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Morning alone...


So after sitting through a day of work, a dinner with the kids and my sons basketball game, I was more than READY to hear about her we climbed in bed, I finally got what I was waiting for - I will re-tell it as she told it to me:

He arrived shortly after I had left - the knock on the door was light but anxious...she had on a pair of short shorts and a bright blue bra covered by a white mesh shirt…she looked to kill and she said he was obviously happy with the way she was dressed as she opened the door. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big kiss as his hands moved from the small of her back to cup her amazing ass…his fingers made a trail underneath the leg opening of her shorts and traced the cheek of each ass – she was immediately soaked as she let her tongue explore his. They locked in this embrace for about 5 minutes before she decided to break away and give him a little ‘tease’ time.

She took him by the hand to the bedroom, which she had lit very softly and had already pulled the comforter and top sheet down to make it look inviting…as she walked over to sit down on the bed, she noticed him already taking off his clothes (most guys just don’t get the whole ‘peeling is erotic’ part sometimes) – before he could get his underwear off she stopped him and made him come lay down next to her…she then proceeded with some small talk. She wanted him to feel what it was like to not have to rush…to ease into it, to let his mind warm up to the fact that he was going to fuck her, without me there, but all in due time!!
She said they talked for about 30 minutes – about all kinds of things. He was lying on his stomach and she, was lying with her head on his back…as they spoke, she began to caress his back and shoulders…tracing them lightly with her fingers…she moved her hands to the waste band of his shorts and allowed her fingers to slide underneath just enough to let him know what she was doing…it didn’t take long for him to roll over and grab her…planting his lips firmly on hers, parting her mouth and sliding his tongue inside of her…as he did that, he rolled his body on top of her and they made out like that for quite some time…she could feel his cock getting hard against her leg and she knew her pussy was soaking wet. She was certain her panties were soaked as she could feel it seeping out of her…she wanted that cock so bad but she also wanted to wait…to make him REALLY want her. He slid his mouth down to her chest and kissed and licked the top of her bra for a while as she squirmed. He sat her up, removed her white top and laid her back again as his tongue flicked under the edge of her bra and teased her hard nipple. He let his tongue glide over and around her nipples for a while before reaching around and undoing her bra – as he pulled it off of her his mouth attached to one of her nipples and he lightly sucked for all he was worth…at this point she told me, her pussy was dying to be touched, licked or fucked. She didn’t know which she wanted more but she wanted something!!!
He slowly kissed his way down her flat stomach and undid the button on her shorts – he reached under her back and pulled her shorts and thong off in one swoop. Such a shame that he didn’t take the time to see just how soaking wet her panties were…as he positioned himself to slide his tongue inside of her, she spread her legs as far apart as she could and allowed him to see, for the first time, just how fucking wet she was…. He let out a low moan and slid his tongue inside of her wet pussy. She was so incredibly turned on…she said the thoughts in her head were amazing as she was getting ready to fuck this basic stranger in our bed, without me there. As he worked her clit with his tongue he slid a finger inside of her very lightly and she exploded all over his tongue and face…she said she looked down and his face was soaking wet with her juices…. she was shaking and shuddering with each wave of this massive orgasm…as she was recovering from her orgasm, he stood up, took off his shorts and she saw just how hard he already was. She moaned with pleasure as he slid his body back up on her and moved up to kiss her again. She could taste her juices all over his lips and expected to roll over on top of him and show his cock just how good a cocksucker she can be…when all of a sudden she felt the head of his cock enter her pussy. She wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or accidental, but she was so wet and he was in just the perfect position that in it slid. The intense feeling overcame her and she let out a moan, as did he and he slid his cock in the rest of the way. Now mind you, this guy is long, and to slide the rest of the way in looks amazing as her pretty pussy lips grip and grab that thick and long cock for all its worth. She said he pushed it in as far as it would go and they lay there – kissing, touching and not moving. She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her, pushing on the inside of her pussy, wanting to go deeper. She said he took both of his hands and put them under her ass, positioning her so she could take more, take him just a little bit deeper. She said it felt incredible but she wanted him to move, she wanted to feel that cock sliding in and out of her – she wanted to explode all over that massive cock and let him feel that! As if reading her mind, he started to slowly move. His cock began sliding in and out of her…becoming wetter and wetter with every stroke in and out of that fabulous pussy. She raised her head off of the pillow so she could see his cock moving in and out. She said that sight of it, all soaking wet, pushing in and out of her was enough to push her over the edge and she felt an orgasm rolling through her. She couldn’t wait to watch his face as her pussy clamped down on his cock and wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her. She said he closed his eyes and continued to pump her nice and slow so her body could enjoy the waves of pleasure she was experiencing.

