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My Best Fantasy


My name is Raj, this story is about my best friend Amit and
his wife Nisha. We have been friends since our school days.
Some times we do take step to come out of the boredom of the
normal life and Life takes unusual turn. And you enjoy it.

Bellow is the narration of the incident involving all four
of us, which create a special bondage between us. since
the circumstances are so interesting I will narrate but
in Nisha’s own words.

“I am a 29 year old housewife. My husband’s name is Amit.
We have been married for nine years now and we have tremendous
love and respect for each other. Sex between us is still
good but not great. Over a period of time our lovemaking
had become pretty much predictable. Sure, we’d tried a
lot of various positions and explored our desires. We were
very happy with our marriage, still are, even possessive
to some extent but we wanted to get rid of the monotony that
was stalking us. We were so frank with one another that we’d
often talk about people we’d like to have sex with and the
persons whose name instantly came to us were of our friends
Meera and Raj.
I am 5 feet 5 inches tall in my bare feet whereas Amit is almost
6 feet tall. We make a good pair at least that is what we hear
from our friends. I am slim, weigh about 55 kgs. Breasts
are 36 D and nice round ass.. Amit is someone who likes good
sex ( don’t all men?) so I keep the pussy properly shaped
to suit his tastes.
One day we watched an X rated film, which dealt copiously
with the topic of wife swapping, and the couples appeared
to be very happy with the outcome. X-rated movies fascinate
me because the male actors are always so well endowed, or
at least they are projected to be so. Amit is about average
in size I guess, not that I’ve had much to compare it to. I’d
only been with one other guy and that was shortly after I
met and fell in love with Amit. Raj is a close friend of Amit
and I always have fantasy about him.
After much of the discussion between Amit and myself, we
decided to talk about swing to our friends. And then came
the instant reply from them as ’Sounds like you’ve got the
right sense of mind about swinging, it isn’t for everyone.
But, you never know until you’ve tried it. And it is not a
must. Sex is not the sole purpose of life. Good people try
it and good people don’t try it’. The message was clear that
they have given us the nod to go ahead. So we did plan for the
coming weekend.
As I was unsure of what to wear my hubby came with the suggestion
that I should wear an Indian outfit. That will bring out
the sexy lady hidden inside me. He took out the dress for
me also and it consisted as a light pink colour chiffon saree
and the matching blouse. The blouse was sleeveless and
had a low neck supported by strings to be tied at back making
my entire back open. so ethnic oxidized silver jewellery
was adorned to accentuate the impact. Demure dainty anklets
on my feet, which Amit finds very very feminine. He put on
a pair of trousers and one of his best dress light blue shirt.
We looked presentable. We drove into town and met Raj and
Meera at their new home.
We were given a warm welcome at their home. Meera put her
arm around mine and escorted us both into their livingroom.
The house was nice, not too loud or garish. Everything was
tastefully done up. Meera gave us a brief tour of the ground
floor. Raj put his arm around my waist and guided me to the
main room where they had a beautiful bar. Not a little dinky
bar, but a bar suitable for a small nightclub. While holding
his arm around my waist he gave me the very gentle touch from
his finger, which were playing on my waistline.
Raj was quite the gentleman, pulling out a barstool for
me and helping me get situated. Amit sat to my left with Meera
next to him. Meera was wearing a cream coloured blouse and
mini skirt. She was definitely plumper than I was. Her cleavage
was positively visible as she has not put two top buttons
and Amit was definitely enjoying the view. She was tall,
fair and holding nice developed assets. However my confidence
increased in leaps and bounds when I noticed that she too
was a trifle nervous. Raj poured us some very dry white,
French wine. I’d never tasted any wine so good in all my life.
It was a very good sipping wine without being too alcoholic.
Raj and Amit had beer; something they seemed to feel was
a “guy thing”.
We chatted about their house, work and latest news. Raj
started conversing with me about my thoughts of swinging.
I felt relaxed enough to tell him about my slight apprehension.
He smiled and said it was normal for me to feel that way. I
wasn’t the only one who’d felt that way. He related Meera
feeling the same way when the two of them had gotten into
swinging and they or rather she was still new to the game,
he said smilingly.
Raj and Meera talked about meeting couples and attending
swinger’s parties. Much to both Amit and my amazement,
we didn’t realize there were so many couples into the swinging
lifestyle. Couples of all ages, occupations and varied
interests. Raj hit on the subject of bisexual women. Think
maybe he was trying to get my reaction to the idea. I’d seen
scenes of girl on girl sex in the porno movies and wondered
about it. Just wondered, not really thought it was something
I’d think about trying. Raj and Meera’s information on
the swinging scene seemed to have a calming effect on both
Amit and I. They made it sound so cool to be involved in it.
