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Motherly Lust X: Events at Jenny's Leading Up to Udder Depravity


Naturally, there was a sexual atmosphere at the Liquor-Ass
Lounge. That was what roadhouses are all about. They certainly
aren't meant for the pure of heart, the self sacrificing.
On the contrary, bars were meant for the self-indulgent,
and what better indulgences were there than inebriated,
sexual ones?
But, what about the house that seemed to be a geographic
symbol, the Mecca of all local, sexual abominations? Mere
references to Jenny's house stimulated the already
erotic atmosphere at libidinous roadhouses? Jenny's
house seemed to be the eye of the orgiastic storm, the sexual
whirlwind that was fast engulfing the formerly sleepy,
bedroom community of Sexton and invading not only places
of erotic entertainment such as the Liquor-Ass Lounge,
but other residences in the community. An orgasmic volcano
that was not about to spare the schools and churches of Shadyville.

What about Jenny's house? What antics usually went
on inside that spacious, split-level two-and-a-half
story residence that hosted such flagrant, outrageous
orgies on weekends? Jenny and her tenants, Ralph and Micky
couldn't always be indulging in pleasures of the flesh
... could they? There must be times when a semblance
of normalcy prevailed. If you were hoping that the occupants
at Jenny's ever, at any time, conducted themselves
as rational creatures rather than sexually over-endowed
and maniacally aroused debauchees, you lose.
Looking in on Jenny's house on this non-orgy weeknight
we find Jenny, who had spent most of the evening on the phone
lining up men for her upcoming weekend party. Sad to say
for those who expect occasional sanity from someone as
influential as Jenny, the luscious older woman was even
now imbibing and extremely aroused. Her agitation had
translated into a decision to go out bar-hopping and the
taxi that would take her to the first gin mill had arrived
an hour earlier and was now, after an interlude with the
driver, transporting the aged-in-sin beauty to the first
As the beautiful corruptress stumbled into the cab, her
nipples fell to touch the seat even though her elbows were
hardly bent. She drunkenly stared into the interior of
the interior as the driver tried to steer her wide ass, wanting
to burst through the tight fabric of her evening dress,
the rest of the way through the door frame into the back seat.

Already tipsy and wet from sexual activity with a cab driver,
Jenny looked particularly alluring in a slinky evening
dress that seemed to accentuate the flair of her hips as
the driver helped the unsteady femme fatale into his cab.
"Take me where it gets the wildest, " she gasped
to the driver. Jenny had hanging-type breasts, but so full
of boob-flesh that they widened out so that their outer
globes came together at the bottoms like gourds filled
with lewd jelly.
So, if we were looking for normality, we waited too late
in the day to observe the goings on at Jenny's house.
Sex had already reared its nasty head, and behaviors had
lost their veneer of respectability. We will find that
Jenny wasn't the first female in the household to get
in such a deplorable condition.
six hours prior to Jenny's dissolute departure, Ralph's
fiance, Micky had started the partying even earlier in
the day when there was a knock on Jenny's kitchen door.
Let's look back in time to shortly before noon.
With the sunlight shining brightly around the well-kept
house we might expect to observe activities more wholesome.

It was late morning of the very saame day that Charolette
had sallied forth to the Liquor-ass Lounge, and Jenny had
gone out to pay bills and grocery shop. Micky, hung over
from the night before (hangovers always made Micky horny).
Wearing a bathrobe that wasn't large enough to wrap
around her enormous rear end and humongous mamaries, Micky
got up from the remains of her hearty breakfast and answered
the at the back door. A look at Micky's over-abundant
and sumptuous, cylindrical torso wriggling suggestively
under a skimpy robe as she rose to answer the summons, already
dispelled expectations of decency.
It was evident that no amount of matter-of-fact sunlight
could weaken the aura of lust that this blond bombshell
radiated as she walked with a wiggle to her ass coordinated
with the rolling motion of her monumental breasts. Even
in the broad daylight, it was becoming evident that Jenny's
mansion was a house stricken with lust. Absolutely marinated
in lust!
Standing outside in crotch-tight chinos was a delivery
man from the liquor store. He stood holding two cases of
booze. Apparently, Jenny had stopped off at the local liquor
store and selected an enormous variety to replensh her
dwindling supply. The delivery man almost dropped his
armload when he saw a pair of nipples mounted on watermellon-sized
breasts nearly blocking his entrance.
