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My Incredible Wife


When I walked into my living room just having arrived home
earlier than normal from a busy day's work, my wife was lounging
on the sofa with her feet resting on a pillow taking a sip
of coffee. It was already around one-thirty in the afternoon
and she looked as though she hadn't bothered to get dressed
all day. Normally she'd be in class around this time but
her classes had been canceled that day. We had sent our two
kids to California to visit their Grandma and Grandpa for
the week so those week days were a bit more relaxing than
usual for both of us since the kids were gone. It was nice
to see her to be able to lounge around the house nude and free.
I always looked forward to coming home from work because
I never knew what my wife would have in store for me but you
could bet that she'd always have something creative going
on. One day, I came home and she was dressed up as little miss
riding hood and in her basket, she had all kinds of sex toys
that she coaxed me in to using on her. She had worn a pretty
little red coat that came above her knees with a little red
hood. She wore nothing underneath and when I came in, she
sat me down to show me what she had brought over in her basket
and referred to me as the big bad woof, except she felt my
stiffening cock and expressed what a large cock I had before
she had it out of my pants and in her mouth. She laid on her
back lifting up her little red coat exposing her shaven
mound of heaven and I could see the darkness of her pussy
lips as they glistened in the light. She ran a finger down
the slit and played with her clit for a while then asked me
to pick a toy, any toy so I grabbed a hard rubbery cock that
vibrated and gently nudged her love button with it and watched
her as she slid one leg behind her neck and then the other.
There she was totally exposed to me and I leaned down and
lick her slit tasting her as I gently prodded the dildo into
the rim of her ass. Each time my tongue slid in between the
lips of her pussy she got wetter and wetter and her ass began
to give way and gently I nudged the dildo in just past the
opening. She tasted so incredibly good as she always did.
I could never get enough of going down on my wife. There was
something about her pussy that beckoned me to taste it,
almost like being hypnotized. I love her in every way possible.
In a short time, she was coming again and again as I ferociously
sucked and ate with wanton appetite. Without even realizing
it, I had shoved the dildo all the way into her tight beautiful
ass and she fucked that dildo until she came so many times,
we lost count. Finally, I inserted myself in her while her
legs were still pinned behind her neck and the depths of
which my cock slid into her pussy blew my mind. I couldn't
believe how deep it felt when I was in her. It was incredible
to see my wife wiggling her ass and squirming herself to
get closer to me so that I could get even deeper inside of
her. She has always been by far the greatest fuck I have ever
had. They say there is nothing like having sex at your fullest
capacity with the one you love and I believe that whole heartedly.
Anyway, just the mere sight of her and what we were doing
in that position was too much for me to bear then she gently
arched and brushed one foot along the corner of my lips and
that's all it took for me to loose control and I came with
such incredible force and power that I fell limp over her
body and as I lay there, she reached down and massaged my
ass until she found my hole and began methodically and rhythmically
massaging a finger in until it was knuckle deep. I had never
felt this sensation before but I liked it. In fact, it got
me up and going so quick that I came all down her leg before
I even had a chance to slip my hardness into her again. That
night, we fucked and sucked each other in every position
imaginable. <br>
There was another time when I came home and there was a note
posted on the front door and the note read "upon entrance
remove shoes". I entered and removed my shoes and just as
I entered the foyer, there was another sign on the wall that
gave me instructions to go to the refrigerator and drink
the glass of wine. I opened the refrigerator and drank the
glass of wine and there was another note that instructed
me to remove my shirt and place it in the hamper in the bathroom.
Following these directions removing my shirt and placing
it into the hamper, there was another note on the bathroom
mirror instructing me to apply her favorite cologne on
my chest and neck and then remove my pants, underwear and
put on the robe hanging on the door. Erotically charged
with sexual excitement and anticipation, I did exactly
what I was told removing the remainder of my clothing and
putting on the robe. In the pocket of the robe was another
note that gave me instructions to come to the master bedroom
suite upstars bringing with me the video on the dinning
room table. When I reached the bottom of the stairwell my
heart was pounding hard like it did on our first date. My
palms were sweaty and my senses had become super heightened.
