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My Neighbor Les (M to M)


Probably like a whole lot of other bisexual, married males
out there, I've had to spend most of my wife keeping
my bisexual side a secret! Being bi is certainly nothing
new for me at least, as I had my first male/male encounter
when I was on 13 years old, with a slightly older boy who was
also my friend. Now one thing I've found truly odd over
the years, is the, well the way "Bi" men are thought
of and treated! Tell someone your "Gay" and
at least in today's world for the most part, and their
reaction is, "Oh, OK" and that's about
it! Same goes for lesbian women! At the same time a woman
tells you that SHE is bisexual, and I know most men are like
"WOW ... COOL", and then of courser their imagination
starts working overtime, thinking of all the wonderful
possibilities! BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, just try and
tell someone you are a bisexual MAN, and suddenly they look
at you like you've just grown two heads or something!

For me at least, that's always been just the facts,
and maybe someday things will change, but for the most part,
that's the main reason guys like me have kept their
bisexual side a secret for probably all of their lives!
Hell, in my case it's even worse, because my first wife,
to whom I was married for ALMOST 20 years, well she and I were
actually "swingers" and SHE was very open about
HER bisexuality, but would never, could never, accept
the fact that I "might be" bisexual myself!
And so once again, even in the middle, at the height of our
swinging lifestyle, I SILL had to keep MY BI SIDE, hidden
from even HER as well! Now I do want to get into this story
at this point, because I at least hope you'll find it
as exciting and as much of a turn on as I did when it happened
to me! However, before I do, I would like to say one last thing!

For all you guys out there like me, never give up! As I said
when I was talking about having to keep my bi side a secret
for MOST of my life, well, finally, finally, finally I don't.
or at least I don't have to in PRIVATE, with my second
wife! Early on, when we were first dating, she was playing
around on my computer early one morning before I got up!
She honestly wasn't snooping, but then again, I was
divorced at the time, and so I honestly hadn't felt
the need to HIDE many of the things I had on my computer at
the time! Long story short, it didn't take her long
to put two and two together, and she confronted me, asking
me outright if I was bisexual? Since we were only at the beginning
of our relationship back then, I'm thinking what the
hell, why not tell her, and so I did! HER reaction was anything
BUT, what I'd expected, and she was and still IS, VERY
TURNED ON, by me being bi!

Oh well, that was just a short, side-note, but I do hope it
gives someone out there the courage, to at least "think"
they might not have to hide their own bisexual side forever!

OK, AND SO .... AND NOW .... The Real Story!

Now this story DOES take place during my first marriage,
and actually it also takes place even before my first wife
and I had begun our "swinging" lifestyle together!

Over the years, my opportunities to have sex with another
man, usually happened only a few times a year at best, and
especially after I was married, those opportunities got
even fewer. I was honestly very happy with the sex life my
wife and I had together, but truly being bisexual, I will
also admit there were times ... well there were times I did
miss the difference, the excitement of sex with another
man! At the time this story took place, I was actually having
one of my longest "dry spells" I guess is how
I'd put it, or one of my longest periods of time, since
I'd last had sex with another man! Almost a year and
a half, and that really was a long time for me! Timing, work,
family obligations, and who knows what else, things had
just not worked out for me to even have the opportunity for
some male/male sex, and honestly I was missing it just a
little bit!

Also at that time in my life, I was in retail management,
and even though I was a general store manager, the head-honcho
as it was, at my particular store I managed, I still put in
a lot of long, often hard hours at work! Hell my yearly bonus
was one-half my yearly salary, and so hell yes I worked hard,
as a full bonus could and would mean a great deal of money
to me AND my family! So it was mainly because of my "work"
that I was unable to go with my wife and our two kids, on a three
week summer vacation that year, to stay with her parents
up in Illinois! (We lived in Texas at the time) Looking back
now however, I can now honestly admit that I really didn't
want to go either, as it was a well known fact among our family
at least, that my mother-in-law and I weren't known
for getting along very well together anyway! Basically,
I hated the bitch, and she hated me, and years later SHE would
be a part of our divorce!

