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Mr. Martin Takes Me as His Own


*Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* I jumped in my chair realizing where
I was and I must have been day dreaming again. Since we met
I'd been doing a lot of that and it was becoming noticeable
at work. LeAnn one of the other clerical workers here at
Blandish and Martin Attorney's at Law, walked up to
my desk asking me if I was alright. I looked up, blushing;
telling LeAnn I'm fine.

She said, "Alright but if you're sick go home."
In other words she didn't want me spreading my germs
around the office.

Then came, *BuzzzBuzzzBuzzzzzzzzz* "Ms. Davis?"
the voice bellows. "Would you please grab your note
pad and come in to my office NOW!" he said firmly.

What a grouch I thought to myself. So I got my things and went
in, sitting down in my usual chair. Mr. Martin, Frank Martin,
what a brood. He's 6'3", married, has three
adorable children and as extremely handsome man for his
age. Other then his annoying disposition he's okay,
after all he does pay well and gives praise when praise is

"Ms. Davis, in the future I expect you to be on top of
your game here and not day dreaming. One should be disciplined
for this wouldn't you think?"

I began to nervously shake and didn't know what he meant
by disciplined.

"Well?" he bellowed again.

"Yes Sir, I understand I promise not to let that happen

Hoping that was the end of that, he said that I was to arrange
my schedule to work late for the next two weeks as he had an
extremely important case he was working on and needed me
to be here ready to serve.

There it was again, he said serve, I must be reading more
in to this then I should be.

Still feeling nervous I blurted out, "But it's
the holidays; I still get my holidays off, right?"
I ask looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

He thought for a minute, "If we work very hard you may
get Christmas day off, but, there are no promises."

I looked at him in anger and just sighed. I was not happy but
felt I had no choice.

He continued, "If I need you I'll call. I expect
you to drop whatever it is your doing and come back to this
office on a moments notice. Do you understand Ms. Davis?
Have I made myself clear? This is an extremely important
case and I won't take no for an answer or you can leave
and I'm sure any of the other secretaries would be thrilled
to assist and serve my needs well. Might even be a Christmas
bonus in it if you work hard enough."

I thought for a minute, I didn't have a family at home
waiting, my parents died in an automobile accident two
years ago and I was an only child. Giving that I really had
no reason to say no other then I disliked the man and his arrogant
ways. However, jobs are not plentiful this of year either.

Finally I answered, "Yes Sir, I understand and will
be here for as long as you need me everyday."

With that I just sat there thinking I hope I'm not making
a mistake here. I felt a strange sensation flow through
me making me squirm in my chair. He notices and just grinned
at me. I got chills when he grinned at me the way he did.

He dismissed me and told me he would see me tomorrow. I said
goodnight and left.

That night I was soaking in the tub when David called. The
moment I heard his voice my nipples grew hard and my pussy
wet with my juices. As he spoke to me I grew extremely horny
and he could tell it in my breathing. He told me to grab my
bath tube vibrator and rub it along my clit, twisting and
pulling my right nipple, then my left.

It wasn't long and I had a powerful orgasm. He told me
to put the vibrator in my pussy and keep it in on high. I love
how he controls me. It's like I'm hypnotized by
his voice. I'm consumed by him, he's taken me to
places I never dreamed I could go over the phone.

For the next twenty minutes I had three more orgasms. Then
he told tell me to dry off and go to bed, saying he would call
again tomorrow night. I cooed in his ear and said good night.

After having a night of erotic dreams, the alarm goes off
and it's morning and another day. I get to the office
to find everyone already hard at work. Looking at the clock
I see it says 8:05 am. I'm five minutes late but no one
seems to care so I settle in and begin working.

After a couple hours his majesty, I mean Mr. Martin, bellowed
for me to come in. I grabbed my pad and pen, entered his office
and sat down.

Mr. Martin began with saying good morning, the usual stuff
then all of a sudden stood up, walked over to the door and
said, "We have a problem and I thought we should talk
with the door shut. Others need not be privy of what we talk

Walking up behind me, I could feel the hair on my arms stand

"Ms. Davis what time are you supposed to be to work
everyday? Or did office policy change and I didn't
receive the memo?" He barked.

