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My First Gay Experience


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When I was young I spent two weeks over at my friends
house while my parents went on vacation. They let me have
the bedroom downstairs. My friend's dad was divorced
and he and his sister stayed at both houses. The dad liked
to wrestle with me alot and we became really close. He was
an older guy who didn't look gay at all.

From the very first time we played, I could feel his rock
hard cock pushing against me as he pinned me down. I never
had a gay experience before and at first it was a little shooking
to me that a guy got turned on by my body. But
Later found that I liked the feeling of someone having full
control of me. It was like being gently . Every time
we played I teased him more and it became more sexual. At
first I was playing, then I was teasing, by a few days
I was his sex slave. This is the story of my first sexual experiences...

The dad and I wrestled alot, probably because it was the
only way to get really close to me without getting in trouble.
After a while I found myself liking it when he pinned me down
because his cock was always grinding against my body as
we pretended to be playing. It became comfortable for me
to flirt with him while I pushed and rubbed my ass against
his penis. He had the biggest cock and it felt really good.
I was just trying to see how far I could take it
without doing anything sexual.

A couple of times he grabbed my hips with both hands as I was
on him. Trying not to be too obvious he would move my body
exactly were he wanted it, right on top of his rock hard cock.
He would roll on top of me, getting me on my
back. In a very sexual position, I eventually wrapped my
legs around his waist. He seemed to like this position as
much as me, pumping and grinded his huge rod between my legs.
He would pin me down pretending to tickle me, when
really I could feel him thrusting his cock against my ass
like we were fucking.

About the third night I was there, everyone was asleep.
I heard the TV on in the livingroom so I peaked out to see who
it was. Sitting there in his underwear he was watching TV.
Since it was late and I was in my underware too and everyone
was asleep upstairs I went in to tease him. Standing in front
of the TV I bent over and turned the channel. He said, "Hey.."
and used the remote to turn it back. I did it again and he said,
"Knock it off or you're gonna' get it".
I went over to him and strattle him while he sat on the sofa
pretending I was going to hold him down. He quickly rolled
me over making my body lay on the sofa and layed on top me,
holding my arms above my head with one hand and started tickling
me with the other. I wrapped my legs around his back and could
feel his bulge getting bigger as I pretended to squirm.

After a while his cock was rock hard and I could feel the head
as it poked me just once in a while. Knowing we were both in
underware he didn't want to make it totally obvious
that he had a hard on. So he didn't push it against me
that much. Since I was flirting so much, I went as far as grabbing
his hips and forcing them to keep pumping against me. This
is how I learned I liked an older guy's cock rubbing
up against my body. While on my back and my legs wrapped around
him, I slowly pulled and pushed his hips making his huge
shaft follow my lead almost fucking my ass. I never wanted
a cock inside me before then and wanted him to do it to me really
bad. After awhile he started getting really turned on and
slowly rubbed his cock against me without me forcing him.
Still tickling me as his shaft pumped against my tight ass.
He didn't know it but I slid my underware to one side
and could feel the head of his cock wanting
to fuck me, but his underware was in the way. As he pretended
to tickle me while almost fucking me, he suddenly held his
breath and I could feel his warm cum explode inside his underware.
As he squirted his load against my ass I could feel it coming
through and dripping down my leg.

He let go and I told him that was fun as I went into the guestroom
hoping he would follow. I took off all my cloths and bent
over the bed and felt my ass. It had a huge amount of cum on
it. I stayed doggie style waiting for him to
come in, I sat with my ass pointing straight at the door so
there wouldn't be any question about it and that I wanted
him to fuck me. While my head was on the bed I rubbed the cum
between my cheeks. It felt so good and slippery as I
slowly pushed a little inside my ass with my middle finger.
It was so slippery, I thought it would be perfect to get fucked
right now for the first time. But he never came in. I wanted
to go into his room but didn't because he wasn't
making it obvious that he wanted to fuck me.

The next night, after everyone was asleep, I went into the
bathroom and took a shower. I put only a towel on and walked
back through the livingroom to go in the guest room. I noticed
the dad on the floor watching TV. As I walked by him to go into
the bedroom to change he
grabbed my leg as I passed by. Pulling my leg over his body,
I fell next to him with my leg over his chest. He quickly jumped
on top of me and rolled me on my back and started tickling
me. My towel came loose, but he kept his body
between my spred legs. Then he rolled me over on my stomach.
The towel was only half way around my body as he got on top
of me. While I was trying to grab my towel, he pinned my back
down so I couldn't move. With one cheek
exposed he sat on the back of my legs pinning me down, while
tickling me. Taking advantage of me by pushing and rubbing
his cock against my ass. He wasn't being too obvious,
but every time I went to pull away, he would grab my
hips (tickling them) and pulled me to stay under him. I realized
he was really getting turned on when he started grabbing
my exposed ass. He was
forceful and that turned me on. I fantisized about him
me while I moved around alot, pushing my butt against him.

I felt things were getting out of hand as he took my towel
completely off. While grabbing my towel, I got away from
him and sat on the coach, putting a pellow over my hard on.
My friend was upstairs sleeping so he sat on the other side
of the coach. I could see his hard on bulging from his pajamas.
I was actually asking for it teasing him so much, but I quickly
laid my head on his lap and we watched TV. I could feel his
huge hard penis as I moved around every few minutes.

