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My First Time


When I was 12 I moved from a small Ohio town to a town in Massachusetts.
When I left Ohio I was still playing with Barbie dolls, when
I got to Mass girls my age were smoking, swearing and talking
about boys. Well what a culture shock. Now as time went on
listening to my friends talk about boys all the time I started
to get curious. I started smoking, I would sneak a few drinks
here and there and started to discover my body changing
and my mind wandering.

One day I came home from school, it was the beginning of June
just before my 13th birthday and summer break. My mother
was working and my father was mowing our lawn, it was huge
and usually took him 3 hours. I went upstairs to my room to
read. I didn't think much about it but my father would
always shower after he worked in the yard. In my room alone
I laid on my bed reading a book and I smoked a few cigarettes,
then decided I'd take a bath. Not even thinking I got
undressed, grabbed my book, cigs & ash tray (I always
kept them hidden, but papa smoked too) and went into the
bathroom in my underwear and my bra. Well because of the
air conditioner I didn't hear that anyone was in there.
When I open the door I got the shocker of my life, there was
my father drying his hair as he just got out of the shower.
He was completely naked, and I mean naked. Because of the
noise of the ac and the exhaust fan he didn't hear me
come in. I couldn't help myself, his face and head were
completely covered by the towel. I looked down and saw something
for the first time in my life, I saw my first penis, and it
was my papa's. I quickly turned around and left as soon
as I could. I couldn't believe what I had just saw. I
had seen pictures before but they never looked like that.
I didn't know this at the time but what was so different
was that he was uncircumcised. He was also pretty big!

On my way out he must have heard the door close because he
said Jackie? That's my mother, but she was still working.
I didn't know what to do so I just hurried into my bedroom
and closed the door. About two minutes later in walks my
father in his robe and asked me if that was me that just closed
the bathroom door, I told him yes that I was sorry, that I
didn't know he was in there and that I didn’t mean to
see him. He asked what I meant by see him, but he must have
known because I could feel my face get red hot, but what he
couldn't see is something else was getting red hot,
and wet.

Well he soon left my room and I just laid there completely
unsure of what was going on with myself, I mean I had just
seen my father naked and got turned on by it. It had to be wrong.
I was only a few days away from my 13th birthday and I was starting
to no longer think about just kissing a boy but I was starting
to wonder what it would feel like in my hand, my mouth and
other places, and not any boy in school but my father.

We were always close but this was just strange. Well I stayed
in my room for a while and I kept thinking about him and started
to get horny and play with myself. One of my favorite things
to do was sit with my back on the head board, light a cigarette
and just relax and touch myself. Well about 10 minutes into
this my bedroom door opened up and it was my father. There
was no hiding what I was doing, my bed faced the door. He stood
there with his mouth open for what seemed like 5 minutes.
I had my right hand between my legs and I had just taken a long
puff and was pulling the cigarette out of my mouth when he
came in. Needless to say he wasn't too happy at this
point, he was mad but not in the way I thought he would be.

He must have suspected that I smoked because I would take
his from time to time and my older brothers were all moved
out by then and my mother despised smoking. I quickly covered
up and I poked out my cig. His first comment to me was how long
have you been smoking? Then it was how long have you been
(and I could see his struggle) "doing that"?
I told him I was smoking for about a year since we moved in
and that the other was fairly new. I couldn't believe
he asked me this. He asked if I had been with any boys in school,
oh my god no I told him. He then asked me if I saw him completely
naked, I told him I did. He just put his head down, I think
he was disappointed or something. He asked me if they were
teaching me about sex in school I told him only a little bit.
He said well I'll have your mother talk to you when she
comes home. I asked him if he would not do that. My mother
and I always had issues about getting along. He asked me
if I wanted him to talk to me about it. I paused and said no.
As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew I wanted him to tell
me a few things. So I did ask him one thing.