"Sir 8 am, just as it's always been. Nothing has
changed it's still the same." I said.

Walking to my right, standing so the bulge in his pants was
at my face, he asked, "Then why Ms. Davis did you arrive
at 8:05 am?"

Nervously I stumble over my words and reply, "No Sir,
I am sorry I will make up my time and it won't happen again."

He moves and walks back around to his chair.

"Ms. Davis, this is not good, how can I count on you
during this time where I need you most if you can not get to
work on time. This is strike two; I trust there won't
be a strike three?"

"Yes Sir I promise there will be no more problems."
I replied.

With that he mumbles, "We shall see." He motioned
me out of his office and back to work. The day was long and
5 o'clock was finally here. I knew if I didn't I'd
be in trouble so I stuck my head in Mr. Martins door and asked
if he needed me anymore tonight.

He motioned me away, but yelled out for me to be ready because
soon the days and nights would be long. With that I ran out
the door and right to my car.

I went through a drive through and grabbed dinner I was too
tired to cook. Got home turned on the TV and ate while watching
the news and a movie. After an evening of relaxing I went
upstairs to take a bath. Just as I got into the tub the phone
rang. All excited I answered in my sultry voice, when I realized
who it was.

"Yes, this is she, oh Mr. Martin, I didn't expect
you. I mean what can I do for you at this hour Sir?" Shaking
like a leaf, waiting to hear what he wants now.

"Ms. Davis, I have made some changes in our plans.
I was talking with a friend of mine and he agreed for me to
do my best I needed to go somewhere I can really work quietly
and I can't get that here at the office. So pack your
bags we are going to spend the next couple of weeks away.
I'm sorry if this messes up your plans but this is extremely
important. I chose you because I think you're the best
at what you do. You are bright, smart and other then some
minor glitches, take orders extremely well, which we will
work on. Now you won't need much just whatever you're
comfortable in, we don't have to be formal in our attire
as we are in the office. Sweatshirt and pants are fine; whatever
you run around in a home will do. Now do you have any questions?"
He asked.

"Do you have an idea how long we'll be gone? I'd
like to let my friends know when I might return." I

He paused a long time then said, "At minimum two weeks,
we should be finished by then and ready to show what we're
made of don't you think?"

He held his hand over the receiver and chuckled. He had plans
alright and they weren't at all I thought they would

"Remember now we leave after work tomorrow, well
need to stop and pick up groceries on the way. I've already
put in my order, enough to last us the entire time, "
he said.

With that he hung up and I sunk down in the tub. A few minutes
later the phone rang again. It was David on the other end;
he could hear in my voice how unhappy I was. I told him I had
to change my plans and why. He is so sweet to me, he told me
he understood and we would talk when I got back. He told me
by then I would really need the release. With that I started
to laugh and thanked him again for caring for me the way he
did. I had to get out of the tub, the water was getting cold,
I asked if he could call back but he was in the middle of meetings
and had to go anyway.

You see David is an executive with a firm that is based out
of Europe and we met online. We've never met, but we
talk every night no matter what is going on, except for the
next two weeks. These next two weeks are going to be hard
on me to be without him. He is my stress release after a long
hard day at the office. He's right I will need release
when I get back, I giggled to myself.

We said our goodbyes and we hung up so I could dry off, get
dressed and begin packing for my working business trip.
Some trip I will be missing Christmas, my friends and most
of all David.

After a restless nights sleep I woke to my alarm, went into
the bathroom for a short relaxing bath. After I'm dried
and dressed, I eat some toast, had a quick cup of coffee,
ran around the house making sure everything that is suppose
to be turned off is off and what should be on is on. I took one
last glance, grabbed my suitcase and out the door I went.

When I got to the office Mr. Martin motioned me into his.
I took off my coat and went in with my pen and pad in hand. He
motioned for me to sit down.

