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My Linda


It was during the summer of her junior year in high school
and after my senior year that Linda and I first met. I don’t
know if it was love at first sight or not but I do know that
we have been together every since that first meeting. That
first summer we were going out every weekend and able to
spend a lot of time together during the week. We just seemed
to want to be together whether we were going placed, doing
things or just together talking we wanted to do it together.

That summer sped by and in no time at all it was time for me
to start my college career. But even with all that was going
on at school it seemed that on the weekends all I ever wanted
to do was to head back home so I could spend some time with
Linda. We were both so young back then and for all practical
purpose we were the first real love in each others life.
I do not think either of us knew when it became so serious
between us it just seemed like we fit together and belonged

I do not know where all the free sex was that everybody talks
about back then but it surly was not in the small farming
community we were from. Oh we had the heavy back seat petting
and make out sessions alright but we did not get down to doing
the deed for at least six to eight months after we started
going together.

Whether it was in the back seat of my car or on a blanket under
the stars we spent many a youthful night wrapped up in a lovers
embrace. Linda was a virgin when we met and I had only had
a few awkward backseat rodeos before we started going together.
Together we learned what turned each other on. We learned
the ins and outs of bringing each other to the height of lovemaking
bliss. From the start it seemed that each of us took pleasure
and every measure we could to see how much pleasure we could
deliver to each other.

Throughout the following school year we continued to spend
every possible minute together. We would make love two
or three times during the weekends I was home from college.
I even made a few midweek runs back home so we could take care
of the fire we both had burning in us. By the end of that school
year it was like we had been together for our entire lives
and nothing really mattered in our lives except for each

Reality hit hard just before school was out for the summer
after my freshman year. I was in my apartment studying one
night when the phone rang. It was Linda on the other end and
as soon as I answered she started crying. I tried to calm
her down so she could tell me what was the matter. All she
would tell me was that she needed to talk to me as soon as I
could get back down there. Well needless to say I was at her
house in a couple hours.

We went for a drive and as soon as we were away from her home
she started crying again. Over the next few minutes she
told me how she had not had her period for over a month and
had gone to the doctor to find out what was wrong with her.
You know the next line, she was pregnant.

Being pregnant in the seventies is not like being pregnant
today it had a much more negative connotation from people
than todays more enlightened society. Also back then abortions
were not as prevalent as they are today. In short our options
were limited and serious with long lasting ramifications.

I knew from the start that I wanted to spend the rest of my
life with Linda and I believe she felt the same about me.
We decided that the only option open to us was marriage and
the sooner the better. The following week we went shopping
for rings and set up the big announcement for both our families.
We really thought it would go better than it did from our
families. You would think from the reaction of our parents
that they did not know that it was not that big of a deal. I
could still finish college while supporting a wife and
child. Oh to be young and foolish again.

We did not want a big wedding so we eloped to Las Vegas. Even
that did not go as planned because back then the girl could
sign to get married at eighteen but the boy had to be twenty-one.
So we had to call my parents to fly to Vegas to sign for me to
get married.

After we got back home we put everything we owned in my mustang
and headed off to school. That lasted for one semester because
the truth of the matter is that two and soon to be three people
just can not live nearly as cheap as one. So after the fall
semester we moved back home to find work and start being
adults and parents.

Time did go by rather quickly during that period. I found
a temporary job with the phone company and Linda set up house.
After a year or so when our daughter was old enough to be left
with her mother Linda started taking classes so she could
also find a job. I continued to take classes at night so I
could someday earn my degree. Soon we were both working
full time and had drifted into the grown up world of two income

After a couple years I took a job in law enforcement and Linda
was an executive secretary. Life was still good but it just
seemed that each day was getting more and more like the last.
We did not have the money to do many of the things we wanted
to and when we did have the money we just did not have the time.
Then one day Linda was in tears when I came home from work
she had been to the doctor again and we were going to be parents
to another little one.

Linda worked up to her eighth month before giving birth
to a healthy baby boy. She had tried something new with this
baby she had stayed active and exercised as much as she could
with her doctors approval. She managed to be back to her
pre-pregnant weight within a couple months of having the

Our sex lives was good but had become rather predictable.
It seemed that we still enjoyed each other in every way but
with everything else going on in our lives we were just too
tired too much of the time to put a whole lot of energy into
our love making. Also with the kids just next door to our
bedroom there was also the conscious effort to keep it quiet
so they could not hear us.