I'll never forget the look on his face, I asked him why
his penis looked different than the ones I'd seen in
books and magazines. At first he didn't know what I
was talking about. Nervously he grabbed my cigarettes
and lit one and put them back on my night stand. Then he actually
asked me if I wanted one, feeling really nervous I said ok,
so he pulled one out and handed it to me. I went to reach for
my lighter and he had already grabbed it and was holding
it out for me. I was so nervous I could see my cigarette shaking
as I held it in my mouth. Well out of habit I held my hands up
to block the wind, he said there's no wind in here you
know, let me watch you. So I put my hands down and leaned in
a bit to light it and as I was lighting it I kind of felt him
looking at me so I glanced up and he was looking in my eyes.
I told him he was making me nervous and asked him why he was
looking at me, he said because you are becoming a very beautiful
girl. I'm sure I blushed. Now this all happened so fast
that I almost forgot that I was still sitting under the covers
completely naked with just the sheet covering me up to my
arms. By this time I could feel my sheet getting wet and I
could also smell myself, I just hoped he couldn't.

We had some small talk for a few minutes and I got back to my
question about why he looked so different. He then explained
the difference to me and started to ask me what kind of things
did I think about or have question about. I told him I didn't
ever think of anything really, but that I was just thinking
about what I had seen. Right then if I had known that he was
getting erect I probably would have ran from my room screaming.
One thing I had though about was what did they feel like.
He looked at me with his eyes wide open and said you don't
need to be feeling boys penis'. That's not what
I asked, I was wondering what you felt like. To my surprise
he didn't hit the roof, he just looked at me and said
it all depends. On what I asked, he said on if I'm excited
or not. Just then he leaned over to put out his cig and I glanced
down at his lap, he was dressed now but I could see the side
of his leg had a rather large lump in it. I asked him if he was
excited right now and as soon as I did he covered his lap with
part of my blanket. Papa, it’s ok, I'm not asking you
to let me touch it or anything, I was just wondering what
it looks like when it's excited. He quickly told me
that he's not showing me. At this point I was finished
with my cigarette and leaned over to grab the ash tray, the
sheet slipped down while I was leaning and I caught my father
glance over at me. I was an early bloomer, I was already in
C cups pushing a D. I looked at him and told him it’s not fair
that he just got to see me twice and I’ve never seen one excited
before. Well just then he looked at me and placed his hand
on the side of my cheek, he felt warm on my face. He said that
if he does this I have to swear that I’d never tell my mother
or anyone else for that matter because he could go to jail
if I did. I told him I promise I’d never say anything. (sorry
papa, I’m 29 now, it’s ok..)

He stood up and closed the door, my mother wasn’t due home
until around 6 tonight yet he still looked out my window.
He then came along side my bed and I could see now that he had
to be excited. He then unzipped his pants and pulled them
down just a little. My father was never one for wearing underwear
as I heard my mother bitch about it since I was a kid. He pulled
it out with his right hand and held it there. I asked him to
let go so I could see the whole thing, just as I said that it
jumped and I could see he was wet just by the hole. I asked
him what that was on the tip, he told me it was called pre-cum,
that it’s used to help lubricate when a man and a woman are
about to have sex. I asked him if he was about to have sex with
me, and as soon as I did it twitched again. What was that I
said, he told me that it’s making him very excited to be showing
me and that’s why it’s doing that. He looked so embarrassed.
I told him not to be that I could feel mine doing things too.
Just then he reached out and touched my cheek again and I
just looked up at him.

At this point his penis was so close to me I could smell him.
He looked down at me and told me he loved me and that he doesn’t
want to hurt me but that I was so beautiful. I didn’t say anything
but just then his had slid down my cheek and onto my shoulder,
I just closed my eyes as I was so nervous but I was so turned
on. He then slid his hand across my collar bone and down onto
the sheet and touched the side of my breast and softly squeezed
the side. I looked down at his hand and I could see my nipples
poking through the sheet. He moved his hand and touched
my nipple and I felt an incredible shutter down my whole
body, I just closed my eyes. His hand moved around softly
touching my right breast and I could feel myself getting
wetter again, and I could even feel it on my behind. I opened
my eyes and looked at my father and told him that it felt really
nice, but the sheet was starting to itch me. I pulled the
sheet down a little while I watched his face, I could see
his eyes change as he looked at me. Are you sure you want me
to touch you he said, I told him yes, that I’d rather him touch
me for the first time than some boy in school. Just then he
grabbed my hand and guided it to his penis, I kept my eyes
on him as I was so scared.

