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My Mother-In-Law


My wife and I had been married seven years. I will tell you
right up
front that I loved dearly. She was not only my wife and lover,
but my
best friend as well. That is why what happened was such a
experience that I still cannot comprehend it.

We live in Atlanta and I work for a large Aerospace company.
When I was
moved to a different section, my job took on some new duties.
I would
be flying to Orlando to oversee testing on a new design.
It entailed
going down to Orlando two or three times a month for four
or five days
at a time. Now, since my wife and I were trying to save for
a new car,
this turned out to be a good deal. The reason for this is that
the way
my company works, I was given $165 a day to pay for hotel room
meals. If I only spent $45, I could pocket the rest of it.
And, my
mother-in-law lived in Orlando. I could fly down and stay
with her and
spend almost no money at all. My wife called her mother just
before my
first trip and set it all up.

Now, Betty, my mother-in-law, is a really nice woman. My
had died about three years earlier. She lived alone in a
nice apartment
building. Betty is 58 years-old, but the years and the plastic
had been nice to her. She played tennis three or four days
week and
loved to swim. This all left her with a pretty nice figure
for a woman
her age. It had been almost two years since we had least visited
So, I had not seen her in a while when I flew down that first

I arrived on a Sunday evening and picked up a rental car at
the airport.
I drove to Betty?s apartment and took my bags up to her door.
When she
opened the door, I was surprised by the woman I saw. If my
memory was
serving me correctly, she had had some Botox done to her
face to soften
out some wrinkles and perhaps some collagen added to her
lips. The net
result was that she looked fifteen years younger and quite
nice. ?Wow,
Betty, you look great!? I flattered her. ?Oh now, Jeff.
It?s just the
same old me.? She replied, blushing a bit. She showed me
to the guest
room and then offered me a drink. We spent the next couple
of hours
drinking wine and talking. It was really nice to catch up
with her.

When I got up to go to bed, I realized that I had had perhaps
a bit too
much to drink. I staggered a bit to my room and got ready for
bed. I
was sitting on the bed, setting the alarm when Betty knocked
on the
door. She came in, ?Jeff, everything okay?? she asked.
I looked at her
in her silk and lace nightgown standing there. It was short
and perhaps
a bit tight. It made her figure look quite good. Now, I realize
I was a
bit drunk, but my cock didn?t realize that. I started to
get hard right
in front of her. I was wearing only my pajama bottoms and
it was quite
obvious. ?Oh yeah, I?m fine.? I blurted out and turned to
pull the
covers down. She said good night and left. I laid there for
a few
minutes wondering what had just happened.

The next morning, I was up and moving early. I showered and
shaved, got
dressed and went to the kitchen for coffee. Betty was up
in the kitchen
making breakfast. She was wearing a silk robe loosely tied
around the
same nightgown she had been wearing the night before. She
also wore
slippers that had three inch spike heels. As I sat at the
counter and
had my coffee, I watched her cook bacon and eggs. I realized
watching her that she had already put make-up on. She had
done up her
eye make-up and her lips were coated in sexy red lipstick.
Now, add
this to the sexy silk and lace she had covering her body and
I started
to get aroused again. I tried to focus on eating, but she
was making it
difficult, especially when she bent over to put something
away. I
gulped down my food and drink, thanked her, and made a beeline
for the
door saying I was late.

On my way to work, I told myself I was being silly. She was
mother-in-law, 58 years-old! I realized that part of the
problem was
that I was used to having sex with my wife every night and
mornings too. But, since she had been on her period the last
few days
before I left, it had been five days now since I had gotten
off. I was
a little on the horny side to say the least.

On my way back to Betty?s that night, I said to myself that
I would not
let her get to me. I would call my wife, have a nice dinner
with her
mom, maybe watch some TV, and then go to bed. But when I got
to the
apartment, Betty seemed to have another idea in mind of
how the evening

should go. When I walked in using the key she had given me,
she was
waiting for me. She was standing in the livingroom wearing
a very, very
short royal blue, skin tight, tube dress that was open up
both sides
except for little straps holding it together. She was wearing
sexy red lipstick, and four inch high spike heeled sandals.
The outfit
showed off her fabulous figure, her great tan, and her ability
to still
turn heads.

