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My Aunt Teach me ... part 1


Following the death of my parents in a car cash, I am taken
in by my aunt and her companion, who teach me all about boys
satisfying females
The crash when it occurred was total and catastrophic.
I was staying with a school friend; my parents were on holiday
and the truck that came round the bend on the wrong side of
the road destroyed the car and killed both my parents outright.
From being a happy only child, I was turned instantly into
an orphan.

After the crash, the friends with whom I was staying were
kindness itself and allowed me to remain with them until
after the funeral. However, it was clear that I needed to
find somewhere permanent to live and the solicitor who
was looking after my parent’s affairs contacted all my
mother’s relations to see if any would consider looking
after me. I was assured that financially I would be more
than well catered for, as both my parents had very large
life insurance policies, which would provide a sizeable
sum once all the formalities were taken care of. For some
time I was fearful that I would end in an orphanage, for no
one seemed willing to take me in, but then to my relief I was
told that my Aunt Suchee had made contact with the solicitors
and had agreed that I should come and live with her.

I travelled down from the north of Delhi by train, and I cannot
remember anything eventful on the journey. Suchee lived
in the West Country, and she was there to meet me at the station.
I well remember she was wearing a long coat over a thin tight
sweater, and an incredibly short skirt. She seemed taller
than I remember her, perhaps because she was wearing extremely
high heels.

I saw that she was heavily made-up for when we first met,
she clasped me to her and gave me a long kiss on the cheek.
I flushed with embarrassment, as I could see several of
the men on the station staring at her. When I got to look at
her, I saw that even though she had aged since I last saw her,
but she still was a very good-looking lady. However, she
was now a ‘heavy’ woman. Her legs, which had been long and
tapering, were now still long, but had thickened. Her torso
and particularly her breasts were large and heavy. However,
her face was still beautiful, for she had clear brown eyes
and long wavy hair, which she wore loose.

“So, my darling, how are you?” she cooed. I replied that
I was fine and I mumbled that I was extremely grateful for
her agreeing for me to come and live with her.

“We are both delighted that you can come to us”, she replied.
“There are so many things that we want you to do with us, and
now that you will be part of the family, we will have plenty
of time to teach you these tasks”. The high heels clacked
down the station platform and again I was aware of the men
opposite staring at her. We arrived at her car, which was
a sporty little saloon and having put my case into the car,
we set off for her house. I did not think about the fact that
she had used the word “we” when talking about living with

The drive to her house was uneventful and she chatted away
easily to me about how lovely the countryside was at this
time of the year. When we arrived at her house, I recognised
it from the one time I had been there before. It was a large
detached house with its own very secluded garden and gravel
drive off the main road. She parked the car and I took my case
from the back seat. My aunt led the way up to the front door,
which she opened with her key.

“I want you to meet Maria, ” she said as she led me into the
house. “As you know Maria and I live together here and she
is going to look after you while you are settling in. You
will love her, I am sure”. We went into the sitting room and
there seated on the sofa was one of the most powerful and
strongest women I had ever seen. She stood well over 6 ft
tall in her stockinged feet, she had dark hair and her skin
shone with health.

As she rose to meet me, she towered over me and I admired her
powerful frame. She was wearing a turtle necked sweater
and a long tight skirt and I could see that her legs were slender
for so large a woman. Her waist was small compared with her
wide shoulders and heavy hips. She had strong arms and the
whole of her body rippled with well-toned muscles. I was
sure she spent considerable time in the gym, for there was
no spare flesh on her at all. She obviously looked after
herself, for I could see she had lovely large hands with
beautifully painted nails.

Her hair was a mass of dark curls that framed her face and
plunged down her back. She had wide set eyes and beautiful
ruby lips. As her face was dark, her teeth were very prominent
and I noticed how lovely and even they were. In all she was
quite gorgeous, but it was her front that held my gaze, and
I could not help but stare at her huge breasts. Vast globes
of mammary flesh jutted out from her large chest, so that
the sweater she was wearing strained to contain their bulk.
As she rose, so they jiggled, sticking out in such a manner
that they seemed to defy gravity. Under her sweater, I could
see the straps of her brassier cutting into her shoulders
as the heavy material supported the enormous weight of
her breasts and her prominent nipples showed clearly through
the thin sweater.