Pretending I fell asleep, I moved once in a while like I was
restless but really stroking his cock with my head. I turned
around and faced his stomach with my mouth open, pretending
I was snoring. 15 minutes must have past by as
he tried to get me closer by moving around. He eventually
unbuttoned the one button from his pajamas and pulled the
fly open. Barely opening my eyes I could see his cock was
still inside his pajamas but the bottom side of his
huge shaft was exposed 2 inches from my mouth. I thought
about sucking his cock right then but didn't because
I was a virgin and didn't want him to cum in my mouth.

After a while he put his hand on the back of my head. He kept
it there for a few minutes slowly moving me toward his rod.
I moved and rested my head so my mouth gently touched his
shaft against my lips. He put his hand back on my
shoulder waiting for me to suck his cock. I sat there with
his monster penis resting against my mouth not putting
it in, wondering what I got myself into. Once in a while he
would move his hips pushing his dick against my lips. Licking
my lips making them wet every time he moved, I kept my mouth
open as the bottom of his cock shaft pushed against it. His
cock felt warm to my lips as I sat drooling on it with my mouth
open. I thought about sucking his cock
and going down on him completely and wondered what his warm
cum tasted like.

Once in a while as I moved, he would gently put his hand back
on my head trying to get me to accepted it in my mouth. I layed
there with my mouth open and his shaft resting against my
lips. He slowly stroked my mouth with his
cock here and there. I licked and closed my mouth to move
my lips on has shaft every time. I was just teasing him. He
would move and I would pretend he was waking me up as I stroked
his cock with my tonge. He again would put his hand on the
back of my head trying to guide it in.

His shaft was so long I only could feel the beginning of it.
It was so wide I had to open my mouth completely to just get
it against my tonge. Never doing anything more than wrapping
my lips around the base of his shaft and
stroking it with my tounge. I could feel it pulse as I touched
it. I had never thought about getting fucked by a guy or giving
head until then. I was thinking I would rather have him fuck
me in the ass than to have to swallow cum. That's what
got me really thinking about him fucking me. His cock felt
good rubbing against me and I liked it when he took advantage
of me, forcing me down. But his penis was so big it would probably
rip me in half. I must have been driving him crazy too.

I enjoyed it so much, I found myself teasing him every chance
I had. Early the next morning I heard someone in the kitchen.
I looked out and it was him wearing just a towel. I thought
to myself, now's my chance. I went upstairs to my frined's
sisters room and found a pair of tiny black sweat shorts.
She was staying at the mother's the entire time I was
there. I quickly put them on without any underwear. They
were really small and my ass showed alot. I ran down the stairs
and threw my underwear in the guest room and walked into
the kitchen. Putting my hands on the counter, I told him
my back hurt from laying on the couch last night and asked
him if he could rub it.

He got behind me and started rubbbing my shoulders. Every
time I felt his cock brush up against me I said, "Mmm
that feels good!" to let him know I wanted to be messaged
by his penis not his hands. I leaned over the counter as his
hands were rubbing my shoulders. He couldn't help
but keep his dick up against my ass as he reached to message
me. When his body didn't move against me I told him,
"do it harder". When his monster cock rubbed
against me I said,
"Mmm right there! That feels so good!". I could
feel his rock hard penis under his towel as it pushed against
me. I guess you could have called me a prick tease, but by
now I wanted him to fuck me or at least cum on my ass again.

When he started getting turned on, I layed my head on the
counter and told him, "oh ya! That feels good!".
One of his hands stopped messaging me as he pulled his towel
to one side. He started rubbing between my shoulders again
and I could feel his naked shaft push up against my cheeks.
I spread my legs as he slowly pumped his cock between my legs
and against my balls just once and then pulled it away. Waiting
for my reaction and trying not to be obvious what he was doing.
It took me a second, but I eventually said, "Ohh Ya,
Do it!" Suggesting I liked it and wanted to feel his
penis push against my tight ass again. He pumped his body
once again and I said, "Mmm Right there". Then
pulled away for a while. He knew he was turning me on.

I moved my ass back and forth trying to make him want to do
it again. I pushed it out as he leaned forward and pumped
his shaft one long stroke and asked me, "You like that?".
I said, "Ooh Ya!". After a while he grabbed my
hips and with his thumbs started messaging my spine. Playing
with the top of my tight shorts, slowly pulling them down.
He pulled them down about 5 inches with his thumbs as his
hands went lower and started feeling my ass. I could feel
him move his monster rod between my cheeks outside of my
shorts, so I pushed my ass out and spread my legs even wider
to accept his huge cock inside me. Everything was happening
so slow, his cock pumping slowly against my ass
and his hands slowly moving across the top of my cheeks.
I wanted his penis against my skin as I was bent over the kitchen
counter. He put his hand on the side of my mouth and asked,
"Do you want me to keep going?". I turned my head
and started sucking his fingers. He asked again, "Do
you want it now"? I thought he was going to pull my short
all the way down and fuck me right there! I felt so horny as
he pushed his cock against me leaning forward to
ask. I said quietly, "yes...". His fingers
stayed in my mouth and I moved my head back and forth as if
I were giving them head. We then heard someone coming downstairs.
I ran into my room and jumped into bed so they would think
I was asleep.