I froze at the door, staring at the sexy woman before me.
I would not
have guessed that her breasts were that large, but this
dress left no
doubt in my mind that she was a least a 34D. Her legs were amazing
the sexy high heels really emphasized them. I was never
a fan of a
short haircut, especially on a blond, but it looked hot
on her. The
result was that my slacks began to tighten. ?You look amazing,
I said before I could stop myself. ?Thank you, Jeff. It?s
nice to know
that a handsome man can still find me attractive. Would
you like a
margarita?? she asked. ?I?d love one!? I said, breathing
a sigh of
relief. As she walked over to the bar to pour my drink, she
said, ?Some
of my girlfriends and I went to the track today and we always
get all
dolled up to do that. The young waiters always seem to give
us tons of
attention when we do. There?s nothing like seeing a young
man get all
excited and hard looking down your cleavage?.? She giggled.
I swallowed
hard. She handed me my drink with a sly smile on her face.

Betty lifted herself into one of the bar stools next to the
bar and sat
there sipping her drink. With her legs crossed, that dress
got a lot
shorter. I was almost gulping my drink down. I was trying
not to stare
but I couldn?t help myself. This woman was almost thirty
years older
than me and I found her to be very attractive. The thing that
saving me was my little inner voice yelling, ?She?s your


I finished my first drink and she poured me another. Half
way through
the second one, I started to calm down. The alcohol was relaxing
me. A
little while later, she served us dinner out on the patio.
I had not
really noticed that the table was glass before, but when
she sat down,
it became real obvious. I could see a hint of blue silk panties
her legs and it was making my cock stir again. I moved the
salad bowl
on the table to obscure my view and then downed about a third
of my
drink. We talked during dinner about nothing in particular.
dinner, I helped take all the dishes into the kitchen. She
was telling
me to just relax when she bent over to load the dishwasher.
Her dress
pulled half way up her ass and I was treated to a nice view
of her ass.
I realized, based on what I was seeing, that she was wearing
G-string. My cock started to stiffen again. I quickly poured
another margarita and headed into the livingroom.

An hour later, I was kinda fuzzy from the drinks. I went into
my room
and laid on the bed. I used my cell phone to call home and chat
with my
wife. I told her everything was going great with her mother
and that I
would be home in a few days. I assured her I was missing her
and she said she missed me too. Just as I hung up the phone,
Betty came
in. She sat on the bed?s edge next to me and turned to face
me. Her leg
was pushed up against my hand and for the first time, the
soft warm
flesh of her body was touching me. The feeling was electric.
?Jeff, the
last two years without Edward have had their ups and downs.
I miss
having a man around to keep me company and take care of?.
My needs. Ed
and I used to have sex every day, sometimes twice a day. I
remember the
morning of the accident. I still had a nice load of his cum
inside of
me when I got the call that he had been killed in the crash.
I loved
our sex life. Thank God my friends clued me into how life
could be.?
This was a really frank, somewhat erotic speech she was
making and it
was making my cock stir. The idea of her being fucked was
pretty hot,
especially since I hadn?t been laid in days. ?My friend
in the other
building here, Andrea, told me about a handsome young man
who used to
eye her like crazy. She told me how she lured him into her
and then seduced him so easily. I started laying out at the
pool in my
smallest bikini around the same time that she said he went
there. He
was so handsome, but so young, only nineteen. I saw him looking
at me
one day. I smiled at him and then went to sit in the Jacuzzi.
It is
pretty private there. Well, he came over a minute later
and got in with
me. He sat across from and smiled. With the bubbles going,
I decided to
make my move. I untied my top! Then I acted all shocked when
it floated
toward him. He grabbed it and came over to me. I smiled and
told him to
put it back on me. He started to smooth it over my tits, but
then let
it go and kept feeling me up. When I asked him if he liked my
tits, he
told me how great they were. I was soon sitting on his lap
with him
sucking my nipples. His cock was so stiff. Kind of like yours..?
I was
so intent on her erotic story of seducing the young man that
I had not
realized that her had was now stroking my cock through my
pants. My
hand was also caressing her thigh. ?MY daughter is a lucky
woman with a
big cock like yours to please her. The young man?s cock was
not quite
as big, but he liked it when I sucked him. He came all over
my tits
right there in the Jacuzzi! He came up here and fucked me
a number of
times too. Now that you are very hard and enjoying my touch,
would you
mind if I got a closer look at you cock?? she did not wait for
answer. She started to open my pants and I watched as she
pulled them
down enough to free my rock hard cock. My hand slid up and
started to
caress her tits through the soft material of her dress.
I could feel
her nipple harden as I did so. She had my cock out and was stroking
slowly, softly. ?Oh my, Jeff, you have the biggest cock
I have ever
seen. I just have to taste it!? she said, but before I could
argue, her
mouth engulfed me. Now my wife gives me oral sex all the time,
but she
needs a few lessons from her mom. Betty?s mouth was incredibly

