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Much To My Surprise! (MFM)


My wife and kids were already in Houston, at my parents house,
and waiting for me to make the 2000 mile trip from New Jersey
with the things we didn't want to put in the moving van,
as well as with our mini-van. It had all started when my dad
had a slight heart attack, and we had flown down to Houston,
using our vacation airline tickets. I'd then gotten
approval from the company I worked for to transfer back
to Houston permanently. I had flow back up to New Jersey
to supervise the movers, as well as get our personal belongings
& like I said before, drive our mini-van back down to

The reason I told you all of this, was to sort of set the stage
for how and why what happened, took place. You see, I used
my airline ticket round trip, but with the wife & kids
now staying in Houston, and waiting for me, we had three
extra "one-way" tickets left that we would
probably never use, since I know that "I" had
no intention of ever going back to NJ anyway. And so, that
is how our good friends, Leslie & David got invited
to ride down to Houston with me, sort of a mini-vacation
for them, and then a few days later, use our remaining tickets
to fly back home free (or at least free to them) since we did
have the three extra tickets.

We'd known Leslie and David for over a year by then,
and the four of us had become fairly close friends. There
was never anything sexual between us, because my wife and
I, at that time at least, hadn't yet gotten into the
"swingers" lifestyle. There had always been
a lot of teasing, and sexual innuendos between the four
of us, but nothing had ever actually happened, short of
exchanging hugs and an occasional kiss or two. We were close
enough though, that I just thought they'd have some
fun driving with me, and then spending a few days in Texas
with us, before flying back home, or also as I said before,
a sort of mini-vacation!

Leslie and David were a nice couple, and I will admit that
I was at least mildly attracted to Leslie. I mean, what normal,
healthy, sexually well-adjusted man isn't sometimes
attracted to his friend's wife. Hell, I figured that
David probably had the hots for MY wife, every bit as much
as I did for his, but up until that time in my life, those were
just things you kept secret, and possibly used for fantasy
or masturbation material. Leslie wasn't bad looking
either, for a thirty year old wife, and mother, and so who
wouldn't secretly lust after her? Like I said, she
wasn't beautiful, but she was pretty, and sensual
in her own way, and she was one of those dark brunettes that
just have a naturally dark complexion, and so when she was
tanned, she was even darker still.

I think, for me at least, the two features I personally loved
about her most were her tits and her ass. I'd seen her
in a bikini many, many, times before, and if I had to guess,
and basing it on my wife's own measurements of 38D-28-36,
I'd say Leslie was more like a 36D-26-34, or somewhere
there about. I also KNEW she had deep, dark, and large nipples,
because most bikinis rarely hid certain features a woman
had, and I also figured that if she didn't shave her
pussy completely, then she had to keep it trimmed up really
close, because I never say a wisp of hair peaking out of her
bikini bottoms, and there was no obvious "lump"
indicating hair on her bikini-clad crotch either. All
in all, she was pretty hot, as least as far as I was concerned,
and on more than one occasion, I HAD used her as a fantasy,
either as I'd masturbated, or as I'd fucked my
own wife!

AND SO ...

I invited David and Leslie to join me on my trip, and then
use our tickets to get back home, and as luck would have it,
David was already due for some vacation, and so they'd
both excitedly agreed to my plan. I figured it would take
us between two and three days to make the drive if we did it
leisurely, seeing a few sights along the way, and we could
share a hotel room, with two beds of course, and then we could
split other costs, likes food and entertainment between
the three of us. As I said before, they were all for it, and
so on a Thursday, late afternoon, the moving truck pulled
out of my old driveway, and headed out, and then a few minutes
later Leslie, David, and I were in my mini-van, and we too
were headed out as well.

