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Mrs Jackson


I had just turned 18 and was going away to college in the fall, my friend Bobby and I were going to have one last party night before I left. We bought a case of beer and ordered pizza. We were at Bobby's parents house where his dad was away on a business trip and his mom was at work. We drank almost all of the beer in a couple hours time and were pretty drunk. After a little while , Bobby didn't look so good and started sweating and made a mad dash to the bathroom. I could hear him puking in there. I was really hammered so I just sat there on the couch watching television and would check on Bobby every so often. Then I heard someone coming in the house and it was Mrs Jackson! She took one look at me and saw all the empty beer cans and knew I was drunk. She then went and found Bobby and came back to me and started to tell me how disappointed she was at us. She then said that I was to sleep in the spare bedroom upstairs. Bobby and I had been friends since the 6th grade and knew the family well. As I became a teenager I started to notice Mrs Jackson was a MILF.... about mid forties, maybe 5'7, reddish brown hair ,pretty face, green eyes, great breasts and a really nice butt. She took care of herself and it showed! I'd always make it a point to come over and swim so I could see here in a bathing suit. She came in to check on me to make sure I was okay. She was wearing a very big T shirt with no bra, I could see her erect nipples. She said good night and turned off the light. I fell asleep almost immediately. I must have been asleep for a few hours when I woke up and heard her moaning in the next room. I thought I was dreaming, I got up and peered into her bedroom and could see she was pleasuring herself under the covers. I stood there watching her while feeling my cock get hard, extremely hard inside my shorts. She then looked up and said "Tommy, Is that you?" I quietly hurried back to my bed and laid down feigning sleep. I could hear her come in the room looking to see if I was awake. She must have noticed the tent in my shorts as my cock was still very hard and I heard her say softly "Oh My". I heard her say"Tommy" again to see if I was awake, she nudged me a little as I pretended to be asleep. Apparently I did a good enough acting job that she thought I was sleeping off my drunkenness. I felt her slowly tug on my shorts for what seemed like forever. She had slid them down my legs with my hard cock standing at attention. She removed her shirt and I could see her reach down between her legs with one hand I closed my eyes and pretended I was still passed out and then I felt her mouth on my cock slowly sucking and licking around the head. I kept thinking there’s no way this is happening and I cracked my eyelids open again just barely, She'd stop occasionally to look and see if I was awake, but I just did my best to pretend like I was still passed out. I could tell she was rubbing her clit and she would take my cock out of her mouth and mutter oh my god! as she came. She would take turns licking one side of my shaft and then the other. She worked her way down to the base of my cock and started to fondle my balls while sucking me. At this point I could feel my cock start to twitch and I started cumming really hard into her mouth, she sucked me a little harder getting spurt after spurt and every last drop. I gasped and moaned a little which must've alarmed her and I heard her say Oh shit! she slid my shorts back up and left the room. I then slept like a baby! I awoke the next morning to Mrs Jackson cooking breakfast, Bobby was sitting at the table. Mrs Jackson's eyes and mine locked for a moment, I could see her looking at me wondering if I was asleep or remembered the night before. It never happened again, but it was definitely some of the best sex I had ever had and to this day.

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Something similar happened at a buddy's house one night.....started drinking until we were pretty wasted and we both passed out. An hour or so later his older brother came home unexpectedly and assumed he passed out too. Few minutes later I heard the obvious sound of lube stroking and low moaning....he must have heard the bed springs because a few minutes later he was next to the bed pulling the sheet off before slowly rubbing the rapidly growing bulge in my briefs....I reached over and grabbed his hard on before we ended up blowing each with his brother waking up just as we unloaded.....oh


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You were too passive! You should've got with it and fucked her......she wanted it badly!


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Yes I had this happen with a buddies Mom them later on that weekend I did his sister too...Very good stories brings back good memories