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My Descent into Depravity


While this story is an erotic fantasy created in my dirty
mind, some of the events have happened to me. Please message
me if you want to know more.

Ever since I read some Penthouse Letters when I was a teenager
I became curious. There were stories of men with other men
there and while at first I was a bit shocked that a publication
like this would have letters about gay or bi men, soon I began
to realize that on one level or another they were more interesting.
Perhaps it was the fact that society seemed so down on men
being with men, but whatever it was I searched out those
stories. I even found myself thinking of being with a man
while I masturbated. Not only that, but I found I imagined
myself being the one on my knees much more than the other
way around.

Time went by and I began to be more and more curious about
how a cock would feel in my mouth. I even started to shave
my entire body so I looked like the cock sucking sluts in
the magazines. I stroked off at least daily, often more than once, while
dreaming of a cock in my mouth, feeling it grow hard, tasting
the pre-cum before it finally exploded in my mouth. I never
imagined spitting out the cum, rather I always imagined
how it would feel sliding down my throat.

For a long time I was too scared to even try to do anything
about these desires. I knew I wasn't gay as I loved women,
loved women's bodies and had my share of encounters
with women as the years went by. But I never lost my secret
fantasy. I never stopped wondering how it would feel to
suck a man's cock. When I was in my late thirties events
finally conspired to make my desires come true.

I had quite a collection of porn by that time. I would buy
it whenever possible to have things to look at while masturbating.
I liked pictures, but I liked stories even more. This was
long before the days of the internet so there were only so
many places a young man could find his porn. I was able to
get the men's magazines, some with stories, some not
at convenience stores, but the harder core stuff I knew
existed was hard to find. It was about this time that my wife went back to university
to get her nursing qualification. She was attracted to
a younger guy, John, in her class. While I was away visiting
my parents and my wife invited John over to our place to work
on a joint assignment they had to complete. They ended up
having sex. When I got back, my wife told me what had happened
and asked me what I would think if she continued and had an
affair with him. I could not believe my reaction. I was not
at all upset, in fact I was aroused by the situation. John shared a small flat with several roommates. It was
far more convenient for him to spend the nights at our place.
When we retired for the night, I would go to the “master”
bed room and my wife would go with John to the room directly
across the hall. While they were at it I got hornier than
any other time I could remember. My sexual fantasies those
days all involved cock and the idea of John shooting his
cum into my wife’s cunt and my wife being a slut really
turned me on. I had the hardest cock I had ever had and could not stop from
pulling myself off with the most incredible amount of cum
shooting from my cock. When they had finished fucking my wife would come back to
my room. I don’t know where I got the courage, but after
the third night, I told my wife that she can keep her affair
going provided that when she came back to our bed I could
lick and suck all of John’s cum out of her cunt. She was
shocked, but wanting John’s cock she agreed. That night
was the first time I tasted another man’s cum. While I
was lapping up the sticky seed I shot the most cum and just
kept spurting. It was the most incredible experience of
my life. I think I was definitely enjoying my wife’s sexual liaison
more than she was. However after a few weeks I got to thinking
how much better to suck cum straight from the source, cocks.
In the back of the porn magazines I was buying were ads for
contact magazines that catered for all sexual preferences.
I subscribed to one and it had both plenty of ads for what
I was looking for, and gay stories and picture spreads.
I had no qualms about reading them in front of my “slut”
wife as I blamed her for my deviant habit. I did not tell her
how much I was really thankful for opening up this new side
of deviant sex to me. I had a whole string of “dates’ from the classifieds
in these magazines and was getting to suck as much cock as
I wanted. My wife noticed I was not so fazed about sucking
up John’s cum from her cunt. I told her straight out, “It’s
only novelty now, these days I suck cum straight from men’s

One day I was driving around town when I happened to pass
an adult book store. I had heard of them, but had no idea one
was so close. I didn't stop that day but as the days went
by I found myself thinking more and more about what might
be available there. I was nervous about going. I mean, what
if someone I knew saw me there. But the more I thought about
it, the more I realized that they wouldn't really know
what I was buying, even if I was there, and if they were there
they would be just as nervous about me seeing them as I was
about being seen. Soon I could not resist and drove over
to the store.

Parking was in back and I quickly walked from my car in to
the store. I was amazed at what I saw. Rows upon rows of books,
magazines and movies. The walls were lined with every sort
of sex toy you can imagine and some you would not believe.
I was in heaven. While the place was seedy and had a weird
smell I could not really identify, I felt like I had found
the store of my dreams. They had sections for every kind
of desire or kink you could imagine. Straight sex, lesbian
sex, BDSM, gay sex, bi sex, TV's, and more. I wondered
that store for an hour before I found myself drawn to the
gay section.

Seeing all those images of men sucking cock, being fucked,
licking ass and kissing was incredibly exciting. I found
myself buying much more than I should and headed out of that
store poorer, but with a ton of new jack off material. As
I was leaving I saw a door off to the side with a curtain and
a sign over it that said movie booths. I asked the older,
tough looking man behind the counter what was back there
and he said coin movie booths with all different types of
porn movies showing. I had never seen a gay porn movie so
I was very curious and asked the man behind the counter if
he would hold my packages while I went back there to see.
He said no problem, but I had to buy at least $5 worth of coins
to go back there. I got my change and headed back.