One week just seemed to run into the next week and one year
just seemed to run into the next year until one day it dawned
on me why so many parents were so grouchy, they did not get
laid enough. We had been married for eight years had three
kids and lived pay check to pay check. Life was a lot like
that hamster on his wheel just running his life away.

One nights love making was just like the last nights love
making it was not bad it was getting maybe a little boring
and was not inspiring I guess. Our lives were run by a combination
of work and our kids. There did not seem to be any time left
for just the two of us. It is an awful awakening to realize
that you have turned into your parents and you not even twenty-eight

I just never could think about sex with somebody other than
Linda. We were a team and without her in my life I knew I would
not have much of a life. Oh I would look at the sexy ladies
I was not dead but instead of being in a sexual nature it was
more like looking at a work of art, something to enjoy but
not possess. Even in my wet dream Linda was always the central

We would slip off on the all too rare occasion with the two
of us alone and able to live out some of our fantasies. But
it seemed that all too often that weekend alone turned into
a new TV or refrigerator or a car part that picked that time
to go out. It was always something it just seems like you
can never plan for anything when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Our closest friends at this point in our lives were Larry
and Pam. Like us they also had three young kids, a boy and
twin girls. Larry work in the same field I did and from working
together we started a friendship. We played golf or went
hunting or fishing together when we both got out of the house.
We both had four wheel drives and would go four-wheeling
on some of our days off with the wifes and as time went by we
all became very close.

We had known Pam and Larry for the better part of three years.
Although our relationship with them had never been overtly
sexual it had been fun loving. We would go out drinking and
dancing on occasion, this was back in the disco days. On
more than one occasion with the alcohol flowing there had
been a lot of hugging and petting going on. There was a lot
of sexual tension between us that was becoming more and
more apparent as time went by. But none of us ever acted on
our urges we just had fun together. I did notice that after
we would go out with them for a night a drinking and dancing
when we got home Linda and I would have some of the best sex
in weeks.

I would never make a pass at Pam but the thought of her sexy
body and what pleasures it would hold started filling my
mind more and more while Linda and I were making love. It
never dawned on me that Linda might feel the same way about
Larry, funny how guys only learn too late in life that women
really like sex as much as we do.

The four of us made a strange group as we came from different
ends of the social spectrum. Pam and Larry both came from
the Bay area and Larry came from a very wealthy family. While
Linda and I came from a small agricultural community and
like us our parents while not poor would never be mistaken
for folks with money. When we were together we just clicked
with each other we enjoyed our time together as well as each
other company.

Linda and Pam worked so hard to get back to their target weight
after their third child. They were both so proud to flaunt
their sexy bodies after each having three kids. Linda was
back to about 118 lbs on her 5’3” frame and Pam was about
125 but a little taller. So on those nights when we would
go out dancing the girls would compete with each other to
see who would dress the sexiest and look the hottest.

One day while having coffee with Larry he informed me that
his father had bought a 160 acre vineyard south of town.
Pam and him were going to build a home on the site in time but
for now they were going to move a mobile home onto the site.
It would be a business office as well as a home for he and Pam.

Well Larrys version of a mobile home and mine seem to differ
just a tad. His version of a mobile home was not a double wide
it was a quadruple wide, yep two double wide sections making
one big house. With all the comfort features like a wet bar,
den and living room, dinning room, four bedroom and three
bath rooms as well as an office area. I guess I must have led
a sheltered life because I had never seen anything like
it before.

With our help and help from a number of mutual friends Larry
and Pam moved from town to their new place in one weekend.
After they were settled in they started inviting us out
to their new place on a more frequent basis. Things started
getting a little bit more sexual between all of us in the
secluded setting of their new home.

We would go over to their place for dinner and drinks during
which there seemed to be a little more frisky playing around.
One night after dinner we decided to play cards and at Larrys
suggestion the game we decided to play was strip poker.
During that first game of strip poker Larry and I were both
down to our shorts, Linda was down to her panties and Pam
was completely nude. There was some good natured jesting
around and modesty going on from the girls. Linda got up
at one point and said she was going to get dressed that this
had gone too far. She was setting next to Larry and when she
started to walk by him to get her clothes Larry reached out
to pull her back good naturedly she stumbled slightly and
wound up in his lap. They joked around a little and he coped
a couple of feels of her bare breast along with a few different
parts of her body. We were all laughing and joking but it
ended all too soon and in short order we were on our way home.