Had he known what others knew of Jenny's house, he wouldn't
have been so surprised. As he walked into the kitchen to
set the whisky cases down, a second man pushed past Micky's
nipples with another armload while the first one said,
"Lady, your robe's open." <br>
"Ooohhh, " Micky said coquettishly, pulling
both halves over her breasts to have them open immediately.
"I have to keep holding my robe because as you can see,
I have rather large breasts, and they keep pushing their
way out. I think my breasts wanna meet you nice men."
"We wanta meet those bongos, too, " the stud
leered, reaching for them.
"Well why don't you nice men finish delivering
your goodies, an I'll introduce both of you to both
of them. That'll make a foursome" <br>
After three more trips each, the entire corner of the kitchen
was stacked with cases of gin, vodka, tequila, whisky,
brandy, liqueurs, wines of every type and mixers, guaranteed
to enliven the up-cumming weekend orgy.
By the time they had completed their task, Micky had let
her robe gradually open displaying not only the whole of
her giant, outcropping jugs but also her firm, but smoothly
domed, belly. Her boobs looked like a pair of nippled, side-by-side,
rocket cones that had magically turned to zaftig flesh,
while her belly, although generally firm and exquisitely
smooth, bulged provocatively over the orange hair of her
pubis, making it difficult to see how swollen her cunt mound
"This is the biggest delivery of breasts--I mean
booze--I've ever made. You folks must be havin suuum
party." <br>
"We have a lot of parties, " she said approaching
the first. She lifted her breast so it pointed at the man,
and he reached automatically for it. "It's important
to have parties, don't you think?" <br>
"It's important for us guys." <br>
"Well, it's important for future brides."
"You're gettin married?" <br>
"Yes and naturally, partying is going to be a big part
of our married life. We're gonna have a week-long party
after the wedding. All sorts of sinful things are gonna
happen at my wedding reception. It's gonna
be a reception in every sense of the word. Too bad you can't
cum." Micky cooed with a sly, dimpled smile.
"Who says we can't cum." Even though Micky's
robe covered the outside curves of her ass, causing it to
tighten around her huge, spherical buttocks, the delivery
men realized that they were in the presence of a woman of
voluptuously sensual proportions with the morals of a
"Well, I'll ask Jenny, whose doing the preparations,
and maybe you can come." <br>
Bulges had grown under the fabric of each of the delivery-men's
chinos, and the beautiful Micky's blue eyes were now
fastened on their mounds.
"Oh I believe you caaaan cum, " Micky gasped
as she let the top of her robe fall off her shoulders.
"Oh I can cum, alright!" <br>
"So can I!" offered the second, rubbing her
ass through the robe.
"I intend to find out. Let's us have a few drinks
and discuss this in depth." <br>
Bending so her lovely blonde hair hung down along with dangling
breasts the size of watermellons, Micky took a bottle of
vodka out of one of the cases and placed it on the kitchen
counter beneath the outcrop of her flawlessly conical
and ballooned mammaries.
Having to remove the cap even though her gigantic breasts
blocked her view of the operation, gave the deliverymen
a thrill. Every motion translated into her ballooning
breasts bobbing and bouncing on her chubby ribcage. The
deliverymen saw her breasts at their best when the blonde
beauty reached up into the cabinet for three glasses.
She opened the vodka, and poured it over some ice cubes in
a huge tumbler. "I have to check this delivery before
I let you gennelmen get to know me. Would you like to join
me?" <br>
"Why not?" As they sat at the table about to drink,
Micky let her robe open all the way so that part of her fleshy,
upper arms showed above exposed nipples pointing out at
the men. After almost filling the glass, she tilted her
whole torso back to swallow her drink. Now let me try to convey
the lasciviousness of this sight. Imagine this beauty
still dissolutely holding her robe open and a perfect pair
of ballooning flesh-torpedoes shamelessly hanging out
over her pubic mound.
Now imagine her arching her back in order to guzzle alcohol.
Imagine her sexy, fleshy arm, the one holding the glass
tilting back, back, back and pulling these breasts up,
up, up along with her drinking motion, nippled roseates
rising ... rising ... rising ... rising ... and finally
bouncing with each swallow of mind-warping ambrosia (gulp,
gulp, gulp).
