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My Destiny with Danny Avidan


I am a girl who fully believes in destiny, fate, and love. I had no idea that I would be finding it so quickly and unexpectedly. Tonight was the night of the Ninja Sex Party Concert. I was meeting my friend Traci in the city early so we could have lunch and secure our General Admission seats. As we sat down in the Thai restaurant I felt such frustration.

“Traci, what am I gonna do? Its not like Danny is going to just fall right into my lap? I’ll never get to meet him.”

As Traci shrugged we watched as someone walked into the restaurant, it was Danny! My eyes grew wide my hands began to shiver. Just the mere sight of him took my breath away. His long curly brown hair, his hazel eyes, his big sweet smile, as he placed his order at the counter. I couldn’t help but stare at him until he finally noticed and turned my way. I quickly gasped and turned away pretending to text on my phone. Traci poked me

“girl what are you doing! Get the FUCK over there now!!”

I shook my head

“no Traci I cant! I have to be respectful remember he doesn’t want to meet fans. I don’t want to bother him. But wow he’s just intoxicating in person!”

as I closed my eyes to envision him in my head again with his arms wrapped around me I heard a familiar voice say,

“why thank you!”

I slowly opened my eyes to see Danny sitting across from me at our table! Traci had a huge grin on her face!

My face turned super hot! Here he was, this beautiful man I’ve been lusting after for over 2 years right in front of me I could reach out and touch him and my god I wanted to so badly. But instead I respected him

“Oh, Danny! Hi. I didn’t want to bother you. Any chance I could get a pic with you? I promise not to breathe on you!”

he chuckled that adorable chuckle and smiled at me. I felt like my whole body was going to melt! His eyes met mine and all I could envision was shoving my tongue down his throat. It was almost like he read my mind because he said

“I would love to take a picture with you sweetheart!”

He slowly moved his chair very close to mine. I could smell his cologne my god he smelled amazing. I literally held my breath since he took my breath away. Traci held my phone I gave her a look like “bitch better take 20 pics!” and she nodded as if she knew!

I felt Danny wrap his big arms around my waist my heart began to race at the slightness of his touch. I felt him press his rough stubbly face against mine as I heard Traci snap at least 7 pictures if not more! While our faces were still touching I felt Danny’s hand move down from my waist down my left thigh. He started stroking it very seductively. I turned to face him as Traci clearly wasn’t seeing this and he leaned forward with that big smile and kissed me on the cheek ever so sweetly. I heard Traci squeal after he did that. My face felt like it was on fire. I asked Traci for my phone back so I could see the pics they were all amazing. Just then Danny’s food was ready so he picked up his food and sat down next to us to eat it. Realizing I hardly touched my own food I slowly began to eat my food as well though I had no appetite at least not for food.

I would occasionally look over at Danny to see him staring me down as he seductively ate his food it was like he was teasing me the way his lips would suck up the strips of chicken. It was erotic and enticing to me but I tried to keep control of myself as well as my private parts. Glancing at me as he slowly took some of his food into his mouth licking his lips. All I could do was wish my pussy lips were pressed up against that sexy tongue. Traci excused herself to go use the restroom. Danny took this as his opportunity. I had no idea what was going to happen.

Danny plopped himself into Tracis chair right next to me. He looked deep into my eyes I felt my eyes tear up for some reason. I just got so emotional. He leaned forward and wiped my tears away. Then planted a very soft sensual kiss on my lips. Then followed by another more passionate than the first, then tongues started to get involved. I heard Traci “AHEM” and quickly pulled away as we both giggled awkwardly. Danny smiled at Traci and moved back to his chair. Traci smirked at me. Traci said

“Danny we’re really looking forward to the show tonight! Thanks for hanging out with us and if you need someone to sex you up tonight Janet is your girl!”

I did a literal spit take as I just drank my diet coke! I was so embarrassed I was about to apologize when I saw that Danny had this huge smile on his face and said

“Really? I would love to hear more about this? Would you like to come back to the tour bus?”

I just blinked and looked at Traci who just smiled and urged me to go! Especially after than sensual kiss I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Traci insisted I go with him & she would save my place in line. We finished our food and Danny and I headed for the tour bus.

As we stepped inside the tour bus I saw Brian and TWRP (the band) sitting around eating pizza and playing cards. They looked up as Danny returned. Brian saw me and smirked

“Hey Dan? Who’s this?”

Dan wrapped his arm around me and gave a sly wink. Brian nodded winked back silly like and very awkwardly. We walked by them to the back of the tour bus where we were alone in the sleeping quarters. He sat down on the corner of the lower bunk and started to take off his shoes. I just watched him even just him removing his shoes turned me on so fuckin much. He noticed me watching him and smiled and asked me

“Hey? Wanna play truth or dare with me?”