Anyway, I did plan on a couple of weekend visits, IF work
allowed, and even though I made that a small "if"
to my wife, it honestly was a HUGE, "IF" to me!
Oh well, I knew she'd get over it if I only visited once!
After waving good-bye to my wife and kids, I headed home,
actually anxious to begin my time alone, and already I was
thinking ... well, I'm sure you can figure out just
from what this story is about, what I was already thinking!
Still, having not actively been searching for another
guy to have some fun with, I knew my time was both limited,
and that it would be a bit difficult as well. It wasn't
quite as easy as the "old days" even though with
the internet, you'd think it would be even easier!
TO me at least, it took time, because in today's day
and age, and with things like HIV and AIDS, you didn't
want to just hop in bed with any Tom, Dick, or Harry, now did

I already did have at least a couple of websites I was a regular
on, but once again, this was a few years ago, and back then
the internet didn't have nearly as much to offer, as
it does today! Still I was at least hopeful, not overly-confidant,
but at least hopeful, and I also had another plan sort of
on the back-burner, so to speak, but that plan I REALLY wasn't
all that sure about! Recently, there'd been this club,
bar, nightclub, whatever you'd like to call it, that
had opened, not all that far from where we lived! It was a
"Gay & Lesbian" club, and although I'd
honestly never been to a place like that before, at least
it WAS, a possibility! Still, in all my past encounters,
and even though I tended to prefer being a bottom (the more
submissive or feminine one in a M to M relationship) the
only men "I'd" ever been with before were
either bisexual themselves, or at least, "Bi-Curious"
as they liked to say!

So maybe now "I" was the one being a bit prejudice?
Maybe now "I" was the one putting labels on people
and attaching meaning to those labels, by thinking that
you had to be exclusively "Gay" or a "Lesbian"
to fit in at a club like that? Those might have been some of
the reasons I was hesitant about trying this new club out,
but honestly, I think my biggest fear was the possibility
of running into someone I KNEW, or more likely maybe someone
seeing my car in the parking lot and "assuming",
and word getting out that Steven (Me), that "I"
was gay myself! Heaven forbid! And yes, I am being facetious
when I say that! Still, I was horny, damn horny, and it had
been a while for me since my last male to male encounter!
It also didn't help that lately, and blame it on work
and family and life in general, the sex life I had with my
wife wasn't doing all that great at the time either!
Oh Well ...........

In the long run, and being totally honest, I ended up not
doing much of ANYTHING that first weekend, except playing
on the internet, and of course masturbating! I can say that
next work week just seemed to fly by, and maybe that was because
of the deadline I'd set for myself! I'd decided
as far back as the weekend before, that by Friday I was going
to cut a decision, and I either was, or I wasn't going
to try that new club out, and either way, that would be the
end of it, no more messing around! As I'd awaken that
Friday morning with yet another early morning hard on that
wouldn't go away even AFTER I peed, I lay in bed jerking
off, and knowing I was going to be late for work because of
it! Right then I decided, what the hell, why not, and I decided
of course to at least give it a shot and see what the hell might

I actually took off work early, and stopped on the way home
to get a haircut. I then stopped off at a local store, and
even picked up a new pair of casual pants and shirt, and only
then did I head home! As I laid my new clothes out and then
headed into the bathroom, I remember thinking to myself
that I'm really gonna do this! I shaved twice, just
to make sure I'd gotten as close a shave as possible,
and then I took a long, hot shower, making sure to soap up
and then rinse off ever nook and cranny, as they say! Out
of the shower now and dried off, I dabbed myself with a little
cologne, and then got dressed. I'd already eaten a
little snack earlier, and so I honestly wasn't hungry
at that point, but it was still a bit early to head over to
the club just yet! I wanted the place to at least be partially
"filled" before I walked in!

I decided to relax with a small drink, and then I played around
on my computer a bit, until finally I felt it was time to leave!
I was really nervous, and I actually drove around the block
three times, before finally pulling into the clubs parking
lot! Thankfully, there was parking in the rear of the building,
and although I normally like to park right up front at the
places I go, this was one time I was more than happy to have
to do a little walking, and especially if it meant my car
would be "hidden" from the view from the street!
No need in taking a chance on one of my nosy neighbors driving
by, and suddenly seeing my car, and then blabbing to everyone,
"Hey did you know I saw Steven's car at that new
gay club over off West 15th" or something like that!
As I walked in and paid my cover charge, I was honestly surprised
to see at first glace at least, the place looked quite normal!

I guess it was still early enough that most people weren't
ready to dance yet, and there were guys and gals all sitting
around the bar and at various table drinking and chatting.
Honestly, had I not KNOWN this was supposed to be a gay club,
I would never have guessed, at least from first appearances!
I quickly located a small, vacant table off to one side,
and I almost immediately felt better sitting sort of back
away from the main crowd, and also from some reason, having
the wall at my back as well. OK, OK, so maybe it wasn't
exactly some Hell's Angel's biker bar, and I doubt
anyone actually posed a physical threat to me in that place,
so maybe it was just the psychological effect of sitting
were I was sitting, that helped me to at least relax a little
bit! I also figured a nice drink would help as well, and so
I of course ordered when my "waiter(?)" came
by to take my drink order!