I was a little concerned that it might be like consensual
. Just an idea I had in the back of my mind.
Raj reassured me that you only want to swing with couples
you enjoy being with and feel comfortable with and people
should be matured enough to say a big no if there was any problem
and the other should be equally willing to listen to it with
no questions asked. I think Amit and I felt comfortable
with Raj and Meera. Kind of hoping they might be the ones
to “break us in” for use of a better term.
The evening was going great. Meera had fixed some rolls
for all of us to snack on along with some imported cheeses.
I’ll have to admit, and I did, that Amit and I were totally
taken in by the two of them. They were really nice people,
not just sexy, but the most personable people you’d want
to share good times with. Amit and Meera sat across from
Raj and I. It seemed a little strange at first not sitting
with my husband but Raj made me feel most comfortable. I
was enjoining the co of Raj, his lucid talks the way he was
praising me and my beautiful body. His eyes were simply
striping me from my cloths. His hand were running all over
my bare back. His touch was very tender. The strap at bottom
was obstructing the tender touch every time he went down
to touch my waistline. He was pulling the strap very little
every time he crossed them. I think that by this time they
may have come to final edge. Must be ready to loosen up. This
ought itself was enough to ignite the fire inside me.
Maybe it was the wine or maybe the sexual conversation of
the evening but I kind of wanted Raj to kiss me. Amit had his
arm around Meera. The sight of the two of them like that didn’t
bother me at all. In fact, I was kind of turned on by it. Amit
still had the smile on his face and he didn’t seem to care
that Raj and I had engaged in quiet conversation between
the two of us. It was getting late and we thought of leaving.
‘Leaving? Rubbish. Just, when we had started enjoying
the evening. Stay with us for the night; and you can leave
in the morning.’ Raj said.
‘I, we have not brought any clothes.’ I said as if to explain
the necessity of going back.
‘Clothes. Come on now. Do you wear clothes in bed?’ Raj said
slyly and then laughed. ‘Okay, I am sorry but you can wear
Meera’s nightgown and I can lend Amit a pair of shorts. If
that is okay with you.’
Yes, but….’ I protested. ‘Come on, in fact although your
saree is very good, go and change into something in which
you will feel easy.’ Raj said. At his behest, Meera took
me to her bedroom. She had a good collection of nightgowns.
The one that she offered me was positively transparent
but the wine had had a good effect on me and I was more than
willing to wear it knowing fully well that my darkish-pinkish
nipples would be easily visible. I changed to nightgown
step out of the room and found Meera to coming again towards
the room. She took me inside and told not to waste such a beautiful
body by wearing bra and panty beneath the nightgown. I felt
little awkward about not wearing anything below this very
transparent gown. But she persuaded me to atleast remove
bra from me. She also said that she has also come to change.
She also wore a transparent one but a very short one, which
was barely reaching her thighs. Her cleavage was more visible
in this as she too has removed the bra. Her breast were fully-grown
and looking very sexy.
As I came back, I found Amit and Raj engrossed in conversation
like old friends.
‘Hi, Nisha, you look nice and sexy.’ Raj said watching me
from top to bottom. He further added that my tits are very
round and they seem to be very soft.
‘Thank you, Yes they are ‘ I replied. Meera too came down
and placed two lighted, scented candles on the coffee table.
She turned the lights off and the room was just lit by the
candles. As she bended to light the candle Amit’s eyes were
locked at her breast. Due to very low neckline and bending
position her nice heavy breast were unable to keep themselves
beneath the gown. They were ready to pop out from that.
As Amit was engrossed in viewing and enjoying the voluminous
body of Meera, Raj held my hand and signaled me to come to
another room. His arm encircled my waist as he guided me
towards the stairs to the upper level bedrooms. I felt a
touch of apprehension but tingled at the thought of being
alone with Raj in another room. It was a very romantic setting.
With my feet I pushed the sandals under the sofa and followed
Raj my bare feet making no sound. The only sound was the little
tinkle from my anklets but Amit seemed too engrossed to
notice that his wife had left the room.
The room that we entered was a large bedroom but there were
a number of candles lit around too. One wall was all mirrored
which contributed to the room looking bigger. I looked
at Raj and he then put his arm around me pulling me in close.
