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My Dilemma


My wife Sandra's best friend is, Chrissie. Sandra
and Chrissie have known each other since, "forever"
and they have a bond that is stronger than steel.

Unfortunately, as a friend, Chrissie and I aren't
very close. She just has too many opinions for me and always
wants to know, "your business" but rarely shares
anything of herself. Chrissie never hesitates to make
suggestions to you but if you counter with your own opinion,
or offer her any friendly advise, she doesn't receive
it with the spirit that was intended. To this day, I suspect
that Sandra represents Chrissie's only true "confidant".
That's not to say that Chrissie doesn't have her
good sides. She is very generous, loves my kids (Aunt Chrissie),
and is a very, successful surgeon. At 36 years of age, she
has never married and to this point in her life, she never
started a family of her own. It's not that we don't,
"get along" but it would be much nicer for all
concerned if I thought of her a little more strongly than
I do. Mostly when we are around each other, we give each other
a fair bit of room.

My wife and Chrissie had a little Friday night, "girl's
night out" and so I stayed home with the kids. At around
11 pm, Sandra came home and while I heard her come in, I was
near sleep myself and simply nodded out. I barely felt the
kiss on my check as she snuggled up against me and said, "Goodnight

Saturday mornings have always been a special time for Sandra
and myself. I often wake up to a morning BJ and then we proceed
to make love prior to going down for breakfast. However,
this Saturday morning was a little, "different".

I woke up around 6 am and I could feel Sandra already stroking
me under the covers. She had her head resting on my chest
and I could see that her beautiful brown hair was freshly,
"tussled" from sleep. Her big brown eyes just
stared into mine and I could feel her bare breast (we both
sleep nude) pressing against my side. My right hand was
already caressing and feeling onto her bare ass. No doubt,
I was the luckiest man alive.

I was immediately aroused and ready to go. However, as I
rolled over to embrace my wife she said, "Honey, we
need to talk."

This caught me a little by surprise and I asked, "Can't
it wait?"

"No, it can't."

Sandra continued to stroke me and started to tell me about
her evening with Chrissie.

"Honey, I know that Chrissie has been a challenge
for you but she is very special to me."

My mind was wondering, why are we talking about this now
but instead said, "Yeah, I know."

"Well, you know the one thing that she has always wanted,
don't you?"

Jokingly, I responded, "Yeah, a man without vocal

She released my very hard penis for a moment to give me a smack
on the chest but fortunately, it was in jest and she (thankfully)
proceeded to stroke my penis again. Sandra replied, "No
silly, she has always wanted children."

"No kidding", I replied, "but that is
pretty hard to do when you look at everyone around you as
second class."

Sandra continued, "She's really not like that
at all but I understand that is how you see her. Trust me,
that is not how she really feels at all."

"Are we done talking about Chrissie now? I'd
really like to give you a good screwing right about now."

With a little more sternness in her voice, "No, I am
not done. Look, there is nothing I wouldn't do to help
Chrissie. She is ovulating and intends to be artificially
inseminated this coming Monday morning.

"Well, good for her but why is this slowing down my
Saturday morning with my wife?

"C'mon Rick, she is very apprehensive about

"How so?"

Her facial expression changed to a worried look, "Well,
this might be my fault. When she told me of her plan, I told
her that a child should be conceived by the union of two people
and that it shouldn't occur through a test tube."

At this point, Chrissie's hand abruptly left my shaft
and she scooted down and started to lick around my head,
balls and shaft.

"Now, that's more like it", I said.

In between little licks and slurps Sandra continued.

"We had shared a bottle of wine at dinner and went back
to her place and had a little after dinner drink so I might
not have been thinking straight. Anyway, what I had said
to her got her pretty upset. After I told her my opinion about
conceiving through test tubes, she didn't know what
to do. She started crying. I mean, crying, REAL HARD."

This conversation was getting a little old and I wanted
to move onto our traditional Saturday morning fuck so I
said, "Ok baby, I'm sure the insemination will
go fine. She'll have her baby and everything will be
right with the world. Now let's enjoy our Saturday
morning, ok?"