He said, "I just wanted to make sure you didn't
forget that we leave promptly at 5 pm no earlier or later."

"Yes Sir I remembered, I have my suitcase out in the
trunk of my car, I figured I could follow you in my car in case
we get done early."

He gave an angry look. Mr. Martin sprang form his chair,
"We'll be taking only my car. It's a ways
and there is no since wasting gas, I will drive us both if
we finish early we both will be leaving. We shall get your
bag on our way, your car will be fine here, and for your peace
of mind I'll have security move it to my parking garage
for safety."

With that he sent me back to work. Finally 5 pm came it was
time to go, so I grabbed my purse and coat to leave. Mr. Martin
was already out of his office shutting and locking his door.
The man is always on time. I bet he's on time for everything.

After getting my suitcase we are on our way; it's quiet,
just the radio playing. Finally I broke the silence and
said how nice it will be just to get away even to work.

He shook his head saying, "Yes, but we have so much
to do I hope your ready for what's ahead."

Once again a chill went up my spine. I'm not so sure I've
done the right thing here; maybe I should have just let him
get rid of me. There are other jobs out there, and I began
to feel foolish in my thoughts, I'm just being silly,
this is a working trip nothing more.

Finally four hours down the road we pull into a small road
side store. He told me to get out and stretch, freshen up
and meet him back in the car, while he went into pick up the
groceries. We must be getting close I thought to myself.
I got out and walked around a bit, found the restroom and
when I came out he was back in the car waiting for me.

"You do have a problem I've been waiting on you
for 5 minutes, now let's get going we have so much to
do." He barked.

"I assure you these next two weeks we'll have
to work on that and a few of your other flaws." Almost
about to blow a nut, he rolled the window down for a minute
to cool off. He was just so excited, every detail to his plan
was falling into place and this was not the time to screw
it up.

Once again I felt cold chills.

After driving another 30 minutes we pull up to a beautiful
chalet deep in the woods with no one for miles around. It's
most beautiful place I have ever seen.

We got out, taking my purse and coat with me, I went to get
my bag from the truck and he told me to leave it, it will be
brought in soon.

We got to the door when we were greeted by a woman I expect
to be the housekeeper. She took our things and motioned
us to the lounging area where she had drinks waiting for
us. With that she left us to unwind and relax. I commented
on what wonderful tastes the owner has. He agreed. We finished
our drinks and the housekeeper returned saying our bags
were in and unpacked and dinner was cooking, and would be
ready in 10 minutes.

After dinner and another drink by the fire we both headed
for our rooms to get a good night sleep. I was very sleepy
and could barely keep my eyes open.

"Tomorrow we will begin what we came here to do, when
we are fresh and alert." he said, as he showed me to
my room.

I could barely keep my eyes open, everything was getting
blurry and I fell fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I awoke everything was fuzzy feeling and dark. I didn't
know if I was still asleep or awake. Soon my senses kicked
in and I got scared and started screaming. I had something
over my eyes and I was tied to what felt like a slab of marble.
It was cold, there was a chill in the air and I was terrified.
Was I having a terrible dream? I thought to myself.

Then I heard his voice and it was getting closer and closer,
it was Mr. Martin. I screamed and yelled demanding he let
me go. I started crying, I was terrified I didn't know
what was happening. My eyes are covered and OMG my clothes
are gone, what is going on I thought to my self? It's
so cold; I'm screaming and crying in hysterics.

"Well my pet I see you finally woke up. Was beginning
to think I gave you too much sleeping powder last night.
Now hush and let's make this a pleasant experience
for us all, after all we have lots for you to learn in the next
couple of weeks." He said, with a wicked laugh."

"What are you doing? Let me out of here, if you let me
go now I won't tell a soul, please just let me go I don't
want to be here." I screamed.

"No I can not do that my pet, for you have some lessons
to learn and by the time I am done with you I trust you will
be a well mannered slut for me to enjoy anyway I want. When
I call for you, you will come. If I say jump you will jump and
NOT say how high. I am your Master and you shall forever call
me Sir or at least until you become of no use to me anymore.
Do you understand my pet?" Saying that, he took hold
of my right nipple and painfully pinched, pulling it away
from my body.