We started out, me driving, David in the front passenger
seat, and Leslie in the middle seat, directly behind us.
The route I'd intended on taking would take us from
New Jersey, down through Delaware, Maryland, North &
South Carolina, and then through Georgia, Alabama, and
the finally through Louisiana, and into Texas. I figured
that first evening, we'd drive till maybe ten or eleven
that night, stopping around eight for dinner, and then
finding a place in possibly North Carolina to crash for
the rest of that first night. I then figured the next full
day's drive to take us down through South Carolina,
into Georgia, and then through just part of Alabama, and
on into Louisiana, where we would spend night number two.
After that, we'd have maybe a six or eight hour drive
through Louisiana, into Texas, and then down to Houston.

And so as I said before, we were all safely seated in the mini-van,
and on our way, getting a little later start than I had anticipated
or desired, but at least we were on our way. The three of us
had a blast talking, kidding around, and even a little sexual
talk and teasing, and as I drove, the time just seemed to
fly by! Around eight that night, we were through Delaware
and Maryland, and into North Carolina, and we decided to
stop at this nice looking truck stop for dinner. TO us at
least, and meaning no offence to anyone reading this, the
place sure looked like "Hicksville", and we
made quite a sight entering the truck stop cafe, Me on one
side, Leslie in the middle, and David on her other side,
arms locked together as we walked. It sure didn't help
matters either, the way we were all dressed, especially

I had on shorts and a ragged old T-shirt, and so did David.
Leslie however had on a pair of REALLY SHORT shorts, and
a knit halter top that did little to hide her big tits, much
less her erect nipples, and so we had our share of stares
from the other customers, diners, as we were seated. Dinner
was really good, and Leslie and I both has a few drinks as
well, David didn't though, because he was doing the
driving for the next "leg" of our trip. Once
we were back in the van, and headed out again, Leslie suddenly
decided she wanted to change out of her halter top, and put
on a T-shirt, because she said she was beginning to get a
bit chilled. I turned back around in my seat, facing away
from her, and told her I wouldn't peek, and then she
made both David and I chuckle, when she said something about
how I'd be missing a great show!

Being honest, of course I peeked. Of course as her halter
top came off, and her arms were in the air, I looked up at the
rear-view mirror, and straight back at Leslie. Her breasts
were quite beautiful, and her nipples we so big and erect
that it was hard to miss them, even in the darkness of the
mini-van. As I glanced quickly at Leslie in the mirror,
I then looked over at David and he was looking too, and then
he looked at me, winked, and then whistled, prodding her,
goading her on, and asking for another strip show! Her reply
was that he'd better be damn careful what he wished
for, because someday, one of his wishes just might come
true! We all laughed at that one! The rest of the trip that
night was pretty uneventful, except that I had one hell
of a hard-on, because every so often, Leslie would lean
over the seat, and join our conversation, and then I could
smell her perfume, and feel her breath on the back of my neck!

As luck would have it, we drove all the way through North
Carolina, and well into South Carolina, not finding a single
hotel or motel vacancy, and soon it was well after midnight.
I asked David if he was getting tired, and needed me to take
over, and so we switched once again, only this time, he climbed
into the back seat, and Leslie sat up front with me. Soon
David was snoring, and Leslie slid over, and rested her
head on my shoulder as I drove. Damn, now I really did have
an erection! I drove on, and soon it was a little after one
in the morning. Finally, I spotted a motel with a rooms open,
and I whipped of the interstate, and over into the motel's
parking lot. David was still asleep, and so Leslie went
in with me to register and get a room. As it turned out, all
they had left were suites with one large king-size bed,
and when I hesitated, Leslie stepped in and told the clerk
that would be just fine.

As we walked into the room, David still a little groggy from
his nap, he did seem a bit surprised that there was only one
bed, but as Leslie explained things to him, he was then just
a quickly "OK" with the setup, as that bed was
large enough for four people, much less three. Leslie was
the first to use the bathroom, and when she came out, I did
my best not to stare, but it was difficult, seeing’s as how
all she had on was a skimpy pair of panties, and a baggy, white
T-shirt, which did little to hide her large, dark areolas
or her hard nipples. David went next, and he came out wearing
just his boxer shorts, and as he and Leslie got in bed, I then
went into the bathroom, as it was my turn.