“So, this is Salee, ” she said, as she came over to me. “Well,
my darling, you and I are going to get to know each other very
well aren’t we?” With that she wrapped me in her powerful
arms and hugged me close to her huge bosom. I was overcome
with her scent and the musky odour of her body, but was delighted
that she seemed pleased to meet me. With introductions
over my Aunt picked up my small case and we all went upstairs.
Maria preceded me up the stairs and again I was impressed
with the way she moved. Lithe and nimble, she bounded up
the stairs ahead of my aunt, and the view I had was of her dark
hair bobbing and tumbling as she took the stairs two at a
time. I moved at a slower rate accompanying my aunt as we
went towards my room.

“I have decided that you and Maria should share a room, in
case you get upset during the night, ” my aunt said as we
mounted the stairs. “You don’t mind, do you”? I mumbled
that I was sure it would be fine, but nothing could have prepared
me for the shock when I entered the room, for to my horror
there was only one bed. It was a huge double bed, covered
in female attire, frilly covers and silky sheets ‒ quite
unlike anything I had slept in before. Looking around the
room, it was definitely a female’s room. Powder, make-up
and all sorts of lotions covered the dressing table and
there were woman’s clothes all over the chairs and sofa.
The room itself was large and well furnished, with a door
which went off to what was obviously an en-suite bathroom.
“But, where am I to sleep?” I asked, as my aunt put my case
onto the bed.

“In here silly, with Maria”, my aunt replied patting the
big double bed. “We thought it would be better if you were
together, so that she is on hand if you need her”. I tried
not to show my embarrassment, but Maria saw anyway.

“Ooh look, he is blushing!” she said. “Don’t worry darling,
I won’t eat you ‒ not yet anyway!” By this time I had turned
a furious colour of pink and my aunt, seeing my discomfort
came over and wrapped me in her arms and gave me a hug.

The rest of the afternoon was spent settling me in and then
after supper my aunt suggested I should go up to bed. I quickly
agreed and my aunt said she would come up after I had bathed.
Following a lovely wallow in the bath, I called down to my
aunt and she came up. I was in bed and she sat on the edge looking
down at me. I could see the fine wrinkles around her eyes
under her make up which showed her age, but thought how really
lovely she looked. Her brown eyes looked at me with what
I felt were real affection.

As she bent over me to hug me to her, her hair swept over my
face and I could feel her big heavy breasts pressing into
me through the bedclothes as she kissed me good night. As
she left, she switched out the top light, leaving on only
a small table lamp, which left the room in a suffused glow.
The bed itself was very soft and comfortable. The sheets
were silky and the big duvet covered both sides of the bed
with ease. I kept strictly to my side, for I did not feel I
knew Maria well enough to encroach into her side. As I lay
in bed, I thought of what my mother would say if she knew I
would be sharing a bed with this friend of my aunt’s. I was
full of anticipation and I noticed my cock grew hard at the
thought of sharing a bed with this powerful woman.

Some time later Maria came up to bed and I pretended to be
asleep to avoid any embarrassment over our sharing the
bed. Maria came over to the bed and looked down at me. I had
my eyes shut and I could tell she thought I was asleep. She
moved off to the dressing table and started to undress.
Her dress came off over her head and I had a glimpse through
my half-shut eyes of her huge breasts encased in a massive

She wrapped a towel around herself before removing her
panties and brassier, and then proceeded to go into the
bathroom. I stole out of bed and went to look at her underwear.
It was still warm from the heat of her body and I picked up
the large heavy brassier and marvelled at the size of the
cups. Her panties were small and made out of thin cotton,
and I noticed that the area around the front was damp. I lifted
the pants to my nose and sniffed the scent of womanhood.
I then quickly replaced them and returned to the bed.

After a time of splashing around it was obvious that Maria
had got out of the bath and I could hear her drying herself.
She re-appeared with the towel around her and her long dark
hair swept up into another smaller towel. She took this
off and her magnificent hair tumbled down over her back
for she had obviously washed it. For some time she sat at
her dressing table applying lotion to her face and upper

She then stood and poured powder into the palm of her hand,
which she then patted between her legs. She pulled an extremely
short nighty over her head and removed the towel. I had just
the briefest glimpse of her big breasts and her dark bush,
which melded nicely into her thighs. She sat down on her
side of the bed and for some time seemed to be lost in thought.
Then she pulled back the bedclothes and swung her legs under
the covers. As she did so, I got a further glimpse of the huge
bush of black hair between her legs before she pulled the
covers over both of us.