I leaned my head back and he kissed me softly, his lips moving
ever so lightly over mine. I was in another world. I didn’t
think about Amit and Meera sitting in another room, which
we could see through the curtain. Raj had deliberately
left the door ajar so that I wouldn’t be nervous. When Raj
released his lips from mine my eyes immediately went in
Amit’s direction. He was busy kissing Meera but I couldn’t
see how she was reacting. Was she enjoying this as much as
I was? I thought “oh-oh, what was Raj’s reaction going to
Raj just smiled and leaned in for another long and passionate
kiss. I welcomed his lips as they moved sensuously over
mine. I was breathing hard and when he protruded his tongue
into my mouth I couldn’t resist flicking my tongue all over
his. I was so turned on I forgot everything Raj’s hand fondled
my breasts through the skimpy nightie.
I’m not big breasted like Meera, just a 36D, but Raj didn’t
act like he minded my small size. I moved my arms so he could
have easy access to both my breasts. My breasts have always
been very sensitive and it doesn’t take a lot of stimulation
to get me turned on. Raj’s got rather large hands and his
caresses felt so damn good. He wasn’t rough, just soft and
gentle. The thought crossed my mind that the four of us were
supposed to be just spending a social evening together.
It appeared that things were going a bit farther than expected.
I wasn’t complaining, just enjoying!
Perhaps the decision to stay on for the night was not wrong.
Raj’s hand moved from my aroused breasts to my legs. He brushed
his hand back and forth across my knee seeing if I was going
to object to his touching me there I suppose. I didn’t object
at all. He slowly and gently moved his hand up my leg beneath
the silk cloth. I was nervous but also glad that Raj suggested
I change the clothes. Raj’s teeth were lightly nibbling
on my lower lip. I was so turned on by his passion. Raj’s lips
moved to my neck, softly kissing me. His hand was all the
way up the nightie. I stretched my body so I could move my
legs apart to allow him access to my hot, wet pussy.
I could feel his hand rubbing back and forth across my panties.
I was moaning like I was in ecstasy and not coming back down
forever. I was a little embarrassed by how wet my pussy was
but it was Raj who was causing it to be that way. Raj continued
to rub my pussy bringing me to a slight orgasm. I started
to cry out but Raj put his mouth over mine to muffle the sound.
His tongue plunged into my mouth almost causing me to choke.
He stopped massaging my pussy through my panties.
’You alright, Nisha?’
’Oh yeah, I am fine’ I blushed. My reply put a big smile on
his face. My eyes were searching for Amit but they were nowhere
to be seen.
‘Amit?’ I said haltingly.
‘Don’t bother about them. He appears to be smart enough
to have seduced Meera by now, but when do I get to see all that
you described in your talks.’ Raj said naughtily.
‘I don’t get you.’ I replied.‘ Aw, come on, your shaped pussy
is what I am referring to. Remember you had mentioned that
you took so many pains to give it shape and that there were
no admirers except Amit. Well, here is an admirer.’
The night was clear; very soft soothing lighting lighted
the room. Raj took me in his arms.
‘Are you comfortable with this?’ He asked. I put my arms
around his neck and let him give me a deep passionate kiss,
full on the lips, as my answer. Raj began pulling the strings
of the nightie and to my surprise I did nothing to discourage
’Hope you won't be disappointed. I'm not big breasted
like Meera.’
’I'm never, ever disappointed and appropriateness
is what everyone should seek, not just bigger size everywhere.’
Raj replied.
Raj untied the nightie, slipped it off my shoulders and
down my arms. He tossed in onto a nearby chair. He then kissed
me on the lips and down my neck. I actually rose up on my tiptoes
so he could get a better position on me. He walked around
behind me, his hands tracing my waist. I'd worn my best
white bra and panties not knowing that someone would actually
get to see them. Raj, still standing behind me, began kissing
the back of my neck and using his tongue to trace small circle.
My neck is especially sensitive and it drove me crazy with
his lips there. I realized that my bra being not there and
my gown too has been removed from me made my hands to cover
my almost bared breasts. Raj pulled my one hand down. We
were standing directly in front of the mirror. I could see
he was smiling as he gazed at my vision in the mirrored wall.
I was standing in semi nude position. He said that I look
juicy and it is so tempting to him that he sucks the covered
I just had my panties on and Raj's hand was making his
way down to them. One hand cupped my left breast while the
other hand slowly rubbed the front of my panties. I closed
my eyes and leaned back into him, feeling so out of control.
