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My Bachelor Party - Rewrite


My Bachelor Party

Ever since we'd gotten engaged, I’d been teasing my
fiancé, Julie, about how much I was looking forward to my
bachelor party and hinting at the wild events that would
likely take place.

She would usually pout, telling me I didn't need to
have one. The thought of me and a few of my friends drinking
and watching x-rated movies didn't bother her much,
but she was afraid one of them would arrange for a stripper
and things would go beyond stripping.

Once an actual date for the party had been set, she seemed
to get more worried than before and started saying she was
going to the party with me. I explained to her the only way
that was going to happen was if she volunteered to be the
stripper. She told me I was crazy, but I decided it would
be fun to tease her about it.

The next time we were fooling around, I whispered to her
that I was looking forward to seeing her performance at
my bachelor party. She gave me a "yeah, right",
but as my hand glided over her pussy I began to tell her how
I imagined it might go.

“Remember a few months ago when you tied me naked to the banister,
then slowly stripped to the music, rubbing your hands all
over your body? And then you lay back on the floor, spreading
your legs open so I could see your pussy. Then you pulled
your vibrator out from under the pillow and started licking
and sucking it like it was my cock. Do you remember that?”

“Of course. Did you like that?” she said, feigning innocence.

“I loved it. And do you remember how you ran the vibrator
over your breasts, making your nipples even harder? And
finally you ran it over your pussy, getting it all wet with
your juices, teasing yourself before finally working
the head of it into your pussy. How you slowly worked it into
yourself inch by inch until you were finally filled with
it and began sliding it in and out until you came in that intense
orgasm. Do you know how sexy that was?”

“You may have mentioned it. When I finally opened my eyes
your cock did look like it was about to burst.”

“Oh, it was. Now just imagine doing that for my friends and
me. I’m sure they’d love it as much as I did.” As I said this,
I started sliding my finger into her pussy.

“I couldn’t do something like that in front of your friends.”
She was trying desperately to get my finger deeper inside
her. “Besides, they wouldn’t enjoy it as much as you did,
would they?” She seemed to ask this with sincere curiosity,
but before I could answer she kissed me deeply and rolled
me onto my back. Quickly mounting my cock, she fucked me
with wild abandon until we were both spent. I knew she would
never do something so wild, but we both seemed to enjoy fantasizing
about it.

The date of the bachelor party was getting close and when
I mentioned to Julie that my best man, Todd, was calling
later that day to make the arrangements, she told me she
had an idea.

“Instead of hiring a stripper, ” she said while looking
shyly at the floor, “I’ll dance in a sexy outfit, but only
if I can wear a mask so your friends don’t recognize me.”

“That’s a great idea, Julie.” I said feeling excitement
growing in my groin, “But I think the guys would be disappointed
in a stripper that didn’t strip.”

She stood quietly contemplating this, then took a deep
breath and said, “Okay, I’ll put on a striptease for them,
but I’m wearing a mask and I’m not taking my panties off.”

I couldn’t believe she was actually agreeing to do a striptease
for a bunch of my drunken, horny friends. The bulge in my
pants made it apparent I was excited by the idea, but I figured
I’d better make sure she knew what she was getting into.
“You do realize that by the time you get there we’ll have
been drinking and watching pornos for a couple of hours,

“So?” she asked innocently.

“Well, they’re going to be really horny and probably a little
drunk, so they might get kind of obnoxious and might even
try to touch you, ” I explained.

“I’ll be alright, ” she said. “Besides, you’ll be there
to protect me. Heck, I’ll need a few drinks myself if I’m
going to actually do this.”

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “If you say yes, I’m going
to call Todd and tell him that the stripper is taken care
of and you won’t be able to back out.”

She paused for a moment, then took a deep breath and said,
“Yes, for you, I’ll do it.”

I smiled a big smile, gave her a passionate kiss, and went
to call Todd.

As the date grew nearer, I kept asking Julie how the plans
were coming for her act. “You’ll just have to wait until
the party to find out, ” she responded with a flirty wink.

I couldn't help but fantasize about how it would go
and in my fantasies it always went beyond the stripping,
ending differently each time, but always with her getting
lots of cock.