She called time and got up to stretch her legs and allow his cock to calm down. She didn’t want him to cum too soon as she wanted to enjoy every bit of it. After a few minutes and when she was certain he was in a calm state, she laid back down next to him but this time, he was on his back and she put her head on his stomach. She allowed her hands to go to his balls and rubbed them lightly. She made it a point to not touch his cock just yet. She wanted to enjoy watching it get big for her. Her fingers teased his balls for a while as his cock twitched and moved and became rock hard in front of her face. She wanted it in her mouth and got up on her knees between his legs so she could give him a show. She loves to cuck cock while the guy watched her. She enjoys making eye contact…showing him how much she enjoys what she is doing. He grabbed her hair and pulled tightly as she licked and sucked as much of his shaft as she could…for what she couldn’t, she wrapped her little hands around and stroked him. He moaned with pleasure and raised his ass to begin fucking her mouth. She thought he could have cum right then but again, she wanted to enjoy this thing for a while. She told him she had an idea and laid down next to him with her back to him. She told him to roll over on his side and enter her from behind. He had no issue obliging her and slid his massive cock inside of her again. She had her leg raised and slung over his as he fucked her. She would reach down and grab his balls and stroked his cock as he fucked her. She said he really liked that and she could feel him getting harder as he pumped her. She couldn’t keep her leg raised any longer and decided to bring it down as he kept fucking her. As soon as she closed her legs she said the feeling was amazing – she said it felt so much tighter and his cock felt so much bigger than it already was that she came as hard as she has in a long time. Again, he kept fucking her as she came and she enjoyed it for a while.

At this point, she said, he had enough and he wanted to fuck her his way. He rolled her over on her back and spread her legs. She was all too willing to oblige him. He moved into position and she grabbed his cock, pulling it close to her, guiding it into her pussy. It slid in with no issue and he began fucking her a little faster, a little harder than he had before. She said he wasn’t rough, but definitely more aggressive than he had been. He would slide his cock all the way inside of her and pull it almost all the way out. The head of his cock was all that was left inside of her and he would push all the way back in again. She was enjoying this motion and was staring into his eyes when she exploded again – gushing her wetness all over his hard cock – she could feel him throbbing inside of her and knew that he wanted to cum.

It was at that point that he asked her how she wanted him to cum. She looked at him and said that it was his choice – after all, he had already cum inside of her last time so he knew it was ok and she really enjoyed feeling him explode inside of her – not to mention that she was well aware of how I would react to that…It would make me ready to explode, but she wanted him to decide. He thought for a minute, all while continuing his thrusting inside of her and said – “Inside your pussy or in your mouth”…she said that she didn’t answer him for a little while – she wanted him to think about what her reaction was going to be…as he slid his cock deep inside of her, she looked into his eyes and said “I want to taste you”… he moaned and continued fucking her for a few strokes and then he pulled out, moved up to put his hard, wet cock in front of her lips and said “finish me with your mouth” – she readily raised her head and wrapped her lips around his huge cock. Her lips and tongue made its way all over his cock, making him moan and making him harder and harder. She used her hands to stroke him, making sure to have her mouth aimed at the head of his cock so she could give him a show as he came…. when all of a sudden, his balls got tight, his cock tensed up and she could feel the familiar pulse of his cum. She opened her mouth and looked into his eyes as his cock spurted strand and strand of cum into her mouth and all over her face. She said it was so highly erotic watching his cock cum, knowing that it would be all over her and I would smell it, maybe taste it and know that there was another man there. He watched intently as his cum went everywhere and couldn’t stop shaking. When he was done, she had a great deal of it in her mouth, on her lips, cheeks and dripping down her neck but she continued to suck him and lick him until he pushed her away. She grabbed a towel and lightly wiped it off, knowing that I would be happy to know it was there. He asked to take a quick shower. It was then that her cell phone went off with my text message that I was on my way home…

Needless to say, I was rock hard myself as I listened to this story from her. I reached over to feel her pussy and she was, once again soaked. Wetter than I have ever felt her. I wanted to fuck her badly. So I slid my cock inside of her as she told me again what it was like to have him cum in her mouth. I exploded deep inside of her as she described it in great detail.

It was then that I happened to look over to my side of the bed, by the pillow and see the familiar white stains on the sheet – except, these weren’t from me.

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Nice, but I would have worn out her pussy. My lovers usually cum 3+ times