Walking through the curtain I was shocked to see it was very
dark, with very narrow isles between the movie booths.
I could see red lights over some of the doors, and others
were dark. I quickly figured out that the ones with the red
light were occupied, the dark ones empty. There were maybe
50 different booths and as I walked up and down the aisles
I saw each had a little sign outside it that showed the movie
that was playing inside. I was a bit nervous but I went to
booths away from any that had someone in them and browsed
the titles. I found one called 'Young Cocksucker'
and quickly went inside and locked the door. There was very
little light in the booth but I could see the coin slot and
dropped in a coin.

A TV came on and the first sight I saw was a young guy on his
knees as a much older man fed him his cock. I could feel my
cock growing hard right away and sat down on a little stool
that was there to watch. The booth had a stale musty odour
but I could not believe how excited watching this movie
was to me. I began to rub my cock through my pants and started
dreaming about being the faggot on his knees, sucking the
cock of a man much older than me and using me for his pleasure.

I could feel my cock beginning to leak pre-cum and thought
if I watched too much more and kept rubbing my cock I would
soon cum in my pants. It was dark in the booth, I was alone,
so eventually I had to open my pants and stroke my exposed
cock. I felt so dirty, sitting in this booth watching a cocksucker
and slowly stroking up and down my throbbing cock. I felt
dirty, but more excited than I had been in a very long time.

Just as I was very close to cumming I saw a light out of the
corner of my eye. I looked at it and saw that there was a hole
on the side of the booth. The hole was about 4" in diameter
and I could see the flicker of another movie showing through
it. I realized someone must be in that booth and scared to
death they would see me jacking off I quickly pulled up and
fastened my pants. Sitting there catching my breath and
wondering what to do next the coins ran out and my booth became
very dark.

I saw movement through the hole and wondered who was there.
Not able to help myself, or really without thinking about
it, I got down on my knees and tried to sneak a peek at whoever
was in there. The first thing I saw as I looked through the
hole was a man's hand sliding up and down a very hard
cock. I was mesmerized. It was about 7 inches long and beautifully
shaped. Did I just think beautiful about another man's
cock? Yes, that was what it was.

The man was obviously enjoying the movie he was watching
as he began to stroke his cock faster. I could see it very
clearly, even the clear drop of liquid at the tip that told
me it would not be long until he came. Suddenly there was
a loud THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! on the door and a man yelled out
to keep the coins flowing or get the hell out. I quickly dropped
another coin into the slot and looked back through the hole.

When I did I saw the man had shifted his position and was pointing
his now dripping cock at the hole. He knew! He knew I was watching
him but I could not turn away. He was stroking slower again
and his other hand reached down to caress his balls as I watched.
I was trembling with excitement and again unzipped and
took out my own shaven cock, and began to jack off as I watched.
I could not believe I was on my knees, in a book store booth,
masturbating as I watched another man doing the same. But
it didn't matter. All that mattered was I was more excited
than I could remember ever being and I wanted to see him cum.

He took a step closer to the hole and now the head of his incredible
cock was only an inch or so from the hole, a few inches from
my face. Suddenly he let his hands drop to his sides and just
stood there with his very erect cock pointing at me. I could
not stop staring at it, at his balls, and his dark pubic hair
that surrounded it. Here I was, on my knees, stroking me
cock and staring at another man’s tool.

Then he spoke. Softly he said "Do you like what you
see?" I didn't respond as my mouth was too dry
and I was scared. "I said, do you like what you see faggot?"
he said a little louder.

Worried someone would hear if he said it any louder I managed
to whisper a yes in reply. My face was burning red in embarrassment.
I had just admitted to a total stranger that I liked his cock.
What did that make me? I had fantasized about this for a long
time but this wasn't a fantasy. It was real. I was on
my knees looking at a real man's very real cock and was
harder than I could remember being. Was I gay? No, I loved
women, but there was no denying that I also loved looking
at this man's cock.

"Do you want a closer look faggot?" he said.

I could not believe it when I uttered the single word that
would change me forever. "Please" I said.

He stepped closer to the wall that separated us and as he
did his cock slipped through the hole. It really was beautiful.
Hard and standing straight out, its veins clearly visible
in the dim light. I felt very close to cumming and had to stop
stroking my cock to make sure I didn't cum. I didn't
want to cum yet. I wanted this to last. The coin was used up
and I quickly added several more as I didn't want to
be yelled at, or interrupted as the most exciting sexual
event in my life was going on.

"Touch it" he said. I couldn't move. I was
too scared to move. He couldn't really want me to touch
his cock, could he? I wanted to; I longed to but was scared.
"I said touch it faggot" he said again, louder.
Without even thinking about it I saw my hand reach up and
grasp his cock. I had another man's cock in my hand and
it felt right. It felt natural. I was supposed to be touching
his cock. It was so much bigger than mine and felt so different
in my hand. Again without thinking I started moving my hand
slowly up and down on his throbbing erection.