I took my time in the bathroom, having to will my erection
to go away, before I could dare enter the room in just my boxer
shorts, but finally I was out of the bathroom, and then I
started moving the big lounge chair over next to the bed.
I thought they were both asleep, but then Leslie looked
up at me and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I figured
I could pull the chair up against the bed, and use it to sleep
in, while resting my legs up on the bed. Leslie told me I was
being silly, and that there was plenty of room on the bed
for all three of us. She then reminded me that we were all
adults here, as well as friends, and that if I was going to
be a baby about it, then we could always use the extra pillows
they had in the closet, and build a pillow wall between us!
Even I had to chuckle at that one!

Leslie threw back the covers, and patted the bed beside
her and I got in. She then rolled over to face David, and as
she did, I could see her panties had shifted. They'd
shifted just enough, so that NOW I could see the top part
of the crack of her ass, and suddenly, it was instant erection
time again! I quickly pulled my part of the covers over me,
and turned onto my side, facing away from Leslie. I had to
at least reach down though, and touch my erection, because
it was really beginning to throb. I didn't think masturbation
was such a great idea though, at least not right then, and
I could always jerk-off in the shower in the morning, and
so I tried my best to concentrate on other thoughts, as I
tried to drift off to sleep. I finally did fall asleep, and
then it was peaceful, and all thoughts of sexy Leslie were
gone, at least for then.

It was maybe around three in the morning, when I awoke to
several pleasant feelings. First, I could feel a warm,
soft, breast pressing into me, and a woman's hot breath
almost in my ear. The one sensation that has awoken me though
was the feeling of something warm and soft, wrapped around
the hard shaft of my cock! At some point in my sleep, I had
rolled over, onto my back, and either my cock had just worked
itself out of the small opening in the front of my boxer shorts,
or "someone", Leslie, had pulled it through!
I was groggy, but I wasn't that groggy, as I felt her
small, soft hand sliding up and down my hard shaft. I guess
that Leslie sensed I was awake, because she then whispered
into my ear, sending a chill of pleasure, through my body.

She said something about how it had been poking her, and
that's why she'd woken up. She then added that
I was a little bigger than David, and definitely more curved
and thicker, and then she said something about how nice
and hard I was, and then she licked and then kissed my ear!
I moaned, I couldn't help it! Leslie then shushed me,
and told me to be quiet, so we wouldn't wake up David.
She then added, in yet another whisper, that she's
always wondered about my cock, and then she told me to be
very quite. She then slid under the covers, and suddenly
the head of my hard cock was enveloped by a warm, wet, and
soft, pair of lips! As Leslie's mouth began sliding
up and down my hard shaft, I had to grab a pillow, and put it
over my face to keep from moaning too loud!

My God, this was so erotic, and I didn't know what was
turning me on the most, Leslie's blow job, or the fact
she was doing it with her husband right there in bed with
us, and sleeping not more than a few inches away? Hum, this
woman was good, and I ranked her cock-sucking abilities
right up there with my own wife's, and I'd always
considered hers to be an A+ in cock-sucking! It didn't
take Leslie long either, and then soon I felt the first tingles
in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum! There was really
no way to let Leslie know, to warn her so to speak, and so I
just bit down into the pillow, and let it happen. I felt my
cock jerk in her mouth, and then pulse, and then the first
jets of my hot cum were filling her mouth!