"So, is our booze OK, Miss?" <br>
"Tastes OK. Now, we gotta see if it works." Micky
gasped, immediately pouring herself another.
"What do you mean 'works?'" <br>
"This is for parties, so we gotta see if drinking this
booze makes us party. If this doesn't make us party,
I send it all back. Aaaaahhh!" she gasped holding
an empty glass in front of her glistening breasts, "Ya
know? I believe this is gonna get my motor running, fer sure.
I think this is gonna work."
"When will yyou know?"
"After I have another, " she gasped as she poured.
"Now if I suddenly need to party, I'll need some
ass-sistance. Will you nice men take care of me if this booze
makes me have to party?" Micky panted after guzzling
another glassful.
"Go for it, Bitch. Fuckin A, We'll take care of
you. We'll fill you up so that motor of yoursdoesn't
run out of fuel." <br>
Ralph arrived an hour later, and having seen the truck parked
in the driveway, wasn't surprised to hear rythmic
flesh-slaps, grunts and gasps filter down from upstairs
(slap, slap, slap, slap). "Uuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhh!
Uuuhh! Ooohh you mutherfuckers! Yeeeuw baashardsh!"
"That sounds like micky." Ralph surmised.
"Harder! Harder! Uuuuhhh! Uuuhh! Uuuuhh! Thass
sooo good! Uuh! Uuuh! Yes! Yes! Uuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhhh!
Aaahhh! Thash gettin it! Thassh getting it! Uuh! Uuuh!
Uuuuhhhh! Aaahh! Aaahhh! Don't cum yet, I'm there
again, Guys! I'm there! I'm there! I'm there!
You bastardsh! You bastardsh! I'M THERE! I'M
Praises be! The booze had worked! It would work at the party.

"Oh my God!" Ralph gasped to himself. "There
must be two of them up there with my bride. Micky had said
mutherfuckers in the plural." His very own, beautiful
bride-to-be with her enormous thighs, ass and breasts
was upstairs boffing two men! How could she? They were about
to be married!!!
Every slap of flesh, every grunt from her signified a big,
shiny-shafted prick being driven up into her cunt so the
stud's nasty balls would bottom right by her swollen
vulva until the flesh of their naked bodies parted again
and again for another and another thrust.
THAT BITCH! She probably had the other's cock in her
mouth. He should be there. It was his duty to hold her wet,
warm hand, feel the jarring through her feminine hand-hold;
feel her grip tighten as the stud's pelvic bone battered
her pubis and she edged towards orgasm. He should have his
lips by her delicate ear as each cock shaft pistoned back
and forth, whispering endearments. Whispering, "Get
it, baby! Do it! That's right, PIG! Go for it,
Then he heard his super-sized wife-to-be scream, "OOOHH
Then Ralph heard a scream in his beloved's voice. "YEEEE!
THAT PIG! RLAPH Gasped as he thanked his lucky stars
for such a bride-to-be.
Twenty minutes later, the two deliverymen walked into
the kitchen, one fastening his belt and the other carrying
a tray with three empty glasses and a little bowl of ice.
As the truck's engine started, Micky, carrying a nearly
empty bottle in her hand, came sashaying into the kitchen
wearing the same robe, shamelessly open in the front to
display her post-coital lubricosity. If that wasn't
enough to make his mouth water, the dimple in her sexy face
flesh that was half-concealed by ejaculate, certainly
drew his lips. Cum also ran down from the corner of her mouth
and coated the burgeoning insides of her jouncing, jiggling
breastworks. It doesn't get much better than this!

Ralph knew that Micky would, within an hour, sashay into
some bar and not return until the wee hours in a condition
that would, by comparison, make her present condition
look untainted.
While Micky overflowed with vaginal entrapments from
2 lovers, her husband-to-be was overflowing with pride.
What other man was lucky enough to have a fiancée as degenerate,
yet delicious, as this hefty, firm-fleshed beauty?
When Micky saw her husband-to-be, she put the bottle down
on the table and with breasts bouncing, rushed into his
arms. "Ooohh Honeeeee! You're back!"
"What's this?" Ralph demanded, running
his finger over the luscious domes of her enormous breasts
and tasting the wetness. "It tastes like sex."