On the way home Linda ask me if I had fun tonight. I told her
I had and ask her the same question. She was silent for a moment
but I noticed she had a smile on her lips. She looked over
at me and said did you notice that Larry had a hard on when
I was on his lap. I was on the other side of the table and hadn’t
noticed and told her so. Then she added I hope your not mad
but I did tease him a little by wiggling around on his lap
and let him grind his cock into my ass a little. She then added
I think he wanted to have sex with me. Well he is a man and you
are a sexy lady I told her so I bet he did.

I do not know if it was because we were having so much fun paying
around with Pam and Larry or if it was something that I had
suppressed but my sexual fantasies were starting to change.
It seemed that more and more my sexual fantasies involved
me watching Linda having sex with another man. The thought
of seeing her legs wrapped around somebodys waist as they
pounded their cock into her would instantly give me an erection.
I do not know what the attraction was to this fantasy, I even
thought I might be a little strange but it was something
that really turned me on. I never said anything about this
to Linda because I was sure if I did that she would think I
was somehow strange.

One night after we had been out to the local disco with Larry
and Pam as we were leaving Larry ask us to stop by their place
for a night cap. I could tell he had something else on his
mind but had no idea what it might be. Linda and I followed
them to their house and followed them inside. After fixing
a round of drinks for everybody he announced that it was
movie time. We were all in the den area of the house when he
flipped a switch and started a porn movie. It was not like
today with the internet, all the CDs and VCR back then good
porn was a little tougher to come by.

All four of us were sitting on the couch and had been watching
the moving for about half an hour or so. Larry and I were sitting
on the outside of the two girls. Larry looked around Pam
and ask Linda if she liked the movie. Its alright she answered
without much enthusiasm. Larry chuckled and said that
was not the case with Pam because porno really turned her
on. In fact he added I bet if you were to check out her panties
right now they would be soaked. Pam good naturedly slapped
at him telling him to be quiet and watch the movie.

We all started watching the movie again when a few minutes
later Larry announced to all of us “see I told you so“.
We looked over at him and he had Pams skirt lifted up and his
hand was between her slightly spread legs feeling her womanhood.
I bet she is wetter than Linda is he said to me. I said I had
no idea to which he said I should check and see. I really thought
that Linda would protest and stop me as I placed my hand between
her legs and traced her thigh to her womanhood. All she did
was while continuing to watch the movie was to spread her
legs a little giving me access to her pussy.

No I told him I think she is wetter and more turned on than
Pam is. Both our wifes just set between us with their legs
spread and acting like they did not even hear us as we bickered
back and forth about whos wife had the wettest pussy. Finely
Larry said well here feel Pams pussy and see if it is wetter
than Lindas. I reached over Linda really expecting her
to stop me, which she did not, and placed my hand between
Pams thighs running my fingers over her pussy. I held my
palm flat against Pams pussy running it up and down the length
of her womanhood. Her panties were indeed soaked and when
I touched her she did not look my way but she did spread her
legs even wider.

Well Larry ask bringing me back to reality again. Well I
said I can not really tell a difference I think they are both
about the same. Here I said you decide I can not tell any difference
you see if you can tell a difference. With that I removed
my hand from between Pams thighs and set back. Larry reached
over Pam and while he was looking Linda in the eye for a reaction
placed his right hand between her thighs. Linda did not
look at him, she had no reactions other than to spread her
legs wider as his hand moved up her thigh to her pussy. Like
I had done with Pam Larry had his hand flat against her pussy
rubbing her from her clit to her ass. You are right he finely
said they are both turned on and both so wet you can’t tell
which one is wetter.

I guess it continued that night to what some now call a soft
swing in that we both had sex with our own wife while watching
the other couple having sex right next to us. There was some
touching between the four of us. Larry tweaked Lindas nipples
as I rolled Pams between my thumb and forefinger. We played
with the other wifes breast as we had our own wife under us
with our cocks buried in our wives pussy.