Finally, the date arrived and the guys showed up for the
weekend. There was my best man Todd, George, and Brett.

Friday night was spent catching-up and Saturday got off
to a leisurely start. The bachelor party was going to be
an all day kind of thing, so shortly after breakfast the
first x-rated movie started playing. Not surprisingly,
it was a gang bang movie. After the movie ended, Todd asked
when the stripper was showing up. “Sorry, not until this
evening, ” I explained. The guys all moaned their disappointment
and we spent the rest of the day watching movies, playing
cards, and drinking beer.

At about 5:00 the phone rang. It was my fiancé and she wanted
to know if we were ready for her. I said, “We certainly are!
You’re going to be stripping in front of four very horny
men.” She gave a nervous laugh and said she'd be over
shortly. We hung up and I told the guys the stripper was on
her way. They all cheered and started asking questions
about her. I told them she was an acquaintance of mine and
that they'd better be nice to her. They wanted to know
more about her, but I told them they'd just have to wait
and see.

Soon there was a knock at the door. I jumped up to answer it.
When I opened the door, there stood Julie wearing a Mardi
Gras-style mask, a long dress coat, and a pair of high heels.
I couldn't wait to see what she was (or wasn’t) wearing
under that coat! She was also carrying a bag and I could only
imagine what might be in it. She stepped inside and looked
around the room, but didn't say a word. The guys looked
at her lustfully and beckoned her inside.

An adult film was playing on the TV and she paused to watch
it for a few minutes. A petite little woman was taking three
big, black cocks at once and Julie seemed momentarily mesmerized
by it. Pulling herself away, she set her bag down and slowly
began to unbutton her conservative dress coat, revealing
a cropped, hot pink, and very tight t-shirt and a pair of
very snug fitting short shorts. As she dropped the coat
on the floor, it was obvious to all of us she wasn't wearing
a bra under that shirt, which made us wonder if there was
anything under the shorts. She looked extremely hot and
the mask only made her more alluring.

She bent over and reached into her bag, giving us all a chance
to check out her nice round ass and smooth, bare legs. She
pulled a homemade CD from her bag and, handing it to me, pointed
to the stereo. I nervously loaded the CD in the player and
pushed play. As the pulsing music began playing, I muted
the TV but left the video playing. I thought maybe if the
guys could still watch the woman on TV get filled with cock
they wouldn’t be disappointed by a tame stripper.

Julie began to slowly dance around the room, moving very
sexily, running her hands over her body, and looking extremely
hot. I was very happy knowing this was my fiancé looking
so sexy. She danced slowly past each one of us and around
the coffee table in the center of the room. Once she'd
made a loop of the room, she stood in the center and began
to rub her pert breasts on the outside of her shirt. Her nipples
were as hard as I'd ever seen them and that was through
her shirt! She grabbed the bottom of the shirt and slowly
began to pull it upwards. Just as her nipples were about
to come into view, she stopped and rubbed the undersides
of her breasts, teasing us like an expert. Then she pulled
the t-shirt up further and we all sighed audibly when her
pointy nipples came into view. We held our breath as she
took the shirt completely off, being careful not to disturb
her mask. She has very sexy, perky tits and they looked especially
hot today because her nipples were so hard.

She gently ran her hands over her tits as she swayed to the
sultry music, then began to walk past each of us again. This
time she leaned forward towards each of us so we could get
a good look at her breasts and then would slowly back away
and move on to the next guy. As she did this to Todd, he reached
up and touched her breast. She slowly but purposefully
reached up and removed his hand and shook her finger at him.
She hadn't said a word since arriving and apparently
didn't plan to as part of her plan to remain anonymous.
Once she finished her circuit, she moved back to the front
of the room and faced the TV. For a few moments she again seemed
to be lost watching the porno as one of the guys shot his cum
onto the woman’s tits. While she watched, she slowly began
to peel her shorts off.

Underneath she had on a very sexy, matching pink g-string
that displayed her beautiful heart-shaped ass to us. She
dropped her shorts to the floor and stepped carefully out
of them, reaching behind her to rub her ass like we all wished
we could. With a sudden smack of her ass, she started dancing
again but seemed to continue to watch the video.