talented. She coated my cock with her saliva and then started
to fuck
those sexy red lips up and down on my shaft with her hand stroking
at the same time. The feeling was out of this world. I was
moaning and
groaning, begging her not to stop. But when she felt I was
close, she backed off and let me calm down. ?Do you want me
continue?? she said softly. ?Oh Please YES!? I begged.
?Do you like
it?? she teased. ?You know I do. It is the best ever. Please
Please, suck me some more. I need to cum so bad.? I pleaded.
worry baby, I?ll let you cum.? She started to suck me again.
feeling surrounded me and consumed me like a hot bath. My
cock got
harder and harder. Just before I went over the edge, she
stopped. ?My
pussy would never forgive me if you got off without it.?
She said
standing up. She reached under her dress with her hands
and then they
re-appeared pulling her tiny G-string down her legs. She
kicked it off
and climbed on top of me on the bed. She was straddling my
lap and the
tip of my cock was resting against her hot, wet pussy. I reached
and slid her dress up so that I could see her. ?Betty, this
is so
wrong, but I can?t resist the whole idea of fucking you!
I am so hot
for you.? I confessed. ?I love seducing a horny young stud
like you,
but my own son-in-law. I?ve wanted to do this for two years
now.? She
confessed. I looked down to see her clean shaven pussy rise
up as she
readied her pussy for me. The fat tip of my cock followed
her. I moved
slightly so that she was directly over my waiting cock.
?I warn you. My
pussy is very tight and very hungry. Once you have fucked
me, you won?t
be able to stop. You?ll try to say no, but you won?t be able
to. One
fuck is all it will take and you?ll be my lover forever.?
She said in a
seductive tone. It made my cock even harder. I should have
stopped at
that moment, but I couldn?t. I pushed my hips up and was rewarded
the kiss of her hot, wet pussy lips. She slowly settled herself
onto me saying, ?Is this what you have been dying for?? As
she drove
her pussy down onto me, I could not believe how tight she
was. It was
like slipping into a greased fist. When she was down all
the way, she
let out a low groan. ?Oh MY GOD! I have never felt a cock this
before!? she groaned. Then she rose up until I almost popped
out of
her. Then down onto me again slowly, very slowly. The pleasure
ran over
me like a jet of warm water. I had never felt such and exquisite
in all my life. Now I knew why the young guy had come back for
Betty was one really fantastic fuck!

