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My First Inter-racial Party


It was with uncertainty and trepidation
that i got ready to go out on Friday nite. I was readying myself
to go to my first Inter-racial nite at a swingers’ club…on
the orders of my Sir. Wait, I should back up and start at the
beginning. My name is slut slave stephanie and i am a new
sub to my Sir, which happened Thursday nite…and Friday
nite’s adventure was my first assignment. That was why
i had so much trepidation….i was to go alone on this first
assignment. My orders were to have a minimum of 3 cocks….2
were to be black, and 3 pussies…1 was to be black. I wasn’t
sure if i was up to the task given me…or how i would complete
the task to my Sir’s satisfaction….i do not want to displease
Him…it is imperative i work hard to please Him. I showered
and shaved…He ordered that my pussy be cleanly shaven for
all to enjoy. My hands were shaking as i shaved…i hope i don’t
nick myself! I was trying to make a plan to complete such
a tremendous task. I got dressed…a paisley skirt…no panties
of…and a see-thru black blouse with a red
shelf bra to push up my tits and show off my pierced nipples…which
were adorned with my nipples stretchers…by order of my
Sir…He luvs the look of my nipples being stretched and wanted
all to see as well. Oh! They feel so good! It was hard not to
play with them in such a sensitive state...mmm. I took pictures
of my outfit for my Sir since He was not able to be with me to
see in person….and i am off!!

Oh...short side bar….as i am writing this i am required
to have a butt plug up my ass to stretch it for big cocks down
the road. My Sir has plans to use me well and my ass is very
tight right now so it needs stretching. It actually is starting
to feel good…how quickly i have become His slut!...His
whore!…i revel in pleasing Him!…and this is only the beginning
of the wild ride ahead of me. I even went out today to buy a
new butt plug to stretch my ass for Him….and He didn’t have
to order me to do so.

As i am driving to my destination my heart is pounding…my
ears are ringing….How am i going to complete my tasks? I
don’t want to displease Him! As i drive along the dark roads
i envision different scenarios to introduce myself to
people…making it known that i am to be a slut tonite...that
i am to be fucked well and hard…and i am to eat pussies for
the ladies’ pleasure. I must not be shy! I put in my Judas
Priest tape and blast the music…it always helps me get pumped
up...and it worked.

Finally!...i am there! I pull into the parking lot...but…
i call my Sir on the phone…i need a bit of a confidence boost.
Oh?...will i get voicemail or will He answer? He answers!
We talk for a bit….i wanted Him to know that i followed His
orders…i am at the club ready to go in and be His black cock
slut slave for the nite. (Secretly i am so excited!...i
can’t wait to work for His approval.) We chatted for a bit
and He was pleased i was there…He said i would do well and
told me to have fun.

Brrrrr! It is cold out!…or is it just my nerves getting the
better of me? I walk into the club to the front desk. There
are others waiting their turn to join the festivities…lol.
Mmm….lots of black men…i could smell the sex in the air already...and
it turns me on…as well as the sight of all those black men
who may want to fuck my white pussy tonite. I pay my fee and
before i could even walk down the hall to the bar area i was
approached by a handsome black man….he wanted me! But i
needed to eat first…lol...need the energy to play hard
tonite. He follows me to the lockers where i put my bag for
safekeeping. He comes up behind me and grabs my ass…oh that
felt good! He nuzzles my neck…”You smell good baby…what
is that scent you are wearing?” I couldn’t think!
head was spinning already from relief…i am wanted already.
I gather myself and answer it is one of my Givenchy parfums…my
favorites. He told me he wanted me now!…all the
while grabbing my ass and playing with my nipple….my legs
are weak already. I asked him for ten minutes so i could eat
first and then yes…he can have me. He laughs…of course…you
need the energy for me! He told me to look for him at the bar…so
we can play.