I turned and sighed, more to make her believe I was asleep
than anything else. To my surprise she took this as a sign
that I might need comforting and wrapped her strong arms
around me, pushing me down into the bed so that I was totally
enfolded into her smooth dark flesh.

“There there, darling. You sleep in Maria’s arms and I will
take care of you if you are sad”, she cooed. Her long dark
hair fell over my face and I breathed in the fresh smell of
recently bathed woman. And so we slept, with my head cradled
into her massive bosom. During the night I awoke on several
occasions to find a breast had escaped from the confines
of the nighty and on one occasion a fat nipple was resting
against my cheek.

Fearful of waking Maria, I moved away very slightly and
was able to look at the dark puckered flesh of her aureoles,
which peaked in what seemed to me to be a long rubbery nubbule
of flesh, her nipple.

When we awoke the next morning, Maria unwound herself and
eased herself out of the bed as if nothing had happened ‒
as indeed it had not. I waited until she had left the room
before I got up and washed. I dressed in shorts and a T-shirt
and then went down to breakfast. My aunt was particularly
interested to hear all about how I had slept and if Maria
and I had got on during the night.

It was quite clear to me that she was thoroughly enjoying
my embarrassment at sleeping with such a beautiful dark
lady as Maria. After breakfast Maria asked if I would like
to be shown around the house. It was a lovely house, with
three large bedrooms. My aunt’s also had an en-suite bathroom
and there was a small shower room opposite the third bedroom.
This room was sparsely furnished and was obviously not
used very much. Downstairs, the sitting room was furnished
with the best quality chairs and it was obvious to me that
my aunt and Maria lived very well indeed. I noticed that
during the day I was with Maria constantly. She fed me and
looked after me as if I were a small child even to picking
me up and carrying me at one point, which I found extremely

She merely laughed and said that I would have to get used
to this, as she liked to keep her body in good shape and lifting
weights was an easy way of achieving this. I was thus able
to marvel at her strong powerful body. It occurred to me
that I would not want to wrestle with her, for she would surely
overpower a slimly built lad like me.

Like my aunt she wore heavy make-up and she looked totally
beautiful in my inexperienced eyes. But it was still her
breasts that fascinated me. I could not believe that even
this large woman could have such enormous tits. She obviously
noted my fascination for she took every opportunity to
brush her tits against me, as well as leaning right over
me, so that I could look right into her massive cleavage.
I was becoming familiar with these beautiful mounds of
dark flesh, for during the night I had had the opportunity
to inspect her nipples, which I knew to be large and pointed.
In all they were her crowning feature, which it was impossible
to ignore.

For the next few days and nights the system we had devised
repeated itself. Each night I would see just a little more
of my bed-companion, but nothing to alarm me and certainly
she did nothing to make me believe she had any sexual desires
on me. However as can be imagined it is not possible to sleep
in the close confines of a double bed with a woman and not
touch one another.

During the second night on one occasion when I awoke, I was
aware of one of Maria’s heavy legs straddling my body. I
was concerned that she might feel my cock through my thin
pyjamas and I was terrified that with the heavy musky perfume
that she wore in bed coming into my dreams, I might actually
have a ‘wet dream’. I did notice that my cock was rigid for
most of the night, but as Maria made no mention of anything
like this, even as a joke, I thought it best not to worry.
I would press down on my cock whenever I could without anyone
noticing, and so try and reduce it to its normal small size.
However it was on the fourth night that matters changed
dramatically. During the night I awoke and felt one of Maria’s
fat nipples pressed against my mouth. As I moved away to
avoid awaking her, so I felt the nipple move with me. In the
suffused light I could see her dark bulk against me clearly,
so I moved away yet further. Again the nipple seemed to move
with me, so that it was still pressing firmly against my

At other times when I had done this, I had been able to study
her strong features, her dark smooth cheeks, her long black
hair tumbling around her shoulders and her beautiful ruby
lips with perfect white teeth just visible between them.
This time however, as I looked up into her face, so I saw her
looking down at me with a wide smile playing on her lips.
She pressed the nipple closer to my mouth.