As I sat there sipping my drink I people-watched, and soon
people did get up and start to dance. Now while it wasn't
all that strange to me to see the women dancing together,
and especially since that happens all the time even in so-called
"straight clubs" it was a bit odd watching two
men dancing together! It might have been odd, as I was saying
before, and yet if I'm also honest with myself about
it, in a very real way it was also exciting to me to watch as
well. As I watched several male/male "couples(?)"
dancing together, I couldn't help but notice, I also
had one very hard cock inside my pants as well! Soon one drink
turned into two, and I watched various guys not only dancing,
but I also watched how one guy would even approach another
guy and ask HIM to dance! In a way it's almost silly,
but I was honestly starting to wonder what might be wrong
with ME, when I hadn't been asked!

I'm sitting there thinking about just that, and at
the same time I'm also figuring out, "Well gee
dummy, could it be because your sitting all alone at the
very back of the club, at a two person table, and you've
yet to even smile in another guy's direction"?
"hummmmm"! I am sitting there and thinking
all of that, when suddenly my waiter appears again, and
before I can even order, he sets another drink down in front
of me. I look up at him and he tells me it's compliments
of the guy sitting over there, at the end of the bar. Now this
is sort of a new experience for me, as I've never actually
been "picked up" before, because I've
always been the one doing, the picking up! For lack of a better
plan, I look over at this guy and raise my glass, and sort
of salute him I guess, and I smile!

OK, and so I'm sitting there just sipping my drink,
the drink "HE" bought for me, and yet he still
hasn't moved from the bar, and honestly I really at
a loss for exactly what I should do next! I mean in the straight
world at least, you don't usually buy a drink for someone
unless you intend on hitting on them, or at least that's
been MY experience in the past! STILL, the guy hasn't
moved, and so finally I get up myself, thinking I'll
just at least go over and thank him for the drink! As I approach,
his smile is both warm and disarming, and even before I can
speak to him, he speaks to me! He tells me that he was thinking
that maybe if he bought me a drink, I'd climb out of the
cave I was quite obviously hiding in, and join the rest of
the party! His comment did catch me off-guard, and we both
laughed! He then introduced himself as "Bill",
and scooted over to the next stool, to make room for me to
sit down.

Bill and I talked a few minutes, and then this one older rock
song came on, and he asked me to dance! As we walked out on
the dance floor together I remember clearly thinking to
myself that thank God it was a fast song, because quite honestly
had it been a slow song, I wouldn't have known what to
do! Do I lead, or do I follow? How close together do we dance
or not dance, and in general, just HOW do I do this, dance
with another guy? Oh well, it wasn't a slow song, and
so after only a few seconds of feeling just a bit self-conscious,
I managed to relax and enjoy the music, and just dance! That
song finally ended, and another began. Since Bill didn't
seem ready to sit back down just yet, I continued dancing
as well. IT was another rock song, but much slower, and some
"couples danced close, and some danced as if it was
a faster song. Bill and I danced like it was a faster song.

It was about mid-way through that second song, when I looked
over to my left and saw these two guys dancing together!
They were dancing as if it was a slow song, close together,
and as I looked at them and they turned slightly, I suddenly
realized I KNEW, one of the guys dancing across from me!
It took me a moment, and I even did that classic "double-take"
move, but suddenly it hit me, I not only knew who this guy
was, but I actually knew him quite well! I mean REALLY WELL!
It was Les, my neighbor from only three houses down, Les!
Yes, THAT Les, the Less of Marsha and Les ... Les!!!! He was
a neighbor from three houses down from ours, and although
I wouldn't have called him a "best friend",
he was still a LOT closer than just another of my neighbors!
I would have even labeled he and his wife Marsha, as at least
CLOSE friends!

I'd played golf with Les several times in the past,
and one summer we'd even played together on one of those
summer league softball teams! He and I talked all the time,
and our families had share more than a few back yard cook-outs
on the weekends, and he and I had even done a few "boys
nights out" hitting some of the local "titty
bars" together! IF, Les didn't actually qualify
as a true "best friend" then he was at least in
some kind of limbo in between close friend and best friend,
that's for sure! Suddenly I was thinking to myself,
"See, I told ya, this is EXACTLY what I'd been
worried about happening, now isn't it"? Then
just as suddenly I was almost laughing to myself, because
after all, "I" was the one that had caught him
there, and NOT the other way around now wasn't it! Still,
it's not like I did want him to see me, and so as the music
played on, I sort of took a step back!