She leaned forward, placing her hand on either side of my
chest as she
rode up and down on my stiff cock. Her pace began to get faster
faster as I felt her getting even tighter. I reached up and
pulled her
dress down, exposing her sexy tits to me. They were big and
very sexy.
I looked at her face, the pleasure was coursing across it.
Her lips
were glossy red and so inviting. I lifted my head to hers
and out lips
crushed together. I encircled her with my arms and pulled
her onto me
hard. Our mouths were wrestling in a passionate kiss, tongues
at one another. My hands found her hips and grabbed on. I
thrust her
hard down onto my cock and she exploded into a powerful orgasm.
I kept
fucking her onto my cock as she went wild with pleasure.
Our kiss broke
log enough for her to say, ?My GOD! I?ve never cum like that
Don?t stop!? I was feasting on her nipples and licking her
tits. My
hips were thrusting up into her as my hands pushed her down
onto me. I
had never known such pleasure. She exploded again, and
then again, and
again. My orgasm was building like never before. ?I?m gonna
cum!? I
groaned. ?YES! Fill me with your cummmmmmmmm!!!!? she
moaned as she
began to cum again herself. I passed the point of no return.
I felt her
pussy gripping me so tightly and squeezing me like a milking
My cock surged and exploded. Huge rushed of cum surged out
of me into
her. I fucked into her hard as I shot wad after wad into her.
thrusts were soon matched with spurts of our combined juices
out around my cock. She was groaning and begging me not to
stop. Our
orgasm lasted what seemed like an hour before she finally
rolled off of

I could not believe how great a fuck Betty was. It was the
pleasurable fuck I had ever had. I lay there next to her panting
the next fifteen minutes. ?I love that cock of yours.? She
said some
minutes later. I felt her hand on it. She was slowly stroking
it and I
let her. A few minutes later, she rolled over and began to
lick it. I
stopped her long enough to take the remainder of my clothes
off. She
pulled her dress off and threw it to the floor, but she left
her sexy
spike heels on. I loved that. She was then back licking and
sucking my
cock. I was sure it was hopeless to try and get me going again,
fifteen minutes later, I was rock hard. ?Fuck me! Stick
this monster in
my tight pussy again!? she instructed. I could not resist.
I rolled her
onto her back and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She spread
legs wide for me as I stood along side the bed and aimed my
cock at
that tiny, tight hole. It was very slippery as I drove into
her. She
was hot and still very tight as I began to slide in and out
of her. She
moaned and begged me to fuck her harder and harder. I was
soon leaning
over her, driving into her hard and fast. She started cumming
over and
over again. My pace began to get faster and harder as the
pleasure of
our fuck increased. I watched her tits bounce like crazy
as I fucked
her hard and deep. She kept yelling ?GOD! YES! Fuck ME!?
as she came
over and over again. Much to my amazement, after about twenty
I came again too. It was not as massive as the first one, but
it felt
great none the less. She came again with me as I flooded her
again with
my seed.

It was late when I finally cleaned up and crawled into bed.
Betty had
long since gone to her room. I was fast asleep in no time.
I awoke the
next morning, my cock a little sore, and realized what I
had done. ?My
god, you idiot! You fucked your mother-in-law last night.
You better
get your head on straight.? I told myself. It was already
late. I
quickly showered and dressed. Betty asked me what I wanted
breakfast and I told her that I would grab a cup of coffee
and leave, I
was late. I didn?t even see her that morning before I left.

At lunch, I ate with a few guys at work in the cafeteria. I
distracted and not paying attention as they argued over
baseball. I was
thinking about Betty. The memory of her incredible pussy,
hot mouth and
succulent tits was driving me crazy. It was the idea of who
she was
more than how great a fuck she was that was getting to me.
When someone
across the room dropped a tray, it brought me back to reality.
It was
then I realized I was rock hard. I had to calm down and jumped
into the
baseball conversation to do it. But all afternoon, my mind
drifting back to her. I was fighting it for all I was worth,
but I
think she was winning. Just before I left the office, I called
?Hi Betty, it?s Jeff. I am going out for dinner with some
guys from the
office.? I lied, but I had to avoid her. ?Jeff, honey, now
don?t be
worried about last night. Let?s consider it a one time thing
and leave
it alone. I know you love my daughter. I would never do anything
hurt either one of you. So, if you think you need to stay away
from me,
well, you don?t.? she offered. I felt so relieved. I went
to dinner and
then headed back to Betty?s around 9PM.