When we got home Linda was on me as soon as we walked into the
house. The kids were over at her parents so it was one of those
few nights that we had the house to ourselves. As we were
standing right inside the front door locked in an embrace
I reached down pulling her skirt up and rubbed her pussy
through her panties. The first thing I noticed was the heat
she was putting out and the next thing I noticed was how wet
her panties were. Linda was as turned on as I had seen her
in ages and I wanted to take full advantage of it.

While making love to her that night for the first time I not
only fantasized about making love to Pam. I fantasized
about Linda making love to Larry. The strange thing was
that the thought of seeing Linda making love to another
man turned me on as much or more than the thought of me making
love to another woman.

After that night nothing more was really said about what
had almost happened. We went on as if nothing had taken place
and if anything had taken place it was nothing out of the
norm. Over the next few weeks we continued to see Pam and
Larry on a regular bases. But thing seemed to be turn up a
notch every time we went out with them. When we would go out
dancing I noticed that Pam would dance a little closer to
me and it seemed that Linda was doing the same with Larry
when they danced together. It was as if everybody wanted
something to happed between us all but nobody new how to
take that first big step or wanted to be the one to bring the
subject up.

It was a few weeks later when Larry called to invited us over
for dinner saying he had something he could not wait to show
us. Larry and I had the same days off so we went over to their
house on our next days off. When we got there Larry was behind
the bar and all smiles. He knew us so well he had our drinks
fixed before we ever walked in the door. After a little small
talk I ask him what he had to show us. He smiled and said follow
him to his newest addition to the house. Linda was in the
kitchen with Pam as Larry led me out the back door.

In the back yard was a new building. Larry led me up to the
door and we went inside. The building contained a wood burning
stove, a bed, a couple chairs and a hot tub. It was trimmed
in rough cedar planks accented with pictures on the walls
and a ceiling fan. It was very nicely decorated and held
an unmistakable sexual hint to it.

Welcome to my new play room he said as he waived his hands
outward toward all the rooms fixtures. Well I am just an
old country boy and I had never seen anything like it before
I thought it was great.

Larry smiled and asked what I thought of it. I told him I really
liked it. He then added, well with any luck we might be able
to talk the ladies into taking a hot tub with us after dinner
if you up for that. Oh I was up for that alright the thought
of getting Pam and Linda in that hot tub naked was really
getting me up for that.

About that time the door opened and the girls joined us.
Well what do you think Linda, Larry ask her as she stood just
inside the door taking it all in. Very nice she said and you
even have a wood burning stove to keep everything warm and
toasty in here. Think I can talk you into trying the tub out
after dinner he ask with a smile. I will have to think about
that Linda answered him with a smile. Oh you will love it
Pam chimed in this thing is so relaxing that you will never
want to get out she said as she patted the side of the hot tub.

Dinner went by rather quickly that night. After which Larry
jumped up to fix us all a little stronger than normal drink.
We all set around the table chatting and enjoying our drinks
when Larry got up and said he was going to go out to make sure
the pumps were on and the water was the right tempter.

When Larry came back inside he informed all that the water
was great and the tub was ready. Linda had a moment of hesitation,
she stated that we couldn’t do it tonight that we hadn’t
brought any bathing suits with us. Larry laughed and told
her lady you were born in the best bathing suit you will ever

Linda looked over at me with that what do you think look.
I shrugged and told her it was up to her that I was up for it
if she was. She again hesitated a little but this time Pam
got into the act. Pam stood up taking Linda’s hand and told
her come on you’ll love it lets go in my room and change.
Pam’s input squelched any hesitation that Linda might
have had and she got up and followed Pam to their bedroom.
Larry called after them that he would bring the towels out
there and we would be waiting for them in the tub.

Larry grabbed some towels and I followed him carrying all
of our drinks as he headed out the back door. When we entered
the hot tub room I noticed that not only had he turned the
heater and pumps to the hot tub on he had also built a fire
in the wood burning stove and lit a number of candles that
were placed around the room putting a dim but warm glow on
the whole interior. He also had a stereo playing softly
providing some nice background music.

