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My Mother-In-Law, Hannah…What a Girl


The three best things to come out of my relationship with
my ex-wife, Ann, were two wonderful children and a very
hot Mother-In-Law with an insatiable desire for cock sucking.
It is the last of these three of which I write. Ann’s mom….
I will call her Hannah for the sake of this article… had always
been a very touchy feely woman and very physical when she
was in conversation with people. You know the type. Always
touching your arm or your shoulder or hand when talking
to you. She also had another unique trait for a Mother-In-Law.
When she would kiss me hello or good by or good night….she
would insist on kissing me flush on the lips. This habit
started soon after Ann and I began dating while in college.
Instead of the traditional peck on the cheek, Hannah would
put her lips square on my lips and kiss….not just peck. The
first few times she did this I was so caught off guard that
all I could do was flush, blush, and make like I had not a clue
as to what had just happened. I thought at first she was just
trying to startle me or surprise me in a kidding like way.
However, I was to discover, shortly after I married her
daughter, this was not the case. Hannah had been married
and divorced four times. At the time of her daughter’s wedding,
she had been divorced from number four for about a year.
She did not date, even though at 49 she looked not a day older
then 39. She was 5’2” tall and about 135 pounds with just
a little extra padding that actually suited her very well.
She was a natural blond… like her daughter… wore a 36C bra
and looked damn good in a bikini. She had a summer place on
Hilton Head which during the year of her daughter’s wedding
became the primary residence. In the warm months, she was
fond of wearing those ribbed cotton tank tops and gym like
shorts. When she was not wearing a tank top she was fond of
spaghetti strap cotton sun dresses that, when she did not
ware a bra, emphasized the shape of her boobs and she was
not a bit apologetic for the way her boobs would bounce when
she walked. On more then one occasion she brought this directly
to my attention. More about that later. So to the point of
this story. Little more then a year after Ann and I were married,
we were visiting her mother over a long week end on the Island.
As always, when we arrived the usual round of hello hugs
were done and by this time the anticipated kiss square on
the lips. However this particular time it was very different.
Ann was ahead of me and had already entered the house when
Hannah doled out my hug and planted the kiss. This time,
though, she pressed her thighs up against my thighs which
brought her boobs hard against my chest and just as she was
about to pull back from the kiss she pushed the tip of her
tongue between my teeth. Well, now, all kinds of alarms
are going off in my head. My Mother-In-Law, in the open,
in the front yard, not only gave me tongue but very obviously
made the kind of physical contact that could only be interpreted
as an overt sexual advance. As she pulled back and before
she moved her hands from the back of my shoulders….she smiled
and winked. She was wearing a sun dress and it was very obvious
she was not wearing a bra and as she pulled back she gave me
a little teasing glance down her cleavage. Both of her nipples
were very hard…she has puffy nipples and they were puffed
up to their fullest and outlined by the dress. At this time
my head is spinning. I was so surprised by her obvious overt
sexual advance that I was not capable, at that very moment,
of being stimulated sexually. That would change in a considerable
way. I managed to get through the front door without falling
over my feet and after a couple more trips to the car had all
the stuff we brought moved into the bed room we were to occupy.
Hannah would open the door for me as I moved our stuff from
the car to the house. She positioned herself in such a way
as to cause my left arm to brush her tits in order to cross
the threshold of the door and enter the house. After the
second trip and the second brush of her tits….accompanied
by a very seductive smile from Hannah, I began to sense that
this was no accident. It was early in the afternoon, the
temps were in the mid 80s and the humidity was fairly low
for the time of year. Ann suggested we put on swim suits and
walk down to the beach. Hannah had a third row property which
provided good privacy from the main road and was but seventy
yards from the sea wall and the beach. Hannah told us to go
ahead to the beach as she had a couple of things to finish
related to dinner and she would join us in a bit. Ann and I
changed and I went out to the back screened in porch to get
a couple of beach chairs. To get to the porch one passes the
entrance to the kitchen. As I passed the kitchen I caught
Hannah’s eye. She was sipping on her second scotch since
our arrival and when our eyes met she very tantalizingly
ran the tip her tongue around the rim of the glass and then
licked the condensation from the outside of the glass in
a very seductive way never breaking eye contact. She then
smiled and licked her lips. Well, at this point, I am neither
surprised nor taken aback. As I smiled back at her, I felt
a stirring in my crotch as I began to react to the sexual tension
Hannah was creating. Not paying attention, I solidly bumped
into the door frame leading out to the porch which caused
Hannah to chuckle and my face to turn red. With chairs in
hand Ann and I headed down to the beach. It was a gorgeous
day with a slight sea breeze coming from the south east as
the tide had changed and was now flooding toward the high
tide. The beach was practically empty. For two hundred
yards up and down the beach there were but a half dozen people
walking the surf line or jogging. After about 30 minutes
I saw Hannah making her way down the steps on the sea wall
carrying a chair and another scotch. She was bare footed
and still wearing the same sun dress. She unfolded her chair
beside Ann’s and sat down. She said she still had stuff to
do for dinner and would only sit a while and she did not want
to be changing back in forth from a swim suit to house cloths
and told us to go ahead an enjoy the water, which at this time
of year was a very comfortable 89 degree F. Ann and I walked
to the surf and waded into the water up to our my waist…..