Later I went out and everyone was there. The dad whispered
to me that everyone was going to the swap meet with the mother
and asked if I wanted to stay. I told my friend that I didn't
want to go to the swap meet and I would just stay

After everyone left the dad asked me if I wanted to go into
the jacuzzi with him. Wow, a few hours alone with him in the
jacuzzi, I most definately said yes. But told him I had nothing
to wear. He brought out a pair of girls dalphin shorts and
said this was all he could find and asked if I minded wearing
them. They were a bright yellow made of a thin mesh nylon
that was
see through. Looking at the shorts, I knew he wanted to play
a little in the spa. I told him I had no problem wearing them
and couldn't help but keeping the smile off my face.

I went into the bathroom without closing the door and took
off all my cloths. He was standing at the doorway and I knew
he was looking. Comletely naked, I spread my legs a little,
bent over and bowed my back so my ass would stick out in front
of him. I took a drink out of the faucet hoping he would grab
my ass and start rubbing his cock on it. Looking up in the
mirror, I could see him watching. I bent over to put the shorts
on, just to tease him more. They were tight on the top of my
ass but were loose on the bottom of my cheeks. Almost like
a cheerleader's really short shorts, the elastic
on the waste band was the only thing covering my hips. They
were so soft and felt like silk against my body. He walked
behind me to the backyard as the tiny shorts didn't
hide anything, allowing the bottum of my ass to completely
show. Bending over, I felt the water as he stood right behind
me, looking but not
touching me.

I got into the jacuzzi first and sat down near the front.
I saw his errect cock poking out the bottom of his shorts
as he got into the spa right next to me. It was pointing down
and pulled at the bottum of his shorts as the
head poked out about 2 inches. I thought to myself it was
huge, no wonder I liked rubbing against it. I think he purposely
did this and it really turned me on. He sat on the other side
and said to turn on the bubbles, but I didn't know where
the button was. He said behind me on the side. I stood up,
knowing my shorts were see-through and bent over the side
with my ass up in the air. I could see the controls, but told
him I couldn't find them. He
tried to tell me while I bowed my hips and pushed my ass out,
while my body hung over the side of the spa. I was letting
him see me in the shorts he picked as long as he wanted. Taking
his time, he eventually stood up (like
I wanted) and put his hand on my hip and bent over me a little,
telling me on the side. I could feel his rock hard cock pointing
down from the pants as it pushed up against my leg. I acted
dumb and asked where? Pushing against me
harder, he leaned completely over me and pointed to the
button as I bowed my hips and pushed my ass against his cock.
I took my time turning it on as he kept his fully errected
shaft pushed against my ass.

Eventually his hand on my waist started tickling me as he
then grabbed me and pulled me in the water with him. Landing
on his lap with my back toward him, he made me fall perfectly
on his cock. I could feel it hit my ass hard. I
couldn't see anything below because the bubbles were
on. As we played I grinded innocently feeling his penis
on me. Jumping around as he tickled me, but really rubbing
his shaft up and down against me.

I tried to get him to do something more than just push it against
me. I wanted him to touch it against my skin anywhere on my
body. While we played, he told me to get up and turn on the
heater. Under the water, I grabbed my boy shorts and pulled
them high up my hips so my cheeks would be totally visible.
As I bent over, I looked around to see him staring at my ass,
with one hand under the water rearranging his manhood.

I then gently sat back on his lap facing him this time and
could feel that he had his cock out. It was rock hard and pushed
against my thin shorts below. I could feel it between my
legs. I looked down and even with the bubbles on
I could see his monster thick cock pocking out between my
legs. I could also feel his long shaft just sitting there
fully errect up against my ass and balls. I looked with amazement
for a while, I had never seen one so big. It must have been
at least 12 inches and looked almost as thick as a baseball
bat. Then he caught me staring as I looked up at him almost
in shook.

I don't think he thought I was going to sit on his lap
like that. He probably was just going to beet off under the
water while pushing it against me once in a while like before.
I couldn't believe he took it out like that. I just sat
right on his cock and he didn't say or do anything, like
he was caught in the act. As I sat there he didn't tickle
me or anything. I moved around a little feeling his monster
shaft pushing against my ass through my thin shorts. I
could tell he felt uneasy as I kept looking down at his huge
penis. I wanted to reach down and feel his cock with my hands,
but didn't. So I wrapped my legs around him and bent
my back against the water in front of him. I said
quietly, "Aren't you going to tickle me"?
We both enjoyed rubbing on eachother and he knew how I wanted
to be tickled. He grabbed my hips to tickled me as I felt his
cock pushing against my back.

We played for a while as I felt his cock poking me. I could
tell he was starting to get really horny as I moved around
rubbing his now naked shaft against my skin. He tickled
me less and grabbed my hips more. Then his hands grasped
my waist, while I was on my back and he positioned me so his
penis slid under the flap of my shorts and right up against
my tight ass. This was the first time I ever had a cock this
close to me. I was shocked he did this and didn't say
anything. I stayed motionless lying on my back in the water
as he grabbed my hips and started tickling, pushing his
huge cock head against my tight virgin asshole. I let him
do anything he wanted as I layed still because I was new at
this and didn't know how to do anything.

He still tickled my hips as he slowly and gently pushed his
manhood against me, tying not to be too obvious. The head
was so wide, I could feel it spreading my cheeks as it made
it's way pushing against my tight ass. A few times he
pumped it, going in and out 2 or 3 times against my cheeks
and hitting my ass. Then stopped, trying not to be too obvious
he was fucking my
cheeks. My head was a little under the water so I couldn't
hear anything and I had my eyes closed. I just let him do anything
he wanted.