I froze and thought to myself OH MY GOD?! Is he for real?! He wants to play this with ME?! I looked at him again as if to say what was in my head. He smiled big and responded,

“Yes I wanna play this with you!”

I slowly nodded in agreement. He smiled again and said

“awesome! I’ll go first truth or dare Janet?”

I shivered a bit trying to decide which way I was going to go. I took a deep breath and said


he smiled as he started to think of a good Truth to ask me.

“OK Janet do you ever think about me when you pleasure yourself?”

My face flushed the brightest shade of red. He smiled and waited for me to answer.

“Yes all the time you always make me cum really hard.”

I said shyly as I didn’t look him in the eye and kept my eyes on the floor. I then looked back up into his eyes and asked him

“OK Danny truth or dare?”

he pondered for a minute and then said,

“Dare baby!”

I wanted to dare him to kiss me again I just wanted to feel his warm lips pressed against mine again but i decided against it.

“OK Danny, I dare you to motorboat me!”

a huge grin crossed his lips. As he without hesitation leaned toward me lifted up my tee shirt and shoved his sexy face between my boobs and proceeded to “motorboat” me! We were both laughing so hard, but deep down I was so fuckin turned on and soaking wet between my legs! Wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing I said

“OK Dan you’re go”

he smirked and said

“truth or dare?”

I decided to go for a dare this time.

“OK Danny Dare.”

He looked like the Cheshire cat his grin was from ear to ear. I was a bit nervous; I really hope he wasn’t going to have me go do something to Brian or TWRP. Instead he leaned very close to me and whispered,

“OK I dare you to suck my dick.”

I slightly gasped and looked up at him as if to say are you serious? I took a deep breath and nodded in agreement! Danny very quickly stood up and dropped his tight skinny jeans to the ground. He stood before me naked from the waist down. I got my first look at Excalibur AKA his cock (yes that’s what he’s named it)! He was clearly rock hard already and waiting for me to suck it. His pubic hair was well trimmed in all the right places; his cock was a good 9 inches long and 5 inches thick. I kept looking up at him to make sure he wanted me to do this and he kept nodding for me to go for it. I felt the wetness between my legs grow as I got closer to his hard cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and slowly took his huge cock into my mouth slightly sucking on the tip only at first. He let out an intense moan. I then without warning took his entire cock deep down my throat all the way to his balls sucking and licking hard and fast! His moaning started to speed up and increase! I began sucking harder and faster! I saw beads of sweat begin to form on the temples of his forehead! As I continued to suck his hot cock! I felt his big hands reach behind my head gently and sweetly caressing my hair. I could tell he was about to cum because his moaning got so much more intense. Right as he was about to blow, I stopped unexpectedly! He glared at me intensely I just smiled and asked him

“Ok truth or dare?”

with a big smile on my face! He began to breath hard as he pulled his pants back on and tucked his rock hard cock back into his underwear. He managed to get the words out


I grinned evilly thinking I could have him go down on ME now, but I was much to insecure to Dare him to do something like that. So I decided to dare him to kiss me.

“OK Danny I dare you to kiss me again think you can handle that?”

Dan’s face lit up as he leaned toward me and asked,

“OK I need you to be more specific. Where would you like me to kiss you?”

without even thinking about it I said

“On my lips will be fine Danny”

that huge grin returned to his face as he agreed. I stood there with my eyes closed waiting for him to kiss me when I suddenly felt him push me back onto the bed and yank my jeans and underwear off! A bit stunned I asked

“Danny? What are you doing?”

he spread my legs wide open and began to lick and suck at my soaking wet pussy! He then came up briefly to say

“kissing you on your LIPS Janet”

then quickly went back down to licking and sucking my pussy! I moaned he was so incredible at it! Feeling his hot fat tongue lapping at my soaking wet pussy was exciting. I could hardly contain myself. I quickly felt myself about to cum wondering if he was going to pull the same tease on me. Before I could even think I squirted on his face! And he lapped it all up! He then laid on top of me smiling and said,

“Wow a squirter too huh? That’s awesome!”

while still trying to recover from that i managed to say to him,

“Dan I meant to kiss the lips on my face!”

Danny giggled and said

“but you didn’t say that. You just said kiss your lips you didn’t say which ones.”