He put my hand on him and I could feel him twitch. It was very
hard and yet soft. He started to guide my hand back and forth,
by then I was looking at it and I could see even more pre-cum
starting to drip down onto to side of my bed. He was very big,
I mean I had nothing to compare it to at the time, but I had
seen men in my friends father’s magazines and these guys
were no where near this size, those women’s hands nearly
covered the whole thing, and mine hand couldn’t even fit
around it. Just then he touched the tip and wet his finger
with it. I had no idea what he was going to do but then he touched
my nipple and knelt down and began to kiss it. I could see
little strings of wetness going from his lips to my breast,
then he softly placed his tongue on it and pressed lightly.
Oh my god, that send a shiver all over me and gave me the chills.
He looked at me and said that he could smell me. Then he slid
the sheet down to just below my knees and put his hand on my
leg and started to rub up and down while he continued to kiss
and lick my nipple. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling,
this was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. I asked
him if I could touch him again because I could no longer reach
him. Just then he stood up and asked me to stand up. I did and
he took off his shirt and his pants. He slowly wrapped his
arms around me and I could feel him poking into my stomach
as he gave me a hug. He reached up and put both of his hands
on my face and leaned down and gave me my first kiss. It was
very soft. He had just shaven and he smelt so nice. I always
got him cologne for Christmas and he always wore it. He then
guided my hands to his penis while he kissed me and left them
there. I grabbed him with both of my hands and I could still
tell that there was room for another hand.

I told him my hand was getting wet. He took my finger and rubbed
it across his tip and brought it up to my mouth. I backed away
a bit and said what are you doing, he said just trust me. He
stroked my finger across my lips and I could really smell
it now. He then opened my mouth and told me to show him my tongue,
he placed my finger on my tongue and told me to lick it off.
I couldn’t believe I was doing this, it tasted strong, but
it tasted good. I looked at him and said that tastes good,
he said see I told you. Just then he asked me to sit on the bed.
I did and he moved closer to me, his penis was right there
in front of my face. He held it in his hand and said to give
it a taste, so I did. Just as I leaned over a bit he told me to
open my mouth and to put my tongue on top of my bottom teeth
just touching my lip. He then slid his hand forward and more
pre-cum came out this time right on my tongue, I just looked
at him and licked it into my mouth. Then he said to open up
and he put himself inside my mouth and grabbed my head and
slowly pushed himself into my mouth. I thought it was going
to break my jaw, I could barely open my mouth enough to fit
him inside. I just slid my mouth back and forth for what seemed
to be a long time, the whole time he kept twitching and he
started to moan. He placed my hands on it too and both of my
hands could hold him with it completely in my mouth. This
was the strangest yet most exciting thing I had ever done
in my life.

Just then he pulled himself out and knelt down on the floor.
He leaned over and started to kiss me again, this time I could
feel his tongue touching my lips and darting into my mouth
and trying to touch my tongue. His hand started to slide
up my leg and then it happened, he touched my pussy. Oh my
god! Just as he did I could hear him moan a little, it had gotten
so quiet because the ac went off and I could hear all the wetness
making noise. After about 10 minutes or so he laid me down
on the bed and told me to slide forward a bit and to relax,
as he wanted to kiss me somewhere else. He propped a few pillows
behind my head and then he reached for and lit one of my cigarettes,
he then gave it to me and told me that he wanted to watch me
smoke as he tasted me. Obviously I didn’t object as I was
use to enjoying a cigarette while I masturbated.

He began kissing and licking my pussy, now this was the most
incredible feeling I had ever felt in the world. I just laid
there smoking a cigarette as my father went down on me, the
whole time he watched my face. He could tell I was enjoying
it very much and I could tell he was enjoying it very much
too. After a few minutes I felt myself starting to build,
the more I started to moan the faster and harder he licked
me, darting his tongue inside me. Just then he placed a finger
inside me and started to move it around. Now I had placed
a few things inside me before but it was usually the handle
to my brush or just my own finger, but this went deep inside
and start to push up on me. I couldn’t hold back I let out a
big moan and then it hit me, it hit me like a freight train,
I had an orgasm. Nothing like the ones I usually gave myself
almost every night, this one was incredible. When I was
all done he just looked at me and said did you enjoy that?
Yes I did, that was incredible. He said that that was just
a little one.