nearly up to my Ann’s arm pits… and enjoyed the warmth of
the water and the fells of the soft fine sand between our
toes. After a brief swim we walked back to our chairs. Hanna
had gathered up her dress and pushed it between her legs
exposing her nicely tanned legs well above mid thigh. Her
drink was sitting on top of the cooler. My Ann took one of
the beach towels and began to towel off as I sat back in my
chair facing the sun and enjoying it’s warmth. Hannah was
seated directly in front of me. As Ann toweled off, Hannah
bent over in her chair to retrieve her drink which allowed
the top of her sun dress to hang very open giving me a perfect
view of her tits as she picked up her drink. Hannah knew exatcly
what she was doing and doing it of blatantly in the open in
front of her daughter, who by the way was paying absolutely
no attention, she looked up at me and as she was moving to
an upright sitting position once more, gave me the same
wink and smile she gave me upon our arrival earlier. As she
straightened up in the chair she let her left hand caress
the inside of her left knee and continue caressing the inside
of her thigh up to the point of where her dress was bunched
up between her legs, all the time maintaining eye contact
with me. Ann caught the tail end of this and actually ask,
in a joking way, if her mom was flirting with me. Hannah’s
response was of course she was, said in an equally joking
way. Fact is and was it was no joke. Hannah took her leave
and returned to the house. Ann and I sat for a while continuing
to enjoy the sun and the smell of the salt air on the incoming
tide before joining her mom. Upon arriving back at the house,
we showered and changed into shorts, etc. and I made pre-dinner
cocktails. Ann was found of rum and coke and Hannah and I
were scotch drinkers. By this time she is working on her
fourth scotch and my mood called for a good double mixed
with a splash of water. As we sipped our drinks we made small
talk as Hannah began to set the dinner table. Hannah was
an excellent cook and her specialty was any thing made with
sea food. Tonight she prepared a wonderful lobster bisque
and steamed shrimp with a tarragon cream sauce and served
in the true low country SC style with a fresh garden salad
at the end of the meal. After dinner Ann and I cleared off
the table and did the dinner dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.
Hannah had gone to her room while we did the cleaning. Ann
and I settled in on the screened in porch. The warm breeze
from the incoming tide was picking up and the sound of the
surf was increasing as the tide flooded in. Ann put on some
background music of something or another and we sipped
our drinks and just relaxed in a wonderful “at the beach”
experience. Soon Hannah joined us. She had changed into
a satin or silk like house coat tied in front with a belt.
She had her scotch and by this time it was obvious that the
scotch was affecting her mood. When she would get a bit of
a buzz on she would giggle at most anything. This would inevitably
invoke a comment from Ann to the effect that “mom you have
had your limit”. Any way…we sat and chatted about nothing
in particular for an hour or so. Ann announced her intentions
to go off to bed. She wanted to get up early in the morning
and head out to Savannah to a particular shop she frequents
when she is on the Island and planning to shop in Savannah.
As Ann departed, Hannah looked at my drink glass and commented
that I needed a refill and she would get it for me. Upon returning
to the porch with my drink, she sat down on the rattan sofa
next to me, her knee touching my knee, and held out the glass.
I reached for it but she pulled it back and told me that the
least I could do was to show some appreciation for her getting
me a refill. My heart is starting to pound at this moment.