I could already smell the perfume she wore before I even
hit the first step. I envisioned what she would look like
when I got to our bedroom, I couldn't help but wonder what
she'd be wearing and what kind of fantasy she'd want to play
out on me this evening. I also still had the vision of what
I had seen going on between my wife and her new friend, which
to this day she doesn't know I know, but was an incredible
turn on. I remember wondering if she would keep the whole
affair a secret or even if I should say anything to her about
what I knew. Many things went through my mind before I finally
decided to push all the extraneous thoughts aside and have
fun with the moment because lucky me had a wife upstairs
turned on and wearing who knows what ready willing and able
to fuck my brains out and that was all I wanted to care or think
about for that moment. The rest could be talked about later.
There was yet another note taped to the stair rail that instructed
me to open my robe, take my cock in my hand and slowly stroke
it to make it nice and hard by the time I reached our bedroom.
Although this instruction wasn't all that necessary because
I was already stiff as a board, I did what I was told and opened
my robe and glanced down and marveled at the thickness of
my dong. I glided my hand up and down it feeling the soft fleshy
head of the shaft of my cock taking note to how good this felt.
I couldn't wait till my wife replace my hand with hers. When
I reached our bedroom, there was my wife lying on her back
with her legs spread as wide as she could get them gently
fingering her slit slipping her index finger in and out.
For a while, I just stood there and watched her. She was so
into what she was doing at first she didn't notice that I
was standing there. When she finally saw me, she smiled
at me and without taking her eyes off of mine, took her finger
from between her legs and motioned me over to her. I obeyed
and came to the bedside and she ran her finger along my lips
and gently slipped it in my mouth. I sucked her finger gingerly
tasting her juices and now I wanted her more than ever. She
said not a word but motioned to me by pointing her foot at
the VCR player for me to pop in the video. I couldn't take
my eyes off her and she starred back into my eyes with a look
of ecstacy and lust. She turned on all fours and raised her
ass high in the air positioning herself so that I could get
behind her while watching the porno flick that had come
on the screen. In the vido, a man was entering a woman from
behind and the woman was screaming and bucking wildly as
she fucked him with ferocious fever slamming her ass into
his groin. There was a close up shot of the man's cock going
in and out of the woman's wet hole and I watched for a while
as my wife was getting more and more into the movie. She started
fingering herself from behind and spreading the lips of
her pussy wide open for my viewing pleasure while gyrating
her ass in the sexiest rhythm beckoning me to slide myself
inside her from behind which is exactly what I did. From
the point of insertion, I felt as thought I would explode.
She was so warm and wet and the sensation was like a tight
velvety soft and silky smooth sleeve that was made just
for my hard cock to slide in and out of. I grabbed her hips
and pulled her body back into my groin as I grinded my full
length thickness into her and she added sensation by rotating
her ass in a circular motion. She looked back to see what
I was doing to her then up at me and I watched her eyes roll
back in her head and her body slumped down on the bed burying
her beautiful breast with those thick sensious nipples
into the pillows. I remembered thinking to myself I have
to make sure I suck on those incredible nipples before I
cum. Her orgasms were endless as she went into one after
another. I had to concentrate on the movie for a while because
just the thought of what I was physically doing with my wife
was all that was needed to drive me over the edge. Eventually,
I had to turn my mind on to something else because the woman
in the movie became my wife and I became the man that was fucking
her from behind. I reclined myself backwards on the bed
as she followed me knowing just what to do and she sat on my
cock and rode me for all she was worth. I told her I was about
to cum and she climbed herself off and turned herself over
laying on her back and kicked both her legs into the air and
then spread her legs straight out. She told me she wanted
to see my face when I came and she guided my cock inside her
as I moved my body over hers. I went in easy and deep. I felt
her legs wrap around my back and she locked her feet so that
I couldn't get away, not that I wanted to. She dug her fingers,
nails and all deep into the flesh of my ass and pulled me into
her with all her strength as she lifted her hips off the bed
and locked herself in place swinging in mid air with her
legs clamped tightly behind my back. The sensation that
she was causing with her constant grinding and thrusting
was driving me out of my mind and I wanted to devour her with
my cock. The deeper I went into her the more she wanted me
even deeper. With a huge lunge forward, I gave a grizzly
grunt as I thrust my cock in her as deep as It could go and we
both came at that very instant fucking in a frenzy. She felt
so incredibly good. We went limp and dosed off to sleep for
about an half an hour and I awakened to the sight of my wife
sitting on my cock with her back against my chest. She raised
her feet in the air as she played with her clit while I slowly
began to get into motion of making love to my wife once again
by pumping my pole in and out of her glistening wet pussy.