I heard him moan softly and was thrilled. I was pleasing
him. That felt so right. My purpose was to please him. His
cock was again leaking pre-cum and I could feel it on my hand
as I stroked him. This excited me even more. He was liking
what I was doing. I picked up the pace, stroking him faster
until he said "Kiss it faggot, you know you want to."

I did want to. My fantasy was about to come true. I wanted
nothing more than to please this man, make him cum, show
him how much I loved, yes loved, his cock. I lowered my head
until my lips made contact with his pre-cum covered cock
head and kissed. I kissed his cock! I kissed a man's

I leaned back and licked my lips, tasting for the first time
another man's pre-cum and finding that I loved the
taste. I needed more and leaned down again and this time
took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked. I held the
base of his cock and slid my mouth down about half way. I had
cock in my mouth! I was finally a cocksucker. I had thought
about this for so long and now it was happening. I heard him
moan again, louder this time, and realized this was something
I was born to do. I would always love women but now I knew I
would also always love cock. I would never shy away from
cock or my desires again.

I moved my lips up and down his cock, feeling it in my mouth,
against my tongue. I tasted more of his pre-cum and thought
of it as my reward for doing a good job. I no longer felt fear
at all. I only felt like this was something I had to do. Pleasing
this man was my duty and my pleasure. I could only take about
half his cock in my mouth without gagging but he didn't
seem to mind. His moaning told me I was doing a good job. I
was sucking his cock and doing a good job.

"That's it faggot, suck my cock. Show me how much
you love sucking my cock faggot. Show me just how good a cocksucker
you are!" he said loudly. I didn't care who heard.
I loved him talking to me that way, knowing I was born to give
men pleasure. Knowing that I loved his cock. I didn't
care who heard. I was a cocksucker. I did love his cock and
I wanted him to know it.

I sucked harder, moving my lips up and down his cock at an
ever increasing pace. I ran my tongue along the hardness
that filled my mouth. I tried everything women had tried
on me. I worshiped his cock. "I am close to cumming
faggot." he said, "Do you want my cum? Do you
want me to fill your cock sucking mouth with my cum faggot?"

I screamed yes in my head but he couldn't hear. My mouth
was full with his beautiful cock and all I could do was mumble.
"Tell me faggot, take my cock out of your mouth and
tell me!" he said.

I didn't want to take his cock out of my mouth but I did
want his cum and I wanted him to know it. Leaning back I said
"Yes, I want your cum."

"Say it louder faggot. Say you want my cum loud enough
so I believe you."

I raised my voice and said "Please give me your cum,
please let me make you cum!"

"Where do you want my cum faggot?" he asked.

"In my mouth, please let me taste your cum."
I panted, "I need your cum!"

"Then get back to work faggot, show me how a cocksucker
like you loves cum." He commanded.

And I obeyed. I dove down on his cock, sucking with renewed
energy, moving my lips up and down, sucking harder, and
knowing that soon I would get my reward. Soon this man would
be filling my mouth with cum. Soon I would truly be a cocksucker.
I felt his cock grow even harder, in my hand and in my mouth.
I knew he was close and I kept up my sucking. Suddenly, without
warning, my mouth was filling with his cum. Thick, salty
but delicious. I felt my mouth fill to overflowing and some
of his cum leaked out the corners of my lips. I swallowed,
feeling it slide down my throat and as it did I felt my own
cock explode, shooting cum against the wall. I had cum with
a cock in my mouth. I had cum with a strangers cum in my mouth.
I had cum without touching myself, just with the thrill
of pleasing this man.

There was no going back. I was now officially a cocksucker.
His cock slipped from my mouth and back out of the hole and
I heard him buckle up and leave the booth. I sat back on the
stool and the enormity of what I had just done settled on
me. I tried to clean up as best I could, wiping my dripping
cock and trying to wipe his cum off my face where it had leaked
out. I was nervous again. What if someone saw me leave the
booth and knew what I did? My thoughts were conflicted.
I didn't want the whole world to know what I had done
but I knew I would have to do it again. I knew I didn't
just want, but needed to suck cock. I was a cocksucker.

I cleaned up as much as possible and taking a deep breath
opened the door. No one was out there. No one would know.
I walked out of the movie area and headed for the door.

"You forgot your packages." I heard the man
say behind the counter. I knew that voice. It was the voice
of the man who had made me a cocksucker. Sheepishly I walked
to the counter and he handed me my bags.

Looking down at me he chuckled, "You still have some
of my cum on your mouth faggot."

I turned bright red and hurried out of the store. Scared
but thrilled my life changed that day. No longer was it a
fantasy, from now on I was a cocksucker! So, I discovered I was a cocksucker. That day in the book
store had shown me that I loved having a cock in my mouth and
cum filling my mouth. It showed me that when I was doing my
best to please a cock I didn't care who knew. I didn't
care who heard me say I wanted to have my mouth used and filled
with the results of my attention. And yet, when I left that
bookstore I was embarrassed at what I had done. I could not
understand how I had become so willing to be used for another
man's pleasure.