OOPS! I hadn't even been looking, having been way too
wrapped up in seeing Les there, and then in trying to make
sure he DIDN'T see me! I bumped into the woman behind
me hard enough that I sent her flying, and of course all that
did was create sort of a domino effect, of the next person
bumping into the next, and so on, and so on! Now suddenly,
rather than avoiding calling attention to myself, it was
almost like the DJ had suddenly swung a spotlight right
on me, as almost the entire crowd on the dance floor turned
to see who'd started this mess! Les and his "partner"
stopped dancing as well, and he looked straight over at
me, AND Bill, who now had me sort of in his arms, as he'd
done his best to catch me and keep me from falling down myself!
Way to go Steven! I'm honestly not sure who was more
freaked out, Les or me, but for lack of a better move, I simply
waved, and then hurried off to the men's room!

Thank God I at least had to pee, so I didn't look like
some perv, just hanging out in the men's room! I even
washed my hands three times, hoping enough time would pass,
that I could slink back out, and maybe even slink right the
hell out of that club! When I did finally slink back out of
the restroom, I saw Bill back at the bar, and the empty stool
next to him! I didn't see Les, but I did see a clear pathway
towards the front door of the club! Even though I'd
left my pack of cigarettes and a perfectly good "Zippo"
lighter sitting there on the bar, I headed straight out
of the club, leaving them there, and not even bothering
to think about telling Bill good-bye either! I'd gotten
my "window", and I damn sure didn't want
to blow the opportunity! I made it out to my car, and still
no Les, but I swear my hands were still shaking, even as I
finally pulled back into my own driveway!

Back inside my own house I calmed down a bit, but still poured
myself a strong drink, before heading up to my bedroom.
Stripping my clothes off, I got in bed and set the drink down
next to me on the night stand, and only then did I realize,
how hard my cock was! As I wrapped my hand around my hard cock
and slowly began to stroke it, I was already thinking to
myself, Les? My "friend" Les? The guy I've
played golf with, cooked out with, even GONE OUT WITH, THAT,
Les? "HE'S" bi too? Already I could feel
the tingling in my balls! It had been a long night, and I'd
honestly had a perpetual hard on, since even before I walked
in my front door much earlier that afternoon! Even as I felt
the very beginnings of my orgasm coming on, I already switched
my thinking to such things as: I wonder how long he's
be bi, is is he maybe just, you know, "curious"
maybe? I even wondered what his hard cock looked like?

Just then however, my thoughts were very suddenly interrupted
by a rather intense orgasm, and since I'd been in such
a hurry to get in bed, I'd actually forgotten to even
get a towel, AND SO! Hum, I do love the feeling of hot cum landing
on me though, and so who cares if I've just made a mess
of both me AND my bed? I still had a full two weeks to wash or
change the sheets, and besides, even with my hard cock still
throbbing away in my hand, I was already, ready for round
two! My second orgasm took a lot longer, but eventually
I did climax again! After, and I'll attribute it as
much to everything that had happened that night so far,
as well as having just had two rather intense orgasm, it
took me all of MAYBE five minutes, before I was very soundly

I was awake fairly early that next morning, and you guessed
it, I didn't get out of bed, until AFTER I'd masturbated
once again! I finally did get up however, and after a nice,
hot and relaxing shower, I went down and made myself a nice
breakfast. As I sat there eating, I'd already made
up my mind that there was no way I was going to go back to that
club, or at least not for some time! I'd also decided
that the next time, if there was a next time, I was going to
thoroughly scout out the parking lot, BEFORE I went in!
Gee dummy, I wasn't even thinking about the fact someone
I knew COULD come in AFTER I'd already gone in the club!
Still, I was definitely planning on just staying in that
night, and as a matter of fact, the furthest I planned on
going that entire day, might be to check the mail in my mailbox,
later that afternoon!

