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My First Bachelor Party


Before I get into the story, a little bit of background information………….
During the first semester of my sophomore year in college
I played it pretty much by the rules of the Christian university
that I attend. We are required to abstain from personal
misconduct, (including sexual promiscuity) as well as
refrain from participating in inappropriate entertainment
forms including involvement with pornography or any form
of promiscuous entertainment. The idea is to build character
and promote unity, peace, and the holy lifestyles of the
community. I don’t HAVE to follow the Lifestyle Guidelines.
It’s just if they find out I don’t abide by them then I risk
being disciplined or even expelled. I am not complaining
about the rules ‒ I knew full well what they were when I decided
to come here.

Well, if you have been reading about me and know the least
bit about my past, you should know how I feel about these
subjects. I lost my virginity when I was 14 and in the years
since then I have had one-on-on sex with 13 men, 8 women,
and a total of 54 other guys at a number of parties and escort
services not to mention so many blowjobs I gave up trying
to keep count. (In case you’re wondering, I have kept a detailed
diary since I was 10!) With a background like that and an
obvious love for sex, people ask me why I chose a school with
such rigid rules against sex. All I can say is that as strong
the cravings are that I have for sex, what people need to
understand is that I have even stronger personal convictions
as a Christian. Although some people have violently disagreed
with me, I do not believe there is any conflict between my
sexual nature and my Christian beliefs. God gave mankind
a sexual nature and so long as it is exploited in a responsible
manner we should rejoice in it. Finally, believe it or not,
and contrary to popular opinion, there is more to college
than wild parties and wanton sex. When choosing a school
I wanted an education that would prepare me as well as possible
for the teaching career I have always wanted. Why waste
four years of your life just to hang a piece of paper
on the
wall and nothing else? In the end I chose this school because
it offered an outstanding teaching curriculum plus it
addressed my spiritual needs in ways which no public school
ever could. I understood that following the rules would
be virtually impossible but I assumed that my sexual needs
would be fulfilled one way or another no matter where I attended.
That all sounded good when I was in high school trying to
choose a college. Once I got here I realized how much more
difficult it was going to be to manage my sexual needs than
what I had anticipated. If I had not had Brenda as a roomie
I am not sure I would have made it through my freshman year.
Over time I worked things out and the end result is that I
have reached what I believe is a perfect compromise. At
school and church I try my best to behave in accordance with
their rules, at least publicly. Otherwise I follow my own
convictions and values that have been instilled in me by
my loving parents. As an example, I mentioned my freshman
roomie Brenda. She was bi and we forged an intense sexual
relationship from almost the start of the school year.
While we were never “lovers”, we both enjoyed each physically
and we are still good friends who get together now and then
for a bit of fun. We always kept our “relationship” behind
our closed dorm door or away from school property which
was easy since her parents lived only 10 miles away from
the campus. Other than being with Brenda, I limited my sexual
activities at school to masturbation ‒ LOTS of it. Except
for one encounter with Brenda’s brother, the only sex I
had during my freshman year came when I was back home where
I made up for lost time!

The second semester of my freshman year I started chatting
on-line and on a dare signed up on an adult-oriented web
site. This was a bit of a risk given that my school monitors
our web activities but it was exciting to talk to people
about sex in such an open way. The only real problem was that
I only did this for fun and as a means to blow off some steam.
I never had any intention or desire to meet anyone but it
seemed that most of the people who contacted me wanting
to meet or get nude photos of me. I also was bombarded with
requests to be naked on a web cam and/or phone them. People
just couldn't understand why I only wanted to chat
but for me that was all that I wanted - an outlet to express
myself and let out my frustrations. I was pleasantly surprised
at the incredible number of responses I got from both guys
and girls, especially the way they were claimed to be turned
by me even in the limited way I interacted with them. Now
and then someone nice contacted me though and I enjoyed
a few great conversations.

One thing I found was that people had a tendency to ask the
same questions over and over. In addition, most were interested
in my sexual history. That’s what got me writing my stories
‒ first to avoid repeating myself and second to provide
more details than I can in an IM environment. It wasn’t hard
to come up with story ideas ‒ I just broke out my diary and
expanded on a number of shorter stories I had written about
my sexual experiences. I had always gotten off writing
about them even though my early works were just nothing
more than notes and comments. The process of polishing
them up and filling in the gaps has proven to be a very erotic
experience and more often than not I end of taking breaks
to masturbate as I remember those good times. It takes a
lot of work to write one of these but hopefully it is worth
it, even if I do get an occasional creep who doesn’t like
them or how I write.

My sophomore year has turned out to be totally different
from my freshman one. Brenda lives at home now as it is only
10 miles away and the on-campus living costs after the first
year were too high for her parents to afford another year.
I lost the lottery for an apartment so I ended up in the dorm
again with a new roomie who is definitely not bi! Karen is
a virgin who believes that even masturbation is a form of
sex and thus is not to be done before marriage. To make it
even harder, Karen is a stunning babe and knows it. She is
a tease and doesn't mind showing herself off, even
letting me take pictures of her when she dresses up in hot
clothes and skimpy bikinis when we are away from school.
Brenda has invited Karen and me to her home several times
and I was floored the first time I saw Karen in a sexy black
bikini! She sleeps in skimpy panties and a short t-shirt,
usually without covers no matter how cold it is. Once she
falls asleep it would take Armageddon to wake her before
morning so I have spent many a night enjoying the view, dreaming
about what I would love to do in bed with her. At times I would
get so horny I would think about going over to her and running
my hands over her long smooth legs until I touched her virgin
pussy. God I would have loved to be the first to lick it! So
far I have always struggled and kept myself under control
but I realized that unless I did something to fulfill my
sexual cravings that sooner or later I would do something
I would probably regret.