Screaming from the pain I begin yelling, "No way,
fuck you, get your hands off me, and let me go you bastard."

After saying that he attached something tightly to my already
tortured nipple and I screamed in pain.

"For shame you do have a fowl mouth slut, I don't
think you fully understand who is in charge here, do I have
to go through this all over again? One thing you'll
learn I hate having to repeat myself more then once."
He bellowed.

He then attached the same type of device to my left nipple,
this thing bit into my sensitive nipple so hard I thought
I would die. I screamed for him to stop, saying please I'll
be good and do anything he wants, but please don't t
hurt me anymore. Then I feel his breath between my legs.

"You're getting wet my pet, you must like the
pain or you would not be wet", laughing wickedly he
continues, "Your body is telling me you want more,
slut is that true, do you want to become wetter then you've
ever been?"

Thrashing about I am screaming at him to let me go, when something
heavy is added to each nipple pulling them down to the sides.
The pain is incredible and again his face is back between
my legs blowing into my pussy.

"You are very wet my pet I think you really do like this,
shall I add more weights? But don't you cum yet, not
until I give you permission. If you disobey you will be punished
and I promise I do enjoy punishment time." Laughing

With that he added more weight and I was crying it hurt so
bad I just kept on thinking soon it will be all over. Please
God let me live through this.

Still blindfolded, I felt my hands and feet being untied
and I am walked a few steps and bent over something and strapped
on my stomach. It had holes for my aching breasts to hang
from and my ass was forced up in the air.

Once secured into place he asked, "Comfy slut?"

I smarted off and said, "What do you think fucker."

This only angered him more, because the next thing I felt
is a searing burn on my ass as he is striking my ass with some
type of whip. Screaming for him to stop, nearly passing
out from the pain he finally stops.

He said, "Oh I forgot to have you count we will have
to do this all over again. Except this time you are to say,
thank you Master may I please have another please, each
time, beginning with the number of strokes."

"No, no please stop it hurts too much, I can't
take anymore I'll do anything but don't hurt me
anymore." I begged as tears were flowing and puddles
were forming on the floor beneath me.

"Slut must I repeat myself again?" He bellowed

Then he began, the first swat and I said, "1, thank
you Master, can I have another?"

This went on for 50 swats and I didn't think I could handle
anymore I was begging for him to stop.

He added more weights to my aching nipples and gave them
each an extra tug before returning to my ass with 10 more
swats of the whip, each one harder then the last till finally
I pasted out.

I woke up broke, I gave in and from that point on and he knew

He walks to my front and said, "Master is very happy
with you slut, see I told you it would not take long for you
to see things my way."

So this was my life and the way it will be from now on. I was
now his property, his slut to do with as he pleases.

He gave me a drink of water and left me alone for awhile. When
he returned he unzips his pants from which he shoved his
cock deep into my mouth. He told me if I bit, it would be the
last thing I bit. I was to make him cum, swallow every bite,
and be honored to receive such gift. If I missed any I would
be punished severely.

I gave him the best blow job I could and soon he came. I licked
and sucked furiously trying to get all I could. When he grew
limp and pulled from my mouth and told me he was pleased and
I made him a good little cock sucker, and then asked me how
I enjoyed his gift.

"Sir thank you for your gift, I've not tasted
anything any better then yours." Hoping that was
the answer he wanted.

He caressed my sore ass and said, "Well done pet you're

He untied me again and took me over to where my hands were
pulled straight up over my head and I was on my tip toes. He
pulled on my sore nipples and one at a time pulled the weighted
clamps off only to hear me scream in pure agony. Then I felt
his mouth first on the right nipple then over to the left
until the pain was dull and aching.

To my ankles he attached what he called a spreader bar that
spread my legs about 40 inches apart. Next thing I felt was
a tongue licking on my pussy lips and my clit.

"Remember slut you are not to cum until you have been
given permission." He reminded me.