I walked in the door and found Betty sitting at the kitchen
table. She
smiled and said hi. I put my things down and went into the
where she sat to say hi. She stood and sat on the edge of the
table. It
was then that I realized she had on another sexy dress. It
was a pink
floral pattern, very short, and pulled tight across her
tits with no
straps. Her tits and legs looked amazing. ?How was your
dinner?? she
asked with a sly smile. She knew I was feasting on her body
again. ?It
was fine. I better go change.? I tried to escape. ?Hmmm,
you seem like
you could still?? eat. Would you like something?? she said
in a very
seductive tone and she leaned back on the table and lifted
her foot in
its four inch high pink pump onto the table. This time, she
wore no
panties. Her naked, shaved pussy was glistening at me,
its outer lips
wet with moister. ?It?s only a little harmless sex. Hot,
wet, nasty,
great sex! I can?t ever remember being fucked so well. I
loved it and
want it again. Think about it. Do you realize your cock is
rock hard??
and it was. ?It is so perfect. For the next several months,
you?ll be
here every couple of weeks and we can fuck ourselves silly.
My daughter
never needs to know. I?ll tell her what a good husband you?re
And your cock will never be happier. Remember what it felt
like as you
slid deep into me. Remember the feeling. How tight my pussy
was. The
way I licked and sucked you. The exquisite feeling of flooding
me with
your cum. Look at you, rock hard and now just inches away
from all that
pleasure. No one will ever know?.. come a little closer.
Yes. That?s
it. Look at my tits dying to be kissed and sucked again. Yes.
Yes. That?s it! YES!? I had reached out and pulled the top
of her dress
down. I could not resist her. My mouth was devouring her
tits. They
were so incredibly sexy. My hands were grabbing her ass.
She snaked her
arms around my neck and pulled me to her. I pulled my lips
from her
tits and looked into her eyes. Their cool blueness was intoxicating.

Our lips crushed together in a passionate kiss that lasted
five solid
minutes. When our lips finally parted, my pants were around
my ankles
with my boxers. She had my cock in her hand and was stroking
it firmly.
I pushed her back onto the kitchen table and pulled her ass
almost off
the edge. I put her ankles on my shoulders and rubber my stiff
across her wet pussy lips. Then I drew my hips back and pushed
to fat
tip of my cock down into her. I shoved my hips forward in one
motion, burying my cock all the way into her. She screamed
in pleasure.
The feeling was off the scale. I began to slowly fuck her
while my
fingers pinched and pulled her nipples. She reached down
and began to
diddle her own clit. In no time, she came wildly. My cock
was swelling
and throbbing as I fucked her deeper and faster. She came
again. My
pace was gaining speed as I felt my orgasm approaching.
She came again.
I loved the way she felt as she came on my cock. It made me hotter
hotter. Iwas close now. She came again and I was almost there.
sooner had her orgasm subsided and I announced, ?I?m gonna
driving my cock in hard. ?Shoot it all over my tits!? she
cried. Her
finger was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow.
I pulled out
and stroked myself hard. A huge long stream of my cum shot
across her,
landing on her right breast, coating her nipple and trailing
across her stomach onto her naked pussy. Then another stream
hit her.
She grabbed the tip of my cock before I could shoot again
and put it in
her pussy. I rammed forward, shooting deep into her. She
came like a
bomb going off. I rammed another shot of cum deep into her
and she
screamed in pleasure. I thurst into her over and over again,
my cum deep into her until I couldn?t stand it any longer.
I pulled out
and stumbled backward into a chair. Betty lay there, our
mixed juices
dribbling out of her onto the table top.

That night we fucked twice more in her bed. I was hopelessly
addicted to
her body. In a plain outfit, had I seen her at the mall or in
a club, I
would not have really noticed her. Betty knew that and wanted
to make
sure she was noticed. To that end, she wore the most provocative,
outfits almost all the time. I think my cock was stiff the
whole time I
was in her apartment now that I had been fucking her.