I go to the bar to get a alcohol tonite...i don’t
need it and i have to drive later as well. I check out the people
there…and get several looks from some of the black men there...all
seem interested in fucking my white pussy….i am getting
more turned on. I am relieved…i know i will be able to complete
my Sir’s task of at least 3 cocks tonite...2 black. I go to
get some food….no one really up in the dining area so i eat
quickly to get back to my purpose here tonite. DAMN IT!!
I lost a nipple stretcher! My Sir will be displeased…He
truly likes them on His/my nipples. I retrace my steps but
no I go to the desk and ask that if they would happen
to find it i would be grateful. They are very nice there and
assure me if it is found they will send it to me.

Well….i have to put that out of my mind and get to my task.
As i walk down the hall again i am stopped by another blk guy…and
he starts to play with my nipple…and grabs my ass. “Hey sweetie….want
some blk cock?” Of course i do! We find an empty room and we
chat for a couple of minutes….introduce ourselves…and
then he removes his shirt. “Like that baby?” Oh yeah! He
unbuttons my blouse and i take it off…he pulls my skirt off…pleased
to see my naked pussy not hidden by any panties and feels
it with his fingers…Surprise! Surprise!...pierced pussy
too. He tells me to sit on the bed and face him….he opens his
pants…OMG!...his cock is hard as a rock…a big black cock.
I couldn’t wait….i had to have it in my mouth….so i start
sucking his cock right away. Oh he likes that! Already he
is moaning with my hot mouth wrapped around his rock hard
blk cock. So thick too…i can barely get it in my mouth. “Baby,
lick my balls”…..and i do. Oh i like that musky masculine
smell!…i can feel my pussy is wet already. “Do you want that
big blk cock in your pussy?” Oh yes please! He puts on a condom
and has me get on my knees so he can fuck me from behind….my
favorite position…good deep fucking...mmm. He fingers
my pussy for a minute to get me wet and starts slipping in
s cock…oh god that feels so good! Can i take it all? He stretches
my tight pussy to the limit and starts ramming me. OH MY GOD!
OH MY GOD! He makes me cum so quickly…and keeps fucking me
hard. He hits my G spot over and over…i have lost count as
to how many times i cum. He tells me he wants to feel my pussy
cum all over his cock…and it does. Then he pulls out…NO!...but
he tells me to lay on my back…he puts my legs up in the air and
starts fucking me again…ramming my G spot and makes me cum
again. My god that feels so good! As he fucks me i moan loudly…i
can’t help it…feels so good having a big black cock ramming
my tight pussy. But…he isn’t done yet…he has me get on my
knees again and fucks me again from behind….i am breathing
so fast i can hardly catch my breath. He is breathing fast
now too…he is about ready to cum….and then i feel his cock
spew his cum while in my pussy. Oh i luv the feel of a cock cumming
inside my pussy. I grab onto his cock with my pussy muscles
to milk all the cum out…then he pulls out of me. “Thanx baby…you
are a good fuck…I’d like to see you again before you leave.”
We get dressed to go out to join the rest of the festivities.
Damn! legs are shaking!....always a good thing!

Whew! That was only my first fuck of the nite and it was great!…i
need to regroup for just a few minutes so i head to the bar
to get another soda…but as i am walking down the hall i am
waylaid again by another blk guy. Of course i stop to chat,
keeping in mind my orders for the nite, and we introduce
ourselves. He starts playing with my nipple…lol…and likes
my piercing…and i am feeling bolder so i feel his cock in
his pants. Damn it feels big! He wants me too! I ask for just
five minutes to get a soda and my legs under me and he says
come right back….lol. I go to the bar and while i am waiting
to be served a young white guy starts chatting with me. He
is alone there and looking for a piece of ass….but he looks
out of place tonite…with all the blk guys there. I wonder
to myself if he has a cock big enough to compete with all the
big blk ones that are there. We chat some and yes….i will
fuck him.