By then I was finished with my cigarette and he put it out
for me. He then laid down beside me and started to kiss me
and I could feel the wetness all over his face. It actually
tasted really good, I was always too scared to taste it myself
off of my finger.

He laid back and guided my head back to his penis that was
even harder and larger than it was before. I slid my mouth
onto it and could taste even more cum. Just then he grabbed
my hips and picked me up and rest me pussy onto his face. His
tongue started to slid around and dart in and out of me, what
an incredible feeling. I did my best to open my mouth as wide
as I could but he was just too big. I could feel his penis starting
to throb and I noticed that his balls got really small and
tight. Just then I started to cum again. This time I felt
like I had to pee when I was cumming. I didn’t know what to
do, I didn’t want to pee on my father and in my own bed, eww.
So I started to get up, just as I did he grabbed me and sat me
back down onto the bed sat in front of me.

He asked if I wanted to have him inside me. I told him that
there was no way that would fit inside me. Yes it will honey,
we just have to go slow. I told him I would like nothing more.
He grabbed my face again and kissed me really hard this time,
and we started to kiss harder and faster as the time went
by. His hands were grabbing my breasts harder and harder
until I could no longer tell where he was touching me, it
just became a feeling all across my chest, like one big blur.
While we were still kissing he reached around me and laid
me back down and rolled over on top of me holding himself
up with his arms. His legs were now positioned between mine
and I could feel his hand reach down between us.

Just then I felt his penis touch my pussy and he slid it up
and down. We could just hear the wetness over the sounds
of our kissing. And then it happened. I was penetrated for
the first time at the tender age of 12 by my 44 year old father,
and I couldn’t be happier. He slid his penis inside me and
I thought he was going to tear my pussy in two.

He saw the look of slight pain on my face as I must have stopped
kissing him when it happened and he slowly pulled out. We
looked into each others eyes and he slowly guided himself
inside me again this time watching my face for signs of pain
I guess. After a few minutes I could feel him all the way inside
me and to this day it’s something I’ll never forget. He began
to kiss me again once I relaxed enough and started to go a
little bit faster and still even deeper. His hand was still
down there holding himself so he must not have been inside
me all the way, yet I could feel him hitting my cervix, of
course I had no clue what that was at the time, we hadn’t gotten
that far in school. Finally he removed his hand and slid
it underneath the small of my back while his left hand was
wrapped around my neck. I could feel myself stretching
to allow my father deeper inside me. Oh my god this is just
incredible. The ac had kicked back on by now but we were still
sweating and causing our bodies to make noise. He started
going even faster and faster and I could feel myself starting
to build up again.

That feeling of having to pee came back again but this time
it was stronger, and it didn’t help that my father was on
top of me pumping his penis inside. I told him that I thought
I had to go to the bathroom, he told me that it’s just and orgasm
coming to just relax and let it go. I was like no, I have to
pee. He again told me to trust him and I could feel his cock
starting to get bigger and that just made me start to build
even faster, until finally it happened.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I let go and just gave a little
push and I started to scream. Just as I did this he started
to moan louder and pump me even harder and faster. The pressure
was unstoppable, I just let it go and I felt an explosion
inside my body that to this day I’ve only had with my papa.
I started squirting fluid from my pussy and my father looked
down and thrust himself all the way inside me. I could feel
myself cumming and it was now the most incredible thing
I have ever felt. My father let out a little scream and held
himself all the way inside me and just paused there. I could
feel my pussy grabbing his and I could feel his cock pumping
hot cum inside me. I’ll never forget the look on his face
and I’m sure he too, this lasted for what felt like an eternity
with us pressed hard together both cumming at the same time.
I could feel the bed was completely wet as were our bodies.