The area around the hot tub was built up with decking surrounding
the hot tub. I set the drinks down on the decking and turned
around to see what Larry was doing. He had already started
removing his clothes and was placing them in a chair on the
far side of the room. I started following suit and started
taking my clothes off also. Larry and I were sitting in the
tub sipping on our drinks when we heard the back door close
and heard the girls laughing as they crossed the back yard
to join us.

The door opened and Pam lead the way in to the room followed
by Linda. There was a little steam from the tub that hung
in the air as the girls clad in white terry cloth robes joined
us. Pam made a show out of kneeling down and feeling the water
in the tub checking the tempter. Oh it is just right she told
Linda as she stood up and removed her robe. Pam placed her
robe over the back of a chair and slowly walk to the tub.

I could not help but stare at Pams naked body as she slowly
walked over to the hot tub and climbed inside. She slowly
wadded to the far side of the tub and set down next to a jet.
Linda followed suit and removed her robe but was a little
more modest about her nudity as she entered the tub and immediately
set down in the near end of the tub and sank down in the water
letting it cover her bare breast.

I handed both girls their drinks and set back down letting
the jets in the tub blow hot water onto my back. I sipped my
drink while enjoying the feel of the warm water swirling
around me. I was glad that the lights were dim and the tub
was dark because as relaxed as I was trying to act my cock
was at full staff by then.

Linda was sitting between Larry and I quietly taking in
the surroundings. Pam told her to scoot over just a little
and let the jet between us hit her in the small of her back.
Linda did as Pam suggested and smiled as the warm water massaged
her back. You can adjust that jet a little Pam told her then
added here let me show you how. With that she stood up and
wadded across the tub to where Linda was sitting. She reached
behind her to adjust the jet. As Pam was about to move back
to where she was sitting she stumbled a little I reached
up to steady her but the next thing I know she is setting in
my lap.

Or sorry she said but instead of getting up she seemed very
content to set on my lap with my rock hard cock resting between
the checks of her ass. She looked back over her shoulder
at me and with a smile said in a sexy voice do you really like
the hot tub or are you just glad to see me. She arched she hips
very seductively massaging my cock with her very sexy ass.
A few minutes later as she got up off my lap she seemed to have
a little trouble with her balance. As she flopped down beside
me she reached out as for balance but all she managed to do
is find my cock and wrap her fingers around it. As we sat there
making small talk Pam was stroking my cock under the water.

I wanted to find out how Linda was doing with all this so I
reached out under the water and placed a hand on her thigh.
I noticed that her legs were spread a little wider than necessary
as I slid my hand up toward her pussy. Before I could reach
her pussy however I found the back of Larry’s hand. He had
his hand between her legs and a finger or two deep in her pussy.

I looked at Linda as she looked at me with a smile on her face,
she mouthed I love you. I noticed some movement of her right
arm as I tried to focus through the dim light it dawned on
me that she was stroking Larry’s cock under the water as
he was finger fucking her. I smiled back at her as I mouthed
I love you too. Pam let go of my cock and reached behind her
for her drink. Just as Pam let go of my cock I felt Linda wrap
her fingers around it and start stroking it. Here I was with
my straight lace wife sitting between me and my best friend
stroking both our cocks at the same time while he was finger
fucking her. I don’t think I had ever been as turned on as
I was that minute.

When Pam turned back around she reached for my cock and found
Linda’s hand already there. Linda smiled and removed
her hand giving Pam access to my cock. Linda leaned forward
a little as I lend down to give her a kiss. She wrapped her
free hand around my neck pulling me down to her lips. As I
was kissing her she parted her lips and let out a gasp of pleasure.
From experience I knew she was about to cum.

Linda lend her head back against the rim of the tub and closed
her eyes. I could tell she was thrusting her hips foreword
and thrusting her pussy onto Larry’s fingers. Her breath
was coming in short gasps as he was bringing her over the
top. Larry turned and was now facing her and was no longer
camouflaging the fact that he was finger fucking her. He
was doing everything he could to bring her over the top and
was succeeding.

Now seemingly oblivious to Pam and I he bent down and kissed
Linda hungrily. I could see their tongues entangle together
as she let herself go and started to cum with a force that
rocked her body.

As Linda reclined back slowing returning to her senses
with a very large smile on her face. Pam lend into me and whispered
in my ear, that was great now why don’t you see if you can
make me cum like that. I looked over at her with a smile and
as I did she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me
down to her lips. I kissed her deeply driving my tongue into
her mouth meeting hers.