For the rest of that evening very little words were spoken
but we fucked and sucked each other silly until dawn. Everyday
of the week, something new was planned. In all honesty,
I had never seen my wife so turned on sexually before. Yes,
she loved sex probably more so than any woman I had ever known
but something was definitely turning her on more so than
normal it seemed. Was it because the kids were gone? I wasn't
absolutely sure but if that was the case, I figured Christmas
was just around the corner why not let them visit their cousins
over part of the holidays? <br>
This particular day, I had decided to give her a little surprise
by coming home early because that was something I rarely
got to do because of the demands of my job. My intentions
were to get home before she did and be waiting for her like
a burglar in the house. I wanted to make pretend like I broke
in and waited for her to get home, then tie her up and make
her beg for me to let her go while sexually teasing her for
hours on end until she would succumb to my constant sucking,
fucking and worshiping of her entire body from head to toe
making her cum and cum over and over again. I figured it would
be a cinch because she'd still be in class and she'd have
no idea what would be in store for her when she walked though
the door. This idea also made me hot and horny because this
was one of many of our fantasies that we had talked about
often. Things however, kind of backed fired because I had
no idea her lab classes had gotten canceled that day. For
a moment, I stood leaning up against the wall in the archway
which led into the living room, watching my wife. She wore
only a bathrobe, which she left open for anyone to view who
were lucky enough to knock on the front door or happen by
the window. She slid her foot down her leg and sighed liking
the smooth feeling of the bottom of her foot sliding down
her thigh down her leg to rest across her other foot. She
began to point and flex her toes watching them as if wondering
how sexy her feet actually were probably because she knew
I had a thing for her feet. Because of this, she always kept
her toes well manicured and painted. She had the sexiest
feet, soft soles, nice arches, perfectly shaped toes and
most of all, she always kept them clean with a sent of my favorite
perfume. She could drive me wild with just her feet. I have
always felt that my wife is indeed an incredible sexual
woman and I'm the luckiest man alive because I get to be with
her and make love to her and create new sexual experiences
with her. Most men may get jealous because other men may
stare, drool and gawk finding their wives sexy or attractive
but I love it because that alone does wonders for my ego.
Just knowing that she loves me and that no matter how many
other men eyes may be on her, she's all mine and has chosen
to devote herself to me is mind blowing within itself and
so I'm bent on making sure she is happy and satisfied in every
capacity. She place the remainder of her coffee on the coffee
table in front of her and reclined back onto the sofa propping
one leg up on the top of the sofa and spread her legs apart
resting her other foot on the floor. She ran her hands down
the opening of her robe and allowed it to open wider totally
exposing her beautiful full breast and her slightly moist
pussy. She dug her hand in the pocket of her robe and produced
a small electric vibrator no bigger than a battery. She
clicked it on and the buzz got louder as she guided it up and
down along the slit of her vulva. She let out a small moan
as she began gently pinching her nipples with her free hand.
She lifted up one leg by holding her ankle and placed her
leg behind her neck. Her vulva lips parted slightly and
I could actually see just how wet she was. I watched my wife
run her finger along her moistened lips and slip it inside
deep then deeper until it disappeared then she slowly massaged
her clit. Her rhythm got faster and faster and before she
would allow herself to cum, she shoved two fingers deep
inside herself this time and when she pulled her fingers
out they were soaking wet with her juices and she sucked
her fingers into her mouth tasting herself. I was so turned
on that I was just about to make a step towards her when I heard
the sound of the toilet flush and then running water running
coming from the bathroom on the opposite side of the living
room down the hallway. I felt my heart skip a beat like it
does when you face the worst kind of fear. I knew the kids
were gone for the rest of the week. I also knew I didn't remember
seeing any other car in our driveway when I pulled in, so
I'm thinking to myself, who in the hell could possibly be
in the bathroom when my wife was in the living room totally
exposed masturbating herself into a frenzy with her vibrator
toy. My first thought was that she had to be seeing another
man and the thought of of such a thing made me stagger and
I almost lost my balance and fell over. As I caught my balance,
I thought not in a million years did I ever think my wife would
be capable of doing such a thing. She had told me, no she had
promised me time and time again that she could never ever
be with another man. Now here she was naked with her vibrator
rubbing her clit and playing with her large hard erect nipples
and someone else was in my bathroom in my fucking house..