Leslie didn't stop, as I came in her mouth, and she sucked
even harder, and swallowed. Damn, that woman's mouth
was like a vacuum cleaner, as she sucked my cock hard, and
drained my balls, swallowing every drop of hot cum I shot
out! All too soon, I was through, and although Leslie held
me in her mouth for several more minutes afterward, soon
her lips slid back up the length of my hard cock, and then
she let me slip from her mouth. My cock was a bit softer, but
it was far from flaccid, as she moved quietly back up my body,
and then she leaned into me and kissed me, a deep, tongue-twisting
kiss, and I could taste my own very recent orgasm, still
in her mouth! As she pulled away, she whispered to me that
she hoped that would help me sleep better, and then she was
on her side, back and ass to me, once again snuggling with
her own husband!

DMAN, THAT, was wild!

The first rays of light through the curtain woke me, and
it took me a minute, but as I sat up a little, I notice that
neither David or Leslie were in the room, much less still
in bed with me. I then heard the toilet flush, and then Leslie
came bounding back into the room, NAKED, as the day she was
born! As she slipped into bed next to me, she didn't
have to whisper this time, and she told me that David had
just left to go over to the Denny's restaurant we'd
spotted while driving, to get us some breakfast. As she
scooted over next to me, her hand slid inside my boxers,
and immediately wrapped around my morning erection.

"Hum, I love early morning hard on’s" she told
me, and then she quickly slipped my boxers off, and I was
as naked as she was!

As she pushed me onto my back, and then crawled over the top
of me, I started to protest, asking her what about David?
She told me that he'd be gone a while, and so we had time,
even though that wasn't exactly what I meant. I started
to say more, but then she was straddling me, and then lowering
her hot, wet, tight, pussy down onto my cock, and the words
just wouldn't come out! I did groan though, as Leslie
began rocking back and forth on top of me, and my cock began
slipping and sliding in and out of her wet pussy! God it felt
so good, and her pussy felt so smooth, wet, hot, AND STILL
so tight, and by then, I wouldn’t have stopped, even if I
had wanted too! We fucked, and it was fantastic!

Her large, beautiful, tits, swayed above me, and I reached
up and held them, and then began to pinch and play with her
big, hard, nipples. Now it was her turn to groan, and as I
pinched her nipples, she gasp and told me to do it harder,
and then told me she loved rough nipple play! It didn't
take a whole long time, and then I was groaning loudly, and
I felt myself stiffen up. My back arched off the bed, and
then suddenly I exploded inside of her, my hot cum shooting
up, deep inside her womb! Leslie groaned too, and then started
telling me "oh Yes, that's it, cum inside me baby,
cum deep inside me now!"

As if that wasn't hot enough, she then began telling
me to stay hard. She began telling me that she was close,
she was oh so close, and she needed me to stay hard so she could
cum! I had no intention of "getting soft" at
least not right then, but it was such a major turn on, hearing
her almost beg for my cock to stay hard, and almost beg for
me to fuck her harder, because she was so close to cumming!
Leslie was smashing her crotch into me, and rocking back
and forth so hard on top of me, and then suddenly I SAW her
nipples expand, get bigger, get even harder, and I FELT
her pussy begin to contract around my hard cock, and throb
and milk my cock deep inside of her as she climaxed!

She sort of collapsed on top of me, and she was breathing
hard, as her hot, wet, pussy continued to contract around
my still hard cock! Just then, the door to our room opened,
and in walked David. MY first and initial reaction was panic,
as I tried to push Leslie off of me, but she held on tight,
and her pussy damn sure wasn't ready to release my hard
cock, at least not yet. MY panic quickly turned to astonishment
though, as David chuckled and made some comment about how
at least two people in the room were having some fun, and
then he slapped his wife hard on the ass, and the vibrations
went through her, and straight into my hard cock, still
buried deep inside of her.

Now Leslie really collapsed, her full weight on top of me,
and so now I was really pinned, and couldn't move, but
it was so weird, because David seemed to take it all in stride,
and even began kidding me about fucking his wife while he
brought home the bacon, pun intended, as he pointed to the
white boxes containing our breakfast! Leslie then finally
rolled off of me, and as she did, my hard cock sprang into
view, all glistening, and wet with our combined juices!
David was out of his clothes in a flash, and then he was flipping
Leslie over, onto her stomach, and then pulling her up onto
all fours, as he entered her from behind! As his hard cock
slid inside of her, he spoke, and the commented, asking
me if I'd pumped a gallon of cum into his wife, and then
adding that it sure felt like it!