Sandra took my cock deep into her mouth for a couple of head
bobs and then continued, "Look Rick, Chrissie is
36 and is running out of time to have a family. She focused
all of her attention on her career and she knows she has made
some mistakes along the way but is desperate to have a family
of her own."

At this point, I was more concerned with what my wife's
tongue and hands were doing to me than I was with what she
was talking about but that didn't stop Sandra from
continuing on with both my cock attention and her story.

While stroking my balls and cock shaft, Sandra said, "Rick,
I screwed up. She had a plan that she was comfortable with
and I had to open my big mouth."

This was getting a little tiresome to me and I said in a bit
of an exasperated voice, "Baby, I wish you'd
open that big mouth for me right now and continue swallowing
my dick. C'mon stop teasing me."

"Rick", she replied, "this is important
to me. Please let me finish."

Knowing that this was important to her and that I was being
a little selfish, I said, "Ok, sorry."

Recognizing that she finally had my attention, Sandra
licked my balls and the underside of my shaft for a few moments
and then continued to jack me with her hand.

"Rick, having children is wonderful. She wants to
experience that too. I really don't want her to have
a baby conceived by test tubes. I just don't want my
friend to have to conceive that way and that's where
you come in."

I started to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. "What
do you mean, that's where I come in."

Sandra gave me dick a real earnest lick and a couple of mouth
fucks, taking me deep into her throat and then dropped her
bomb, "Rick I want you to have sex with Chrissie and
give her a baby."

As soon as the last words drifted out of her mouth, she started
to suck me ferociously.

Sandra can really suck a dick and I was starting to have a
hard time focusing on both her mouths activity and the statement
she just made.

Shaking my head a little clear from my wife's mouth
assault on my shaft I asked, "Are you serious?"

Letting my cock flop out of her mouth she said, "Rick,
I am totally serious. I know you don't love her. In fact,
you do everything you can just to tolerate her and so I know
that this will just be sex and nothing more. While I hope
you get her pregnant, either way, she'll go through
with the A.I. on Monday. That way, when she has the baby,
neither of us will truly know if it is your child or not. In
fact, if the baby has Chrissie's blood type, she may
never know either. You see, we can all have a clean conscience
about this."

While Sandra started licking my balls again, I started
thinking about what she was saying. Her argument of not
knowing if the baby was mine or not reminded me that one soldier
in the firing squad is given a blank. None of the soldiers
know which one has the blank so after their duty is completed,
they can all have a slight hope that they did not personally
shoot the prisoner. The problem is, blanks don't create
a recoil so if your gun recoils, you know you shot a bullet.
I knew in my heart that if we did this, at a minimum, we would
all learn if the child was mine or not.

"Baby, if I do this, it will change things forever
between you and me."

Sandra responded, " I have thought a lot about this
Rick. Our marriage is the envy of all of our friends. I see
this for what it is, a favor to my best friend who really needs
a favor. I wouldn't ask you to do this for just anyone
and Chrissie is ovulating as we speak so she's fertile,
you're fertile and together, you could make a baby."

I got very quiet and while I was very uncomfortable with
what my wife was asking of me, my cock was loving her attention.

Sandra started to deep throat me again and I had to admit
that with my cock as hard as a rock, I was reaching a point
where I was ready to fuck almost anything and that's
when all the pieces of Sandra's plan came together.

Chrissie let my cock fall from her mouth again and said,
"Rick, the decision is all yours. If you want to say
no then you can." With a little mischievous grin and
while stroking my very hard prick, Sandra went on to ask,
"Are you ready to fuck now?"

My reaction was, "FINALLY!"

Sandra giggled and moved her way up so that her face was inches
from mine and her hand slid back down to my penis. Stroking
me under the covers and looking deep into my eyes, she placed
a soft kiss on my lips and said, "Now that you're
ready, why not just drive over to Chrissie's place
right now and give her a special delivery of this fine cock."

I looked into Sandra's eyes and I actually saw tears
forming into the corners of her eyes.

"You really want me to do this, don't you?"