The most confusing thing of all was that me and my wife had
an unbelievable sex life. There was never a missed opportunity
to go at it in the kitchen while she cooked dinner when the
kids were gone, just about every night after we had put them
to bed and any chance we got in between. We would even meet
each other for lunch in motel rooms and have incredible
sex there. It wasn't even a surprise to our closest friends
that our sex life was healthy and perhaps slightly abnormal
to some degree because we literally could hardly ever keep
our hands off of one another because of our love for one another
and the love we had for sex. We both loved to fuck and suck
and we never made no qualms about it. We could always talk
about what we liked about sex and our fantasies. There was
nothing we couldn't talk about. The children were still
young so our sex life was a pretty easy lifestyle to live.
There were times when we had even discussed fantasies of
doing a threesome with another woman and considered the
idea of having a couple's party where sex would be an option
but with each's own mate, etc. We had established pin pals
over the Internet with other couples and single women who
shared in our sexual interest and though we never took anything
further than cyber sex and exchanging electronic pictures
from our favorite adult sites, etc, it was all apart of the
fantasy we had been building together. We had been totally
open and honest with each other about our sexual desires
and fantasies and because of that, it brought us closer
in many ways through our communication. Now, I was questioning
rather she had been faithful and truthful with me from the
beginning. I kept wondering where I had gone wrong. What
had I done to make her want to seek sex elsewhere. I was totally
confused, hurt, angry and from my point of view, all that
we shared together was now on the line. <br>
Just a few weeks ago in fact, we played out a fantasy where
we decided to arrived at a night club separately, where
we drove two different cars pretending not to know one another.
I showed up at the night club about fifteen minutes after
she did and there she was when I came in sitting at the bar
wearing an extra short black leather skirt, a see through
sheer black nylon top piece with material the size of a quarter
covering her nipples and all the rest of her bare. Her shoes
were six inch stiletto pumps, which accentuated her perfect
round ass and she wore no nylons. Her tan was dark and the
sight of her silky smooth legs was enough to make any man's
mouth water. She wore her hair up with a pony tail to the side
and wore perfect makeup and perfume that gave any man a hard
on just passing her by. She had without a doubt captivated
every man's attention and even some women in the bar that
night. In no time a gentleman waltzed over to her and offered
to by her a drink and later she told me that she had told him
that she was going to make some unsuspecting man lucky that
night but unfortunately it wasn't going to be him. Poor
guy. After he went away with his tail between his legs, another
man approached her and this guy looked rather handsome
and affluent but she had no desires on him what so ever. She
knew who she wanted and she was waiting just for him and only
him and that him was me and this made my dick very hard to say
the least. I watched my wife, the estranged stranger in
our fantasy that night and all that was going on from the
opposite side of the bar. The music was blaring so loud that
it was vibrating my chest and sending ripples through my
nipples down my back and along my ass also causing a reaction
between my legs where my cock was continuously growing
inch by inch. I was getting so incredibly hard just thinking
about the awesome night of pure undaunted fucking and sucking
I'd get to do with my wife, the estranged stranger in our
fantasy later that night. As the night passed on, I watched
my wife get approached by guy after guy. Finally, she had
made eye contact with me just as this beautiful brunet was
approaching her. What happened next was as if she had planned
it all behind my back. I was sitting at a table across the
bar from where my wife and this woman sat so I couldn't hear
the conversation but within moments, this sexy brunet
had bought my wife a drink and they were talking, smiling
and laughing with one another. This in itself kind of threw
me for a loop because I had often joked around about the possibility
of another woman for a threesome or even the possibility
of watching my wife get it on with another woman but my wife
always more or less blew it off. In other words, she'd tolerate
the idea of it because it was just a fantasy and we never downed
each other's fantasies, but in reality, not in a million
years did I ever think she'd actually go there. So now I was
curious as to what she was up to and how far she would be willing
to take things. I just sat and watched. I could tell that
this brunet was openly flirting with my wife right there
in front of everyone. Not many payed any mind however probably
because they considering that they were probably just
friends anyway. A dance song came on and the two of them left
the bar to the dance floor and began dancing together. Both
were totally free in their movements and it wasn't long
before all eyes were on them because while they danced,
their hands were going everywhere. I watched as the brunet
faced my wife on the dance floor placing her hands on my wife's
hips and bringing her closer to her. To my utter surprise,
my wife placed her leg in between the brunet's and they started
grinding and gyrating their hips to the beat of the rhythm
of the music. It was the nastiest dancing I had ever seen
two women do together but it turned me on in ways I find hard
to describe watching my wife like that actually getting
turned on by another woman. I literally got so turned on
in fact that I gave up trying to conceal my obvious hard on.