We head back to the rooms and also meet up with the guy i had
just chatted with and i ask if they both want to play with
me at the same time….and they are game. We are lucky enough
to get a room (this will be the last time i am in a private room
this nite because they are all full for the rest of the evening).
We chat a little...this is the first time either of them
played in a group….but not for this slut…lol. Uh oh…no condoms…so
i quickly run to the locker to get my stash….and hurry back…don’t
want to keep them waiting! I get back and we all strip to nothing.
The blk guy lays down….and i sit on the edge of the bed to suck
the wht cock. I suck his cock to hard (yes, he isn’t very big)
and turn around to start sucking the blk cock….which is
already hard for me, and very big too...mmm….i can barely
fit his cock in my mouth. I feel very bold now and take charge
here….so i decide that they are to give me a dp. I start by
sitting on the big blk cock…..oh does it feel good going
into my pussy….and i am so wet too. I start riding his cock
and cum quickly…he hits my G spot right away…and i am so turned
on because i am watching myself in the mirror at the head
of the bed. After i cum the first time i turn around some (while
still sitting on the blk cock) and start playing with the
wht cock to get it hard again so he can fuck my ass for the dp.
Unfortunately he can’t keep his hard-on….and just rubs
his cock in the crack of my ass and cums quickly. He is done
so he gets dressed and leaves…but assures me he enjoyed

I am still impaled by the blk cock….and want to be fucked
more…so i start riding hard….and cum quickly again…his
big blk cock fills my tight pussy….rubbing the sides in
just the right way and i am loathe to change positions…it
feels so good in my pussy. So i ride for a few more minutes…cumming
again…my pussy making his cock slick with my cum. As i am
riding his cock he sucks on my nipples….which really turns
me on and helps me cum harder….can i last the nite?
Oh i want that blk cock to ram my pussy from behind…..make
me cum hard again please! We change positions…but Surprise!
Surprise! for me….he wants to fuck my ass….and knowing
that my Sir wants my ass to be fucked i must say yes. I am nervous
though because my ass has not been stretched yet and he has
a big cock. He slowly puts his cock in my ass…and fucks me
for a couple of minutes…but it is uncomfortable and he senses
my discomfort so he pulls out, puts on a new condom and fucks
my pussy from behind. OH! That feels so good! I luv a big blk
cock in my tight white pussy. I cum quickly again…and he
starts breathing faster…he is going to cum soon. Yes…blow
that wad into my pussy! He starts pumping my pussy faster
and harder….he is cumming….oh yes…we both cum at the same
time! He slowly pulls out and thanks me…he says i am good
too. My Sir will be pleased…i have already had the minimum
required number of cocks fuck me…and two were blk. I roll
over on my back….my legs are shaking and i can’t move….lol.
He gets dressed and as he is leaving another blk guy comes
into the room. He wants to fuck me too….i know what my orders
are so yes….he can fuck me.

We chat a little as he undresses and he lies down next to me
on the bed. I am such a slut…and even though i was just fucked
i am turned on and ready to go again. He asks me if i like blk
cock….and i say yes i do…do you like bbw’s? He laughs…sure,
any woman is fine for me. I start sucking his cock….mmm…tastes
good….feels good in my mouth. I lick his balls some too…and
smell that musky scent which makes my pussy wet again. As
i suck his cock it grows big in my mouth…again i can hardly
fit it into my mouth….damn!...all these blk cocks are big!
He starts laughing…”Bet ya didn’t expect such a big cock
on such a skinny guy?” I laugh too….no…i didn’t expect such
a big cock on such a skinny guy….but all the better! After
i suck his cock to hard he gets up…and pulls my ass to the edge
of the bed…and slides his cock into my waiting wet pussy…pushing
my legs high into the air. Oooohhh! It feels so good already!
He gets his whole cock deep into my pussy….hitting my G spot
and i cum quickly. He continues to fuck me while i keep cumming….”Fuck
my pussy!” i cry. He slides his cock all the way into my pussy
and then pulls it all the way out until only his cockhead
is in my pussy…teasing me. He does this several times and
it drives me wild. Then he says to roll over…he wants to fuck
me from behind. I know i will cum several more times because
this is my favorite position. I get on my hands and knees
and stick my ass into the air. He fingers my pussy for a minute
to get me slick again….then slides his rock hard cock back
into my waiting pussy. OMG he fills my pussy so good. He does
the pussy teasing again…sliding his cock all the way in
to hit my G spot…then pulls all the way out to just his cockhead
in my pussy. I call him a pussyteaser….he laughs and says
“Yes…and you like it too, don’t you?” I moan yes i do and he
continues to drive me crazy with the teasing. Then he starts
to pump my pussy hard….he is on the verge of cumming. This
drives me over the edge….i am moaning loudly…”Fuck my pussy….YES!”
and i cum hard again. I have a deathgrip on the sheet with
my hands the feeling is so intense. OH GOD! OH GOD! YESSSSS!
I can hear him breathing faster now…and i can feel he is tensing
up…and his black cock cums in my pussy just as i reach the
height of my orgasm. We literally cum at the same time. He
slows down his strokes…still inside my pussy…and fucks
me for a few more minutes as i come down from my orgasm. He
is done….pulls out…and i fall flat on my belly….breathing
fast…heart still pounding. Oh that felt soooo good. I roll
over on my back and thank him for a great fuck….he laughs
and says he’d like to see me again before the nite is over.
He gets dressed as i catch my breath….i slowly get dressed
too…lol….need to get out of the room so someone else can
have some fun too.