Actually the rest of the day passed fairly quickly, and
since I'd spent some time working out in my garage,
I'd decided to take a shower right after dinner. I was
just about finished with my shower, when I heard a sound,
and even though it took me a minute or two, I realized it was
the sound of my front doorbell ringing! I got out of the shower
and quickly dried off, because whoever it was, they were
certainly being persistent, and it at least seemed like
they weren't going away any time soon! I slipped on
a pair of jogging shorts, and headed to answer the front
door, and then as I swung it open, I was suddenly standing
there quite speechless! It was Les of course, and for a full
minute, neither of us said a word! Finally he smiled and
asked if I wasn't at least going to invite him in, and
then raised his arm, showing me the rather expensive bottle
of scotch he was carrying, and saying he'd come baring

I invited him in of course, and as I motioned towards the
living room, I told him to give mew a minute and I'd be
right back. I hurried to my room and threw on a t-shirt, and
by the time I got back, he'd poured us both a rather large
drink of scotch. He was sitting on our couch, and so I sat
down in my large easy-chair across from him. We each took
a rather long drink from our glasses, and then he looked
over at me and said, "Well now, I figured maybe we'd
better talk". That was all he said, and then we were
both silent. Finally it was Les who spoke again, and this
time his voice was much softer, as he asked me how long. I
knew what he meant, as he was asking me how long I'd been
bi, and so all I told him was a very long time, to which he nodded
his head yes, and then added that HE, had only recently discovered
his bi side himself.

At that point our "conversation" I guess you
could call it was still a bit strained, but then we both started
to loosen up at bit as we continued to talk. A whole lot of
it was more him asking mew various questions and me answering
him back, and it didn't take me all that long to figure
out that he was actually a LOT newer at the whole bi thing,
than I'd originally thought! Eventually it was time
for another drink, and Les could see my glass was empty,
and so he got up and walked over to my chair, and picked up
my glass. He started to turn, and then he turned back around
to face me, and suddenly I stood up, as he set the glass back
down. Neither of us spoke, and then I felt his hands slide
around my waist, and come to rest on my hips, then there was
another very short pause, before he leaned into me. Our
lips touched and then parted, as I slid my tongue into his
mouth, and I felt his, sliding into mine!

It was a long, passionate kiss, during which I felt him pull
me up against him, and then I felt his hard cock through his
pants, rubbing against mine. Almost as soon as our kiss
ended he tried taking a step back, but I now had my hands on
his hips as well, and I didn't let him. I spoke first,
suggesting we continue this in my bedroom, and as soon as
Les nodded yes, I turned, took his hand in mine, and we started
walking. Now that we were both in my bedroom and standing
at the foot of my bed, I honestly think the reality of what
was about to happen, really hit him. Les took a short step
back, and all he said was "are you sure?", and
so I sat down on the edge of the bed, and reaching up, I again
held his hips as I pulled him back up to me. As I began to undo
his pants and slide down his zipper, I felt this hands as
he slid them up on my shoulders!

I slide both his pants and underwear down at the same time,
and then I slipped off his shoes, and then each pant leg,
until he was naked from the waist down. As I sat back up, his
hard cock was right there in front of my face of course, and
I can honestly say that I was quite happy with what I was seeing.
His hard cock wasn't huge by any means, but maybe just
slightly longer than mine and about the same thickness!
Other than that, about the only real difference between
him and I was that his hard cock stood perfectly straight
out from his body, while my cock does have a curve to it! His
cock did have a beautiful, big, "mushroom"
head on it, and already I could see just this tiny drop of
pre-cum, that had formed at the tip! I licked my lips without
even thinking about it or really knowing I'd even done
it, and the only reason I even know that now, is that later,
much later, Les told me I'd done it!

I parted my lips, and even though I had this almost over-powering
urge to suck his hard cock right into my mouth, I held back,
and instead I took a long, slow lick, all around that big
fat head! Almost as soon as my wet tongue touched the head
of his hard cock Les moaned, and he moved his hand from my
shoulder where it had been resting before, and slid it around
to the back of my head! I swirled my tongue all around the
head of his hard cock, and then I took a long slow lick, from
the tip right down to the base, tracing my tongue along the
more sensitive underside of his hard shaft Les took a step
towards me, and so I pushed his hard cock up against his stomach,
and then I slid my mouth down and began tonguing all around
his big soft balls! I could tell he really liked this and
so I took my time, licking and kissing and sucking his balls,
as I listened to his moans of pleasure!

Eventually I could tell he wanted more, and as much as I wanted
to take my time and really make this last, I also had a feeling
that he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer! I
slid my tongue back up, and then flattened it out against
the underside of his hard cock, and then took several long,
slow licks, up and down his hard shaft! By then Les had both
hands on my head, and as my tongue once again neared the head
of his hard cock he finally moaned out, and almost begged
me to suck him! Just one last "tease" as I held
my lips against the head of his cock once again, I slipped
my tongue out, and flicked it against him! He groaned, and
I could feel his hands pressing my head forward, and I could
TELL his groan was one of both pleasure and frustration,
all mixed together! I almost smiled!