I noticed a couple of women standing near me noticing the
protrusion in my pants when I stood to get a better look at
my wife and this other woman on the dance floor giggling
among themselves. I gave them more to be surprised about
when I shoved my hand in my pocked and pulled my pants taunt
against my skin to really give them a showing of my manhood.
They stopped giggling and stared with their mouths open.
I moved closer to the dance floor to see more of my wife's
dirty dancing with her new playmate. I could have sworn
I saw this brunet try to kiss kiss my wife on the lips but my
wife turned her face at the last instant and looked at me
with incredible lust in her eyes that told me almost too
much because I had to squeeze my thighs together to hold
myself back from creaming the inside of my pants. The brunet
then lowered her hands and was fondling my wife's ass and
as I watched, my wife totally turned on like I have never
seen her before stared me right in the eye and it turned me
on even more, not to mention that I was the most envied person
in that night club, aside from the brunet who actually got
to touch my wife because all the other men who watched were
definitely drooling. There were a lot of hard cocks in that
bar that night. She turned around and the brunet danced
close behind her pulling her close by holding her hips and
moved her hands up to my wife's beautiful breast and gently
massaged them. Finally the song ended and the brunet gently
kissed her on the side of her neck, nibbled at her earlobe,
for what seemed like an eternity as I watched my wife slightly
jolt as if a quick orgasm passed though her, then the woman
excused herself to the ladies room. With her gone, I decided
to make my move and approach the estranged stranger in the
bar. She sat down at her bar stool as I approached her and
she kicked off one shoe and gently rested her bare foot on
my crotch where my hardon was now throbbing. "Do you mean
to do some harm to me with this big thing?" she said capturing
the attention of every man who happened to be sitting at
the bar. "You should probably order me a drink first." I
immediately ordered her a drink with the bartender. She
still hadn't moved her foot and I was standing in front of
her trying to control myself so as not to blow my load right
there on the spot. I was so far gone in ecstacy at that particular
moment that if she had told me to unzip my pants and pull out
my cock for her to suck on, or fuck her right there on the spot,
I would have done just that without a second thought. At
this moment, no one but me and my wife, the estranged stranger,
existed in the night club. The drink came and I was about
to take the seat next to her when she placed her foot on my
crotch again and asked me to just stand there so that she
could have a place to rest her foot. She asked me if I liked
her foot and I told her I told her definitely so that she had
the sexiest feet I had ever seen and she slipped off a shoe,
lifted her foot up to my lips and told me to kiss her toes and
without question, I did. All the men there were drooling
and their girlfriends were jealous and disgusted except
for those who were bi-curious or became bi-curious after
watching my wife that night, and there were quite a few.
Finally, she offered me the seat next to her and when I sat
on the stool, she got up from her stool and straddled me gently
grinded her perfect ass down on my lap. "Oh, that thing feels
nice" she said and gave me a deep sensual kiss on the lips.
Her lips were as soft as I had ever remembered them to be and
her tongue felt like silk against mine and our mouths locked
tightly until she broke the kiss sucking my bottom lip into
her mouth and gently bitting it. "Hmm, why don't we get out
of here" she whispered into my ear. As we were getting up,
the woman she had been dancing with returned from the girls
room. "What's going on here?" she asked indignantly. My
wife gave her a hug and sensuously squeezed her ass, which
blew my mind again. I could not believe this was my wife acting
this way. We had gotten ourselves caught up in our fantasies
before but this time she was playing it out to the hilt. Not
that I was complaining, just a bit shocked is all. She then
proceeded to tell her that she'd remember her e-mail address
and that she would e-mail her sometime. My wife pointed
out the size of my rock hard bulge to her friend the brunet
and told her that there was no way she could pass up such a
nice hard cock like that after having been so turned on by
her. I don't think that sat too well with the brunet because
if looks could kill, I would have been a dead man that night.