Here is my Mother-In-Law making an obvious pass at me and
my wife has just gone to bed in a room not 75 feet from the porch.
The porch is lighted by subdued low voltage lighting where
the ceiling and walls meet as well as a few candles. I sort
of get control of myself and ask her what I might do to demonstrate
how much I appreciated her making me a drink. She paused,
gave her little giggle, and leaned toward me and said a little
kiss would do just fine. Now I am sweating. My cock is starting
to get hard. My heart is pounding a mile a minute. I am between
sincere lust and sincere fear. Lust for what I want to do
with Hannah and fear Ann will decide to come back to the porch.
I think I had had just enough scotch to knock the edge off
the fear factor and to encourage the lust factor. So, I smiled
at Hannah, reached out with my right hand and put it behind
her neck and as I leaned toward her I pulled her head toward
me. Our lips met and both our tongues started probing each
other’s mouths. My cock was now as hard as it could get and
I feel Hannah’s breath come and go in shallow gulps. It could
not have been more then ten or fifteen seconds but it felt
like five minutes before I moved my hand from the back of
her neck and we moved apart. Without saying a word, Hannah
handed me my drink. She held out her hand that was wet from
the condensation of the drink and told me she needed to dry
her hand. Without a pause, she began wiping her palm on the
bulge in my shorts. In pretense of drying her hand, and very
aware of what she was doing, she rubbed my cock several times
then moved off the sofa to the chair in which she had been
sitting prior to getting me my refill. There was an ottoman
in front of her chair. As she settled back in the chair she
moved her legs to rest on the ottoman which allowed the house
coat to fall open up to the belt that held it closed. She had
crossed her legs and the open house coat exposed the length
of her legs from her feet to a point just below her belly.
She sipped her scotch….. I sipped mine…. in silence with
the only sound being the pounding surf and the sea breeze.
As I sat there and looked at her, she slowly reached up to
the belt on the house coat and untied the knot. With the belt
untied and using both hands, she pulled her house coat open
at the same time uncrossing her legs and spreading her legs
slightly allowing me full view of her very nicely trimmed
blond pussy. Her tan legs accentuated the whiteness of
her mound and pussy. By the low level light I could see very
fine and silky hair just above her slit. When I finally looked
up to her face she was giving me that same smile and a wink.
Her back was to the door through which one would have to walk
to enter the porch. The chair had a tall back that was equally
as high as the top of her head. Therefore, when Ann did come
by the kitchen and through the door onto the porch, Hannah
had ample time to gather her house coat together and re-tie
the belt. Ann had not a clue. She had come back to the porch
to confirm the time she and Hannah were going to leave in
the morning for Savannah, in order to know what time to set
the alarm in order to awaken in time. They agreed on the time
and Ann went back to bed. I almost had a cow. The fear factor
instantly overwhelmed the lust factor and for a brief few
seconds I was not sure whether or not Ann had seen what was
going on. My once hard cock went completely limp. My heart
was pounding, my palms were sweating and it was all I could
do to keep from breathing like I had just completed a marathon.
To my self I thought, damn that was close. After recovering
my composure, Hannah just looked at me and smiled saying
not a word. She finished her drink and got up from the chair
and said she was going to bed as well as the day would begin
early the next morning. I stood up, checked out the door
to the porch and the path to the bedrooms and in a step and
a half was standing in front of Hannah. This time I reached
out with my left hand and put it around her waist and she willingly
leaned into me. One more check of the door and I leaned down
and found her lips with mine. It was a hungry kiss. I thought
Hannah would devour my mouth. Her breathing became labored.
She pressed her thighs and her mound hard against my now
hardening cock. I held her close and tight with my left hand
and let my right hand find her left tit. When my fingers caressed
her nipple she convulsed. It was probably the first time
a man and touched her there in well over a year and it was not
had to tell just how on fire she was and how eager she was to
be taken. As I squeezed her nipple she moved her hips from
side to side rubbing her mound on my erect cock. Her tongue
was all over my tongue and probing my mouth. She started
sucking on my lower lip and at the same time moved her right
hand to my crotch and squeezed my cock. I moved my mouth to
her neck and bit her where her neck and shoulder meet. This
caused her to squeeze my cock like it was in a vice and she
quivered and let out a very low slow moan. Holding my cock
in her vice grip she began rubbing my cock on her pussy through
her house coat. It was all I could do to keep my self from ripping
off her house coat and pushing her back on the chair and taking
her right there. Then I remembered to check the door again.
