouth dry. Jim got up and fixed
her another drink and while he was up he dimmed the lights
in the room. He sat next to Mary again and handed her the drink,
from which she took a large gulp.

Mary picked up the photo again and was staring at it while
doing so she crossed and uncrossed her legs 3 times. Jim
leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips he started
to pull back when Mary reached up with her one hand and pulled
his head back down and it was her turn to return the kiss only
she gave him a deep long kiss. Jim reached up and cupped her
one breast in him hand and Mary let out a sigh and uncrossed
her legs and spread them open. Mary took Jim's hand
and moved it down to her crotch while he started to kiss her
throat and ear. She had her eyes closed with her head cocked
back Jim moved his hand up he thigh and was stroking her stocking
clad legs. Mary let out another sigh I could see her body
tremble and her legs spread open even more.

Jim stopped and started to unbutton her blouse and when
he had that off he reached around her and unclasped her bra
and removed that as well. Then he lowered his mouth to her
nipple and was kissing and sucking on them giving each attention
and he also moved his hand back between her legs, when his
hand slid up her thigh Mary slid down on the sofa and stretched
out her legs in front of her. She placed one hand on the back
of Jim's head and the other she had on his crotch and
I could see that she was rubbing her hand all over it. Now
it was Jim's turn to let out a moan he slid off the sofa
and had Mary move over and lay on her back he was kneeling
in front of her and again took her nipple in his mouth and
was sucking each in turn and his hand was stroking and rubbing
her black soaked panty.

Jim stopped again and reached up and pulled down her panty
the way she was laying I could see that she had shaved her
entire crotch area. Jim saw this and mentioned it to Mary
that she was clean shaved, yes I know this is how you like
your women so I shaved for you today. So you were expecting
to have sex with me tonight then? No more like I was hoping
that this is what would happen tonight. Well what about
Tom aren't you afraid of what he's going to say
about you and I having sex right here in front of him? No Tom
has always wanted to see me have sex with another man, so
tonight is his lucky night as well. With that she sat up and
helped Jim out of his clothes then she laid back down. Mary
still had on her black stocking and heels her mini skirt
was pushed up around her waist she put one foot on the floor
and the other over the back of the sofa just like in the photo.

Jim stood up and I could now get a clear view of his cock it
was about 7 or 8 inches and very large around he too was clean
shaven in that area. He leaned over Mary and pressed his
cock into her mouth, she opened wide and allowed Jim to slide
into her warm mouth. Mary was gulping and sucking on his
semi hard cock after a minute or two I could see that it was
fully erect he took it out of her mouth and it looked like
it had grown even more. Jim started to put his face between
her legs, but Mary said I don't need that now I just need
to feel that hard cock in me.

No sooner had Mary said that when Jim got up on the sofa and
lifted hers legs over his shoulders and placed his cock
against her outer lips which caused her to let out a moan.
Jim was using his cock to caress the outer lips which seemed
to be giving Mary a lot of pleasure as she was raising and
lowering her hips at times she would thrust forward trying
to impale herself on Jim's cock but Jim would back away.
Slowly Jim entered Mary a little at a time each time that
Jim pressed forward she gave out a small moan when Jim had
about half of his cock in her, Mary said god you're big.
I hope that I'm not hurting you should I stop Oh hell
no she called out and with that she wrapped her stocking
clad legs around Jim's waist and using her legs she
pulled Jim deeper into her and at the same time I could see
that she raised up her crotch to meet Jim as he came forward
and pressed the full length of his cock deep in her. Mary
let out a load moan this time and started to rub her crotch
up and down against Jim.

Her hands were running up and down his chest and arms she
was trying to ride up on his cock I could see that her mouth
was open and she was breathing hard her head was moving from
side to side she was now holding onto Jim's arms. Jim
was still kneeling on his sofa Mary had her legs tightly
wrapped around jim's waist and was pulling herself
up by holding on to his arms and I could see that she was off
the sofa and was fucking herself on his hard cock. She opened
her eyes and looked straight at ma and said is this what you
wanted to see.? Are you enjoying the show? I could harly
get the words out, Yes this is what Ive always wanted to see
you getting fucked by another man. I asked are you enjoying
being fuck by Jim? Yes she panted his cock is so large and
hot god it's feels like it's burning me on the inside.