Lips now parted, this time I didn't hesitate, as I took
not only the head of his hard cock into my mouth, but I also
very quickly swallowed down over half his hard shaft! Now
Les groaned really loud, and as he did his hips began moving
in that all too familiar "fucking motion",
and so as I let him fuck his hard cock in and out of my mouth,
I also bobbed my head in front of him. It took us a minute or
two, but soon we had a steady rhythm going, him fucking his
hard cock in and out of my mouth, and me sliding my lips down
his hard shaft, just a little deeper each time he fucked!
I honestly didn't know, given his "length"
whether I could swallow his hard cock all the way down to
the base of not? And so, I quickly wrapped a couple of fingers
around his thick base, just to give me some "breathing
room" and make sure I didn't choke! His movements
were much hard now anyway, and I KNEW, he was getting close!

"Oh God Steven, Your gonna make me cum"!

He did manage to at least get the words out, but that was about
it, and honestly, I not sure if he even did get the word "cum"
out, before I felt his hard cock begin to jerk, and the I felt
him begin to shoot into my mouth. At that point "I",
stopped moving my head at all, and I let him guide the depth
and speed, with his hands and his jerking hips! I could feel
his legs trembling, and with my hands now holding both of
his ass cheeks, I could feel his butt flexing, each time
his hard cock jerked in my mouth, and he filled it with another
shot of his hot, sticky cum! His cum really did taste good
as I sucked hard and continued to swallow, and I was also
a bit surprised at what a large "load" he seemed
to have! Believe me however, I loved ever drop of hot cum
he shot into my mouth!

Finally his cock stopped jerking quite so violently, and
I knew I swallowed the last of his load. As Les stepped back,
I gave his hard cock one final, hard suck, and then I felt
it slip out of my mouth, as he groaned, and told me how good
that had felt! Les was still breathing hard as he finally
sat down next to me, and then he turned and smiled, and told
me again how good it had been! I started to speak but he cut
me off with a kiss. At one point during my "blow job",
I'd slid my own shorts down and off, as I'd intended
on masturbating while I was sucking him! I'd honestly
gotten wrapped up in sucking his cock though, and while
I won't say I'd forgotten all about my own cock,
I will say that I hadn't yet touched myself, although
I could definitely feel my own hard cock throbbing for attention!
Now as we sat there kissing, I felt his hand wrap around my
hard cock, and now I was the one groaning!

His hand slid up and down my hard cock and I moaned into his
mouth, and then his lips pulled back, and he smiled at me,
asking me if it felt good! I moaned again but did manage to
whisper the word "Yes!", and then he let go of
my hard cock, making me groan in frustration! Once again
there was no real communication needed, and as he slid up
onto the bed, I slid up with him. Now were were laying side
by side, facing each other, and as he took hold of my hard
cock, I took hold of his! We both began to stroke each other,
and he let us do this for a few minutes, and then he roughly
pushed my hand away from his hard cock, and told me to let
HIM do it! Less now took both of our cocks in one hand and squeezed
them together, as he jacked us both off at the same time!
He did this for a while as well, and then suddenly he let go,
and he pushed me over, onto my back!

If Les had been shy earlier, I guess even timid in a way, that
Less was long gone, and now I could tell, I could "feel"
he was definitely in charge! THAT, turned me on! Les rolled
partially on top of me, his hard cock pressing into my thigh,
and his thigh mashing my hard cock down onto my stomach!
This time as he kissed me he left little doubt in my mine as
to who was taking control, and exactly WHO, was in charge!
His kiss was both rough and passionate, and it excited me
a lot, and I could feel him pressing that hard cock against
me, and I could feel his leg rubbing hard against my own cock!
He pulled his lips off mine, and then quickly bent down and
sucked on of my hard nipples into his mouth! He sucked on
it hard, and then even nibbled it a little! His tongue then
flicked rapidly across that same nipple, and then without
letting his mouth leave my body, he trailed it back up my

I could then feel his hot breath in my ear, and then his wet
tongue, and as he did this he moved his leg off me, and again
grabbed hold of my hard cock!

"Tell me Steven, tell me what you want, I'll bet
you'd like me to make you my bitch, my own personal slut
wouldn't you"?

"Tell me what you want slut"!