After this main climax was over he began to slowing pump
his cock in and out and we could hear how wet it was down there.
This was incredible. I had just had sex with my father and
I wasn’t grossed out at all, I mean he was always a good looking
man, I loved him very much because he always did everything
for me and took me places. Well this journey was one I’d never

I could feel him starting to get soft. I asked him if he was
no longer excited to be inside me, he explained that after
a man has sex and cums that they go soft. But he said he’s not
completely soft. Just then he pulled himself out of me and
I could now see his cock, covered in our juices. I started
to get nervous because I thought he might want to put it inside
my mouth again. But then he slid back down onto his knees
and grabbed my hips and slid me down until my feet were hanging
off the bed. Now my back was completely wet because the sheets
were soaked from our juices and my pee, but it didn’t smell.

He put his mouth back onto my pussy and started to kiss and
softly lick me again. I could feel him slurping as it was
still very wet down there. His tongue was sliding all the
way from the bottom to the top, stopping only to close his
mouth around my clit and swallow our juices. This went on
for another few minutes until I wanted to taste it myself.
So I asked him to stand up in front of me again. He did, this
time I needed no guidance. I took hold of his ten inches in
my hand and slid my mouth around it. It was still dripping
with cum, but this time it tasted even stronger but it was
a little bit colder. I started to stroke my hand just like
I’d seen him do earlier when he first let me taste it and a
glob came out of the tip. I just looked up as I stuck my tongue
out and lapped it up. His penis was getting harder again.
I could only get just slightly more than the head into my
mouth but the more I stroked it the more I could taste hitting
my tongue.

By this time he was completely hard again. I thought to myself,
wow, is he ready for sex again? I kept stroking him this time
with two hands. I could feel his penis getting harder and
harder and no longer need to be supported, yet I still stroked
it. Just then I got an idea to return a favor. I asked him to
sit on the bed and to lay back with the pillow, leaving his
legs handing off the bed.

As I stood up I could feel our cum leak out of me and I must say
at the time if felt pretty disgusting, but I’ve gotten use
to it and actually like it now. Papa laid down on the bed and
I reached over and grabbed a cigarette. I stood there completely
naked right in front of my father and lit a cigarette and
took a few long puffs, it was the best cigarette I had ever
tasted. I held it out for him and told him it’s his turn. I
got down on my knees and put him back in my mouth. This time
it felt a bit different, I had more control and could put
more of it in my mouth. Again he was completely hard now and
I didn’t use my hands as they were helping me stay up, I was
a bit too short to be completely on my knees. As I slid my mouth
up and down on his cock I looked into his eyes, he had the biggest
smile on his face as I’m sure he never had a cigarette while
mom was doing this because she despised smoking and would
always bitch at him and my brothers for smoking. But I didn’t
mind, he looked kind of tuff when he smoked.

I could feel his penis starting to throb and I noticed that
his balls were getting smaller too. His moans were getting
louder so I figured I was doing it right. So I took my fathers
cue and I started to go a bit faster and as deep as I could.
I could feel him hitting the back of my mouth, it made me gag
a few times. This felt really nice because I could completely
control what I was doing and I could see that he was really
enjoying himself. He finished his cigarette and put it
out, the whole time I kept him as deep as I could inside my
mouth. He started to moan even louder and said honey I’m
about to cum again, you might want to pull off. With him still
in my mouth I looked into his eyes and just shook my head no,
I figured that if he can have cum in his mouth then I can too.
Just after I said no, he let out a scream that I swear the neighbors
could hear, and then it happened.

His cock twitched spastically and he started cumming in
my mouth. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat and
some of it started to drip out the sides of my mouth. I started
to swallow as much as I could. It was a bit salty and very hot
on the back of my throat but it wasn’t too bad. I kept looking
into his eyes as I did this just to see his face and his head
was moving from side to side as his cock pumped more cum into
my mouth, I thought it was never going to end and I didn’t
want it to. This was the most fun I had ever had.