On the one hand I knew that if my friends, or the women I went
out with, or my family knew I had willingly got down on my
knees and sucked a cock until it exploded in my mouth I would
never live it down. I would be ashamed to have them know.
They would no longer think of me as a man, but rather a cocksucker...
a faggot, even a sissy. And yet. And yet I had cum without
touching myself as I worshiped that cock. I was confused.
I was scared. I was worried.

I knew I still loved women. I knew that it was amazing to feel
my cock slip in to the nice wet, tight, warm depths of a woman's
pussy. To explore her body. To feel her nipples harden in
my mouth. To taste her juices as I went down on her. And yet.
And yet I had cum without touching myself as I worshiped
that cock.

I knew I could never do it again or I would surely be what I
feared. I would become that faggot. I knew that if I did I
would eventually be caught. Someone would see me in that
bookstore. Someone I knew would see me go back to the booths
and perhaps even feed me their cock through the hole and
that my worst fears would come true. And yet. And yet I had
cum without touching myself as I worshiped that cock.

Over the next several weeks I avoided any thought of going
to that bookstore. But when a day or two would go by without
being with a woman and relieving the pressure I would, like
most men my age, find myself pleasing myself. And as I stroked
my cock and brought myself to release I would without exception
find myself thinking about how that cock felt in my mouth.
I would have explosive orgasms as a result and the guilt
would again flood over me renewing my vow to never let myself
do that terrible thing again.

I could not understand why, when I had these fantasies while
masturbating, I would never think of the other man sucking
my cock, only of sucking theirs. The thrill for me was that
act of sucking cock. The thrill for me, I gradually realized,
was being used. In being willing to please a man asking nothing
in return other than having them reward me with a mouthful
of cum. The more I fantasized the more I found my fantasies
raising the level of my submission to these men.

Having that man in the bookstore call me a cocksucker had
thrilled me. Having him call me a faggot, rather than a man,
had thrilled me. In my fantasies I heard men calling me those
names. Heard men calling me more, like slut, cumslut, cock
whore, and even more. I heard those men telling me what a
faggot I must be to love sucking cock so much. I heard them
telling me I wasn't a man at all, only a sissy that belonged
on my knees with a real man's cock in my mouth. I did not
know where these fantasies came from. But I knew I loved
them and that worried me. I had always thought of myself
as a man. I had always thought that I was normal but now I knew
there was something different about me. I was submissive.
Oh my God, I was submissive. That meant I was less than a man.
That meant that I would only be happy being used by others.
I started fantasizing about being submissive to women
too, and while that also thrilled me it was being used by
a man that really turned me on. Was it true? Did I want to be
someone's bitch? Even more did I want to be anyone's
bitch... everyone's bitch? I realized that I did.

Soon masturbation wasn't enough. I knew eventually
I would have to find a way to once again suck cock. I knew I
would have to suck lots of cock. I knew I would eventually
want to suck everyone's cock. I really was becoming
a slut and yet I had only sucked one cock one time. About a
month had gone by when I knew I had to go back to that bookstore.
And so one day I did.

The same gruff older man was sitting behind the counter
and when I walked in he looked up, smiled, and called me over
to the counter. I was surprised he remembered me and nervously
walked over to the counter, my face growing redder, but
my cock growing harder. As I approached the counter he said
in a normal voice that sounded to me like he was yelling for
everyone to hear, "I wondered if you would come back
faggot, I wondered if you would be accept how much you loved
sucking my cock and come back for more."

I didn't say anything, too embarrassed to respond
but my cock throbbed when he called me faggot. "Well
faggot, is that what you came back for? Did you realize how
much you loved being a cocksucker?"

My cock running so much pre-cum now that I was going into
a trance of excitement I quietly responded in the only way
I could. "Yes Sir."

"Then go back to booth 4 faggot and I will be back in
a few minutes. I have to do a few things first so you just wait
for me back there. Oh, and I want you to strip naked once you
are in the booth. Faggots that suck my cock regularly do
so naked faggot."

Again I felt like he was shouting loud enough for the world
to hear but despite my fear I found myself heading back to
the booth area and closing the door to booth 4 behind me.
For a few seconds I just stood there in the dark, wondering
how far I was going to go with this, but my dripping cock showed
me more than anything that this was what I wanted. I wanted
to be used by this man. I needed to be used by this man.

As I was reaching for the coin slot the movie came on without
my putting any money in. I guess the man that ran the store
decided to let me watch for free. The movie showed a faggot
on his knees with three naked older men standing around
him and he was going from one cock to another, sucking each
for a few seconds before going to the next. I knew something
then. I knew I wanted to be that faggot. I wanted to be used
not only by the man that ran the store, but by as many men as
possible. What was wrong with me? Was I a faggot like I feared?
I didn't know, but I knew that submitting like that,
to real men, men with cocks that wanted only to cum from my
attention was what I needed. Without even thinking about
it I found myself undressing.