I moved around on his dick like I was being tickled to much,
but really was allowing him to try to penetrate me. I moved
my hips left and right as he pushed the head against my hole
trying to get it inside now and then. I even
tried to sread my cheeks with both hands, but it was too big
and I was tighter than any pussy he fucked before. He pretended
to tickle me every time he tried to poke it in. When the tip
of his cock was pushing against my asshole I tried to push
it in. I felt his monster cock head stretching my hole when
it started to go in. It was so big it hurt so I pulled away and
he would
start to tickle me again. It was starting to get obvious
that we weren't just tickling anymore. We were doing
more pushing and trusting than playing. He could have grabbed
me and forced it inside, fucking me right there but didn't
because he knew he was too big and I pulled away every time
the head would start to go in.

By now we both knew what we were doing and it was totally obvious.
His cock stayed against my hole the entire time. He stood
up between my legs as they were wrapped around him. I stretched
my arms out over my head and pushed the
other side of the spa to get my body closer to his cock. As
he thrusted his dick against me it hurt too much and I couldn't
get it inside me. The head was just too big. I felt a sharp
pain every time he pumped it against me.

While grabbing my hips and still tickling me once in a while,
he started rimming my ass for a few minuts. It felt so good,
I wanted him inside me but it wasn't possible. He pushed
against me harder and I pushed harder toward
him as he pumped it in me a little. I was determined to have
him fuck me, I'm sure he's fucked his wife before
and wanted to satisfy him the same if not more. I grabbed
on to his cock and couldn't believe how big it was. It
so big I couldn't even grab all the way around it. I felt
the head and slid my hand up and down his huge shaft. Floating
in the water now trying to stay afloat, I beat him off with
his cock head pushing into my tight virgin ass

He stopped just rimming me and started moving his hips more.
I could feel him thrusting his cock between my cheeks and
hitting my hole hard. His hands moved from my hips and went
around me. Pulling me forward close to him making me sit
on his cock under the water. He then grabbed the back of my
shoulders and pulled my body down into his huge dick. I felt
his body get ridged and his hands completely stop tickling
me as he started pulling me down on him
with my shoulders harder with every thrust of his dick.
His cock head went deeper into my ass and the pain was so great
I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was looking at me with
a look of determination on his face and biting his bottom
lip. I closed my eyes and put my head back as he thrusted his
cock against my ass. I could tell he wanted inside me and
to fuck me hard while his hips started ramming into me. I
let him pump on my ass as hard as he wanted so he would cum.
By now I was getting loud. With every thrust I said, "Ohh,
Ohh Ya!, Ohh" with my mouth wide open and my head back.
I wanted to
talk nasty to him and tell him to fuck me and my pussy
ass, but didn't.

He pushed one last time and held his huge penis against my
virgin ass. I let out almost yelling, "Ohh!".
His cock head started to pulse as it pushed in and out of me
with every beat. Then without his shaft entering me, I felt
his warm cum shoot through my tight ass and go up inside me.
I could feel his cock vibrate as it sprayed up in my ass, squirting
all his warm cum in my tight virgin ass. Without his cock
going inside, he shot his load making my asshole
slippery. The head of his cock slipped all the way in as he
pushed it hard against me. I let out a gasp because I couldn't
stand the pain. He kept fucking me like that taking it all
the way out and pushing the head back in. At times I had to
pull away when he tried push his monster shaft in. But it
felt so good as he pumped on my slippery ass with the warm
cum inside me without his huge dick going in.

We both tried to go deeper and only could get the beginning
of his shaft inside me. After about 10 minutes, he turned
me around and pulled the girl's shorts completely
off me. Pushing my body over the side of the spa. He bent me
over as he stood up and put his huge cock head against my ass.
I was determined to get his cock all the way inside me and
was going to let him me if he wanted. While pinned on
the side of the spa I told him, "Fuck me in the ass"!
He then grabbed my hips and pushed hard. I felt his monster
cock dive into me quickly and deep. I let out a yell as he pushed
half his shaft in my ass.

I jumped away with a terrible pain and gritting my teeth.
I thought to myself there's no way I'm going to
do that again! He can rim me and cum all over me but I can't
handle his huge shaft. Its just too big. He said, "Sorry
about that, why don't you sit down and suck it".
I sat in front of him and washed off his cock with the water.
Not putting it in my mouth, I beat him off in front of my face.
Once in a while opening my mouth like he could shoot
his warm cum inside. But I was teasing him because I didn't
want his cum in my mouth. He tried to pull my head closer to
make me give him head but I wouldn't. Trying to be carefull
that he didn't shoot a load while my mouth was open.
I closed it every time I thought he would cum. While rubbing
up and down his entire shaft with one hand, he told me to hold
his balls with the
other. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth while beeting
him off. He then told me, "Take it, take it!"
and grabbed my head pulling toward his cock. Giving in a
little I put the head in my mouth. It hapened so quick, he
shot some cum in my mouth hard and I quickly closed it. Shooting
the rest of his load all over my face and lips. I could feel
the thick warm cum in my mouth and couldn't help but
swallow a little as I pushed it out allowing it to drool down
my chin. He grabbed my head and rubbed his cock all over my
lips trying to force it inside my mouth. We watched his cock
pulse squirting out the last of his cum on my face.