“Suck, darling!” she commanded. “Suck Maria’s big nipple!”
I opened my mouth to say that I did not think this a good idea,
and she moved forward pushing the peaking nipple into my
mouth. Her hand came round the back of my head pressing me
further into the huge tit so that I almost choked.

“Go on, suckle on my breast”, she ordered. As there was little
I could do, I sucked hard on the nipple and felt it expand
hugely under the pressure from my mouth. The nipple extended,
so that it seemed to fill my mouth on its own. The act of my
sucking brought a snort from her mouth.

“Oh my God, that is good!!” she breathed. “Go on, suck harder!”
I settled down to a rhythmic suckling, swapping one big
fat nipple for the other, as Maria wanted. This went on for
some time, and I marvelled at the taughtness of her big tits.
They were not soft and ‘pillowy’ but rather firm and very
hot to the touch. After some considerable time, when I felt
that perhaps she just wanted me to suck her this once, I began
to relax.

After all, just sucking a tit could not be seen as wrong in
the eyes of my aunt. However, I stiffened and stopped sucking
when I felt Maria’s hand moving down between us and to my
horror I felt it slowly brushing against my stomach until
her fingers very slowly closed around the length of my rigid

“Mmm, he’s nice!” Maria whispered. At this I stopped sucking
and said in a low tone: “No Maria, we mustn’t; please do not
touch me there. What would my aunt say if she knew? Please
don’t touch me there!”

“Sshh darling”, she replied. “You let me worry about that.”
With that she let go of my cock and placed her hand at the back
of my head, so pushing me deeper into her breast. But she
also took one of my hands in hers and guided it down to the
area between her legs. I immediately felt the thick wiry
bushiness of her pubic hair.

She placed my hand over the mound of her crotch and pressed
against the hard pubic bone. I could feel the heat pulsing
from her crotch and I thought of the dampness of her panties,
which I had smelt each evening. But she was not finished
yet. Her hand came over mine, she took my middle finger and
I felt her move it into the slit in the midst of her bush. I
was surprised at the oily hot feeling and that my finger
seemed to slip easily into her crack.

“Go on, push it further in”, she said. I obeyed and pressed
my finger into her slippery crack until it was right in.
It slid easily into her and then, as I wriggled it around
inside the fleshy, oily area, I noticed that a series of
little muscles were ‘milking’ at my finger and that her
breathing was quickening into little gasps of delight.
“Mmmm that is really gorgeous, ” she whispered. “Try and
get your fingers as far up as possible.” She pressed my hand
into her crotch and as I wriggled my fingers inside her,
so she shuddered with the sensation of it all. By this time
I had let go of her tit and my face was inches from hers.

“Now, my darling, ” she breathed. “Do you know what I mean
by making love?”

“I think so, ” I answered. “But Maria, we really mustn’t
do this, for what if my aunt finds out?”

“Don’t you worry about that and now I am going to teach you
“It’s quite easy”, she said. “All we have to do is to slide
your lovely little cock (and with that she squeezed my cock),
into my slit here. You lie quite still and let me do the work.
First we had better get rid of these stupid clothes”. With
that she stripped of my pyjamas and pulled her nighty over
her head.

This had the effect of allowing her breasts free movement
and they slapped down, full weight onto my chest. At that
moment real fear gripped me for I had no idea where all this
was going to lead. I made a frantic move to leap out of bed
and run. Quite where I would go I hade no idea, but I knew I
must get away from this enveloping female. But Maria was
too quick for me. As I left the bed, so she wrapped herself
around my waist and hauled me back to the centre of the mattress.
With her superior strength, she pinioned to the bed on my
back and gazed down into my face. Her hair hung down almost
to my chest and her big breasts were resting easily on my

“That wasn’t very wise, ” she said. “Darling, one thing
you will have to learn and that is that both your aunt and
I need to be obeyed. Now don’t let’s be silly. I know when
I have taught you everything you need to know, you are going
to love this.” At that I felt her heavy legs straddle me and
her breasts were sliding up over my face as she struggled
to get herself into the correct position.