When I was completely naked I felt both scared that someone
would see me, and thrilled at the thought that I was being
the slut I had fantasized about. My cock was harder than
it had ever been. The pre-cum was flowing freely from it.
As I stroked my cock and watched the movie I realized that
as small as my cock was compared to those in the film, I really
was less of a man. Even the faggot in the film, the one being
used by these men, had a bigger cock than mine. No woman had
ever complained that my cock was small, but it obviously
was. And the more I watched, the more I stroked, the more
I realized that it was right my cock was small. My cock wasn't
there to please anyone. I was there to please everyone.
Real cocks, on real men, needed someone like me, someone
less than them, someone who was there to give them pleasure.

"What are you standing for faggot? Cocksuckers belong
on their knees!" I heard the man, suddenly in the next
booth, say to me. Without a second thought I dropped to my
knees facing the hole in the wall and I knew that soon the
man's cock would again be where it belonged. I would
again be what I was born to be, his cocksucker. I knew I was
his cocksucker. No, not his cocksucker, everyone's
cocksucker. I was a cocksucker!

"Are you ready to suck cock faggot?" he asked
loudly. "Yes Sir" I replied in a whisper.

"I can't hear you faggot." he said even
louder. "Yes Sir!" I said loud enough to be heard
by anyone outside my booth.

"Are you ready to drink my cum again faggot?"
he said, still with that loud voice. "Yes Sir!"
I said louder than I meant to, but not caring who heard.

"What are you faggot?" he demanded. "A
cocksucker Sir." I responded.

"What are you and what do you want to do faggot?"
he again demanded.

All my will broke down. All reservation fled. "I am
a cocksucker and want to suck your cock and drink you cum
Sir." I said.

"Louder, " he demanded again, "I want
you to tell anyone who can hear what you are faggot."

Loud, louder than I meant to, almost at a yell I said "I
am a cocksucker Sir. I want to suck your cock! I want you to
cum in my mouth and I want to drink it Sir!"

"Damn faggot, " he said as he slipped his cock
through the hole, "you are even a bigger slut than
I thought you were. Well get busy, I have a nice load saved
for you."

With the thrill of his calling me a slut... yes thrill, I
watched as his beautiful cock slipped through the hole
and without hesitation I wrapped on hand around it's
shaft and brought it to my waiting mouth. As the head slipped
in to my mouth I knew, without question, without doubt,
this was where I belonged. As his musky taste filled my senses
I closed my lips over the head and slid down the length of
his cock, taking as much as I could in to my mouth. I ran my
tongue along the underside of his cock as it filled my mouth
and I felt it pulse in response. I loved his cock in my mouth.
I worshipped his cock. I celebrated the feeling of being
used by this man. A real man, with a real cock, using me like
nothing more than a cheap whore. A real man using my mouth
for his pleasure, not caring if it pleased me or not. But
pleasing him did please me. I loved being treated like the
slut it was now obvious to me I was. I knew then I would never
stop sucking cock. I knew I would come back to this store
again and again to show this man how much I needed him to use
me as his whore.

My cock was as hard as steel. I didn't touch it because
I knew the second I did it would explode and I wanted this
feeling to last. I wanted to spend as long as I could with
this man's cock in my mouth. I wanted to go on and on being
used. His cock began to leak pre-cum and once again I was
amazed at how much I loved the taste. I loved that he enjoyed
my mouth enough to reward it with the salty smooth taste
of his essence.

Time became a blur. Reality became a blur. Doubt left me.
I am a cocksucker. I am a slut. I am a bitch to be used by real
men like this. My ecstasy was total. I was where I belonged.
But then as my mind became one with the pleasure of sucking
his cock he pulled it from the hole, holding it just out of
my reach. Did I do something wrong? Why wasn't he feeding
me his cock? Why wasn't he using me as I needed to be used?

"Do you want this cock faggot?"

"Please Sir, please let me suck your cock."
I pleaded.

"I am tired of this hole faggot, if you want my cock
then unlock your door and invite me over."

I did, of course I did. I unlocked the door and said, "Please
Sir, please come over here and let me suck your cock. I need
your cock Sir. Please use me like the slut you showed me I
am. Please show me how a real man uses a slut like me. Please
Sir..." The words flew out of my mouth. I could not
understand where they were coming from, but I was in a frenzy.
I had to have his cock in my mouth again. I had to. The world
no longer existed. All there was, was his cock and my mouth.
All that mattered was his cock again using me. All that counted
was this man using his slut, me, like I needed to be used.

No longer did I wonder what was wrong with me. No longer did
I care. I was a cocksucker. I knew it, he knew it, I didn't
care who knew it. I was proud of it. In a moment the door opened
and he walked in, his cock sticking out of his fly, still
hard, waiting for me to again worship him. Yes, not just
his cock, but worship him. I was nothing without a cock in
my mouth. I was nothing unless a man, a real man, was using
me for his pleasure.

He took a step toward me and without any hesitation I engulfed
his cock. One hand reached around the base, one hand cupped
his balls. My mouth slid up and down the length of his cock
as I squeezed his shaft and caressed his balls.