Now she looked up at Jim and told him well do I have to do all
the work or are you going to put that lovely hard cock or your's
to work on me or not? With that jim pressed Mary down on the
sofa and reached behind him and unlocked her legs and lifted
them straight up in the air and began to stroke in and out
of Mary slowly at first then going a bit faster and occasionally
he would slam his cock hard into her which caused her to let
out a cry. She reached up and pulled his face down to her's
and she gave him a long and deep kiss it was like she was trying
to suck the life out of Jim. Jim kept pressing his cock in
and out of her faster and faster he broke the kiss and lifted
up on his arms to get better leverage and really started
to pound his cock in her.

Mary thru her head back and was trying to match Jim's
cock as it pressed in and out of her. She turned her head to
one side and put her hand to her mouth to try and cover up a
scream, Jim reached over and took her hand away and said
I want to hear you scream, I want to her you ask me to fuck you
and to cum inside of you. Tell me how much you want me, tell
me, tell me. Mary was swinging her head from side to side
with her mouth wide open trying to get as much air in as she
could, I could see that her hips was now matching Jim's
thrushes there were small mews and sucking sounds coming
from her mouth. Jim reached over that took her face in his
hand and told her to look at him, when she did he told her that
he wanted to hear her say how much she loved his cock and that
she wanted him to cum in her.

She slowly ran both her hands up his chest and in a deep breathy
voice said Yes I want you to fuck me and Yes I love feeling
your hard cock deep in me, and Yes I want to feel your hot cum
run in me. Fuck me Jim fuck with with that long thick hard
cock of yours. God yes please keep fucking with it I want
to feel you in me forever. Mary turned and looked at me again
and said is this what you wanted to hear, you wanted to see
me get fucked by another man and have him shoot his cum in
me? Well I hope that you're enjoying it because I'm
getting the fucking of my life and I love it and I'm going
to want more of his cock. I'm going to come over and fuck
Jim whenever he calls me. I'm going to be his bitch,
whore, cunt, slut whatever it's call now days, from
now on my pussy belongs only to Jim, and if you want some of
this then you had better get your head around this.

Mary turned back and looked up at Jim and said come on lover
let's finish this I can't wait to feel your hot
cum slide deep in me her voice got that husky sound to it again
and she again wrapped her legs around Jim and started to
once again fuck herself on his cock. Jim leaned forward
and was really stroking his wet cock in and out of her and
was pressing harder and faster in her, Mary started to scream
loudly and her back arched and her legs stretched straight
out she grabbed Jim by his arms and was pressing herself
hard against him while Jim was pounding his cock in her.
I could see her fingers squeezing tightly on his arms. she
continued to scream for a few more seconds then her body
went limp, then it was Jim's turn to climax he pressed
himself deeply in Mary while he let out a load grunt I could
also see his shoulders shudder and his ass buck to get that
last drop of cum deep in Mary. then he too collapsed on top
of her

After a minute or so Jim got up and went to the bathroom, I
got up and striped off my clothes and got on top of her and
pressed my hard cock into her I could feel her wetness and
knew that a lot of it was from the cum that Jim had deposited
in her this only made me hotter. Mary looked up at me and asked
if I understood what she had said that she was going to be
fucking Jim whenever he called her. I told her that was fine
with me but that from time to time that I would want to watch
them. She said that as long as Jim did not object she would
agree to that request. She then wrapped her long stocking
clad legs around my waist and pulled me deeper into her,
she pressed her crotch tightly against mine and rubbed
herself on my cock. She grabbed my head in both her hands
and pulled me closer to her she kissed my ears and pressed
her tongue in them. She whispered in my ear to fuck her hard
to shoot my cum in her.

My cock needed the release it was so hard and I could feel
my balls drawn up close to my body every fiber in my body wanted
to shoot my load into her NOW, but I held back I wanted to savor
this moment GOD only knows the next time that I would ever
get to watch my wife fuck Jim. I pressed myself deep in her
and swiveled my ass from side to side causing my cock to slide
up against the inner walls of her hot wet hole. This caused
her to suck in a deep breath and slowly let it out GOD she moaned
that felt so good. She lifted up her ass and pressed her crotch
to mine and was fucking my cock, I bent over and took one of
her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it and gently bit down
with my teeth this caused her to really press herself against
me and rub even harder.