At any rate, the brunet pleaded that she could give my wife
much more than just a hard cock but my wife didn't stand convinced
and told the other woman maybe some other time. The brunet
actually looked kind of sad but that's life. Sometimes
you win and some times you loose. Little did the brunet know
that she never had a chance in the first place because she
had been with my wife I thought smiling. Another Internet
playmate that me and his wife could play with later on-line
I thought and then dismissed the idea thinking nothing
more of it until later that evening when I dreamed about
my wife and the woman on the dance floor. However, in my dream,
they were at our house and I was tied up and made to be their
slave and they were dancing and gyrating and grinding each
other as they stripped their clothes off . Then they had
fucked and sucked each other into oblivion while I got to
watch. Then they'd go down on me and force me to fuck my wife
from behind while the brunet got on her back underneath
and suck, licked and slurped my wife's wet pussy lapping
up the juices that ran down her legs and back up to her clitoris.
In my dream, each of them came over and over and over again.
As we left the night club, I saw the brunet standing there
with obvious disappointment on her face. I had stolen her
fuck for the night. The way she danced with my wife, I would
have given anything just to see the two of them going at it.
I couldn't help but envisioned my wife on all fours and the
brunet behind her licking and sucking her wet pussy from
behind. I saw them doing the sixty-nine position, I could
see my wife sitting on the brunet's face smothering her
with her pussy, I saw the brunet bringing my wife to orgasm
time and time again while finger fucking her into a frenzy.
In my mind, they did it every which way. The brunet had no
idea that the woman she was getting down and dirty with was
my wife. By the time we made it into our garage, my wife was
already out of her skirt from which she wore no panties.
She had my cock in her hands and immediately had her mouth
all over it sucking it from the head to the base taking his
entire swollen shaft wholly into her mouth then slurping
down the underside until she reached the head of my cock
and sucked it into her mouth over and over again. Several
times, I felt I was going to cum but managed to hold himself
back. By the time we made it to the bedroom, we had already
fucked in every other conceivable place in the house including
two of the closets. My wife sucked my cock, sat on my face
and let me ream her ass with my tongue. She got on all fours
and guided my stiff cock into her tight wet pussy slamming
her ass into my pelvis bringing us both to an unbelievable
orgasm and even that didn't slow us down. Finally, she ordered
me to lay on my back and she straddled me with her back against
my chest and leaned forward toward my feet to give me a mouth
watering view of her beautiful ass. She always knew exactly
what turns me on and she never hesitated to give me what she
knew I wanted. I felt dizzy with lust as I watched my cock
slide in and out of her dripping pussy. I could see and feel
her milky warm juice ooz down the shaft of my cock while I
slammed it into her. Her ass was slapping the top of my thighs
as she bobbed up and down on my lap grinding me with all her
might until we both came screaming into the quiet night
our thrills of ecstacy. That entire night we fucked and
sucked until we were both literally sore. When we woke up
the next morning, my face was still planted on her pussy
from all the sucking I had done the night before. I automatically
just started licking and sucking her clit into my mouth
playing with it with my tongue. My wife returned her affection
by playfully resting her foot on my lips and naturally I
began kissing and sucking her toes, licking the soles of
her feet and one thing led to another and the next thing I
knew, we were fucking again. <br>
Now, within a few seconds, I thought about all that had happened
between the two of us in our past, even within just the past
couple of weeks and how awesome it had been. But now, in this
single instant, I began to feel like all the memories were
being washed away because now I was furious with her because
she had betrayed me and I had no idea why. All that they we
had been through together and the things we talked about.