As David began fucking her, he shifted her around too, and
then once her face was near my semi-hard cock, he ordered
her to suck me. Leslie didn't hesitate either, as her
mouth immediately begin sliding up and down my wet shaft.
Oh My God! THIS, was incredible! I was watching another
guy fucking his own wife doggie-style, and at the same time,
SHE was sucking my hard cock; we were filling her holes from
both ends! David climaxed first, groaning loudly and announcing
he was cumming. Leslie was too busy taking care of us, to
orgasm herself, and I'd just cum minutes earlier,
so I wasn't close either! As his orgasm subsided, David
pulled his now softening cock out of her, and it made a loud
"wet pussy" sound as her slipped out.

Almost immediately he told me to get behind her, and fuck
her, because he was going to help her get off. I had no idea
what he meant, but I did as I was told, and I got up, moved around
behind her, and then slipped my cock back inside her now
very, very, wet pussy! Hell, she had two men's cum in
her already, and so with her combined pussy juices, she
had to have had the absolute wettest pussy my cock had ever
slipped inside of! I started fucking her, and she groaned
and TOLD DAVID, she could feel the difference in the size
of our cocks! WHOW, that was wild, but it was even wilder
that her saying it seemed to almost turn him on even more!

I was really fucking her now, pumping my cock in and out of
her, slamming into her, as hard and as fast as I could. David
moved over right beside us, and reached under her and started
rubbing her hard clit. She was moaning and groaning in no
time, as I fucked her, and David "fingered"
her at the same time. It was weird too, because of course
I could feel a part of his hand, his wrist, as my balls brushed
against it, and my hard shaft slid in and out of her, and it
was OK, hell, it felt good, even though he was another man
doing it! And then all of a sudden, Leslie groaned loudly,
and now it was HER announcing that SHE was cumming! Her climax
was powerful, and her pussy really felt tight now, as it
contracted around my hard cock. I was so close then, and
I slammed into her a couple more times, and then I too was

Then, the wildest thing happened. AS I began cumming inside
his wife, David reached up under us, and he held my balls,
gently squeezing them, almost milking them as my cum shot
out, and into her! Oh My God, it felt wonderful, and even
if I wanted him to stop, it felt too damn good to tell him that!
My cock throbbed deep inside of her, and her butt cheeks
felt so good, so soft, pressed back into my crotch, and now
HIS hand felt good too, as it cradled my balls, and gently
massaged them. When it was over, I sort of feel back on my
haunches, and David let go of my balls I then fell totally
over and onto my side, as Leslie got up and off the bed, and
then disappeared, almost as if on cue, into the bathroom.
In another moment, I heard the shower running, and that's
when David sat down on the bed beside me.

I sort of stared at him, and he looked at me. He was the first
to speak, when he asked me if I was OK. I told him I was OK as
long as he was, and that's when he just chuckled, and
then finally told me that he was more than OK with everything
that had happened, including the night before! Wow! He'd
known about the night before? I guess he could see my surprise,
my bewilderment, and that's when he told me that he
and Leslie had been "swingers" for some time
now, and before everything had come up with our move, they’d
already made up their minds to try and seduce my wife and
I. He told me that they liked us so much on a social level,
that of course they'd wanted to share with us on a sexual
level as well.

As I sat there listening, and for me at least, it was already
weird enough talking about this with another man, but to
add to it, we were both naked, well that made things even
weirder for me! David went on though, and that's when
he told me, that's when the other shoe dropped as they
say. He told me that HE felt that whatever he told me next,
I couldn't get angry, because after all, HIS WIFE,
had already sucked me off, already fucked me, and I'd
already cum inside of her, and so I needed to keep an open
mind, and relax as he told me the rest! I nodded OK, and then
he went on. I guess there is no easy way to put this, just as
there was no easy way for him to tell me, and so I'll just
say it, much the same way he said it to me.