She was ready to climax I could feel her body start to tense
up and she was grinding hard on me and bucking up to meet me
in mid stroke her hands gripped the edge of the sofa and she
was tossing her head from side to side. She went ridged and
let out a load moan and her body shuddered and she again went
limp. I pumped my cock harder and faster in her she slowly
opened her eyes and was looking at me with her deep blue eyes
and asked if I was enjoying myself? I told her that I never
found her to be so sexy as I did tonight and that it made me
so hot to watch her fuck Jim, but that I want to see more of
this and to part of it as well. Well if that's what you
want then show me how hot it made you.

She started to talk dirty to me come on baby shoot that load
deep in me, I know that you want to fuck your hot cum in with
Jim's. I know that you can feel his hot cum in me already,
Come on baby that's it fuck me harder ooohh now that's
the way I like you to fuck me nice and hard come on now darling
I want to feel you slide that hot cock deep in me aahh yes just
like that keep it up yes keep fucking me just like that. She
clamped her long legs around my waist again and rode up and
pressed her wet hole on me and kept talking dirty. I know
that you like watching me fuck your friend Jim and I loved
the was that he fucked me I really loved the feel of his cock
in me you know that I'm going to be his women now don't
you? Yes I know that you'll like that won't you?
Aahh yes I can tell by the way that you're fucking me.
Come on now lover shoot that hot load deep in me now and I'll
let you watch Jim fuck me again tonight.

I could not stand anymore of this and I pressed me cock hard
in her and shook and rode that climax deep into her hot pussy
I pressed and shook and screamed as I shot load after load
deep into her. After a bit I got up and let her get up and go
clean herself up. All this time Jim had been sitting watching
me fuck my wife. Mary called out from the bathroom saying
that she was going to take a shower, and would someone please
get her another drink. Jim had on just his jeans and got up
to fix her a fresh drink, while he was doing that I got dressed.
After a while the shower stopped and then we heard the blow
dry run, she called out and asked that I bring her purse to
her and to bring the drink as well. I took her both her purse
and drink then joined Jim while he straighten up the sofa
and room.

Jim turned on the TV while we waited for Mary to finish up
in the bathroom, she finally stepped out looking as fresh
as when we first arrived. She had fixed her hair and applied
fresh make up and perfume she had also put back on the black
stockings and heels she had no sooner set foot into the room
when the other door opened and a young man walked in. Jim
stood up when the door opened and started towards it when
the young man said dad and looked around the room and saw
Mary standing in the doorway to the bathroom totally nude
except for her stockings and heels. I could see that it was
James the young man in the videos with my wife and Charles.

Mary tried to cover up as best she could the young man looked
at her with a surprised look on his face but no more surprise
than Mary had on hers. Mrs. Miller the young man said what
are you doing here? My wife after a moment asked the same
question what are you doing here? Jim looked from his son
to Mary and said you two know each other and how? I for one
was wondering just how my wife was going to explain this?

Well this is my dad and I come by from time to to to visit and
I was also returning some things that I had borrowed. I can
see that you've been partying with my dad and his friend
there, before my wife could say anything James continued
does Charles know that you're partying with them?
I could see the expression on my wife's face she did
not know what to say so she turned around and put her head
in her hands. Mrs. Miller don't worry I'm not going
to say anything to Charles about this, you can sleep with
anyone that you like. Just remember that you agreed to sleep
with me as well. Now it was Jim's turn to be surprised
he looked towards Mary then back at his son. You mean that
you've slept with her already? Yes a couple of times
and she's great don't you think?

Jim looked at me and said James I want you to meet, I stood
up and put out my hand my name is Tom glad to meet you and yes
I have to agree she is a great lover and a fantastic piece
of ass don't you agree Jim? Oh yes yes she is quite the
lover. I could see the question in Jim's eye. So I spoke
up again and said your dad and I work together and I brought
Mary over here as she and I are having an affair and we both
can't afford to get caught as we're both married
but not to each other. James said oh no that's cool,
not to worry. Mrs Miller sorry to have interrupted your
evening looks like the party was just going to start. So
I had better get going, dad I put those things back in the
garage and I'll call you tomorrow. It was nice meeting
you Tom and Mrs Miller hope to hear from you soon.

James turned to leave the room when Mary turned back around
and looked at me then Jim and then at James and said James
don't go why not stay and join us that is if Jim oh sorry
I mean your dad and I'm sure that Tom will not object
as he brought me here to share with your dad. She turned and
looked at me and said Tom any objections? I shook my head
no. I could feel my cock starting to get hard once again.

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Ok this is starting to get really good part three?


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great wife, looking forward to round 3


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So you got a great revenge on her....not.!!!!