I took the cock out of my mouth to look at it. I ran my tongue
up and down the length of it and then back down to lick and
kiss his balls. I rubbed my face with his cock, leaving trails
of pre-cum on my cheeks, forehead and lips. I was outside
myself. I imagined what I looked like, naked, on my knees,
my little cock, my sissy cock, my faggot cock, my cocksucker
cock throbbing as I devoured a real cock. As I worshipped
a man's cock. As I served him without question or reservation.

His cock grew harder, leaking even more pre-cum into my
mouth and I knew soon I would get my reward. Soon he would
be filling my mouth with the cum I craved. His first blast
of cum shot to the back of my mouth and he pulled out. As his
second shot landed on my face my cock again exploded. As
squirt after squirt of cum erupted from my cock, squirt
after squirt of a real man's cum covered my face. Landing
on my nose, my lips, covering one eye, landing in my hair.
Still in a frenzy I quickly started scooping it off my face
and sucking my fingers clean. I wanted to swallow all his
cum but I loved that he had cum on my face. It added to my submission.
After all, no man would allow another man to cum on his face.
Only a slut would do that. Only a cocksucker would do that.
I was a slut. I was a cocksucker.

I heard him chuckle as he turned and walked out the open door.
The open door!!! I hadn't realized he had not closed
the door when he came in to my booth. I had only been aware
of his cock. I looked up, still on my knees, still licking
my fingers clean of his cum and saw there were several men
watching, some with amusement, some with lust. A couple
men had their cocks out stroking them as they watched me
being such a slut.

As my frenzy subsided I again felt embarrassed to have not
only so completely showed them all what a slut I was, but
to have them see me naked, my cock dripping the cum that being
such a slut had caused to appear and kneeling on the cum stained
floor of the booth. I couldn't move. I was paralysed
with fear and humiliation. I heard their comments... what
a slut... god what a faggot... look at that sissy. Then I
heard a clearer voice.

"Damn Paul, I didn't know you were a faggot."

It was Jim. I had known Jim for a long time, 7th grade I think.
We had never really gotten along. He was more of a jock type
while I had always been a regular guy. Regular guy? It almost
made me laugh. Here I was kneeling on the floor with my face
covered in cum, my fingers still in my mouth licking off
the cum from this man that had just used me, and my own cock
dripping cum that no touch, only sucking cock had caused
to erupt.

I felt the shame overwhelm me. A minute ago I hadn't
cared who knew I was nothing more than a cocksucking slut,
but now, my frenzy calmed by having just cum, I was scared,
embarrassed, humiliated. I didn't say anything just
felt myself wondering how I had gotten in this position.

"When did you turn into a faggot Paul?" Jim asked
with a chuckle in his voice. I again didn't respond.
I dropped my hands to my sides and looked at the floor, wishing
it would open up and swallow me. Swallow me like I had swallowed
the man's cum a minute ago.

"I asked you a question faggot, " Jim said,
"answer me."

"I am not a faggot." I protested.

Laughing Jim said, "Not a faggot? Give me a break.
I just watched you suck cock and cum when that man came all
over you. If that is not a faggot, what is?"

I remained silent, praying this would all go away. I had
never felt so shamed in my life. I knew that Jim would tell
everyone what he had seen and that my life would be over as
I knew it. So willingly had I sucked cock that I had cum in
the heat of the passion of that man unloading on me. What
would they say now that they knew I was a cocksucker?

Taking a step toward me Jim said, "Well faggot, since
you love sucking cock so much, and since I came in here to
find a faggot to suck my cock, you had better get busy."

I didn't move. I was paralysed in fear and embarrassment.
"I said get busy faggot!" Jim said. "Unless
you want the whole world knowing how I found you this had
best be a wonderful blow job. The best blow job you ever gave."

"I am not a faggot Jim." I said weakly.

"That is not what you were saying a minute ago faggot.
I heard what you said, we all heard what you said."
Jim laughed, pointing to the other men standing around
the open door of the booth. "You said you were a cocksucker,
that you wanted his cum, that you were a slut. Hell faggot,
you begged for his cock, you said you needed his cock. Only
a faggot would say something like that."

He was right. I had begged for that cock. I had begged to be
used like a slut. I had been thrilled to be used like that.
I had been thrilled to be allowed to suck that man's
cock. I had been more excited than I had ever been. And again,
I had cum without touching myself when he came on my face.
Just like the first time. I had known that I belonged on my
knees sucking cock. I had known that I was a slut. I hadn't
cared who else knew, as long as I was allowed to feel that
cock in my mouth. Why would I ever want to deny it again?

"I will suck your cock if you don't tell anyone
Jim." I said, giving up trying to deny what I was.

"Don't call me Jim faggot, " he said, "little
faggots like you call your superiors Sir, just like you
did that man you just sucked off."

Despite myself I felt my cock twitch. "Yes Sir."

"And don't tell me what I can and can't do.
If I decide to tell everyone what a faggot you are I will.
But I might not if you please me as well as you did that man
that just finished using you."

"Please Jim, Sir, I will do my best." I said trembling.

"Then beg to suck my cock slut." He said. "Beg
me like you just begged him."