"Yes Rick, I do. I will never hold it against you either
way but as a favor to me and my very good friend, I hope you'll
go through with this for all concerned."

A million thoughts were going through my mind but I couldn't
form a sentence.

Sandra realizing my confusion just said, "Rick,
everything is all set. I am taking the kids to the zoo and
to a movie. You'll have the next 6 hours do to whatever
you want. I won't even know if you went to her house and
I won't ask you to tell me whether you did or not. Chrissie
has also promised not to tell me. You see, if she has a child
it may have been from you or it may not have been from you.
You may have slept with Chrissie and then again, maybe you
didn't. I also have time set-up for tomorrow. The kids
and I will be gone from 10 AM to after 5 PM. You can go to a ballgame,
you can go have beers with friends or you can do what I hope
you will do."

As I continued to process this information, I was floating
in a place previously unknown to me. My mind was screaming
at me but nothing made any sense.

Never losing control of the moment, Sandra continued on,
"Whatever you do, I will not let you fuck me this weekend."

She could see total shock and disappointment in my eyes.

Her face softened and she said, "Look Rick, it's
not that I don't want to be with you it's just that
I want you to use yourself up on my friend. If you come home
and are all tired out then we'll both know what your
decision was. My intent is not to hurt you, my intent is to
create an environment where you don't feel guilty."

I must have had an absolutely blank stare on my face. Sandra
in a playful voice sand cute little grin said, "Of
course, I think I did a pretty good job of making sure that
if you take the ballgame or out-for-beers route instead
of servicing Chrissie then you are gonna have one bad case
of blue balls, aren't you?"

I dumbly nodded without even really thinking about what
I was nodding about. Sandra obviously took that as faint
hope that I would comply and just smiled and said, "Good".

Then Sandra got out of bed and looking at me with tears still
clinging to the corner of her eyes, "Rick, I love you
and I appreciate that you'll really consider what
I am asking. Now go and take a shower, but no touching yourself
‒ if you know what I mean." Then with a giggle she headed
out of our bedroom and as she proceeded to walk down the hall,
she called back to me, "I'm gonna make you a nice
bacon and eggs breakfast, you'll need the protein."

That comment took my a bit out of my catatonic state and made
both of us laugh.

In a total daze, I took my shower (with a very hard dick),
shaved and came downstairs to a plate of scrambled eggs,
bacon and toast. Sandra kept coming over to me to rub my shoulders,
kiss me on top of the head and stroke my neck ‒ just very attentive
or should I say, "reassuring".

A little while later, she hollered to the kids to, "get
in the car, it's time to go!" The kids, didn't
have to be told twice and raced to get into the car ‒ they love
the zoo.

Sandra came to say goodbye to me. She gave me a light kiss
on the lips and then leaned forward so that her mouth was
next to my ear and as she slid her hand over the front of my
pants, giving my still hard cock a squeeze said, "You
know, these balls don't have to stay blue all day."
Then I felt her tongue lick my earlobe and she left.

I sat and thought a minute about Sandra. There was no doubt
in my mind that she really wanted me to go through with this.
I thought about Chrissie. I really didn't like her
all that much but she was very good to my wife and kids and
it's not so much that she wasn't nice to me, she
just wasn't, "warm". I had always wished
that we were better friends than we were and that made me
realize that my wife was right. If I went to her home, it would
only be sex. I certainly wasn't in love with Chrissie.
I was in love with Sandra and she wanted me to do this for her.

I just sat in the kitchen weighing the options. I kept glancing
at the kitchen clocks, the one on the stove, on the microwave,
the kitchen wall clock and it was almost as if time itself
was taunting me.

I got up and as I went to the family room, I saw my VCR blinking
12:00 (never could set that thing) and then the grandfather
clock in the front foyer started to chime the quarter hour.
The stress of my wife's request was being magnified
by the time I had to fulfill her request.

However, in the end, all of my thoughts led to one thing.
I had to at least go to Chrissie's. If I went for a beer
or whatever else and didn't at least stop over then
I couldn't help but think that the harm and hurt would
be pretty extreme for her and for my wife. As I grabbed my
wallet and keys I started thinking that, "just maybe
I can talk her out of this and convince her that A.I. isn't
so bad an option. Yeah, that's what I'll do, "
I thought.