Like it would have done any good at this point. That sort
of broke the tension…. She moved her hand I moved my hand
we stepped apart and when we got our breath we said good night
and went to our separate bed rooms. Now this is about my Mother-In-Law,
but this bit about Ann is within the context of the story.
I got to our bedroom and the only light was the illumination
from the radio/alarm clock. I got out of my clothes, I sleep
in the nude so there was nothing else to do except to get into
bed. At this point my stuff was so worked up that I would have
fucked a snake if some one would have held its head. I rolled
over to my Ann and spooned with her. Ann was wearing her traditional
short night gown with a very deep plunging neck line and
little straps. She normally wares panties as well, but
tonight she was naked under the night gown. So, I pushed
her night gown up around her waist and pressed my pelvis
against her butt and worked my rock hard cock between her
legs. This woke her up. She reached between her legs and
took the head of my cock between her thumb and forefinger
and squeezed. She told me she was hoping the salt air and
the warm sea breeze would have its usual effect on me and
in anticipation of that she did not wear her panties. Now
Ann is a petite woman, 5’2” and 98 lbs soaking wet. She has
small, but nicely rounded hips and small but very nice 34B
tits with very big and very sensitive nipples. I am so horny
at this point and know what gets her going, so I reached around
her and with my right hand, slide my hand inside her night
gown and started pinching her left nipple. Almost instantly
her nipple became hard and as I continued to squeeze she
began to move her hips back and forth allowing my cock to
slide between her pussy lips. After a bit of this I pulled
back and rolled her onto her back and pulled the straps of
her gown over her shoulders. She pulled her arms out of the
straps exposing her beautiful tits and nipples. I squeezed
her nipples alternating between them and began to nibble
and bite them. Both nipples are now standing out very hard.
For a woman with relatively small tits her nipples are just
fantastic. They grow to about a half of an inch long and about
as big around as my little finger. And when I suck on them
and bite on them, and she is horny enough, she will cum. I
guess she, too, was horny enough for in just a short time
I felt that expected thrusting of her hips up and down, and
a low moan begin deep in her throat and as I continued to bite
and squeeze. Soon she arched her back and thrust her mound
high in the air and begin to pant just prior to locking her
hips with her ass high off the bed she clinched and began
to whimper in a long sustained orgasm after which she stretched
out on the bed and had a series of mild convulsions as I let
my finger trace the outline of her pussy and lightly touch
her clit. After she had stopped quivering and settled down,
I spread her legs wider and rolled over on top of her and drove
my cock all the way to the hilt and started pounding her like
I had not done in months. She felt the difference in the way
she way being fucked and immediately began to respond and
was wildly pumping her hips up and down to meet my thrusts
and in no time at all we both were cumming as hard as we had
ever cum together in a long time. After I got my breath and
rolled off her she made a comment that the sea breeze and
the sounds and smell on the incoming tide must have been
especially effective on me tonight. If she only knew. At
6:30am the clock radio announced itself and we awoke to
an unexpected over cast day with anticipated temps in the
mid 70s and a chance of morning and early afternoon showers.
Not you best Chamber of Commerce beach day. While Ann was
showering and dressing for her shopping trip to Savannah,
I was off to the kitchen to make coffee. The coffee maker
had just finished brewing the coffee when Hannah came into
the kitchen wearing the same satin house coat from the night
before. She smiled and gave me a pat on the shoulder and explained
how a fresh cup of coffee would be wonderful with a Tylenol
she was taking for a slight head ache she attributed to having
one too many scotches last night. Hannah is not a big drinker
and it was not surprising she had a head ache and as that result
I started to reconsider her motives the night before. I
started to consider that she just got a buzz on and with too
much scotch she put aside her inhibitions and behaved the
way she did more under the influence of alcohol. Then my
rational brain kicked in and my thought was….. NOT! We chatted
small talk about the day and Hannah told me she was going
to beg off going to Savannah with Ann. She said with her head
ache and the fact the weather was not going to be so very good,
she would rather just stay at home. Moments later Ann entered
the kitchen and as she was fixing her coffee her mom explained
that she was not going to Savannah after all. Ann was ok with
this and she and her mom went off talking about girl stuff
and what Ann would be doing in Savannah. I went to the front
room and turned on CNN to see what was going on in the world
as I finished my coffee. Soon Ann was departing for Savannah.