As you may be able to tell, going from a roomie whom I shared
a bed with to one that doesn’t even like me to walk around
nude in my own dorm room has been more of a transition than
I was anticipating. I found that most of the time I was hornier
than I have ever been for any extended period. Although
I met with Brenda privately a few times and had some fun during
weekend visits by my parents, I still got to the point at
times I wanted to scream from the pressure of my pent-up
sexual emotions. Once before Thanksgiving I was so overwhelmed
I broke down and went to a frat party in Columbus with a couple
of other girls. While it was incredibly exciting and erotic
to be fucked right in the middle of the living room with so
many strangers watching, I am not really into the drunk
party scene so I never went to another one.

After a fantastic and erotic Christmas break at home I felt
even more “in need” than ever when the 2nd semester started
so I looked for other options, ones that I would never have
even seriously considered before.

Since starting school as a freshman I have worked with a
local church’s youth group. The group consists of up to
twenty 12-15 year olds, many of them who are becoming sexually
active or want to be. After an erotic experience while babysitting
back home during Christmas break, when I came back to school
I found myself taking a closer look at my group, particularly
one of the hotter boys and his sexy younger sister who I had
a feeling were a lot closer than most siblings. I had some
incredible masturbation sessions but other than that
I knew that the possibilities of anything happening were
incredibly remote.

I started thinking about what other options I had. Anyone
at school was pretty much out given the rules and peer pressure.
The club scene is non-existent around here and even if it
were available, I couldn’t do anything this close to school.
I had lots of offers from guys I chat with but no matter how
tempting some of them were I wasn't about to give in
and take that kind of risk. The one idea thing that kept coming
up was some sort of an escort job. I don’t mean being like
one of those web whores that tease you on the Internet all
the time, but rather working for a respectable and legitimate
agency. I checked out several in Columbus and eventually
decided to give one a try. They claimed to check out their
clients and choose the ones that they think are best for
me (I insist on only older married guys from out of state).
The guys pay the agency so I don’t have to fool with money
or worry about getting arrested as a prostitute although
I can keep any tips. While it is expected that I be friendly
and outgoing including putting up with some minor groping,
sex is definitely NOT mandatory and completely up to me.
Indeed, so far as the company is concerned, sex is not part
of any deal but that doesn’t fool anyone. The agency sends
a prepaid cab to pick me up and then another to take me back
home. In addition to the single escorts, I also agreed to
do bachelor parties, which actually sounded like a lot
of fun. I love an audience, especially when I am having sex,
so these parties sounded like a perfect match for me.

Soon after I signed the papers (including the income tax
forms!) I got an e-mail saying that there was a party the
upcoming Saturday night and asking if I was interested.
The e-mail described the party and location. It was far
enough away that I wasn’t worried about someone being there
that might know me. For just a moment my stomach felt a bit
queasy. Suddenly it was going from fantasy to reality!
After the initial jitters I calmed down and replied saying
I would accept the job. For the rest of the week all I could
think about was the party coming up. I had never done anything
even remotely like this before and found myself getting
wet just thinking about it. Sure I had performed sex in front
of others at the parties I went to with my friends but in those
cases everyone was doing it and I wasn't the only girl.
This time it would be just me being on display for a bunch
of lecherous men. I was told to expect 10-12 guys including
the groom. Even though I knew I would be expected to strip
and thus would be nude most of the time, I wondered if anything
else would happen. Would I suck any of their cocks, maybe
even get fucked? Would it be just one or all of them? Would
I have sex with the groom just hours before he said his wedding
vows to his loving fiancé? God that would be so hot! The possibilities
were endless and I masturbated every night that week while
I dreamed of another permutations.

Saturday afternoon I told my roomie Karen that I would be
going out with some friends to a party and that I would probably
be late getting back. Karen gave me with a strange look but
didn't say anything. We got along great but sex was
not a subject we typically discussed. I had the feeling
she knew that there was a lot I wasn't telling her about
myself but somehow I think she was more comfortable simply
not knowing. Our arrangement worked in that we were good
friends, not exactly a close relationship but a friendly
one. I couldn't help but wonder what she would say though
if she knew the real truth. She probably suspected I had
a boyfriend that I was fucking but she was polite enough
to ignore it. A lot of the girls at school went out with guys
from other schools and undoubtedly got fucked now and then
although it was something nobody ever publicly acknowledged.
I had considered that possibility myself but it seemed
to much of a pain to have to go through the dating ritual just
to get fucked. I wondered if Karen would have been so lenient
if she knew that instead of fooling around in the back seat
of some teenager’s car there was a good chance I was going
to be willingly gang-banged by 10 guys before the night
was over?

The cab picked me up at 8:00 and it took about an hour to get
to the house where the party was. It was your typical suburban
two-story white colonial in a new development
that seemed
to cropping up everywhere. While not a mansion, whoever
lived there was not indigent either which made me feel more
secure than I would have being dropped off in some bad part
of town. I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with my winter
coat, carrying a bag with my outfit and personal stuff in
it. Drawing a deep breath, I got out of the taxi, went up the
steps and knocked on the front door. A good-looking guy
with his shirt out and a beer in his hand answered the door.
I guessed that the party must have been well underway already
as he looked at me standing on the steps with a big grin came
over his face. It was the same look a starving linebacker
might have eyeing a porterhouse steak after a workout.
Without taking his lecherous eyes off of me he turned his
head to the side and gave a shout.
“Hey Bill! The stripper is here!”

That was a first for me and it was all I could do to bite my tongue
and not burst out laughing. I had never been described as
“the stripper” before and I found that it had a nice ring
to it. Almost immediately another nice-looking guy with
bit too much stomach but nice hair appeared and opened the
door for me with a smile.