Driving in a bit of a fog, it seemed like I was teleported
to Chrissie's driveway. As I switched off the ignition
to the car, I couldn't even recall any of the drive over.
I kept trying to think of the words to disarm this ticking

Before I even hit the doorbell, Chrissie opened the door.

She embraced me at the door and said, "Oh Rick, I just
wasn't sure you'd come. Thank you so much!"
Then she gave me a soft kiss on the lips and taking my hand,
led me into the sitting room of her home. All I could think
of is that maybe my coming her was a bad idea. By the way she
received me, there is little doubt that she thinks I'm
here to fuck.

Now Chrissie is not an ugly woman. She was wearing a pair
of relatively short, shorts and a scooped out knit top.
Chrissie has straight blonde hair that falls to her shoulders,
brown eyes and rather profound breasts. The top that she
was wearing today did a nice job of sculpting out her tits.

She sat me on the loveseat and snuggled up next to me. Her
breasts were pressing into my arm and I could tell that she
was weeping.

Undaunted, I said, "Chrissie I really think we need
to talk about this a bit."

Looking down, her reply was, "So you're not going
to do it are you?"

"Chrissie, this is just not the typical approach
to having children, don't you understand?"

In a very weak voice, Chrissie replied, "Rick, it
has to be much more natural than artificial insemination."

I didn't exactly know how to argue with that so I just
sat there in silence for a few moments. The silence was,
to say the least, discomforting.

Having to say something, I said, "Chrissie, sex for
a man is different than for a woman." Before I finished,
all I could think of is that must be the dumbest thing I ever
said and I kinda hit my self in the head for saying it.

Looking to quickly rectify the situation I tried a little
different approach. "You know, you are a very attractive
woman. There is no doubt that men find you desirable. It's
just that I haven't been with another woman for over
12 years. I'm just not sure if I can make this happen."

This very proud, always-knows-the-right-answer, I'm-gonna-get-my-way-woman's
reply was, "I understand, you don't have to if
you don't want to."

"Oh geez Chrissie, I didn't mean it like that",
but it was too late, she went from weeping to full out crying.

In between sobs, Chrissie blurted out, "Rick, I just
don't know what to do. If I have a baby, I can't think
of any other man I respect like I do you. I know you may not
see it that way but I have always admired you for the kind
of man you are and the kind of husband you are. Last night
when Sandra made this suggestion, at first I thought she
was nuts but in the end, it started to make sense to me. I thought
it would be so much better to have had a baby in a more natural
fashion. I would rather know who the father is. I would rather
that father be you."

I was blown away and reached over and held her tight while
she sobbed into my chest.

"Look Chrissie, I'll tell you what, let's
give this a try. I'll do my best, ok. Now you go upstairs
and get into bed and I'll be up there in a minute."

She leaned up and kissed me again on the lips and said, "Rick
thank you."

I watched her pad her way upstairs and thought, "I
really don't know if I can do this or not."

As I walked up the stairs I knocked on the door of Chrissie's
bedroom. Again I thought, "Good grief why are you
knocking...., she obviously expects you."

Chrissie just said, "Come in."

I entered and walked past her as she lay in the bed under the
covers. I could see that her clothes had been removed and
were sitting in the corner of the room. I walked past the
bed and into her master bathroom. I opened up her cabinet
and found what I was looking for.

As I re-entered the bedroom, I said, "Chrissie, we
need a little ice breaker. How 'bout I give you a little
massage with this baby oil I found and see if it does the trick?
Roll over on your tummy for me."

As she rolled over, I took the liberty of pulling down the
covers, leaving her covered by just her bed sheet. I then
went around the bed and un-tucked the top sheet from the
end and corners of the bed. Then I pulled the sheet down to
her waist, just above her ass crack and started to work her
back with the baby oil. All the while taking off my shirt,
pants and socks and I left only my boxers on.