After he finished cumming I continued to clean him off,
I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I completely cleaned
of my fathers cock, every last drop of his cum and mine. I
was still completely turned on and wet. I leaned up and started
to kiss him while I put my legs on either side of him. He reached
down and I felt him put his half hard cock back inside me.
It felt so good. He then grabbed both my hips and guided me
up and down stroking his half hard cock with my pussy. I could
still taste myself on his lips and I’m sure he could taste
himself on mine. He slid his hands up and held my face again
while I kept sliding up and down on his now re-hardening
cock. He looked into my eyes and said I love you sweetie,
I love you too papa. He told me that this was the absolute
best sex he had ever had in his life. I asked him if it was like
this with mom. I know I got all the breasts in the family because
my mother’s were tiny. He told me no, it was never anything
like that. He said she doesn’t like to give him blow jobs
and that he hadn’t had one in years since just after they
got married. I was very surprised. He asked me if I was going
to keep this our little secret, and I said little? There’s
nothing little about what we’re doing. But yes papa, I’m
going to keep this to myself.

By now he was completely hard again and started to take control
pumping himself inside me. He placed his hands on both my
breasts and sat me straight up, I could feel him all the way
to my cervix and it was soar, but I still enjoyed it.

We went on like this for another 30 minutes or so until my
legs were completely shaking. Looking back on it now I realize
that we made love first and then we fucked. While I was on
top of him we started going harder and harder until neither
of us could take it anymore and again we both exploded. I
remained there on top of him for a short while with him still
inside me. He kissed me so softly and kept telling me how
beautiful I was and how he loved me so much.

After we finished up we laid there and both smoked a cigarette.
I couldn’t believe what had just happened. My father gave
me the time of my life and I gave him my virginity. As we laid
there I started to think about mom and what if she ever found
out, so I asked him. He told me that he’s sure she would be
upset and hate us both. I told him how much I cared for her
and that I didn’t want to hurt her, but that I really enjoyed
being with him and I asked him if we would ever do this again.
He sat up and just looked at me and said you shouldn’t want
to be with me, that I’m a young woman now and that soon I’ll
be with boys my own age. Well I told him, I’d much rather be
with him than any boy in school, that they were all just jerks.
He agreed with me and told me again that he loved me very much
and that if I were to ever want to be with him again all I had
to do was just let him know. I smiled and kissed him on the

We finished our cigarettes and both got a shower, separately.
I went first. About a half hour later my mother came home
with dinner from our favorite Chinese restaurant and we
all sat at the table and ate. She asked us what we did today
and at the same time he said the lawn and I said homework,
then we both just looked at each other with a half smile on
our faces. Mom said that’s good that she had a rough day at
Macy’s. Our day was a bit rough too I thought, I could barely
walk and I could swear I still felt him inside me.

I’ll never forget this feeling because to this day he’s
still the largest man I’ve ever been with, and even after
all these years I still ache when he’s inside me. We continued
our little love affair until I moved to NC for a while. I ended
up moving back and forth between there and MA until I got
married. Once my husband went away to a sea I moved back home
and we picked up right where we left off. It’s a bit harder
now since I have two children, one that lives with me full
time and one that’s just part time and now my mother is retired.
So now most of our fun is in the middle of the night and we have
to be really quiet. Thankfully our bedrooms are completely
across the house and my mother never hears us.

I’m now 29 and my fathers 62 and yet he’s still the most amazing
man I’ve ever been with, and I’m still papa’s little girl
every chance I get.

~S, NC

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I know that there will be some who will really get on you and
say that your Dad should have been jailed a lomg time ago.
However, I think you wrote very well. I personally thank


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that was a hot story. My cock got hard right away.


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whilst I didn't like the father/daughter connection,
by imagining a 'pretend' father/daughter scenario,
I really enjoyed the story and found it a very horny read...


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Thank you for the story it was amazing and one of the best
I have ever read. With your story I could almost picture


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Great story write more stories


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That was incredible! You wrote that very well! I was hard
from beginning to end.


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Amaizing story, even more amaizing relationship. Now,
I understand why you flirted with me ...I being a so much
older man than you... and after reading this I have this
wonderful desire to meet you and make love to you..............


carrod53 65 T
Score 2.1

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I think your story was great. you and your dad had an experience that most people never have and do not know how great it can feel.