"Do you want me to suck your hard little cock for you
and maybe lick your balls, or do you want me to lick your ass
and then fuck you, or maybe you want it all"?

"YES"! "Oh God YES"! I managed to
putter out, and then Les quickly slid down my body, and got
down between my spread legs! Once again he wasn't the
least bit gentle as he hoisted my legs up over his shoulders,
and then I moaned loudly as I felt his wet tongue slid up and
down my throbbing shaft! He licked all around my hard cock,
sometimes licking just the head, and other times licking
up and down my hard shaft! Each time he'd feel me begin
to move in rhythm to his licking however, he'd suddenly
pull his mouth back off of me! He was purposely teasing me,
purposely trying to drive me nuts, AND doing a damn good
job of it at that! I kept begging him to suck me and he wouldn't,
and then at one point he suddenly started licking lower,
and he reached down and pulled my balls up out of the way,
as he slid his wet tongue down and into my ass!

I groaned really loudly then as my hips shot up even higher,
and I felt his wet tongue as it poked and prodded my asshole!
Suddenly, and without warning Les just flipped me over
onto my stomach, and then reaching under me he again grabbed
hold of my hard cock, and he used IT, to lift my hips up into
the air! Before I could say a word or even react, I felt his
grip tighten around my hard cock, and then I once again felt
his wet tongue in my ass! My hips were bucking as he stroked
my hard cock and licked my asshole hard, and then I groaned
even louder, as I suddenly felt him pulling his face away!
I was SO CLOSE, so close to cumming, and not only had he pulled
his face out of my ass, but then he'd even let go of my
hard cock! "NO!" I almost screamed the word
out, and then I heard him sort of laugh behind me, as he reached
down and yanked me up higher, by my hips!

"I'll bet you've got some kind of lubricant
hidden away in your nightstand don't you slut"?

"I'll bet you even use it on your own ass when you
jerk off"!

"YES, YES", I managed to hiss out, and then as
I started to reach over, he slapped my hand away and told
me HE'D get it for me! I saw my nightstand drawer open,
and heard him rummaging around, and then a second or two
later, my nightstand drawer slamming shut. The next thing
I felt was his fingers prying my as crack open, and then the
cool, wet slickness of the lubricant as he poured it down
into my ass! His fingers then let go of me, and I felt him moving
around behind me, and then I felt his hard cock, as he slipped
it into my crack! Chills of please coursed through me, as
I felt him sliding his cock up and down my ass crack, and then
I felt his chest on my back, and then his hot breath in my ear,
as he leaned over me! He'd suddenly stopped moving,
but I could still feeling him pressing that hard cock firmly
into the crack of my ass!

"Tell me slut, tell me what you want, I want to HEAR
you say it"!

I'm honestly not sure if he'd even gotten the word
"it" out of his mouth to end his sentence, before
I was telling him again and again, I wanted him to fuck me!
"Please, oh God Please Les, I want to feel your hard
cock inside me"! "I want to feel you stick it
in me, and I want to feel you fucking me in the ass"!
I heard him go "hum" and then I felt him lifting
his chest off of me, and then once again his fingers were
prying my ass cheeks wide open! Damn it, Damn it, Damn it,
he was honestly, driving me fucking nuts! As he now held
my ass open with one hand, and then held his hard cock in his
other hand, and rubbed that big slick head, back and forth
across my asshole! "Oh God Les PLEASE, PLEASE stop
teasing me, I want you to fuck me, I want you to stick your
hard cock up my ass and FUCK ME NOW"! Les stopped moving,
and then I felt that big, spongy head, as he pressed it hard
against my asshole!

I tried to push back, but he now had both of his hands on my
hips, holding me in place as he pushed his cock head against
me! Suddenly however, he increased the presser ever so
slightly, my ass opened up, and the head of his hard cock
slipped inside of me! As his big, thick head penetrated
me I groaned out loudly, "OH GOD YES", and then
he pushed forward again! STILL, he didn't rush, taking
his time as he slid his hard cock inside of me, and I could
literally feel ever inch, as he slowly pressed forward!
I could also feel his fingers digging into my hips and his
thumbs into my ass cheeks, as he gripped me tighter, making
sure I couldn't move! FINALLY, m I felt the tickle
of his pubic hairs as they began to graze against my ass,
and then suddenly his hands slid forward and grabbed the
front of me thigh, as he yanked me back hard against him ,
and impaled me on his hard cock!