As she danced she bent forward, giving us not only a better
view of her sexy behind, but also a great view of her barely-covered
pussy. We also noticed that the hot pink g-string was very
wet where her pussy was. Apparently this was turning her
on even more than I thought! I was really disappointed knowing
the show was about to end and even more disappointed knowing
I’d have to wait until tomorrow to make love to her.

Just then George shouted out, “Take it all off!” The other
two guys joined in and in the spirit of things so did I, knowing
full well she wasn’t going to. Then, while she was still
bent over, and much to my surprise, she reached up and grabbed
the strings on either side of her hips and slowly began to
peel the g-string off. What little coverage there was soon
slipped away and all of our cocks got even harder as we stared
at her cleanly shaved and clearly excited pussy. I couldn’t
believe that Julie had actually stripped completely naked
in front of my friends! She pulled the g-string the rest
of the way down, stepped out of it, and tossed it backwards
at us. I was too slow and George got it, bringing it to his
face and breathing in the scent of her sex. If he only knew
whose g-string that really was!

Still bent over, she moved her feet apart and reached back
to caress her legs in a slow, sexy motion. As her hand reached
the top of her thigh where I thought it would stop, she continued
on to her pussy, giving it a gentle rub, then running her
hand back down her other thigh, leaving a light trail of
her wetness. This time when her hand reached her pussy,
she ran her finger through her wetness and across her clit,
then used two fingers to spread her lips apart. I'm
sure all of us wanted to reach out and touch her, but just
then she stood up and turned around and resumed dancing
to the music. She danced by each of us once again, but this
time she took a little longer and rubbed her hands all over
her naked body as we watched intently. When Todd reached
out to try to touch her, she moved just out of reach. I somehow
managed to behave myself, but when George tried to touch
her breasts, she didn’t move away quite as quickly. And
when Brett reached for her pussy, she actually let him slip
a finger between her lips briefly before moving away. Wow!
This was more than I’d hoped for!

She went over to her bag and pulled out a can of whipped cream.
This was getting interesting! She walked over to Todd,
put some whipped cream on her nipples, and leaned forward
so he could lick it off. He stuck out his tongue and carefully
licked the whipped cream off each breast. She moved over
to me and, after applying a fresh coat of whipped cream to
her breasts, straddled my legs stuck her tits in my face.
I eagerly licked and sucked her nipples until they were
perfectly clean and very hard. She slowly pulled away and
moved over to George so he could do the same thing. However,
George wasn’t content to use just his mouth. He reached
up and took a breast in each hand as he licked the whipped
cream off. Even after the whipped cream was gone, he kept
squeezing and sucking on her tits. She slowly pulled away
from him and moved over to Brett. After applying some more
whipped cream, she knelt on either side of Brett and thrust
her chest out. As he licked up the whipped cream Julie started
to moan. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly enjoying
what he was doing. It was only when I looked down that I saw
his hand moving between her legs. She was letting him finger
her right in front of all of us!

She opened her eyes for a moment and looked over at George
to see if he was enjoying the show. I hadn’t notice before,
but he had taken his cock out and was sitting there stroking
it. Julie smiled when she saw this and closed her eyes again.
I turned to look at Todd and realized he had his cock out too.
My cock was so hard I couldn’t wait to get it out of the confines
of my pants. Within a minute I was slowly stroking my cock
too while I watched Julie grind her pussy on Brett’s hand.
But just as she seemed to be getting close to an orgasm, she
stood up and took a step back. Glancing at the three of us
with our cocks out, she looked at Brett and pointed at his
crotch. He quickly got the message and began to undo his
pants. Lifting his hips and pulling his pants down, he released
the biggest cock I’d ever seen in real life. This guy could
have been in the movies we’d been watching he was so big.
I couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment, then turned
to look at Julie. She was standing there staring at it too,
but her hand was between her legs gently rubbing her pussy.