"Iiiii was only a little sex!" <br>
"You mean, little 'cause there was only two of
them?" <br>
"Thass right, an they worked sooo hard bringin in
the booze, " she slurred, an you know how we need lossa
booze to party.
"Yes, but that's their job--to bring in whiskey!"
"I had to help them feel better. We neeed alcohol for
all the parties, buu thass all I did. I helped 'em feel
better, an they helped me feel better, an next time we all
need booze to party with, they'll make sure I get it.

"Oooohhh Raaalff!" she said, excited by his
sudden appearance. "The liquor men brought in a biiiiiig
delivery." Here was the woman he intended to marry,
drunk and befouled by ejaculates by way of "a biiiiiig
delivery" at noon on a Tuesday! What a lucky husband-to-be!
What kind of a wife would he be saddled with? Burgeoning
with crudely protuberant, but succulent, flesh, and seething
with horniness, Ralph knew that this voluptuous woman
would be on a permanent rampage of drunken fucking. Her
obscene curvaceousness would draw men of all shades like
hound dogs, and his wife-to-be would fuck 'em like
a pig in heat, and return home to her husband in extreme rut.
Lucky, lucky, lucky!
Ralph could tell it had been a good-sized delivery by not
only how drenched with oleaginous sex fluids the hair on
her pubic mound was but how flagrantly her vaginal overflow
glistened as, working its way down the insides of her smoothly
cylendrical legs to her feet, love-residue coated her
rounded inner thighs.
"MICKY! We're supposed to get married in a few
weeks, an you've been up in our bed with two men."
This was a game they played.
"I din dooo anything baaad, " she whined as
Ralph tenderly pushed the cum away from her lips and dimple
to kiss her hello. "In fact, it wash veeery, veeery
good. Thash whad they bof said" <br>
"Ooohhh well, as long as it was good. Let me see, darlin!"
Ralph gasped from her alcohol-laden breath as he stepped
back to survey her overall condition. Beneath her enormous
breasts, the domed flesh of her stomach gleamed indecently
from the splatter of coitus. "Oooohhh honey! You
got it good! I'm so happy to see that they really poured
it to you." <br>
"They made me cum aan cum an cum!" <br>
Seeing how gloriously befouled the outsides of her lovely
body was, Ralph inquired about Micky's inner sensations.
"Do you still feel them up inside you, darlin. Do you
feel full-filled?" <br>
"Ooohhh, id feels gooood inside, Ralph!" Savoring
the feel of the deliverymen's combined outpour, she
jiggled her hips in both a twist and a wiggle so her future
husband could appreciate how much she was relishing the
feel of their loads percolating inside her abdomen. "I
need more now, Raaaff! I need a lot more."
Of course she would need more! A healthy woman couldn’t
possibly stop at this point!
Ralph knew what that meant. This over-endowed young woman,
bursting with hefty love-making equipment, was about
to go on a wild drunken fling for the rest of the day. But,
for Ralph, that wasn't the important part. The important
part was the condition she would return home in. Then, at
her most maniacally drunk and despoiled, this porky, succulent
and smooth-fleshed beauty would be all his!
Her gorgeous face still enchanting although contorted
into an orgasmic, alcohol-blighted warp; her upper torso,
scintillating, awash in sex residue with the dissolute
appeal to the male rutting instincts of her rounded flesh;
and her colossal abdomen, having entrapped, by then, dozens
of sperm donations throughout the interim of sloshing,
writhing, insanely bellowing, cursing, animalistic
copulation. That's when she would crawl home and be
all his. All his! That's when they could shower each
other, inside and out, with love!
“How many times did you fuck them?”
“Three timesh each. But I toll ‘em we hadta stop caush I wanned
to go out and get some black cock.”
"Oooohhh darling! That's what I wanta hear you
say!" As, with his fingers, he tenderly, lovingly
spread the semen over the rest of her sensual face, up along
the fleshy jawbone even out to her lovely, diminuitive
ears so her entire countenance now glistened lasciviously,
Ralph tenderly approached her kewpie-doll mouth with
his puckered lips, "Oohh darling, I'm so fucking
proud of you. Our life is better than I could have ever dreamed
possible!" <br>
Returning to the game script, Ralph pulled away the front
of the robe from her crotch, and saw a white ribbon oozing
out of her bulging mound. "Sucking cock is all you
did?" <br>
"Well they did that to help me with my cunt, "
she giggled.
