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My First Time With Another


It had been four days since Lenny mentioned that he’d like
to watch me having sex with another man. Four days and we
hadn’t broached the subject again, but it was a subject
or thought that had been on my mind ever since. I did wonder
if it was just the beer talking that night. We’d both been
out down to the pub and we’d be drinking fairly heavy and
it was around 11 o’clock that the subject came up and I do
have to admit to be being very shocked that he’d even had
those thoughts let alone mention it to me. I tried to contain
the shock, but obviously I didn’t do it too well because
as I said, the subject hadn’t been broached again, not for
four days anyway. I did have to admit that once the initial shock had worn off,
which in reality was two days later, the more I thought about
it, the more of an interesting subject it became and one
that I thought was worth another mention but only as and
when the time was right of course and maybe tonight could
be the right time.

Once I got kind of into the idea, I wondered who if anyone,
Lenny had in mind; was it someone we knew or was it a total
stranger. Was it to be one of his friends, maybe it would
be Jeremy or Dave. Secretly I hoped it would be a stranger
because that could save any embarrassment the following
day or when we all next met, but then again, a perfect stranger
had its own problems, would he be clean, single, married
or whatever. How would it all start also crossed my mind;
would we just come back here and fuck or go to a hotel, so many
questions and thoughts, but yes I was interested or getting
interested and have to admit, the porn movies I had seen
where the woman had two cocks to play with and be used in her
was interesting and I did enjoy watching her use both, either
separate or together. Oh well, maybe tonight I’d find out
a little more of his idea, tonight was pub and then club night.
I enjoyed both the pub and the club and it gave us both a winding
down from the weeks work and also set up for a relaxing weekend
of sex!

Our sex life is good; we have never had a problem in that department,
far from it for we had sex at least 4 times a week and considering
we’ve been married 12 years, 4 times a week was good and I
was certainly getting more than most of my girlfriends.

Experimentation was also never a problem, be that in positions,
with additional aids or dressing up for him, which is something
that I really did enjoy doing and we’d purchased many costumes
and clothes along with numerous toys for my benefit and
his of course!

The other aspect that I became to enjoy was being watched
as I used the toys and not just that, but I enjoyed watching
Lenny playing with himself too. I loved the way his cock
grew as I slid toys in an out of myself; I enjoyed the sight
of his hand moving up and down his erection and then watching
him exploding all over my breasts which was another thing
I really enjoyed, having him cum all over my breasts. I remember
the first time I saw that on one of the movies, I thought at
the time “What a waste” but then after seeing it a few times,
I found it highly erotic and it was kind of like being in control.
I know that most of my girlfriends also enjoyed their men
splattering cum all over their boobs too. I had to laugh at one of the comments from Carol when we were
chatting about it and when she said “Shit Julie, if I had
tits like yours, I’d always be getting them out and insist
on tittie fucks!” We were in the pub on a girl’s night out
and I had no problem in lowering my top to show my tits as I
stuck out my tongue. I guess I was blessed in the boob department
with natural 34D’s and ones that didn’t sag even though
I hadn’t worn a bra in years, but I realised that at the age
of 35, I would have to start wearing one soon, for age will
be telling very soon. It was after that night that I got Lenny
to slide his cock inside my boobs and had to admit, to watch
him do that and then explode was highly erotic.

Yes, our sex life was still vibrant and exciting but Lenny
now wanted to take it up a notch or had at least sown seeds
of taking it up a notch and those seeds had grown in my mind
and I found myself wanting him to broach the subject once
again but maybe he was afraid I’d blow a fuse and maybe it
should be ME to broach the subject again. At least he would
know for sure that I wasn’t upset, quite the opposite, I
was interested, very interested.

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped the towel around my
body and brushed my long dark hair feeling the wet strands
on my shoulders making me shudder a little at the coldness
and upon hearing Lenny call my name, I turned and laughed
as the camera clicked. I stuck out my tongue as I undid the
towel; flashed my nakedness at him and allowed him to take
a photo of me in all my glory.

That was another thing that I found exciting, posing for
him or just letting him take pictures as I slipped a vibrator
into my pussy and we had now built up quite a collection that
were stored on the computer. I have no idea why he wanted
to save them on the PC, after all, I would pose for him at any
time that he wanted, I was a very eager participant in that
area; but he stored them anyway.