I was trembling but I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

We just sat there staring at each other. Like 2 star crossed lovers who’ve known each other all our lives. Even though we only just met the sexual tension between us was very real. He then laid me down on the bed and pressed his soft lips against mine again. I felt him slowly move his hands up and down the sides of my body. I did the same to him. Before we knew it we were both VERY naked on this little bunk bed, which I hope was his. He started to plant very soft sweet kisses down my neck, which made me tremble and moan! I then saw him put on a condom as if he was fully ready to fuck me. He spread my legs as wide as he could and then began to insert his huge rock hard cock deep inside me! It felt fuckin amazing! He filled me up so good! I felt him thrusting in and out of me so fast! The whole bed was shaking! We both started moaning louder and louder. At this point I didn’t care if the guys “heard us” (in fact im sure they did) as he pounded me harder and faster I felt myself about to cum! I ended up squirting on his cock!! As I did he also came! As we came together I felt him running his big hands and fingers along the sides of my face saying to me

“My god you’re so beautiful”

I blushed again shyly. He smiled at me and then proceeded to bend me over and probe his hot tongue into my pussy from behind! I began to squeal and moan because it felt so amazing! He just buried his sexy face into my pussy then into my asshole! I felt his stubble rubbing up against my skin making me wetter! I pressed my pussy lips HARD against his face and mouth! I heard him grunting as he pulled my pussy closer to his mouth! I felt myself about to cum again! I kept trying to hold on but he wasn’t having that he wanted more cum NOW! Again I squirted all over his face & he licked up every drop!

As he came up to face me again I quickly kissed him licking his entire face to get all my pussy juice off his sexy face! He smiled then said,

“Mmm you like the taste of your hot pussy? Cant say that I blame you?”

as I continued to kiss him I mumbled

“I would eat a girls pussy and ass for you!”

He stopped and looked me dead in the eyes his eyes were WIDE open and looked SHOCKED! Feeling like I ruined everything tears begin to fill my eyes. I quickly got up and said

“I’m sorry. The heat of the moment got to me. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m so good at making things awkward. I should probably go.”

As I turned away from him my eyes full of tears I quickly felt his big hands on my shoulders.

“No please! I’m sorry, its just I’ve never had a girl offer something like that before. Are you serious about it? Are you Bi-Sexual?”

I could hear the excitement in his voice as he questioned me. I quickly wiped my tears away and turned to face him.

“Well to be honest, I am very Bi-Curious. I’ve never been with a woman before but I fantasize about it all the time & think id be really good at it and yes Dan I would totally 69 with another girl to please you.”

I looked him straight in the eyes so he would know I wasn’t messing with him.

Danny then had a huge smile on his face. He quickly picked up his phone and began to text someone. I looked at him a bit confused. He smiled as he continued to text. Then returned his gaze to me and said,

“Well now its time to see if you’re for real. My friend Amy is gonna come over. She’s got a hot pussy and id love to see your face buried in it!”

I gasped a bit worried I had NO idea something like this was going to happen! I began to stutter

“But Danny I’ve never done anything like this with a girl before? What if I don’t please her?”

my whole body began to shake from being nervous and slightly aroused at eating a pussy for the first time. Danny put his big hands on the sides of my face and said,

“Don’t worry baby. I told her all about you. She’s willing to work with you. Trust me. She’s amazing you will love her!”

Just then we heard a knock on the tour bus door. It was her.

I heard Brian and the guys greet Amy like she was an old friend they all knew. Also like they KNOW she fucks Danny on the regular. As she walked back into the sleeping quarters with Dan and me I suddenly felt inferior. She was beautiful maybe 25 years old, about 5’8, long flowing blonde hair, deep green eyes, big full lips, and a perfect trim sexy body. Her tits must have been at least 38DDs if not bigger. She walked in with a huge smile on her face she quickly wrapped her arms around Dan & then looked me over. She snickered & whispered something to Danny I couldn’t hear. Then they both giggled again. Amy locked eyes with me & began to walk toward me. I watched Dan as he sat in a chair across from the bed as I felt Amy’s soft hand on my arm.

“Hello there? Im Amy you must be Janet?”

I nodded shyly. Amy smiled big at me.

“Danny told me all about you. He wasn’t kidding when he said you were sexy and kinky. I can tell right off the bat you’ve got a very sexy scent about you.”

She then leaned close to me and pressed her cute lil button nose against the side of my face taking a very soft deep breath as if she was smelling something amazing. I couldn’t help but feel so turned on. Then I felt her press her pretty pink lips against mine. As she did I looked over to see what Dan was doing. He had his huge cock out and was stroking it while he watched us. This turned me on even more.