Just after that, he said he was going in the house and got
out of the jacuzzi. Sitting there feeling all the cum inside
my ass. I rinsed my mouth out in the water but could still
taste his cum. It wasn't that bad but thought that was
just a little. What if he completely came? I could tell that
I swallowed a little of it and tasted it for a long time after.
I could feel my hand and face were slippery and it took a long
time to rinse off. I couldn't believe
there was so much of it. At least 4 times more than I ever had.
I thought about his huge cock, it was just too big for my virgin
pussy ass. I was almost there, but it hurt too much. 20 minute
of fucking with all that cum and his giant shaft still didn't
go all the way inside my slippery ass. I was sore and was glad
he didn't keep trying. He probably didn't think
it would go that far and didn't want to get in trouble.
But I wasn't going to say anything. When I got out the
the spa my legs were weak.

That night my friend's dad was out late. My friend and
I got into his liquor cabinet and totaly got drunk. We knew
he was coming home soon so we went to bed. I in the guest room
and he in the upstairs.

I couldn't fall asleep so I went to the bathroom to masterbate.
There on the counter was his older sister's panties,
garder belt, white stockings and mini skirt and white blouse.
It was her school uniform, she was about 17.

The panties were a white thong with lace covering the ass.
The bathroom door was open and it was at least an hour since
we went to bed. I didn't hear his dad come home. My friend
was upstairs asleep by now so I thought I was safe since nobody
else was home. So I slipped everything on and you couldn't
my ass wasn't a girl's ass. I looked at my girlish
ass in the mirror and pulled the skirt up to see the bottum
of my cheeks. It looked like a really nice girls ass, any
guy would fuck this in a girls school uniform and panties.

I bent over the sink imagining what it would feel like being
a girl and getting fucked doggie style right there by his
dad. I pulled the back of the skirt up further and touched
my ass while thinking about getting fucked in the spa. Maybe
his dad put these things in the bathroom? I thought about
going upstairs in the dad's bedroom, waiting for him
to come home to fuck me
on his bed. But couldn't bring myself to be so forward.
Maybe he didn't put these cloths here and may not even
like me wearing panties. It turned me on that I could be caught,
I was so drunk I didn't care. Being so drunk, my
defences were down and I was horny.

As I was doggie style with my hips bowed as far as I could,
I looked up at the mirror and saw my friend's dad standing
at the door with his hand up on the doorway. I'm not sure
how long he was there because I hadn't looked that direction.
I was so embarrased and drunk I just looked down and said
I'm sorry as I passed by him quickly, wearing the girls
school uniform and panties.
He didn't get out of the way as he looked at me. My body
rubbed up against his as I left. I Didn't stop or say
anything else because I didn't want him to smell my
breath or be confornted. I wasn't about to go back and
grab my underwear. I took off the skirt and got into bed with
everthing else on.

I lied in bed for a while thinking how much I blew it. I knew
he wanted to fuck me in the jacuzzi, but he didn't seem
like the gay type. Maybe he's not into me taking the
total girl role. I thought about his huge cock. He knew
what I was wearing now and if he liked what he saw, maybe he
would come into the bedroom. Maybe not, he might be laughing
by now. I thought about sucking his cock and getting fucked
in the ass by him as I stroked my cock
for a while. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but as time went by
I thought the panties were too weird for him. But wondered
why he didn't say anthing or get out of the way as my body
brushed against his. And thought about the shorts he had
me wear in the spa. They were deffinately not guy shorts,
they were probably about the sexiest things in the house.
Maybe he was there for a long time, maybe he liked what he
saw? He had to have liked what he saw. He was divorced so maybe
he would come into my bedroom and we could try it all night
until his cock goes all the way inside me. But I thought it
hurt so bad in the jacuzzi, it would be too painful. Also
he wanted me to suck his cock. I would have but didn't
because he would have made me swallow it. I laid in bed as
the embarrassment went away, thinking about him coming
in. Still drunk, I put the skirt back on and went upstairs
to his room. I crawled in his bed and found he wasn't
there. I went back down to the guest room and eventually
fell asleep.

A little later, in the middle of the night, I felt something
touch my lips in the dark. At first I couldn't make out
what it was or what was happening. But, when I opened my eyes
just a little, I could see my friend's dad with
his huge thick cock in his hand beating off right in front
of my mouth. His shaft seemed almost as thick as my arm and
the whole thing was wet from lubricant or jism. Maybe he
had cum on my lips but I didn't want to move. I
freaked out and didn't know what to do. I wanted to suck
his dick but I didn't want him to cum on my mouth because
I had never experienced that before. He was just there beating
his meat right in front of my face. Once in a while he would
stop and brush the head of his cock gentily against my lips.
I could feel drops of pre cum on my mouth now for sure. He was
more excited and I thought he was going to shoot his load
all over my face or smell the alcohol, so I rolled on my other
side, but I could still hear him breathing hard. I felt I
had more control in the jacuzzi because I was the
one who started it. I layed still not moving at all.

Then suddenly I felt his hand against my ass, cupping it
gently. I wanted to roll over and accept him into the bed,
but didn't want to get into trouble for drinking. I
thought I could feel his finger pulling the top of my panties
down but wasn't sure, it was so gentle. He probably
didn't want to wake me up and just wanted to shoot his
load all over me. I didn't move at all. I could hear him
breathing behind me as he beat off. Suddendly it stopped.