As my hands slid over her body I was starting to feel aroused.
Chrissie's little moans as I slid my hands down to her
lower back didn't hurt either. I worked her back in
earnest for a little while and then pulled the sheet back
up over her (to keep her from getting chilled) and then I
pulled her left leg out from under the sheet. Now the sheet
covered everything except Chrissie's leg, up to her
hip and just a little of her left butt check was visible.

Again, I started to work the oil, first on her feet and then
up and down her smooth, tanned legs. I noticed the firmness
of her legs and realized that her daily walks had really
worked wonders for toning her thighs and calves. She also
was a tanning booth addict and there were no tan lines to
be seen.

I had to admit, she had some great fucking gams and as I finished
with her left leg, I started onto her right leg in the same
fashion. My dick was as hard as a rock and I knew that I was
going to fuck her but I wanted to continue with the foreplay
so after finishing up her second leg, I pulled the sheet
down to her mid thigh, exposing her ass and after smearing
oil on my hands, I gave her a nice butt rub.

I started just below the cheek and kneaded, rubbed and caressed,
first her left and then her right cheek. Chrissie continued
to moan and was now squirming a bit too. I slid my hands in
between her ass cheeks and rubbed inside of her ass crack
as well. As I did, I could feel her push her ass up to my hands
to both encourage me and let me know that it felt real good.

I bent over and started giving little kisses on her bare
ass and trailed my tongue over it. I could feel her try to
roll over but I wasn't done yet and slid my finger into
her very wet pussy. I finger fucked her for just a few moments
and she pushed hard against my digit and then I trailed my
tongue down her ass crack and replaced my finger with it.
I lapped at her pussy for just a lick or two and then told her
to turn over. As she rolled onto her back, I savored the taste
of my first strange pussy since I was married. I had to admit
that Chrissie was a little muskier but still tasted wonderful.

As she settled onto her back, I made sure that she was again
completely covered by the sheet. Chrissie's eyes
were closed and I proceeded to first massage her arms and
then, I massaged the front of her left leg and then her right.
In both instances, I made sure that the sheet covered her
pussy but left me access to her entire leg and hip.

Once the second leg was finished, I pulled the sheet down
to her waist and I got my first view of her bare breasts. They
were, in a word, "magnificent".

Her areolas were the size of half dollars and her nipples
were at, "full attention". I slid my hands over
and around her globes and rolled her nipples in my fingers.
Chrissie was moaning and enjoying this breast play. After
a few more moments of breast familiarization, I slid my
hands to her stomach and pulled the sheet down to her thighs.

Feeling the fresh air on her clit, Chrissie let out a little,
"Emmmm". There was no doubt that she was ready
for this.

I took her left breast into my mouth and sucked her nipple
while my fingers invaded her cunt. She was sopping wet with
desire and my tool was about to poke a hole right out of my
boxers. Chrissie had her right hand pulling me further
into her breast and encouraging me to suck harder. I could
hear her utter a number of breathless incomplete sentences
and thoughts while I sucked her tit and finger fucked her.

"Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Suck my... Finger it.... Finger
me.... Finger, finger, finger..... Feels soooooo, uuummmmmm......
Lick, lick, lick...... Deeper..... Lick it....."

I moved my mouth to her right breast to taste it as well and
then slid my tongue down her belly until I found myself face-to-face
with her neatly trimmed bush. I watched as my fingers manipulated
her sex and then my mouth again, replaced my fingers and
I sucked her clit into my mouth. Chrissie's hips involuntarily
pushed up to meet my mouth.

I took less than 15 seconds for her to cum in my mouth.

"Oh god, Rick..... I'm cumming..... Oh, oh,

Chrissie had an orgasm of massive proportion and literally
convulsed on the bed.

She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair and
uttered these words, "Fuck me Rick."

I pulled off my boxers, positioned myself over her body
and did exactly that.

As I pushed into her, I had a small recognition that this
was my first strange pussy in a very long time. That thought,
coupled with my wife's earlier manipulations and
the erotic mood in the room did nothing for giving me much
control. Chrissie pulled my face down to hers. Our mouths
were mashed together and our tongues fought ferociously
with one and other.