"That's all you think about is your cunt."
"Oh no, Honey, " she gasped, her titanic breasts
rising and falling, "I think about booze, an cock,
an ass, an boobs, an loads of cum, an more booze, an parties
and cock an ass, an more cock too. See, I think about a lot
of things." <br>
"Then kiss me to show me you love me." <br>
She opened her mouth, and strands of cum bridged her perfectly
even, ivory teeth, concealing portions of them. Bending
his chin over the mammouth inner surfaces of her breasts,
also glistening with cum, Ralph tenderly kissed her open
lips. "You slut!" he gasped through his own
cum-bridged teeth after the kiss, and then violently kissed
her again. "Oh, I love you, you slut!" <br>
"I love it when you call me a slut! Buuu, calling me
a slut makes me horneee, honey! Veeery, veeery horny!"
Then affectionatly placing a finger on the tip of his nose,
Micky added the part Ralph really wanted to hear, "So
since you say I'm a slut, it makes me wanna go out an be
a slut!" <br>
"But honey, you've started awfully early. You
know what that means." <br>
She finished her glass and poured another. "Yes,
that means I'll go out an do very bad thingsh today,
and then I'll come home to you tonight in a VERY nasty
condition." <br>
"The way you like me" she added.
"The way you like me" was the understatement
of the year, and Ralph's cock hardened in anticipation.

"It's barely past noon, an you're drunk,
an you've already fucked two men, an we're not
even married yet. Ooohhh, I'm soo mutherfuckin proud
of you, you slut!" Ralph amended, embracing his lubricous
wife-to-be. "This is how it's gonna be, isn't
it?" This talk was setting the stage for some sick
acting out.
"Didja see them, Raaf?" she bragged. "They
were upstairs, an we fucked like animals. We did it like
low-down dogs. I tol 'em I was a pig, an they should fuck
me like a pig, an they did! They fucked me like a PIG.
An now I'm gonna get drunker, an go to town for some reeeal
nasty action now." <br>
"Good, Hon!" Ralph poured her next drink. Her
robe was open enough to display the fact that she had done
it, and the very slatternliness of her features was enough
to demonstrate that she did all her sex like a whore. The
massive overhang of her breasts failed to conceal the center
of her abdomen, and, looking down between her barreling
bosoms, Ralph saw the glistening-wet dome of her tummy
atop the loveliness of her bulging, pubic mound. If any
woman could get the most out of two men, it was Micky. Ralph
figured it would take the rest of the day before those men
were up to any partying again.
Ralph shed his shirt so his flesh could press up against
hers as they kissed. Because of the interference from the
bulk of her breasts, Ralph's arms couldn't encircle
her entirely, not even if her breasts spread apart to admit
his chest. Otherwise, he had to lean far forward over her
mammaries to kiss his fiance's alcohol-laden, cum-speckled
But since Micky's entire chest was awash in cum, Ralph's
chest worked its way between her gongs. "Ooohhh,
I love you so. You always look so wonderful after you've
gotten it." Naturally, her pudendum enlarged during
sex, but that wasn't what Ralph was referring to. Covering
that mound was partially wet, silky, orange cunt-hair.
Her labia were especially ejaculate-lined and protruded
over the convergence of her inner thighs, and here was the
proof positive that she had been partying.
"I love the way you walk after you've been fucking.
You're full of cum, an it's runnin down your legs
and your ass is rotating around the loads inside your belly."
"I alwaysh feel wonderful after I fuck." Then
she walked in place, swiveling her hips. "I feel them
in me, Ralph. I can almosh hear their juices squishing inside
my body. I told them I wanted them to be animals when they
fucked me, an they were. I feel their juices running down
my legs. Now, I wanna do it some more. Oooo! Am I gonna get
sooo nasty tonight!" <br>
The rounded, barreling inner surfaces of her upper thighs
glistened with the flow originating from her protruding
labia and spreading and oozing down towards her knees.