I could feel her wiry bush brushing against the hardness
of my cock and she then licked her hand, getting as much saliva
as possible into her palm. By reaching around behind her,
she transferred the saliva to the head of my cock and then
I could feel her moving my cock to the entrance of her slit.
With the shaft of my cock in her grasp, she rubbed the head
against her slit-lips and I could feel the warm oily feeling
of her opening. Once she felt me in position, she sank down,
full weight onto me and I felt my cock slide easily right
up into her and then our two bushes were intermingling.
My cock felt as if it was inserted into a red-hot tube, oozing
moisture, which lubricated the whole length of my shaft.
I was rigid with the expectation of what was to follow, but
I could not have foreseen what was to come next. She was resting
on her elbows, with her big breasts squashed onto my chest,
gazing down at me. My cock was fully embedded into her and
neither of us moved. But I could certainly feel her busy
little cunt muscles beginning to work away at my cock, producing
unspeakable sensations inside me.

“I bet you have never kissed a woman either”, she murmured.
“No, Maria, I haven’t, but we must stop this, for my aunt
would throw me out if she knew what we were doing” I replied,
struggling against her huge weight.

“Sshh silly, ” she relied. “Now you let Maria lead you and
when I kiss you, you open your mouth. I promise you will like

With that her face slowly came down onto mine and with her
mouth open, her soft lips engulfed mine. Obediently, I
opened my mouth and her tongue invaded my mouth. It was enormous
and she squashed her mouth fully over mine, so as to get her
tongue as far into my mouth as possible. Her arms came around
the back of my body, she lay full length on top of me, smothered
my every move.

On and on she went, with her tongue invading every crevice
of my mouth. She slurped and sucked at my mouth and lips,
eating me up in her passion. Her dark hair fell over us and
all light was blotted out. I continued to struggle against
her, but with her strength, I simply was not able to make
any impression on her at all.

While all this was happening, her busy little cunt was working
away at my cock, milking it in the most incredible way. As
this went on, so I felt a new sensation building up inside
me. Terrified, I made a tremendous effort to free myself
of this demanding woman.

“Please Maria, something is happening to my cock! Please
get off me, PLEASE!!” I pleaded.

The reply was exactly as I expected: “Sshh, darling, don’t
be silly. Maria has everything under control. You just
let me do the working and you lie still and enjoy yourself.”
Again her lips came full down on mine and her tongue filled
my mouth.

“NO please, ” I begged. “Maria, something is going to come
out of my cock if we go on like this!! Please get off me now!”
My pleadings had the complete opposite to the desired effect.
She wound herself more tightly around me and started to
grind her massive hips over me. Her cunt slithered up and
down the length of my cock, producing the most incredible
sensations inside me. Then slowly, I felt the tender head
of my cock starting to bulge and there was a new churning
sensation in my balls.

She felt this too, for her movements slowed to a rhythmic
grinding that had the whole length of my cock being embraced
by the tube of her slippery cunt muscles. I struggled once
more to free myself, but she had me trapped and there was
no escape. The seed was rising in me and she was determined
to have it.

“Oh my God, I’m coming!!” I wailed, and with that I was spurting.
Huge gobs of seed roared out of my cock into her writhing
cunt. She wound me so tightly into her embrace that I thought
I was going to suffocate as her cunt moved to milk and milk
me of every last drop.

On and on I spurted until I was totally exhausted. Maria
had evidently climaxed at the same time, for I could feel
her oily love-juices running down my legs. Both our breathings
were ragged and heavy and her huge bulk still lay fully over
me as she slowly explored my mouth with her tongue.

We seemed to lie like this with her full-length on top of
me for ages, and we drifted off to sleep for a while. But then
she lifted the bulk of her chest off me and looked down at
the wreckage she had made. Her breasts hung down and her
nipples poked into my chest. She smiled down at me.

“So, darling, did you enjoy that? We will be doing that lots
more I am sure.”