My legs are so rubbery….lol…so i decide now is a good time
to visit the hot tub…get my legs back under me with a nice
hot soak. As i wind my way through the hall and the forest
of blk guys i get stopped a few times…but i need a short break
so i tell them i will be back shortly. I head to the lockers…get
undressed….and head into the hot tub. Ooohhh that hot water
feels good, as well as the jets. Feels good just to relax
for a few minutes….but my orders are still in the front of
my mind….i must have as many cocks as possible tonite. The
hot tub is almost empty….one couple and one blk guy….so
i go over to him to chat and see if he’d like to play. We chat
and i feel bold so i start stroking his cock under the water…ooohh…he
is nice and hard too. A friend of his comes over and chats
for a few minutes too….but bad news…he starts losing his
hard-on. He says he has a wicked sinus headache which is
why he is in the tub…for the steam. I understand…and the
hot water too will affect a guy. Oh well. I leave him and go
back to soak for a few more minutes then get out and shower….on
to the next lucky guy….lol.

I head back out to the hall to look for more action. I make
my way to a small TV room and am approached by a blk guy. He
takes me over to one of the couches so i can give him a blow
job. He sits down and pulls out his cock for me and i start
sucking away. I can’t get enough blk cock tonite….the blk
cock slut that i am. He really likes how i suck his cock….but
he wants to play with my pussy too…so i drop my towel and am
naked now and i reposition myself so he has access to my pussy.
He starts moaning louder….”That’s the way” and i start
moaning as he fingers my clit and pussy…damn i am wet so quickly
again. He pulls my head off his cock…time to fuck. He has
me sit on the couch and grabs my legs to lift them into the
air so he can get his hard cock in my pussy. Crunched up as
i am he hits my G spot good and makes me cum quickly…but the
position is a little tough for him so he has me kneel so he
can fuck me from behind. He starts pounding my pussy hard
and again i have multiple orgasms. I can’t believe it!....this
is my fifth cock of the nite…and still time for more. He fucks
me for a few more minutes but starts losing his hard-on.
He apologizes….i am not his first fuck of the nite…lol….and
he is starting to run low. He really feels bad that he lost
his hard-on and couldn’t cum….but i tell him it is ok….he
did make me cum and it felt great He made it clear to me that
it wasn’t my fault he couldn’t cum….it was him because he
was getting worn out already….lol. This was a public room
and there was another couple sitting in it watching the
porn on the TV and the live show on our couch. There also was
a steady stream of people coming to the door to watch him
fuck me….encouraging him and telling me to suck his cock
good for him. The first blk guy who fucked me even stopped
by for a few minutes….telling him that i am a good cock sucker
and a good fuck. LOL….of course those people were curious
to see what the racket was in that room since i make a lot of
noise when i am fucked good so they knew they would see a slut
in action.