It is about an hour drive and she anticipated being in Savannah
for a couple of hours so she would be away about four hours.
Hannah told her she would have a late lunch ready but Ann
said she would grab something in Savannah and not to bother.
After Ann left the house, Hanna went to her bed room which
is directly across from the bed room Ann and I use. The bath
on that side of the house can be accessed from either bed
room or from the hall. I finished watching CNN and took my
coffee cup to the kitchen and turned off the coffee maker.
As I walked back to our bed room and passed the door to Hannah’s
bed room I noticed her door was open a few inches. As I started
to turn left into our bed room, my eye caught Hannah’s image
reflected by the large mirror on her dresser. I could not
actually see Hannah but the way the mirror is positioned,
I could see her in the mirror. I stopped dead in my tracks.
Hannah was completely nude and I had a full frontal view
of her gorgeous body. As I said earlier, for a 49 year old
woman she looked great in a bikini. Well for a 49 year old
woman she looked even better naked. Her 36C tits had very
little sag and her hips were fully rounded and she had just
a bit of a tummy that actually was quite sensual. Her thighs
were full and her legs were very nicely tapered down to her
ankles. Light was shinning on her from a bedroom window
which illuminated her body and every detail of her unbelievable
sensuality. She was cupping her right tit with her left
hand and letting her index finger move over her puffy nipple
that was totally puffed out. Her right hand was moving over
her tummy down toward her mound and as the flat of her hand
made contact with her mound she stopped. Her hips made a
subtle move forward as I watched her middle finger slip
between her pussy lips. She inserted her finger into her
pussy as far as it would go and held it there as her hips very
slightly rocked forward and backward. She moved her finger
from inside her pussy up to her clit and traced little circle
around her clit as her hips moved in unison to the pressure
of her finger and her back arched and she closed her eyes
and with her left hand firmly squeezed her right nipple.
Then she stopped and stood very still for a few seconds.
When she opened her eyes we made eye contact in the mirror.
She did not smile or wink. She just stood there looking at
me looking at her and the look from her was very intense.
Not pleasure nor passion nor pain….. just intense. Then
suddenly she moved away from the dresser and out of view.
This all took place in the space of a minute or less. At this
point I am about to jump out of my skin. My cock is standing
straight up and I am tingling all over. I don’t know whether
to go into her room and take her right there…my first inclination
or to go on into my room and not chance making a move that would
get me in trouble. I did not know if this little show was for
me specifically or I had actually just been at the right
place at the right time because she failed to close her door
completely. Any way, I decided on the latter. I went into
our bedroom and for a moment sat on the bed rubbing my rock
hard cock. Man I wanted to fuck her so bad it almost hurt.
I was still feeling the rapture from the sex with Ann a few
hours earlier and this experience was just about diving
me over the edge. I decided a shower was in order. I went into
the bath room from our room and did the usual things one does
to prepare for the day. I turned on the shower to let the water
warm up as I finished shaving. The warm water from the shower
was very soothing and calming. I stood there for several
minutes turning to let the warmth of the water bathe my back
as well as my chest. The water felt especially nice on my
now limp cock. I soaped up and rinsed off and turned off the
shower. When I pushed the shower curtain open to reach for
a towel I almost jumped back in shock. Standing in front
of me was Hannah, completely naked, holding a towel in front
of her. I almost panicked. I blurted out something like
what are you doing in here….or something equally as stupid.
Hannah very calmly held out the towel to me and said she forgot
to put fresh bath towels out for us….which may or may not
have been true as earlier Ann had made no mention of the lack
of towels. As I reached for the towel, Hannah told me to stand
still that she would help me dry off. She stepped close to
me and let the towel unfold in front of her and with one end
of the towel she patted the water droplets off my shoulders
and my chest. All the time looking me straight in the eyes.
She continued to towel off my belly and as she moved closer
to my cock she stepped up against me, let the towel fall to
the floor, and put her hands on my shoulders and started
licking a few remaining water droplets off the front of
my shoulders. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer.