I worried about him knowing I was wearing his daughter's
school uniform, thinking I was weird, but he was the one
who was touching me, I'm sure he wouldn't tell
anyone. The bed moved a little and I felt him kneeling hebind
my ass.

A half an hour must have went by as he slowly pulled down my
panties. He finally had them down completely when I felt
his wet finger slowly slide between my cheeks. Almost so
slowly I wasn't sure if he was moving. Him
beating off behind me made the bed shake a little, just enough
to have his cock poke against my ass gently evey once in a
while. By this time, my cock was beating hard and I was in
bliss because it felt really good.

The lubricant was making my ass wet and slippery. It could
have been cum, I don't know. It was so soft and slow,
every time his finger went a little deeper between my cheeks.
He was probably driving himself crazy. With every stroke
I wanted him to go deeper, but he wouldn't. After awhile,
I started to move my ass very slowly as his finger touched
my tight hole. I didn't want him to know I was awake,
but also wanted him to go deeper and finger bang
me. It felt so good being rimmed I let out a pant when his finger
slid deep inside me for the first time. I thought I blew it
because for a second he pulled away. So I pushed my ass out
and slowly pulled the covers off it to show him I wanted more.
I thought he went into his room. Maybe I should go in there.
The bed moved again,

I barely opened my eyes and saw his hand, palm down in front
of me. He was kneeling over me. Suddenly I could feel something
much larger and warmer than his finger against my ass. I
thought to myself, I can't do this! I didn't move
at all as he slipped the head of his huge cock between my ass
where his fingers were lubing it and it slipped easily against
my asshole. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want
him to know I was awake because he would smell alcohol on
my breath and I didn't want my friend to get in trouble.
I didn't move at all and knew I couldn't stand the
pain of his huge cock shaft. I could feel only the head spreading
my cheeks, but he didn't push it inside
me. I felt his hand rubbing his shaft while the monster head
was against my hole, pushing it in and out as he beat off.
I could feel it wanting to go inside, but I was too tight.
I thought if he fucked me completely right here it would
hurt so bad. Slowly his cock slipped out and then in again
between my cheeks. So slow I wasn't sure what was happening
at times as if he didn't
want to cum right away. Then it stopped and he changed positions

He must know by now I was drunk, he had to have. Was he taking
advantage of me because he knew or did he think I was asleep?
I could tell him that I just drank, not wanting to get my friend
in trouble. I didn't know what
position he was in or what he was doing. Maybe he just came
on my ass. But I didn't feel anything.

Then suddenly his long penis touched my ass, I knew he had
laid down behind me, I could feel his rock hard shaft against
me. Did he want to fuck my ass? I wanted him to but didn't
want it to hurt. His shaft was rubbing gently and
slowly against my slippery butt. It felt so good, but this
would hurt too much becuase he was so big and we tried earlier
to get it all the way in. Before that day, I had never been
fucked before. He had to know by now I was
awake. He had to know that I was drunk. He knows I like it in
the ass. But I know he wanted his cock all the way inside me.
He must like me taking the girl's role and what I was
wearing. I definately liked it.

I didn't want his huge cock ripping me apart so I turned
around and put my head under the sheets right next to his
dick. I was going to go down on him so he wouldn't fuck
me. I had no other choice. I wanted him to cum so he wouldn't
want to again. I looked at his dick and it looked bigger than
a horse. My hand couldn't even wrap around it! I licked
my lips and put the head of his cock against my mouth, licking
it with my tounge. This time he didn't move and I think
I shocked him by doing this. This was the first time I gave
head and just did what I thought would feel good. I stroked
his huge shaft in my hand while licking the top of the head.
in a while putting it in my mouth and slipping it out to look
if he was going to cum. I could taste the pre cum in my mouth
and really liked sucking his cock. I put his penis deeper
inside my mouth while stoking his huge tool. It was so big
I knew he could gag me with warm cum. By this time I actually
liked the taste of all his precum in my mouth. I could feel
his warm and
thick liquid as it barely came out just a little on my tonge.
I closed my mouth and pushed it around with my tounge eventually
swallowing it as I stroked his shaft with my hand. I wanted
more, so I actually started sucking the head
trying to get more in my mouth. I didn't care if he came
inside my mouth. In fact, I wanted him to. I would swallow
as much as he would shoot in my mouth, I was so horny. His hand
grabbed the back of my head and he pushed his cock deeper
in my mouth. Every push in and out went deeper inside.

I had heard about the movie, "Deep Throught"
from friends and it got me horny thinking about shoving
a guy's cock all the way down. Now I get to try it. I opened
my throught as he pushed my head down toward his cock. As
lightened up, I kept going deeper. Like a sword swoller,
I felt the head of his mamouth cock go down my throught as
he said, "Oh yah! My lips wrapped tight around the
thickest part of his tool, he said, "Take it!".
I gagged a little and pulled it all the way out and did it again.
"Mmm", he says "Ohh Ya! Suck it!".
I kept deep throughting his cock until it couldn't
go any deeper. My lips were stretched to the limit and the
head of his huge cock was down my
throught. A few times I gagged it was so deep.

As his hands grabbed the back of my head, he rolled on his
back while my mouth was wrapped around his cock. Not releasing
it, I put my head over him while I sat on my knees next to his
side. Grabbing my head he pulled me into his
cock. Making me do it more, his cock filled my mouth completely.