He pulls his pants on and gives me a long French kiss….an
apology for not cumming with me. It is ok….he still fucked
me good. As he gets dressed i tell him i need to look for some
ladies…that i am on a mission to lick some pussy tonite.
He tells me i missed the action in the public room…there
were 3 ladies going to town licking each other for all to
enjoy watching. Oh i am disappointed! Sir would have
wanted me to be a part of that pussy lickfest. I ask him about
that show and he describes one of the women to me….she has
a tattoo on her shoulder that is easy to identify, so i decide
that i should go out to see if i can find her and fulfill my
Sir’s orders.

I take a few minutes for my legs to stop shaking so i can walk
again…lol…lots of that tonite….and head toward the big
public room. It has 4 mattresses in it for people to use.
There is no action when i go through the public room so i head
down the hall towards the hot tub area and i am in luck! I see
the bi lady with the tattoo so i go up to her to chat and see
if we can have some playtime. She laughs…”I’d luv to hun
but right now I am taking a ten minute break. These boys are
wearing me out!” I know what she means….lol! She tells me
to look for her a little later to play.

So i head back to the public room and out in the hall one of
the guys grabs me and says he wants to get lucky with me. He
says to follow him…he’s looking for an open room. We go around
to all the rooms but every one is occupied. There is a LOT
of action tonite. He is getting frustrated and keeps checking
out the different rooms. I drift away from him and head back
to the public room where a blk guy out in the hall stops me.
He says his friend, who is sitting alone on the bed, is here
for the first time and it is his birthday. Would i want to
help him out and play with him? Sure i say, why not? So i go
in and start talking to the guy on the bed. “I heard it’s your
birthday and your first time here. Wanna play?” He brightens
up…Sure! So i tell him to stand up and i sit on the edge of the
bed while he lets down his pants. I let go of the towel i have
wrapped around me…now totally naked for all to see, and
i take his cock into my mouth and start sucking him to hard.
“Ahhhh!” he says, “that feels so good baby!” His blk cock
quickly grows big and hard in my mouth…mmm. I lie back on
the bed, spread my legs wide open and say, “Wanna fuck me?”
“Yeah!” he says. I tell him to put a condom on and fuck my pussy
good for me. He pulls one out of his pocket to put on and while
he is doing this a small audience gathers at the door. One
of these is a pretty blk lady and i ask her if she plays with
women. She says unfortunately she doesn’t, but if she did
she would most certainly play with me. Disappointed again.
Well, my fuck partner is ready and he pushes my legs up into
the air and starts fucking my tight wet pussy. (Yes, i have
been walking around with a wet pussy all nite…lol.) He hits
my G spot hard and i cum quickly which turns him on even more
so he starts pounding my pussy harder. I lift my hips up some
so he can bang my pussy deeper and i throw my head back moaning
in pleasure. I am such a slut….i simply can’t get enough
blk cock tonite. My moans and hip thrusting turn him on even
more and he quickly cums in my pussy. He has a big smile on
his face, “Thanks baby, that was great!” I laugh, “Glad
i could help make your birthday a good one.”

I lie on the bed for a few minutes and chat with some of the
guys who were watching me get fucked. One of them says to
me, “Oh, you are the pierced one.” and comes over and i spread
my pussy lips so he can see while he fingers my pussy and feels
my pussy piercings. (I have several body adornments ---
both nipples, a VCH --- vertical clit hood --- clit triangle
and two inner labia piercings.) Apparently word has spread
about the wht bbw slut with the body piercings who luvs to
fuck blk cock. “So do you want to fuck this pierced pussy?”
i say. He laughs, “Sure I do, but there aren’t any open rooms.”
I laugh, “What are you shy? Right here is good.” He looks
around for a couple of seconds and laughs again, “No, not
really” and starts undressing. I move down to the other
mattress and his cock is already rock hard from watching
me fuck before so he slips the condom on and tells me to move
my ass to the edge of the bed. He lifts my legs up into the air
and slips his hard blk cock all the way into my pussy. “Damn
you feel good!” he says. Some of his friends come in to watch
us fuck. He tells one that i need a cock in my mouth so that
guy unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and sticks it into
my waiting mouth to suck him. He is soft at first but quickly
grows hard as i suck him. The guy fucking me asks his buddy
if i am a good cock sucker and he replies, “Damn straight
she is!” OMG! Fucking and sucking at the same time! My pussy
is getting pounded hard and i cum multiple times moaning
while sucking the big blk cock in my mouth. I am literally
getting fucked in two holes.