Now I was free to move at least a little more, and so as he held
me there like that, I ground my ass back against his crotch!
We both, moaned loudly! God it felt so good, every inch of
his big hard cock buried as deep inside my ass as he could
get it! I was grinding back against him, and HE, was grinding
forward into me!

"Hum baby, does my hard cock feel good buried up that
hot tight ass of yours Steven"?

"I'll bet you want me to fuck you now, and REALLY
fuck you hard don't you slut"?

"I'll even bet you WISH your wife knew, and that
it would really turn you on if she could watch me fuck you
now wouldn't it Steven"?

His words shot through me, as my ass tingled and flexed around
his hard cock, and right then the best I could even manage,
were a few weak "Yeses"! Suddenly he pushed
forward even harder, and I fell face first onto the bed,
and I felt him falling with me, and then his body completely
covering mine! Very quickly then he thrust his legs out
and over mine, forcing my legs together, and then he slowly
started to move, every so slowly pulling his hard cock out,
and then sliding it back inside me! FINALLY, FINALLY he
was fucking me, and it just felt SO GOOD! Now neither of us
spoke, and all you could hear was the combination of us both
breathing hard, and as he fucked that hard cock in and out
of my ass, I thrust my butt back up to meet him, and then ground
it back against him! My own hard cock was pressing into the
bed underneath me, and with each hard thrust, each downward
stroke, his movements cause my cock to rub hard against
the bed under me!

I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me, and little
by little stroke by hard deep stroke, Les was increasing
his speed as well! I KNEW I wasn't going to last much
longer, and sure enough, I suddenly felt my own balls tighten
up against the base of my hard cock, and then it was just like
an explosion! It was almost like being in some wild, highly
erotic cartoon really, as it honestly felt like my entire
cock just swelled up to the bursting point, and then just
literally EXPLODED, as my hot cum came blasting out! I was
moaning loudly, and I could feel my ass just flexing around
Les's still thrusting cock, and then as I reached the
peak of my climax he suddenly lifted himself up off of me,
and then held himself up on his hands, as he really started
smacking his crotch down hard onto my ass, and he REALLY
started fucking me!

I was moaning and groaning and crying out, at at the same
time you could literally hear the loud smacking and slapping
sounds Les's crotch was making, each time he slammed
down, and smacked it off my ass! He was grunting loudly with
each hard thrust, and we probably, quite honestly sounded
like two wild animals getting it on! Suddenly he literally
did scream out "OH GOD YES"! and then he slammed
not only his crotch, but his entire body down on top of me,
as his cock jerked hard inside my ass, and now HE was blasting
his own cum out! It was like I could feel every single vein
in his hard cock, and I could feel the contract and then expend,
with each powerful "spurt"! "Oh God Yes
Baby, Cum in ME, just like THAT"! It's not like
I HAD to say it, because he already was, but I do think it honestly
turned both of us on even more! If that was even possible!

My ass was now literally filled with his hot cum, and I felt
slicker inside than ever, and it felt so, so, very good!
I felt my own body finally relax, and then I felt him relax
too, and then in a somewhat still out of breath voice, he
asked me if his "weight" was too much! I wiggled
my ass back up against his crotch, causing him to moan once
again, and then I told him the truth, that NO, it felt good!
We both lay like that for the longest time, and yet even after
two orgasms now, his cock still felt hard! Slowly I began
flexing my butt, gripping his cock and then letting it go,
and as I did, I began to grind my ass back against him! Les
moaned, and then whispered in my ear: "Hum, that feels
so nice"! And then she started moving again himself,
as he whispered in my ear one more time:

"Hum Baby, I guess this IS, going to be a long night"!


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Excellent and I appreciate your thoughtful comments.
My second wife knows that I am bi and in the past when we were
in the lifestyle together told me to Go for it. We even shared
guys and women as she was bi too.I don't know where in
the world she stands now. We haven't had sex in over
a year. All of a sudden she just said that she wasn't
interested anymore so here I am. Thanks again. It has taken
me many years to finally accept that I am genuinely bi and
enjoy both men and women.


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Very hot story how many more times did he fuck you after that
did he become your regualr partner?


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I loved your story..

I am a bi-sexual male that that has two hole for a guy to enjoy.

I also loves to have a guys cock go down my throat and cum...

I also love to suck cocks - swallow a guys hot cum or thay can
have me get on all 4's and fuck my very tight ass until
that cum in me...

Wish I could find a fuck buddy around here (Canon City) or
at least close by...


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very hot story!i have a friend i see on occassion that likes
to fuck my ass, i think i will call him now, i need it bad!