The next morning, I awoke and found myself alone in the bed.
I went to
the bathroom off of my room and showered, shaved and got
ready for
work. I was about to get dressed when I heard her call. ?Jeff,
breakfast is ready, come get it while it?s hot.? I was wrapped
in a
towel. ?I need to put some clothes on.? I shot back. ?You
can dress
after. C?mon now.? She commanded. Why not, I thought. I
went to the
kitchen in my towel. I was not prepared for breakfast, as
it were.
Betty was wearing a white lace push-up bra, a white lace
and silk
thong, white high heels, and a see-thru, white lacy apron
around her
waist. Her lips were coated in wet-looking red lipstick
and she smiled
at me with a look that could melt steel. ?Sit down, I?ll bring
it to
you.? She said. I sat at the table. The same one we had fucked
on the
night before. She walked over to me and I watched as her hip[s
and her tits giggled a bit. She bent over from the waits and
put the
plate down. ?Oh my, that looks rather tasty too.? She said
looking down
at my stiff cock sticking up thru the gap in the towel. She
down and took gentle hold of it, stroking it softly. ?I think
I need a
little sausage for breakfast?? ummmm.? She had knelt down
before. I had
turned my chair away from the table and she was now sucking
stroking my cock. Those sexy red lips bobbing up and down
on the super
hard cock was driving me crazy. ?Oh GOD! I have to have this!?
exclaimed, jumping to her feet and straddling my lap. I
slipped my hips
forward until my ass was barely on the seat at all. She moved
over the
top of me. One of her hands was pushing her thong to the side
while the
other was directing my cock to her wet pussy. As she settled
down onto
my cock, I pulled the cups of her bra down and sucked her nipple
my mouth. I was licking and sucking both of her nipples,
one at a time,
while she ground her pussy down onto me hard. She was groaning
fucking me hard like she was possessed. My hands took hold
of her hips
and as she rose up, I would push her down as hard as I could.
Of bodies
slapped together with reckless abandon. She finally threw
her head
back, groaning incredibly loudly as she started to cum.
She stopped
lifting herself up with her legs, but I kept her going up
and down with
my arms. I was so close. She was begging me to stop, but I couldn?t.
moment later, I exploded deep inside her. IT was probably
the tenth
time I had filled her pussy with my seed in the last three
days. The
feeling was out of this world. I was addicted.

That evening, after spending most of the day thinking about
the body
that had been milking me dry, I raced home to Betty?s dying
to see what
temptations she would offer up. When I walked in, I was immediately

rewarded. Betty was wearing a skin tight, satiny white
tube dress, the
cut of which was exactly like the blue one she had firsts
educed me
with. It was basically a front panel and a back panel tied
together on
either side by a series of thin straps connecting the two
panels. It
was very short. The lacy garter tops of her stockings were
displayed below the hem of her dress. Those stockings were
seamed, and extremely silky. The five inch high spike heels
she wore
were killer. Topped off by her sexy, wet red painted lips
and the
result was an instant hard-on. I pulled her into my arms
and kissed her
passionately. ?Wow! Down boy!? she said pulling away.
?We?re going out
to a nice dinner and you will behave yourself.? I felt really
I was lusting and attacking my mother-in-law. I took a second
collect my thoughts and realized I had better get a grip.

We went to a nice restaurant and ate a great meal. A lot of
the men in
the place were stealing looks at Betty. A lot of women were
very upset
with their husbands and boyfriends. After dinner, Betty
wanted to go to
a club she knew. I figured I would just go with it. The place
fairly crowded and there wass a lot happening. We had a drink
and the
Betty wanted to dance. I was pretty calm by now and her dress
was not
having that much of an effect on me. We danced a couple of
songs that
were kinda of fast. There were a lot of guys checking her
out. When the
music stopped, we were going to sit down, but then a slow
song started.
A guy stopped us and asked her to dance. She said she already
had a
partner for the song and pulled me to the dance floor. She
smashed her
body against me and I was drawn in again. My hands were on
the small of
her back, but as we moved and she ground her hips against
my swelling
cock, they slipped down to her sexy ass. Each of my hands
held one of
the cheeks of her ass. I looked up to see a lot of guys watching
Their eyes were glued to my hands and the bulge of her tits
that was
visible thru the side slit of her dress. She was now nibbling
on my ear
and I was slowly working the hem of her dress up with my hands.
I slid
a finger between her legs and felt the warm wetness. ?Let?s
get out of
here. I need you to fuck me right now.? She whispered in my