The guy whose cock i am sucking was leaning across my body
so i couldn’t see the guy who was fucking my pussy. He pulls
his cock out of my mouth and when i look down to look at the
guy fucking me i am in for a surprise….it is a different guy
there! I had no idea that the first guy had cum and a second
one had taken his place to continue fucking me! OMG! I am
being gang banged!….one of my fantasies is now reality….my
Sir will be very pleased with me i think to myself. (At least
i hope He will be pleased with me.)

I say to the new guy, “You aren’t the same one who started
fucking me” and he laughs. “No he was done so I took over fucking
you for him.” He pulls out and tells me to get on my knees….he
wants to see my ass in the air. I get on my hands and knees and
wiggle my ass for him. He strokes my ass with his hand and
tells me i have a sweet ass. He slides his blk cock back in
my pussy and starts fucking me hard again. I start moaning
loudly as i start cumming again. Not only is it the physical
sensations that make me cum but the fact that i realize i
am being gang banged which turns me on even more to give me
such hard multiple orgasms.

I lay my head and shoulders into the mattress and put my hands
behind my head grabbing onto my hair. The guy fucking me
sees this and he pushes my hands aside and grabs my hair instead,
pulling my head up and back. Oh what a feeling of being controlled!
Some more friends stop by for the live action show. He says
to them, “I think she needs a cock to suck in her mouth.” So
one of these guys comes over, kneels in front of me, unzips
his pants and sticks his blk cock into my waiting mouth.
I look like a hungry little bird in the nest, with open mouth
and tongue sticking out waiting for that cock. I pull forward
some so i can get the cock into my mouth and the guy behind
me pulls my hips back saying “Don’t run away from me girl.”
The guy whose cock i am sucking says, “Now don’t lose my cock
from your mouth.” They continue doing this pulling me first
forward and then back all the while telling me, “Lick that
cock with your tongue”, “Don’t run from me”, “Suck that
blk cock”. Back and forth, back and forth, making me work
hard to get both of those cocks. I am so incredibly turned
on….moaning with that cock in my mouth and i keep cumming
hard when the guy the guy fucking me exclaims, “Damn! She
squirts!” That’s how hard they worked me, turning me on
with their dominating, making my pussy squirt my cum all
over that big blk cock fucking me. This drives him over the
edge and he squirts his own cum into my pussy. He pulls out
when he is done and says, “Thanks baby, that was fantastic!”
and tells his buddy to keep working me hard sucking his cock.

He puts he hand on the back of my head and pushes his cock deeper
into my mouth. I am still moaning…still having that feeling
of being dominated. He pulls out his cock and tells me to
lick his balls, which i eagerly do. There are still people
coming into the room to watch the action going on. A couple
come in, it is the couple from the TV room earlier. The guy
whose cock i am sucking reaches over to her and pulls her
shirt up and starts sucking on her left nipple. I reach up
and start playing with her right nipple. With the two of
us on each nipple she starts moaning and gets turned on.
Another guy comes up behind me and starts fingering my pussy,
but i pull away from him. I turn around and say “Please no
more. I’m sorry but my pussy is sore and i can’t take anymore.”
He laughs and says that’s okay, he understands. The guy
whose cock i was sucking zips his pants up and tells me, “You
did good baby.” I lie down for a few minutes to catch my breath,
then get up and wrap the towel around me…i am worn out and
really need a drink.