This brought our thighs together and my now, hard again
cock, pressed against her mound as she moved from licking
my shoulders to licking my right ear. She had to tip toe to
reach my ear which brought her gorgeous tits flush against
my chest and added even more pressure of her mound on my cock.
She very slowly moved her right hand down my chest and belly
and moved her mound back just enough to be able to grab my
cock. As she began to squeeze my cock I kept one hand in the
small of her back holding her close and with the other hand
I slid down her back to her ass and squeezed her cheek very
hard. This caused her to once again press her mound against
my cock as she continued to squeeze. I left her ass and moved
my hand to the front of her thigh and pushed he back just enough
to slide my hand between her legs and let my middle finger
find her slit and as I applied just a little pressure her
pussy lips unfolded allowing my finger to slip quickly
into her soaking wet pussy. As my finger penetrated her
she arched her back and put her head back, closed her eyes
and moaned. I moved my finger in and out of her a few times
and her hips started moving forward and backward matching
the rhythm of my finger moving in and out of her. She was moaning
a low guttural moan like I have never heard. Still having
a vice grip on my cock, she straightened her back and as she
made eye contact again told me that if I continued doing
what I was doing she was going to cum and that she would rather
cum sitting on my cock. The toilet was two steps away and
the lid was down. She reached down and picked up the towel
and led me, by my cock, those two steps. She put the towel
over the toilet and I sat down. She straddled my legs and
moved directly in front of me to position herself to impale
her self. Her pussy was gorgeous. Sure enough, her pussy
hair was silky blond, trimmed just so and as soft as down.
The feeling of her lowering her pussy onto my cock was indescribable.
She lowered her self very slowly until she had taken all
of me inside her and she sat on my legs. She moved her hips
one or twice as if to begin riding me then shifted her body
slightly, in order for my cock to hit exactly her G spot.
She started grinding on my cock. Her breathing was very
labored and she was making little “oh” sounds. She had interlaced
her fingers behind by head and was leaning her shoulders
back away from me to make the contact of my cock and her pussy
as intense as possible. Her tits were bouncing ever so slightly
right in front of my eyes as she threw her head back and arched
her back even more and thrusting her hips against me in very
quick succession. I had my hands on her waist and was pulling
her down on my cock has hard as I could. Now she is starting
to gasp for air and the downward pressure she is putting
on my cock is incredible. She starts that low guttural sound
again… deep in her throat. It is a sound you would expect
to hear from an animal in the wild. She is humping and pumping
against me in a frenzy and sound is getting louder. Then
she starts to command me to fuck her… to fuck her harder….and
commands me to cum for her…. She released her fingers from
behind my head and grabbed my shoulders and started to dig
her nails into my flesh. She said “damn you please cum inside
me…I want to feel you cum when I cum”. That was all it took…..
I grasp her hips and pulled her into me as hard as I could and
made a couple of hard thrusts of my cock into her pussy in
response to what she was doing and told her I was about to
cum. Once again she made that guttural animal sound and
I started to cum. At that instant she arched her back even
more then before, dug her nails into my shoulders, started
quivering. Her legs were quivering…her hips were quivering…..
her shoulders were quivering and then suddenly she thrust
her mound against me as hard as she could and the moan turned
in to a stream of oh’s each one louder then the previous one.
Her orgasm lasted for the longest time. I think she must
have cum a couple of times and before she finally collapsed
against my chest with her body completely limp. As she was
trying to catch her breath one little shutter after another
would race through her body. I had never and have never since
fucked a woman so completely and experienced her pleasure
so completely as I did Hannah that day. Now at this very moment,
I am feeling spent. Hannah is recovering and my cock has
shrunk considerably and is no longer in Hanna’s pussy and
her cum mixed with my cum is all over my legs and her legs and
the towel placed over the toilet. She moved to sit more straight
up bringing our faces very close together. She leaned forward
and kissed me. I returned the kiss. It was not like any other
kiss she had given me… even the night before. It was a lover’s
kiss. It was not hard or veracious. It was more tender and
lingering. I brought my hands to her tits and squeezed them
and smiled at her. Probably the same smile a high school
boy would smile right after he got laid by his best friends
mother during summer vacation. She brought her mouth to
my ear lobe and bit it as I squeezed her tits. She whispered
into my ear, “I have needed for many months and I have wanted
you for much longer then that”. Having her arms tightly
around me, she kissed and nuzzled my neck then moved to stand
up. At this point I thought we would take a shower or something
sensible like that but Hannah had another idea. As I would
soon learn, she was not finished with me yet. Hannah reached
to a towel rack for a hand towel and wiped the cum off her legs
and stood up and wiped the cum from inside her thighs. She
then knelt down in front of me and pushed my knees apart and
began to wipe the cum off my legs and inner thighs and my cock.
