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My First Encounter with Pam....


I had always admired Pam from a distance at work, she was a beautiful blonde with a gorgeous face and nice red lips to go along with a skinny body and huge breasts. It was just a fantasy, I had a girlfriend and she was happily married. But I could still lust after her! After some time passed by, I began to see her a little more frequently in the halls or the break room and we would exchange the normal pleasantry's. Then it seemed that she started flirting with me... she'd touch my arm sometimes while we talked, compliment me on my suit asked if I worked out! Was she flirting? Was I just wishing it were real? I came back from Friday lunch where I'd tipped back a couple and saw her in the break room...alone! Inhibitions were gone so I walked up to her and leaned close and whispered in her ear "If I ever got my tongue in your pussy, I might not ever take it out" She looked at me as I started to realize what I had said and replied "you wouldn't want to take it out" I quickly pulled her close and kissed her. I cupped her breast and she felt my cock growing in my pants and gasped in her approval. We stopped in fear of someone walking in. I got her number and said I'd call her after work. I told her of my parents rental property that was vacant and to meet me there. She arrived and came inside where we immediately started kissing and peeling clothes off. She pushed me back into a chair and said "I've wanted to taste you for a long time now" She took my rock hard cock into her mouth and slowly licked the head and up and down my shaft. She was driving me over the edge and I wanted to cum in her mouth, but Pam had other ideas. She laid back and asked if I want to put my tongue in her pussy? Of Course!! I soon was between her thighs licking the nectar from her beautiful shaved little pussy. I tried to stay away from her swollen clit and gave her nice long licks, teasing her. She moaned and wanted more, so I slipped two finger into her wet hole and started slowly licking her clit while massaging her pussy. She started to twitch and moan louder as I flicked my tongue across her clit. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and inserted one into her ass as I pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked it a little more intensely. She let out a gasp and exploded into my mouth with her sweet juices. I lifted her up and put her ass in front of me, I slid my throbbing hard cock into her wet pussy in one long stroke. She arched her back to me and buried her face down into the couch. I started pumping furiously feeling by balls slap on her pussy. As I felt my cum rising, she sensed it and said "I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy" That's all it took as I erupted spurt after spurt into her. I was spent, my heart was pounding and I collapsed next to her. We saw each other several more times after that first encounter and then she and her husband moved away.

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Great start, but lacked description at the end


lukn4a10 64 M
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What a sad ending.I hate when they move away.