While being forced to do something I wanted to do, I sat giving
him head. He grabbed my head gently and pushed his huge rod
in my mouth deeper. As I sucked him off, my jaw started to
cramp because he was so big. He asked me
if I liked sucking cock and when I went to answer, he pushed
it so deep in my mouth I gagged. He was fucking it like it was
a pussy. Forcing me to deep throught him by holding my hair
and shoving himself inside my virgin mouth.

He kept telling me, "I want to fuck your pussy ass!
I want to cum inside you. I'm gonna' fuck your tight
ass baby!". I sucked him off for so long hoping he would
shoot his load in my mouth.

He was moving so much now I knew he was ready to cum. I knew
I had to swallow his cum load tonight. I stopped, pulled
it out of my mouth and looked at him and said, "Cum in
my mouth and I'll swallow it!" He looks at me while
stroking his cock and said, "You want cum little girl?
I replied, "YES, Fuck my mouth and I'll swallow
your cum." He shoved his entire shaft so deep I felt
his balls against my chin. He kept it deep while thrusting
my head as close as it could get. Fucking my throught and
tight lips. I
could feel his shaft shiffer a little like he was going to
shoot his warm load in my throught. But he stopped moving
because I think he didn't want to cum yet. I tried to
keep sucking his cock but his hands grabbed my head and forced
his cock still deep in my throught. I waited for a second
thinking he might cum, but then he pulled out and told me
to roll over. I begged him, "Please let me suck your
cock. Fuck my mouth, please. I'll swallow your cum."


He put two pellows on the bed in front of me and said,
"Put your stomach on the pellows". I knew I was
in trouble now, he wanted to fuck me! But I was so horney I
did what he said. I rolled over showing him my girlish ass
with the panties, garder belt and stocking on. My body bent
over the pellows made my ass stick out as my head rested on
the bed.

He strattelled my legs with his while I was on my stomach
and pulled my panties down. He then pushed his long cock
up against me. My ass was slippery from before and I could
feel his warm penis pushing between my cheeks. I could
tell he wanted to fuck my ass hard. I barely could move in
this position, he had me pinned down. He took his hand and
pushed his dick between me. I could feel the head of his cock
pushing it's way in toward me every time he pumped,
but I was too tight. His dick was hard and the head felt so
good every stroke. Then the head slipped in just a little.
I could feel it stretching my hole. I opened my mouth to let
out a gasp.

The cock against my butt was so big and hard and he pumped
it deeper each time, not really pushing the head all the
way in. Now he was teasing me with every stroke I wanted it
so bad I kept mumbling, "Yes, Ohhh Yes... Fuck me...
ahh... Do it..." while he held me down. I didn't
care how much it hurt now, I just wanted it inside me.

He pulls away kneeling over my legs and asked me, "Do
you want to get fucked like a little girl?". My panties
around my bottom, I said "YES! Fuck me". With
the pellows under my stomach and my ass pointing straight
up, he puts
the head of his monster cock against my tight virgin pussy
ass with his hand. He said, "If you want me to fuck you
then beg for it!". I said, "Please fuck my ass,
Fuck me. Fuck my ass with your huge cock. Fuck my pussy!"
as he
pumped his cock against my tight ass. " Me!",
I said. He pushed only the head almost all the way inside
my ass. I could feel it was too big because it felt like it
ripped me as it almost popped in. I let out and said, "Wait
please stop." He said the pain will go away and pushed
the middle of my back down so I couldn't move. He held
the head of his penis inside my
tight pussy ass. He wasn't going to stop for nothing
and I knew it! "You like that", he asked. I tried
to say, "Wait, wait".

He started slowly moving it in and out my ass. With every
stroke the head went deeper inside, almost to his thick
shaft. The pain went away after a few minutes and I started
craving it more, wanting him to fuck me deeper. I could feel
the thick part of his warm cock head going deeper inside
my ass. Then he grabbed my hips and pushed harder. I felt
pain as the shaft started to enter, going deeper in me but
didn't want to say anything. I had no choice, He was
going to hold me down and me if I refused and I wanted
it. His rod slowly inched deeper each time he pushed inside
me as I clinched my
teeth not saying a word. He pumped on me for a few minutes,
just going in half way. Pulling it all the way out then pushing
his thick shaft half way in again. He was fucking me, but
not pushing it all the way in. He was being gentle, allowing
me to get used to it, but still holding me down.

Then he just pulls out and said, "Put your panties
back on and get on all fours." I did want he wanted and
pulled the panties up and put the skirt back on. I got on my
hands and knees and bowed my back. He said, "Get closer
the side of the bed". I was doggie style with my ass
up in the air hanging over the side of the bed, just like I
fantasized in the bathroom. My thong panties tight against
me. He stood behind me, pulled the skirt up and started feeling
my ass with his cock. Poking my butt and slapping me with
his dick with my panties on. I slid the panties to one side
and told him to rub it here on me while I fingered my slippery
hole spread eagle, doggie style with
my hand between my legs.

With one hand he grabbed my left hip and the other his cock.
He slid the head easily inside me and then grabbed my other
hip. Slowly thrusting himself inside me and pulling me
closer by my hips. He had not yet got all of it
inside me when he then kept pushing it deeper with each thrust,
much more than before. He stopped pumping, he kept sliding
it in deeper. I felt like I was being , it hurt so bad.
I gritted my teeth and felt his warm penis
really fucking me this time. Wanting to yell, I just kept
saying, "Ohh Ohh Ohh". Every time I tried to
pull it out he grabbed my hips and slowly kept driving it
deeper until his huge cock was all the way to the thickest
inside my tight ass. Finally his huge penis was all the way
inside me, but it hurt so bad! He held it there as I got used
to it. I could feel his stomach against my ass. I could feel
my hole as it tightened around his thick shaft. I could feel
his cock pulse as my tight ass grabbed on to his monster cock.