When she had finished wiping me down, she took my limp cock
in her hand, pulled the foreskin back exposing the head,
and leaned over and put her lips around the head of my cock
and started to tongue my cock right under the tip where there
are a set of nerve endings that produces a sensation, when
properly stimulated, like I had never experienced before.
With the tip of her tongue, while holding the head of my cock
between her lips, she would massage two different places
that sent the equivalent of a thousand volts of the most
pleasurable electricity not only through my cock but through
my whole body. The first time she tongue me there I nearly
jumped off the toilet. She reached out and took my cock in
her hand, just to steady it, she was not jerking me off or
stroking…just holding it steady so she could tongue the
underneath side of the head. Even before my cock began to
swell again, my hips were moving, uncontrollably, up and
down against her mouth. She held my cock very still and continue
to apply pressure with the tip of her tongue to the two electrifying
spots. Very soon she had me rock hard again. Once hard she
changed her tactic to encircling the head of my cock with
her lips and sucking just on the head. She was not mouth fucking
me like a lot of women do…she was actually sucking…like
you would suck on your finger. The sensation was unbelievable.
My hips were moving up and down and her head was very still
as she continue to suck hard and let the tip of her tongue
find the pee hole and explore there. When her tongue tried
to invade my pee hole, once again, the sensation was so intense
I almost came off the toilet seat. Now I am starting to feel
that old familiar sensation of a good hard cum building
deep inside me. My leg muscles began to tense and my thrusts
against her mouth began to slow and I knew the pre-cum was
not far off. Hannah sensed this as well. She grabbed my cock
right at the base as close to my pelvis as she could with her
thumb and forefinger and squeezed very hard and instantly
the sensation of a cum disappeared. She stopped sucking
my cock for a second and looked up at me and smiled and told
me that she would make me cum when she wanted me to cum. She
said she wanted to enjoy my cock in her mouth until she had
me in such a state that regardless of what she did to prevent
me cumming I would explode anyway. She went back to sucking
on the head of my cock and playing with the head with her tongue
for several minutes. During this time, she had to apply
the technique with her thumb and forefinger several times
to stop me from cumming. I think she sensed that regardless
of what she could do, I was not about to explode just as she
had described. So, at just the right time, she moved her
mouth from my cock and started to slowly stroke my cock while
tracing little circles around the head with her forefinger.
She saw the pre-cum emerge from my pee hole and at that point
she took my cock in her mouth again and removed her hand and
sucked not only on the head but about half my shaft. My hips
moved pushing my cock further into her mouth as I exploded.
She kept sucking the head of my cock and milking every drop
of cum. Even after I had stopped cuming she continued to
suck on the head until the sensation was so intense that
I had to push her head away. She then laid her head on my leg
and gently fondled my cock as it lost its hardness. She fondled
my balls and kissed my inner thighs and as a parting shot,
took my limp cock into her mouth and gave it one last suck.
I leaned back against the tank of the toilet and tried to
recover my normal breathing. Hannah looked up at me and
said, “You know you have just had the best head of your life”
and winked at me. She stood up in front of me, her pussy not
six inches from my face and she looked down at me with a smiled.
I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her mound to
my face and kissed the top of her slit and let my tongue find
her clit hood and traced little circles around her clit
hood. I could feel the muscles in her ass tense and I knew
I was just a moment away from getting something started
with her that she was craving. She reached down and gently
moved my face away from her pussy and told me to be patient
and not rush things that we had plenty of time and right now
she wanted to take a shower with me. She stepped away, turned
on the shower, and as the water warmed she stepped in and
I was a second behind her. We both let the warm water flow
over our bodies, not saying a word, turning alternately
so as to soak in the warmth of the water and that good feeling
you body gets from the shower. I had my back to her front and
suddenly I felt a soapy hand on my shoulder blade. She soaped
down my back and ass, letting her hand find its way between
my legs and to by balls. She caressed and soaped my balls
and put her hand on my shoulder to turn me to face her. She
soaped up my chest and moved down to my pelvis and my cock
which she lathered up all the time squeezing my cock and
again caressing my balls. Having done this, she handed
me the soap and turned around. I soaped up her shoulders
and back and the back of her thighs and legs and let my hand
travel up the inside of her thighs to her ass. I caressed
her ass and brought my soapy hands up her sides until I could
reach around her and cup her tits. I lathered up her tips
paying special attention to her nipples which were once
again puffed out. I let my soapy hands caress her belly,
her mound and touch both sides of her pussy as I caressed
her inner thighs. As the soap washed off my right hand I let
my fore finger find her clit hood. As I started to lightly
touch her clit hood I moved a still soaped up hand to her ass.