It was just too much for me and in a few short strokes I was
indeed pumping Chrissie with my sperm.

"Oh Rick, I can feel your cock deposit your seed into
me. Deeper baby, push deeper. Make me a baby, lover.....
Oh god, this is wonderful. As I came, this brought out Chrissie's
second Big O herself.

I laid on top of her letting all of my cum drip into her sperm
starved pussy. Even after I thought I was spent, I could
still feel the little hydraulics going off in my cock as
it seemed to understand it's duty.

As I raised myself up I looked down to see Chrissie simply

"Rick, I have never, ever been made love to like that
in my entire life. You took me places that I didn't even
know existed. Not only is Sandra lucky to have you, I am lucky
to have you as my friend and hopefully as the father of my

I rolled onto my back and considered the enormity of my actions.

First off, I knew that Chrissie was quite wealthy so that
if we did, in fact conceive a child, there was no question
that it would be well cared for. Secondly, Sandra didn't
expect to know or to even talk to me about it.

I got out of bed and walked naked into the bathroom and let
loose my post sex piss. I seemed to be peeing forever and
as I left Chrissie came in right behind me to do the same.

I went back to lie in the bed and was still, frankly a little

Chrissie came back with a warm washcloth and ran it all over
my cock and balls. The dick bath she gave me felt just wonderful
and was followed by her mouth taking over where the washrag
left off. I looked down as she licked up and down my shaft.
As my arousal became complete she tool me fully into her
mouth and throat. Sandra's technique was better but
Chrissie's ability to make my cock completely disappear
down her throat was new to me.

"Oh, Chrissie that feels unreal. Oh yeah, honey,
suck my cock. Emmm....."

In between slurps and licks, Chrissie said, let's
reload this thing, ok?"

"Sure, climb on up."

Chrissie straddled me and lowered her sex onto my organ.

As she started to ride me, my hands were reaching up and played
with her breasts and nipples. She really liked it when I
pulled on them and so I did.

There were no real words said for a while. Just some gasps
and moans.

Having just cum a bucket a few moments ago, I had a little
more control and so I flipped her onto her back.

"Chrissie, you need to be on the bottom so that when
I cum, we stand a better chance of getting you pregnant."

I pushed and I pumped and she squirmed and shoved her hungry
snatch so that it devoured my rod. The sex we were having
was raw and almost, "violent". I grabbed Chrissie's
legs and put them over my shoulders and for the lack of a better
way to describe it, I was pile driving her into the mattress.
I was thrusting into her with everything I had.

Chrissie started bucking even more wildly and I knew she
was on the verge of an orgasm and then she let it loose, "OOOOOHHHHHH,

MEAT INTO ME! Then she hit another less vicious "O".
She bit down on her lip and thrust her hips up so that I was
completely impaled within her and grasping my ass to ensure
that I was as deep as possible, she let out a nice smooth,

I too was getting close to the end and slowing down a bit to
enjoy the orgasm, I thrust deeply and with purpose but at
a much slower pace.

I covered her mouth with mine as I released my second torrent
of cum deep into her fertile womb.

We got up, showered and went to bed for a short nap. I woke
up with me spooning her bare ass. My cock was directly between
her ass cheeks and I started to fondle her prominent breasts.
Soon I was grinding my growing dick against her butt and
she started to push back against me.

Chrissie reached down and positioned my dick for entry.

On our sides, in a spooning position, I worked my cock slowly
in and out of her pussy. The fucking I was giving her, and
her to me, was much slower and deliberate then before. In
fact, I would dare to say it was, "loving".

I pushed into her, pulled back and pushed in again. My arms
wrapped around her and I held her close while I continued
to penetrate her. I kissed and nibbled at the nape or her
neck and shoulders and she totally gave herself to me.

Her head turned sideways and we enjoyed a leisurely and
very loving kiss in between the thrusting. I couldn't
help but start to wonder, "What has happened to me?
Am I falling in love with Chrissie?"