“Hi! I’m Bill, the best man. Damn but you look finer than
I even imagined and trust me, I have one hell of an imagination!”
I guess that was a compliment so I stepped inside and immediately
every eye in the house looked my way. Now I know how a lonely
sheep feels when surrounded by a pack of starving wolves.
As far as I was concerned, I was just a 19-year-old college
girl with lots of friends and a loving family but it was immediately
obvious that all they saw was a slutty whore who had arrived
to entertain them and, if they were lucky, maybe even put
out. Well, who was I to complain since that was exactly what
I was that night! Bill quickly led me to a bedroom down the
hallway and closed the door behind us.

“You can change in here, ” he said, “Take your time and just
let us know when you are ready.”

He was so sweet that for a moment I forgot that he had hired
me to strip, not to talk politics or about the weather. I
was surprisingly nervous and didn’t say anything as I turned
to put my bag on the bed. Bill opened the door to leave when
he paused and turned back to me.

“Kelly, I have always fantasized meeting a girl like you
and I can’t tell you how many times I have jerked off wishing
I was fucking that girl. Now here you are, alone in a bedroom
with me, young, beautiful, sexy as hell and about to strip
nude and god only knows what else. It’s like a dream come
true for me.”

I think he wanted to say more but he seemed to lose his nerve.
I looked him in the eyes and suddenly I knew what he wanted.
“Bill, are you married?”

Bill’s eyes widened for a moment and then he nodded his head.
“Yea but she’s nothing like you.”

“So, are you going to fuck me tonight?”

Bill’s face flushed. I knew he wanted to but I doubt he expected
me to be so blunt about it. What was the point in being coy?
It’s not like I wasn’t looking forward to it as well! I used
my hand to throw my hair back in what I hoped was a sexy move
and licked my lips slowly before I continued.

“You know Bill, you can if you really want to. All you have
to do is ask me.”

Bill looked at me again, as if he was seeing straight through
my clothes. He was a bit drunk and with the look of lust he
had on his face for a moment I was afraid maybe I had pushed
him too far. I didn’t mind doing him along with the group
of them, in fact I was looking forward to it, but he looked
like he was considering fucking me right then and there
which was NOT on the for the evening. Bill was breathing
harder and he had a monstrous erection that looked like
it would burst through his pants at any moment. His nostrils
flared and I wondered for a brief moment if I was about to
be for the first time. It wouldn’t be in the sense
of a girl being grabbed in the alley and forcibly fucked;
but it would be sex against my wishes which would have been
a first for me. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all!
He took a first step towards me when suddenly the door opened
and some guy stuck his head in.

“Hey Bill, get out here, the keg needs fixing!”

Bill shook his head as if to clear out the nasty thoughts
that were running through it and with that he left the room
and closed the door behind him. I locked the door and stood
there just a bit unnerved. What was I doing here? Maybe I
had misjudged everything ‒ was I making the mistake of my
life tonight? I had gone this far though so I figured the
best thing to do would be to get out with the group as quickly
as possible and hope for safety in numbers. I doubted that
one of them would do anything too wild so long as the rest
were watching. I stripped off my clothes quickly, which
left me standing naked in the middle of the room, listening
to the uproar outside the door and wondering for a moment
what the hell I was doing. Shaking my head slowly, I knew
that deep down I wanted to do this as bad as they wanted me
to. It had been over a month since I had been fucked and my
pussy was crying to feel more than just my finger in it. I
reached down between my legs and felt my smooth pussy under
my fingers. I had shaved before I left and it looked as bare
and sweet as a young girl’s cunt. My finger briefly lingered
over my clit and I shivered a little but then pulled my hand
away. If I got started touching myself I knew there would
be no stopping until I came and I had a suspicion that there
would be enough sex coming my way this night without having
to do myself beforehand.

I went over to my bag and took out my outfit. I had with me the
sexy lace bra and panties that my father had given me this
past Christmas. Over those I had a tight white shirt that
showed every bit of the black bra under it along with a really
short plaid schoolgirl-style dress that barely covered
my ass. Some white knee socks and a pair of sneakers finished
off the ensemble. I pulled my hair back into a single ponytail
and looked at myself in a full-length mirror on the back
of the bedroom door. The image in front of me was that of a
young innocent schoolgirl, maybe 17 or 18 but certainly
not 19, almost 20. I bounced on my toes just a little making
my boobs and ponytail bounce with the motion. Mmmmmm, this
was going to be fun! A dash of perfume on my neck, boobs, ass
and pussy and I was finally ready to go. Funny but I wasn't
at all nervous anymore. I was getting hornier by the minute
as the idea of showing off my body in front of 10 even hornier
guys was getting closer and closer to reality.

I took in a long deep breath as I went to the door and opened
it enough to see out. It looked like everyone was sitting
in the living room, beers in hand and laughing at what was
undoubtedly a witty and intelligent joke (not!). I opened
the door all the way and stood in the doorway, posing as sexy
as I could. A silence like a tomb suddenly came over them
and all I could here was the obnoxious music. Just as quickly
everyone was talking again with some whistling and howling
like wolves. I smiled and slowly walked in to the center
of the room. This was exactly what I had dreamed of - being
admired by a bunch of horny guys.

I started by dancing seductively around the room. I didn't
show anything more than what they could already see, just
bending over to show off my ass and then leaning over to let
one of the look down my shirt to see my bra and boobs. Everyone
was cheering and calling for me to strip but I just teased
them. While I danced I didn’t let anyone touch me, pushing
them away whenever they got too close or there hands groped
me. I had never done anything like this before in my life!
I had danced in this outfit for my dad after he gave it to me
but that situation was nothing like this. I could have just
gone on like this all night but there was more I wanted to
do and they wanted it even more judging from the looks on
their faces and bulges in their pants.