Raj nibbled my neck sending chills down my back. His right
hand had slipped into the front of my panties, slowly massaging
my pussy. I could feel the huge bulge through his dress slacks
pushing against my panty cover ass. I had trimmed the hair
on my pussy to a small v-shape and he commented on how soft
my pubic hair was.
’Your pussy hair is so soft, like cotton. Absolutely lovely
and the smell. It would draw people from far and wide. Since
you pay so much attention to the pussy, you really deserve
lots of pleasure, ’ he said. I briefly wondered how many
different pubic regions he'd explored. As long as
he was happy with mine and we with the experience, that's
all I really cared about at the moment. Raj motioned me over
to the bed.
’Why don't you stretch out and make yourself comfortable?’
The enormous bed was so high I had to literally climb up on
it. I lay on my back placing a large pillow under my head.
Raj began taking off his clothes starting with his shirt
and socks. I couldn't wait to see him take off his slacks
so I could get a better view of the large bulge I'd felt
pressing into me. Raj wore black briefs, which I thought
were so damn sexy. Raj had a great body, large upper chest,
broad shoulders, a very slim waist and muscular legs.
He definitely stayed in shape working as a contractor.
I could tell he did a lot of the labor himself from his very
muscular arms. Raj climbed up on bed beside me and put his
arm around my waist pulling us close together. He looked
into my eyes, slowly and passionately kissed me, slipping
his tongue inside my lips. I felt I was entering another
world, a world I couldn't wait for.
’I'll take it slow and easy. If you want me to stop, just
say so. I won't push it any farther.’ Raj informed me.

’OK’I could barely get the words out, knowing I wasn't
going to stop him. Suddenly I realized that this was just
a social gathering and here I was fully prepared to submit
myself to an actual fuck. What had happened to me! The only
consolation was that perhaps Amit too was having as lovely
a time because he too is a perfect lover.
Raj's kisses were long, soft and passionate. His large
right hand gently fondled my breasts, his fingers flicking
my nipples till they were erect. All I could do was put my
arms around his broad shoulders, grip him tight and return
his deep kisses. Raj cupped each breast and flicked his
thick tongue over each one, slowly and gently suckling
on each nipple. He gently pulled on them with his taut lips.
My nipples are extremely sensitive and I gasped as he tugged
and sucked on each one. Raj's right hand was massaging
my pussy through the fabric of my damp panties.
I let him slowly part my legs allowing him to get his hand
down between them. His fingers traced around the area of
my pussy lips. I could feel my juices start to flow, soaking
my panties. Raj slowly and deliberately traced his tongue
down between my breasts towards my tummy. He paused briefly
at my belly button tracing a wet streak around it and probed
it with his hard tongue. It tickled a bit and I jumped when
his tongue did little stabbing gestures at it. Raj's
hand stroked down my right leg pulling it up till my knee
was bent. He slowly stroked it up and down.
’Time to get a good look at you, gorgeous, , ’ He said reaching
for the elastic band of my panties and playfully addressing
my pussy. I lifted my hips up off the bed in anticipation.
Raj pulled my panties slowly down my legs till they were
around my ankles, getting entangled in my anklets. He bent
down, slowly disentangled them, took them off and tossed
them across the room towards the chair. They feel short
and hit the floor.
Raj smiled at me as he gazed down at my trimmed pussy. He knelt
between my legs and I could see the large bulge in his briefs
had grown even larger. I wondered in my mind just how big
he really was. His hands traced down from my inner thighs
to my pussy. He took two fingers and slowly spread my pussy
lips open.
I thought, ‘Oh God, he's the first guy other than Amit
who's ever seen me like this.’ I felt slightly embarrassed
but his fingers made me almost cum right then. He traced
around my pussy teasing it and making me buck slightly,
pressing down on his finger. He knew how to get me aroused.
The look in my eyes must have signaled him to proceed; I wasn't
going to say, "stop". No way was I going to mutter
that word.
Raj's large middle finger entered my pussy sinking
it all the way in. I arched my back, spreading my legs so I
could lift my butt up in the air. He sawed his finger in and
out, slowly and with little twisting motions. I gasped
when his hand would deliberately brush across my excited
clitoris. I kept pushing down on his hand to make his finger
drive in as deep as it could. I love to be finger fucked, one
finger or two fingers will do it. Raj withdrew his finger
from my soaked pussy and he put it in his mouth sucking off
my juices. He smiled coyly, pushing me back down onto the
mattress. His tongue flicked out and licked his lips. His
mouth moving down on my pussy, kissing all around it but
deliberately not touching the swollen lips. Suddenly
I felt his hard tongue slide slowly inside me. My hands gripped
the sheets and I clenched them tightly. Raj sensed how tense
I was. He broke my grip on the sheets and took my hands in his.