She must have realized she was staring and quickly turned
and went back to her bag. Pulling out one of her vibrators,
she moved over to the coffee table and repositioned it,
laying down on it so that her feet were towards us. The black
vibrator was about nine inches long, thick, and very lifelike.
She brought it to her mouth and began licking and sucking
it, making us wish it was our cock instead. After taking
a good portion of it into her mouth, she withdrew it, turned
it on, and rubbed the tip over her tits, paying close attention
to her nipples. Then she slid it slowly down her stomach
and when it reached the little patch of hair left on her pussy,
she pulled her legs back and apart and ran the tip of it down
between her swollen lips. I was happy, but really surprised
that she'd decided to put on the whole show after all.
Maybe I’d have to pull her into my bedroom and have a quickie
before she left.

We were all mesmerized as she ran the head of the fake cock
between her lips, over her clit, and all over her pussy.
We were even more mesmerized as she began working the large
vibrator between her lips and slipped the head inside.
Slowly she worked a little more then a little more inside
herself, pulling it back out a little, then pushing it deeper
inside. Soon she had its entire length buried in her pussy
and began to have a tremendous orgasm. She could no longer
keep quiet and moaned out loud as she came. She looked so
incredibly sexy as her body shook from the intense release.

As she was coming down from her orgasm with the vibrator
still deep inside her, I was shocked to see Todd stand up,
remove the rest of his pants, and walk over to her. Not sure
what he was going to do at first, I was prepared to jump up
and tell him to sit back down. But before I could, she opened
her eyes, smiled, and reached out to grab him by the cock.
She slowly stroked his shaft and as a big drop of pre-cum
formed at the tip, she pulled him closer and stuck her tongue
out to catch it. She let a string of wetness stretch between
her lips and his cock, then moved back towards him and ran
her tongue over his cock head and down his shaft like she
had done to me so many times before. She proceeded to give
him one of her fantastic blowjobs as the rest of us watched
in amazement. “Oh yeah, suck my cock, ” was about all Todd
could manage to say. I couldn't believe how far she
was letting this go, but I was all for it.

As she was taking his shaft into her mouth, George got up
and removed his pants too, then kneeled between her legs,
pulled the vibrator slowly from her, and began eating her
pussy in earnest. This just caused her to suck on Todd’s
cock harder and faster and before long he moaned, “I...I...I...I’m
gonna cum!” I couldn't wait to see how she'd respond.
With a loud moan he thrust forward and began to shoot his
hot cum into her willing mouth. At first she tried to swallow
it, but then she started to have an orgasm of her own from
having her pussy licked and pulled it from her mouth, causing
his hot, sticky cum to spray onto her mask, lips, and cheeks.
She licked up as much as her tongue could reach and rubbed
the rest into her skin.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, George moved up
and aimed his cock at her swollen pussy. Surely he wasn't
going to put his cock in my fiancé's pussy! And then
I remembered they had no idea this was my fiancé. As she looked
down between her legs and saw what he was about to do, I knew
she was about to put a stop to things. She looked past him
at me, smiled, then reached down and spread her pussy lips
for him! I couldn't believe she was actually going
to let my friend do it! I was shocked and incredibly turned
on. I watched as he placed the head of his cock between her
spread lips and pushed gently forward, the head slipping
easily inside. She released her lips as he slid the entire
length of his cock into her with one long push.

“Oh!” she cried out in pleasure in spite of herself.

“You like that cock in your pussy, don’t you?” George teased.
She shook her head yes with a big smile, but still didn’t
say anything. George continued, “Would you like me to take
it out?” She quickly shook her head no. Slowly he pulled
back until the head almost emerged, then quickly thrust
back into her causing her to gasp out loud. He began a steady
in and out rhythm that caused her tits to sway enticingly
back and forth.

Just then I realized that the only guy who hadn't been
involved yet, other than myself, was Brett and he had stripped
naked and was leaning down to suck on one of her tits. I decided
it was my turn to get involved too, so I stripped naked and
moved up to give her a kiss. She had licked her lips clean
of cum by this point, so I gave her a deep passionate kiss
as she moaned into my mouth. I moved down to take her other
nipple between my lips and then remembered one of the fantasies
she'd shared with me about having both of her breasts
sucked on at the same time by two different guys. I was glad
to be fulfilling one of her fantasies too, even if it wasn't
exactly the way she’d imagined it.