"May I suck your cock Sir?" I said. I couldn't
believe it but the thought of being used again was starting
to have the same affect it had each of the last two times.
My cock was starting to get hard again at the thought of being
used. What was the point in pretending otherwise? I was
a slut, I knew it, and the men watching knew it. Jim standing
before me, hands on his hips and a smirk on his lips knew it.
Looking up and in to his eyes I said with more feeling, "Please
Sir, I am a faggot, I am a slut. Please Sir, let me suck your

"If you do a good job slut, I might let this become a
regular thing." Jim said. "Now take out my cock
and get busy."

I reached up to unzip his pants and saw for the first time
his bulge. It looked like he had a large and hard cock. I pulled
his zipper down and reached in to free his cock so I could
feel it fill my mouth, my cocksucking mouth. As hard as it
was I had trouble freeing it and he made no effort to help.
He seemed to enjoy that I was having trouble as he smiled
down at me and waited for me to succeed.

I worked his cock free and looked at it. It was about 7 inches
long, fairly thick, and perfectly straight. The head of
his cock was a perfect shape and I instantly wanted it in
my mouth. Again my much smaller cock was erect at the thought
of what I was about to do. For the third time a cock would be
in my mouth. My mind began to cloud over as I took the shaft
in my hand and started slowly stroking up and down his wonderful

"Take my balls out too faggot." He said. "I
want you to kiss them first. I want you to show me that you
will give me as good a blow job as you gave him. I want you to
worship my cock like you did his so I know that you need my
dick in your mouth. Do it bitch!"

Oh my God. Each name he called me caused my still dripping
cock to throb. I really was nothing but a slut. I really was
less than a man. I really did need his cock. I really was a

I eased his balls out of his pants. I now had before me, inches
from my face, my cocksucking face, a beautiful cock and
below it balls that I was to kiss. I gently kissed his hanging
balls and then started to take his cock in my mouth but he
stopped me. "Don't just peck at my balls bitch,
get in there and kiss them, press your face against them,
show me what a faggot you are." He said looking down
at me.

I did. I pressed my face against his balls, feeling the heat
of his skin against my forehead, my nose. I kissed and licked
his balls like a dying man being given a reprieve. I sucked
one ball then the other in and ran my tongue all around them.
I cleaned them with my tongue. My senses were on overload.
I smelled his musk, his sweat, his excitement as I worked
on his balls.

"That's enough faggot, get busy on my cock."

I knew again that I was where I belonged. Sucking cock was
what I was born for. Being used was what I was born for. Without
hesitation I engulfed his cock, taking half its length
in my mouth and working my tongue along its underside. I
loved the way it felt filling my mouth. I loved that he was
using me as the slut I was. I loved that there were other men
watching me suck his cock, his man's cock, his real
cock. I loved that I was nothing more than a worthless slut,
good only to be used and humiliated.

My cock, my little cock, my faggot cock was again rock hard
as I worked my mouth up and down the length of his cock. "You
suck cock like a pro faggot." Jim said. "I think
I will be using your mouth a lot now that I know just how good
you are. Get used to this feeling because you are now my personal

I moaned. I was his personal cocksucker. He liked what I
was doing. He was going to use me again. He was going to allow
me to worship his cock again. He knew what I was and he was
going to take advantage of it. Again, I didn't care
what the consequence of this was. I didn't care who
he told. No longer was there any doubt. This was the life
I wanted. On my knees sucking cock, drinking cum, wearing
cum, and being used. Why had I waited so long to do this? Why
had I tried to deny who I was? I was a cocksucker!

He grabbed my head in his hands and started fucking my mouth.
Fucking my mouth like a pussy. Taking control of me with
his will. I caressed his balls with one hand as I reached
for my own throbbing cock with the other. I stroked my cock
in rhythm to his fucking. Each time his cock would enter
my mouth it went a little deeper. I gagged a couple times
but he didn't care. And neither did I.

I was determined to let him use me like he wanted. I was determined
to give him the best blow job he had ever had. If I had to gag
to do this then so be it. I didn't care. I was sucking
cock and that was all that mattered.

He started picking up the speed of his fucking and each time
I felt his cock go a little deeper. And suddenly my nose was
bouncing against his pubic hair. I had all his cock in my
mouth. He would hold his cock there for a second then pull
it out so just the tip was in my mouth only to plunge it again
all the way in.

I felt his cock grow even harder and knew that soon I would
get my reward. I would get my cocksuckers reward. I would
get his cum. A man's cum. A real man's cum. What
a slut like me had to have. I sucked even harder as he fucked
my mouth. I was his pussy and I loved it.

Suddenly he pulled out. His cock, glistening with my spit,
standing proud in front of my face. A whimpered at the feeling
of loss. I wanted his cock back where it belonged. Using
me, fucking my pussy mouth. "Beg for it bitch!"
he demanded. "Beg to be allowed to drink my cum. Show
these other men what a worthless slut like you is good for."

"Please Sir. Please let me suck your cock. Please
Sir, please fuck my face. I am your slut Sir. I am your faggot."

"Damn bitch, " he said. "You really are
a faggot."

I loved hearing him talk to me like that, but more I loved
that he again fed me his cock. He didn't last long though
and after only a few seconds I felt his shaft thicken, throb,
then my mouth was filling with his cum. I was stroking my
little cock with lightning speed as I felt pulse after pulse
of my reward filling my mouth.