His large hands almost completely engulfed mine. He worked
his tongue slowly in and out of my well-soaked pussy, making
little sounds as he enjoyed my taste. I was moaning so loud
and squirming my hips I probably made it difficult for him
to work his tongue on me.
He released my hands and grabbed my upper legs forcibly
spreading them apart and restraining me. Raj's tongue
teased my clit, flicking it up and down and to the side. I
screamed as he brought me to one of the biggest orgasms I'd
ever had.
'OH, GOD!!!!' I screamed. Raj paused briefly
with his tonguing and looked at me to see if I really wanted
him to stop. My chest was heaving. He knew I was in ecstasy
and didn't really want him to quit. He continued working
my clit till he brought me to another screaming orgasm.
This one almost made me pass out. I was choking a little;
Raj stopped and made sure I was alright. Thank God he stopped.
I rolled over on my right side to help me catch my breath.
It was a wonderful experience. I stopped choking and caught
my breath. Raj pulled me up to a sitting position so I could
breathe easier. He held me in his strong arms. I coughed
on his chest, a little embarrassing but he didn't seem
to mind. 'I'm sorry, I've never lost my breath
like that. Must have forgot to breathe there for a second.'
I apologized.
'Hey, no problem. Didn't mean to almost kill you.'
He half joked. Raj laid me back down on the bed stretching
me out, massaging my chest and tummy. I smiled up at him,
my hand drifted down towards his briefs. He wasn't
bulging anymore, thought maybe he'd lost interest
or something. I massaged his cock and it swelled beneath
the fabric of his briefs.
’Pardon the language, Nisha but are you ready for one of
the best fucks you've had outside marriage or will
ever have?’ He questioned.
I nodded demurely. ‘No precautions like condom to be taken?
If you wish I can wear that. You on pills?’
I again nodded.
‘Actually since this appears to be a first time for you I
want to make it very very pleasurable; because if it is not
why should a young decent girl like you muster up the courage
to do something so unconventional and for that matter why
should your husband come along and approve of this.’ Raj
Raj got up off the bed and stripped down his briefs. His large
erect cock sprang out pointing directly at me. My mouth
opened in awe at the sight of it. A bit larger than Amit's,
its mushroom shaped head was broad and engorged. I thought
for a moment that I wouldn't be able to accommodate
such a large cock. My pussy's a little small, not that
I'm complaining and neither has Amit.
’Oh my God, you are big.’ I stated smiling at him. Though
he was not all that big, but I knew this would massage his
ego. Raj smiled back, and climbed back up on the bed with
me. His cock waving as he positioned himself between my
legs. He stroked it slowly from the head all the way back
to its base. I mentally wondered how long he really was,
6", or 7”.
I spread my legs, lifting my butt up slightly so he could
have a clear target for his cock. He rubbed the head of his
cock up and down between the lips of my pussy lubricating
it with my juices. He pulled the loose foreskin back and
just as he was about to guide the engorged head of it into
me, he remembered something. He cupped a tit in each hand
and squeezed them together to wrap his cock and then started
to fuck that lovely groove. I closed my eyes and started
rocking to his rhythm; it was so very pleasurable. He obviously
liked the way I was moving with him now and picked up speed.

He stopped for a minute and I could hear him opening the door
of the room refrigerator. It was quite small but handy.
I opened my eyes and was amused to find him dipping his cock
into a bowl. What could that be, I thought but continued
to act as if my eyes were closed After a few minutes he opened
my mouth with his two fingers and searched out my tongue.
My eyes were closed and when he shifted forward I did not
see it until his cock was in my mouth. It was fully chocolate
coated. He had had the foresight to prepare a dish of liquid
chocolate and had kept it in his room just in case I agreed
to give him oral.
I had always enjoyed giving oral and the feel of a hard erect
cock inside the warm and watery confines of my mouth, virtually
begging to be satisfied, was giving me a lot of pleasure.