He then started pushing his cock in and out just a little,
while his entire shaft was inside me. I could feel his body
rubbing me in circles as his huge dick stayed all the way
in. I could feel his cock rubbing my tight ass and it was better
than masterbating. My body was hot as he rubbed against
me. I could have cum right there! Then he slowly pulled out
and I could feel it, all 12 inches. He then rammed it in, I
felt like I was being fucked by a horse. He didn't take
his time this time. He started fucking me hard, taking it
all the way out and quickly pounding it inside me again,
fucking me like I was a girl. By now I was used to it and for
the first time I was being fucked in the ass.

My cock was rock solid and I could easily cum if I touched
it. I started telling him, "Fuck me like a girl! Fuck
my pussy!". I knew he liked it and it was exactly what
I wanted! I want you to cum inside my ass. I wanted to cum as
his cock pounded me so hard I could feel his balls slapping
my ass.

"Mmmm, Do it, Cum inside me". He rammed it all
the way up inside me and held it there. Grabbing my hips hard,
I felt his thick penis shoot warm cum deep inside me. It felt
so good. He kept fucking me hard and it was so wet this is when
I knew I I could cum just from getting fucked. He rammed it
harder, I was being by his monster cock. I told him,
"Fuck me hard, me!, Ohh Yes". He grabbed
my hair and pulled my head back as I was doggie style and his
meat ramming my tight virgin ass. It was too much and my cock
to pulse as I started to cum. My ass tightened around his
cock shaft with every squirt. We were coming together as
I was on all fours being while he pulled my head back
by my hair. I could feel his cum shot out of his cock into my
ass and out of my cock on the bed. He stood there behind me
fucking me while I was cumming. He said, "You're
so tight baby, I'm going to fuck
you until I cum again" as he rammed it in.

Then he laid on his back and told me to ride him. I took off
my panties and went to get on his shaft when he said, "No,
turn around so I can see your ass." I turned around
and slid his manhood all the way in without a problem.
While holding my self up with my hands on the bed, I started
riding his cock in and out. I fucked his huge dick up and down
for at least ten minutes. I got louder as we got more excited.
He made my ass circle around with his
hands on my hips as the thickest part of his cock was in me.
Oh ya fuck me bitch... He said. I could feel he wanted to cum
again so I went all the way in and out faster. I pushed the
tip of his cock through my tight hole and
rammed it inside me every time.

He said, "I'm going to cum, take it in your mouth".
I jumped off and put his cock up against my lips while looking
at him so he could see the cum squirt in my mouth. He watch
me while I licked my lips and grabbed on to his meat
with my hand. Beeting him off in front of my face with my mouth
open, he then shot his cum load in my mouth 5 or 6 times. It
hit so hard as it shot in my mouth and some on my lips and face.
I tasted the warm cum as I swallowed a
mouth full. Cum drooling off my lips, I licked them and swalled
it too.

After that, I spent every night in his room. Sneaking in
after everyone went to sleep. The last 3 days my friend and
his sister had to stay at his mom's house and I told them
I was leaving to go back home. When really I spent those days
alone with the dad. We did things I haven't even done
since. He had me wear girls things like teddies, panties
and dresses around the house. I took showers with him and
even sucked his cock in the car while he drove.

The very last night he had me wear a mini skirt and panties
and tied me up on the bed facing down. With my legs spread,
we played like I didn't know him and was being .
Pleading with him to let me go, he fucked my mouth and
forced me to swallow him. He left the room for a long time,
but told me not to worry. While unseccesfully trying to
untie myself, I heard the front door open about a half hour
later and someone talking. I didn't want anyone to
catch me like this, but had no choice. I heard him come in
while I was laying there tied up with my bare ass sticking
straight up and my head hanging over the side of the bed blindfolded.
I tried to listen who it was but couldn't hear anything.
Then I heard pants being unzipped and a hand hold my hair.
Then I felt a cock head touch my lips. I thought maybe I imagined
there was someone else so I opened my mouth and started sucking
his cock. I knew right then it wasn't him but didn't
say anything. I pleaded for him to cum so I could swallow
it as he fucked my mouth. Then someone else started finger
banging my ass. After a while I found myself getting fucked
and sucking cock at the same time. I think there were only
2 other guys other than him, but I felt like it was a lot more.
They were just taking turns on me. I have never swallowed
so much cum in my life and I've never had two
guys at the same time since then.

Even to this day I like wearing very short shorts and having
guys get turned on by my ass. I haven't been fucked in
years, but I've sucked cock with condums on. I haven't
swallowed because of the fear of diseases. It's funny,
I'm probably the same age as he was (37) and I find myself
attracted to older guys still. This is why I love to tease
older guys by wearing tight shorts and panties.


close2u4now2000 at yahoo dot com

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what a story. wonder if it is a true story


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Great story, great seduction. Never been ass fucked but
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wholly fuck i was masterbating the whole time


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what a great first time!!!!!


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I love this story!


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i'm a straight woman and this story still turned me
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what a great story love m2m stories they are so hot and always
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