Pam pulled back from our embrace looking into my eyes. Her
hand hadn’t left my cock as she continued to stroking it.
With a smile she said I’ll tell you what I think you’re
a lot closer than I am why don’t you let me make you cum first
then you can return the favor. When a guy has a hard cock and
a sexy woman at hand their vocabulary gets very limited
my reply to her offer was “ok”. Why don’t you set up on
the rim I’ve got something special for you she said.

As soon as I was setting on the rim of the tub Pam moved between
my legs and was kneeling on the seats of the hot tub. She looked
up at me and smiled just before she took my cock into her mouth.
Now Linda gives some great head but I don’t think anybody
gives head as good as Pam does that is definitely her claim
to sexual fame. I tried to be macho and hold out and enjoy
the feeling for awhile but in just a matter of a few seconds
I was shooting a hot load of cum down her throat. Pam firmly
held the base of my cock as she tried to swallow every drop
of cum I could give her.

When I could catch my breath and refocus again I could hear
the sounds of water splashing beside me. I opened my eyes
and looked to my right. Larry had Linda standing leaning
forward with her head resting in her arms on the rim of the
tub beside me. He was behind her holding her by the hips and
slamming his cock into her pussy from behind. She would
give out a moan of pleaser every time he would slam his cock
into her. Her hair was wet and hanging over her face and arms
as she was moaning for him to fuck her harder.

I felt something squeeze my cock. I looked down and Pam was
smiling up at me. I see that turns you on big boy you’re already
starting to get hard again. Lets get out and move over to
the bed and you can get to work getting me off. Without another
word we both got out of the tub, toweled off and moved over
to the bed.

As Pam and I stood by the bed I reached between her legs and
found her pussy. The lips were open and her juices were flowing
down her thighs. I laid her down on her back spread her legs
and crawled between them. I cupped her ass in my hands and
raised her pussy to my mouth. I knew she was ready but I want
to take just a little bit of time with her. I traced the outside
of her pussy lips with my tong. I kissed the inside of her
thighs and very lightly nipped the tender area between
her pussy and thigh.

Pam was not in the mood to be teased she was hot and wanted
me to bring her over the top. With my thumbs I spread the lips
of her pussy opening it to my assault. I drove my tongue into
her as far as I could. Holding my tongue as firm as I could
I moved my head back and forth fucking her with my tong. I
would pause now and then to run my tong along the length of
her slit. As her breath started to come in short gasps I wrapped
my mouth around her clit and started to suck it like it was
a small cock. With a wet sucking sound I sucked her clit between
my lips. She wrapped her hands around the back of my head
pulling my mouth firmly onto her pussy. She was rocking
her hips back and forth fucking my mouth with her pussy.
Then she stopped and held me tightly against her pussy and
started to cum. As she did I sucked her clit as far into my
mouth as I could and held it tightly between my lips as she
came in waves of pleasure.

I continued to hold Pams clit between my lips until I could
feel her body start to relax. As she relax in the after glow
of her orgasm I eased back a little and gently kissed her
pussy and the insides of her thighs. She lay before me lightly
stroking my head.

I glanced up over her breast to see the expression on her
face and noticed that she was absently looking over toward
the hot tub. I raised up slightly to see what she was looking
at. Larry and Linda were now out of the hot tub and laying
on the decking beside it.

Larry was laying on his back while Linda was kneeling beside
him with her ass pointed toward his head and his cock in her
mouth. Larrys hand was between her legs and he was fingering
her pussy as she stroked and sucked his cock. She had Larry
back to full staff again and it was obvious that she was not
through with him yet either.

As Pam and I watched Linda let go of Larrys cock and eased
herself around and straddled his waist. I watched her reach
between her legs and position Larrys cock at the entrance
to her pussy. He arched his hips upwards as she squatted
down impaling his cock into her pussy. Lindas back was toward
us and I had a perfect view of Larrys cock sliding in and out
of her pussy as they fucked a few feet away from Pam and I.