So i head to the bar to get some soda. I sit down and get my soda
but am still watching what is going on around me. There are
a few people in the bar area and a blk couple pass by me but
they are walking quickly so are gone before i can stop them.
They disappear up the hall, and i think to myself…if only
you weren’t so worn out you could have moved quicker to talk
to her. I know my Sir is going to be displeased because i haven’t
fulfilled all my assignments for the nite. Yes, i exceed
getting the minimum number of cocks He ordered (3 cocks,
2 being blk) but i failed in getting the minimum number of
pussies (3 pussies, 1 being blk). I hope He understands
that i had very few opportunities to lick pussy tonite because
the women were occupied with the blk men (as was i) and that
there were very few blk women there that nite…i had only
seen about 3 or 4 the whole nite. I did make attempts to fulfill
my task, having asked the blk lady i saw if she played with
women and also going up to the wht woman who i knew played
with women…but she was taking a break at the time i approached
her, and now it is getting late. Oh i hope He understands
about how my nite went tonite! Even as i am sitting here drinking
my soda and trying to get my legs under me i see several blk
men eyeing me up and a couple even ask me to play, but i just
can’t anymore, my pussy is sore. The wht guy who i had played
with earlier that evening comes up to me and asks me to play
again. I tell him i just can’t anymore, i am worn out. He pushes
for a few more minutes but i honestly cannot take anymore
fucking tonite and i firmly tell him no…no more tonite.
So i decide i need another quick soak in the hot tub.

I go back to the hot tub for a nice quick soak. OH! does that
water feel good on my sore pussy and legs, the jets beating
on my tired shoulders…lol….i had been on my hands and knees
for a good portion of the nite. I lie back and just enjoy the
heat relax my tired body…well fucked this nite. It is getting
late and if i stay in here much longer i will get too relaxing
and have a hard time driving home so i get out and shower.
I dry off and go to the locker area to get dressed to leave….lol…can’t
go out into the regular world naked…don’t want to get arrested.
As i am walking down the hall i pass by the public room and
there is another woman who has taken my place being fucked
by a blk guy. I have to stop and watch…lol…my turn to be the
observer. She is a pretty wht bbw. She is also a squirter
and the blk guys who are working her are having a good time
making her squirt. I go closer and chat with her a little
bit and ask “Do you play with women?” I can’t help myself….even
though i am dressed and ready to leave i am still trying to
fulfill my Sir’s orders for the nite…that is how strong
my desire to please Him is. She turns to me and says “Yes hun
I normally do like to play with women but not now….Ii am worn
out and it is almost time for them to kick us out. And I have
to work 9 hours yet today.” By this time it was 2:50 and sure
enough just after she said that the staff started calling
out that the club was closing in 10 minutes. I lean down and
lick her nipples while the blk guy finishes fucking her
and that helps to bring her to orgasm. She thanks me and tells
me maybe next time we are there together we can play.

Well, i head out to get my coat and go to my car. I remember
though… i had lost a nipple stretcher on my way in so when
i get to my car i open the door, throw my things in and start
checking the ground around the driver’s side door…hoping
i might get lucky and it dropped off there ….because my Sir
will not be pleased that i had lost it. He luvs the look of
my nipples being stretched and for me it really feels good
so i truly want to find that lost nipple stretcher. I get
my keychain flashlite and start searching the ground flashing
it around and YES! I am in luck! I see it lying on the ground.
I am so relieved….i found it! My Sir will be pleased i had
good luck tonite…in many ways. Oh i hope He is pleased with
His black cock sucking slut slave tonite.

I drive home and the ride is fairly easy…there is no traffic
and i stay wide awake because of the adrenaline running
through my body….and the caffeine in the soda helped too.
I get home and get ready for bed….crawling in exhausted
from the nite’s activities. My oone regret is that my Sir
was not able to be there to watch His blk cock slut slave work
hard for her Sir. As i drift off to sleep i wonder what next
He has planned for me?…i am sure He will be working me hard.
I will work hard for Him….my desire is to please Him and He
fills my dreams this nite.

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Damn good story. Does she swallow?

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