Being it WAS a bachelor's party, I knew that somebody
deserved some extra attention so I worked my over to the
groom’s chair. Tom was the lucky groom and I could tell that
he had been drinking a bit but not too much, just enough to
be relaxed and let his inhibitions down a bit. There was
a picture of Tom and his fiancé on the table next to him. I
don’t know if it was there to remind him of her to help keep
him in line or as some twisted scheme to remind everyone
of who he would be cheating on that night. I was hoping that
the second possibility was the case. I kept thinking that
it would be hot as hell to fuck him with her “watching”. She
was rather plain looking and overweight. With any luck
after tonight he would be fantasizing about me when they
were together in their wedding bed for the first time!
I put one leg up on the chair next to Tom, letting my skirt
ride up to expose my sheer panties. He had a great view of
my crotch and bare pussy through the sheer material and
he wasn’t wasting time as he staring at it like it was the
first one he had ever seen. Rubbing myself through the thin
fabric, I pumped my hips up and down like I was being fucked
from behind. Taking his hand, I held it to my breast, letting
him feel me through my shirt and bra. At first he resisted
so I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “C’mon Tom, this
is your last chance to have a girl like me. I’m all yours ‒
you can do whatever you want with me.” Tom’s eyes widened
and he looked at me. I just smiled and silently mouthed to
him, “That’s right Tom - anything”. His hand stayed on me
after that and I shivered as he squeezed my boob.

“Go Tom!” someone yelled out. Then someone else whined,
“Come on Tom, are you going to share the little whore with
the rest of us or what?”

I turned around and smiled at them and went back to my dancing.
I started to get closer to each guy as I went around the room,
finally close enough for them to grope me and start to feel
me up. Most of them wanted to feel my boobs but a couple grabbed
my ass and then one got bold and went for my pussy. I pushed
him away as I wasn't ready to give up that prize quite
yet. Each time I circled around I let them have me for just
a little bit longer. I could tell from the bulging cocks
trying to burst from their crotches that they all wanted
to fuck me and if anything I was just turned on even more by

The next time I made my way to Tom I turned and sat in his lap,
grinding my ass so I could feel his hard cock through his
pants against me. He wrapped his arms around me, grabbing
each of my boobs with his hands. I unbuttoned my shirt and
he reached inside to hold them through my bra. He squeezed
them and it sent chills though me as I looked around the room
at all the eyes staring at us. My bra was the type that unsnapped
from the front, perfect for this type of occasion, and I
had it undone before he realized what was happening. The
cups fell away from my breasts and suddenly he was holding
my bare boobs in his hands. I left my shirt and unsnapped
bra on as I ground my ass into him as he groped my boobs.

When Tom had a good feel I walked over to Bill and leaned over
as I wiggled my boobs for him. Bill licked his lips as he stared
at my exposed chest.

I gave him a sexy grin saying, “C’mon Bill, I’ve been watching
you tonight. Aren’t these what you’ve been wanting? So
touch them…..”

It didn't take any more encouragement. Bill pulled
me to him and I mounted his chair like a lap dancer. My bare
boobs were in front of his face and he leaned forward to taste

“That’s it Bill, ” I whispered to him, “Do it. Show me what
you want to do to me.”

Bill’s hands had been holding my ankles as I danced in front
of him. I felt them moving up my legs until he was above my
stockings and feeling bare thigh. He didn’t stop there
as the rest of the group cheered him to go higher and he didn’t
disappoint them as he reached between my legs and cupped
my wet pussy. I swiveled my hips around his hand, leaving
no doubt that he was more than welcome to keep going. His
fingers moved aside the fabric of my panties and I felt them
exploring my pussy, looking for its magical entrance.
It didn’t take long to find and as wet as I was his finger easily
slid up into my pussy. It seemed everyone was cheering him
on and I certainly didn’t mind, it felt damn good! He started
to finger fuck me, running his finger in and out of me like
a small cock. I moaned and pulled my head back, letting everyone
see how much I was loving it. I let Bill play with me for a while
longer after which I eased myself off the chair and moved
away from him. He tasted his finger and smiled at me. I winked
back at him and moved to make the rounds again. This time
everyone was a lot more aggressive now that the door had
been opened. Every one of them went straight for my pussy,
some being gentle with me while others were a bit too rough
and I had to scold them.

Once everyone had groped me a few times I went back to center
of the room and started to strip everything off. Slowly
I removed each article of clothing until finally I was standing
there naked in the middle of all of them. A thought came to
me then and I decided to put on a bit of a show for them. I laid
on my back in the middle of the room and spread my legs wide
apart. Reaching between my legs with one hand, I began to
masturbate for them while I played with my boobs with my
other hand. I watched them as I masturbated, getting as
turned on by the looks on their faces as I was by my own hand.
It was then I noticed that Bill had pulled out a video camera
and was taping me. A feeling of panic came over me for a few
seconds and I wondered what I should do. Magically a large
dildo appeared and was handed to me. It was pretty large
but looked to be just what my pussy wanted so I started fucking
myself with it to the delight of my onlookers. My first orgasm
was starting so I just ignored the camera and let my orgasm
sweep through me. Someone called out, “Damn, she’s cumming!”
and sure enough I was. My initial fears of being taped having
sex with these guys by someone whom I had no idea what his
plans were regarding the tape disappeared as my orgasm
grew. I didn’t care anymore if Bill was taping me, all I wanted
at that moment was to enjoy the waves of sheer pleasure that
were running up and down my body. For the next few minutes
I closed my eyes and forgot all about the guys watching me,
about being in a strange house, about the camera that was
recording everything I was doing. It was just me and that
wonderful high I get whenever I cum, better than any drug
could be since it was natural and a part of my being. The dildo
became a real cock, fucking me and cumming in me, driving
me wild as my pussy clamped down on it.