My fantasy was coming true I was fixated with the sight of
Linda and Larry fucking right in front of me. My cock was
getting painfully hard watching to two of them. As the tempo
picked up between them the wet slapping sound of Lindas
ass slapping down on Larrys things filled the room. Even
in the dim light of the room I could see Larrys cock was coated
with a combination of Lindas juices and his cum as she would
raise up just leaving the head of his cock inside her before
slamming herself back down on him.

I don’t know how long Pam and I watched the two of them fucking
on the hot tub deck before our attention was drawn back to
each other again. I looked up at Pam as she looked down at
me. She said I want you to fuck me hard, I want to feel your
big cock inside me. How could I pass on a request like that.
I eased myself up the bed until I was kneeling between Pams
wide spread legs. I reached up to the head of the bed and grabbed
a couple of pillows and slid them under Pams ass. I took her
legs and held them up pointing toward the ceiling and resting
against my chest. I grabbed Pam by the hips and pulled her
toward me. Her pussy was perfectly positioned for me to
thrust my cock into her. She reached around and grasp my
cock pulling me to her. Pam rubbed my cock over the length
of her slit before positioning the head at her entrance.

With one firm thrust of my hips my entire cock was buried
as deep as I could go into her pussy. Pam let out a gasp as I
penetrated her. Holding her by the thighs I firmly held
myself deep inside her for a few seconds letting her get
accustom to my size, a little over eight inches and very
think. After a few moments I noticed her hips starting to
rotate under me. I slowly withdrew my cock until just the
head was inside her. I hesitated a moment then thrust it
back deep inside her again.

I continued to fuck Pam in long deliberate strokes. Slamming
my cock into her and slowly withdrawing it. Then I would
alternate that with a few rapid deep thrust. At times I would
hold my cock deep inside her and at times hold just the head
inside her. I wanted to keep her unprepared for what I was
going to do next.

I heard Linda give out a couple of sharp yelp like moans.
Then heard her say through her gasps oh yea, oh yea I want
to feel you shot your cum deep inside me. Oh yea that’s it
don’t stop I’m cumming, I’m cumming oh that is so good
don’t stop fuck me, fuck me make me cum. Linda was cumming
so hard, she was in a sexual zone of pleasure so intense that
it was almost painful. I could see the cheeks of her ass quiver
as she held Larry’s cock deep inside her while she was cumming.

As I watched Linda and Larry I started slamming my cock into
Pam more rapidly and with more force. I held a firm grip of
her thighs pulling myself forward as I snapped my hips driving
my cock into her pussy. Oh yea fuck my harder I heard Pam say
through clinched teeth. Her face was pointing up, her head
was held slightly back and her eyes were closed as I continued
to fuck her harder and faster. I heard the headboard knocking
against the wall in rhythm with my thrusts. Pams hair was
wet and matted down with strands in her face. Her tits where
heaving, shacking and quivering with each of my thrusts
into her. I reached forward taking one of her nipples between
my thumb and forefinger twisting and pulling it as I was
getting close to cumming. Pam started letting out little
yelps with every thrust the room was filled with the sounds
of the headboard thumping, my heavy breathing and Pam’s
chant of oh, oh, oh, followed by I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Pam reached around me grabbing my ass with both hands pulling
me into her as hard as she could. I felt her fingernails dig
into my ass as she started an orgasm that rocked her whole
body. I was right behind her and as I held my cock as far into
her pussy as I could push it I started to erupt and fill her
with my cum.

I fell forward exhausted on top of Pam. My cock was still
twitching inside her pussy and other than both of us trying
to catch our breath there was no more movement on the bed.
After a few minutes as our breathing approached a normal
rate again I started becoming aware of the sensations around
my body. The feel of our wet sweaty bodies glued together,
the feel of Pam’s breast pressed against my chest and the
occasional twitch of her pussy squeezing my cock.

When I opened my eyes again I saw Linda and Larry leaning
up against the wall near the spot I had last seen them. They
were wrapped in each others arms, she was sitting beside
him with an arm around him and her head resting on his chest.
He had his right arm wrapped around her holding her to him.
Linda was lightly holding Larry’s cock in her right hand
it was soft and she was absently rubbing it around her hand
and fingers.