Overwhelmed by the sensuality of her condition, Ralph
reached out to embrace this embodiment of venery that was
to become his wife. They embraced until Micky broke loose
and reaching for the bottle for yet another drink, Ralph's
beloved asked, "You wanna come back upstairs with
me, Hon? I'm nice an messy now like you want me, an I need
some more attention." <br>
She was messy, but not messy enough for Ralph's perverted
tastes; and he knew that as soon as they were finished making
love, Micky would even be more turned-on and head for town,
but he wanted to save himself for the real sick part, when
she arrived home.
Both betrothees began a dialogue that belabored the situation;
they were to talk for several minutes about how messed up
Micky was to get. This was an unusually early hour for her
to launch an escapade, but due to the unexpected visit of
the liquor-delivery studs, the demands of her body were
such that she now had no choice but to party for the remainder
of the day and into the wee hours.
Ralph knew he wouldn't see his beloved until well after
midnight, and since she had such an early start in her drinking
and love-making, she'd return home deliriously inebriated
and in an unusually oleaginous and succulent condition
from a day's and night's drinking and fucking.
His mouth watered in anticipation of the decadent state
this over-endowed beauty would crawl home in.
Ralph gazed raptly at his beautiful fiance. Instead of
embracing her again, he ran his hands tenderly over one
of her flagrant breasts. Because of their massive proportions,
her mammaries pushed slightly away from one another, so
Ralph stood aside to carress the one he had chosen.
"Honey, " Ralph gasped almost in reverence.
"I've never seen you get started this early."
Repetitiously, Ralph went on, "You've already
been with two men, and it shows; it makes you so radient!
You have to admit, you're already sloshed, and it's
barely noon. If we have sex now, you'll be all messy, "
he quipped, looking down again at her slick, wet inner thighs.

"Messy?" Micky teased, having filled her glass
yet another time and sipping strong vodka from it. "I
thought you liked me messy." <br>
"Yes, but, what about when you go out? I think we both
know what you're gonna do now that you're already
drinkin an fuckin. You are going out to find lovers soon,
and then many, many more lovers after that, right?"
"Yes, that's for sure." <br>
"It's early in the day, and we gotta think about
the condition you'll be in when you get home in! It's
gonna be bad enough without starting out all messy."
"Why am I going to get messy? I'm gonna juss gonna
go out an drink an fuck like a lady, " she teased, her
animal beauty making it clear that she wouldn't have
any trouble with the fucking part.
Now, Ralph came around to the front of her and holding her
upper arms lightly so he could square off and face his bountiful
fiancée as she lifted her elbow to drink. He replied, "This
is the earliest you've started partyin, an I think
we're gonna make a new low, by tonight. I think your
gonna be one hell of a state, worse than you've ever
been, worse than even the other night." <br>
Micky didn't answer because she was too busy swallowing
booze. Her bathrobe had come further open and Ralph got
a sight of her breasts bobbing with each gulp of whisky.
Her nipples were engorged from the recent love-making.
"You know me so well!" she gasped putting an
empty glass down on the table. "You know me soooo fuckin
well!" With that, she headed toward the stairs, her
behind swivelling with each step. Ooohh my god! Even through
the robe the globes of her ass seesawed--swivel, swivel,
"Are you gonna shower again, Honey, " he called
after her retreating form. In spite of the bathrobe being
loose around her torso, the massive width of her cantilevering
hips caused the bathrobe to reveal her bottom curvature.
As she turned the corner of the stairwell, her mammoth,
torpedo-like breasts went jutting out in advance.
"I showered once; I'll juss sponge off thish
time. That's enough! Anyway, I like the feel of cum
in my insides while I look for cock. Will ya phone me a taxi?"
Less than fifteen minutes later, Micky came back down with
a sun-dress on, immodestly showing her lascivious curves
as she filled her glass again. Soon, there was the sound
of a horn outside. "Wwwhhhheeeewww! I'm gonna
be flyin when this hits me!" she said putting the glass
down, empty in record time.
"Oooohhh God! You're sooo beautiful! So mutherfuckin
beautiful! Lucky taxi driver, " Ralph said, imagining
Micky sitting in the back, opening a dialogue with the driver
as alcohol animated her.
"He'sh not the only lucky guy! There'sh
gonna be a lot of lucky men today, a whooole lot of lucky men!
An you too, mutherfucker. You're gonna love it when
I get home tonight, you naughty boy, 'cause they all
have me for the afternoon and evening and night.