We’d been in the pub for about an hour when Will, one of Lenny’s
friends came over for a chat and to introduce his new girl,
Mandy. I’d always liked Will; he was a decent and honest
sort of man and one that would move heaven and earth for his
friends. I liked Mandy straightaway and couldn’t help
but to notice that her skirt was even shorter than mine,
and mine was short! I had a feeling that Lenny noticed it
too and I would have been shocked if he hadn’t! One good thing
about us was that neither of us chastised one another if
we looked at members of the opposite sex, both of us felt
that it was better to be open and free to look without the
fear of chastisement as opposed to doing it on the sly. They
left us after a drink for a meal and we promised that we’d
meet them at the club later. Neither I nor Lenny could eat
then drink, we preferred the other way round, drink then
a meal, normally a curry or a kebab!

No sooner had Will and Mandy left and Lenny got another round
in did Jack come over. Now Jack was a lot younger than us by
at least 15 years and we knew him when he used to work at the
Queens Head in town, another place that we frequent on the
odd night out and I had to admit that I found Jack to be very
attractive, we all did, all my female friends that is and
Julie had actually bedded him and she was very graphic,
as she always was, as to what went on and how big he was and
how long he lasted and how many times he made her cum and the
load of his she swallowed. It was after that when I actually
did look, and notice, at his bulge in his jeans and he did
seem to be fairly well endowed. I couldn’t help but to steal
another glance as he talked to Lenny about football and
there was that bulge again and that bulge got me to thinking
about the subject that needed broaching for I was sure that
Jack wouldn’t turn down a chance to get laid by or lay a MILF!
My nipples grew hard at the thought of having a young cock
inside me and it was times like this when I wished I had worn
a bra because when they got hard, they got hard and stuck
out like beacons!

Lenny noticed this and asked “Cold sweetheart?” and then
laughed and Jack joined in. I semi blushed and uttered “Fuck
off” but smiling at the same time and tried to press them
back down but to no avail. “Damn things” I said with a giggle
and then took a drink of my wine.

We carried on chatting and the more he stayed in our company,
the more I wanted him to be the ‘chosen one’. He was not only
good looking, well endowed and hot, but he was also very
intelligent too and that came out with the conversations
we were having and when it was mentioned that we were going
to the club soon, he said that he was going up there too and
was supposed to be meeting a girl there. Well, my heart dropped
right there and then and had my nipples been hard, they would
have dropped too. “Fuck” I uttered to myself as I drained
the rest of my wine and waited for Lenny to either finish
his beer or get me another wine and it was in fact Jack that
offered and I accepted but Lenny declined.

We’d all finished the drinks and made our way to the taxi
rank and waited until one came along, which wasn’t a long
wait, never was for they knew there was a lot of business
at this time of night and the driver had a nice little view
as I got into the back with Lenny and Jack with the skirt rising
a little higher as I swung my legs around. It felt nice to
be sandwiched between the two of them and then my bloody
nipples got hard at that thought! I should have adjusted
the skirt but I was feeling a little horny at the thought
of being the filling to the sandwich with two very hard cocks
at my disposal. Well, I suppose it would have been ME at their
disposal really but I wasn’t going to complain about that,
not one bit. I left the skirt where it was, high, very high,
on my thighs and I know that anyone that was sitting in front
of me would have an unrestricted view of the black thong
that barely covered me. I wanted Jack to see it too, but he
was sat next to me and I so wanted to slide my hand over to his
thigh, just like I was now doing to Lenny and giving him a
little squeeze. He put his hand on mine and squeezed it and
then moved up to his growing bulge. My nipples remained
hard and poking at the top, trying to force their way through
the soft silk as I rested my hand on Lenny’s now hard cock
for the rest of the journey, which sadly, was soon over.

Jack got out first and I had to smile as he held the taxi door
open for me and I knew then that when I swung my legs round,
I was showing him my thong and how secretly I now wished that
I was naked underneath and if I had been, he would have seen
just how wet I was and I was wet and I was also ready too, ready
for a damn good hard screwing. I thanked Jack for the door
and he smiled as he tore his eyes away from my thong covered

The queue was short and we were all soon inside the very dim
club, the music pounded and we made our way to the bar where
Sally, who was working, waved and got the drinks for us.
Jack made his way to where he thought his girl might be but
soon came back and told us that she wasn’t in yet. He ordered
his own drink and stood with us not knowing that I was really
hoping that he’d been stood up and that would leave him free
for the night and free for me to have that large cock in my
pussy, providing of course, Lenny agreed! All I had to do
was broach the ‘subject’ again but that would have to wait
until I was sure that (a) Lenny had more beer inside him and
(b) Jack had been stood up and as the night wore on, (b) was
looking good and (a) was always guaranteed!