I was certain that we had the perfect marriage. Our marriage
was the kind of marriage that others envied. People even
use to tell us that. I remembered all the times when I would
have the butterflies in my gut and how my heart would pound
when I knew there would be just moments before I'd get to
talk to her on the phone or visit her. I remembered how we
couldn't stand the anticipation of knowing that we would
be fucking. When we got married, those feelings never changed,
in fact the feelings got stronger and stronger. Even today
on my way home I was thinking of ways to seduce my wife. She
had always turned me on and this time I wanted to do it for
her. My wife was by far all my sexual fantasies wrapped up
in one. There were times when I could barely think of her
and come close to blowing my load. That was pretty incredible
in itself that a woman could have such an affect on a man.
I remembered that there were a few embarrassing times when
I would write her sexy letters and stories, I actually would
blow my load. Or I'd have an incredible urge to masturbate
if she wasn't around. Somehow, I had to get relief so I'd
masturbate myself into a frenzy just thinking about her
and the things she could do to me that turned me on and made
me become her sexual slave. There were times when I'd be
writing to her one of my stories about us and I'd inadvertently
brush my hand against the bulge in my pants and that would
be all that was needed to send my cock over the edge to the
point of no return because I'd be so turned on. <br>
All that had changed now and within the shadow of a second
I could feel a knot in my gut began to tie itself into a tight
ball, sweat began to protrude from my frowning brow and
before I even noticed what I was doing I felt the pain from
my fingernail digging into the palm of my hand from my tightly
balled fist. Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer it
was time to crash the party. Just as I was about to make my
presence known, out stepped a gorgeous brunet from the
bathroom into the living room and she was stark naked. At
first, I didn't recognize this woman. I had to a second take
to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Immediately,
the anger and rage I had felt seconds earlier vanished into
thin air. And I was intensely curious, cautious and turned
on at the same time. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
In my living room were two unbelievably gorgeous sexy women
with bodies to die for. She looked slightly older than my
wife but still managed a sexy figure with large firm breast
and a tight round ass. Meanwhile my wife was going to town
with her toy on her pussy as her friend joined her on the couch
smiled at her and kissed her on the bottom of her foot. I actually
witnessed this woman kiss and licked my wife's leg down
to her inner thigh and gently licked her swollen lips and
my wife came on the spot. Her friend suctioned her mouth
to her vulva holding her legs in the air and kept her mouth
and tongue working all the while my wife was bucking and
cooing on the couch until she was totally spent and she went
limp as her friend licked her lips and told her how good she
tasted. <br>
I was utterly speechless and thoughtless for that matter.
When I looked down at the annoying sticky wetness on the
front of my pants, I realized that I had my cock out stroking
it until I came all over my hands and my pants. I even splashed
the wall. I had totally forgotten the rush of emotions I
had just experienced moments before when I thought my wife
was having an affair with another man. Never in a million
years would I have expected that mywife would be allowing
another woman to do her. She would joke around when ever
she was a bit drunk but nothing ever went further than that.
I knew better than to ever think it would. She just didn't
seem remotely interested in going in that direction. She
liked dick way too much. I used to make remarks about the
episode with the other woman at the bar and she chucked it
up to the fact that she had had a lot to drink that night and
eventually got irritated at me bringing it up so I stopped
talking about it and eventually dismissed it forgetting
all about it. That was a few years ago. From that point on,
my wife had never mentioned anything about wanting to be
with another woman and when ever I'd joked about the possibility
of doing such a thing, she'd even get upset and accuse me
of wanting another woman instead of her, and here she was
with her legs spread wide open having another woman eat
her till she had come again and again and again. As it turned
out, not only had she gone ahead and e-mailed the lady she
met in that bar that night some time ago, but they had decided
to meet and from that day on, had been seeing each other in
secrecy. Eventually, I forced her to tell me the truth and
the truth was every bit as shocking as catching her in the
act because she did have the entire scenario planned out
from the very get go. She was working out another fantasy
with this woman within the fantasy that we had shared together
about the bar scene. Of course that information came later
suffice it to say for now, for that particular day I caught
her in the act with her brunet friend, I had no clue my wife
had true bi-sexual tendencies. That day at the bar, I thought
the whole thing was a tease thing because she knew I had talked
about the possibility before of her getting it on with another
woman. I thought she was just trying to in a way sexually
please me that night. <br>
When I saw the two of them going at it how ever, I hadn't made
the connection that this was infact the same woman my wife
had been dirty dancing with in the bar that day some years
back. How could I have been left in the dark for so long? I
couldn't help but wonder how long had this side of my wife
that I had never seen existed and what else did she do with
female friends when hubby wasn't around. That day, I decided
that I would take off work early more often. Maybe even change
my working shift hours all together and set up a hidden camera
in the closet or in the lighting fixture. All kinds of devious
thoughts started roaming through my head. As my senses
started coming back to me I watched and eavesdropped on
them as they chatted about how their pussies tasted and
how much they loved fucking one another and how much fun
it was keeping it a secret from their husbands. I remember
stepping back behind the wall because up til that point,
I hadn't noticed that I was standing right where they could
have seen me. Luckly they didn't know I was there. I was as
quiet as possible so that I could continue to stay unnoticed..