But, after that, you got me nice an fucked-up for the resh
of the night, " Micky gasped, her alcohol-laden
breath adding to her sensuality as she spoke. Their best
(and raunchiest) sex always occured upon Micky's
drunken arrivals home from her carousing. "Ooohhh
Ralph, " she gasped to her future husband as she walked
towards him with the "juice twist, " "I
still feel their cum in me, an it makes me so horny. It makes
me jush wanna get crazeee!" <br>
With arms outstretched and hands cupped behind her soft
and sexy shoulders, Ralph said with intensity, "Go
out and do it all, Honey! Promise you'll do it and do
it and do it, and do it!”
"I will, Raaff. I promise." <br>
"I'm gonna be thinking of you." Ralph gasped.
"Imagining you getting completely fucked up! I want
you to be absolutely filthy when you come home. I'm
counting on you! Go an do it like a pig! Do it dirty for our
marriage." <br>
"I will, Honey! I will! I promise! I'll do it for
our marriage!" <br>
Ralph handed her $100. "This is for drinks and motel
rooms in case you meet hot prick that can't pay. Remember
now, make tonight count. Do it nasty for us. Come back stinking
wet and drunk an I wanna hear you squish when you get back,
darling." <br>
"I will, Ralph. I'll be so filled up inside from
fuckin, I'll slosh when I walk. If I can walk, that is."
With that the curvaceous beauty slithered out the door
and, weaving slightly with her tipsiness, pump walked
out to the taxi as her lover proudly watched her rear end
"That ass! That ass!" Ralph obsessed watching
his beloved's wide hips squirm with the sashaying
motion of a pair of massive, swiveling buttocks globes
swelling under her tight dress as she headed out to get fucked.

Then he noticed the big African in the cab, getting a view
of her palpitating, watermelon-sized breasts. The Black
was leering in anticipation. Ralph knew he was seeing two
future lovers shortening the distance between their aroused
bodies. "Wow, Micky lucked out already!"
Ralph gloried in each cantilevering step rotating around
the load of cock insemination already mixing with the female
sex juices inside Micky’s massive abdomen. She was bringing
that ass and abdomen to town where swarming hoards of men
would mount her like a bitch in heat, and then, ball her,
ecstatically drunk; shouting, screaming and cursing
with low sensations warping her entire being further into
She had high heels on as her flesh churned and breasts bounced
in slow motion due to their mass, but being drunk, the beauty
failed to notice a tilted flagstone and momentarily tripped
until she could steady herself on the arm of a lawn chair.
Now leaning for support with her enormous breasts hanging,
she appeared to be too drunk to rise against their gravitational
"WAIT LADY!" the black taxi driver
shouted rushing awkwardly to her aid as she leaned over
holding the chair arm. As he arrived, Ralph could see a bulge
in his crotch explaining the strangeness of his gait. He
must have gotten aroused, as well any red-blooded stud
should, from seeing Micky squirm drunkenly down the walk.

Standing by her, the taxi driver was momentarily confused
whether to pull her up by the shoulders or help her with her
breasts, now hanging so that she had to hoist them to stand
up straight. Of course, if she really wanted to, she could
have risen, but welcomed the help.
"I'm sorry. I may've had juss a little too
mush to drink; thas why it's a good thing I'm not
driving. Besides that, my drinking'sh made me feel
all horny. Can ya juss lift a little on my breshes? Then,
I can stand easier." <br>
"Show lady, " the big, black driver gladly
acceded, cupping each breast in huge, ebony hands that
were, nevertheless, dwarfed by Micky's endowments.
As he lifted their massive flesh, Micky straightened,
gasping in a choked, sexy voice, "You got nice hands."
Now, they stood facing each other, the Black still holding
her breasts. "Yo got suuuum breasts, lady!"
"Thank you. You don't have to stop holding them,
ya know, " Micky said, making sure he wouldn't
let go by capturing his hands with her small, delicate fingers
and palms and then pressing his cupping hands up into her
breast meat. "You got nice everything, honey, "
she gasped bathing his face in booze fumes. "I'm
Micky; call me Micky, hon." <br>
"You got nice breasts, Micky. I'm Jamal, but
you can keep callin me hon." <br>
"I alwaysh like it when men admire my breasts, hon.