Two minutes later, we walked out of the elevator on the fourth
floor of
the parking garage where Betty had insisted we park. It
was deserted
except one other car. Our car was in a somewhat dark corner
and we
headed toward it. I was dying to have her. She walked to the
door to insert the key and moved up behind her. I ground my
crotch against her sexy ass while my hands slid up her sides
and around
to cup her breasts. She moaned as I began to nibble on her
neck. She
rolled her head back against my shoulder. I pulled her dress
enough to free her tits and then began to caress them, knead
them, and
pinch and pull her nipples. She was moaning as I ravaged

She reached back squeezing he hand between us and began
to fondle my
stiff cock. Then her other hand joined it and she began to
open my
pants. I slipped one hand down her front and hiked the front
of her
dress up. My fingers slid across the silky patch of cloth
that covered
her wet pussy. I slipped a finger in the side band and pushed
her thong
to the side. In a second, my finger had found her clit and
began to rub
it gently. She now had my pants and boxers down to my ankles
and my
cock in her hand. She stroked me while I fingered her. ?Oh
God Jeff!
Please! Please fuck me! Fuck me right now!? she begged.
I pushed her
over to the hood of the car and she leaned down onto it. Her
ass was
sticking up high and jutting back at me. The position was
perfect and
even with her legs spread wide, her high heels had her pussy
at the
perfect height for me. I took hold of it and rubbed it across
her wet,
swollen lips. She groaned, ?God yes! Put it in me! Please!
I need it so
bad!? As I pulled it back, I felt the fat tip slip into her
opening. I
then slowly pushed forward, holding it up with my hand until
I was
sliding into her. She let out a long, low groan as my cock
buried into
her all the way. The feeling of her warm, wet tightness once
swallowing me whole was unbelievable. I pulled back almost
all the way
and then slid it back into her. Out slowly and back in, again
again. As the pleasure increased, so did the pace. I took
hold of her
hips and began to fuck her harder and faster. She exploded
into a
powerful orgasm. I fucked her right thru it. I could feel
my own orgasm
starting to build inside of me and there was no way I was stopping.

Behind me, I heard the elevator chime and the doors open.
Betty was
moaning and begging me to fuck her. I heard muffled voices
and could
see the reflections of two women in the car window. I wasn?t
about to
stop. I heard a woman?s voice say, ?God! He is really big
and he?s
fucking her really hard.? And then another voice said,
?Lucky girl. I
wish he was fucking me that hard.? The first one said, ?She?s
kinda old
for him, isn?t she?? and the other replied, ?Maybe, but
she has a hot
body and it?s getting a hot cock.? They were saying something
else but
my mind could no longer keep track of it. The pleasure was
too intense
and my cock was ready to explode. I drew back, hesitated,
and then
slammed into her all the way. As my cock hit bottom, it exploded
never before. I groaned so loud they could probably hear
me in the
club. She screamed as she exploded into another orgasm.
I was pumping
cum into her like there was no tomorrow. She was writhing
on the hood
of her car and moaning in pleasure. When I finally pulled
out of her, I
almost fell over. I sank down to a sitting position with
my back
against the fender. I looked up and the two women were standing
looking at us. One of them was inadvertently rubbing her
erect nipple
through her blouse. Betty finally stood up and straightened
her dress a
bit. Then she walked over to the two women.

More to come???

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fantastic story


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Hi Mum's that is one of appreciating your son in laws.
Fucking them is one but making love to them is really what
you want for it make you feels being loved. I am ready to give
those feelings


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i want to meet your mother in law and fuck her til she beg me
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came twice reading this story....I hope you get to fuck the 3 of them


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great story well done!