"I've already fucked YOUR WIFE, Steven!"

"I've already eaten her pussy and so has Leslie,
and she's sucked me off, swallowed my cum, and also
licked Leslie's pussy for her!"

Damn, talk about a bombshell! I just sat there, silent for
a moment, and David gave me some time to digest what he'd
just told me. Hell, I couldn't get mad could I? I mean
after all, my own cock was still wet with HIS WIFE'S
pussy juices, and the night before SHE had swallowed MY
cum, hadn't she? I just sat there, sat there in silence,
and then David spoke again. He asked me again if I was OK,
and I told him I was. Hell, to be honest, I was even turned
on, and my damn cock started to get hard once again! David
smiled at my reactions, both mental and physical, and then
he called out to Leslie, and told her she might be needed
in here again, and they both laughed!

Nothing else really happened that morning, except we ate
breakfast and then I showered, as David and Leslie had both
already taken their showers. After that we packed up, got
back in the van, and off we went, except this time, Leslie
was in the front seat with me, and David rode in the back.
We dove for a full nine hours that day, and except for stopping
for gas and a quick lunch, we'd made pretty good time.
We'd gone through Georgia and we were in Alabama, and
it was around four in the afternoon, and so we voted to stop,
find a motel or hotel, and call it an evening, at least as
far as the driving was concerned.

The hotel we picked was extremely nice, and we again got
a suite, only this time, it did have two king-size beds in
it. Not that we would need both beds, but it had them. After
checking in and getting settled in our room, we all changed
and put on our swimming suits and then went out to the hotel's
swimming pool. Leslie looked fantastic in her bikini,
but she'd damn sure looked even hotter naked, as I'd
watched her changing clothes, and so I was having a bit of
a difficult time hiding my erection under my bathing suit,
and I was glad when their finally all got into the pool! We
swam and played, and had a great time, as David and I also
took turns getting out and getting us drinks from the outside
hotel bar. Soon enough though, we were all hungry, and wanted
dinner, and so we got out, and headed back to our room!

It was my idea to order room service, but it was actually
Leslie's idea to tease the bellhop, as he brought our
food. She got naked, and the plan was for her to "accidentally"
pop out of the bathroom, with only a towel wrapped around
her wet hair, as the bellhop brought our food trays in. You
should have seen his face, as Leslie bopped over to the bed
to get another towel, and he definitely got an eyeful as
she finally wrapped her naked body up in the towel. We also
wondered what he must be thinking, as even he knew all he'd
brought was three dinners, and then he'd seen a very
naked woman, and neither man seemed upset by it! We all wondered,
and we all got one hell of a good laugh out of it as well.

After dinner, things got a little more serious, as now we
were all three naked, and then all three on one of the big
king beds. I will tell you that the surprises didn't
end there either! Besides Leslie sucking both of our cocks,
at one point, she was on top of David, riding his hard cock,
and I'd gotten around behind her. It was then that David
surprised me once again, by telling me to fuck her wife in
the ass, while he stayed in her pussy! It was, my very first
participation in double-penetration! If Leslie's
pussy had been tight, and it was, her ass was even tighter,
and my god was it hot! I'd used some of her own pussy juices
to lubricate my cock, and her ass, and in the process, I'd
had to have my finger in her pussy, at the same time David's
cock was, and so I touched my first cock, other than my own!