“Has she not turned up then Jack?” I asked him as he looked
at his watch for the umpteenth time that night. “I don’t
think she will now” he replied as his eyes looked around
and he didn’t see my little smile as he turned his head and
he certainly couldn’t feel the wetness I was suffering
either. “Oh well, it looks as if you are stuck with us for
the night then!” I said as I looked at Lenny and that is when,
I think, that the penny might have dropped as he cocked an
eyebrow and gave me an inquisitive look and when Jack went
to get the drinks, I leaned over to plant a kiss on Lenny’s
lips. “Can we sit down love?” I asked him. “These heels are
killing me” I continued and he smiled and nodded and as soon
as Jack returned with the two pints and my wine, we moved
to the seating area and amidst the couples engaged in kissing
and smooching, we found an empty area at the rear. “Thanks
lads” I said to them and told them that I needed to sit for
a few and take the weight off of my feet and the heels were
killing me.

I couldn’t have planned it any better for both were sat opposite
side of the round table from me and as soon as I raised my knee
to slip off my shoe and then the other, I knew that both of
them would be treated to the thong flash. My nipples grew
hard again as I spotted them both looking and there was something
so erotic and exciting at being looked at and I was enjoying
their eyes, even though Lenny sees my pussy every day, it
was still a charge to me to know that he was looking and I was
still wishing that I wasn’t wearing the thong. I didn’t
bother adjusting the skirt downwards, I just left it where
it was and it felt nice to show an expanse of thigh to anyone
that wanted to look. I just wished I could have been able
to show them my tits too, but the silk top wouldn't allow
that, sadly. The one good thing was that when I crossed my
legs and when I did so deliberate, my thong would be shown
to the two men opposite me and I thanked Marty, the club owner,
for the small tables.

“Have you seen any sign of Will yet?” I asked Lenny as I looked
around. He shook his head in a negative and got up to get more
drinks, smiling as he did. I was also smiling as I uncrossed
my legs and looked up at him and counted the number of beers
that he’d had for I knew that once we got to the 8 or 9 area,
he’d be ‘nice and happy’ and it would soon be time to ‘broach
the subject’ or at least send a hint and hope that he bought
it back up as the wine was increasing her desire to have Jack
in her bed or at least inside her pussy tonight.

Lenny returned with the drinks and I’d counted this was
number 8 and noticed the time wasn’t far off closing time
and very soon we’d be making our way to the curry house for
a takeaway and I was hoping that Jack would be invited because
I was now really horny and wanted and needed a good hard fucking
and I was preferring two cocks right at this moment in time,
either one at a time or both together. The problem was of
how? Was I to take the lead in this or let it go it’s course
and hope that Lenny would be able to see that the subject
he broached earlier was of interest to me and that I was ready
for it to be broached again.

I spoke to Jack and told him how sorry I was that he’d been
stood up and maybe that a nice curry would go down well right
now for him and then I turned to Lenny and said “I assume we
are going for a curry ain’t we love?” He smiled and nodded
and when Jack excused himself to go to the toilet I opened
my legs for Lenny’s eyes and then smiled at him, secretly
hoping that he was taking the hint and if he was, he wasn’t
saying anything. He still hadn’t said anything as we three walked to the local
curry house, it was just the usual drunken banter and laughter,
the same in the curry house and it wasn’t until we’d collected
the takeaway did Lenny say to Jack “Listen mate, it’s far
too late for you to get home tonight, why don’t you kip at
our house and I’ll run you home in the morning” I don’t know if Lenny saw my smile and how I wished he could
feel the wetness and I smiled again when Jack, stumbling
slightly as was Lenny agreed and thanked us for the offer
at which Lenny waved away and said “We’ve got some beer and
wine back at the house, might as well carry on with the party”.
He laughed, I laughed and so did Jack and I don’t think he
had any idea that he was going to be inside me later, but that
said, I didn't even know if Lenny knew that either,
I was hoping he knew or suspected or wanted. My mind was now
racing and I was wondering how it would be done or started
and I had no idea so I decided through my kind of hazy mind
that I would let things take their own course.