Before I could reply she lifted herself off me and with a
mass of tissues clamped over her crotch, she disappeared
into the bathroom. I shrank at the way events had turned.
Suddenly my relation with Maria had changed in the most
dramatic way and I was terrified at my aunt’s reaction,
for I was sure she would find out what had occurred. I regretted
agreeing to sleep in the same bed as Maria in the first place,
for on thinking about it, events of this type were bound
to happen.

I did not have long to wonder, for Maria re-appeared with
her hair brushed and a towel dressing gown over her and went
straight out of the door down the passage towards my aunt’s
room. I shrank at the thought of what would come next. Would
Maria say I had taken advantage of her? After all it was usually
the men who were supposed to make all the moves.

My aunt would most likely throw me out and I would end in an
orphanage. Every type of horror came into my mind, but I
knew I would never be believed. For some time I could hear
the sound of low voices talking and then my worst fears were
realised when I heard the sound of both footsteps coming
back to our room. I shrank under the bedclothes waiting
for the inevitable anger that was to come.

My aunt and Maria both came into the room together. I did
notice my aunt had on a very short nighty only. The top was
made only of lace and I could see the dark shadow of her aureoles
tipping her heavy breasts. She sat down on the bed and bent
right over me. My mind whirled as I waited for the rebuke
that I knew was coming.

“Maria tells me that you have done rather well, Salee. She
has told me that you spermed her extremely powerfully and
that you are now ready for the training I mentioned earlier.”
I was so shocked and amazed that I could not take in what had
been said. I looked from my aunt to Maria and they were both
smiling down at me. Whatever, one thing was very clear,
I was not to be thrown out. But then as I felt my aunt feeling
under the bedclothes, I wondered exactly what type of household
I had indeed entered.

My fears returned when I felt her hand clamp around my tired
and shrivelled cock. She threw back the bedclothes to expose
my slender body, and looked down at my genitals. My wiry
pubic hair as still matted from Maria’s love-juices but
it was the state of my cock; tiny and shrivelled that seemed
to concern her.

“We will have to something about that, won’t we?” she said
and with that she gathered up my cock and balls and stuffed
my limp cock into her mouth. I struggled and fought to get
away, but Maria was onto me like a flash and crushed any movement
out of me by lying full length over me. She pulled a tit from
her dressing gown and with the nipple between her second
and third finger, proceeded to stuff the rubbery teat into
my mouth.

“Suck and no struggling!!” she ordered. “You concentrate
on my nipple and also hardening up for your aunt.”

With the weight of these two powerful women on top of me,
I could hardly move. I sucked hard on Maria’s nipple and
felt the strange sensation in my cock and balls as my aunt
sucked life back into them. Slowly I felt my cock hardening
up as my aunt’s tongue slid over the tender head of my cock.
She swirled her tongue over the tender head of my cock and
as she worked, so my balls started to ache as the demand for
further sperm was made on them. As I hardened, so I felt my
aunt’s mouth leave my cock and the cold air wafted around
my soaking cock.

The bed moved as she re-positioned herself and I felt her
thighs slide over mine. Then like my session with Maria,
I felt the sensation of her wiry cunt hair against the head
of my cock and the oily feeling as my cock nudged into the
opening of her lips. The heat of her cunt radiated down over
my cock as she sank down onto me. I slipped smoothly into
her, my cock parting the oily folds of her labia and then
penetrating more deeply into her tubes. Maria lifted my
head up off her tit and pointed down to where my aunt sat straddling

“There, look Salee. Look at the way your pubic hair meshes
completely with your aunt’s. Your cock has disappeared
totally into your aunt’s cunt; isn’t that lovely, you being
related to her anyway. I think this is really nice the way
the two generations of one family are so well meshed together!”
It was not lost on me that I was making love to a woman who was
easily old enough to be my mother and that she was a close

“Please aunt, we mustn’t do this. I am sure it is wrong”,
I pleaded. “Please get off me now.”

“You be quiet now and concentrate on producing good sperm
for me”, she replied through gritted teeth. Her head was
thrown back and her eyes tight shut, and it appeared she
was verging on a massive climax.

“There, I knew you shouldn’t complain, ” Maria said. “You
come back to my breast and suckle. I am sure the act of suckling
helps produce sperm.” She sank back down on me and fed a big
dark rubbery nipple into my mouth. I could do nothing but
comply and sucked greedily on the nipple.