I reached my hands around and began to gently stroke her long blonde hair and with my other hand began to reach behind her and cup her hot sex ass. She playfully giggled at me and whispered to me

“By the way sweetie I’m not wearing underwear”

and with a smile proceeded to probe her tongue deep into my mouth I could hear Dan moaning in the background. I decided to take some initiative. I laid her down on the bed and lifted up her little skirt to find her nice pretty clean-shaven pussy. It looked amazing. I began to lick my lips as I slowly started to move my face toward her sweet pussy. I gently used my fingers to spread her hot pussy lips open. I heard her begin to moan at my touch. I very gently pressed my lips against her hot wet pussy lips. She let out a loud moan! She tasted amazing I started probing my tongue deep inside her hot hole. When I finally found her G spot! I flicked it over and over licking and sucking. She begin to wriggle and squirm and moan! Im guessing I was doing a good job! Then I went in for the kill. I got on top of her and pressed my soaking wet pussy against her sexy lips! We began to 69 like Dan wasn’t watching! I heard Dan Moaning and stroking his cock saying this like “OMFG YEAH! EAT THAT HOT PUSSY BABY” as me and Amy were about to cum I felt dan come over behind me. Next thing I knew Dans hot cock was deep in my asshole! It was such an intense feeling that I screamed and my cum squirted so hard that I soaked Amys face! She let out a squeal of relief as she cam as well! As we all sat up Amy wrapped her arms around me and smirked at me

“Really? You expect me to believe you’ve NEVER been with a woman before? Come on? You made that up to entice DANNY didn’t you?!”

I shook my head

“No I swear I haven’t! I just know what I like.”

She smiled at me again and wrapped her arms around me.

“Well shit I may just want you for myself!”

as she winked at Danny then I heard him say


Amy giggled,

“Im just kidding Danny you big goof!”

she then leaned over and French kissed him with my pussy juice still all over her sexy face. As I watched dan lick and suck my pussy juices off her face I felt a bit insecure again. Amy was so sexy young and beautiful. I felt like I didn’t compare. I slowly made my way to the other side of the room to get dressed and leave so Amy & Danny could be intimate without me when Amy grabbed my arm and was like,

“Whoa? Where do YOU think you’re going baby?!”

I looked at her with sadness in my eyes

“It looks like you and Dan wanna have a private moment. I can get out of your way.”

Dan immediately stood right in front of me and said

“OMG NO! Please stay!”

Amy shook her head in disbelief.

“Sweetheart you’re the whole reason Danny and my privates are on FIRE right now! You cant walk out on us now!”

Amy began to pout her sexy lower lip sticking out as she ran her sexy fingers up and down the sides of my body. I smiled shyly. Then Amy said

“I have a great idea, lets double team Danny. Hes always wanted that but no girl was ever brave enough to do it!”

I looked to Danny who just simply nodded.

“Its true, we’ve had many fans claim to be wild and kinky but so far NONE have gotten me off quite the way you have.”

I was a bit confused was Amy his girlfriend?! Don’t get me wrong she’s incredible, sweet, sexy, and amazing sexually. So it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest so I had to ask.

“So Amy are you Danny's Girlfriend?”

They exchanged a really goofy look and both started laughing hysterically! Amy was the first able to speak

“Heavens No!! I love Dan like a brother that I like to fuck on occasion, but its nothing serious. Its strictly sexual.”

I looked to Danny to see how he felt about her. Danny smiled and said,

“Yeah Amy and I have been fuck buddies for a long time. Shes been trying to help me find a girlfriend. Up until now its been uneventful. Most girls are just interested in money or want a guy with a huge cock."

Danny sighed

"which sadly I really dont have despite what people think.”

He put his head down looking defeated. My first thought was MY GOD are you KIDDING ME?! your COCK is HUGE and you're a very well know internet celebrity!? Instead I immediately came to his side and said,

"NONSENSE you’re cock is amazing also its not about the size! Its how you USE IT that matters and trust me you KNOW how to use it Danny! You're amazing, handsome, talented, and i love you.”

I said with a sincere smile. Danny wrapped his big arms around me again as he smiled and very firmly pressed his lips against mine again.

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nice job of describing details and how you felt


Janet80sGirl replies on 7/25/2017 12:25 pm:
Thanks. this guy is my celebrity crush. i use alot of details when i write. i will probably post more erotic stories about him

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that was a very awesome, hottt freaking story!!!!!!! dam i want more !! lol


Janet80sGirl replies on 8/1/2017 9:50 am:
thanks glad you like it. i will probably write more

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God I do wish that Danny would suck some guy's hard cock an d have him cum in his mouth and swallow his load --

As for AMY and Janet -- I do hope that they have more fun eating eaach others pussies and have some more women friends over ---