Lenny sat in the front of the taxi on the way home and hardly
glanced back which was a shame for if he had have done, he
would have seen that my skirt was nearly on my hips and that
I was all on display. I know that Jack saw it and I made sure
that he did by turning half to my left and leaning against
the door frame with my legs facing him and I pretended not
to notice his incessant staring at the sight before him;
drink was a wonderful relaxer.

Curry always gave me the hiccups and tonight was no exception
and all those two did was laugh at the sight of my braless
boobs bouncing with each and every hiccup. “Fuck off you
two!” I said as the hiccups continued and so did the bouncing
of my boobs. “Don’t you just love those bouncing tits when
she hiccups mate!” Lenny said to Jack as he wiped his mouth
clean with the back of his hand. “I wasn’t looking” Jack
said which caused them both to laugh out loudly and bought
another “Fuck off” from my lips.

The hiccups finally subsided and I was enjoying the wine
as much as they were enjoying their cans of beer and even
though it was well past 2 in the morning, it appeared that
none of us were in the least bit tired or waning with the effects
of the booze. It all became a little clearer when Jack went
to the toilet and Lenny spoke to me when Jack was out of earshot.
“Remember last week when I said I’d like to watch you having
sex with another man?” I nodded my response and my stomach
felt the butterflies with both excitement and anticipation
at the thought of it all. “Well, do you fancy Jack?” Lenny
asked me and I just smiled and nodded again. I was now tingling
and getting more and more excited and my nipples told Lenny
that. He smiled and licked his lips as he said what I needed
to do. It seemed that he had planned all this out for when
the situation arose and it seemed that the ‘situation’
had in fact arisen and it was now, right here and right now.

He went on to quickly tell me that I was to spill my drink down
my top and then I would have to go and change tops and he even
told me what top I was to wear and while I was changing my top,
I was to remove my thongs. Lenny couldn’t continue to say
anything for Jack returned to the room but I got the drift
and knew what he wanted me to do and that was to tease and flash;
I couldn’t help but to wonder if he wanted me to go all the
way though, maybe he did. I smiled at Jack as he returned
and picked up my glass just as he sat down and then ‘spilt’
my wine. Apologies offered and I left to go and change. Part
one of the plan was under way, now onto part two which was
easy especially after Lenny had told me the top to wear which
normally, was only reserved for the home and the poses for
the camera, I’d never worn it out in public because it wasn’t
really suitable for public wear, not in my mind anyway,
no doubt Lenny would have liked me to wear it though. I suppose
it would be alright for club wear, but not for the pub and
certainly not for shopping because every time I bent forward,
the deeply cut top parted and anyone could and would have
seen the whole of my tits! No, it wasn’t suitable for shopping.

I slipped off the wet top, put on the low cut one and prepared
to join the men again and then I remembered that I had been
told to remove my thong and I smiled as I did feeling the tingle
in-between my legs. I nearly had second thoughts, not about
the thong, far from it for my second thoughts came from another
skirt and those second thoughts won through. Hastily,
I stepped out of the skirt and slipped into another one that
was just a little shorter and one that would be easier to
manipulate to show myself to both Jack and Lenny. “Fuck,
I’m wet” I said to myself as I looked in the mirror, adjusting
the top to cover my rock solid nipples with my thoughts going
back to what Julie had said about him and about his cock anyway.

I rejoined the guys and muttered to them that I’d need to
dry clean the skirt and felt two pairs of eyes on me as Lenny
passed me my refilled glass of wine. I smiled and thanked
him and took a drink before placing the glass on the coffee
table, making sure that the top opened sufficiently, which
it did of course. I felt the two pairs of eyes upon me again
and I was relishing those eyes, secretly wishing that there
were more than just two pairs. I really wanted to know just
how far or what Lenny wanted me to go or do. Did he want me to
openly flash; did he want me to slyly flash; did he want me
to make the first move; was he going to make the first move?
I need to speak to him, somehow I need to get him alone and
quick; I needed to know what, when and how.