My aunt meanwhile had climaxed heavily, screaming in her
ecstasy and was currently moving up and down on my bright
red cock. I knew in the end I would sperm, but at this moment
I had no idea from where the sperm would come, as I was so exhausted.
Then slowly the sensation started to build in me. I started
to pant through my mouth, leaving the nipple hanging loose.
“He’s not far off, Suchee, ” I heard Maria say.

“Good thing, for I am about to come a second time and I want
him with me, ” my aunt replied through gritted teeth.
“You hear that?” Maria said to me. You are to sperm when I
say so, for I want you to climax at the same time as your aunt.
I want you to give your aunt everything you have in those
young balls of yours. We will help you, but the effort has
to come from you.”

“Yes, OK, ” I panted back, for I was getting close to shooting
and was not sure if I was to hold back or shoot my sperm into
my aunt as soon as possible.

“Oh my God, I’M THERE, I’M THERE AAAARGHH–EEEEE”, screamed
my aunt as she climaxed violently for the second time.
Maria bent over me, so that her lovely dark face was inches
from mine.

“NOW!” she ordered. “I want you to SPERM YOUR AUNT NOW!!.
Go on! Sperm her NOW!”

As if it knew what was wanted, the head of my cock bulged and
then I was shooting.

“Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!” I grunted as more streams of sperm frothed
out of my cock into the slippery demanding cunt of my aunt.
My body arched with the effort and I felt Maria’s hand around
my balls, which she cupped and fondled to extract the maximum.
“Go on! Keep sperming! We will let you know when to stop”,
she ordered.

I pumped and pumped until I felt that links of my spine were
being drawn out of my cock.

“Please STOP!” I screamed, for my aunt’s cunt muscles were
still working overtime on my cock, the nerves of which were
screaming for release. At that my aunt collapsed over me,
Maria withdrew her breast and my aunt’s tongue invaded
my mouth as she kissed me and sucked the life out of me. My
cock was still embedded deep inside her cunt, but I could
feel it slackening and her little muscles were quietening
down after their terrific effort.

“My God, that was marvellous!” my aunt sighed.

“I told you he was good, ” replied Maria.

“Yes, but you didn’t say that he was that good, ” my aunt
said, as she looked at Maria, all shiny with sweat from her
exertions. We were both panting with exertion and we stayed
like that until our heartbeats slowed down to something
like normal.

“So, my little darling, what are we going to do with you?”
my aunt said, gazing down at me with love in her eyes. I was
too exhausted and shocked to reply, but Maria did so for

“He is going to be our little sperm bank, isn’t he? We will
also be able to use him for our pleasure. For a start I intend
to teach him how to service a woman and bring her to such a
climax that she will never want to come off him. I intend
to train those balls so well that they will be able to produce
huge quantities of sperm whenever we want it. Also I will
have them so well trained that if I want them to shoot all
day long, they will be able to do so”.

By this time my aunt had come off me and both women were standing
over me looking down. Four big nipples gazed down at me.
Two sets of wiry cunt hairs were right beside me, and I noticed
gobs of sperm oozing out of my aunts cunt lips.

“Yes, that is right, ” my aunt said. “You Salee are now our
possession. We intend to keep you for our pleasure. All
three of us are going to go to sleep now in this bed. Maria
will be on one side of you and I will be on the other.

In the morning we will probably want another good servicing
and we will expect your balls to be ready for us. After all
you are young, and the fact that your balls have only just
started producing sperm is not our problem. In the morning
we will decide exactly how you are going to pay us for your
keep. So I suggest you sleep now and in the morning we can
have more fun”.

With that Maria climbed onto the bed next to me and enfolded
me into her bosom. My aunt went into the bathroom to wash
off my sperm and reappeared shortly afterwards. She climbed
in on the other side of me, snuggled up to my back and put both
her hands around my cock and balls. Both women were soon
asleep leaving me to ponder on where my life would go from
now on.

I wept quietly for the carefree days with my parents, but
there was no going back now. I was in the grip of these two
demanding women and it was clear they intended to use me
for their sexual pleasure. I could do no more than try to
keep up with their demands. As I drifted into an exhausted
sleep, I could have never imagined how exhausting and varied
those demands could be.

to be continued......

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