I continued to listen to my wife and her friend laughing
as they talked about how many times they had gotten together
just to fuck and suck each other silly and how the joke was
on the husbands because they had their spouses actually
thinking they were going to class when school had been out
for actually almost three weeks. I couldn't believe that
my wife had me fooled for all this time. Finally, before
they decided to get dressed, they decided that they would
hook up and let the husbands meet, perhaps go out together
as couples for a night on the town the coming weekend. They
set the day and time and vowed that their relationship would
remain their little secret. <br>
Before my wife's friend got up from the couch, she ran her
finger one last time up and down my wife's pussy, inserting
a finger or two and getting her off one more time for the road.
I heard my wife tell her friend that I would be home any minute
so that she had better be going. While her friend was getting
dressed, she bent over to put on her panties and my wife grab
her ass from behind and gently lick her pussy expressing
to her that she wished she could do her just one more time
but that there wasn't enough time. I heard my wife tell her
that because she was still horny, she was going to fuck her
husbands brains out when I got home and let me eat her out.
I couldn't wait. She said when I give her head and gets her
off, that she'll be thinking about her friend's soft tongue
on her clit gliding up and down her wet lips. I guess I should
have been outraged, I should have been out of control with
anger. Perhaps, if I had been your typical kind of husband
perhaps I would have been. But watching my wife get it on
with another woman turned me on tremendously. I decided
that I would keep everything I saw and heard that day my little
secret and play the innocent from that point on acting like
I had no clue about her extracurricular activities with
her female friend. I also became bound and determined to
find out if she had other women friends that I didn't know
about. Time will tell I guess. <br>
Well, I hurried back to the back door from where I had come
in and to my car in the garage. Apparently, my wife and her
friend were so busy going at it, they hadn't heard me pull
up. I slouched down and peeked out the garage window as I
watched my wife's friend leave the house from the front
door and walk across the street to her car, got in and drove
off. A part of me wanted to follow this woman just to see who
she was, who her husband was, where she lived. I often wondered
if her husband had any clue about what his wife was doing
when he was at work thinking she was in class. If he was anything
like me, he probably didn't have a clue. But then again,
maybe he got lucky like I did with the opportunity to secretly
catch them in the act. <br>
After waiting a few minutes, I went into the house and called
for my wife the way I always do. "Honey, I'm home." She came
from the living room looking slightly flushed as if she
had almost gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
She made note how I had been slightly earlier than usual.
As if everything was normal, I asked her how her day was and
she replied that she had just gotten home from class and
was on her way to taking a shower because she was tired and
wanted to be relaxed for some serious fucking and sucking
when I got home. She dropped her robe in front of me, turned
around and walked towards the bathroom. My eyes stayed
glued to her perfect heart shaped ass and I followed her
like a puppy dog on a leash undoing the buckle of my belt and
the zipper of my pants where my cock immediately fell out
larger and more engorged than I believe I had ever seen it.
It was rock hard and throbbing. I was so horny and turned
on that when the cool air in the room hit my now exposed cock,
I almost came right then and a little pre-cum oozed down
the side of my shaft. My cock got thicker and harder as I followed
my wife to the bathroom to take a shower with her. We stayed
in the shower for hours until dew from the steam had coated
the entire bathroom. Latter that day she told me that I had
given her the most through fucking she had ever had and asked
me what it was that got into me. I just smiled at her and thought
to myself, this is only the beginning. She hadn't seen anything
yet but then of course knowing my wife, I knew I hadn't seen
anything yet either. <br>
The End.

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