The tongue began to drive me crazy and I thought no way I can
control my self not to cum, this is crazy. I'm squirming
as much as I can trying to get that tongue to go in, but it stays
just on the outer lips making my body scream for more.

I'm trying to fight the sensation when one, two, three
swats come across my aching breasts. Four, five, six, I'm
begging for mercy when all of a sudden I can not stop my body
from going into orgasm bliss. Then everything stops, the
tongue is gone, I hear breathing but everything else is
quiet. Master leaves the room only to return a short time

I'm again untied and moved to yet another table. It's
familiar to me though, it's like a table in my gynecologist's
office. My butt is being moved down to the edge and my feet
are strapped into stirrups. My arms are strapped up over
my head, a strap placed over my hips and one just under my
breasts leaving me firmly in place so I can barely move.
Then he finally removes the blindfold.

He says, "My pet you've done better then I thought
you would, you have pleased your Master, now it's time
for your physical, I'm sure you won't mind if my
Nurse here assists me."

Apparently his nurse is also the housekeeper and a slave
owned by the owner of the house.

"First we must get you all cleaned out, a clean slave
is a happy slave I always say." His chuckling fills
the room.

Afraid to talk I just laid there, what more could I do? I was
trapped here to be tortured and abused for his pleasure,
but once he lets me go I will let the police know everything.

The nurse began with shaving my pubic area, not leaving
but a small diamond patch, which she whispers in m ear, "Master
likes a little hair left to pull on at times". With
that she giggled and continued.

Then I heard a knock at the door and in walked a man in a white
coat. Master leaves me to greet him. They stand talking
and laughing the whole time I'm being prepared for
my physical, but who was this man, I thought.

Master walks over and introduces this man as Dr. Joe, he
says that Dr. Joe will take care of all my medical needs,
as service he provides, and then I will in tern service him
until the good doctor feels as though payment is made in

Dr. Joe situates himself between my legs. Shaking his head
he tells Master he has a fine specimen and he will enjoy giving
me a good going over.

The evil doctor is a very detailed kind of a man so as he works
he is telling me every thing that he is about to do and why.
There has been put in placed a mirror overhead so I can watch.

Watching is a must if I look away Master said I will be punished
and each punishment will be harder then the last. With that
I watch intently.

Dr. Joe shows me a metal speculum, he says its ice cold and
he uses it to open me up as wide as he can to get a good look at
what is going on deep inside me. He then uses a small pen like
flashlight to look and sees that a good flushing out is in
deed needed. He motioned the nurse to hook up the douche
bag with a cold vinegar and ice water cleansing solution
and while he's got me opened up to clean me out. It was
horrible; it was freezing going in, like ice cold freezing.
I was numb it was so cold. The nurse stepped away, moved the
table to a more sitting position and the mixture then drained
from my body into a bucket. Once that is done Dr. Joe looks
again inside with his pen light, having Master approve
so that he may continue.

Next, he asks the nurse to ready the enema bag, because it
must stay inside for twenty minutes in order to do it's
job.. She mixes the solution and hands the doctor the probe
to insert into my ass. Once he fills my ass with two quarts
of soapy water he sets it in with what he calls a large butt
plug. This will help to keep it inside till I'm allowed
to expel.

Ten minutes went by and I'm begging to go to the bathroom.
It was beginning to become very uncomfortable, cramping,
and I looked like I was nearly nine months pregnant.

Twenty minutes and it's unbearable, tears are running
down my cheek and the doctor says it's time. The table
is lowered so I was almost to a sitting position; the nurse
brought over a bucket and set it underneath me.

Master whispers in my ear, "when the doctor says and
not before I have permission to expel."

Horrified I looked at him pleadingly as if to say please
may I have some privacy. But I knew I would be denied and punished
so I said the only thing I could, "Yes Sir."

The doctor removed the butt plug, told me to hold a minute,
and then gave me permission to release. I was humiliated
and they were all enjoying it. Doctor again motioned to
the nurse one more time. I gulped at the thought of going
through that again. But once again I waited twenty minutes
then was allowed to expel.