As my orgasm faded the real world came slowly back in focus.
I opened my eyes and saw everyone just staring at me, some
with their mouths open after watching the spectacle on
the floor in front of them. I finally got up on my feet again
and danced once in front of them except this time I was totally
nude. I felt like the sexiest girl in the world the way they
were all fixated on me and I smiled as a couple of the guys
got carried away and unzipped their jeans to let their hard
cocks out. Each time one did and started stroking himself
I would stand in front of him and give him an up close and personal
show. I knew I must have been doing a pretty good job for them
to get carried away to the point they would start masturbating
in front of their friends. Even Bill had his cock out, stroking
himself with one hand while running the video recorder
with the other. Eventually they all had their cocks out
except the one I wanted the most ‒ Tom the Groom. As the groom
about to be married, I suppose he felt that it would be inappropriate
to do any more then he had already done with me. Touching
my boobs was one thing but fucking me was another thing entirely!
Well, to my horny mind that just made Tom all the more of a
challenge. I slowly walked up to him and sat in his lap with
my arm around his neck. Tom didn’t seem to know what to do
now that a naked girl was perched on his lap! Well, based
on the lump under my ass I was sure he knew what he WANTED to
do but not what he SHOULD do. I figured he just needed a little
bit more encouragement. I took his hand and put it on my lap
such that it was just inches from my pussy. I put both arms
around his neck, twisting so my bare boobs were pushing
against his chest. Looking into his eyes I smiled and said,
“What’s the matter Tom, why aren’t you playing with yourself
like everyone else? Don’t I turn you on?”

Tom put his other arm around me, keeping his hand resting
on my bare upper leg. “Oh god girl, you know better than that!”
he exclaimed. “Damn, I just can’t do anything like that
the night before I get married, you know? I swore to Tammy
I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

I licked his face with my tongue and whispered in his ear,
“Remember Tom, tonight I am just a fantasy girl. I am here
to do anything you want ‒ and yes, I mean ANYTHING. It doesn’t
matter, Tammy will never know and what she doesn’t know
won’t hurt her!”

“Oh…my…god….., ” he moaned as my wiggled my ass such that
it ground on his cock. He didn’t say anything more but I knew
he was weakening so I kept up the pressure. I got up and spread
his legs apart allowing me to kneel in front of him. Reaching
forward, I unbuckled his pants and unzipped him. His hands
kept trying to weakly push me away but it was not a very convincing
performance. That was the moment I knew that I had him ‒ he
was going to be mine for the night! Bill had moved over to
tape everything as I pulled Tom’s pants and underwear off
an it wasn’t long before Tom’s stiff cock was on display
for everyone to see. I was pleased to see he didn’t shave
and I couldn't wait to bury my face in his thick bush
of pubic hair. I looked around one last time to make sure
everyone’s eyes were fixed on me. I felt an incredible rush
of excitement at the thought of being completely nude in
front of all of them and having them watch me as I gave Tom
a blowjob. I turned back and looked up at Tom with a sexy smile
saying, “I’m going to give you a blow job like Tammy has never
given you before and never will.”

Tom had stopped all resistance by now but he was appeared
to still be unsure of what was about to happen. Then he surprised
me by mumbling, “Hell that should be easy, Tammy won't
blow me anyway.”

Wow! Talk about music to my ears! Now more than ever I really
wanted to suck him. The poor guy was about to marry a girl
who didn’t like to suck cock! Well, I was going to make him
miserable for life married to that bitch once he learned
how good a blowjob could be so with renewed determination
I went to work on his hard cock. It was actually pretty large
compared to most guys and no matter what he might be saying
about being faithful and all; there was no hiding what he
wanted! I licked just the tip of his head, brushing my hair
out the way so Bill could get a good view with his camera,
not to mention the audience that had gone silent once I started.
I then proceeded to give Tom the best blowjob I knew how.
I licked him, kissed him, and sucked him using every trick
in my arsenal. He was pretty drunk which is the only reason
he didn’t cum in the first 5 minutes although I was careful
to always back off just as I felt him starting to go over the
edge. Throughout his precum would seep out and I licked
it off of him, savoring the salty flavor. What really seemed
to turn everyone on the most was when I would take him completely
into my mouth. Tom was at least 8-9 inches long erect and
I had to take him down my throat to get him all in my mouth.
I would ease him in until my face was tight against his groin,
his smelly pubic hair pressed tightly against my face.
The first time I did it I heard a number of the guys talking
to each other and I knew they were impressed at my efforts.
Tom certainly was! Whatever reservations he may have had
were ancient history as he leaned back and enjoyed the best
and possibly the last blowjob he would ever have assuming
he stayed true to the frigid bitch he was marrying.

Bill was standing to the side now and I could see his cock
was still sticking out from his pants and he was stroking
it hard as he filmed Tom getting a blowjob. I noted for the
not so distant future reference that his cock was huge ‒
even bigger than Tom’s! I spread my legs apart as I kneeled
in front of Tom, letting everyone have a good look at my cunt.
I started playing with myself with my free hand as I sucked
Tom even harder. Tom was again at the point where he was close
to cumming so I stroked Tom’s cock with my hand and let him
out of my mouth while I looked up at him. “Well Tom, ” I said
in a seductive voice, “How am I doing?”

Tom rolled his eyes and groaned, “Oh my God, I never knew
it could feel this good.”