Larry was the first to speak when he said, are you two alive?
I think so I replied with a weak smile. I sure wish I had a camera
Larry replied that had to be the best cum scene I’ve ever
seen you two. As Larry was talking to us his right hand lazily
reached around Linda and he started massaging her right

I was watching them in a semi dream state when I felt a slap
on my ass and Pam said, get up big boy I have to use the restroom.
I slowly got off her and off the bed. Pam walked over to get
her robe and threw it over her shoulders. She stood there
for a moment gathering her thoughts as she was I noticed
that my cum and her juices were starting to flow down the
insides of her thighs. She looked down and announced, damn
I’m over flowing with a laugh before heading into the house.
Linda jumped up saying hold on I’m right behind you.

After the girls left I grabbed my drink and set back down
on the bed. Nobody said anything for a few minutes and Larry
said is everything alright are we still good. Oh we’re
great I said I think we’ve been needing something like
this to happen for a long time how about you. Good he answered
as he retrieved his drink.

After a little thought Larry said I don’t know if you were
aware of it or not but Pam and I have been playing like this
for a few years now. I didn’t know I said but I wish we had
I think we both really enjoyed ourselves tonight. Well
he added if you guys are interested we have some friends
back home that we party with from time to time if you’re
interested you two are more than welcome to join us next
time we all get together. I’ll talk to Linda about it I said
but from what I saw tonight I think she would be up for it also
but let me ask. I’ll invite her to join us if you want me to
it’s up to you. That might be better it would seem more like
we are invited if she hears it from you.

Larry and I both got dressed and headed back into the house.
When we got back into the den Linda was just coming out of
their bedroom dressed and Pam was following her in her robe.
Larry greeted Linda with a hug and a kiss when she entered
the room. Hey Linda he started Pam and I have been playing
like this for a few years now and we have some great friends
in the Bay area and I was wondering. Linda cut him short with
a “I know”. You know what Larry replied. I know you and
Pam are swingers and you have some swinger friends. Oh and
while we were waiting for you two Pam already talked to me
about it. She couldn’t wait to introduce to one of your
friends so I’ve already talked to Bill on the phone. She
looked over at me smiled and said we are invited to a party
with them in a couple weeks so you better take care of getting
the days off I would sure hate to have to go by myself.

On the drive home I ask her if she was alright with what happened
tonight. She thought for a moment then answer yes I’m fine
with it I really enjoyed myself. I really didn’t think
I would but I must admit sex just for the sake of sex isn’t
that bad at all. We have known Larry and Pam for some time
and I’m really comfortable with both of them so I think
that’s a big part of why I was able to relax and enjoy myself
tonight. I don’t know how it’s going to work with strangers
at the party we’re going to but we’ll find out when we get
there I guess.

Even after cumming twice tonight already I couldn’t wait
to get Linda home and make love to her. After Larry had fucked
her twice her pussy was so wet and slick lubricated with
both his cum and her juices I couldn‘t believe it. It was
such a turn on for me to slid my cock into her pussy I loved
the feel. I don’t know how long we fucked when we got home
but it was much longer than our normal love making sessions
we had become accustom to. I know I lead Linda to at least
two orgasms before I added my deposit of cum to her pussy.

As we were laying in each others arms before drifting off
to sleep Linda lend over and gave me a very loving kiss. Then
with a sigh she snuggled up next to me. After a few minutes
and just before I drifted off to sleep she said I don’t think
I’ve ever been this sexually fulfilled in my life. Me either
I added and I was out like a light.

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All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!


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great story


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we want more


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That was HOT!!


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well written.


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totally HOT! nothing better than sloppy seconds, thirds
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Wow what a great story.


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horniest story ever, if your ever in u.k, cumsay hi


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Nicely paced story. Terrific job. The only thing that would
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Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.


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Enjoyed the story. Something about the innocence of two
couples together sexually the first time and the build
up to it.


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I loved it. It was our exact same experience including the
Vegas situation. We enjoyed our friends for several years
before we moved on. I was traveling so I suggested that our
friend keep me wife happy while I was away. He was happy to
do so at least twice a week. He was having her more than I was.
I told her I would come home and I wanted her freshly fucked
and well lubed. Oh was that delicious Then we would get together
the next night with the two of them for a marathon. Two weeks
later I would be gone again anticipating what a great fucking
my friend was giving my wife. Many of those times I would
get to listen on the phone. She would verbalize what she
was feeling with his huge cock inside her. Sexiest days
of our lives.


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I likede that.