Master leaned over me again, pulling hard on my right nipple
and said, "Get used to this my slut, you will be cleaned
out daily for my cock to fuck your ass."

"Wonderful" the Doctor said, "She is
clean now we can move on."

With that he pulled out yet another ice cold metal speculum
and the doctor explains with this he shall open up my ass
as wide as it will go so he can get a good look in there too.

Mind you my pussy is still stretched opened and totally
exposed and now he is going to do the same to my ass. The pain
was more then I thought I could take. I've never been
open up so wide. I was screaming and Master told me to shut
up or he'd put something in my mouth to keep me quiet.
It hurt so bad tears again flowed down my cheeks.

Dr. Joe took his pen light and looked deep into my bowls,
showing Master how clean I was, laying there so openly exposed
to these men I felt so completely dirty and they're
saying I look clean.

Master then said he wanted to test my nipples and see how
sensitive they are and what effects they have on other parts
of my body. The doctor agreed and motioned the nurse to attach
a strange device to each nipple. As the doctor proceeded
to explain this device was attached to a machine to send
electrical shocks to my nipples at the same time sucking
the nipples making them long and engorged.

He started the machine and right away it started sucking
on my nipples, painfully pulling them away from my body.
Then every other minute an electric shock zapped my nipples
and my breasts tried arching up off the table. Screaming
in pain Master then stuffed my mouth with a gag. Saying he
warned me, which he had.

They left me on my own for two hours, returning to find I had
had several orgasms forced upon me. Doctor checked both
holes as did Master, saying another two hours, leaving
me to fight through the pain and pleasure this machine was
giving me.

They returned to find me passed out; they shut off the machine
and took the devices off each nipple. I woke screaming through
the gag as each was removed from my poor battered nipples.

Master said "Slut again you have disobeyed me, I told
you not to cum without permission did I not?"

"Yes" I replied through my gag, trembling of
what is yet to come.

Doctor then spoke and suggested he complete my physical
first. Master agreed and he continued.

Dr. Joe showed me a sound probe that he will send sound waves
to my clit. He banged the probe on the table and laid it on
my swollen clit. I jumped and squirted pussy juice all over
his hand. He laughed and did it again and again till I passed
out. I just couldn't take anymore. I was exhausted
and hungry.

The doctor took the speculums from both my ass and pussy
and told Master he was done and ready for payment. But reminded
Master he will be back in one week for another physical as
he was learning some new techniques that would be most rewarding
for all. Master released me from my bonds, pulled me off
the table and pushed me to the floor.

"Slut" he said, "You are to service the
good doctor for your physical and once he feels payment
is filled he will hang you on the wall till I return."

I spent two long hours servicing the doctor till he cam in
my mouth and all over my face and breasts three times. He
took his cock and slapped my face hard pulling me by my hair
to get up, then attached me to the wall like a piece of used

Dr. Joe said before leaving, "See you in a week slut,
you're going to just love what I have planned for you."
He shut the door laughing a wicked laugh.

I was so tired, I must have drifted off, I'm not sure
what time it was when Master woke me up, all I wanted to do
is eat and sleep and that was not going to happen.

Master did however have his housekeeper take me and give
me a shower, when she returned with me he pushed me on my knees
and all he said was, "You know what to do slut."

With that I took out his cock, licking up and down the full
length of his shaft, taking his balls and sucking them,
letting my tongue dance around each one at a time. Taking
his now massive member deeper and deeper, till he grabbed
my hair and pulled me into his crotch. Being forceful he
begins fucking my face, thrusting harder and deeper with
every stroke. Fucking my face with abandon till he let out
a gut growling moan as his seed was forced down my throat,
making me take every last drop. Having me lick it clean,
till finally he pulls out and pats my head saying well done
slut, well done.

Master took me to a shower stall and showered me down, told
me to dry off and then took me up for dinner. Still completely
naked we sat down at the table while we were served our dinner.
I was so hungry I ate like I hadn't for days. It was quiet
at the table and I was afraid to say a word for fear of another
beating. Once dinner was over I went with Master to the lounging
room, there a fire was going and it felt cozy and warm. I sat
at his feet while he busied himself in his work. Here I thought
I was to help him instead I've become his slut.