As I lubed up her ass, Leslie bent over, and sat down even
harder on David's cock. HE then, reached up and grabbed
her ass cheeks, and spread them open for me, allowing me
complete and total access to her asshole. I was about to
go ahead and stick my cock in, when I had another thought,
something I'd always wanted to try, but I hadn't
even with my own wife, and so I bent over, and I licked Leslie's
sweet, puckered asshole! She groaned and then TOLD ME it
felt good, and asked me to do it again, and so I did. It felt
so kinky, so nasty, and it got me more and more turned on doing
it. When her asshole was good and wet, nice and slippery,
I finally stopped, and then I got up, knelt behind her, and
then pressed the head of my hard cock, right against her
puckered little asshole. I pushed forward and she pushed

My cock slipped into her ass, and I didn't stop there,
as I kept on pushing, sliding more and more of my hard cock
up her beautiful round ass! DAMN, she was TIGHT, and to make
matters even hotter, I could actually FEEL David's
hard cock, through the thin membrane that separated her
vagina from her ass, and it felt wild, it felt good, damn
good! I started fucking her up her ass, and then David started
moving too. It took us a little while, but soon we were in
the perfect fucking rhythm together. Leslie was going
wild, telling us both how good it felt to her, and urging
us both on to fuck her harder! Leslie was the first one to
climax this time, and talk about a wild feeling! Her ass
muscles contracted around my hard cock, and I could FEEL
her pussy contracting around her husband's hard cock
as well!

David and I lost it about the same time, and as we both started
to climax, as we both starting shooting our hot cum into
her, Leslie groaned loudly again, and then she climaxed
again too! It felt like we were all just one massive orgasm,
all locked together by pussy, ass and cocks, and it was utterly,
and wonderfully, FANTASTIC! I honestly don't know
how you could top that, except that after, I cleaned up,
and Leslie then sucked me, and I fucked her, this time however,
with David just watching, and then snapping some Polaroid
photos of us, as we went at it!

Leslie fucked again later that night and then the next morning,
she sucked me off, and then I fucked her in the ass again,
only this time, it was just me fucking her, as David held
and massaged my balls. I think, or at least I felt like he
wanted more, wanted to do more with me, but he didn't
want to push, at least not yet! I was ready though, and the
next night, our last night in a hotel, he and I, at one point,
ended up in a 69, him sucking my cock and me sucking his, as
this time Leslie was the one watching and snapping pictures,
and then eventually masturbating herself to a rather powerful
orgasm! Of course she and I fucked as well, and then early
the next morning, I woke up to her sucking my cock! What a
wonderful way to wake up!

On the final leg of our trip, I let David drive, and Leslie
and I got in the back seat together. At one point, she was
sucking my cock, and then at another point, she was on top
of me, straddling me, and we were fucking like mad. It was
a really weird feeling for me, pulling into my parents driveway,
and my wife and kids running out to greet and hug me, especially
since only a little while before, I had my cock buried deep
inside Leslie, and I was again climaxing inside of her!

Ah, but only this part of the story ends here, as later on
that evening, the four of us all went out, and our going out,
was really just to get a cheap hotel room, and turn our swinging
threesome into a hot, nasty, foursome! It was the first
time I'd ever gotten to watch MY WIFE sucking another
guy's cock, as well as to watch another man fuck her,
but it was hot, it was fucking hot to say the least.

Now, I was actually a bit sad that we'd moved, and were
having to leave Leslie and David behind as friends and lovers,
but something inside of me told me that this wasn't
the end, HELL, it was just the beginning of the fun that was
to cum, as well as the many sexual adventures that were in
our future! And so the other side of me? Well, the other side
of my was one damn sure, happy, fucking, camper!






. .............................................




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I have read many many stories on here and this is by far
the best one I have ever read. I don't say that ever...
I could not wait to get to the next line. You might want to
think about writing for money. Thank you so much for GREAT


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Very Very nice story. One excellent writer.


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You are areat story teller. I felt that I was part of the story.
Thanks, Larry


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I agree, you write excellent stories and I'm sure they
are all true. I just wonder how did they fuck your wife behind
your back? You don't seem to tell us this in your above


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One hell of a story my friend-keep up the good work and tell
us some more!


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