"Don't swallow bitch." He said. "Hold
my cum in your faggot mouth."

I did. I felt my mouth filling to overflow and some of his
cum, some of his power over me, leaked out the corners of
my mouth and dribbled down my chin. His explosion slowed
and I held his cock gently in my mouth. When he was done he
pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at me with
that smirk returning to his face.

"Open wide bitch, show these men what's in your
cocksucking mouth."

I looked at the men standing there and opened my mouth. I
was still rapidly jacking my cock as I opened my mouth so
they could all see it was filled with his cum. The taste was
overpowering but incredible. I worked my tongue around
the load in my mouth and felt myself getting close to my own
less impressive eruption.

"Now swallow bitch, swallow and show them your empty
mouth. Show them what a faggot like you lives for. Do it now

I did. I swallowed it in one gulp, feeling it slide down my
throat. And as I opened my mouth to show them I had done as
I was told I exploded. I shot more cum than I thought I could,
especially after coming only a few minutes ago.

"Leave your clothes off bitch, we have somewhere
to go." He told me.

I started to wipe off my face but he stopped me. "Leave
it there bitch, a cocksucker like you should proudly wear
the results of your cocksucking. Hurry up bitch!"

Thrilling in the warmth of my humiliation I followed him
out of the booth area in to the main part of the store. There
were only a few people there but I felt the burn of their gaze
as they watched me, my face covered in two men's cum,
walking behind Jim as we left the store.

"Get in your car and follow me bitch." he said
not looking back. He knew I would follow. I knew I would follow.
After all, I was his cocksucker. That was thirty years ago. Jim used me to provide the same
pleasures to his friend and business clients. I am not sure
about whether his business was legal or not but there were
many Asian and Middle Eastern men. They took great delight having their cocks thrust into
a submissive white man. I even did private shows in a large
room that Jim had set up like a strip club. In these shows
I would suck off many men at once as well as have them fuck
me up my arse. I would be left in a pool of cum that had overflowed
out my mouth and arse. The finale would be for me to lick and
suck up all the sticky seed and leave the stage clean. During this time I became well and truly totally addicted.
The more cock I got the more I wanted. Jim went his way several years ago, but through him I knew
where all “the action” was. I have moved on since back then but my addiction has only
increased. I fulfil my cock addiction with men my age and
older. The less attractive their bodies the more pleasure
I get from pleasing them My decadence knows no bounds. Through my sick mind I have
developed a network of child molesting priests and paedophiles.
I regularly suck them off and kiss, lick and tongue their
arse holes or take these filthy old men up my own arse. The
feeling of tasting the turgid cum from these disgusting
creatures turns me on more than anything I could ever imagine.
The depraved pleasure that they cause me is so incredible
I must have more and more. I am now seeking conversion to
Satan so I can sell my soul and gain complete surrender to

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quite a story with the stairway down to your present level


Iadorecock replies on 8/12/2014 11:43 pm:
Your right there, I definitely have been going down in more ways than one!

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loved that story...reminds me of when I started liking
cock...and when I sucked and tasted another mans cum for
the first time...still get very excited when I think about
a hard cock....mmmmmmmm


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My, my , my, I can relate to many of the feelings you felt early
on in life. I have not yet let myself enjoy the experience
you have found. I recently realized that I enjoy sensual
encounters especially with women but more recently desire
to really experience a man, both orally and anally. I'm
not ready to becum the slut you enjoy being called but think
I could possibly be that guy. The submissive oral pleaser
of men and women, hmmmm


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Submission and humiliation are two things that go hand
in hand, and definitely add to the enjoyment!! Great story


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thanks for sharing your tale, loved the spunky tone to it,


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Stories like your have always been a fantasy of mine. After
reading your story i want to meet a man who has experience
with treating a novice the right way. >>!


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I love your story. In some ways similar to me, except for
the glory hole. My wife had several affairs and I also enjoyed
her boyfriends. For me, instead of going to porn shops for
sex, my wife brought most home for me/us. She fucked a lot
for about 3.5 yrs mostly from AdultFriendFinder and I loved it all.

Love to chat with you anytime about our experiences, so
hit me up!


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quote mildguy6:
I love your story. In some ways similar to me, except for the glory hole. My wife had several affairs and I also enjoyed her boyfriends. For me, instead of going to porn shops for sex, my wife brought most home for me/us. She fucked a lot for about 3.5 yrs mostly from AFF and I loved it all.

Love to chat with you anytime about our experiences, so hit me up!
I forgot to mention I love your cock and shaved body! Would
love to lay with you!


Iadorecock replies on 4/30/2015 8:09 pm:
Thank you, I would love to lay with you too

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wow what a story I can see it now cum all over ur...\8@!@\8b{=}happym;


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Wow, that was an amazing story I've never ever heard before like this. I don't know why I really enjoyed it. You are a great storyteller.


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loved your tale. I can imagine having that much cock


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That stiry is my biggest dream .i would love to have that exact thing be done to me .