I couldn't help myself, I was enjoying our lovemaking
so much that it was twisting my mind. What was supposed to
be some pretty perfunctory fucking was starting to turn
into something much more. At least to me, it was and I am pretty
sure Chrissie was feeling the same way.

My heart was on fire. Our mouths lazily and with great familiarity
now, were engaged in deep, passionate kissing. All the
while, my penis continued to glide in and out of Chrissie
in a fashion that was becoming, "very comforting."

My hands continued to explore her body. From her breasts
and down her thighs and all around her legs and back to her
breasts again. Our mouths stopped only long enough to catch
our breath and then they coupled again.

I once again felt that pressure fill in my loins and in no
time, I was shooting my third deposit into Chrissie.

As I got up to shower off, Chrissie laid with her back on the
bed to ensure that my sperm got as deep into her tubes as possible.

I turned the shower nozzle on and stepped into the shower.
Chrissie joined me and we proceeded to soap each other.
Again, it was amazingly, "loving" and we repeatedly
kissed each other throughout our time in the shower. I got
aroused for the fourth time, which is no small feat for me.
Chrissie got onto her knees in the shower and took my growing
erection into her mouth. After a few minutes of licking
and sucking, Chrissie asked me, "Can you go again?"

With a grin, I replied, "Can you?"

Chrissie simply got up off of the floor, placed her hands
on the shower wall and pushed her ass at me. I got behind her
and pushed my pecker into her hole for the fourth and last
time that day.

After we finished, and really just showered, Chrissie
walked me to the door.

Now it was time for Chrissie to search for the right words.
As smart as she is. As assured as she is. All she could come
up with was, "Rick, thank you."

I looked into her eyes and they were glassy with tears of

"Chrissie, I had no idea that you were such a wonderful
lover. My feelings for you have really deepened. While
I entered your home with the express desire of extricating
myself from this situation, I must admit that I enjoyed
every minute of it and hope that we are successful."

Chrissie looked deep into my eyes and then we kissed like
lovers. When we broke the embrace, I was holding Chrissie
tightly against my chest and she asked, "does that
mean you'll come back tomorrow as planned?"

"Sure, I'll be back. At this point, I wouldn't
miss it but right now, I need to get home."

I beat Sandra home by about a half hour. I made myself a sandwich
and was eating it at the kitchen counter when she and the
kids came home.

I said, "Hi baby."

She said, "Hi yourself" and after hugging the
kids, they ran off to the basement to play video games. Sandra
went into my arms and I kissed and hugged her close. Her hair
smelled great and I loved the feeling of her in my arms. There
was no doubt that I loved this woman.

She got us both a glass of wine, talked about her trip to the
zoo and the movie they saw and not a single word of Chrissie
was discussed.

The next day, and as promised, Sandra had some activities
planned with the kids leaving me alone to go and see Chrissie.

Moments after they left, I was in the car and driving over
to Chrissie's house. She greeted me at the door in her
bathrobe and ushered me in.

She walked me to her living room couch and as I turned around,
I noticed her robe was on the floor and she was wearing a beautiful
satin green teddy with spaghetti straps. Her breasts were
straining against the confines of her bodice. The legs
were slit high on her thighs and as she walked up to me, our
mouths met, our lips parted and we started off right where
we left off yesterday afternoon.

I slid the straps off of her shoulders, and pushed it to the
floor. Chrissie was standing before me as naked as the day
she was born and looked absolutely stunning. I devoured
her. My mouth moved between her big, beautiful breasts
and back to her neck and mouth. All the while my hands and
fingers explored her ass and pussy.

I was filled with total desire. Not so much to make a baby,
but to make sure that I was fucking this beautiful woman.

I gently pushed her onto the coach and proceeded to eat her
out. I licked, nibbled and sucked at her clit. I shoved my
tongue as far up into her hole as I could. In return she pushed
and shoved herself to ensure that my tongue's penetration
went as deep as possible.

Once she thrust her hips into my mouth completing her first
orgasm, I positioned her legs over my shoulders and pushed
my way into her now, very horny hole.