Brett and I sucked and licked her nipples eagerly as her
body rocked back and forth from the fucking she was getting
from George. Even though she'd managed not to talk
yet, she could no longer hold back her moans of pleasure
and I hoped the neighbors would think it was the TV. Brett
decided it was time to change places and stood up to offer
his cock to her mouth. I was curious to see how much of his
huge cock she'd be able to get into her mouth. She was
really good at sucking cock, but this seemed even too big
for her to handle. She licked at the head and gradually began
working the shaft into her mouth. When she had managed to
get about half of it in, George couldn't take any more
and with a loud moan, pulled his cock out of her and began
spraying his hot cum all over her stomach and pussy. She
had one hand wrapped around Brett’s cock, so with the other
she reached down and began rubbing the fresh cum into her
skin. This seemed like a good time for me to change positions,
so I stood up and got between her legs, sliding my cock into
her with one swift motion. I just held it there for a minute
and watched as she continued to try and take more of Brett’s
big cock into her mouth. She'd back out a little to catch
her breath, then slide it in as far as she could, getting
a little further each time. I held my cock still inside her
until she'd managed to get the entire length of Brett’s
shaft into her mouth. Once she'd done this, she began
sucking in earnest and I began to move quickly in and out,
knowing that I wouldn't last long no matter what I did.
I was way too turned on and figured I'd quickly be ready
for a second round.

She looked so incredibly hot with that big cock in her mouth
and her breasts moving back and forth as I pushed and pulled.
As I suspected, it didn't take very long before my balls
began to ache for release. I wanted to pull out, but I didn't
have the willpower and began cumming deep inside her. I
stayed there for a few moments with my cock inside her and
watched her sucking and licking. Every so often she would
take it out, lick the underside, and then lick and suck on
his balls. Reluctantly I pulled my cock from her pussy and
watched as my cum ran out and down the crack of her ass. I sat
back down and waited to see what happened next. Had she had
enough or would she able to keep going?

Almost as if she'd read my thoughts, she pulled Brett’s
cock from her mouth and stood up. I can't describe how
sexy she looked with nothing on but a mask and high heels,
glistening with a combination of sweat and cum. I figured
she was going to get her things together and leave, but instead
she moved the coffee table off to the side and motioned for
Brett to lay on his back on the floor. Was she going to do what
I thought she was going to do? Surely she wasn't going
to try to put that huge cock in her pussy! Brett laid down
on the floor with his rock hard cock sticking up, shining
wet from Julie’s saliva. Much to everyone’s amazement,
she straddled him, reached between them to grab his cock,
and began to rub the head between her pussy lips. “She’s
gonna try to fit that big cock in that tight pussy of hers!”
George said in astonishment. “You can’t resist my cock,
can you?” Brett asked her. She slowly shook her head no and
licked her lips. Looking him in the eyes, she placed the
head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly began
to sit down on it. The rest of us watched entranced as she
worked his huge cock into her tight little pussy. She worked
it in much faster than I would have expected, but still somewhat
cautiously, steadily pushing further down onto it until
she had the entire thing inside her. Once she bottomed out,
she started shaking all over from an intense orgasm, reaching
up to pinch her own nipples as she did.

All three of us that had been watching this were rock hard
again. The other two stood up and went over on either side
of her to get some attention, but I wasn't sure she'd
be able to do anything other than ride the monster that she
was now straddling. Full of surprises, though, she reached
out and took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them as
she started to move up and down on the cock beneath her. Once
she got into a steady rhythm, she began alternately sucking
on the two cocks in her hands. I was amazed at her ability
to do all these things at once. Not only did she do them well,
but the closer she came to cumming again, the more enthusiastic
she got about sucking. But soon it was even too much for
her to concentrate on and it was all she could do to stroke
the two cocks in her hands. She started to move quickly up
and down as Brett met her thrust for thrust, her lips pulling
outward each time he withdrew. Her moans echoed throughout
the room as she reached her climax, causing Brett to reach
his peak too. They were a blur of movement as they both came
at the same time, Brett filling her pussy with his cum. She
released the cocks in her hands and lay down on his chest
to recover for a moment, giving me an even better view of
his still hard cock in her swollen, throbbing pussy. I stroked
my own cock as I waited to see what would happen next. I'm
sure she was nearly exhausted, but there were still three
hard cocks hoping she wasn't done yet.