I stood up while keeping my hand wrapped around Tom’s cock.
Turning around to face the guys, I spread my legs and leaned
over. Everyone quickly realized what I wanted and the guys
started to cheer and hoot, urging Tom to fuck me. Actually
it was more like, “Fuck the bitch!” and “Give it to her Tom!”
but I didn't mind because that was exactly what I wanted
at that moment. Tom was in a daze from the blowjob and beer
but he still hesitated. I can’t even describe the sensuous
feelings I was having knowing that tonight I was sexy enough
to make him want to do exactly what he had promised his young
fiancé he wouldn’t, things he would remember for the rest
of his life whenever he was with his wife, things that would
always be in the back of his mind whenever his wife asked
him if he was faithful to her. It was an incredible feeling
to have this much power over anyone, to know he craved me
so much he was willing to do anything to have me, regardless
of the potential consequences.

As for me, I was in my own sexual world where all reasoning
and inhibitions were cast aside. It was rare for me to get
this carried away to the point where I am willing to do anything
just for more sexual gratification. Even so, time seemed
to stand still for just a moment my mind cleared and I realized
what I was doing. My god, could I really be doing this? Here
I was naked in front of a bunch of horny guys getting ready
to fuck some poor bastard who truly wanted to be faithful
to his new wife but had succumbed to me while his best man
was recording the entire show! For a brief instant I questioned
myself, wondering if this was something I really should
be doing. How would I feel tomorrow when it was all over?
How would Tom feel the next time he saw his young bride, knowing
what he had done this night? When he made love to her on their
wedding night, would he be thinking of me sucking his cock?
Then just as rapidly the moment was gone and time was restored.
The music and indecent comments from the guys were back
and I was stroking Tom’s cock while at the same time massaging
my pussy, getting it ready for his inaugural entry. That
weird moment when time stood had now disappeared as lust
and desire returned. There was no turning back now, I was
going to have Tom fuck me in front of all his friends and that
was that. Nothing was going to stop me now.

Bill was urging Tom to fuck me along with the others and finally
Tom stood up and spread my ass apart to get a better view of
me. He took his cock in his hand and I felt him pressing it
up against my ass and then lowering it down to find the opening
to my pussy. I was soaking wet and his cock was still wet from
my mouth so he slid easily into me. Usually I like it when
a man enters me slowly, taking his time to fill me with his
cock and letting me experience the feel of each inch of his
cock as it entered me. Tom was too horny for that kind of discipline
and he just rammed himself into me. I gasped as all nine
of him suddenly filled my pussy, splitting me apart like
he was gong to rip me in two. He didn’t stay still
but immediately
began to pump himself in and out of me. I could feel and hear
him as he rammed deep into me, making a slapping sound as
he banged against my ass. I moaned loudly as he fucked me
harder and harder.

“Fuck me Tom!” I cried out. Everyone cheered as I kept crying
out for him to fuck me harder. We were in the middle of the
room now, Tom with his pants at his ankles and his shirt still
on slamming his huge cock into my small nude teenage body
as his friends and brother watched in amazement. I doubted
that any of them could quite believe what they were seeing.
They had all known that Bill had arranged for a stripper
to tease them but did any of them really expect that the groom,
good ol’ Tom who was getting married shortly, would be fucking
a slut he didn’t know in the middle of the living room right
in front of them all ‒ and have it filmed?

I felt Tom’s cock swelling even more and his pace was quickening
so I knew he was about to cum. Ordinarily I would have let
him cum inside of me as I loved the feeling of a cock exploding
in me and shooting hot loads of cum deep inside of my pussy.
However, I still wanted to put on a great show for everyone
and I knew that guys love watching girls take it in the mouth.
I stepped forward so he came out of me (my god, my pussy was
soooo empty all of a sudden I almost took him back in me) and
turned around to kneel in front of him.

Tom’s cock was reacting in a predictable manner and when
I knew he was ready to explode I said, “OK Bill, don’t miss
this!” I sucked Tom’s cock for a few more seconds and then
stroked him with my hand as I held his swollen head a couple
of inches away from my open mouth. It didn't take more
than a few strokes before he surged and a huge load of cum
shot from his cock directly into my mouth. I could feel it
hit the back of my throat and pool on my tongue as Tom groaned
and came again and yet again. A few shots missed my mouth
and landed on my cheek and breasts but most of it made it in
my mouth. Mmmmmm he tasted so good! I kept stroking him even
after he stopped, trying to milk every drop from his balls
that I could. I looked up at Bill’s camera, opened my mouth
and stuck out my tongue so he could film the cum that was on
it. Then I used Tom’s cock to wipe the cum that was on my cheek
into my mouth and then my fingers to catch the cum on my boobs.
When I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last few
drops from him I could feel him shudder as my tongue tan around
his sensitive cock. He slowly softened in my mouth and finally
he stepped back and sank into his chair with a look of exhaustion.
Tom was shaking his head and I could hear him talking to himself
saying, “Oh my god, what have I done?” he mused, “What if
Tammy finds out?”

I felt so naughty as I listened to him worrying about his
fiancé but I also knew he would never forget this night and
besides, there was no way he could say that he hadn’t loved
doing it. I put my hands on my hips and turned to face the guys.
It seemed so weird to have nine guys watching me
with their
cocks in their hands. It looked like a few of them were feeling
a little awkward touching themselves in front of the others
but since all of them were doing it I guess that helped them
not be so shy. I bit my lower lip as I looked at them and realized
that before long my pussy would be welcoming every one of
those cocks. I couldn't wait any longer to get started
so with my hands on my hips I said, “Well, are you guys just
going to stroke yourselves or is somebody going to fuck

Even after all the groping I had allowed them to do before,
plus what I had just done with Tom, I don’t think they really
knew for sure at this point whether or not they would be able
to fuck me themselves. I watched impatiently as they looked
at each other, waiting for someone to start things off.
I should have known who would be the first “volunteer”.
Bill dropped his pants and sat down in a chair, calling me
over to him.