I sat back in the couch and crossed my legs and sadly only
Lenny could see that I was totally naked underneath and
I made sure that he noticed for I wanted to leave him in no
doubt of what I wanted and judging by his look and smile,
he knew. His smile also told me what I wanted to know, he wanted
me to flash and go all the way. Well, if he didn’t want me to
go all the way, it was going to be too late, I was going all
the way. I was going to be sucking Jack’s cock later on and
if I (or he) was lucky, I’d be sliding up and down on it and
having Lenny’s cock in my mouth. I was wetter than I was upstairs,
just the thought of having two cocks was sufficient to get
me wet and coupled with showing Jack my naked pussy, well
that alone was enough to get it wet. That was the thought
in my mind right now and I needed to, somehow, turn to my right
and leave the skirt high on my thighs. It was easier than
I thought; I just turned and rested my back on the arm of the
couch, so easy really and then I reached for my glass knowing
damn well that the top would part (and it did) and that Jack
would see all of my breasts (and he did) even my hard nipples.
When I had the glass, I sat back and gently let my legs part
ever so slightly, but sufficiently.

I saw the deft sideways glance Jack gave to Lenny who either
appeared not to notice or pretended he hadn’t noticed the
glance as he reached for his own drink. “Need another beer
love?” I asked Lenny as he drained the rest of his glass and
as I asked, I placed my wine glass back on the table, lingering
and holding the pose and therefore letting Jack hold his
eyes on my full tits before standing up.

Returning with two beers, smiling to Lenny as I placed a
beer in front of him and watched him blow a kiss to me and saying
“Thanks doll” and as he said that, he gave me a knowing wink.
I smiled again and then put Jack’s beer in front of him and
once again, I held the pose allowing him to have yet another
view of my hard nipples before sitting back down. However,
this time when I sat back down I made sure that I was half facing
him and bought my right leg underneath me which made sure
that the skirt rose sufficiently on my thighs to reveal,
for certainty, my nakedness underneath. Lenny did me a favour (and for Jack too) as he got up and announcing
“I need to take a piss”. This gave me the chance and the opportunity,
if I wanted and I did want to take it one step further and I
indeed took that one step and the opportunity as I leaned
over to the coffee table to pick up my wine. I smiled at Jack
as I picked the glass up, his eyes were boring into me, on
my open top, my now bare tits, down to my now parted thighs,
my now bare pussy on display. He blushed, he glanced to the
stairs and then back to me. I smiled again as I said “You okay

He stammered a reply that he was and his hand moved to cover
that, now, very large bulge in his jeans. I looked at him
and then at his hand as I took a sip of wine and as I replaced
the glass back down I made sure that my legs opened further,
leaving him with no doubt whatsoever that I wanted him to
see my wet pussy, which he did.

I hear Lenny returning and I didn’t bother covering my tits,
but I did close my legs a little. I wanted him to know what
Jack had seen and what he was seeing now. Lenny just smiled
as he sat back down, he knew what I had done and his smile told
me it was okay and maybe it also told me that more was to be
even better and the time to find out was approaching. It
was to get even closer as I watched him flick the remote to
the television, flicking through the channels and pressing
the ‘order’ button for a porn movie. “Oh oh” I thought. “Here we go” I thought. “Now I DO know he
wants me to suck or ride Jack’s cock” Jack’s eyes tore themselves away from my tits as he heard
the unmistakable sounds of a cock slamming into a pussy.
“Go and fetch us another beer each baby” Lenny said as he
drained his glass. I smiled and stood up and did as I was asked.
I was throbbing, really throbbing down there, not to mention
fucking wet. I duly returned with the 2 cans, placing one
in front of both of them, top totally open, tits totally
bare and on show.