Your hans feel sooo good holding them. Maybe it's 'cause
my boobs are so big, but they seem to need to get a lot of attention,
'spechially after I been drinkin like this. Tha'ss
why I'm going down town, to get some attenshun for my
breashes." <br>
Wasn't it wonderful, Ralph marveled, as the pair crab-walked
along the walk towards the taxi, how a beautiful woman could
get the help she needs from perfect strangers, and get it
when she needs it.
But, she'd keep needing more and more "help"
right into the night. By night, she would need a lot more
help, and she would get it over and over and over again. Ralph
wished he could see all the men who would later help his wife-to-be
onto her back so the hillocks of her breasts shifted slightly
to leave a space for their hairy chests as their cocks erupted
in her. And then, she would bring that oleaginous body and
warped mind back to him, her true love, and they could revel
in his wife-to-be's despoilment.
As the two heavily endowed profligates approached the
car, the driver continued the conversation about Micky's
needs, "Yo say your breasts need a lot of 'tention?"
"Ooohh yes, my breshes are veeery excitable, 'specially
when I been drinkin." <br>
"How about yo pussy. Does that need 'tention,
too?" <br>
"Ooohh, I thought you'd never ask. My pussy needs
all kinds of attention, even more than my breashs, "
the beauty gasped.
When, the driver let go of her breasts to open the back door
of the taxi, the voluptuous beauty turned so her outcropping
breasts and behind impeded her slide onto the back seat.
"Ooohhh I'm soo swollen from bein excited. Can
ya help get me get everything into the back seat?"
He twisted her slightly so she fell face-down, then, immediately
he fell on top of her rear, "Ooohh, yo BITCH!
Yo howney bitch, " he gasped as his cock slid between
the humongous globes of her ass, pushing her the crotch
of her wet panties aside enough to part her cunt lips and
then sink itself up into her cunt. "Oooohhh yo FUCKIN
!" <br>
"Yes! Oh yes, I AM a pig! FUCK ME! FUCK ME
!" shouted the overabundant beauty
as the black's huge cock slid in and out of her previously
lubricated cunt, causing some of the other two men's
contributions to flow down her inner thigh meat.
Ralph had seen Micky's head twist and fall out of his
line of sight. Now, all he could see was the top of a black
scalp bobbing beneath the cab roof and some pulsating motions
through the rear window. Then he heard his beloved's
slurred voice shouting, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK
!" <br>
"Aaaggghhuuhh! Aaagghhh!" the taxi driver
gasped as he thrust a monstrous black shaft into Micky's
meaty crotch, "Yo gonna fuck all day, arencha bitch?"
"I'm gonna fuck all day, Aahhh! Aaagg! Uuuggh!
An all night! Uuuhh! Uuuuggh! Aagghh! All day an all night!
Aaagggggh! Aaagggggg! Aaaauugg! I’m gonna fuck and fuck
an fuck!" <br>
"An they's awll gonna be bastards lahk me. Aahhh!
Aahh! Aauuhhh! Strangers yo nevah met." <br>
"Yes! Uuuh! Uuuhhh! Uuuuhhggh! Yes strangers! Losh
an losh of strangers! Aaagghh! FUCK ME! Aaahhh! Uuuuhhgg!
Fuck me! Fuck me like a pig!" <br>
That was too much for Micky's lover and juices inside
his, huge swollen testicles surged through his immense
cock, filling Micky's vagina. "YO CUNT!
!" the Black roared as
one discharge followed another. Jamal hadn't fucked
for two days and delivered a massive ejaculation into Micky's
Ralph's lusty pride swelled when he heard the taxi
the beauty screamed so loud that even Ralph could have heard
it had he been inside the house. Her sounds excited Ralph
so much he unzipped his jeans and went inside to examine
their bed.
Sure enough, there was a nice wet puddle from the two liquor
delivery men having gotten his bride-to-be started on
the day. This was his lover's gift to him to savor while
she was gone. First, he dipped his finger in it and smelt
Micky's odor. Then, he cupped it up and spilled it out
over his prick. Inside of a minute the bed had another wet
So, that's how life proceeded at Jenny's house
when life was dull; when there weren't parties going

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Well written story. Author should go a long way.
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