“OK Kelly, get over here and sit on my cock, ” he called out
to me.

Bill handed the camera to one of the guys, warning him not
to miss anything! I stood in front of him and caressed my
boobs while he watched.

“Ok Bill, ” I whispered in a husky voice, “It’s your turn
so fuck me.” There really wasn't anything else I needed
to say. Bill was sitting in a big overstuffed chair with
plenty of room in it so I climbed up and kneeled over him,
his cock positioned under my wet pussy and my boobs in front
of his face. I reached between my legs to hold his cock and
guide it into me as I started to lower myself down on it.
“Watch it Bill, ” as if I had to encourage him, ”I want you
to watch as your cock enters my tight young pussy.”

My pussy was still swollen from the fucking Tom had just
given me and extremely sensitive so I couldn't help
but gasp softly as the tip of his cock started to spread my
pussy lips apart, finding it’s way into me. God he was so
big! I have had one cock that was bigger than him but he was
a definite #2 in the size category. My pussy practically
screamed with pleasure as he violated me. I thought of his
wife and what she would think if she could see her husband
now, his manhood that was suppose to be hers slowly disappearing
into a slutty teenager’s pussy. It was amazing how many
thoughts can run through your mind in the short few moments
it takes for a cock to make its way all the way into your pussy!
I felt his pubic hair tickle my ass as I lowered myself all
the way onto him until finally I was literally sitting on
his lap with his fat cock completely hidden from sight.
I sat motionless for just a bit to relish the feeling of him
in me. Again I was amazed at how big he was and how full my pussy
felt with him in me. Bill was also obviously enjoying the
moment. His head was pulled back and a huge smile was on his

“Ohhhhhhhhh, you have no idea how many times I have jerked
off thinking about a moment like this one. God you are as
tight as I ever dreamed a girl could be.”

With that we got down to more serious business as I bounced
on his cock and we fucked. He had been stroking himself for
the past hour so it wasn’t going to take much to get him off
and in this case I really didn't want to stretch it out
like I had with Tom. My goal now was purely to be fucked as
hard and often as I could while I had the opportunity. After
over a month of nothing but my hand my pussy was in dire need
of a good fucking and tonight was the opportunity make up
for lost time.

“Fuck me Bill, cum in me, ” I told him. “Imagine your wife
was here watching, seeing how much hotter I can make you
than she can.”

“Damn you Kelly, ” he groaned, “My wife’s pussy NEVER felt
like this…Oh my god, here it comes girl.”

I sat down hard on him to drive him as deeply into me as I could
and just then I felt the first burst of hot cum explode inside
of me. He must have been really loaded because he just kept
cumming and cumming in me. Each time I felt that sunburst
of heat inside of me I imagined his cock in me, the cum spraying
from its tip into my starving pussy. When he finally finished
I got off and stood up which caused a gush of cum to drain form
my pussy and down to the floor and my thighs. I gave Bill a
wink and turned back to the rest of the guys, looking to see
who was going to be next.

For the next hour or so I let myself go and basically was just
a whore for the rest of them. Lying in the middle of the floor,
I allowed them to do pretty much whatever they wanted. All
of them fucked me at one time or another ‒ they saw to it that
everyone did so they were all involved equally in case someone
spilled the beans afterwards. Even Tom returned for another
round ‒ I guess any remorse had faded quickly once he saw
everyone else fucking me. It seemed I always had at least
two or three cocks working me - one in my
mouth, one in my pussy
and one or two in my hands. I lost count how many times
I came
myself and there is no way of ever knowing how many loads
of cum were sprayed on me, in my pussy or in my mouth. I was
literally covered in cum by the time we were done. My pussy
was so full of it that when the next cock would enter me you
could hear the squishing sound of the cum being pushed out
of me. I insisted that each one cum in my pussy so by the time
the last guys was finishing himself off inside of me I was
afraid to stand up, not knowing how much cum would gush from
my cunt all over my legs and the floor.

The last guy to fuck me was Tom, back for yet another piece
of me. I guess he must have figured that once he crossed the
line he may as well go all the way! The rest of them had collapsed
in the furniture or on the floor. I was still on my back and
so this time he fucked me in the missionary position. My
legs were so tired I just laid back and let him do the work.
Despite all the fucking my pussy had been given, his big
cock was still a pleasure to have in me. I don’t know where
he managed to get it from, but eventually he had one last
load of cum for me. After he came he pulled out of me and dropped
down on the floor next to me, sweating and panting from his

I got up and went into the bedroom. There was a full-length
mirror in it and I look myself over and barely recognized
the girl I saw looking back at me. My hair was a total wreck
and there were large traces of drying cum in it making it
stick together. I couldn’t believe how much cum was on me,
it seemed to cover my entire face and upper body! I pulled
the bedcover off and used it to wipe myself off. My face and
chest were flush and my mouth felt slimy and tasted of cock
and cum. It began to sink in me as I stood there just what I
had done this evening. I had fucked a lot of guys in my life
but it was usually part of some type of relationship, even
if just a physical one. At Beth’s sex parties I had fucked
a number of guys but in those cases it was different, everyone
was there to do it and I wasn't the only girl.

I have always taken a sort of perverse pride in having a well-earned
reputation for being a slut but there is only one description
for me tonight ‒ whore. My father playfully called me that
at times but it was just talk and I always knew he respected
me no matte what I let him do. Tonight I had given my young
body over to a group of horny men who didn't give a damn
about Kelly, the 19-year-old student. I had allowed myself
to be their sex toy, to use my body for their own sexual gratification
and lewd pleasure. I had fucked what seemed to be a very decent
man who had never wanted to be with anyone but his soon-to-be
wife and now for the rest of his life he would have to live
with what we did tonight.

