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Mommy and Daddy


This is a story from my past. I had met mommy and daddy at party that my friend Sally had taken me to. To find out more about Sally read my blog.
Sally introduced me to Mike and Beth as bobbiejoe. We hit it off from the start and spent the night getting to know each other. I was leaving and Beth handed me a note saying if your interested. I arrived home and pulled the note out and read it. Beth was asking me to be their little gurl. She gave me their phone number and asked me to call. I called the very next day.
That was the start of a two year relationship full of sex and fun.
I was to always call them mommy and daddy from our first encounter. Daddy was a gentle dom but mommy she liked spanking.
I was ordered to make a paddle and bring it to present to mommy on our second meeting. I made a pretty paddle with hearts cut through it and my name bobbiejoe across top and paddle across bottom. I had put five layers of high gloss varnish on it. I was so happy to give it to my new mommy.
Mommy loved the paddle and right away told me to drop my panties to my ankles and bend over. Mommy spanked me hard with that paddle turning my bottom bright red. I was then told to pull my panties up and go take care of daddy.
Daddy liked for me to set beside him so he could kiss me and rub the front of my panties. He would then make me undo his pants and kneel in front of him pull his pants and shorts off and play with his large cock. I enjoyed his cock it was such a nice size and after the first few times of gagging on it was able to swallow all of him. Mommy most of the time I was taking care of daddy would remove her clothes down to just her panties and rub herself as I sucked daddy off.
Daddy having cum in my mouth would have me set beside him or on his lap and he would play with my tits as we watched mommy play.This is how the play went with daddy usally ending up fucking me or making me play with myself as I watched the two of them fuck.
One night toward the end of our time together. They were getting ready to move out of state and asked me to spend the weekend with them. I arrived that Friday evening and mommy told me to go into the bedroom and put the clothes on she had laid out. I went to bedroom and there on the her bed was bright red silky panties and bra, Black leather mini skirt and vest sculpted black thigh highs, and a dark blue silk top. I dressed and returned to mommy and daddy. Daddy eyes got so big as I walked in. Mommy smiled said there's my little slut. I began flirting with daddy as I could see he was enjoying my outfit. The bulge in his pants just kept getting bigger. Mommy scolded me look what you've done now slut!
I need to teach you a lesson. Go get your paddle. I went to mommies pantie draw and retrieved my paddle and brought it to her. We need a little extra sensation down there don't we go to the bathroom and get the baby oil. This will make you scream slut so to muffle the sounds kneel in front of daddy and take him in your mouth. I knelt there and undid daddy and released his now hard cock as I began sucking him mommy wriggled my skirt up and jerked my panties down. I soon felt the cool oil being rubbed on my bottom. I felt mommy slide two fingers deep inside me. Ohh good she said you are nice and tight tonight.
I waited then in anticipation of my paddle hitting my very oiled bottom. finally with a yelp from me the first blow struck bringing tears to my eyes.Mommy hit me fifty times with that paddle making my bottom burn and glow and daddy filling my mouth with sweet hot cum.
Mommy then pulled out a rope and tying my hands together she took me to the bedroom tying me in a kneeling position to the bed.
She laughed tonight you are going to be a true slut. she put a gag in my mouth and walked out. I could hear her greeting someone and then both her and daddy returned to bedroom. Mommy with oil and paddle in hand said it is time to get your bottom ready again and proceeded to pull my skirt up and panties down,She spanked me hard again and told me we have some friends for you to take care of tonight and with that said three men walked into the room.
Mommy undressed each one then began sucking them getting them hard as I knelt there watching. Mommy pulled off the first one and said what are you waiting for my slut is wanting you. With that he climbed onto bed and mounted me with his big cock. He fucked me hard and took a long time to cum.Mommy gave me twenty five more cracks and invited the next one to enter me. He was not as big and cum pretty quick after entering me. Mommy then pulled the gag out of my mouth and said now for your special treat. She pulled the third man shorts off him and oh my he had a monster cock. She then pointed to my mouth and told him get yourself good and hard for my slut. He pushed his big cock into my mouth making me gag as he fucked my mouth and grew even bigger. Finally he pulled out and got behind me ramming his monster into my bottom he fucked me hard I could feel his tennis size balls slapping against me with each thrust.I began to scream and daddy pushed his cock into my mouth. My bottom being ravaged with that big cock finally he shot his cum in me and daddy filled my mouth full.
Mommy untied me and told me to lay on my back as I did mommy said well look at that or little slut made a mess on the bed.
Mommy then made me play with my little pee pee as they all watched,telling me she wanted to see me squirt I stroked as I watched mommy stroke two of the men. I finally shot another load and mommy said there she blows with that the men left and mommy gave me a bath and dressed me in a silky nighty and put me to bed.

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I like T's with tits and a cock for me to suck on --


bobbiejoe58 replies on 9/24/2017 8:27 am:
I like men with cocks and who like to kiss and suck on tits

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Great story did you move with them?