As I continued to play with her clit hood and feel her hips
begin to move in response to my touch, I found her ass hole
and let a soapy finger probe the opening which resulted
in my finger sliding very easily into her ass as I found her
clit with my other hand. By simultaneously inserting my
finger in her ass and touching her clit, she shivered and
thrust her hips first backward to accept my finger in her
ass then forward to accept my finger on her clit. She was
squeezing her own tits with one hand while bracing herself
against the shower wall with the other and moving her hips
back and forth encouraged by the pressure from my finger
in her ass and my finger on her clit. She leaned her head back
on my chest, arched her back and let out a stream of ohs as
her hips quivered and she had another orgasm. She turned
around and put her arms around my neck and with her face very
close to mine said, “Jim, you know you can’t ware it out.
But, you can save some for later” and kissed me. At this point
she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She
picked up a towel and handed it to me and told me it way my turn
to dry her. I stood behind her and toweled off her shoulders
and back and her tits and belly. She turned around and I got
down on a knee and toweled off first one leg then the other
laving her pretty pussy for last. My cock was once again
starting to rise and she took notice and shook her finger
at me in a no/no gesture and smiled. With that she went to
her bed room to dress and likewise mine to do the same. Ten
or fifteen minutes later I was dressed and went to the front
room. A couple of minutes later Hannah emerged from her
room and joined me. I was seated in a large wing back chair
that had an ottoman in front. Hannah sat on the ottoman and
told me, again, that she had wanted to do that for a very long
time and that she had been without sex for so long that she
would fantasize about being taken by perfect strangers
she would see in places like the grocery. So I ask her about
earlier in the day when I saw her in the mirror. I ask if it
was by accident I saw her. She told me she and been naked for
quite some time and had intentionally left the door ajar
and positioned herself in such a way as for me to be able to
see her as I passed her door. She said the little show she
put on was solely for my benefit and she was disappointed
when I did not take the bait and come into her room and take
her right then. That is when she decided on handing me the
towel. She said when she heard me start the shower she peeked
into the bath room (I was not aware she had done that) and
saw I was still shaving and waited until she could hear I
was actually in the shower before entering the bath room
and waiting for me to finish. She told me that from now on,
any time I wanted her she would be available. Just one rule.
Every time I fucked her she would get to suck me off twice.
I ask her why and the two for one seemed a little out of proportion.
She said that was the rule. So, boldly….. now I am bold….
I ask her what it was about sucking cock that she was so crazy
about. Hannah told me it was the control she had over the
guy she was sucking. She loved the way she could control
the whole sexual event and be the one that finally decided
when the guy she was sucking would cum. She said not only
that but she loved the texture of a guy’s cock in her mouth
and she loved the taste of the guy’s cock and she love the
feel of a guy exploding in her mouth. She said she loved the
taste of semen, the texture of it and she loved the way a guys
cock would pulse and jerk as he exploded. She went on to say
that she especially liked my cock because, as she said,
it was neither too big nor too small and she liked the way
I responded to her way of sucking me as I allowed her to do
what she wanted rather then just ramming my cock down her
throat like so many other guys had done. I confided in her
that her daughter had not acquired this fine art and Hannah
said, “There are some things that are just not appropriate
for a mother to teach her daughter”. Hannah and I went on
to have many highly charged sexual encounters. A week after
Ann’s and my divorce was final I got a note in the mail from
Hannah. It was very to the point and stated that since I was
no longer married to her daughter…. I would no longer have
the pleasure of her company. That was a very sad day.

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Very well written hot story. Write soem more.


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Excellent story, very well written.