He held the same pace as with her tits and started fucking
my face. I responded with vigor sucking all the chocolate
that was stuck to his cock and in the process took him as deeply
in my mouth as was possible. I could not turn away, he held
me firmly in place and drove forward until his cock pushed
into my throat. I had absolutely no choice yet again but
to open up to him. Unwittingly my teeth started ensuring
that no harm would come to Raj’s cock because of my teeth
that was rapidly moving in and out of my mouth. Not only that
I was beginning to enjoy his cock inside my mouth. At times,
I even forgot whose cock it was, Amit’s or Raj’s.
Struggling to breathe as he picked up his pace, I was surprised
as his seed shot down my throat. Although I was used to swallowing
cum I did not expect the discharge so soon. I choked and tried
to turn away as the last drops of his cum were deposited in
my mouth, which I promptly swallowed. Somehow both the
cums i.e. the one of Amit and the one from Raj tasted exactly
the same.
’Thanks a lot.’ Raj said. ‘I hope you enjoyed it. Actually
this is one of the best and most intimate acts and very pleasurable.
And it is only the smart girls who don't act prude and
spit it out. Now just a little bit of stimulation more with
your mouth and you will get the wonderful fuck I promised
He made it sound as if I was waiting for the promised fuck
with the anticipation similar to the one that a child has
for a promised toy .I smiled and went back to work on his cock
which was now slightly limp but within minutes had regained
its former stature.
‘Okay, relax.’ He gradually brought the cock down to the
folds of the lips my pussy. I could feel the wet precum dribbling
from the tip of his cock. His strong hands held my legs apart
as he pressed the length of his cock into me slowly working
it back and forth. I felt the walls of my pussy being stretched
farther than they'd ever been before. It felt so good,
so damn good. My eyes rolled back and I moaned softly, letting
him know I wanted all of him. It took awhile but Raj managed
to get his entire cock into me. I could feel his balls tight
against my butt. Raj put his arms over my pussy hair. He slowly
worked his huge cock in short deliberate strokes. I could
feel myself being overcome with the pleasure of his manipulations.
He leaned down and pressed each breast and kissed the back
of my neck. Spreading my legs farther apart he began stroking
his cock in and out of me in long strokes, almost pulling
out of me. Slowly at first, then increasing the pace till
he was pounding his cock into me, his tight balls slapping
against my butt. I grabbed his arms to hold on tight. He worked
his cock like the master lover that he was. I came in seconds,
and, then again. I pushed my pussy back towards him. ’Oh
God, Raj!’ I screamed.
It was at that moment that my eyes happened to see some movement
in the dimly lit drawing room below and I saw Amit and Meera,
surprisingly clothed. What were they doing there at that
time! I wondered. Raj's eyes were intense, his entire
body stiff. I doubt that he heard me or would have stopped
even if I wanted him to. He continued plunging his stiff
cock into me with hard, deliberate strokes occasionally
slowing the pace while swaying his hips to make the head
of his cock swirl inside my hot pussy. We'd fucked so
hard my head was almost off the edge of the bed. We had to hold
onto to each other to keep us both from rolling onto the floor.
Raj was making low sounds, which let me know he was thoroughly
enjoying fucking me. He definitely loved my pussy and I
was having a lovely intercourse.In fact I was having orgasm
after orgasm, some more intense than the last. I felt I was
going to pass out at any moment, all my strength depleted.

Raj's pace increased so fast the sounds of his pelvis
slapping into me filled the room. His body stiffened, his
hands gripped my legs hard as he shot his hot, thick load
into me. I felt my pussy being filled with his cum, spurting
wildly. His eyes tightly shut, his body gave one last shudder,
he gave me one long hard plunge and shot the last of his load
inside me. I could feel the sticky liquid running out of
me as he slowly withdrew his cock, still swollen, covered
in our juices. He leaned over me, catching his breath, which
was coming in short gasps.
’Oh Nisha, that was awesome!’ He muttered softly, still
having trouble getting his breath.
‘I…I think I saw Amit and Meera there down below.’ I said.
I think I sounded slightly disturbed.‘ Aw, come on. They
must have had a quickie. I think we too must dress up. Amit
will be waiting for you in bed. That is the advantage of females.
They can have one orgasm after another.’
Raj laughed. I hurriedly got out of the bed and happened
to see myself in the mirror. Fully nude with cum dribbling
down my thighs. I promptly got down on all fours, searching
for my panty and bra giving Raj again a full view of my pussy.
Quickly I clutched them in one hand and darted to the bathroom
to make myself more presentable.
That night onwards we have been swing together every weekend
night and sometimes it goes long also. A very new but a must
experience for every couple who wants to spice up their

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I feel this is the way, swinging together should be done.
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