I sat back down and looked at the plasma screen to watch a
rather busty blonde take a huge black cock in her mouth,
gagging as he pushed her head down. They both laughed as
I said “Ouch”. That started the comments, which also started
my fingers playing with my nipples as we watched her expertly
take the monster cock deep down her throat, the salvia dribbling
as she came up for much needed air. “That is fucking huge”
Lenny said and I had to agree. “It sure is” was all I said and
knowing that Jack was also, according to Julie, huge although
I doubted he was as big as the black cock on the screen right
now. Two pairs of eyes were on my fingers, watching as my fingers
tugged and played with my hard nipples. As horny and as hot
as I was, I felt myself blushing and I had to close my eyes
as my fingers tugged harder on my nipples. I know I let out
a soft moan, I didn’t intend to or want to, but the thought
of Lenny and Jack watching was exciting and erotic. I enjoyed
being watched, I wanted to be watched. I didn’t know if they
were still watching as I parted my legs wide, one foot on
the floor, the other on the settee, skirt now over my hips.
I heard two male voices in the distance even though they
were no further than 5 feet away, but to me they were distant
as I ran my fingers down my body. It was my turn to moan as I
touched the aching lips, the swollen clitoris; another
involuntary moan escaped my pursed lips as my nail ran over
my clitoris. I felt my legs shake and then feeling a hand
on my leg, I opened my eyes and smiled at Jack as I saw it was
his hand. Lenny just sat there, a big grin on his face. I matched
his grin and opened wider for Jack as if granting him permission
to move his hand higher, which he did and another involuntary
moan escaped as I felt his fingers run over my pussy lips.
I took his hand and forced his fingers into me. I moaned once
again as his fingers sunk deep, rotated and then moved in
and out. It took my mere seconds before my legs shook, before
my mouth let out a scream as I came over his fingers. Hastily,
I took them out and bought them to my mouth, I wanted and needed
to taste my own sweetness, my own juices.

I stood up, looked at them both as I undressed and then said
to them “Gentlemen, I need to be fucked, I need to see your
cocks and I want to suck them and be fucked by them both.”
With those words, I lay on the floor, my legs spread wide
open, my fingers spreading my pussy lips and I watched Lenny
unzip his jeans and then watched as Jack did the same and
I gasped as I saw the monster springing free from its confines
of the jeans. “Oh fuck” was all I could initially say as I
saw it standing hard, erect and proud and then I followed
up with “Fuck me Jack, fill my mouth and pussy”.

Jack moved to me, standing over me, watching my fingers
rubbing on my clit. I watched as he sunk to his knees, the
angry purple head of his cock barely inches from my mouth.
I reached up, close my fingers around the thick shaft and
bought it down to my mouth. I moaned as I felt the head slip
into my mouth and groaned as I felt a tongue running over
my pussy lips, Lenny’s tongue, and Jacks cock. I swallowed
as much as I could without gagging but I wanted more, I wanted
to take him all the way, I wanted to feel the power of his cock
forcing down my throat. I swallowed again, opening my throat
as much as I could and then I felt Lenny’s cock nudging my
pussy lips open and with one thrust, he sank deep into me.
I groaned again, I nearly gagged again as I swallowed more
and more of the thick cock. I thrust my hips upwards, driving
Lenny into me; he slammed back, fucking me hard and deep.
I shuddered as I felt the orgasm spreading through my aching
body and had to release Jack’s cock as I came, screaming
with the intensity of the orgasm. “Switch” was all I heard
Lenny say and suddenly I was filled to the maximum as Jack
slid the monster into me. I wrapped my legs around his back,
holding him tight and forcing him to fuck my aching throbbing
pussy. “Ohhhhh fucking yesssss” I managed to get those
words out just before Lenny slipped his cock into my mouth.
I moaned as I tasted my pussy juices on his cock, I moaned
as he forced it down my throat, I groaned as Jack fucked me
with gusto.

I cupped Lenny’s balls as he slid in and out of my mouth, as
I sucked hard on his cock and knowing he was so close, I sneaked
a finger around to his anus and rubbed and then slipped the
tip inside him. He exploded and filled my mouth with his
cum and I had to gag at the amount he sent shooting down my
throat. He twisted my nipple and that sent me to another
orgasm as Jack’s cock ploughed deep into me, my heels digging
into his back. Lenny pulled out of my mouth and I looked up at him through
lust filled eyes, he smiled as he twisted my nipple again.
Jack said he was close to coming and he pulled himself out
of me. I took his cock, aimed it at my tits and stroked it until
he splattered them with a huge amount of cum. I sat up, still
holding his hard cock and took him back into my mouth, cleaning
his cock, sucking the last of his cum from his balls.