While sitting there my thoughts wondered. For the first
time since being here I thought of David, wondering how
or if I will ever be able to talk to him. I'm not the same
person, I'm owned by another. But I miss him so much;
I began to cry silently.

After a couple of hours of just sitting here Master took
me to my room. We got there and he told me to get on the bed on
all fours.

I did as he ordered and he said, "I have taken only one
of three holes slut and now I am going take the second. If
you move I will have to restrain you and this will hurt much
worse. I've decided to take your ass tonight then maybe
if you're a good girl you'll have the honor of Masters
Cock in your pussy tomorrow. If not there are other things
I can put in there as you have come to learn so far."

He unzipped his pants and I heard them drop to the floor,
next I felt the head of his cock against the entrance of my
asshole. He told me to relax. I was so scared no one has ever
taken me there and I heard it can very extremely painful.
He grabs my hips and begins to push.

OMG I'm thinking to myself he's not even going
to use a lubricant on me.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he pushes
all the way in till he can't go any farther. I feel as
though I've been ripped wide open and he just sits there
for a minute or two, rubbing my ass before slapping it a few

"Good slut my cock is buried deep in your ass, do you
like having Master' cock in your ass slut?" He

"Yes Master." I say with tears running down
my cheeks. The pain was more then I could bear, but slowly
it was beginning to ease up and when it did Master pulled
almost all the way out and thrust hard and deep. Doing this
over and over again, he pulls my hips back onto him and begins
fucking my ass in rhythm.

"Tell me slut, tell Master you want his cum in your
ass!" He growled.

"Master fuck this sluts ass and honor me with your
cum, please this slut wants to feel your hot cum in her ass,
Oh please Master fuck me harder." I answered.

With that Master began rubbing my clit and told me as he roared,
"Slut cum, cum for me now."

And together we both came hard, our bodies shook violently
and we collapse on the bed his cook still buried in my ass.

As he began to soften he rolled off me and all he said was,
"Slut you know what to do."

And yes I did, I moved to between his legs and cleaned his
cock licking and sucking every last drop from his cock.

When I finished Master got up and I knelt at his feet waiting
for instructions.

"Slut you did well and as a reward I am allowing you
an hour in the tub to soak when I return I will chain you to
your bed. If you are not ready in one hour I will chain you
in the dungeon for the night, your choice." He said.

With that he left the room, locked my door and I got up, went
to the bathroom where I soaked in the tub, not wanting to
be late because I wanted to sleep in my warm bed tonight.

An hour later Master walked in to find me knelt in front of
the door.

"Your Master is very pleased my pet, no inspections
tonight, you have yet to learn the correct way, get into
bed and get your rest for tomorrow is another day. Remember
we still have a good part of two weeks yet to go. Set your alarm
for 5 am. Bathe, shave and be in position for inspection
at 5:45 am, not a minute later or you will be punished. Understand?"
He said.

"Yes Master I understand and will be ready on time."
I replied.

He said good night, closing my door and locking it. I said
my prayers, adding please let me be good for Master tomorrow
and fell fast asleep, dreaming of what tomorrow has in store
for me.


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great story, you must have cum a lot while writing it. Looking
forward to the next chapter.


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very interesting


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I don't say " I didn't like " very much
. This is one I do have to say what is wrong with you... I don't
think any one should be owned by any one else..... In fact
shouldn't be forced to do it ....


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Well you have one mother fucking fucked up mind and dont


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Boy those are some harsh comments, lighten up, nice immagination.


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I found the story very erotic and can't wait to see what
tomorrow brings.

In agreement with 1passion4u59 said "lighten up

There had to be something drawing you in. apparently you
read the whole thing.


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What is wrong with this guy - he can't find a girl-friend
on his own ..

He has to tied a woman to a table just to keep her there..

You bastard should have a 4x4 shoved up your ass an see how
you like it..