With every push, Chrissie uttered a, "yeah",
"fuck yes", "deeper baby", "do
me" followed by a variety of inaudible groans. She
was loving my dick and I was loving her hole and to show my
appreciation, I juiced her insides with my first load of
cum that day.

We went on to fuck two more time but truth be told, Chrissie
was getting a little sore and so was I. To offset any discomfort,
Chrissie had me lie facedown on the bed and she proceeded
to give me a massage in the same fashion as I did for her the
day before.

When she had me flip over, she took my cock into her mouth
and when I was near coming in her mouth, she straddled me
and as I penetrated her, I only had to push a few times to release
my baby cream into her.

It may sound rather, "un-romantic" but I can
assure you that this was quite the opposite. You could cut
the passion with a knife and our hungry mouths devoured
each other throughout all of our lovemaking sessions.

When it was time to leave, again with tears in her eyes, she
thanked me and I kissed and held her. Before I left, I again
reassured her that I hoped we were successful and then I
went home.

Over the next month or so, Chrissie and I did not see each
other. In fact, except for a couple of calls that I answered
at home where Chrissie was calling Sandra, we didn't
really speak at all. It was all quite strange as I was finding
myself wondering about her, worrying about her and candidly,
I was longing for her as well.

All that said, I was astounded that Sandra and my sex life
was better than ever. While I had acquired incredibly strong
feelings for Chrissie, my feelings for Sandra did not waiver
and she never asked me if, "I did, or didn't".

Everything came to a head when Chrissie called me at my office
and asked me, " Can you come over?"

I responded, "Is everything all right?"

She said, "Please just come over, ok?"

I leapt out of my chair and nearly ran to my car to get to her.
It was obvious that something had upset her and in retrospect,
my motivation to get to her was quite, "husband-like."

As I got to her house, Chrissie met me at the door and melted
into my arms. I asked over and over, "Chrissie are
you ok?"

She didn't immediately respond and finally pulled
herself back and meekly stated, "Rick, I'm pregnant......"

While you could have pushed me over with a feather, I also
knew that I really should have expected this.

Then she said, "There's more Rick. I wasn't
going to tell you this but after our lovemaking, I didn't
want anyone but you to be the father of my child....."
She let that last word hang in the sentence as if searching
me for a response. I must have just looked at her like I was
some sort of an idiot and then she dropped her own little
bombshell, "Rick, I didn't go for the A.I. If
you weren't going to be my child's daddy then I
didn't want to be pregnant."

I just stood there a second letting all of this sink in. Wordlessly,
my mind started to assemble the facts; we had sex, you didn't
have A.I. and now, you're pregnant and that means that
I must be the father......

I had a veritable explosion of emotion and started laughing
like an idiot. Soon my laughing became contagious and Chrissie
started laughing as well. We were holding each other and
laughing and enjoying the moment for what it was and then
I looked into her eyes and I kissed her, "hard".
My tongue entered her mouth and I could feel her body firmly
leaning into me. Her tongue greeted me openly and we kissed
and caressed each other in the foyer for a good 5 minutes
and then Chrissie said, "This may be wrong, but I would
really like to make love to the father of my child."

I couldn't agree more and I took her by the hand and led
her upstairs where we undressed each other, got into bed
and made love.

As I ejaculated into her I said something that I didn't
believe I would or could to another woman. I looked into
her eyes as I pumped my last strokes and I said, "I love
you Chrissie."

She immediately teared up and while pulling my mouth to
hers replied, "I love you too Rick."

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WOW.. I came really hard reading this story. A great mix
of erotica and romance. Hrrs continues to be my favorite
erotic writer. I would give anything to meet him in real
time and see if he fucks like he writes!


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Babydawg13 some do know and you may just find out


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The best story I have read on this site over two years.


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AWSOME read!! I have read some of your other stories but
I have to say this is one of your best keep them cumming can't
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WOW! Wonderful story! I have read others but this story
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Excellent -- real emotions and real people make for really
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Now THAT, by Golly, is how you write erotica! Sweet, powerfull,
brought a tear to my eye. Beats half the crap in Penthouse
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damn it man you realy have a gift. please keep writing for
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