I sat there, wiping my tits with the cloth that Lenny passed
to me, cleaning the remnants of Jack’s cum from my nipples.
I smiled at Lenny and then at Jack and I smiled even more when
I saw that Jack was still hard. I never said a word as I stood
up, pushed Jack back on the settee, turning my back on him,
straddling him and reached down to guide him into my wanting,
my still wanting pussy. I sighed and moaned as I slid down
on the cock, feeling it fill me as I sunk down all the way to
his balls. I looked at Lenny, he smiled, I smiled, we both
smiled as I started to move up and down on Jack’s hardness
buried inside me. My hands were on his knees as I leant slightly
forward and looked over at Lenny who was now stroking his
cock back to hardness. How I wanted him to be hard, I wanted
him to slip his hardness into my mouth again and told him
so. “Bring that cock to me baby” I said as Jack’s cock thrust
in and out of my pussy. Sucking hard on Lenny’s cock, slamming up and down on Jack’s
cock until I couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer and
neither could Jack as I felt his hands gripping my hips,
his hips thrusting, brutally slamming into me as we both
exploded in unison. Lenny was close, very close and I forced
him to cum as I slipped a finger tip into his tight ass. He
too erupted, sending a light stream of his cum into my throat.

By the time I woke a few hours later, I was alone in the bed.
Both Jack and Lenny had left me laying there to enjoy their
morning coffee, both coffees black and strong. I crawled
out of bed, smiling as I remembered the sex a few hours ago,
the wonderful fulfilling sex of two men, two cocks, and
two hard throbbing cocks as I made my way to the kitchen without
even bothering to dress or even cover up my nakedness.

They both smiled as I bade them a “Good morning” and I kissed
them both on the cheek and poured myself a coffee as Lenny
gave my bare ass a playful smack. “Ohhhh honey, do that again”
I laughed out as I bent over the kitchen breakfast bar. I
was serious, I wanted another spanking like that for I’d
always wanted to be spanked but never mentioned it to Lenny.
He spanked the other cheek and I let out a lustful moan. “Again,
again” I moaned feeling the stinging but the warmth of the
stinging on my ass cheeks. I felt a hand holding me down on the breakfast bar, I felt
another hand crashing onto my flesh, I felt the stinging
of that hand and I felt my body tremble. I heard a voice, Lenny’s
voice, a voice of authority and of instructions. “Spread
those legs” were the command and I obeyed. I winced as the
hand came down again and I moaned as I felt hands on my hips.
I screamed as I felt the thrust of a hard cock, a big hard solid
cock, Jacks’ hard and solid cock rammed into me, fucking
me into submission, fucking me until I had my orgasm and
then he had his.

I was left alone again, 15 minutes later after I had been
taken twice, once by each cock, left alone after enjoying
three orgasms, left alone sitting on the settee, my fingers
rubbing myself into another, but solo, orgasm. Left alone
waiting for the next time I would enjoy the delights of two
cocks be that Lenny and Jack or Lenny and whoever, I know
I wanted two cocks as often as I could get them. Left alone
to wonder when the next time was to be, left alone to think
of the two cocks, left alone to think of more than two cocks
one day, three cocks, four cocks. My fingers plunged in and out of my soaking pussy, images
of four cocks taking me, fucking me, taking turns to fuck
my pussy, to fuck my ass, to fuck my mouth. I came hard, my
body shook at the ferocity of the orgasm, I screamed out
as the orgasm ran through me.

Four cocks, I wanted four cocks.

The End.

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Goodness, hon, you just keep getting me hotter and hotter.
So sexy, especially when I close my eyes and use my imagination.
I'm happy to know that you are going to continue writing
and sharing with me.



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That was very hot. Thank you for sharing. and leaves a great
deal for my imagination to work on....


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Very well written please keep writing more.


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very well written i wish i was there to fuck you as well


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You really must read all this sweet man writes. He has the
ability to make one hot and wanting over and over again.


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I want my wife to experience a night like that too!


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Too bad for most of us that this is and or will be just a fantasty.
I watched many years ago but I would truly love to watch her
again. Great story.


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"WOW" hot!at first I was rubbing my cock out
side my jeans, but it wasn`t long had to undo them, now my
pants are down around my ankles and I`m pounding my now rock
hard cock! thanks!!!


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Awesome - just blew a big load reading that. Write more!


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wow.. streaming cum down my leg


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If the story is true you take to long to get to the good fucking
part. Try not writing a novel get to the "meat"
so to speak and get it on cut out all the salad in between.
other wise good fantasy.


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Iwilltongueyou 61 --- We all have our opinion and I guess
it all depends on who his intended audience is---I lived
this and the anticipation leading up to the as you call "meat"
is incredible! Very hot story!