With these thoughts going through my head I got my jeans
and sweatshirt back on. I saw a clock on the dresser ‒ 3:30AM!
I had been fucking almost continuously for hours! I was
about to leave when there was a knock on the door. I opened
it and Bill was there. He handed me a sealed envelope. It
was pretty thick and I knew instantly what it was. Now I really
was officially a whore ‒ paid to be fucked.

“Just something the guys wanted to give you, ” he said.
“You were incredible this evening Kelly. God I want to fuck
you again!”

For a brief moment I considered letting him fuck me again
right there in the bedroom. I could have done it and he probably
was more than ready to go again but I decided it would be better
to leave him hungry for me. With that I stepped through the
door and past him. I gave him a quick kiss and grabbed his
crotch, mindful of the hot cock under those jeans. “You
know what I want.”

With that I made my way out. It appeared that all the other
guys were still recovering and so I quickly made my way to
the front door and outside. The chilly winter air hit me
like a slap in the face and I ran all the way back to my dorm.
Fortunately I didn't meet anyone on my way down the
hall, God only knows what they would have said looking at
me like this! I tried to enter our room as quietly as possible
but the damn door always creaked loudly and tonight was
no exception. The only light in the room was a small nightlight
we used but I could make out Karen as she sat up in her bed.
She was rubbing her eyes and her voice was husky from sleep.
“That you Kelly? My goodness you are late tonight. Everything

“No problem Karen, I talk to you in the morning. G’night!”
Karen laid back down as I went by our beds to make my way to
the bathroom. I was about to enter it when Karen stirred
again. She looked around and wrinkled her nose saying,
“My goodness Kelly, what’s that smell?”

Well, I knew for sure what it was but Karen, a certified virgin,
didn’t recognize the musky smell of sex that I knew I must
have reeked of. She wasn't really awake though so I
didn't have to answer as she lay back down and fell back
asleep. Hopefully when morning arrived she would have
forgotten that I smelled like someone who had just been
fucked by ten guys!

In the bathroom I looked in the mirror and was glad that I
had not met anyone on my way back home. I looked like a tramp,
especially my hair which had far more cum in it than I thought
when I was in the dimly lit bedroom. By now it was dried and
I couldn't wait to take a shower. I must have spent 30
minutes in the shower trying to remove my trophies from
this evening. I lathered and rinsed my hair three
before it felt clean again. I had cum dried all over me and
every time I thought I was clean I found yet another spot
on me.

Finally I felt like a real person again and threw on some
shorts and a t-shirt. I hid my outfit in a bag I kept under
my bed and dropped into my bed. What a night! I thought again
about the things I had when I was back in the bedroom. I had
to admit that I had really enjoyed the evening. Being the
center of attention at the party was thrilling and showing
myself off to the guys and seeing how excited it made them
was incredibly erotic. Suddenly I remembered the envelope
and reached under the bed to get it. I opened it up and was
shocked ‒ it was full of twenties and even a few hundreds.
I counted it all up and it was $840! Hmmmmm, maybe being a
whore wasn’t so bad after all. I wasn't ready to become
a streetwalker or anything but there were other possibilities
including parties such as this and being an escort. I fell
asleep feeling much better about myself and with a resolve
to look into these new ventures as soon as possible.

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You really are an awesome writer. Add to that, you are a sister
in Christ Jesus. My feelings, and those of my wife, coincide
with your's. God did give us these bodies, and the pleasurability
that comes with them. If there's no hurt, where's
the harm in exploring that? God bless, and God's speed,
in your life.


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An enjoyable story.
I hope you aren't kidding yourself about
how enjoyable you found the experience.


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Wow...just wow. Great story. You are clearly a beautiful,
intelligent young woman who seems to have everything together
and you know what you want within the confines of your convictions.
I enjoy and am turned on by your stories. However, you seem
to mention a pretty open relationship with your father
and that part you may want to leave out. Just my opinion.
But keep the stories coming and we'll keep on cumming
to them.


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Your stories or should I say autobiography just keep getting
better and better... can't wait to read the next installment!


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Great story. i have ready most of your articles and will
read the rest but i'm wondering about you and your family.
i dated a girl who was really open with her parents about
sex but i get the feeling you may have done more than talk.
perhaps you should do an article on that. let everyone know
you really are daddy's little girl.


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I really liked this story!!!!!!!!!! Just wish i was there
you seem to be really hot. If you ever want to talk just e-mail


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all i have to say is that i wish i was your roommate and not
Karen .. cause we sure enough would have fun together


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Missed your articles since most were deleted from AdultFriendFinder.
Hope that you'll email me when you see this.


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Well i am glad you are back writen. I have read almost all
of your storied. Keep them cumming


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HOT, HOT, HOT. This is the first time I have ever
posted a response about a story I have read. Your
writing certainly deserves praise. I am amazed at
the incite you have into the minds of the common man. You
are a very perceptive young woman. You have a knowledge
and wisdom far ahead of your age.
Wow, I am impressed. You have skills to give a man
and women the best fuck of them all, " THE MIND FUCK
" Which of coarse is the best kind. Your skills are
rarely found in one as young as yourself. Your a hot babe.
I would love to read a
Slut Wife story a savvy mind like yours could cook
up. Love the slut wife stories. Hats off to you honey, your
a sharp woman. HOT WOMAN TOO![COLOR


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Fabulous! You sound like a wonderful woman, and write incredible


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O.M.G. That was fantastic. I felt like I was one of those