After a few moments, she sat up slightly and began to withdraw
his cock from her pussy. Their combined juices began to
leak from her pussy and onto his balls. Instead of standing
up, she moved off of him and kneeled beside him, then motioned
for George to come over to her mouth. She began to suck on
his cock with the obvious intent of making him cum. I looked
at her kneeling in front of me, he pussy leaking cum and open
in invitation, and was about to move in when the Todd beat
me to it. “Look at that pussy!” he said to nobody in particular.
He quickly slipped his cock into her drenched pussy and
began to fuck her with the same rhythm that she was sucking
with, his balls noisily slapping against her. I moved to
the side and watched her tits swaying beneath her as she
slid back and forth on these two cocks. Not surprisingly,
it didn't take either of them long to cum. George moaned,
“Oh yeah, suck my cock. You’re gonna make me cum. Oh that
feels incredible! Here it comes baby!” With a series of
loud grunts he began spurting into her mouth. She tried
to swallow it all, but some of it leaked out of her mouth and
down her chin. A few moments later Todd started thrusting
really hard, the sound of their bodies slapping together
and her moans filling the room. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna
shoot my hot cum all over you!” he cried out and pulled his
cock out just in time to shoot his cum all over her back, ass,
and pussy.

With that, her arms gave out from under her leaving her kneeling
there with her ass in the air and her pussy begging to be filled.
I quickly moved into place behind her and slid my cock inside
her with one quick motion. She was wetter than she had ever
been and she was covered in cum. I grabbed her by the hips
and thrust quickly back and forth, looking down to watch
as my own swollen cock slid in and out of her. I could tell
by her moans and motions that she still had another orgasm
left in her. I tried to pace myself in the hope that we could
finish together. “You look so sexy with cum all over you, ”
I said to her. “And your pussy is so wet and feels so good.
I bet you like having all of these cocks to play with, don’t
you?” I asked. She shook her head yes, so I continued. “I
bet you’d like to have even more cocks to play with. Would
you like to do this again next weekend with some other friends
of mine?” She shook her head yes again and eagerly started
to thrust back at me. I picked up my pace and thrust as deep
as I could, knowing my balls were slapping against her clit.
This time I vowed I'd pull out when I came, so as soon
as she started to cum, I pulled my cock out of her and shot
my hot cum all over her ass and pussy. Just to make sure she
was satisfied, I rubbed the head of my cock over her clit
and along her lips, smearing our cum all over her pussy and
giving her another mini orgasm.

She finally collapsed on the floor and we all sat there silently,
amazed at what had just transpired. I looked at the movie
still playing and suddenly thought it looked kind of tame.
After we rested a bit, I helped her up and was going to show
her to the bathroom to clean up. Instead, she smiled at me
and put her coat on without putting anything else on. She
put all of her stuff in her bag and went around the room and
gave each of us a kiss on the head of our cocks. I gave her a
big hug at the door, not wanting to arouse anyone suspicions,
and was amazed that somehow the mask had stayed on the whole
time. She slipped silently into the night and I returned
to my guests. Todd finally spoke up and said how amazing
that had been. George agreed and asked if she could come
back tomorrow for more. I said, “I'll call her in the
morning and ask after she's had some rest. But you have
to all promise that you’ll never let my fiancé find out what
happened.” Brett looked at me with a grin and said, “It’s
okay, we all know it was Julie we fucked tonight. Hopefully
tomorrow she can come over with the mask.”

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mmmmmm ... yeahhhhhh .... my kinda gal ... my kinda partyyyyyy
...... loved it, hon .... made me all wet n horny and made
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Loved the story....reminded of a bi orgy we attended a while


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Awesome. Could u please invite me and my fiance for the next


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Incredible! You have to let us know what happen the next


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very sexy story! I love it!


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Great I`d just love to be there!